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[ELECTUS - ATHENS] 2500+ Daily Users | 1 YEAR Uptime Guarantee | 100 CAP Chinese

Discussion on [ELECTUS - ATHENS] 2500+ Daily Users | 1 YEAR Uptime Guarantee | 100 CAP Chinese within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

Old 10/23/2019, 18:53   #901
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Originally Posted by Slinzar View Post
Answer to you:

1. Get 100 (gz ur already 100)
2. Win Trivia once buy charger for 5 Silk (i won 3 times already)
3. Go trade, donīt die and farm Gold like **** (crazy Caravan 24/7)
4. Buy prem, devil dress and 10dg Parts from your Gold
5. Get party invites for Godsend and Fgw
6. Join a guild
7. Get Dia boxxes and sell or open and things will change by time.

This routine wonīt give you a Donator Set, but the basics are safe.

You ask an admin what to do if you just bot? Electus is not a bot Server you need to play, Sir.
got dced twice trying to trade, out of gold and silk

any other advice?

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Old 10/23/2019, 19:15   #902
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support dosn't help me nobody of them answered me, client full with virus,crashed all time after log off client don't work NOTHING

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Old 10/23/2019, 21:14   #903
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That's just it... everything is just LUCK, not once I have won a trivia.

I cant get enough elixirs to sell for gold or trade it for silk.

This Economy is so ******. Greed just really takes over for some people and they are so Blind to see it.

I Just wish this line of thought and Business behind Play2Win can just Stop. If you really wanna make it Play2Win Discourage Selling Silk for Gold / Gold for Silk.

Remove certain items to make it fair and balanced for everyone to get a chance to Succeed instead of these players with big money in their pockets that take over a server.

Its not fun anymore. I wanna work for my success , not cheat my way up to be the best.

Its really fedding me up.
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Old 10/23/2019, 21:16   #904
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awesome pay2win server! Drop ridiculous, stones, elixir etc! Item Mail more expensive than Isro, joke server!

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Old 10/23/2019, 21:33   #905
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Guys its obvious for every 1 nowadays to be competitive you must: 1. donate abit at least prem,ds,luck dress 2. play few hours a day ( drop boxes,do trades,some alchemy) 3. bot with min 2x pc if its possible if you miss smth from this 3 steps ur done and theres more i didnt bother to mention,anyway enjoy the server guys . im busy working n **** maybe i play ele if pr0x nab do finally 9D p.s hey pr0x mate do it next season ok :P
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Old 10/23/2019, 22:23   #906
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Old 10/23/2019, 23:03   #907
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Old 10/24/2019, 03:38   #908
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1.5m starter SP is just stupid. Silkroad is ruined -,-
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Old 10/24/2019, 09:15   #909
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Originally Posted by ssj3jon View Post
After playing and Botting for the past couple of days and see how things going I am going to give you my honest review once again:

Good things about Electus:

1. Whenever there is an issue they notice the problem immediately and fix it as fast as possible
2. Looking for the possibility of change to their networks etc. to make sure the game doesn't lag for anyone or any unstable issue that might be going on.
3. A lot of people to join up and party with.
4. Support has been amazing to many people and their doing an amazing job so far.
5. Sbot/Mbot compatible with minimum problems.
6. Constant up to date post on Discord to let players know what's going on immediately.
7. Downtime Silk Give away which isn't bad , Sometimes we get compensation items.

The things that really turn me off in this game right now and I hate it and many other players hate it:

1. The Economy is so fucked due to the fact that you can sell Silk for Gold and buy Gold for Silk and Trading Items for Silk and Silk for Items Etc.
2. Drops are extremely Low and items are wayyyy to expensive and you cant able to afford anything that people are selling (250mil for a lvl 94 Spear? wtf?? )
3. If you wanna start trading you have to reach lvl 100 but even then you might not even have 10D yet or barely have some pieces on you ( not including any blues or +'s on it )
4. Unique hunting? forget about it... All uniques are lvl 100 and with all these Donators and Pay 2 win players , you can forget getting any drops from them because all these players are in full 8 man parties waiting for uniques to spawn ( UNIQUES ARE ONE OF THE WAYS U NEED TO GET COINS AND SILKS )
5. Auto event Sucks, Trivia sucks even more. Pr0x may claim they are giving away silk for free yet , the ones who win the events are also Pay 2 Win players.
6. Germans, Turks, Egyptians Rule this server and they are the worse and most Greedy and Selfish people in this server, They are all Assholes in their own right.
7. Getting to Forgotten World is way too expensive , Items are too hard to get without a good party ( unless you are one of the 3 nationalities above )
8. Pr0x refuses to do Silk Per Hour which is dumb if your server is suppose to Play 2 Win.

Overall I do have Respect for Pr0x to maintain the server and doing his best as to make sure everyone has the best Experience that they possibly can, truly I mean that.

However He has fail to see time and time again that his servers are just simply PAY 2 WIN, WHICH IS THE BIGGEST TURN OFF IN ANY SILKROAD ONLINE SERVER!!!


This is coming from someone who has been playing Silkroad for 14 years now, Im a little if not Just Moderately Disappointed how this server turned out.

I really want to keep playing this server because at least I know its being well maintained but at the same time I'm left behind in Levels and Equipment and parties either KICK ME OUT for not having 10D Weapons and Equipment or my Level isn't good enough.

I'm Sick of seeing the Play 2 Win Concept still being a Pay 2 Win in the End.

and Hopefully if they read this they may Understand the frustration of a Loyal player of Silk road Online.
Electus was never Play2Win and will never be a Play2Win project. This is the main reason why they will fail in the end again and again.
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Old 10/24/2019, 11:31   #910
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If you guys think that someone will make a server for you to enjoy, without any benefits for him, you're gonna have a bad time on this planet. Silkroad was doomed from the start. No endgame content at all in any version, just farming for items/coins etc.

I never understood why all servers allow 2+ accounts to be logged in from the same PC.
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Old 10/24/2019, 11:31   #911
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fk off the pc limit 1, reach lvl 100 at the time they update pc limit to 1, was planing to do fgw 1* to find diamond/plat boxes with 2 accounts but cant do it **** atm bc have only 1 pc. while ppl with 2 pc can do all.
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Old 10/24/2019, 11:48   #912

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Originally Posted by Omnyamura View Post

A small suggestion to remove the huge delays in DW: Add bagdad and all other teleports in every town, not only DW.

There is no delay in Donwhang. What you want to say is 'LOW FPS' due to overpopulation. Stallers will always stack in the main town so they can sell, 1 city will always be overpopulated, can't really change that.

Originally Posted by evilgeniusht View Post
fk off the pc limit 1, reach lvl 100 at the time they update pc limit to 1, was planing to do fgw 1* to find diamond/plat boxes with 2 accounts but cant do it shit atm bc have only 1 pc. while ppl with 2 pc can do all.
PC Limit will be back to 2 today within a few hours, @server update to be exact. You can follow the latest news and announcements on Electus Discord to stay up to date.

Originally Posted by TheRealHero View Post
1.5m starter SP is just stupid. Silkroad is ruined -,-
Even iSRO in 2019 is giving you free SP when you make a new char. Who the fuck farms SP for default silks anymore? Nobody.

Though, we have special skills you have to complete daily quests to unlock. That's the challenge you want to take, no?

Originally Posted by andersonrx View Post
Item Mail more expensive than Isro, joke server!
Silk in iSRO 100 = $10
Silk in Electus 100 = $1

You're welcome.

Originally Posted by ssj3jon View Post
That's just it... everything is just LUCK, not once I have won a trivia.

I cant get enough elixirs to sell for gold or trade it for silk.

This Economy is so fucked.
I would suggest completing FGW/Godsend Dungeons to collect valuable coins & boxes to sell. They worth a lot. Complete 3* FGW and you will have AT LEAST 1700 silk worth boxes alone. Have you done it yet? Team up with your friends and go in. You can also try 2* one.

The point is to go get something done, if the sox items are so expensive in the server because they are RARE and the demand is sky high. This is actually GOOD because they'll be valuable in long term too and it's in YOUR HAND to complete the dungeons, open boxes, get these items. You can sell or keep then, your choice.

Small advice, try to ENJOY and DO SOMETHING instead of whining. No hate, have a good day

Originally Posted by stankevicius View Post
support dosn't help me nobody of them answered me, client full with virus,crashed all time after log off client don't work NOTHING

I am sorry that you couldn't get anyone to help you out.

If you join Electus Discord and request help in #tech-support, I'm sure one of the team members will connect to your PC and fix the issue for you.

If you followed our announcements, you wouldn't be experiencing this issue right now. Please keep up with the news & announcements on Electus Discord #announcements channel.

If you don't use Discord, you can check out #troubleshooting on our website, follow the guides and fix it by yourself.

I hope I informed you sufficiently, let me know if you need help later.

Originally Posted by ilia054 View Post
got dced twice trying to trade, out of gold and silk

any other advice?
Please submit a ticket on our website and tell us your story.

We are always nice!
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Old 10/24/2019, 14:58   #913
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So if Iam won't donate any $$ can play clam?
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Old 10/24/2019, 15:50   #914
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The main reason why you distract "normal" players away is because the gap between donators on non-donators in first weeks are way overhigh regarding in gear/set. Ok, let them donate and buy every sox in server, no problem, but let normal players to atleast have decent gear in this time. Elixir/stone drop rates are way to low and you ruin activity with this, nobody will accept players with +2/3 items without blues in any pt for any dungeon. Lets say if donators have full sos set atm or +6/7 set, non-donators could atleas have chance to obtain enough stones and elixirs to have +5 FB sets to "complete". Botting cca 10 hours for 10 elixirs and 10-15 stones will get then nowhere.
I hope you and your crew understand what i am trying to say. Its fair to encourage non-donator players to play here with decent gear so they can join those events/dungeons etc. Dont get me wrong, server is professional and great, but this is honest feedback from a player that donated here.

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Old 10/24/2019, 16:25   #915
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Read This In Turkish :
Read This In Spanish :
Read This In Russian :
Read This In Polish :
Read This In Hebrew :
Read This In Lithuanian :

Date: 24-10-2019
Time: 18:00
Weekly Thursday Updates usually take 30-45 minutes. Although, we complete our work & testing in the testervers before the update, it still take us some time to verify all the changes before we go online. This week, downtime period will be longer than usual, minimum 1 hour, up to 2 hours, due to security updates.

Security & Limits

Improved server stability and performance.
PC and IP limits are back to original.


Increased Electus Point Limits. Now, you can continue to farm more Electus Points! Find more information in Electus Menu > Electus Points window.
Electus Points are the #1 currency to purchase end game items from Seal of Moon NPC. End-game items are NON-TRADEABLE and can only be obtained with EP+Coins. You can visit the NPC and find out more. (For now, prices are not set yet, we will set them in the following weeks).

- Added 'Electus Divinesight Avatar'. Available in Item Mall for 1 week
- Added 2x Reverse Return points in Phantom Desert
- Increased green stone drop rate for 95-100 level monsters by 30%
- Increased NPC item drop rate for 95-100 level monsters by 35%
- Removed custom transpets from Item Mall (Especially Electus Charger Summon Scroll due to FPS drops in huge caravans
- Disabled custom skill effects for Godsend Skills temporarily.
- Enabled LastManStanding Event. Follow ingame notifications to participate and use !events command on Discord to check out the details.
- Enabled Lottery Event. You can start to buy lottery tickets, the first Event Winners will be announced 25-10-2019 21:25 and every day then on.
- Hunters will receive 100% gold profit even they hit daily or weekly jobbing EP limit. (Thieves: 0%, Traders ~35%)
- Increased unique's HP by 10% in FGW 2* (Duo 2* shouldn't be possible, at least not at this stage of the server.)

Lottery Event guide can be found

Enabled Battle Royale Event. Reward: Diamond Box

Battle Royale Event Schedule and Guide can be found

Enabled Silk Lottery (Jackpot) Event

Silk Lottery (Jackpot) Event Guide can be found

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that caused client to crash, when you purchased instant return scrolls from Donwhang Grocery Shop


Due to unfortunate technical issue series we run into in the past week and felt so terrible that we had to send you all some love. Below, you will find the list of compensations we prepared for you. We are genuinely thankful because you have been very understanding during the time we had issues. We did everything in our power to inform you immediately and sufficiently, whenever we have run into issues. Below compensation list won't be 'MEH" for you because we can not simply ruin the server economy by making everything free/easier. This would totally destroy the fun in the game. So now, what we do is to START the journey as the server is now stable and leveling phase is complete! :x

The players require to have 3 empty slots in their inventory to receive these items. We will not re-add the items if the players didn't have the slots, whatsoever.

Every player received 7 days clock of reincarnation (Inventory)
Every player received 25 Reverse Return Scroll(Inventory)
Every player received 10 Globals (Inventory)
Diamond Box success rate has been increased from 25% to 30% for 1 week.


You will receive 10% additional bonus silk for your donations during the weekend period.
Event period is based on Electus Time and will last for 48 hours only.
Bonus silk you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
Your bonus silk reward is added on your account instantly when you donate (Superrewards+EPIN).

Period start: Saturday 00:00 (Electus Time)
Period end: Sunday 23.59 (Electus Time)


We are aware that new devil spirits' active skills won't appear in mbot-sbot skill config. section. We have worked on finding the issue but it seems it will take longer, so we expect that this issue will be fixed in the future updates, and, as soon as possible.
Achievement #4 (400 EP from jobbing/week challenge) is reset and will be reset every week at downtime. You can redeem your Diamond Box reward only if you can farm 400 EP from jobbing per week. (You will still receive achievement EP after hitting daily limits. You can continue to do jobbing).


Within this client update, we also patched Electus.DLL, which might trigger Windows Defender to block the update.
Even if you didn't have login-update problems before, Windows Defender can still delete Electus.DLL and interrupt the update.
We highly recommend you to follow this guide, so you never run into Windows Defender related problems.

There might be changed to this changelog thread, this is only early information

.-Yuki. is online now  

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