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Dmgsro | New 110 CAP | Free Silk | DeathMatch | Madness | Survival | G.O: 20.09.2019

Discussion on Dmgsro | New 110 CAP | Free Silk | DeathMatch | Madness | Survival | G.O: 20.09.2019 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Dmgsro | New 110 CAP | Free Silk | DeathMatch | Madness | Survival | G.O: 20.09.2019

Web Site

++ We will make more tidy this topic

InformationRates ect:
Exp 15x
Sp 15x
Gold 3x
Cap 110
Skills 110
Mastery(CH/EU) 400/240
Alchemy Max: 10
Job rates Special
CTF Aktive
BA Aktive
Roc Gate Aktive
Medusa Aktive
Fortress war Sunday
IP Limit 2
Job IP Limit 1
FTW IP Limit 1
Arena IP Limit 1
Botting allowed Yes

+1 %95
+2 %80
+3 %60
+4 %50
+5 %30
+6 %20
+7 %15
+8 %10
+9 %5
+10 1

Extra: ADV+2 ile Maximum +12 - No ADV+10 - ADV+1 can buy in Npc

Level Cap
Everyone is excited and longing, longing for the old days, the legendary 110 Cap experience is waiting for you.

Europe ~ Chinese ( This is the best )

As many players have now requested, the most popular mastery arrangement is set at a 220/440 mastery limit for you.

Exp Rate
You will reach Max Lv in 3-4 days. You can reach max Lvl earlier, depending on speed, Build and Party status.

You can buy and use TL Coins by throwing Donate in Server. 1 TL Coin = 1 TL is set.

Alchemy The intermediate level is set.

İp Limit Sistem
In order to offer you the most stable and trouble-free game, the special non-exceeding Rope limit system is set. We all know that PC limit systems are breaking HWIDs. A more stable game awaits you with the Proxy barrier and special ip limit system.

Home Town
All NPC available in the game are in Donwhang. You can buy your required items from Downhang

Premium Plus
"Premium" Alchemy Lucky %10

"Vigor" %12

Elixirs can be obtained by drop. We recommend using mobs between 106-110.

Reverse & Return
Our players can buy Reverse & Return items from Downhang İtem Mall Npc for a small amount of gold (almost free).

Avatar & Transporters
All Dress is Free ( Download Dress Npc )

Final Items
Final Weapon : Power Weapon , Final Set: İmmo Set , Acco : Legend , Power Shield

Characters Start Items
Starter Lv: 1 , Sp: 5m , 10m Gold , Reverse , All Pot , Pet ...

Free Silk Server
Starter Silk : 1.000.000

All Stoneler & İmmortal & Astrall
10D immortal ve Astrall : İmmo: 6m - Astrall: 2m - Diger 10D Stoneler Npc'den 100k Gold
11D immortal ve Astrall : İmmo: 60m - Astrall: 20m - Other 11D Stone Npc 1 Unit 1 DmgCoin
DmgCoin : 100-110 between Moobs 1 Wizard Char : 50-100 between unit - hour

Slots & Commands & Extra
Extra clone slots are opened according to your needs. Here are some commands you need to see your score for the game. $Server jobpoint = This command shows your job score.

Nova Drop System
11DG Nova drops 106+ are added to all mobs. Drop rates are adjusted to be at least 2-3 pieces per day. Estimated: 8-10k moob falls at 1 Piece.

FGW System
There are a total of 4 FGW stones for entry into the lost world region. You can buy these stones in the town of Donwhang in exchange for Gold from NPC.

Silver Coin - Card System
We've removed the chance factor, and it's time for everyone to just get a Power weapon. I entered 100-200 times the event did not fall talisman have ended.

11DG (Power) Weapon
Everyone has a chance to buy the most powerful weapon, the Power Weapon.

1 Stars FGW ~ Box: 1 Silver Coin - Serenes: 1 Silver Coin
2 Stars FGW ~ Box: 2 Silver Coin - Serenes: 2 Silver Coin
3 Stars FGW ~ Box: 3 Silver Coin - Serenes: 3 Silver Coin
4 Stars FGW ~ Box: 4 Silver Coin - Serenes: 4 Silver Coin
Protection Shield: The server will be active after the 2nd Month with the update.

Broken key: 10 Silver Coin
Large tong: 10 Silver Coin
Phantom harp: 10 Silver Coin
Evil's heart: 10 Silver Coin
Vindictive spirit's bead: 10 Silver Coin
Hook hand: 10 Silver Coin
Commander's patch: 150 Silver Coin
Sereness's tears: 150 Silver Coin

11DG (Immortal) Set
11DG Immortal Sets are purchased from NPC in Alexa. Items require a specific number of Silver Coins and Gold Coins. Since there is a lot of Event and Gold Coin acquisition in the Server, the number of Immo sets: Gold Coin has been increased.

11DG (Legend) Accessory
11DG Legend jewelry is purchased from NPC in Downhang. Items require a certain number of Gold and Iron Coins.

Coin Types and areas of acquisition
DmgCoin: 101 - 110 Lv falls from the moob. (Per hour: Around 50-100)
Iron Coin: It is obtained from CTF, Battle Arena and some unique items.
Gold Coin: Survival, Job War, Death Match Event, Madness Event, Job Cave, Uniqueler.
Silver Coin: It is a kind of Coin that can only be obtained from Box and Serenes and Holly Temple at FGW.

Trade Items Buy
Job İp Limit: 1 , And Lv : 60 +

5* Kervan Malı Fiyat ~ 100M
Trader Pet Slot ~ 5
Trader Pet : 2

Trade Ration
There are only Alexa-Samarkand routes on the server. Other NPCs have been removed.

Samarkand ~ Alexa : Earn 400 - 500M Gold
Thief : Kar : 140M Gold

Special Trade Ration
With the special trader activity, you will both gain more profit and experience the competition to the fullest. Special times are given in the event calendar.
Special Time: 10:30 - 15:30 - 20:00 - 03:00 (Duration 30 Minutes)

Job Point System
On all maps, you get a certain amount of "Job Point" from the opponent job player you cut. With this "Job Pointler" you will receive a special Job Pvp King rank.
[B] With Job Point, the first person in the job rank wins the Job Pvp King Rank. Job Rank is reset to 1 in 15 days. [/ B]

Trader ~ Thief kill : 1 Job Point
Thief ~ Trader kill : 1 Job Point

Special Job Suit
Anyone who reaches 100 Job Points will receive a Special Job Suite and a 3% Dmg increase Buff. Put your difference in the job battles with this buff and suit.

A fun competition awaits you with the Death Arena Eventi. This event is held at certain times with a PvP on a certain map and the last surviving person (the person who does not die) is the winner.
Death Match Last Remaining Prize: 2 Gold Coins
The deceased is teleported out of the map and cannot stand up again, so you have to stay at this event without dying.

5 minutes before the event starts
You can go to the event area from Teleport at Donwhang.
Anyone entering the event area automatically switches to PvP mode.
You can't push. But Party is free to set up.
Goal; Kill your opponents during the event as well as win prizes from the Uniqueles in the field.
Maddness Event Unique: 2 Gold Coin
This event will have 2 unique spawn. (STR) - (INT)

You can participate in this event through the site. You select 1 number from 1 to 100, the price is 1 TL. At 00:00 at the end of the day, the system randomly identifies the number 1 as the winner and gives the person who knows the number the TL accumulated in. If there is an attendance of 100 entries, the draw will be postponed to the next day. The winner is announced in the game by Notice.

Standart Uniques
The spawning time of normal uniques is between 50-60 minutes. You can earn Coins while you compete with Rank and TL and rank at the same time. The Unique Rank is reset to the beginning and middle of each month. Prizes are distributed.

Tiger Girl : 2 İron Coin
Uruchi : 2 İron Coin
Isyutaru : 2 İron Coin
Lord Yarkan : 2 İron Coin
Demon Shaitan : 2 İron Coin
Captain Ivy : 2 İron Coin
Cerberus : 2 İron Coin

Unique Rank 1.Reward: 20 TL + Unique King
Unique Rank 2.Reward: 15 TL + Unique Killer
Unique Rank 3.Reward: 10 TL

Some uniques you will cut will give you extra Gold Coin.
Spawn Times: 1 Time in 4 Hours and Spawn zones are given below.

Khulood : 1 Gold Coin - Every four hours

Karkadan : 1 Gold Coin - Every four hours

The Earh : 1 Gold Coin - Every four hours

King Hyungno [ STR ] : 1 Gold Coin - Every four hours

BAAL [STR] : 1 Gold Coin - Every four hours

Jupiter [ STR ] : 1 Gold Coin - Every four hours

Battle Arena is a big part of the day. Doyasize competition is waiting for you. In the Battle Arena you will be able to receive both honor and Gold coins.
Saatleri: 10:00 - 11:00 - 12:00 - 13:00 - 14:00 - 16:00 - 18:00 - 19:00 - 21:00 - 22:00 - 23:00 - 01:00 - 03:00 - 04:00
Battle Arena Winner: 8 İron Coin - Lost: 4 İron Coin
Bu İron Coinler ile Legend Acco Set alınabilir.

With CTF you can muscle up the Iron Coin. With Iron Coin you can get the Legend Acco Set. In CTF, you get 1 Iron Coin from each opponent you kill.
Res Skilli is closed in CTF Map. Reason: To avoid Iron Coin contraction by doing a Get Up.

Medusa ve Roc detayları
Medusa Saatleri: 15:30 - 22:30 - 02:00
Meudsa Drops: 8 Gold Coin

Roc Saatleri: 00:00
Roc Drops: 10 Gold Coin

Mission 1: Medusa Killer: When you cut 20 Medusa, you can get Medusa Killer Rank from Npc.
Quest 2: Roc Killer: When you kill 10 Roc, you can get Roc Killer Rank from Npc.

Holy Water Information
We didn't want solo players to spend time with FGW and we added the holy water zone to the game. It works in its original state.

Holy Water Reward
There are certain uniqueler spawn on each floor in Holy Water Temple. Some items you can get with Holy Water are listed below.

Unique Drop: 1 x Coin Box : ( %5 İhtimalle 1 Gold Coin , %20 İhtimalle 1 iron Coin , %20 ihtimalle 1 Silver Coin , %55 İhtimalle 1 DmgCoin )

Warlock Mastery (Phy, Medical, Combat, Courage) Raze and Ravage skills reuse time 15 seconds ~ Probability 20% (Skill effect time: 30 Seconds)
Force Mastery (Voit Skill) 25%
Warlock Reflect and Advenced Reflect are off
Mbot Pill Bug ~ ~ Fixed.
Stall out of town use was closed.
Some bugs used in Wizz bug have been turned off.
Right click (shutdown) of reverse and all returns is blocked.

The event is held during the day. It takes a total of 15 minutes. The notice is skipped before starting with Notice.
A lot of things that will cause buga have been closed in this map. Each kill earns 1 point and 2 Char rewards that earn the highest score.
Survival Hours:
1. Ödülü : 2 Gold Coin
2.Ödülü: 1 Gold Coin

Job Cave 110 is a must for cap servers. We have removed the Ap System to further increase competition. Let's not forget that Job Limit is 1 at the same time
Neith Saatleri : 15:00 / 18:30 / Drops: 5 Gold Coin
Anubis / Isıs Saatleri : 13:30 / 23:30 Drops: 5 Gold Coin
Haroeris / Seth Saatleri : 01:30 Drops: 8 Gold Coin

In this Map you can contract 'Job Points'.
Job Rank: 1st Person: Job receives the Pvp King Rank.
Job Points are reset to 1 in 15 Days as in the Unique Rank and find the Rank holder.

Fortress War: [/ B] FTW'lerin trouble-free, trouble-free war awaits you. FTW IP limit: 1. 1 Char can enter from 1 Rope. Do not worry With the proxy entries are blocked. It is safer than PC Limit, and breaking the PC limit and using it by major people creates imbalances in the game.
Open Castle: Hotan (We can change the number of castles according to the number of players) (FTW Registration: until 20:00 on Sunday)
FTW Days: Sunday 21:00 - 22:30 (As a result of our research, this seems to be the best time zone)
Tax Time: FTW end + 1 Day

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turk sro?
why not make server english

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Originally Posted by mich7777 View Post
turk sro?
why not make server english
Global Server. Mostly Turk player for now.
Website language turkish and english.
We will support turkish and english. Language makes no difference
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Make english version game! Old server have all turkish language in game, no undestand what give scrolls,quests and other

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Originally Posted by promtnt View Post
Make english version game! Old server have all turkish language in game, no undestand what give scrolls,quests and other
I think you can understand scroll detail . title english . detail turkish

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Good luck
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Originally Posted by newenzel View Post
We don't use discord . Support Only facebook

Originally Posted by Dryes* View Post
Good luck
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Bence Discord'ta kullanmalısın ingilizcede yazabilirim sanırım bu yazdığımı
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Good luck looks nice
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Originally Posted by BozokBeyi View Post
Bence Discord'ta kullanmalısın ingilizcede yazabilirim sanırım bu yazdığımı
Discord destek için pek kullanışlı olmuyor. Facebook Sayfa'da mesajlar sıralı şekilde düzenli olduğundan , bizim içinde kolaylık oluyor.

Originally Posted by LiteSro View Post
Good luck looks nice
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I ll join nice server

MediaFire download link broken pls re upload
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useless game its depend on TL then you have to donate , dont join this server guys
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Originally Posted by Smith- View Post
useless game its depend on TL then you have to donate , dont join this server guys
Are you kidding ? Server is free silk .
We sell premium, Adv , global , What more do you want ?
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