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[GER/ENG] InPanic-Silkroad [Cap 90][CH/EU][Job System][Silk/H][HWID][Long Term]

Discussion on [GER/ENG] InPanic-Silkroad [Cap 90][CH/EU][Job System][Silk/H][HWID][Long Term] within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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[GER/ENG] InPanic-Silkroad [Cap 90][CH/EU][Job System][Silk/H][HWID][Long Term]

Hello Private Silkroad Community,
we hereby want to present our newly Cap 90 Silkroad Server to you.
We ran the InPanic Cap 80 from September 2013 to March 2019 and felt like change was needed.

Our Server is commited, to being a little bit different than the wide mass,
which will be reflected in most aspects of the Server.
Also we are incliened to listen to the community, what they wanna see as features.

Homepage :
Discord :
Teamspeak³ :

InPanic Cap90 Full Client :
Link :

♦ Cap : 90 || Mastery : CH 330 | EU 180

♦ Exp / Sp Rate : 30x
♦ Quest Rate : x10
♦ Gold Rate : Customized
♦ Item Drop Rate : Customized
♦ Alchemy Rate : Customized
♦ Job Rate : Customized

♦ Max Plus : 12 ( with Adv. +14 )
♦ Fortress War : Jangan / Bandit / Hotan
♦ Free Silk: 1/h (max: 20/Day peer HWID)
♦ HWID Limit : 10 || HWID Limit Job : 2
♦ HWID : Ingame Functions

Start Items

[Starter Event] -> During this Event, every new Char (Max 4x HWID) will receive : Instant Level 90 with a SoM +7 Set / Accessory and a Sun Weapon +5

[Without Event] -> With a Full Set Seal of Sun +7 (and an Old School random Avatar Hat) and 25.000 Skill Points for a smother start.

The most custom Markets can be found in the middle of Jangan next to the storage.

InPanic Activity Market:
Here you can exchange your earned AP for a selection of items

Roc Gear Market:
Here you can exchange your Roc Medals for Roc SoSun Gear.

InPanic Market:
Here you can exchange your earned gold medals for SoSun Gear.

InPanic Avatar Market:

InPanic Forgotten World Market:
You don´t ​have to hunt Envys for Forgotten World, The Envy​s was tried of fighting and will sell you the tickets.​

InPanic Forgotten Stone Market:
Here you can buy Attribute and Magic Stones for a Value of 1kk to 10kk
only Steady and Lucky stones will have a price of 100kk

InPanic Businessman:

Here you can trade your IpCoins in to IpCoin Scrolls (for Trading or to help out some Frends).
And you can buy a full Skillreset (500Ip and 10kk), Stat Reset (500IP and 100kk) and Adv Remove Scrolls (1IP and 100kk).
Attention after you use your Skill reset you will be teleported. After the teleport, all your Skills will be reset and you will have gained 1 Million Skill Points.

Extra Trader System:

[Trader] For every Trade you will receive Trader Points [eg: A 5* from Jangan -> Hotan is worth 25.000 - 27.000 Trader Points] depending on the value of the Trade Goods! The "Trader Points" can be reviewed on our homepage in the Job Ranking.

As soon as you have reached Level 90 and 25.000 Thief Points, rewards will automatically be added to your storage.
Reward: 5x Gold Medal

[Hunter] For every Trade you protect, you will receive Hunter Points, when the goods are sold [eg: A 5* from Jangan -> Hotan gives roughly 50.000 Hunter Points] depending on the Trade Goods and the amount of Traders/Hunters in the Party. The "Hunter Points" can be reviewed on our Homepage.

As soon as you have reached Level 90 and 50.000 Hunter Points, rewards will automatically be added to your storage.
Reward: 5x Gold Medal

[Thief]For every Trade you successfully bring to Thieftown, you will receive Thief Points [eg: A 5* does give 50.000 Thief Points for example], depending on the current goods and how many Thieves are in your Party.
As soon as you have reached Level 90 and 50.000 Thief Points, rewards will automatically be added to your storage.
Reward: 5x Gold Medal

Opened Areas
Jangan - Donwhang - Hotan
Karakoram - Taklamakan - Roc Mountain - Medusa Cave (B1-B4)

Opened Dungeons
Job Temple
Togui / Flame Mountain / Shipwreck
Medusa / Roc Dungeon

Togui Village

Is a very good place to farm EXP in the beginning but also to get a D7 Sun Weapon with the entire collection.

Flame Mountain

Is a very good place to farm D8 in the middle to end Content but also to get a D8 Sun Weapon with the entire collection.


Is a very good place to farm some Level 90 items with a little chance of SUN in the end Content but also to get a D9 Sun Earring? with the entire collection.

Tomb Snake's Gate:

Saturday12:00 / 20:00
Sunday 10:00 / 16:00 / 23:00

The Gate is opened for 10 Minutes. After that, re-entry is impossible

Reward / Drops:
- Activity Points (AP) Share for Every Unique Kill (Beta System)

Monster Information:

- JeonUk The Black Tortoise / YumJae The Blue Hawk / TaeHo The Blue Dragon / SoHaow The White Tiger / ShinMoo The man of Flames
- SoSo The Black Viper / Snake General Ki / Snake General Jung / Snake General Yul / Snake General Hew
- BeakYung The White Viper

Tomb Bug / Tomb Snake Slave / Tomb Beetle / Tomb Snake Woman / Tomb Pest / Tomb Snakeman / Tomb Snake Lady / Tomb Snake Demon / Tomb Snake Servant / Tomb Snake Devil
Tomb Snake Worker / Tomb Snake Mistress / Tomb Snake Master / Tomb Snake Soul / Tomb Snake Lord

1) IPCoins
• Donations
• Events ( YouTube Video Contest etc )
• Free Silk: 1/h (max: 20/Day peer HWID)
• Daily Unique Kill : 25 IPCoins/Silk (Every first Daily Unique Kill)
• Daily Job Reward : 10 IPCoins/Silk (Every first Job Reward ("Trade/Hunter/Thief"))
• Usable in Item Mall and InPanic Market (ingame)
• Vote for InPanic Silkroad (and get IPCoins(Silk))

2) Activity Points (AP)
• You will receive Activity Points (AP) for Unique Kills
• For every "Extra-Job-Reward" you will receive 30 Activity Points (AP)
• AP Reward Update: You will reveive 100% more AP for killing Uniques inside the Event Arena.

Sunday 14:00

Roc will be the center of attention.
Everything comes together here to get the Roc Gear.

Are you prepared to prove yourself in the Jangan Survival Arena
Can you survive the Arena and defeat all the monster waves?

The [Jangan Survival Arena] is a system designed by us for 2-8 players.
You have to defeat different monster waves and get special items for it.


Chinese wasnt so weak on Cap 90 to begin with.
So with 330 Mastery pages and several changes to European Chars, Chinese should be good to go.

Also we wanted to make Chinese Chars viable in Party Play, so we added the
Sword/Spear/Bow of Protection Skills to each Weapon Skill Tree.
These only connect to 1 Char.


*Windless Spear Prob von 10% to 20%


* Flying Stone Smash Prob von 25% to 35%

* Lightning Chain Prob von 20% to 25% on max


* Snow Shield has an Int Requirement and gets Removed on Stat Reset.

Several European Skill Sets received a variety of Changes.


* Reduced the Duration of Iron and Mana Skin from 45 Seconds to 20 Seconds
* Set the Cooldown of Iron and Mana Skin to 2 Minutes
* Reduced the Duration of Physical/Morale/Ultimate Screen from 45 Seconds to 20 Seconds
* Set the Cooldown of Physical/Morale/Ultimate Screen to 3 Minutes.


* Increased the Cooldown of Bless Spell from 3 to 5 Minutes.
* Reduced the Duration of Bless Spell from 45 Seconds to 20 Seconds.
* Increased the Cooldown of Oblation/Immolation Buff (Black Ress) from 10 Seconds to 5 Minutes
* Reduced the Duration of the Reverse Oblation/Immolation Buff from 2 Minutes to 30 Seconds.
* Reduced the Debuff Immunity of Holy Word 50% to 20% duration 5m to 30s /2m CD
* Reduced the Debuff Immunity of Holy Spell from 50% to 15% duration 5min to 30s / 2m CD


* Decreased the Cursed Breath/Dark Breath Dull Chance from 25% to 10%
* Increased the Single Target Raze Series Cooldown from 3 to 7 Seconds
* Reduced the Raze/Ravage Series Debuff Chance from 80% to 60%
* Raze and Ravage Skills share Cooldowns with their respective other skill (eg Physical Raze <-> Physical Ravage )
* Reduced SFog Sight and Curse Sight Chance from 80% to 60%
* Fog Sight and Curse Sight now share Cooldowns
* Daze and Wrath Daze now share Cooldowns.
* Bloddy Trap, Death Trap, Slumber and Deep Slumber now Share Cooldowns
* Decreased Reflect Chance from 35% to 20%
* Reduced Reflect Portion from 105% to 80%
* Caster now loses both Reflects on Weaponswitch
* Reduced Cooldown of Death Flower from 7 Seconds to 3 Seconds
* Wheel Bind and Recovery Bind Chance from 80% to 60%
* Wheel Bind and Recovery Bind now share Cooldowns
* Added Bloodrage Skill for Warlocks: Increases Magical Damage by 50%, Reduces Defenses by 40%
* Added Blood Awakening Skill, that actively increses Berserker Regeneration (Has an Int Requirement)


* Set Guard/Mana Tambour to 40%
* Set Dances to 40%

- Pick Pets 5/5 Inventory Pages (7/7 comming soon)
- New Skills for Attack Pets

- You can buy a new Attack Pet skill at the Stable Keeper, which will change the Auto Attack of your Pet for 30 Minutes. These Items will be available for gold.

- As a Guildmaster, you are able to use the old Official Silkroad Mercenaries, which will fight for you in combat. (And they are the real deal, not some half-assed pet ) They are pretty strong, which is reflected in their price.

- You can only convert SP into GP, if you guild is below Level 5.

Naturally, we enabled Battle Arena, where you can show off your PvP skills against others, while fighting in a group.

Friday13:00 & 22:00
Saturday13:00 & 22:00
Sunday 13:00 & 22:00

The old and realiable Capture the Flag is obviously not missing either.

Monday 00:00 / 12:00 / 15:00 / 21:00
Tuesday 00:00 / 12:00 / 15:00 / 21:00
Wednesday 00:00 / 12:00 / 15:00 / 21:00
Thursday 00:00 / 12:00 / 15:00 / 21:00
Friday 00:00 / 12:00 / 15:00 / 21:00
Saturday 00:00 / 12:00 / 15:00 / 21:00
Sunday 00:00 / 12:00 / 15:00 / 21:00

In the job temple you can find your Level 90 Gear and D9 Sun. Furthermore, quests await you where you will be rewarded with AP, and there will also be medals dropping from Named Mops, which will help to get your endgame gear. But be warned the Job temple is not quite as you know it.

The Uniques: Anubis, Isis, Selket, Neith, Haroeris and Seth will Reward you with with large amounts of medals so you can reach your SoSun gear faster or help friends get there SoSun Gear faster too.But be warned all these uniques present you with a big challenge

Items :

Blues :

Unique Monster Damage Inc. 2-10%

Plus Levels : +1 -> +12

-- Here some additional information on the Server

- If you die under murder status, you will be instantly teleported to town.
- As soon as you reach Murder Level 15, you can no longer attack neither players nor monsters.

- The Jobsystem is Accountbound.
- This means, if you join the Hunter Guild with a char on your account, all other chars on that account can only choose Hunter as a Job. To switch your Job Guild, all Chars of your account have to leave their Job.

- Job Level has been increased from Lvl 7 to Lvl 90

[End Gear System]
The D9c set (items from level 85-90) has been completely changed to level 90 and is likely to drop at level 90 mobs.
D9 Sun Items are likely to drop at level 90 mobs

[Petrify Update:]

- We decided to disable the Stall Function at Medusa and in the Shipwreck Forgotten World, so you can no longer cancel skills with it. In return, the Cast Time of Petrify Skills has been increased significantly.
-- Medusa Medusa Petrify Cast Time has been increased from 7 Seconds to 10 Seconds.
-- Ghost Sereness Petrify Cast Time has been increased from 3 Seconds to 7 Seconds.

InPanic Guard

To be able to perform on maximum security settings, we developed our own Packet Filter (InPanic Guard), which also provides a variety of other functions.

An extract:

Standart Limitations, Skill Improvement, Job Cave System, ......

Wenn du uns hier im Forum unterstützen willst nutze doch bitte unsere Signatur.

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Bin dabei. Freu mich!
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Lets try it
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Viel Glück kev
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Looks very nice! Good Luck
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Hype ist da!!!

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Any CHN Balance? I couldn't download the client from your website
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fgw uniques doesnt drop medal like in 80cap?
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Originally Posted by wolowadupa View Post
Any CHN Balance? I couldn't download the client from your website
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just change ip/pc limit to max 3
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This seems like a nice server, especially the no pc limit <3. I'll be joining you guys on the grand opening in 2 days ;D
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8 str and int on devil +12? congratz to the biggest donator. maybe it is hard to hit it but not impossible so rip
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donators will be extremely OP and inventory 1 page ? come on
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chilig bin dabei
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