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Syntix Online; The Journey Begins

Discussion on Syntix Online; The Journey Begins within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Syntix Online; The Journey Begins

Welcome adventurers,
This post will be keeping it short, informative and real.
Your first few days with us will be the proper introduction. We're that confident of our team and features. You are truly guaranteed to enjoy a classical and balanced experience.

Who we are.
Syntix is a long-term project destined to all the players who enjoyed the good times after the Legend IV update back in 2009. We've integrated the notoriously beloved maps and patches to serve the purpose of an only Chinese D10 server. We’ve kept the game mechanics as they were, and implemented only useful, stable and fun features.

Why Syntix?
Just like any nostalgically satisfying product or franchise, staying dormant is not an option. Now is as good a time as any. We have a balanced process and an effective team, yielding a stable and worthwhile entertainment service that offers you the following:
  • A stable, classical and well managed server
  • A balanced platform for those who seek fair play
  • A collection of experiences driven by our implementation of features that improve gameplay and eliminate exploitation
  • A job and activity based server
  • Events that will satisfy the many, regardless whether you’ve just started or been with us for a while
  • A mature and experienced team willing run an outstanding server
What we don't offer:
  • No out-of-hand events or overreaching features that make the game look and act broken
  • No higher tier items from Magic Pop

About bots.
Botting is allowed. That's simple, isn't it? You can even download the bot-client from our website. The reasons:
  • SRO was developed over the years to adapt to a player base that bots
  • You will have a smoother experience botting but it will not guarantee you will be more successful. As always, activity and playing the game is the way to win. This is ensured with our 3 characters per HWID policy
  • It is 2020 and the pSRO community are now adults with responsibilities, we expect you to have fun playing our server but we wouldn’t want you wasting your time performing boring tasks better left to machines

Grand opening:

Server Syntix
Race Chinese only
Cap 100
Mastery-Limit 300
PC Limit 3
Exp/Sp rate 60x
Party Exp/Sp rate 70x
Drop rate 10x
Gold rate 25x
Job Gold Rate 50x
Sox Rate 2x and 4x inside the Job Temple
Alchemy Success Rate A rather interesting algorithm
Skills Decent tweaks
Maps All regions except Alex/Jangan Cave
CTF Integrated with academy system
Fortress war Constantinople, newly introduced
FGW Enabled
Item Mall Fully working
Pets All working
Auto Equipment Working from D1 to D9 (FB +3 Items)

Syntix Online; The Journey Begins

The First Fortress War

Fan made fortress war video

Reinvented Academy system
CTF and academy are now challenging but rewarding experiences:
  • Players gain 1 academy point (graduate) for every CTF kill
  • The academy list will be reset every month, giving a fair chance for everyone
  • The academy system now has live updates: buffs will be added after having the scrolls (earned from CTF) activated; live and on the spot
  • Players who do not wish to attend CTF may purchase premium honor buff scrolls

New trade route: The Empty Quarter
Contrary to other servers, trading remains a core mechanic in our server for all types of jobs. It is the most efficient way of earning gold. You are guaranteed a worthwhile jobbing experience through the following:
  • Hotan, Samarkand and Constantinople are designated as trading hubs: special trade items may be sold and purchased only from merchants in these cities
  • A new special trade route has been added: players may now teleport to the Empty Quarter. In this realm the reward rates are 3x. The Empty Quarter can only be entered twice a day from 11:00 to 12:00 and from 23:00 to 00:00 server time.
    This will create an activity bubble that players would look forward to every day.

Job Temple
In addition to trading, hunting unique monsters is another core mechanic that defines a player’s SRO experience.
Hunting unique monsters inside the job temple rewards you with a fine amount of silk. Additionally, the chances of a SoX drop are 4x inside the Job Temple. This will encourage heavier activity in that area, allowing job interactions to occur even outside of trading routes.
Job Temple

Auto Events
Automatic Events with a human touch, this is how we would like to call our AE in Syntix. At the beginning of the server life, only Trivia will be available and the rest will be activated once players have reached the maximum level and obtained suitable gear. Current available events are:
  • Last Man Standing (improved and efficient one)
  • Hide & Seek
  • Search & Destroy
  • Kill the GM
  • Trivia
  • Alchemy
  • Survival Arena. (improved and efficient one)
  • The Death Realm. (one of our signatures)

STR Uniques
STR uniques are added to Syntix to ensure a fair chance to both builds STR and INT.
STR Uniques

Permanent buffs
A quality of life feature. You may now acquire auto-buff-casting by activating all of your buffs once and logging out, after which the buffs will be activated automatically on every login/teleport.

Free Silk
For the sake of fairness and effective control, 1 free silk will be rewarded every 1 hour for every HWID. The icon below your character’s stats bar allows you to turn on/off the free silk feature.

Free Silk

Character Visuals
Character visuals like wings, heads, horns and devil effects are now added to Syntix. Players won't be able to only buy it but also to try it beforehand.

We do have two types of wings:
  • Free ones and these are sold for Arena Coins
  • Premium ones and these are sold for silks

Visual Effects

Core attributes were tailored for a D10 job heavy server, so the following changes have been administered:
  • Alexandria was removed from the map
  • Cave monsters are moved to Europe expansion map
  • Forgotten World, Medusa and ROC will now reward you with free silk items at a fare consistency
  • Hunting Unique monsters e.g. Tiger Girl, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, etc… will now reward you with free silk items at fare consistency
  • RE-Colored D10 Immortals to purple to prevent scam attempts

New in-game interfaces
We have added some interesting in-game interfaces to Syntix, some are available at the grand opening and some will be utilized for future updates.

New interfaces

Character Lock

As we strive to prevent scams and hack attempts, this feature was improved and works better than ever before.
To lock your character, press on the new menu at the right side of your in-game window and select "Character Lock". Easily configurable and can be reset by the end user.

Character Lock

Item Mall
An adequate variety of cosmetics and quality-of-life items

Seal of Moon Items and Accessories
Seal of Moon items and accessories are the last tier equipment for now. Items are obtained from hunting monsters Lvl 92+ at Constantinople and Samarkand, while the moon accessories are available at the Arena So Ok Item Manager at Samarkand city.

SoM Items and Accs

Seal of Moon weapons and Forgotten World
Players now are able to hunt monsters and uniques in the forgotten world to collect the 8 talismans and exchange them for a moon weapon from Guild Manager Musai NPC at Hotan.

SoM Weapons & FGW

Future updates
We will be offering new content once most of our players have taken advantage of all aspects that are already on offer. In short, we will keep the server fresh and interesting.

Schedules and locations
Name Time/Locale
FTW Saturday and Wednesday (20:00 Server time)
Battle Arena Hourly (registration xx:10, start xx:35, duration 15 min)
CTF Every two hours (registration xx:50, start xx:00, duration 10 min)
Syntix Trade Route Daily (11:00 to 12:00 and 23:00 to 00:00 server time)
Job Temple Uniques Daily (a notification is sent 30 min. prior)
ROC Sunday and Thursday (17:00 Server time)
FGW Quest is located at Guild Manager Musai at Hotan
Custom Titles Hero Rank Manager/Provider (Samarkand)

Currencies and Scrolls
Currency How to obtain
Arena coins Battle Arena
Gold coins Grocery Shops at Samarkand & Donwhang
Silver coins Grocery Shops at Samarkand & Donwhang
All Scrolls Item mall -> Premium -> Scrolls

Additional tweaks:
  • Special job suits are sold at trader, hunter and thief NPCs’. Available for gold and arena coins. Special job suits grant STR3/INT3
  • All force debuffs probability are now nerfed to 50% instead of 80%.
  • Added 30 seconds cool down on the cure series.
  • Added 1 minute cool down on the rebirth series.
  • Impotent debuff has been completely removed.
  • Reduced the time to return to thief town by 50%
  • Reduced pet slots to 9 for free pets and 12 for item mall pets for a better trading experience.
  • Alchemy notice.
  • Exit/Restart attack bug is fixed.
  • Fellow pets speed bug is fixed.
  • 3 Minutes cool-down on Resurrection & Reverse scrolls.
  • 225 Required Int points to upgrade novice snow shield buff.
  • CTF/BA/FW/Free silk HWID limit 1 per PC.

Signature Event!
Use our signature at elitepvpers, post your charname in this thread an be one of the lucky winners! We will choose 10 winners on Friday, 2/10/2020 - 20:00 GMT+2 and reward them with 200 Silk!!!

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Originally Posted by Devsome View Post
#closed - No backlink was found, please add one to the page to reopen the thread. Write me a private message when this is done.

Backlink added.

+ it would be great to unsubscribe from your newsletter, because it does not work!
After checking our newsletter stats, the unsubscribing works. Do you get any kind of error? Are you even able to click the link and getting redirected?
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keep going. CH: FarCry

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Another boring 0815 server to make some money.
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perfect game waitting for grand opening
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Originally Posted by Sharptron View Post
Another boring 0815 server to make some money.
A personal opinion that one can do nothing about but respect it.

Thanks for stopping by.
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my lovely game (IneX)
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I'll give it a try...
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Syntix Back Lol <33 i Cant W8 i love this server
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Make pc limit 2 ip 4 bro
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in your info table it says 6x not 3x
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cap100 ch, pve, pvp, silkroad

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