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Sparta Online | Cap 120 | D13 | PVE | New Features | Infinity Battle Begins!

Discussion on Sparta Online | Cap 120 | D13 | PVE | New Features | Infinity Battle Begins! within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Cool Sparta Online | Cap 120 | D13 | PVE | New Features | Infinity Battle Begins!| GO 4.10

Greetings, Elitepvpers and all Silkroad Enthusiasts! who searching for a server can guarantee an infinity battle, Waking your willingness to come in a new battle is something that we glad to, Our Sparta isn't a thing that we can allow any horde to take it slightly. Thus If you've enough valor to have an infinity war .. You can continue reading.
We are proud to deliver our upcoming project and we can confidently state that it will have you stunned! We've put in an incredible amount of effort into our new and never-before-seen features. After completing some preparations and careful discussions - we decided it was time to release our piece to the SRO community. With Sparta's system, community, and futuristic innovation, we strive to present a new and groundbreaking world of Silkroad Online, which is more enjoyable, active, and entertaining than previous encounters. We're going on wild adventures with wars, fights, and never-ending battles that you are sure to remember for ages!
Nowadays, There is no difference, The same gameplay, The same systems, The same content and the same targets!
The difference only exists in their names. So our mission not only to provide a different gameplay, But also fascinating and practicable, We've been around for a long time seen ups and downs occur all over the Silkroad scene, A lot of obstacles were worth stopping. Finally we are here with a long-term project and a well designed plan includes a pledge with a fair gameplay. Not just a new silkroad private server, But a new integrated fantasy video game. We are now inviting you to the most complete integration Silkroad private server ever, Keeping the core of old school, With our new systems and features.
It's unclouded, These days the major problem which face the players is the inadmissible instability, So we cannont neglect that section.
We cared about making every portion of our server truly stable submitting a lock for every large and small gap.
To achieve a fair-play gaming, it's not easy .. it's a diffused problem, there is no true fairness, but in Sparta you will find righteousness there is no differentiate anymore between Guilds, folks we are one family, and everybody will be treated equally.
We are pleased to be there for you (24\7). You will find Sparta Supporters everywhere related to the server community such like "Website live chat,Discord,Facebook Page and an android application which will be released soon .
There will be no words more than the true in this section about your rights and our duties, The true that a full integrated team, 22~28 years old, will be always there to help you. Everyone in this team
is truly deserve his position, make certain to show them your respect, because they spend their time to serve you and provide you the fun you are waiting for.
Before we continue, we would like to thank you and give a short passage regarding our team members and their dedication to our project, and how their impact will help shape how the project develops and unfolds.
The Sparta Team consists of a few admins, and other staff members who can be introduced in our discord server according to their role name. We've chosen our staff members with meticulous precision to have only the best of the best employed with us. From our Discord Administrator, to our Administrative Assistants, these people have shown expertise in their fields and it is an honor and privilege to work with this group of people on a daily basis. We won't say that we're "good" or "professional," but we do all have experience that can qualify us as such. Each member of our team has specific expertise to assist us in the development of our project, and we are pleased to state that we can handle any problems in any categories with our experienced!
We knew that no one is impeccable, thus we've decided to launch a trial phase that will help us to test our gameplay systems and features for testing gameplay systems well and making sure from everything is working smoothly to provide a completely bug-free, lag-free grand opening. before the grand opening, You will get everything free in the trial phase to help you in testing everything quickly but make sure that all the characters will be deleted after finishing the trial phase so you don't need to register a new account again. Date: 1st of October 2019.
- Sharing in BETA Phase will give you a chance to win a lot of prizes because we decided to award every player report a single critical bug with 1000 Silk.
- Also every account will join our beta will gain our priority, So if you started the journey from it's beta phase, You will start "GO" With VIP 10%.

Now after studying the community needs, testing everything, passing through closed BETA and open BETA phases, now is our time so, "GO".
We decided that our grand opening date is : 4th of October 2019 - (11:00) Server Time. - 8:00 GMT+2

Now is the time! Let us talk about Sparta System .. This table will represent a basic abstract about our server.

Start Lv1
Race Chinese and Europe
CH Mastery 360
EU Mastery 240
Solo Exp280x
Party Exp 300x
Item Drop Rate 30x
Gold Drop Rate30x
Main Town Jangan
Fortress war Jangan
Max Plus +10 [w/o adv] +14 [adv]
Battle arena Enabled
Capture the flag Enabled
Forgotten world Enabled
Holy water temple Enabled
Advanced elixirs Enabled
Resurrection scrolls Enabled
Academy Enabled
Magic pop Enabled
Auto equipment Available
Job temple Available
Fellow pets Available
Guild/Union emblem Working
Bot Allowed
Vote4Silk 40 silk per day

Your long journey in Sparta, will start with this package.
- 1000x HP Potion
- 1000x MP Potion
- 11x Reverse Return Scroll
- 11x Instant Return Scroll
- 10x 100% Speed Drugs potion
- 1x Gold pig (3 days)
- 8,000,000 Skill point
- 10,000,000 Gold
- Premium GoldTime PLUS 5%

InformationDelay Period
ZERK DELAY120 Seconds


According to our principle to make your journey in Sparta more easier, your items will automatically change when you reach a suitable Lv for the next degree, It will work till degree 12, And you will get MOON PLUS 10 Items with full blue, and 61% status.
In general you can make your deals with Sparta Markets using these main currencies.

Gold Coins [Treadable]

Q:- How can I get this currency?
Answer:- You can get it through different ways such like
  • Killing Alexandria Mobs
  • Killing Mirror Mobs

Sparta Coins [Treadable]

Q:- How can I get this currency?
Answer:- You can get it through different ways such like
  • Killing all uniques
  • Sparta coin scrolls from NPC
  • You can get it from Sparta Exchange system[It will be explained in detail in Job Sector]
One of our firm principles lies in encouraging players to level up, So we decided to make a rewards goes to the first players who reach the cap, yeah go with your party it worth.
  • First 50 Players : 200 silks
  • Second 50 Players : 150 silks
  • Third 50 Players : 100 silks

All of us knows that, Europe skills is much stronger than Chinese one, So we have to do something in order to achieve the balance between Sparta's races, And after a lot of tests we decided to increases the rates of passive skills mastery as explained below, Thus we finally closed the gab between both races.

Firstly we've added new skill, you will find it in Force mastery, to make sure that no more poison will be investigated danger to any CH-Char, so warlock will not threat every chinese character.
Secondly we've added some modification in CH-Chars mastery, this table will abstract our modifications:-
Maximum MP - Increased from 6702 MP To 8712 MP
Physical damage - Increased from 12% to 15%
Parry Rate - Increased from 39 to 50
Phy. def .Pwr - Increased from 314 to 408
Attack Rate - Increased from 39 to 50
Maximum HP - Increased from 6702 HP To 8712 HP
Blocking Rate - Increased from 13% to 17%
Required 250 int stats point
Magic Attack Power:Equal to Fire Imbue - Time : 30 sec - Reuse Delay : 30 sec
Time : 30 sec - Reuse Delay : 30 sec
Magic Attack Power:Equal to Fire Imbue - Time : 30 sec - Reuse Delay : 30 sec

Our main purpose to have fun in a long-term server making a beloved memories with our unforgettable events so you didn't have to spend money in order to have a such item, You can get every thing by spending time playing hard and having fun with SPARTA family. So you can get a free silk from :
  • Hunting Uniques You will get a free silks scroll from hunting [ ROC ] & [ BONE ROC ] & [ SPARTACAN ARCHENEMY ]
  • 2 Silks per hour [ You will win 2 free silks after spending 1 Hour playing SPARTA online ]
  • You can get free silks from Auto events.
  • You can get free silks from Giveaways/share events.
  • You can get free silks from Vote At Website.
So we are a fully play-to-win server.
In sparta, we've eliminated seal of STAR, as we know we will start with seal of MOON, it will last till degree 12 bu automatic equipment, so we will speak about the final degree sox system, you will find it as:-
  • Seal of MOON Items :- You will find it in Sparta's Markets [D13 Equipment NPC].
  • Seal of SUN :- You can get it by hunting uniques, every unique in Sparta will drop a seal of SUN Item.
We didn't just stop on seal of sun, we have developed a last tear, SEAL OF SPARTA, to be the end-game gear but it will be add in a legendary update.
We know that you've missed the old days, Hunting uniques memories, The joy which fill you when you just see that purple mark in the map, Hunting uniques gives all utmost fun, So we've worked hard to present a hunting uniques system which will guarantee the final Lv of fun you had ever seen with a smart scheduling.
  • This table will illustrates the normal uniques and it's rewards.
Tiger Girl10 Sparta Coin + 1 Zerk Scroll
Cerberus10 Sparta Coin + 1 Zerk Scroll
Captain Ivy20 Sparta Coin + 1 Zerk Scroll
Uruchi20 Sparta Coin + 1 Zerk Scroll
Isyutaru30 Sparta Coin + 1 Zerk Scroll
Lord Yarkan40 Sparta Coin + 1 Zerk Scroll + 1x Magic Pop Card
Demon shaitan40 Sparta Coin + 1 Zerk Scroll + 2x Magic Pop Card

  • Hunting normal uniques quest
  • Beside having fun from hunting these normal uniques, you can also gain a special yellow title from hunting them.

UniqueNO. of Kills
[Tiger girl slayer]30x
[Cerberus slayer] 30x
[CaptinIvy slayer] 25x
[Uruchi slayer]25x
[Isyutaru slayer] 10x
[Lord Yarkan slayer] 15x
[Demon Shaitan slayer]10x
[Maduse slayer] 5x
[Roc Slayer] 1x

We've cared about Sparta special uniques, so if you have enough valor to face the spartans, it's you section to focus!
  • ROC : Gate of Ruler will open it's door for you one time a week, then you will face the ROC, according it's power it will have a high drop rate with a special items. [will be illustrated below in the next table].

  • BoneRoc : In Sparta our Death Bone unique has it's private room which you can be teleported by Jangan secondary teleportation method, and BoneRoc will appear in it to face you three times a week.

  • WhiteKnights Room : We've added white knights to a private room which you cane be teleported to it by Jangan secondary teleportation method, White Knights spawn instantly once it dies, the main purpose of it's existence to help players to make level up faster, According the high amount of exp you gain through hunting it.

  • Medusa : Medusa will appear once everyday, it will have a suitable reward too.
  • This table will be as an abstract to special uniques.

UniqueSpawn TimeRewards
ROCFri. at 8:00 PMADV D + 200 Sparta Coins + 100 Silk Scroll
Bone ROC Sat.&Mon.&Wed. at 8 PMADV D + 200 Sparta Coins + 100 Silk Scroll
White Knight Once it diesSparta Coins
Medusa Everyday except sun. at 9:00 PMGlobal Chatting + 100 Sparta Coin

  • Spartan Archenemy
  • is a newly designed global unique, if you made your decision to face him, So you put yourself in a truly tough situation better to entre his room with your party.
  • Spartan Archenemy has the better drop than it's accompanied of unique in Sparta.

UniqueSpawn TimeRewards
Spartan Archenemy 3 Times a day 200 Sparta Coin + 200 Gold coins + 100 Silk Scroll + 2x random ADV Type D

Hunting Jupiter Uniques has a special enjoyment, facing them gives all a special king of fun, we've modified their spawn places as you will show in the upcoming gallery.

Jupiter Uniques Spawn Places
  • And this table will show their rewards:-
Jupiter3 Sun Pieces + 1x Sparta Coin Scroll ( 100 ~ 150 )
Baal3 Sun Pieces + 1x Sparta Coin Scroll ( 100 ~ 150 )
Yuno3 Sun Pieces + 1x Sparta Coin Scroll ( 100 ~ 150 )
Babilion3 Sun Pieces + 1x Sparta Coin Scroll ( 100 ~ 150 )
The Earth3 Sun Pieces + 1x Sparta Coin Scroll ( 100 ~ 150 )
Zielkiae3 Sun Pieces + 1x Sparta Coin Scroll ( 100 ~ 150 )

Finally we've added the family of ghosts unqiues in order to make sure the fun is reaching it's maximum value, this gallery will show their spawn areas:-
Ghosts-Family Uniques and Princess Miyene
  • And this table will show their rewards:-
Ghost Sereness3 Sun Pieces + 1x Sparta Coin Scroll ( 100 ) + 10 Gold Coin
Ghost Beast3 Sun Pieces + 1x Sparta Coin Scroll ( 100 ) + 10 Gold Coin
Ghost Guttony3 Sun Pieces + 1x Sparta Coin Scroll ( 100 ) + 10 Gold Coin
Princess Miyene3 Sun Pieces + 1x Sparta Coin Scroll ( 100 ) + 10 Gold Coin

Thus we made sure that you will reach the maximum possible unique drench.

Sparta markets are located in Jangan, you can deal with them using the currencies we've talked about them before, thee you will find [Sparta Mall - Sparta Titles - New Avatars - D13 Equipment ( Moon ) - Dark&Thief Avatars - Alchemy Mall - Unique Slayer Quests]
Sparta Markets Items

Job trade is the core of old school fun, we cared about it yeah that old memories thief is trying to steal the load but the hunter is doing his best to protect the trader and it's load, The system is still as we knew, We just made some modification in it's reward, It's became about gold profit and Job Points.
  • This table will simplify everything.

LoadGold ProfitJob Points
2* 600,000,0001
3* 1000,000,0002
5* 2000,000,0003
Q:- What can I do with Job Points?
Answer:- You will be able to exchange it through Sparta Exchange NPC located in Jangan, with hot items.
Q:- How will I know the number of job points?
Answer:- You will find it in F10 - [ Item Mall ].

Sparta's grinding areas consisting of three main areas which you will find your needs of drop there, Also they will help you to reach the maximum level with you party, We cans list them as:-
  • Mirror Dimension :- You will find there [Elixirs, gold coins]
  • Alexandria deserts:- You will find there [Elixirs, gold coins]

  • Spartan Elite Room:- You will find there [Elixirs, Magic POP Cards, Stones]

We've cared about spawn ratio, Thus you will find a high spawn ratio around the map, and it's clear above in the grinding areas illustration section, So everywhere you go on Sparta's map you will find a monsters to attack.
  • Battle Arena System:- Arena didn't changed very much, but we just edited it's reward, We Will change the reward to 15 zerk scrolls for winner 5 zerk for loser and it will be every 2 hours.

  • Capture The Flag System:- Capture The Flag didn't changed very much, but we just edited it's reward, We Will change the reward to Each kill inside CTF award you with 10M of gold, in the form of a scroll that adds gold to your account after teleporting you or Sparta coins scrolls.

Model Switchers is a feature exists in every server but when you are using the model switcher to just change the skin to an old one, even it was looks good .. but it have seen before, Then you are missing the point in Sparta we have designed new two weapons styles, you can call them Platinum & Emerald.
  • Chinese Emerald Style.

  • Chinese Platinum Style.

  • European Emerald Style.

  • European Platinum Style

We've added a new AFK detection, helps you to know who is currently active and who is just online, While the Char is AFK. you will see a animated bubbles above his head, Your char will be affected with this action only when it goes online with no action for a 2 minutes at least, then when you back to do any action [ Sending party request for example ], the AFK. bubbles will automatically disappear from your Char.

Super Mario Odyssey
is a newly designed grab pet, Never seen before!. In Sparta Online you can get it through Item Mall.

All of us wanna more fun to enjoy it which never ends, So in Sparta we added some of automatic events to achieve the requested fun such like:-
  • Last Man Standing:- registered players will be teleported to a special area arranged for this event to match against each others and The Last Man still Standing wins!
  • Reward 100x Sparta Coin Scroll + 20 Silk

Also in Sparta you will meet more automatic events keeping the fun touch alive in game server, this table will abstract them:-

EventRoundsRewardWin LimitIncorrect Answer LimitTime
Search And Destroy410 Silks2-12:00[ AM - PM ]
Hide And Seek 4 10 Silks2-1:20 [ AM - PM ]
Uniques 1Vs14 100 Sparta Coin + 10 Silks--2:40 [ AM - PM ]
Trivia 4 5 Silks224:00 [ AM - PM ]
Lucky party number 4 5 Silks2-5:20 [ AM - PM ]
Choose the correct answer 4 5 Silks216:40 [ AM - PM ]
GM Killer 4 10 Silks--8:00 [ AM - PM ]
Couple PVP 4 20 Silks--9:20 [ AM - PM ]
PVP (Str & Int) 4 20 Silks--10:40 [ AM - PM ]

Automatic event is a good feature. It works, But it's not enough to achieve the fun we wanted, therefore we are gonna to manage some manual events
to add vitality to our systems. Like a Manual Unique Event, and so on ..
There's be a one every sunday at 9PM, others will be random but we will announce it's time before an enough period on our official Website, discord server and Facebook Page.
Finally we are going to host some special offline events on with a specia rewards such like [ Special Packs, ePins, Discord Nitros .. don't miss this special events on:-
  • Discord.

Don't hesitate to be a part of Sparta Family, and support us by using this signature.

You can use this by adding this code in your signature to get your first 100 Silk in Sparta Online.
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This server seems really amazing, Good luck

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Originally Posted by Dryes* View Post
This server seems really amazing, Good luck
Thanks mate. happy that you liked it.
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Good luck..
nice my friend

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nice 1
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Good Game isa ❤️
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Originally Posted by CoinĄ View Post
Good luck..
nice my friend
Thanks mate.

Originally Posted by nokia_asha View Post
nice 1
Thank you brother.

Originally Posted by Mohand2002 View Post
Good Game isa ❤️
waiting you in.
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Wow wonderful , keep going iam in
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Originally Posted by Mr.Awesome1337 View Post
Wow wonderful , keep going iam in
Thanks mate!
Waiting you in. 🙏
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Wowowowoow Awesome.System Cool topic .. i will give it a try waiting
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Originally Posted by solomm View Post
Wowowowoow Awesome.System Cool topic .. i will give it a try waiting
Thanks mate, waiting to see you in!
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Looks awesome ,, Good Luck
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Originally Posted by Zerox* View Post
Looks awesome ,, Good Luck
Thx mate. waiting you
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Good luck mate <3
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good job bro, and good luck!

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