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Play-ProSro Cap:110 - Dg11 - CH & EU - Pve - Server Play2Win

Discussion on Play-ProSro Cap:110 - Dg11 - CH & EU - Pve - Server Play2Win within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Play-ProSro Cap:110 - Dg11 - CH & EU - Pve - Server Play2Win


In Pro Sro our aim is to make everyone happy and let players enjoy everything we can offer ranging from
our custom npc's, quests, coins, etc to everything old school that has stayed in our server.
Pro Sro is based on 11D [110Cap] and is both CH&EU, with CH being more balanced to match the EU characters
Also, its a unique hunting based server.

•About Us
We have created a server that would suit all kinds of people, whether you are working, studying or
busy you will not fall behind. Silkroad player community nowdays is mainly made up of older people as a
game this old does not attract any new faces thats why we tried to balance everything so even if you are
unable to play for most of the day, etc you can still become one of the best in the server as long as you
know how to play and if you do not our support team will gladly help you and answer all of your questions
[To summarise - the server is slow paced to keep all of the players get better at the same time].

•Beta Phase

We have already made tests in our closed beta which is why it is the time to open the server in an open
beta state so everyone can join, get a taste of the server and join us in the future when we fully open
the server. By doing this, players can also find bugs ...etc and those who does find something will be rewarded
when the server is opened. After all, no server never had. any issues, so there is always something that
we might have missed out.
"The beta already running .."

"We took time to find fun in the game and thought about the simple things and the additions we can do to make the game more fair and not to distract the players"

• Cap | 110.
The cap 110 is a fantastic cap that everyone loves and is nice to play in for longer as lower caps come to an end whilst higher caps can keep on running for long.

• Race | CH&EU .
It was difficult for us to strike a balance between the Chinese and the European races, and we found many difficulties, but that did not stop us from balancing it. We have made the Chinese race legendary like the European race so that we can be fair between the two races

No Hp or Mp Grains so Chinese Characters will have the advantage in pvp.

• Mastery .
The Chinese Race Mastery is 330, ,
The European race will have 220 Mastery levels.
Good luck For Both.

Cap 110
Exp 100x
Party Exp 150x
Alchemy Rate 1x
Gold 10x
Drop Rate 10x
Race Balanced YES
Guild & Union Emblem ENABLED
Capture The Flag ENABLED
Battle Arena ENABLED
Survival Arena ENABLED
Honor Rank ENABLED
Forgotten World ENABLED
New Unique's YES

• Jangan Main Town | Jangan.
We made Jangan the main town as it is and most of the old school players love it. jangan will have important teleport's and Shops.

•Start Items.
"We wanted to make the start a little easier and smoother for you guys, that’s why we put a little starting gift in your newly made characters, you’ll find them in your inventory when you log into a new character! Keep in mind that they’re neither store-able nor trade-able"
*In pro sro your start lvl 100 , with full sun gear d10 +5 stats 100%

• Max Plus | +12.
it's good to make the last plus in server [+12] no adv , the low plus is good for a cap like this , and it will be fair and the damage will not be overpowered.

• PC Limit | 6
Only 6 accounts can be opened on the same PC.

• Job Limit | 1
"you can only open [1] Char who can wear a job suit , our filter will give you an automatic dc if you try to open multiple accounts"

• Fortress.
The Available Fortress is jangan , why we chose jangan to be the available fortress

• Max Stack.
We've increased stacks for most important item's in our server.

• silk per hour.
You will get Free Random Silk scrolls from Quests and Uniques drops, Every 1 hour your char will win (1) silk as a reward for being active
Afk users wont get rewards.


1- Seal Of Nova Items Dropping from Alexandria 101 / 110 .

2- EGY A / EGY B.. you can get it from npc , for pro-sro coin

• Job System .

we disabled job temble for now ,, we added a new amazing system
our new system giving you a honor point's ..
from where i can earn honor points ?
we made an automatic event uniques it's hosted every 2 hours ..
You will join to room ........ you must equip your job suit to be able to entre this area ..
teleport located at jangan ..

•Unique System | [Drops]:

In order to have an enjoyable journey we decided to please all the parties, as we added STR and INT Uniques to be a fair gameplay and more fun and draw between all parties
You must read the Previous carefully in order to discover everything

Small information about main uniques time !

Tiger girl Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Cerberus Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Captain ivy Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Uruchi Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Isyutaru Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Lord Yarkan Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Demon Shaitan Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Yuno Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Jupiter Spawn time[every 1 hour]
The Earth Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Zielkiaxe Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Ball Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Babllion Spawn time[every 1 hour]
Battel Golem Spawn time[every 1 hour]

Main Uniques Drops
Tiger girl 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Cerberus 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Captain ivy 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Uruchi 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Isyutaru 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Lord Yarkan 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Demon Shaitan 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Yuno 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Jupiter 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
The Earth 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Zielkiaxe 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Ball 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Babllion 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks
Battel Golem 10x Arena Coin 5 Silks

Anti Scamming System ..
At least we found a common scam it's about immortal and astral stone's all immortal and astral stone have the same look so you may got scammed easily
So We Decided to change how it looks like , we changed the icon colors of D11 Immortal / Astral Stones


1- no more guild penalty you can leave at anytime and join another guild ..

1- job alias we have made a scroll to reset your job penalty too .. so you can change your alias at anytime you want ..

Scrolls part

Title Name Scroll[This Scroll will change your Title[Yellow] name and your hwan level]
Reset Skills Scroll[This Scroll Will Reset all your Skills]
Reset Stats time[this scroll will reset your char stats like STR/INT points]
Remove premium scroll[this scroll will remove your old premium]
job penalty remover[this scroll will make you able to leave and join another job anytime]
King buff Scroll[after we disabled academy we added this scroll to give you all academy buff stats]
Silk scrolls[thess scrolls are made to transfer your silks from account to another , aslo you can use it between you and another player to exchange something]
lucky scroll[this scroll will increase your luck by 2%]

Weapons / Shields Effect Weapons / Shields Glow

NPC Gallery

all of our main npc located at jangan.

•1-Trivia (daily)

questions and answer Winner will win Pro sro coins as reward.

•2-Alchemy event (daily)
a notice will be written to let people know that there is an alchemy event starting
after register period is over the bot will give a player a certain item that a player will have to plus / plus to

•3-Lucky global (daily)

When the event starts , the bot will start saving the written globals
then select a random player to be the winner.**

•4-Pro Sro Pvp war (Weekly)

This will be a war between party's which wear's the same cap
reward is amazing

•5-Kill The [GM] (Daily)

After teleporting to the room where the [GM] is, all players have to wear the same pvp and start attacking the [GM], The Player With the Last attack that kills the [GM] will be the winner

•6-PVP 1 VS 1

a notice will be written to let people knows there is a pvp event
after the registration period ends the bot will select random players to play against each other.


The bot will write a mathematical equation in a global then the players have to solve it
first one who solve it will be the winner.

•8-The most wanted

When the events starts , the bot will recall all registered players to the event place
then will select a random player to be the most wanted one in the server,
All they have to do is killing that one , and he have to escape from them , or hiding inside a safe zone
till the event finish

•9-Unexpected order

After starting the event , bot will recall registered players to the event place
then will order them to do something , the first one who obey the bot will be the winner

Facebook Share Event.

You can participate in Pro Sro facebook share event for a chance to win a part of the total of 31.000 silks. We will choose random (34) winners , try your chance from now

Thread Event

Since the signature event will force the players to use the game signature we've decided to replace it with another event which is about Thanking and commenting on the epvp thread and you will get 200 Silk

*Share event rewards will be after beta phase*

Thanks for reading , we are waiting you , have fun with Pro Sro online!

Also Thanks For @ for premission to take some thread contents .

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seems good, but i hope those egy a/b isnt easy to get with those pro-sro coins..i guess you can made those pro-sro coins from trades only will be more fun and make people active. i mean to cant donate for pro-sro coins so they can have it once they hit 110.

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Good Luck .
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where can i find pro-coins?

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Originally Posted by megaman4999 View Post
where can i find pro-coins?
jangan npc? pro-coins are gold coins!
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Originally Posted by swamp66 View Post
jangan npc? pro-coins are gold coins!
i mean which unique or monster drop it or purchase by gold only at npc?
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Originally Posted by megaman4999 View Post
i mean which unique or monster drop it or purchase by gold only at npc?
well i try to kill any kind of uniq from tg - to jupiter they drop arena/silver coin i guess the only way is to farm gold to buy them.
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It's seems like a nice server, i will join! Dombuss
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Good luck!
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C8, server off?
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good luck ......

but its like pvp game
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Server offline?
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? offline ?

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