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[Radium Terra] Cap 110 | Job Towns | Truly Play2Win | Greatest concept ever seen

Discussion on [Radium Terra] Cap 110 | Job Towns | Truly Play2Win | Greatest concept ever seen within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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[Radium Terra] Cap 110 | Job Towns | Truly Play2Win | Greatest concept ever seen

Welcome, dear player.

We are glad you got here. Not much left to bring you into the new Era of Silkroad Online, into Radium Online.
We can't wait until you see what we have prepared for you. Some of you might think that this opening is full of confidence, but believe us, we have good reasons. It's been a long time since you have seen a cutting edge project that will knock your brains out like Radium. So dear players, let us show you what a perfect Silkroad server is made of.

It all starts and ends with the management team.
We are proud to introduce the most professional team you've ever met, Radium Online Team.
Our team is a team that consists of a several professional ex-players that have played this game from the very beginning, and acquired certified developers that do this profession as their day to day job.

We love you, Souss. Introduce yourself!
Alright. My name is Souss originally from France.
I have a speciality in game development using Unity-3D developing indie-games.
As I love computer I also have other IT knowledge like SQL, web development, photoshop and video editing.
I also manage the IT in my company, I'm an admin on the ERP open source using SQL postgres and also develop a manufacturing software and code useful programs.
With all the knowledge I have acquired, I feel comfortable to develop with my team Radium.

FrictionF0, what do you have to say about yourself?
Not much. I’m a former player myself, I have studied computer science in the university, specializing in networking protocols, web development and the one I like the most; reverse engineering.
I have built a complete Web CMS especially for Radium. It made me work with cool stuff like CRB reader for viewing guild emblems on the website or with researching for formulas to show item stats on the website. I like this realm. I have worked with Iso for as long as I can remember, building the most insane features you may dream of. But enough of me, maybe he could tell you a bit more.

Alright, Isoline, it seems to be your turn.
Hey everybody, I’m Iso,
Most of you already know me from the sro scene, even as a former player in cap 80 back in 2005.
I’m a certified computer science engineer, with a specialty in software development in the .NET framework in particular. I do all kinds of backend development, anything you can think of. But those I love the most are those that related to SRO, like the In which I have been developing for more than a year. I just can't get enough of this game.

What you're going to do here, Dizzy?
What do you mean? I will be managing the whole server to insure that the community has direct communication with the developers and solve all the problems you might face, instead of like other servers have the developers doing that. I will have all access to assist all the players with anything. We came to that conclusion because we want the developers to focus on the game itself, they shouldn’t be needing to assist players. Oh, since I told you what I will be doing in the server let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm from United Kingdom and I have been playing Silkroad ever since I was 9, yes 9. Surprisingly, my parents were playing Silkroad and I gave it a try and well let's say I fell in love with the game ever since.

Someone to manage the community? Ahm Miss Luria?
Yeah, I'm on it. I've been actively playing silkroad since 2011. I'm here at community manager and I will do my best to answer your questions 24/7. My focus will be on the Arab community, but remember that I am addressing all of you. My lovely team members hired assistants that will help me to attract new players and give support to everyone. You're going to see what we're worth. See you at Radium!

Team Agenda
In Radium, we believe in the saying - “If you want something done right, do it yourself!”. Everything you are going to see on Radium is built by our own team, you won’t see us renting services of other parties thus enslaving ourselves. Everything we made for this project is entirely our own work, so we are not dependant on anything, this fact may be overlooked by players, but it makes the difference between an amateur and a professional.

The Beta Era
Nobody’s perfect, there is no doubt about that. Actually this is the main reason behind the beta period, and on Radium we made it even a bit longer than usual in order to make sure that the server can run smoothly without any bugs. This is definitely how a stable long-term server should start.

Most players don’t bother joining beta phases and we wish to change that. Joining the Beta Era, makes you not only helpful for the game itself and its developers, but you also get an advantage on other players by learning everything in the Beta Era and having a head start on other players. This besides the prize you get for participating.

At the end of the Beta Era phase, all of your characters will be deleted. However, your accounts will stay put. As for the beta reward, when the beta starts we will set targets with prizes. Players will have to do certain things in the game to unlock prizes such as credits(silk). You will start with the prizes you achieved by the grand opening.

Back to the madness.

Grand Opening; [ 27.09.2019 Friday | 16:00 UTC + 1 ]
Beta Phase; [ 11.09.2019 - 18.09.2019 ]

Level Cap110-
Start Level70-
Start EquipmentFull SOS + 5-
Start Skill Points400000-
RaceChina and EuropeRaces have been balanced.
CH Mastery330-
EU Mastery220-
HWID Limit2Can change due to requests.
FW HWID Limit1-
Job HWID Limit1-
CTF HWID Limit1-
Max players in guild30-
Max guilds in union3-
EXP Rate12x-
SP Rate25x-
Item Drop Rarity Rate3x-
Gold Drop Rarity Rate2x-
SOX Drop Rarity Rate2.5x-
Alchemy RateHard-
Max Plus+12ADV excluded.
TownsJG/DW/HT/ALEX (S)/ALEX (N)China towns are available for job only.
Start TownHotanBoth races.
Fortress WarHotan onlyWe will add one more in case of need.
Battle ArenaEnabledGet down to read about the reward.
CTFEnabledGet down to read about the reward.
Guild union chat permissionUnlimited-
Max chars in account8-

Since you start level 70, we have created special scrolls for instant mastery skills opening.
This could save you some expensive time at the beginning instead of opening the skills one by one each time you create a new character. These scrolls are represented by the mastery icons you see on the image below.
Note that once you finish to use the scrolls, all the other scrolls you didn't use dissapear automatically.

Radium Online Start Items

Hold your breath, before you panic from the word “points” let us explain ourselves.
Radium Points purpose is not to replace the game currencies with an over-edited one. They are not the “coins” that ruin the game economy. Quite the contrary, the Radium Points are here to rehabilitate the wrongs that were forced upon you and still keep its previous benefits.

All the ways to acquire Radium Points still remain the natural and common ways in the game.
Radium Points are not here to replace any other token, but to mend the gap that was created by private servers on which gold became useless rapidly.

The main way to earn the Radium Points is through the job system, on which you will read further along.
Our points are going to to be used as an alternative to the original game systems that were damaged as a result of a meaningless gold currency. Therefore, you can calm down, the Radium Points are not giving us the "coin based server" title.

On Radium, we didn't just use words and told you to figure the points out as a convention, we have built a perfect framework supporting its foundations that will serve its purposes flawlessly, keeping your inventory capacity at minimum, and updating your current balance on real time in the background.

Our special stores are waiting for you at the center of any available town.
We dedicated a long time for choosing the store items, organizing it and calculate the prices. It's time for you to see what you're going to deal with.

NPCs Location

Radium NPC Locations

Credits Shop

The credits (silk) shop has any visual item you can think of. We know that this is what the players love, so we didn't spare nothing from you.

Following our Play2Win target, we added nothing but visual items to this shop. Players are not able to get anything that can get them an advantage on the other players from this shop, only things that related to the character/pet/item look.

Everything here is visual in order to give you Play2Win system, indeed, but you have to stay strong to prevent donations after we expose what we've got there. Also in this field, Radium is first! You are going to see avatars and pets you've never seen before. Dozens of them. All you have to do is choosing by your momentary desire.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
What do they have to say about the gallery below?

Credits Shop Hot Items

Radium Points Shop

The icing on the cake, the only store where you will spend your Radium Points. Moreover the goal of this snippet is to inform you and nothing else. The rest of the juicy information on the items on this shop will be talked about extensively further on, at Radium Features section. This store is going to be your best friend in the game.

Radium changes the game rules!
You will no longer start at Jangan or at Constantinople. In fact Constantinople does not exist at all,
it has been completely removed along with Samarkand from the game.
As of now, you start level 70, at Hotan.
If that wasn't enough for you, we have also dedicated Jangan and Donwhang to become job towns.
Beside the desire to give you a fresh experience, we see the step of making entire town for job only, as a milestone in order to get a truly job based server. Imagine the classic old trade route between Jangan and Donwhang active around the clock. It's going to cause a wonderful chaos. The beauty of it, is that you no longer have to search for the lovely job action in 10 different towns. These towns do the job for you.

For more passive players who don't want to follow the bloodshed, you have place either. You might think that traders are forced to go in one trade route that passes through two main points. This way, thieves would be able to wait at those points and trap innocent traders like flies.

But on Radium we took care also for that. Therefore we created more trade routes that not only mends the problem mentioned but also contribute to cover full town sides that used to be dead. Waiting to see them?

We disposed any negligible aspect related to the concept.
  • Any accsesory cloth NPC in the game was removed.
  • All the relevant NPCs on Jangan and Donwhang were relocated to the center of the towns.
  • The teleport to Jangan and Donwhang is limited to job suits level 100 and above. This limit is valid for any teleport method, including reverse scroll.
  • All the mobs under level 70 have been removed/replaced/modified, including unique monsters.

Jangan and Donwhang

As expected from a town in Silkroad, we have modified the mobs for each to be compatible with our new job towns concept. Since mobs level 1 to 40 do not affect at players over level 100 under any circumstances, hence, mobs within those irrelevant towns have been replaced with thieves. Yes, thieves. It's more than a simple replacement, there is a grand thought process behind this decision.

The thieves spawn will start from level 101 and up to level 105, they were spread across the mobs in a strategic pattern that was preplanned. In the beginning of your trade route journey, you will face the most commonplace type of thieves, and we are not talking solely about their levels, we are also talking about their abilities. As further along as you progress en route, the harder it gets, in terms of the thieves build, level, and special abilities or attributes. Some might be very annoying to you as they will be able to freeze your character rendering its ability to walk useless, or whether it would be from a European thief that might knock you down or knock you back and most probably will make you want to toss your keyboard on the floor.

This way, the old town road when trader was able to make a solitary trade on his own without even the slightest spec of a challenge is over. The new old town road, Radium as you were, is packed full of terrors so to speak, and mobs that will not let you complete the trade you wanted.
Please take into consideration, that the thief mobs in the job towns are not meant for grinding, they will attack you wherever you may go or whatever path you choose, but if they would not have a target to acquire they will vanish into thin air.


Following the towns concept and the new starting level, each mob on Hotan has been modifded carefully and became part of the new era. Unlike other servers, which replaced the mobs with existing mobs, Radium has left the mobs in their environment. No desert mole in ice regions! The next gallery shows the new mob levels.

New mob levels

The main bot areas on Radium are the Roc Mountain and the Alexandria deserts.
There you will reach the maximum level and get Seal of Nova items!

By our assessment, these grinding areas should be enough for thousands of players. But the experience has taught us to be prepared for anything and we are not rely on assessments. Therefore we have Baghdad region in our client and database ready to use. In case of need we will just add teleports to there!

Forget any implementation you knew about the job system in the Private SRO scene.
This time you are really going to get a hold of the old vanilla feeling of the triangular job conflict in Silkroad Online.

We came into the conclusion that the original job system is perfect the way it is, the problem originates from the value of the gold you are reaching out for. Besides the fact that gold is worthless in private servers, you have to know that it's impossible to play around with the gold earning rates.

Why is that? Because the job system were built based on the idea of earning by a multiplying factor, which is fine, however in private SRO servers the situation is entirely different.

Imagine that we would multiply the profit for thieves, in that kind of multiplication traders could easily cheat the system. We are sure that the thought of abusing the system with the obvious loophole has crossed any experienced player’s mind. A trader can simply buy goods, walk near the town fences, and drop them, while his comrade would happily take them, sell them in the thieves town and share the profits with his fellow trader.

By doing so, they save a long and dangerous journey in between towns as they were expected to go through. After a brainstorm of our community advisors we deducted that the most efficient way to prevent similar cases would be rewarding the thieves with not more than the quantity traders invested. In order to make the job factions equal in profits, traders are going to earn double the amount of the original investment in case of successful trade. This way both factions are earning 100% profit.

  • Trader will double the original purchase of their trade investment.

  • Thieves, since they are not invested at all, they will get the amount they stole.

  • Hunters, will be rewarded according to the help they provided to the traders.
Following these base lines the system cannot be manipulated. There is no need for an anti-cheat system or any kind of restrictions on the goods dropping based on the distance from towns.
One might wonder why would thieves move their assess for gold amount equal to the tiny gold amount that trader spend to buy goods. Well, they shouldn't.
For this reason we created a new type of goods which is going to produce Radium Points. We still left the old gold-goods for players who prefer to trade for gold. The new RP-goods is going to create a gambling mechanism for RP, on which players that choose to trade with these goods are risking the current points they have, but may double them. If this won’t make thieves go nuts and search all day long for traders, nothing will.

Wanted System

Are you brave enough to take on you the wanted challenge?

Prove it! Buy the wanted scroll from the Radium Points shop at the scrolls tab for 50,000 RP and start trading. But first, we must warn you; Once you use the scroll you will be really wanted.
  • A notice will appear for all the players with the thieves job once you start a trade.
  • You will have wanted animation above your character.
  • You won't be able to use 150% speed scrolls while you are wanted.
  • You will get out of this state only after 24 hours.

On the other hand, we have some good news for the wanted players.
If you succeed the challenge by completing a trade run under the wanted state, you earn 100% Radium Points profit. For example, a trader that completes a full 5* trade run that costs 6,000 Radium Points and he is under the wanted state, the earning would be 18,000 Radium Points and not only 12,000 as he used to earn. Remember guys: You live only once.

So far you have only seen words. It's time to prove what Radium is really worth.
We are proud to expose the features we have been working on for so long, now capabilities and ideas come to fruition. Meet Radium Features!

The lovely mercenaries that have been malfunctioned to this day, are coming back big time!
We worked for a long time to take out this amazing feature from the guilds section, and we made it available for everyone. Now any guild member is able to use them as he wishes.
During fortress wars, we have preserved the original idea of the mercenaries that restricts normal players to use them. In other words; only guild masters will be able to summon the mercenaries during fortress wars, but outside everyone has the abillity!

How to get the mercenaries?
The only way to get the mercenaries is buying them from the "Radium Points Shop" for a low price of 1000 RP.

We have created a new amazing UI window in game called Radium Window.
Our window is getting updated automatically with any change we do. It means that once the developers change anything on it, you don't have to patch your client with new update to see the changes. You will see the changes on real time while you're in the game, without a need for a restart. A special window for a sepcial server.
Press the “R” key in game to open or close the Radium Window.
On this window you will find many features you've never seen before, we've listed them below.

General Information

Our window is a jack of all trades. The latest changelog is first to appear when you open the window, you can follow after the changes we've done on real time. On the left side of the window you will find some information about your user such as Credits/RP balance in a form you will feel more comfortable to read. A little further down, you will find information about your character. For instance, your rank on the server compare to the other players based on your item points. Fortress war kill counter getting updated on real time, so you guys will be able to see how many players you've killed on fortress at real time. How many players you've killed in general divide by how many times you've died.

Attendance System

We encourage devoted players. You might be wondering how.
That’s simple, the hint is in the name. This system is based on your attendance to the server.
There are 7 days in a week. For each day you submit your presence into the system, you will be rewarded instantly.
Your goal is to fulfill your attendance fully for the whole week, if you miss one day of the bunch, you won't receive the big reward at the end of the week. Yes, it's that simple.

Sunday20 Radium Points
Monday40 Radium Points
Tuesday60 Radium Points
Wednesday5 Credits
Thursday10 Credits
Friday15 Credits
Saturday500 Radium Points + 50 Credits

Achievement Titles

Fresh is our second name. How many times can repeat the same ways to get a decent title?
We have put an end to this boringness. From this moment on the yellow titles are not just meaningless, you will have to earn them with respect. Each and every title has its own way to obtain it. Nevertheless, you will be able accumulate the titles that you previously achieved and switch between them anytime you want. We won't talk too much, we will let the GIF animation show you a shard of more than 100 titles that waiting to you out there.

Wheel of Fortune

As you probably noticed by now, we are very generous. This is our attitude in life, we believe that the more you give the more you will get back. Guys, meet our grand Wheel of Fortune, for the first time in the sro history as a free-daily form.
Spin it once in 24 hours and receive free credits or RP.
May the odds be ever in your favor.
*The example image for illustrative purposes only, the real items on the wheel are listed in the list from left.

Item NumberReward
#12000 Radium Points
#2200 Radium Points
#3100 Radium Points
#470 Radium Points
#570 Radium Points
#650 Radium Points
#750 Radium Points
#8100 Credits
#910 Credits
#105 Credits

Live Twitch Stream

Are you sitting on a chair? We hope so, because you might fall. The Radium Window is able to present live stream from Twitch TV platform on real time. You can switch between all of Radium verified streamers which are competing by streaming on the main streamer title. Could you imagine watching a live stream while botting?
For more information read the Radium’s Streamer Plan further on.

The 15 years mark for SRO is nigh. Yet, even after all those years it's still one of the most amazing RPG games, and this is the reason why we keep working on it to this day. Despite of the great of idea of the game that has kept for years, the development is still relatively old. Features like the in-game chat box are old fashioned and in need of repair. One main reason for that is that the old chat box is not supporting all of the languages.
In case you speak one of languages below
We are glad to inform you of a new ability in our server to type correctly in your language.
Thanks to the dll we developed RTL languages are being supported. You won’t have to overwhelm your brain and reverse the words sequential pattern to type normally. Talking with your fellow friends has never been easier.

Support is at paramount importance on Radium, we went to great lengths to make an easy access for support to all of Radium players at anytime, at any place. As for now when the old poor academy system is disabled we have dedicated its window in the chat box for support only. You may send messages in this window any time during the day and our support team will be there to help you. For that reason, we have blocked the access to send message to any of the management team. Since this moment on, any support message you are willing to send will go through this particular chat window. This way, you will get supported not only from one individual but from a handful of people, just like you are in a group with all the team members.

Respect VIP characters! They worked hard to get this title.
How hard? Well, they have gathered 1000 honor points in this way or another.
Usually, you don't really have to do anything to get these honor points, they are being added to your character automatically by our ranking system.

Here are some of the ways we calculate these points:
  • Every 5 different players you kill at PvP mode gives you 1 honor point.
  • Every 3 different players you kill at job mode gives you 1 honor point.
  • Every 2 different players you kill at the fotress war gives you 1 honor point.
  • Every job trade you've been part from, gives you 1 honor point.

Gathering 1000 honor points is kind of impossible ah?
We said it's going to be hard. This is how we respect hard work;

Benefits of being a VIP member
  • Festive VIP title above the character name.
  • Speical title (near the name) color (Random one)
  • Special global chat color (Random one)
  • All honor buffs.
  • Ability to send private messages to each management team member directly.
  • Switching between dozens of titles for free. (If the character doesn't own the title and the VIP period is over, it will be removed.)

You want this box, but you will regret it. As most of you know, the pandora's box summons strong ELITE mobs 9 levels below your level. Also here, we have added a "Radium Touch". We have increased the power of these mobs significantly. Now they are much stronger, and ready to offer a good challenge to any player. Their new name is "Elite Radium". If you have managed to kill these mobs, you will get rich, each mob has high gift thrown probability when it being killed. Among the gifts you will probably find; Immortal stones, Astral stones, VIP scrolls, Random RP scrolls and 150% Speed Scrolls. By a few tests we have made to it, the lowest gifts amount we've got from it is 15. You can call it also "Cursed Treasure Box".

*Required level is 110.
*The box is limited with time! Hurry to kill all the mobs inside it.

Three ways to get the "Cursed Treasure Box".
  1. As a drop, from any unique in the game.
  2. Buy it for 1.5M Radium Points from the Radium Shop.
  3. Win the Pandora's Event. (Read about this event in the events section)

Who said that you have to play around with the races power to create a good balance between them?
Who said that there is any imbalance in the first place?

Radium did it again, we are breaking the rules.
Since the dawn of Silkroad the European race had the advantage over the Chinese race, but the problem is derived from the races power.
What breaks the delicate balance between races is the general idea of the race itself, which unfortunately goes in favor of the European race. As you all know it Chinese characters are Solo players, and the European characters are designed to operate in groups, and the problems occur when they are realizing their group-methods technique.

The European composition (Euro Party) is nearly impossible to overcome, it can take down two whole groups of Chinese characters with the speed of thought. The power that the European characters get from their fellow members is what obliterating the perfect balance between the races, bless that gives you an infinite amount of defense, the black resurrection skill that makes you temporarily immortal, the warriors screen skills, the bards defense skills these and more are the group skills that make them invincible in fortress war, job or any other multiplayer combat. But then, the common private servers are trying to come to the rescue and they simply disable those skills, and soon they found out thats its not nearly enough. That is not our move on this one, we do not settle, not at all.

And for PvP?

The same idea applies here as well, no dice. Truth to be told, good job was done on this one relatively, if you pay attention closely most of the key skills for group fight has one big fatal disadvantage its the main weakness of the European race, alone they are useless, together they are priceless. Whether it would be the “Dagger’s Desperate” skills that from one hand increase your damage significantly and on the other hand makes you weaker than ever before. Or rather the “Dare Devil” skills that would sacrifice your HP for damage, or even worse the wizard's “Life Turnover” Skill that would decrease your HP before you even do any damage to your enemy. And yet one might wonder what is causing the imbalance between races? It's about the magic. The magic of the spell and blessing, the magic of Warlock and Cleric.

It is impossible for a Chinese character to beat down a Cleric that can fill his HP to full in a moment, especially when it takes for the enemy an hour to get there because of that shield that protects the opponent.

It is impossible for a Chinese character to beat down a Warlock that's paralyzing his opponent for an hour making him powerless, and all you have to do now is focus on how to get rid of those dangerous debuffs thats he is flooding you with.

And then “a fly in the ointment” might exist, and you are just hoping to catch the European character off guard without his shield praying for a stun and giving your best shot. Only that it's easier said than done, your European rival is not complacent at all and he will make sure that your power is depleted when you go off and execute your planned attack.
For Warlock it will probably be a Stun or for a Cleric just a quick recovery that will get his HP bar so far up you wont realize how your damage is not affecting him at all.
Now, when we have finally came to terms on the source of the problem we can show you how professionals do it. We call it "Race gaps coverage"

The race gaps coverage

To do that, you must toss those ideas of strengthening the power of the neglected race, and you think out of the box. We leave the assumption that you need either too weaken the Europeans to get a similar result and you embrace the option that you need to fill the gaps between the races, which will not take place in empowering the Chinese or making the Europeans weaker. The gap between the races will be filled with tiny twists, similar to the European race idea.
So, check out the skills that we created, those that will make you forget that there was an imbalance between the races in the first place. Meet the “Buddha's force”, it's available to everyone without the needing to “waste” your mastery level to use it.

Buddha's Force

Buddha's Spell

Just like the European “Holy Spell” the Chinese will have a version for their own. It will decrease the probability of being under the bad status of debuffs, but that is not the end, it's also reducing the chance of Stun. The twist doesn't end here, the “Buddha Spell” blesses all of your party members, all of a sudden now every Chinese team member will have his fair share of success against the annoying warrior that a moment ago stunned you until sunrise, or against a Warlock that doesn't let go of his shield and spamming you with his poisonous debuffs while you are stunned.

Buddha's Push

No more indifferent for the Chinese race. From this moment on, Chinese characters will be able to hold off their opponents with an instant push to a few meters back.
There is no need for a prayer for the Heuskal skill to knock-back your enemy.

The Chinese race are like most men, they can only do one thing at a time, while the Europeans are like women, they can multitask easily. Unlike the humanity, we do able to to balance the races.
We uinted some of the skills in the force mastery and now they have an ambiguous role. This will save you same expensive time on PvP.

Buddha's spots - Brain & Faint

This skill will not only try to debuff your enemy with division, it will also attempt to stun him instantly.
Now you can go to attack in 1 chance. If both succeeded, your enemy has dbuff with no option to move.

Buddha's spots - Faint & Brain

Similar to the previous skill, this skill will attempt to put the enemy under division and stun status simultaneously, the only difference the stun probability is much greater.

If you didn't notice by now, Joymax has already figured out that point. As the caps max level progressed, more of those “Twists” as we like to call them have been added meticulously. The debuffs and the Stun that have been added to the Force Mastery, so you don't need to beg for a lousy debuff with a low chance of success for a 5 hit combo skills that have 5 debuffs in potential and not even one of them works. If you go into details you will see that as the caps level progressed, more and more of those been lightly added to the Chinese race, those that are not related to their passive skills. It might seem like it's not enough, but we hope that the new way we are heading is the right path to the perfect balance.

Europeans Calibration

In order to make sure we prevent the unfair situations with the Warrior and the Warlock we talked about before, we've made some tiny changes in their skills.


Debuff skills cooldown has been changed from 1 to 3 seconds.
Stun success chances have been reduced by 5%.


The stun success chances of the skill "Sudden Twist" of axe have been reduced by 10%.
The probability of the "Sprint Assault" and the "Dare Devil" to knockback has been reduced by 10%.


Innocent cooldown has been decreased to 4 seconds.
Integrity cooldown has been decreased to 4 seconds.

As part of the changes we've made in the game, the uniques became more attractive. The level of any unique level 70 or below was increased accordingly to its mobs. Additionally, since it's harder to get kill of uniques in the job town because of the fighting between the players, they have more chances to drop things you really want and the new mob assistants that these uniques summon are.. you guessed right, thieves & hunters.

Let's get a closer look;

Tiger Girl

The Tiger Girl is now level 110! She summons Chinese thieves & hunters levels 110-120 that will help to take the rules and fight who ever comes against her! The NPC thieves & hunters will drop nothing, but the Tiger Girl won't leave you with empty hands at her death.


Just like the Tiger Girl, the Uruchi is also level 110!
If you hurt the Uruchi, Europan thieves & hunters will come to fight you. These NPC thieves & hunters are very strong, you better bring a group of people to stand against them. Killing them will give you nothing as well, but the real target is the Uruchi.

As for the other uniques, nothing has been changed with them but their level, which has been changed according to the mobs in their environment. The next table shows the full information about the changes we've made.

UniqueNew LevelProbability for each special drop
Tiger Girl11017%
Lord Yarkan1007%
Demon Shaitan11010%
Selket (STR)10515%
Neith 10615%
Anubis 10820%
Isis (STR)10820%
Haroeris (STR)10925%

Compliance with Radium long-term plan, we will release new uniques on the upcoming updates. This way you won't exhaust the uniques killing so fast and stay curious for more! After all, you have to remember it's a unique.
So now, when you know which uniques you are going to deal with, it's time for you to know what are the "special drops" you get from them. At the height of luck, you can get all of these drops from the same unique. Here you go:
  • Pandora Box
  • Random RP Scroll ( 100-1000 )
  • 10 x 150% Speed Scroll
  • 10 x Magic Pop Cards

No more pay2win items on the Magic Pop. Any equipment was removed from the Magic Pop, now you will find in the Magic Pop country flags of any kind and a special avatar. Nothing else.

Credits are not the only way to get the card!

Now you can also get it from mob drops, kill any unique in the game or kill mobs coming from the Pandora's Box and get the Magic Pop card!

This event is one of the classics, this feature is quite new in SRO and we emulated it on Radium.
The main idea of the Survival Arena is very simple, it’s like “The Hunger Games” and there can only be one winner.

A group of people are tossed into an arena and are forced to fight to the death. This event will have a few winners, each will be given a prize according to their rank in the arena, and the rewards will manifest in relation to their place.

A blue message telling about the event will be shown 5 minutes before the event starts. If enough players register to the event it will start and you can enter the survival arena region by using the teleport portal located at Hotan. After the majority of the players will teleport to the arena, a message telling about the start of the event will appear.
In the arena you won't be able to see the character names, titles or equipment. There are no guilds or friendships.
Everyone is out for himself and all the players there are there to hunt you down, the survival arena is not a place to show mercy, kill everyone, you need to fight to the death.

Each kill or death you experience in the arena is the base factor for a winner, let us clarify that; The scores will be calculated according to the Kill/Death ratio of each player. We made sure to keep you motivated throughout the event it’s annoying not knowing what's your score or rank during this kind of event. You will be able to see your Kills/Death but no your Rank on our Radium Window, open the window to refresh the results. After the event will end you will be asked to teleport back to town, if you will not teleport to town in the given time span you will be teleported forcefully. After that, the winners announcement will begin from the highest rank down to the lowest with their prizes and K/D ratio. And yes we value your efforts and you will gain a decent amount of credits for winning this event.

The rewards for the survival event are as follows:
#150 Credits + 500 RP
#235 Credits + 400 RP
#320 Credits + 200 RP

  • The minimum amount of participants for the event is 15.
  • The maximum amount of participants for the event is 35
  • The number of winners is 5.
  • You cannot teleport to the survival arena in a party.
  • You are not allowed to form a party in the survival arena.
  • You cannot take your cape off during the fighting duration.
  • If you stay AFK for more than a few minutes you will be teleported back to town.
  • If you disconnect during the survival arena, you are out.

Radium is always up for a challenge, we won't leave you hanging, whenever wherever, you will always have something to do. In addition to all of the overwhelming features you have seen you still won't have a single moment of silence, here they are too - The Automatic Events.

Since 12:00 AM (Server Time), every 2 hours one automatic event will take place. We already presume that you all know the automatic events hence we won't elaborate on them, rather mention their names instead. For those of you who don't know them yet browse this page thoroughly to read more info about each event.

Events List
  • Retype Event
  • Trivia Event
  • Lucky Staller Event
  • Lucky Party Matching Event
  • Lucky Crit Event
  • Alchemy Event
  • First Type Event
  • Longest Online Event
  • Math Event
  • Lottery Event
  • Unique Event

We’ll be sincere we never liked this feature, we think it ruins the uniqueness of the cap.
However players like it a lot, especially on degrees 11 server, when the models are not looking good in the players mind. Anyway, we embrace community driven development.

Skin Changer, these are two words to explain it simply.
The Model Switcher will grant you the ability to select a certain skin for your weapon, everybody has its own favourite style of weapon. “There's no accounting for taste” that being said, we already thought this through. You will be able to change your Nova or Egy A weapon and shield to another degree skin of your choice.

We gave you a wide range starting from the 1st dg and up to 16th degrees, we spared the Egyptian A and B skins from the list because those degrees are suitable for our cap and uniquely identified with it, we want players to be able to tell the difference from a weapon just by the looks of it. Walking around with an egypt A skin is kind of embarrassing if you don't really have one. This type of scroll is visual only, it means you will still have the original item strength like blue, white stats or plus but a different visual look that visible to you and to other players in your surroundings. This item will also apply on both weapon and shield at once, we think that a skin changer for one weapon is redundant. You are able to play around with this meaning you can change your blade skin to 15th DG for example and change your Shield skin for 10th DG.

*The Module Switcher items can be found on the Radium Credits shop.

Every decent gamer knows about live streaming, while these days there are a couple one of the main platforms that can make you share your gaming experience with others. Twitch is definitely the one that stands out. These days live game streams are an integral part of any game, Twitch has become the biggest platform for gamers to share their thoughts, screen while gaming. It made wonders to old games that are a few years old, take a look at WoW for example.
We truly want you to enjoy our game whether your a new streamer or you just love to watch streamers Radium is here for the rescue. Our streamers plan consists of several features that will help new or old streamers to realize their dreams. We wanted to promote streamers, and we came up with a thought about 2 way mechanism. Streamers help us, we help them, pretty neat.
We integrated the live stream preview on our Radium Window. We did so because we wanted to stream the manual events on our server that will be held by our GMs, like PvP events, this way you won't miss anything because you can always go back into our GM twitch profile and watch the PvP event you missed or simply watch it live as it happens.

Another cool thing is the “Weekly Radium Streamer”. We will help promote one of our streamers at a time on our Radium Window, his or her stream will be featured on our Radium Window at the main tab, which is visible to all players with the ease of pressing a button.

Integrating them in the game it's nice, you must admit. But we have even nicer part at this plan. On Radium, we love the streamers so much that we share our profits with them! When the donations donate, with any method, they have an option to support a streamer by entering a streamer code. If a streamer's convincing the players to donate on a live stream and he's giving his streamer code, you know that by putting it in the donation box you support him by earning some of our profits.
Each verified streamer can get his or her streamer code from our community manager after a brief verification process. In a nutshell, it’s a code plan dedicated to promote streamers, in terms of payment and popularity. Two important things for a streamer. Speak with @ for more information.

Boost Package for beginners

Indulge with our lucrative boost package and save hundreds of credits. It's the best way to start for hardcode players. Every second is important for you at the beginning of the game.
  • Premium Plus
  • Devil / Angel Spirit
  • Storage Expansion
  • Premium remover scroll
  • Clock of Reincarnation for grab pet ( 30 days )
  • Extension Gear for Devil/Angel Spirit ( 30 days )


We are building an integration with Discord in the perfect way. You have no idea what we are preparing for you there!
For now, you can enjoy these:
  • For every global chat scroll you use in-game, it will be visible on our #globals Discord channel.
  • For every unique kill you make in-game it will be visible in the #uniques channel in Discord along with your character profile.
  • For every unique that appears in-game you will get a message in the #uniques channel. Now also when you watch videos on Youtube you can wait for uniques to appear.

Screenshots from Discord

Plus Notice

Plus notice will appear in game starting from 8 plus and beyond.
You can turn off this feature for your character by a simple click in our advanced website at the user settings section.

Capture The Flag & Battle Arena

CTF event will occur every 4 hours, you get a reward of random Radium Points scroll for each kill there.

The exquisite Battle Arena will take a place every 3 hours, starting from 00:00 to 23:00. Winning the event at any mode, will give you random Raidum Points scroll.

*The required level for these events is 110.

Forgotten World

The same world you knew before. The rewards stay the same either, collecting the talismans collection is the only way to get an Egy A weapon.

Fortress war
  • The big fortress war will take a place every Sunday, 07:00 PM.
  • You cannot enter the FW with more than 1 character in one PC.

Afk Bubbles

AFK Bubbles are bubbles animation appearing above AFK char. AFK char is a character that didn't do any action for at least two minutes.
Once you do any action while you are in AFK state (sending a guild request for example), bubbles will disappear and you will get out of the AFK state.
This system helps you to detect which players are currently playing and which players have left the client opened but they are not really there, no more wonders about state of characters, you can know which players are active at any given moment and which are idle.

Instant Level 5 of Guild.

What's point in opening new characters and adding them to the guild for their skill points donations? Another trick we added on Radium that will save you some time, guilds will start level 5 instantly.

Unlimited union chat permissions

We couldn't figure out what was the reason behind this limitation, we find it annoying and game experience destroyer. Anyways, it doesn't exists anymore, give the union chat permission as much as you want.

Maximum 8 characters per account

Well, yeah, 8 characters per one account. Why not?

Identify Elixirs, Immortals & Astrals DG 11

Identify Elixirs, Immortals & Astrals better with a special color. Elixirs even have a special glow for each type at their drop shape.

The server website is no longer a place for a download & register only. Thanks to our great web development skills the Radium website becomes your secondary home.

Until the grand opening, you will enjoy a beauty small landing page with some quick actions, such as:
  • Information
  • Registering
  • Downloading
  • Referrals System
  • Forum Signature System
With all the beauty in this landing page, it's only the calm before the storm.
Once we open the server officially, you will be able to access our main website, the most advanced website that ever seen among the private sro servers. What makes it that great? Take a look by yourself.

  • Web sockets based (updating information at real time, with no need to refresh the page)
  • Register with email verification
  • Download
  • Support Tickets
  • Information (online players counter, server status, FAQ, etc)
  • Donate (including streamers code promotion system)

  • Top Characters by Item Points
  • Top Guilds (with guild emblem displaying)
  • Top Jobbers
  • Top Unique Slayers
  • Top Items
  • Top Voters
  • List of any online player (with country flags for each character)

Character/Guild Profiles

Search any guild or character using a simple search box at the sidebar.

If the profile is not private, you will be able to view;
  • General information about the character.
  • Character equipment including white & blue stats.
  • Contact details (can be hidden individually)
  • Last unique kills
  • Last PvP kills
  • Last global wrriten from the character

  • Guild master
  • Guild members
  • Guild emblem
  • How many wins on Fotress War
  • More statistics

General Actions
  • Referrals System (invite your friends and receive 100 credits for every successful invitation)
  • Vote System (vote to our server in 6 different voting sites and earn 20 credits every 12 hours)
  • Signature System (add your social forum profile link to our system, put our server logo in your forum signature, and receive free credits every week)
  • EPIN codes system.

Control User Privacy
  • Control Plus Notice message through the web panel.
  • Control contact details visibility.
  • Control character items visibility.
  • Control the whole profile visibility.

How to obtain Seal of Nova?

Normally, by drops at our grinding areas.

How to obtain Egypt A?

Normally, by completing the talismans collection. This is the only way!

How to obtain Egypt B?

We have some special ways to obtain the Egypt B. We keep them for the distant future. We must save bargaining chips in our sleeves to get a long-term server. For now, you will be fine with the Egypt A which is taking long time to get anyway.

How to obtain Radium Points?
  • Capture the Flag
  • Battle Arena
  • Job Cave
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Attendance System
  • Uniques Killing
  • Special Events
  • The job system!

How to obtain Credits (silk) for free?

We promised a truly play2win server, we deliver.
Here are more than 10 different easy ways to get free credits!
  • Web Vote System
  • Web Signature System
  • Web Referrals System
  • Gambling through the Radium Window
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Attendance System
  • Ingame automatic events
  • Top 10 players to reach level 110.
  • Giveaways
  • Social Events like sharing, comment and more.
  • Special Events
  • Silk per hour system which is ready to use at special times like holidays and celebration events!

How to obtain Talisman cards?

You can still obtain Talisman cards from the forgotten world, as it used to be.

In case you don't like the FGW, we offer an alternative.

The random talismans scroll, that gives you a random Talisman according to the card's rarity.
This scroll can be obtained from the Radium Points shop, at the "Scrolls" Tab.

Aim & Goals

We kept these words to the end because this text-block seems be way overlooked by players, however, this time it will be very lucrative for you, since you will be able to really understand what is the main purpose of radium project, give it a moment, we will make it worth your while.

The fundamentals of our project are based on Support nevertheless fair-gameplay among all players.

Online Support

We focused on the main systems on our project to implement the best support experience we can.
Within our support system you will find an in-game live chat that all of the server staff can address. That means that the support will be given by the entire support team and not by an individual, this way you will get an effect and a much faster answer by the relevant authority.

Offline mode?

No worries, we did not forget you, our website support system is there for you anytime!
It’s available 24/7 for any problem you may encounter, for any support ticket you open, every member of the team management will get notified via email, mobile, panel, discord, thus, rest assured, you won't be neglected.
Perhaps, the offline support ticket system is one of the best ways to get in touch with us.

Our support team will be available for you in any platform: Skype, Discord, Facebook, Instagram - You can't say its hard to reach us. Additionally to all of those methods to get support, we will promise you that our team will treat you with the most utter respect for every player regardless of its status, individually.

We would only ask you for one thing in return, be respectful towards the support team.

Fair gameplay

We split the fair gameplay into two main subjects.
The first one is Play2Win gameplay, you’ve no idea what efforts were made in order to achieve play2win perfection. It starts with tremendous amount of credits (silk) giveaways in automatic events, social events and other special events. It continues with website systems like referrals, vote, signature system. And it ends with daily free rewards from the in-game systems such as wheel of fortune and attendance system. We are even inclined to use silk per hour system that will be used on special occasions like holidays or during the weekends.

The second subject we wanted to talk about is corruption.
We wanted to make sure that our staff won't be susceptible to corruption we are aware that controlling and watching over every one of our team members is going to be hard, some might say even too hard. Hence, we came up with the idea to avoid it all at once, you might be wondering how’s that going to work? That’s simple, nobody’s gonna have access to any important privileges of the game.
We have made our own system to restrict GMs access to commands, and the first thing we made was blocking everything that can cause corruption.
You might see a [GM] title in game, none of those will have the authority to generate items or add any type of currency to anyone, not even to himself.

Instead each of the team member will have specific rights assigned to his role in the server, furthermore, we monitor the staff actions on a daily basis.

We believe in transparency: - “You’ve got nothing to worry about if you’ve got nothing to hide.”
Each and every one of you have an access to our website, which is filled with tons of information, on there you can monitor everyone, and we mean everyone, even GMs.
So in a nutshell, you are our greatest weapon. Do not hesitate to report anything bizzare you may encounter even the slightest of doubt, everything will get checked thoroughly, please make sure you provide sufficient proof when you report.

This is how we wanted this thread to end. Now it's your turn.

Signature Event
*Support us by putting using our signature in your forum profile.
Put your profile link in our system, leave your IGN in a comment here and earn free 50 credits in the grand opening!

[CENTER][URL=][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][/CENTER] 	[LEFT][URL=][IMG=expandable: 0, float: left][/IMG]	[B]Join to Radiuim channel on Discord[/B][/URL] 	| [URL=][IMG=expandable: 0, float: left][/IMG] 	[B]Follow Radium on Facebook[/B][/URL][/LEFT]
Radium Team,
@ @ @
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Let the show begin
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Let the hype begin!
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