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Keon Online | Cap 100 | CH Only | Play2Win | Decent System | Long Term

Discussion on Keon Online | Cap 100 | CH Only | Play2Win | Decent System | Long Term within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Arrow Keon Online | Cap 100 | CH Only | Play2Win | Decent System | Long Term

Explore the large and deep-laid world of KEON-Online , Build up your character , loot abandoned territories , hunt wild creatures , seek to survive and immerse yourself in an amazing adventure fantasy world. Join an epic journey to restore the honor of your guild and save the people , in this fantastic mix of adventure.

Are you looking for an Excitement , Fairness play?
You're in the right place. The Daily Events , Challenges and weekly updates delivering new game play features that keep KEON-Online always growing and expanding. Our powerful and serious anti-cheating mechanisms ensure a fair and balanced gaming environment where everyone plays by the rules.


Doki-Doki Keon is BACK ! We have pledged that we will back like a boomerang , And Here we go a New Season of Keon that you've been waiting for. Some of you already know that we've been working on Keon Season two Since August 2019. We're finally here to present our great creation. We've promoted Keon to be something more than just a game , Something can not be explained but you can feel it. Keon will take you to out world and enter you to a virtual reality. The System concentrated on activities, TBH it's not a bot-server However, There's few things to do by botting. If you have been looking for a fantasy board game this is the best.

Our Past

We're in SRO Scene long time ago each one of us worked on many servers before we meet each others , We Started Our Official project in 2018. Called Edson a very simple server and it went smoothly so. Then we've launched Blitz it was great and players loved it also we reached a good amount of players for the first time. Later we've launched Keon and it was our biggest project , We've reached a good amount of players and it was better than all of the previous projects.Our team gladly can stand against any problem , We've seen a lot and everytime we improve our skills , We aspire to be the biggest known team in SRO.


Feedback of our previous projects , We're glad to say that we already got a fanbase who are always supporting us and stand behind our backs. We would like to thank them a lot , For trusting and give us a chance to prove that we can build up a successful projects. Players believed in us and liked our projects since Edson , after we prove that we really care about them we are trying hard to make the server survive for the longest time.


Making a Plan is the most important thing , Tbh it was a mistake in our past that we hadn't a plan to follow. This time everything is well planned . Our Plan : To make Keon a lasting last , We may launch new projects after period of time but we are not planning to close it even if we haven't players also we will try hard to make it survive for a longest possible time. Why are we doing this ? Simply , to earn your respect and trust. Keep in mind that none of Silkroad Developer like to end his projects But clearly, it's all about the players , they like to jump from server to another. We'll try hard to keep them for the longest time , trying to satisfy their needs , keeping the server updated weekly. Also We're planning to launch a Network for our projects we don't want to close any of it , starting from here.

Technical Information

Our Dedicated Server is very rigid , located at Central Europe to overlay all nations. Also you don't need to be worry from DDos attacks. Because our DDos protection powered by Hyper-Filter. You know what Hyper-Filter means ye? xD Well, am just saying that our server won't face any issue belongs to the hardware.


First and foremost We're not asking for any donations and our system is developed to be Play2Win , Just telling you where your money goes if you're a donator. Some people really suffering from life, We decided to donate 10% from the whole donations to Human Rights Association , That's our duty towards them. We just saying , while you're having fun you're donating for humanity rights too.

Story Of Darkness Universe(Not necessary to read)

the narrative of the server is impressive. Earth is set in a post apocalyptic world , In 2020 the world saw an outbreak of an unknown creatures that destroyed almost all the human race only few survivors that have the ability to destroy them and save our Earth. The dead have risen and civilization has fallen , a terrible and mysterious disaster has thrown the universe into anarchy. The creatures attempt at claiming this world , the signs is everywhere , the darkness is emerging. It's grim , people are scared , demoralized. They need hope. someone to show them way. With the weird creatures on the brink to destroy the secret of eternal life, Warriors make a pact to proclaim to be able to materialize into the real world , Fight those creatures for victory and keep the circle of life intact. If you have been a hunter in enough dungeon and feel like you have been a warrior for all eternity already , answer the call and save the universe from annihilation , fight for the torchlight of hope , choose to be a legendary hero. will you stand up for humanity and fight for it's future? Do you have the strength to save the world? or you will just watch the world while crumpling? Prove that you have what it takes to become a god in this cutting-edge action innovative game.


This article looks at some of the key things that team managers need to do if their team is to thrive and succeed. These range from choosing the right people and deciding who does what, to communicating with, developing and motivating people. Our team is composed of skilled members in Sro scene , They are highly qualified , We've chosen the team very carefully , To satisfy your requests in every possible way. Handling troubles is number one mission , Followed by gratification of the players. Each one in the crew knows how to do his job and they are willing to help you, starting up from supporters to developers. Make certain that we are working day/night to meet your requests.


By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Regulations designed to add flexibility for all, and create a clear pathway to follow. Please read them neatly.
  • The Team should be treated with respect!
  • Abusing the bugs is totally forbidden , You should report it.
  • Advertising other servers is forbidden.
  • Don't follow any other links than our official one , In this situation we're not responsible for stealing your equipment.
  • Asking for items & free silks is illicit.
  • Selling items for real money is unlawful.
  • Racists and insulting religions are forbidden , Be respectable.
  • Criticism for no reason is prohibited.
  • Please try to use English language in globals.
Follow the rules otherwise you will be punished for breaking the rules.


It Plays a key role that makes the server alive for a long time , populations is the main source. As we mentioned that Keon is getting expand and growing everytime and we're expecting a massive wave of players , but we should say it. The populations of the server is the reason of existence. So , Bring your mates and be ready to save the world ! Can you and your friends endure waves of ever-stronger enemies and bosses?

Why do players leave the servers after a period of time?
On this part there is many reasons that makes players jump into another servers.
  • They usually leave when the server is full of bugs and unstable (We are 100% sure that we are able to overcome this barrier with ease)
  • Bad management (Our team is qualified and has the ability to deal with problems encountered very professionally)
  • Low activities (Keon's System established on activites , You've a lot to do daily However, It's enjoyable and magnificent)

Why you should play Keon?
Simply , Because We have built project worth to try.Moreover, all you're looking for is a stable , bugless , professional team and good game-system. All of these stuff is exist.

How many players do we expect?
We're expecting a massive amount of players Due to our reputation and previous success.

Bots is available (Sbot/Mbot/Phbot)?
Yes All bots are available and working perfectly fine.

How long do you think Keon survive?
We will try as much as possible to keep Keon alive for the longest time , We're not planning to close it in 2~3 months , We will work hard on it and keep it updated.

Do you hiring supporters?
Yes , If the conditions are met.

An Important part we cannot neglect , It's the basis to establish a good server. wherefore, we've splitted out the phases into three as usual.

Phase I Starts in (24th of Jan)
We will test the skills, balance between builds, Alchemy Rate and Our New Features including the New Dungeons.
  • Event of Phase I
    On this phase we going to launch a PvP Event , Top 1 acquire silks at Grand Opening.

Phase II Starts in (27th of Jan)
Phase number Two has created to test all of the system and to ensure that everything is working perfectly fine.furthermore, We will test out the Beta one modifications and Fortress War. That's it? The answer is NO , There's a Unique Event too for silks at Grand Opening.
  • Event of Phase II
    The Guild that occupied the town will be rewarded , The Winners of Unique Event will be rewarded as well on the Grand Opening , The reward is silks for sure.

Phase III Starts in (29th of Jan)
We will test the EXP & Drop rates.
  • Event of Phase III
    The top 3 Players hit the maximum level will be rewarded with silks at Grand Opening.

Don't miss the rewards and join us in Beta Phases to ensure that everything working perfectly.

The expected day 31th of Jan! Use your weapon , gather your team to obliterate your foes and watch environments crumble to dust before you. Your enemies will do anything to stop you. prepare to face dreadful and the strong monsters straight from your worst nightmares. Choose your build wisely before facing our strong creatures , your judgments , boldness and endurance are the key to victory.

- -

Chinese Only was always the best choice for the real warriors. Artlessly , Because they are playing fair and equitable without being supported by external buffs like EU always do. We Believe that Europe ruins the servers and it's impossible to balance between CH&EU , Nerfing Europe or Strengthening Chinese wasn't a solution at all. That's why we decided to launch Keon Chinese. Only true warriors will prevail.

This time Keon is coming as Cap 100 , We've chosen the cap for many reasons like
  • Cap 100 is the closest to the hearts and many players enamoured with it.
  • It's not old and not new which means that the players who like old school and players who like new school both can adapt to it.
  • Degree 10 Skills is majestic and every build has a trait if the player exploited properly, He will dominate.

Use your mind not your power also cunning is useful sometimes.

Mastery limit is 330 to give everyone a chance to build his own character with more options specially for nukers. Because if we set the mastery as 300 INT Characters will not has any chance to win against STR characters So, we set the mastery limit as 330 for a Fair-gameplay.

Guild & Union
According to expected amount of players , we decided to set the guild limit as 32 with 2 Unions for a great competitions and challenges. But , It's not the last decision yet. We may change the limits depends on the population of the server.
  • Guild level Starts lv.5 immediately when you create it , It help you to huddle your team faster and start your activities together.
  • Union Chat for all , Have a good communication with your union mates.

Our rates was created to be suitable for true warriors , A Warrior who is looking for an eternal battle. Who's looking for a real adventure from humble beginning to true glory. Means that our rates won't be so easy , We're looking forward to keep the server alive as long as possible , And this can not be done if we made easy rates.
  • EXP/SP : Medium (1~2 Days to reach the maximum level)
  • Party EXP/SP : Medium
  • Gold Drop : Hard
  • Equipment Drop : Hard
  • Elixirs Drop : Hard
  • Stones Drop : Medium
  • Mobs Spawn Rate : High
  • Alchemy Rate : Hard
  • Max Plus : 12 (ADV Used)
  • Devil Max Plus : 8
  • Players Capacity : 2000 (Scalable if needed)
  • IP Limit : 6
  • PC Limit : 2
  • Auto Equipment : Available until 9 Degree
  • Guild Limit : 32
  • Union Limit : 2
  • Fortress : Hotan (We may enable Jangan later)
  • Forgotten World : Enabled
  • Permanent Buffs : Available

We all knows that filter features are paramount , likewise it makes the game more pleasant.
  • HWID (2) & IP Limits (6)
  • PK disabled
  • You can only have 1 character per HWID wearing job suit.
  • You can only have 1 character per HWID inside the Fortress War.
  • You can only have 1 character per HWID inside the Battle Arena/ CTF/ Survival Arena.
  • Reverse have 2 minutes cool-down while jobbing.
  • Exit / Exchange / Stall cool-down.

This way we can guarantee that cheating is kinda impossible and you will have a fair-gameplay.

Start Items
We wanted to give you a little push that will help you a bit , use them carefully.

Auto Equipment
Something we cannot neglect , We're giving our warriors items to help them during the journey , It makes them more powerful and the road become easier. Why did we implement this system ? To avoid uninteresting and to let you focus on the main system without wasting your time searching for useless items that won't be worthy in the future. Auto Equipment available from dg.1 until dg.9, after that you need to build your own dg.10 protector and weapons by yourself.

Permanent Buffs
Your buffs became permanent once you used it , re-login or teleport or even dying won't remove the buffs from your character. We're caring about your time we don't want you to lose it in useless things.

Honor System
To become a real warrior , you must fight as hard as you can. Reset Every Monday 00:00 GMT+2

Earn Honor Point Ways
  • Survival Arena

  • You have to register at academy system from any storage

We may add more ways during beta phase

Title Storage
Easy way to know the titles you purchased before and you will be able to use them back. All you need to do is

Write to KEON-BOT @TS
Once you use this command you will receive all your titles

Write to KEON-BOT @ST,TitleID
Once you use this command , you will get teleported instanlty on your place.
But , This command isn't working during the jobbing mode.

Character Lock System
A System we cannot neglect it and it's very important to play safe , without being worried from stealing your items. It's better for you to use this system because some of corrupted owners from another servers using the id & pw that you used on their servers to steal your items or even to destroy it willing to drop the server saying that the DB got hacked and so on. So please use this system to avoid this mess.

To lock your character just write $SYSTEM !lock PinCode

To unlock your character just write $SYSTEM !unlock PinCode

It's so simple but believe us , this system is so important and we strongly recommend to use it. Once the character is locked you won't be able to do the following actions:
  • Cannot store or take anything from storage.
  • Cannot drop item or gold or anything else.
  • Cannot spend any currency.
  • Cannot plus the items.
  • Cannot open Stall.

My Limits
This command is useful to know your daily limits trades/kills.

Write to KEON-BOT @
Once you use this command you will receive message with your limits

My Points
This command is useful to let you know how many points you have, some points are hidden like (Honor , Unique , Job Activity). Using this command will make it easier for you.

Write to KEON-BOT @
Once you use this command you will receive message with your points

We've 2 kind of silks to avoid cheating , Some players were abusing Free silks system and they got tons of silks out of no where. To avoid this situation , we decided to make 2 kind of silks.
  • Keon Silk(s)
    Can be used to purchase items from item-mall and you are able to exchange them if you want.

  • Free Silk(s)
    Can be used to purchase items from Free Silk NPC You can find him at Donwhang, The Npc contains same items as item mall but the items isn't tradable.

Top 300 Warriors - Free Silk(s)
We would like to motivate our strong warriors by giving them a motivation to level up fast. So , We're giving a silks to top 300 players who gonna reach the maximum level , Don't waste a chance and be one of them by joining us on the first day.
  • 1~100 = 300 Silks
  • 101~200 = 200 Silks
  • 201~300 = 100 Silks

Move on and don't stop until you reach the top.

Muhan Solo-Dungeon Free Silk(s)
This system specifically created for players who don't have much time to play. Also , We make it in a brilliant way to be interesting. We've created a Solo-Dungeon you can enter daily. All you need to do is to join in there and take the mission from Supply Assistant Maadu inside the dungeon then destroy a powerful Unique. Once you take the mission and defeat the unique you will receive 25 Silk(s).

Silk/Hour - Keon Silk(s)
Most of Sro-Community preferring Silk per hour because it's easy. So, We don't want to deprive them and we are giving them what they want. Once you reach level 100 you will gain 1 silk per hour

Facebook Events - Keon Silk(s)
You need to follow the steps to complete your participation.

Signature Events - Keon Silk(s)
Signature Event for 50 Silks for everyone who used it

Character Name : / Guild Name:


Auto Events has been improved we have got many Events and it's working perfectly , you can find the schedule downwards. (We will apply the schedule soon)

Show your knowledge and answer the questions as fast as possible , Don't waste your time setting your bot to answer the questions because we fixed it.

You've to reach the required plus before anyone. Pick the item from the Shop and upgrade it until the required plus to be rewarded.

GM Killer
A GM will inform you about his place , Find the GM and kill him and when you done , you will be rewarded automatically.

Lucky Party Match
Are you lucky enough to reach the required number? Party Matching Event asks you for a required number and when you reach it , you will be rewarded automatically.

Survival Arena
Who doesn't like it? Survival Arena starts in a specific times daily where the warriors can met and fight each others to prove their real strength. It will be a way to acquire Honor Points. Honor points refresh every hour and it reset every Thursday. Top 3 Slayers going to take more rewards
  1. Top One gains 30 Honor Points
  2. Top Two gains 20 Honor Points
  3. Top Three gains 10 Honor Points
  4. The Rest gains 5 Honor Points

to be rewarded you must kill 1 person at least.

Everyone loves it , it's very interesting to fight some powerful uniques and since everyone loves it we decided to make an auto uniques event beside the manual Event. There's an area for uniques appears daily for some various rewards it's worthy and also STR players has a chance to obtain the rewards too because we have STR & INT Uniques.

To participate at Gambling Event you need to buy Gold Scroll/Silk Scroll depends on the Event requirement. The more tickets you buy the more chance to win , But you still may lose your silks/gold even if you're the top buyer.

Top Ranking Players
Are you looking for a motivation to reach the top , Keon-Crew Giving you what you want, There's a worthy reward to reach the top one in Unique & Jobbers ranking. The rewards given weekly automatically after the reset.

Before starting we would like to tell you that we have 3 kind of SOX.
  1. Seal of Star (SOS) = Last Tier +1.5
  2. Seal of Moon (SOM) = Last Tier +3
  3. Seal of Sun Weapons/Shield Only (SUN)= Last Tier +5

Seal of Star
SOS can not be obtained as a drop from monsters anymore , We've created an amusing system for SOS items. SOS obtainable by doing missions , Which means you have to finish some quests multiple times to have a chance for getting SOS items. Let me explain , You have to do a 3 daily Solo-Quests to collect Diamonds. This Diamonds are useful to get your SOS. The received Diamonds can not be tradable But , SOS items are tradable. By doing this we will extend the duration of getting SOS items without losing the trades between players.

How it works?
We will explain minutely how the Solo Quests works downwards. After collecting the Diamonds you can exchange it from Worshipper Commander Dustun NPC at Donwhang Town. There are three Chests
  1. One for Weapons/Shield
  2. One for Protector
  3. One for Accessories

Each Chest has 50% chance to obtain SOS items , In case you didn't win a SOS item you will have some useful items including normal items with more than +5. That's mean the chests are not guaranteed SOS items? The answer is yes , 50% to win & 50% to lose.

Styria Clash Solo-Dungeon
An excellent adaptation of the Hero Quest board.Brings back many childhood happy memories. Has created specifically to get your SOS items. And now the survival of your character is only your power , keep an eye on your character's life stats such as hunger and thirst , Collect the required Diamonds for exchanging your SOS.

Dungeon (Duration)
The Duration of the dungeon is 1 hour you can join there during this time. if you had a disconnect or any personal issues you're allowed to join every 6 hours. But the quests are daily , which means that you can enter the dungeon but it's gonna be totally useless if you already finished your daily quest.

How dungeon works?
Frugally , You will join in alone to test your might and to face your fear , There's Supply Assistant Charles NPC inside you should take the daily missions before starting. Those missions splitted into three
  1. Quest can be done by killing the first unique Fury Zealot (First Blood)
  2. Quest can be done by finishing the unique Fury Zealot (Second Blood) that appears instantly after destroying the first one.
  3. Quest can be done by killing the mighty unique Fury Zealot (Last Blood) that appears instantly after finishing the second unique.

Why we created this system and What is its purpose?
We've got some reasons
  • To control the amount of SOS items in the server
  • To make items useful and worth
  • To avoid botting all the time

Styria Clash Solo-Dungeon

Is it the only methods to get the SOS Items?
Firmly not, We've enabled a part of Samrkand Area to fight a freakish , marvelous creatures. We calling it as a forest. This name didn't come from a fata morgana , because it's look like a real forest filled by strong and powerful creatures. Forest Dungeon opens in specific times , you won't be able to join if the gates are closed. Duration time 1 hour. The Forest divided into 2 areas.
  1. Jurassic Park
    Area filled of Dinosaurs and other weird creatures , you have to be prepared before going there. Everything will come in handy for killing dozens , hundreds , thousands of those creatures. You can finish your quest by killing those creatures and once you deliver the quest you will claim your reward. incidentally , There is a Gigantic dinosaur unique appears daily , To be honest none can kill it alone. You need to find a real warriors that have the courage to face the Mighty Dinosaur. It's worth to kill because it has a chance to drop

    • 1x Random SOS Crate
    • 15x Silk Items
    • 3x Immortal / Astral (Rate 50%)

  2. Dark Island
    Isn't it the KingKong Island ? Yes it is , If you didn't watch the movie i would recommend you to watch it. This Island is very dangerous It takes place in a volcanic islet ruled by KingKong. filled by wild natives that protect the island from any strangers. Huddle together and fight them to save the earth. KingKong Unique Appears daily , He is very powerful and smart , with careful planning and proper strategy you can defeat him. It's worth to kill too because it's drop contains the same things as The Gigantic Dinosaur which is

    • 1x Random SOS Crate
    • 15x Silk Items
    • 3x Immortal / Astral (Rate 50%)

There are 3 kind of quests One for Weapons Chest , one for Protector Chest and the other one for Accessories Chest. You can find it in Worshipper Commander Dustun NPC at Donwhang. Will you survive in conditions like these? if so, what price are you ready to pay?
  • Forest Quest I (Weapon Chest)
    Quest can be done by killing Hell Guard and King Kong Salve monsters

  • Forest Quest II (Protector Chest)
    Quest can be done by killing Hell Guard monsters

  • Forest Quest III (Accessory Chest)
    Quest can be done by killing King Kong Salve monsters

The Forest

Seal of Moon

Can be obtained from Forgotten World by collecting the collection book of talismans.

Can be obtained by doing a hard quest and it's guaranteed 100% , You can take the quest from Worshipper Commander Dustun NPC at Donwhang. Quest required to crush the last boss (Ghost Sereness) a hundred time. Reach your true potential by completing the quests.

Obtainable by collecting Job points from jobbing , we will explain the jobbing tasks in details downwards.

Obtainable by quest from customized area called Spartans Military opens in specific times. Area full of strong trained Spartan soldiers , you've to defeat them to finish your quest. Read more about Spartans Military downwards.

Seal of Sun

Since we are looking for a long-term server it will be disabled for now but we are planning to release it maybe after 2~3 Months of the opening and it will be depended on SOM Items.

Botting Areas

Feel Freedom ! Silkroad map in your hands , None will ks you during the hunt Because , we applied many areas to give everyone a chance to grind without getting annoyed by others.

It's not a town , Just part of it filled by Lv 91 ~ 95 Monsters.

Mirror Dimension
Area filled by Lv 96 ~ 99 Monsters.

Storm and Cloud Desert
Those areas filled by Lv 100 Monsters

Kings Valley
Filled by Lv 100 Monsters.

Contains Lv 100 Monsters.

Phantom Desert
Filled by Lv 100 Monsters too.

Arabia Coast
The last area and it filled by Lv 100 Monsters also.

This way we can guarantee that you can play safe without getting ks by the others.

Botting Areas

Spartans Military
This name sounds familiar to you , Because we used it in Keon Season One. We decided to add it again whereas the players loved it so much and they were waiting for the portals to open we also improved it, to be more worth and entertaining.

Spartans Story (Not necessary to read)
Sparta is a warrior society that reached the height of its power after defeating the Athens. Spartan culture was centered on loyalty to the state and military service. They were centered on a warrior culture. Male Spartan citizens were allowed only one occupation: Solider Their warriors are well trained and skilled that makes them very hard to defeat. Spartans has joined Keon-Online and occupied a ground ! Prepare yourselves and gather your team , you have got a War ! Can you defeat the Spartans ?

Spartans System
A big area looks like a town surrounded by Spartans and fully fortified. The Portals opens in specific times daily , Everyone can participate and fight to finish the missions. Don't be afraid of the powerful attacks of the soldiers , exterminate the enemies stylishly!

Sky Temple (Shadow)

A Massive area just for brave warriors , join there and enjoy the intriguing mix of unexplored mythology and fantastical area filled by powerful creatures. Sky temple of shadows gives you additional rewards by doing some quests , The rewards are variable depends on your luck , You're receiving a 500k SP + Elixirs after finishing the quest. Since the skill points didn't become important in Sro-Scene Private server we would like to change this by making it more important. How ? Simply , Fight as hard as you can to earn some skill points and learn the new Epic Skills. It cost a lot of Skill points but, by doing SkyTemple Quest it will be easier. Quest can be taken from Lost Soldier Shadow NPC Inside the SkyTemple Shadow beside the teleporter. Since the skill points didn't become important in Sro-Scene Private server we would like to change this by making it more important. How ? Simply , Fight as hard as you can to earn some skill points and learn the new Epic Skills. It cost a lot of Skill points but, by doing SkyTemple Quest it will be easier. Quest can be taken from Lost Soldier Shadow NPC Inside the SkyTemple Shadow beside the teleporter.

Sky Temple (Shadow)

Unique target
An old feature we do not want to deprive you of it. Since it's useful sometimes by knowing who dealt the best damage on the uniques.

Skill Edit(s)

The affected Builds are : Bladers/Sword they can't debuff all the time like they used to before the patch. Glaivers/Spear dull skill affected as well
  • Increased Fire Shield - Emperor to 20% Instead of 10%
  • Increased Force Probability to 50% instead of 40%
  • Increased Flame Body Trial to 12%
  • Increased Snow int points requirements

This way , won't be any difference according to force skills since the Fire Shield - Emperor increased same as Force skills.

Keon NPC(s)

We've various npc's that help you out upgrading your gear and makes you more unique also they contains some useful items. Each one of them responsible for something , Read below !

Titles Vendor
This one responsible for special titles , choose the title that fit to you and feel distinction.

Avatars Vendor
The one who is selling Avatars , If you wanna feel special. Distinctly , you need to visit him.

Gold Merchant
This is the most lovable seller , He hates pay2win. Exchange your gold for some various , useful items.

Medic Footco (JP Exchnager)
The one who is responsible for selling items which are related to job points, He got very powerful items obviously you don't wanna miss him.

Investigator Natal (Free Silk)
A New NPC came here to fight the pay2win and to help the Gold Merchant , He contains everything in item mall and he's selling them for Free-Silks that can easily obtained from game activities.

Investigator Avrill (CoinExchanger)
He's responsible for Diamonds & Arena Coins items , Very powerful items can be obtained through this guy by collecting those coins , must be visited.

Worshipper Commander Dustun (Quest NPC)
Take your order soldier and deliver it back to the Commander , The Commander will ask you daily about some quests to do and you will be rewarded once you finish your mission.

Lost Soldier (Shadow Quest)
New NPC related to The Mighty Warrior system , If you wanna be the mighty warrior , you must take the quest and finish the requirements.

Supply Assistant Charles (Styria Clash Solo Dungeon Quest)
He's helpful , take the quest and receive your Sos Chests.

Supply Assistant Maadu (Muhan Dungeon - Quest)
Are you willing to gain some free silks? EZ , Take the quest and enjoy our New Dungeon.

Keon Teleport(s)
We've 2 different teleports

First One
Located at Donwhang South , It transmits you to the New Dungeons & Events Area.

Second One
Located at Donwhang beside Giryeon Mountain , It transmits you to the Botting Areas.

Useful Scrolls

Scroll Remover
If you are willing to remove your job/guild penalty it's so simple just buy this scroll and use it but you have to leave the job/guild before using it.

Magic Remover
Don't be sad if you got a drub on your item after hard alchemy , get the scroll to remove it but be careful because it removes everything even the blues.

Model Switcher (Weapons)
It's a visual scroll to show up your favorite weapons , it's not effective on your damage or anything, just visual.

Character Effect
You wanna feel special ? Alright easy , choose your favorite char effect and feel the greatness.

As everybody know how important the jobbing , It's the main source that gives vitality to any server and make it survive for a long time. Jobbing created for the brave warriors who like to challenge and prove themself and their dominance. Keon Jobbing system has been created cautiously to avoid cheating and to give you the best value of entertainment. Some players were abusing the systems trying to cheat and gain more points and gold , all of these fixed already ! Read the system wisely and enjoy the fair play.

Hopping with a trades to gain points and gold is not that easy now , You won't be able to buy the trade if you don't have job points. Buying the trade cost you 5 Job Points and 10 Million Gold. If you lost the trade you will be losing the job points and gold ! Yes , you will lose the job points to avoid cheating. and when you deliver your trade you will get the points you spent to purchase the trade + the deserved reward. To get your points the trade should be 5 stars (5 Slots x 700 Goods) as the image below

In case that you bought 3 stars only for example, our system will be saving that but you won't earn any points until you complete a 5 stars.

Traders (Includes Trade Purchase Cost)
It's kinda risky for being a trader but he's the best one who gaining gold.
  • They are gaining 10 Job points + 30 Million Gold for each trade from JG to DW or DW to HT or the opposite
  • They are gaining 15 Job points + 45 Million Gold for each trade from JG to HT or the opposite

He's the fastest one who can finish his daily limits.
  • They are gaining 3 Job points + 5 Million Gold for each trade

It's not risky for being a thief but are you strong enough to steal the trades?
  • They are gaining 5 Job points + 10 Million Gold for each trade

Limits are 10 trades per day. once you reach it you won't gain any more points till the next day, but you will keep gaining gold between 1 ~ 25 Million in inventory depending on party members and on your job type. Once you complete selling the trade, you will gain the reward without teleport or restart as the image below

Job Killing
Cheating is not existed in Keon , You won't gain any points if your enemies haven't job points. Job killing system is totally fair and challenging , Kill your opponent to steal their job points.

Gain 1 Job point per kill

Lose 1 Job point per kill

Limits are 15 kills per day. once you reach it you won't gain any more points till the next day. You can kill the same character till 3 times only otherwise you won't gain more points

Job Temple

Are you ready to face some powerful uniques ? Enter the Temple and face your fear. The Temple gates open 2 times a day in specific times where you can finish your quests for a period of time 2 hours. To make it fair and balanced between jobbers we've made quests for each job and gave them some advantages. Jobbing Quest , listed downwards.

Trader - Quest(s)
This quest can be done 3 times per day , earn you 5 Job Points +10M Gold for each time

Thief - Quest(s)
A New Quest for Thieves giving them 100 Million Gold Daily , Since Thieves getting low amount of gold as well Specially , if there are a full party.

Hunter - Quest(s)
There's a daily quest for hunters gives him 50 Million Gold , Since hunters getting low amount of gold compared to traders and there was a big difference between them , that's why we created this quest.

All Jobbers - Quest(s)
You have to defeat the monsters inside uniques room before the gates get closed. It gives 10 job points as a reward daily for all jobbers.

By doing these quests , We can say that we make it kinda equal and fair for everyone, Now you can play your favorite type.

Jobbing Battlefield - Dungeon
The era of epic conquests and grand deeds has come. plunge into the harsh world of the strong warriors who are seeking for victory. And become an essential part from the battlefield. War of Devastation , a war where only the chosen ones will survive , a war controlled by the leaders of the jobbers battlefield. Jobbing Battlefield is an area it's gates open in specific times daily , where the strong jobbers fight each others for glory. There's a Tower at the middle of the area. Where jobbers can met and start their victorious attacks against each others. Your goal is to destroy the tower before the other side destroy it. You've 30 minutes to finish your goal. Don't leave your enemy even a single chance for survival and seized the place before they do. Crush all those who oppose you and don't be a chicken like hiding behind a shield or crouching all the time. Killing your enemies earn you guaranteed job points. But , There's a limit per kill you can't kill the same person more than 3 times and you can't exceed 30 kills per round. Each kill earn you 1 job point and you are not losing your job points if you get killed by the other side.

All jobbers who joined the Battlefield , will be rewarded unless you didn't close the character during the war. Winners gain 10 Job Points and Losers gain 3 Job Points.

Important Jobbing Information

You cannot run a trade if you don't have job points, you should at least get 5 Job points. When you deliver the trade you'll gain 10 job points.

How do you get job points to start you journey ?
  • Job Temple Quests (Opening in specific times) > Check the schedule.
  • Through the the kills but your foes must be has points to steal it from them.
  • Jobbing BattleField (Opening in specific times) > Check the schedule.

That was the only way to avoid cheating , it's kinda hard at the beginning but later it will be easier.

Recommendation for Job Types

It's kinda risky for being a trader. We recommend you to append into trader job , If you have free time to play. It will be the best choice for you. Because, traders gaining very good amount of job points and gold as well. But

We recommend you to join Thieves world if you're an evil guy seeking for wars and challenges. Playing as a thief is really entertaining also Thieves gains a good amount of job points and gold as well specially after adding the gold quests for thieves.

Hunter Job will be the best choice for you if you don't have much time , As hunters can finish their daily limits so fast by protecting the traders. Hunters doesn't get a good amount of job points or gold compared to the trader but , He's the fastest one to finish his daily missions.


Patch V3.0

Patch v2.1

Patch v2.0

Patch v1.0

Beta Patch v4.0

Beta Patch v3.0

Beta Patch v2.0

Beta Patch v1.0

Thank you for reading , We hope you join us to have a great time together and to create some good memories like we always do with our players.

At the end we would like to tell you that we may apply some modifications during the beta phases depending on the players requirements. Also there are systems we didn't write it yet will be applied as well , So don't neglect the beta change logs because it's very important. We strongly recommend to join our discord to keep updated and feel free to say your suggestions in order to have a great adventure.

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welcome back Keon =)

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Nice system guys , good luck

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Old School , fair enough
Good luck

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good system
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Sounds good
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Wb. Its been a while
Wish u add bliz fuse system
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5-6 months until opening date? hmm, I'll pass. I'll keep an eye closer to the date tho
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Originally Posted by Callum View Post
5-6 months until opening date? hmm, I'll pass. I'll keep an eye closer to the date tho
oh sorry modified
Thanks for letting me know
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Originally Posted by Callum View Post
5-6 months until opening date? hmm, I'll pass. I'll keep an eye closer to the date tho
Originally Posted by Alpha-x71 View Post
oh sorry modified
Thanks for letting me know
Lmao , He's good at something else not at writing tbh :P
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Originally Posted by Doctor25 View Post
Lmao , He's good at something else not at writing tbh :P
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Download links available now on the website
-Keon Official Website :
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I am in! Thats a fact Discord: DerStricher[GER] , Ign: Ketamin
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The same ****** server, now you've updated to 100 cap instead of 90...
Your 9D was a huge fail, pro corrupted staff. TOTALLY FAIL!!
What is the point of being GM and pretend to be regular player?

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