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Alpha Sro | Cap 110 | Pve | Jobbing system | Old School | Play2win

Discussion on Alpha Sro | Cap 110 | Pve | Jobbing system | Old School | Play2win within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Alpha Sro | Cap 110 | Pve | Jobbing system | Old School | Play2win

[Beta phase]
Will Open Beta at 20:00 19.7.2019 19July
Knowing that beta phase have shown all bugs / problems / high or low rate of the game / Items upgrading / and experience rate
Just for the record all progress done in beta phase will be deleted from the game after beta phase ends
And experience rate well be decreased after beta phase
After beta phase comes the grand opening of alpha
[Alpha GrandOpening At 22/07/19 at 17:00 GMT +2]
Grand opening will start after beta phase then all your game play progress and efforts to make improvements in well not be noted it will be your own path to become the alpha it is when you well face a great challenges and hard choices that only a true leader can make when you have to face all the odds brake throw all the obstacles in your way to prove your the true alpha

  • Here at Alpha we have a team of experienced professionals working game developers that are made of five different types of users first :
    (Administrators) who's also the game owner AKA (DominanT_Alpha)
    Now the DominanT_Alpha also believes in diversity game planning and rules following and risks taken he's also a believes in the gaming community and having fun in big part of the game playing that why he came up with the idea of making 3 game assistants form the game own community that's going to be chosen by the game from our own Facebook page and of course the Game Supporters (GS) will have its own rewards and advantages then other players
    And our (GS) are 3 diversit players from different nationally the 3 different nations are English. Turkish. And Arabic (GS) chosen by the game community so they can have the choice of who to vote for via our Facebook page and our 5th and last team participated is the Event Manager (EM) will be responsible for daily events and rewarding players after events

InformationRates ect:
Exp 250x
Exp Party 300x
Gold 5x
Cap 110
Skills 110
Mastery(CH/EU) 330/220
Alchemy 1x
Silks Per/Hours 1
CTF Enabled
BA Disbled
Roc Gate Disbled
Medusa Disbled
Fortress war Jangan
Captcha Disbled
IPLimit 8
PCLimit 4
JobLimit 3
HWTLimit 1
TempleJobLimit 2
FWLimt 1
GuildLimit 24
UnionLimit 2
Follow Pet Enabled
Automatic Event Enabled
Botting allowed Enabled
  • Why we chose to make this experience rate?
  • We chose this exp rate not to make the game hard nor to easy but we chose to make it fun and rewarding to players yet also competitive so players always compete against each other for the higher level of experience
    This is how we balance both the exp rate and alchemy :
  • (Exp):We balance exp buy giving adding valuable quest's that rewards players not only buy exp/sp but also grants valuable coins that can be used to buy items from NPC and be treaded with players for gold and other uses

  • (alchemy):we stabilities alchemy buy making it hard to upgrade your items therefore its more competitive along players there for the players who have the strength and ability to compete with the players for higher performance and upgrade their own items to be the strongest player to be the alpha of the game and own it

  • The rules of pc limited: here in alpha we believe in diversity among others so we grant our players the opportunity of using multiple accounts to help you make the right decision for leveling up and make your own game play and plan for right path and grant you the opportunity of using many characters and many weapon's of choice such as European and Chinese weapons and game play no matter what other people are saying the game is yours to play to become the real alpha

Start ItemCount
Beginner Scroll of Movement 20
Instant Return Scroll20
100% Exp Helper1
60% Exp Helper1
HP Recovery potion (x-large)1000
MP Recovery potion (x-large)1000
Repair hammer2
Reverse Return Scroll10
Monkey Summon Scroll1
Devil's Spirt B Grade(M)1
Devil's Spirt B Grade(F)1
Sp Point4M
Inventory Page3

Starting equipment :
In alpha we try to help you with your journey there for we grent you an auto upgraded set of equipment that help in the beginning of the game
To become the alpha
The set is star +5 full blue max status 100%
Upgrade with your lvl and Degree every time you recall travel and teleport to reach your to your max degree (DG9)

Ch Balance:
For our Chinese characters we help them buy adding new skils to equal the game play between Chinese and European characters so they can actually be used in game so players do not favor European over Chinese characters
SkilsSkils Name Increased
Ice Hawk Soul ArrowShotRange 7.0M
Light Bearers Bicheon Force Phy.Def.Pwr Of Shield 100%
Snow Shield _ Death Damage 70% MP Absorption
Pitch Black Arrow Phy. atk.pwr. 1362~1842 (350%)
Strong Bow - Destruction Phy. atk. pwr. 1362~1842 (350%)
Mind Bow - Lighting Phy. atk pwr. 1508~1843 (187%)
Anti Devil Bow - Moon light Phy. atk. pwr. 1362~1842 (250%)
7 Arrow Combo Phy. atk. pwr. 1362~1842 (43%)
Fire Hawk Attack Rate 41inrease
Autumn Wind - Dragon Phy. atk. pwr. 1362~1842 (250%)
Sky Blade Force Phy. atk. pwr. 1508~1843 (128%)
Mad Dragon Blade Phy. atk. pwr. 1508~1843 (150%)
Heaven Sword Dance Phy. atk. pwr. 1508~1843 (100%)
Destrution Smash Phy. atk. pwr. 1508~1843 (100%)
Heavenly Chain Phy. atk. pwr. 1508~1843 (100%)
Sun Guard Sheild Blocking rate 48%
Emperor Blade Phy. atk. pwr. 1508~1843 (109%)
Ghost Spear - Sea God Phy. atk. pwr. 1833~2356 (280%)
Chain Spear - Heaven Phy. atk. pwr. 1833~2356 (86%)
Flying Dragon - Sky 1833~2356 (180%)
Bloody Emperor Blocking rate 48%
Pitch Black Spear Phy. atk. pwr. 1833~2356 (79%)
Soul Spear - Emptiness Phy. atk. pwr. 1833~2356 (132%)
Flame Wave - God Mag. atk. pwr. 2513~4189 (263%)
Flame Wave - Disintegrate Mag. atk. pwr. 2513~4189 (330%)
God Fire Force Mag. atk. pwr. 1608~2681 (100%)
Fire Shield - EmperorWeakeing SeriesReduce (Effect78)
Thunder God Force Mag. atk. pwr. 1276~2370 (100%)
God - Piercing Force Magical Damage 22%
Ghost Walk - God Moving Speed 100% increase
God Walk - Shadow Moving distance 34.0m
God Lion Shout Mag. atk. pwr. 1877~3485 (100%)
Concentration Parry Rate 43 increase
God's Thunderblot Mag atk. pwr. 2346~4356 (300%)
Snow Storm - destrution Mag. atk. pwr. 536~804 (250%)
Snow Storm - Multi Shot Mag. atk. pwr. 1072~1608 (300%)

How to get high level items such as nova and enchant Egy:
Egy and sun weapons:

[Sun : from mobs 101 ~ 105 With high rate]
Mobs Sun Item

[Nova : 106 ~ 110 with medium drop rate]

Mobs Nova Item

Egy weapons : from forgotten world (FGW) useing egy eight books you can get them from destroying treasure box in Forgotten world (FGW)

Books FGW

[Egy set : requires silver and gold coins after owning the coins you purchase set from Alex NPC (Hunter Union ITEM Exchange Manager Bakara)]

Npc in Alexandria

[Egy Shield: From Uniques Alpha Sro In (Garden Town) Teleport From Jangan]

Uniques Alpha

Honor system :
Here in alpha we try to get you the best rewards in shorts effort so we merged the honor system with the Jobbing system to make sure that you have the most competitive game play ever made

Unique system :
Now unique system is made to be fun flexible and extremely aggressive and rewarding
So for every unique you kill you get points for each unique grents you diffrent points amont of points then the other for example tiger girl grents you 2 but captain ivy grents 4 points. So as higher you go in the unique lvl the more points you get
Rewards are granted only for the first. second and third players of the game
You can keep track of your progress in points and position by checking our website

Reward Uniques Points System
MemberSilk Counts
1stSilk And TitleName 300
2ndSilk 150
3thSilk 75 50

[Uniques Name And Points]
Tiger Girl 2
Cerberus 3
Captain ivy 4
Uruchi 5
isyutaru 6
Lord Yarkan 7
AlphaSro Uniques 60
Alpha Sro Uniques
Unique rewards:
The best part about sro in general is unique hunting it gets players so comptitive to hunt uniques there for we add a special unique with a special reward
Unique new :[Alpha Sro Unique]
grants you one random item scroll this once used it recall your character back in your recall point then reward you with one item that either a nova (weapon or set only) or egy a (shield) Chinese or European
Uniques Alpha

Custom quest :
Quest system is simple it's merged with the holy water temple
You get the quest from jangan
You can use it one time a day
For each unique you kill you get silver and gold coins
AlphaSro Quest

Currently jobbing system :
Alpha is based on the jobbing system to increase the lvl of comptitive game play among other players
To help players and set them up with jobbing activities
Alpha have created its own jobbing area so players doesn't get confused with where or how to get trade gold in the game with locking the original game tradeing
With also dinning the game trade Thief (NPC)
With also canceling the game trade Thief (NPC)

Road Start and End in Jobbing System

Job rewards :
First off is trade rewards
To make it easy we made an new area to take of with trade this area is called (Petra)
You to get to (Petra) you start with taking of from downhang after you buy the you follow the map instructions to get to (Petra)
That with knowing that the trade only cost 100 m and grant 750 m with a 650% interest
And also 5 arena coins for every trade with the limit of 10 traders daily
And 5 honor points for every trade
Secondary is hunting : hunters reward is really limited cuz he's doesn't really do a lot of work since the (NPC) thife's does not appear in (Area) so they only get 10 honor points 3 arena coins
For every trade they deliver
Thered and the last thing is thief
Now thief rewards are little bit higher then hunters for the most obvious reason because don't get a lot of help like trade might get
thief rewards are :
10 honor points and 3 arena coins

Job rewards :
Trader750m 5 5
Hunter0m 3 10
Thief0m 5 10

Alpha Sro New Area

Item Shop

Reset System

Follow our Facebook page for more information on sharing events for more rewards that can reach up to 30.000 silk and more link below

From alpha we thank you for reading our topic we understand that it's not the most perfect topic because English is not our mother language and we are open for suggestions and ideas in order to improve our topic to help you understand how important you are to our gaming community no matter who you are we welcome you in alpha you are special to us

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good luck !

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Ip limit 8 but PC limit 30 How .
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Originally Posted by Uncover your heart View Post
Ip limit 8 but PC limit 30 How .
Wrong ^_^ fix Now
Thanks For you

Originally Posted by m1xawy View Post
good luck !

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Good Job Iam In Downloading ...
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Originally Posted by MostafaV View Post
Good Job Iam In Downloading ...
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nice , i will give it try
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i will give a try i miss dg11


change link of discord its invalid make a new one
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Clean your Client.

@ 21.07 0913
I doesnt want to start drama,but i actually did download it again and still there is something what isnt supposed to be.
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Originally Posted by adoalprens View Post
i will give a try i miss dg11


change link of discord its invalid make a new one
welcome and well fix discord soon
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i will give a try
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Is the client have virus?
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Originally Posted by StrongKingAM View Post
Is the client have virus?
he is clean bro

Originally Posted by Fr3onTm View Post
i will give a try

Originally Posted by saquaro View Post
Clean your Client.
client is clean
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amazing system
i have to playing

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Thumbs up Good Game

Nice Game and System I have already tried it

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