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Silkroad Memory | 80 Cap CH | Low Rates | Play2win | Open 05.06.20

Discussion on Silkroad Memory | 80 Cap CH | Low Rates | Play2win | Open 05.06.20 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Silkroad Memory | 80 Cap CH | Low Rates | New Features | Open 05.06.20

Gretings Elitepvpers, Time to remember your old joy, get ready for the our new adventure.

"a new project with the old school touch so you can have some real fun again we are here to continue offering great experiences to you!"

Official Links & Social Media

Well, first, we know that 99% of the people from Epvp don’t read the thread entirely but since it looks nice, we will write a server introduction !

Silkroad Memory is a project that started a few months ago. We are a team of Silkroad Lovers, we started before even the Item Mall and played on Aege at cap 60. You remember ? The cap where killing Isuy was really badass. The cap where people were mixing a bit STR and INT and didn’t really care about it. The cap where people were using cold imbue to freeze players in pvp because alchemy didn’t exist back then.

Well of course, Silkroad went through many changes and some of them were great. But some others …. were not.
That is why we decided to create an old school cap 80 only CH server. For the sake of the memories and nostalgia we shared back then. Of course, we made some adjustments so the server will be very competitive, and gold will not be easy to acquire. So do not worry about the gold bot, they will not gain much, but who will be the pvp king?

With this server, we aim to have a stable, friendly yet competitive environment. We want YOU to be part of our FAMILY And we hope you are ready to take part of this journey and be the one to rule the kingdom of Silkroad Memory !
Our goal is simple : We know there are already great cap 80 servers out there but the fun is not the same when you can start from the beginning right ?
That is why we created Silkroad Memory. We want an authentic old school server with quite low rates and with few tweaks to have a very interesting late game.

Be ready for :
  • Nostalgic experience
  • Competitive late game
  • Stability
  • Play 2 win
  • Communicative and listening GMs
First of all, we insist that this server will be INTERNATIONAL !
Indeed, a lot of awesome servers are out there but unfortunately, they are most of the time 99% turkish (notice in turkish, website in turkish etc..) so for a non-turkish speaker, it's a bit difficult not to get lost !
One of the golden rule will be global chat in english with very few exceptions.
We are all adults here, we are between 30 and 35 years old.We speak English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hungarian etc…and we are of course still recruiting supporter !
So you can see we have quite the cultural mix We are specialized in marketing, business, healthcare and developments.
We are all successful in our professional life and we are all Silkroad lovers. We plan to dedicate our time assisting players and make the game as smoothly as possible.
Indeed, we are not here to make money and disappear. We just want a stable server that offer some simple yet cool features for a smooth gameplay !
You can find us all on Discord for more information.
This is a crucial part. We know, we already have various players asking us about the grand opening. People that see something big in our project and that are very excited. But like every private server, we might encounter a few bugs and we need the server to be as close to perfect as it can be for the grand opening. That is why we will have a Beta Phase first so you guys can test the server and we can adjust rates, drops and so on to make the experience really good.
We will also have a special reward to every single beta participant. In order to get your reward, just pm the admins at the end of the beta !

[#]Our Beta Phase starts at 27-05-2020
The Grand Opening will be set once we are sure every bugs will be fixed (if there are any) !
Stay in touch as our opening will appear in the title of the Epvp thread.

[#]Our Grand Opening launch is set at 07.00 on the 05-06-2020
A lot of cool features are applied to p-servers nowadays but sometimes it is just too much (or not enough where there is 0 edit).
Our plan is to have a schedule and release features little by little so you guys never get bored !

Among the features that will be released, here are some example :
  • Battle Arena (to fight Party vs Party or mixed people)
  • Fortress War (what would be a private server without the Fortress war ?)
  • Forgotten World with edited rewards
  • Automatic Event such as :
  • Unique killer
  • Pvp Tournament on a weekly base
  • Survival Arena
  • and much more
With these updates and event, we really want to mix the old school feeling with some decent activites. Because yes, cap 80 was awesome, but after some time you would get bored or just afk bot. So what’s best than an old school server with a mix of daily activities to get fun rewards ?
Our goal will be putting the smile in your face by adding a good memory in your gameplay, after all, we worked hard to get it done in the way you guys were missing it and that’s why it’s an old school system with some of amazing improvements.
Please find below the information regarding our server. We want a slow path server with a real end game !
Start Lv1
Race Chinese Only
CH Mastery 300
EXP & SP rate2x
Item Drop Rate 1x
Gold Drop Rate1x
Trade Goods Rate 2x
Fortress war Jangan
Max Plus +10
Guilds Limit 24
Union Limit 2
Battle arena Progressive Update
Forgotten world Progressive Update
Auto Equipments Enabled Till D6
Advanced elixirs Disabled
Auto Events Progressive Update
Magic pop Progressive Update
Guild/Union emblem Working
Bot Allowed
We thought that HWID 2 and IP Limit 4 are the right numbers to have fun on an old school server ! We don't want tons of gold bot. We want people to be able to stall/farm or farm/activities
  • IP limit [4]
  • HWID limit [2]
  • Battle Arena HWID limit [1]
  • Jobbing HWID limit [1]
  • Fortress War HWID limit [1]
Auto Equipment is not that old school. But our fans asked for a tiny little help.
We decided then to put +3 Auto Equipment but only until Degree 6 !
Of course, we made some tweaks on the server and here is a list of features that will be implemented from launch :

We increased the experience and the drops from Uniques.
We changed the drops and we let you discover what they will be.

Also, during a short duration, you will gain a title until the next kill of the unique.

Some features from the best filters out there such as :

  • Attendance Schedule Silk Rewards (no silk/hour but you can get silk just by login on a daily basis from level 50)
  • Private Chest
  • DPS Meter for Uniques (because yes, sometimes it’s important to know how close you were from getting the kill)
  • Global Item Link
  • Stall Network System
  • Name guild during jobbing
  • AFK Bubble
  • Honor Rank from Jobbing/Uniques with a weekly reset (but don’t worry, we will monitor it very closely so it is not OP)
  • Title for the best Thief, Trader & Hunter (reset on a weekly basis)

Gallery 1

Gold will be the main currency of the server.
How so ? We want player to be active to get gold. What fun is there to just afk gold bot and wait for a good item ?
Here on memory you can do both : Afk bot if you are busy or Play server activities.
But it won’t be that easy. We reduced the selling price of item to NPC by 80%. So you will loot a lot of items, but you won’t be rich by being afk and selling them to the NPC. We want our server to have a real economy and real value for gold, so prepare to stall !!

We know a lot of servers are promoting silk/h as a reward for being active.
We chose differently. You will be able to earn silks and/or item mall items from activities + discord/facebook event. Don’t worry the server will be Play 2 win, but silks will not be the main money. Gold will be.

We also lowered every price of the item mall so that people will not have 10k silks by putting 50$ and will be the richer of the server. We want silk to be valued and rare. We don’t want the server to be based on that.
For example : A premium will be 45 silks and 45 silks will be around 5$ !
Why a section about Attack pet ? They are fun to have around but … meh … not very useful.
Well things will change because we buffed their damage by x2 !
Why ? Because first, we know that full int tend to one shot monster in the very late game (or maybe with a lion shout) and that STR struggles. But with the attack pet, farming will be easier for everyone !

Since the damage will be quite high, attack pets will be disabled in FW and Jobbing !

So get ready to get your favorite puppy around you to help you climb the ladder and farm your favorite set !
In silkroad memory we care about refresh your old memories, So you will find old interface is activated [ Old Under Bar & Old Alchemy Window ] and so on.
Old Login Screen

Old Alchemy Window

Old Under Bar

Also You will find our custom menu, which will help you go on easily with a lot of our features.
We removed SOSUN and SOM at the moment and only enabled SOS (Last tier +1) for D8.
So if you have it, it’s good, but if you don’t, you can still fight someone that is stuffed with SOS.
And remember, it’s CH only, skills matters …. A bit

As we said, the point of the server is to be progressive. We don’t want people afk botting and get full SOM/SOSUN and destroying the server because there is no point fighting a guy full sosun right ?

As for the SOM, they will come to the server, but a bit later, and will be linked to activity on the server, so stay tuned !
For the launch, as many server, we will make 2 events :
  • Leveling Event : We will give away silks to the top 50 players to get level 80 after Grand Opening !
  • Facebook Sharing Event : 750 silks to be shared between 10 persons

  • In order to participate, you will need to share this post , comment on it with your (future) in game name.
  • Signature Event : 375 silks to be shared between 5 persons
  • For the Signature Events, you will need to change your signature to the following
    Include Signature events

Just copy that code to use our signature and post the following sentence “I participate in the Signature Event of Silkroad Memory, IGN : YOURNAME”

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Originally Posted by HECKT0R View Post
good luck mate
Thanks man !
And thanks for the help !
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good luck mate i guess its awesome server , am gonna play ^^ waiting
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Originally Posted by ayko37 View Post
No bot server are really fun to play but also really difficult to manage (players always trying to abuse).

That is not in our current project but who knows about the future !

Also, we limited the "gold bot" by reducing the price items can be sold to npc ! It is not much but still it will have an impact !
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seems that cloudflare is having some issues and showing up as offline for some
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Lets rock old school style, brings back alot of good old memories. Looks awesome, will definitely join
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Originally Posted by Kenai View Post
No bot server are really fun to play but also really difficult to manage (players always trying to abuse).

That is not in our current project but who knows about the future !

Also, we limited the "gold bot" by reducing the price items can be sold to npc ! It is not much but still it will have an impact !
that signature event uses a signature that is TOOO big

please, use something that is 600kb-700kb
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keep it up, can't wait till the launching <3
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Can't wait for launch ������
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**** that server is looking very good count me in boys
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Old 05/26/2020, 10:20   #12
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Awesome, Best of luck bro.
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Originally Posted by Raymond* View Post
Awesome, Best of luck bro.
Thanks for your support my man !
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needs new window and it be perfect server
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I am not saying this to be rude but how the hell its Play2Win when you can buy Silk with real money.
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