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ZSZC: Fire | Cap 105 | Only Chinese | Gift Silk/H | New Features | Automatic Events

Discussion on ZSZC: Fire | Cap 105 | Only Chinese | Gift Silk/H | New Features | Automatic Events within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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ZSZC: Fire | Cap 105 | Only Chinese | Gift Silk/H | New Features | Automatic Events

Welcome to ZSZC! We offer to our players a stress-free and modernist, away from boring life, friendly place where the all Silkroad community make friends with each other as ZSZC Team. Our top priority is providing a stable and balanced game to all our lovers, we offer a server that always have fun and where you can collect great unforgettable memories with your friends.

[ Beta Opening: 19.07.2019 Friday | Time: 21.00 ( gmt+3 ) ]
First of all, we will go through a beta phase, We will open the server when we are sure everything's fine and we find the Beta period necessary to cover everything we promised in the introduction paragraph. Beta will be finished when we test every aspect of all the features that written in the thread and make sure they work properly. During this period, players will have the opportunity to test our system, our features and if they find a bug they can report to us. Furthermore, in the beta period you will be able to make request and suggestion to us.

[ Grand Opening: 16.08.2019 Friday | Time: 21.00 ( gmt+3 ) ]
We will publish the grand opening date when Beta phase finish. Make sure you joined to beta before joined to the server!

Without going too far from the originality of the server we have made additions that our players will also like. We think that we provide the gold value with special configurations to ensure the continuity of the game and offering you various activities to play without getting bored. It will be inevitable for this server that gold be the main trading unit, you will be able to see that easily in the following weeks after the grand opening.

You have to be level [105] to be included in the gift silk/hour system.

  • Since our priority is a balanced server you can login with max. [2] characters per PC. The restrictions for the region, event and some special circumstances are as follows.
    • Capture the Flag: [1]
    • Fortress War: [1]
    • Battle Arena: [1]
    • Job Status: [1]
  • In some places and events, not to get reward in the AFK mode, the character who do not move [60] seconds will get DC (Disconnect)
    • Battle Arena
    • Capture the Flag
    • Survival Arena
    • Madness Arena
  • In these areas, events and some special circumstances, zerk is out of order to make it more contentious and strategically balanced.
    • Battle Arena
    • Capture the Flag
    • Survival Arena
    • Fortress War
  • We have added necessarily extra restrictions for a balanced server, these are as follows.
    • Cannot ride Fellow Pet in the Job mode.
    • Cannot upgrade any skill in the Job mode.
    • Cannot create a stall in the Job mode.
    • Can use the exchange one time in [60] seconds in the PvP mode.
    • Cannot create a stall in the PvP mode.
    • Cannot ride Fellow Pet in the Zerk status.
    • Cannot donate SP to the Guild. ( When you create a guild, it will be level 5 directly. )

  • Like we mentioned before, because of the gold being the main currency, we had to prevent auto trade part. You can use phBot but you cannot use auto jobbing. When Traders start to buy job items from the NPC, an interface will appear and want confirmation of purchase. When you click "Yes" the purchase process will start.

  • When you click to the Special Menu icon which is under the minimap, Many functions are activated, such as Char Lock, Ranking, Points, Titles, Event Times, Event Register...

  • When you login your character for the first time after the creation Create PIN Code interface will welcome you, you have to set a password to continue, otherwise it will not continue and your character will get DC.
  • It will save HWID of your PC which you login your character for the first time and you can only reach this window from Special Menu unless you enter from another PC.
  • If your character login from another PC, there will be Account Lock Manager interface again and the system will want the PIN. If you enter it wrong you will get DC, if you enter it correct you can pass to the game.

  • There are no more PM to the Event Bots! With this interface you can join the auto events.

  • The points that players gain ( Alchemy, Unique and Kill ) processed here, speacial to character field.
  • You points from Alchemy system will not reset in the Weekly point resets!

  • You will be able to follow Player, Guild and Unique ranks from here after a while from the grand opening.
  • Player: Top(10) characters according to Item points and Level shown in the interface.
  • Guild: Based on the item points of the all characters in the guild and Top(10) guild shown in the interface.
  • Unique: Based on the points that players gain from the uniques and Top(10) character shown in the interface.

  • You can access the remaining time for auto events here.
  • You can access the remaining time for Battle Arena, Capture the Flag, Medusa, Roc and Job Temple Uniques..

  • All of your titles are added to that window and you can change your title instantly without restart.

  • A rich starter package will welcome you, you will be able to advance to higher levels faster.
  • We went for a change to get some slot from the envanter and for more spacious experience, renewed stacks

  • The last set parts (Power), Armor (Destruction), Accessary (Myth) and Seal of Nova how to get it are described further below.
  • You can acquire Myth Accessary through Arena Coins are obtained by registering at the Battle Arena. Other items like Power & Destruction are added in the same way as FGW and the Job Temple..
  • 101 ~ 105 mobs drop 11dg items with high probability.
  • Drop from 101-105 mobs in very hard rate.
  • Nova Weapon and Accessory will initially be active. Nova Armors will be active 30 days after the grand opening.
    • Between 1 - 10000 mobs.
For the people who do not know what you get by a full Egy A set here an example Egy A set complete gives you [+2] more than a normal 11dg item.

  • Drop from 101-105 mobs in hard rate.

  • From Arena Item Manager in Samarkand with Arena Coin, You can get Arena Coin from these activities.
    • Joining the Battle Arena.
    • Joining the Survival Arena
    • Joining the Madness Arena
    • Playing the Magic POP Card
      • If you don't win the prize of your choice when you play the Magip POP Card, you can cash in the Lost prize and earn Arena Coins depending on your luck.

  • Drops randomly Magic POP, or Tier1 ( A Class Set item non-sox ) with 100% chance. You can get Special Item Box from these activities.
    • Medusa & Roc Unique
    • When you achieve Job Level 7

We aim for a more dynamic server, that's why we went for a change in some skills.

  • mBot skill bug fixed.
  • Buff usage times are changed to 0.5 seconds.
  • Buffs will not be deleted when you die if you dont return to town.
  • Buff durations are set to 24 hours.

  • We've reorganized the items in the Magic POP system! We deleted the weapons, gears and accessories and added some special items that required in game.
  • You cannot get Magic POP item with silks to make some items more valuable and to get away from Pay2Win. Instead of that we provide to gain from various in-game activities.
  • How can I get Magic POP?
    • Can drop from all 100 - 105 Lv. uniques according to your luck.
    • Can get when you use Special Item Box according to your luck.

  • Yess.. we came to the most important part, we can say the part that specially attracted the attention of me and our team mates in today psro market.. The time seems changed, They change server like changing socks, especially they are the reason that people hate this beautiful MMORPG game when Guild Masters abandon the server with dozens of "Really Silkroad Lover Players" without cause and circulate them server to server... And in generally, because of that almost %90 of the new servers cannot survive to see second and third Fortress War. The truth is the person or people that create psro, design their servers to play and end in short time is obvious.. At the very beginning we would like to state that we do not aim this kind of player communities!
  • Fortress War will start 2 weeks later from tha grand opening.
  • Fortress War Tax ratio changeable between %0 and %10.
  • Fortress War Times;
    • Fortress War Register: Everyday
    • Fortress War Time: Sunday 20:30
    • Fortress War TaX: Monday 00.00 ~ 23:59

  • According to the personal opinion of many players, the most important element that brought Silkroad to these days is the pleasure of the Job wars. Our top priority was make job events an activity that you can see more often in the game. The profit and the balanced minimized inventory of trans pets in the caravan system will allow you to do great job.

  • We had very detailed studies on this subject. ( 11DG items prices, Gold drop rates etc. ) all the gold balances on the server are designed with care. Unlike other psro servers, gold in our server will be less and balanced. ( To balance the server inflation ) Shortly, we cannot see the gold amounts like 100-200B much. Also, we believe that the stall market will really gain balance at the same time.
  • Full pet ( 5* ) loot price is set to 25.000.000 (25M)
  • Thief profit ratio for ( 5* ) loot is set to 25.000.000 (25M)
  • The Thiefs who achieve Job level 7 will get "Special Item Box" and extra "" (1B) gold after restart.


  • The caravan you can make during the special trade hours is limited to Taklamakan and the rates between cities are as shown in the table.

  • Extra +1 slot than other caravan pets, speed is 5,5 and HP is set to 325.000.
  • The guild master who own the Fortress War can produce Behemoth and can be bought from Special Shop Soboi with Ice Trophy.

  • Can be bought from Job Npcs with 2b gold! Differences from other job suites;
    • Str: 5 Increase
    • Int: 5 Increase
    • Job Sockets

  • When Job Sockets; Thief, Hunter and Trader Suit are used special buffs are offered with certain times.
  • When you use right-click on Job Suit, the socket is activated and you can use it.

  • We know that how KS is annoying in the slots. Because of that we added extra slots to make it more convenient to everyone, grinding without KS.
  • New extra mob slots are as follows;

  • Because of the greatest pleasure in Silkroad Online is slaying unique, pvp and job wars we aimed to combine Unique with Jobbing. The biggest feature of this dungeon is you can enter here alone, with your party or guild and kill the other players who in the job mode and also kill the Unique! Do not forget! Slaying Balrog is notable difficulty.
  • Balrog Rewards;
    • The Balrog kills will be loaded on the system side with [25] Honor points and [25] Silk.
    • Balrog Drops;

  • One of the most competitive platforms in Silkroad has been Uniques. We attached importance to this system and added some extra Uniques. We added Ranking system to make Unique system more fun. Every unique you kill will be counted by the system and then you will be rated.
  • Unique Rank will be reset every week and the rewards for 1. - 2. and 3. players;
    • 300 silk
    • 200 silk
    • 100 silk
  • We've brought some extra Uniques into the game to give you more to hunt and search. These Uniques do not spawn at fixed times, so completely random at their known spawn points.

  • Without Advanced Elixir, you will be able to reach maximum of +10 plus instead of +15 ~ +20 plus in other servers you played. And also, Items from +7 to +9 will be in a rare visible form.
  • Elixir rates at the original rates, no editing have been made and will not be. Magic and Attr. stone rates are at the original rates too.

  • You can only get from Magic POP system according to your chance. Lucky Magic Powder which you can get rarely have more success rate than standard Magic Powder.

  • You can get it from Special Shop Soboi NPC in Samarkand with [78] Ice Trophy ( which you get from Capture the Flag event ) and 50M gold.

  • Providing that 11DG Nova item, your all item upgrades of +7 and above will be noticed by the system and you will get [+5] Honor Point for each upgrade of +7 and above.

  • This system works for only SoX items. If you dont have Immortal Stone on your +5 and above items upgrade will be noticed in order not to disappear.

  • We've made some changes on the Battle Arena event, Get ready for a more enjoyable and renewed Battle Arena event! In Renewed Battle Arena, as shown in the picture, you can only participate via Battle Arena - Capture the Flag..
  • In the Battle Arena system, players can apply for battle both individually and as a party, and when the game starts, they are automatically divided into two teams, the Blue Dragon and the Red Lotus.
  • Players in winner team get [5], players in loser team get [1] Arena Coin.
  • You can get [1] Honor point per kill. ( Cannot get point from same player twice! )
  • It will never be easy to fight with the opposing team as you strive to kill White Knight! Each time you will have to implement a good strategy with your team.
  • Don't forget that there is an extra chance of drop lots of Arena Coin and Magic POP from Tyrael unique!

  • When you teleport / return after killed Demon Shaitan it will give you a buff called Shaitan Blessing as following. Buff is constantly transferred to the next Demon Shaitan killer.

  • Others, Pot, Arrow & Bolt, Tablet drops are removed.
  • Guild start [5lv.]
  • 1-9 DG items are changed to Seal of Sun (SoSun) and added Int, Str.

  • [1] Ice Trophy is given per kill.
  • You can get [1] Honor point per kill. ( Cannot get point from same player twice! )
  • The experience rate of the mobs which spawn in the Capture the Flag event is significantly increased. You can prefer because of hard grinding.
  • You can get a lot of special item from Special Shop Soboi NPC in Main Town Samarkand with Ice Trophy.
  • Astral, Immortal and Reverse items which you can also get with Gold as follows.

  • All players in the Silkroad Online community like these buffs and they enjoy seeing them on their characters. But it didn't make sense for us to get it from the standard academy system, we thought about it for a long time and we have ensured that it is done with many activities on our server in order to be fair and fun and not to be abused.
  • From the moment you create your character, you are considered part of the Honor Buff system. You can review the Honor Rank which updated every 30 minutes by clicking on the icon under the minimap.
  • You will be able to get Honor Point from various events. Some of them are as follows;
[ Battle Arena - Capture the Flag ]
[+2] honor points will be gained for each kill during the Battle Arena event.

[ Survival Arena Event ]
[+2] honor points will be gained for each kill during the Survival Arena event.

[ Alchemy Plus (+) Upgrade ]
[B]Providing that 11 Degree, your all SoX item upgrades between +7 ~ +10 you will get [+5] Honor Point for each upgrade.

[ Unique Hunting ]
Regardless of level or area every unique that noticed as appeared you will get [+1] honor point when you kill.

  • You can teleport to B5 when Medusa system is activated from the Gate of Samarkand in Samarkand. 4 Unique have to be killed as always for Shinmoo. You will find one unique in every corner. After these uniques are killed Shinmoo will spawn in the center of B5 and you have to kill the Shinmoo to teleport to B6. After you teleport to B6 you will kill the normal mobs there. After these mobs are killed, a teleport will be appeared which opens to the White Viper Gate and you will find the Medusa there.
  • According to the your chance, Medusa drop list as follows;
    • Special Item Box
    • Magic POP Card
    • Random A Class Set items
  • The different system from iSro. Teleport doesn't want any key.
  • According to the your chance, Roc drop list as follows;
    • Special Item Box
    • Magic POP Card
    • Random Silk Scroll
Survival Arena:
Survival Arena Event is noticed to the all game when [10] and [5] minutes left by the system.

To register, you have to click Register button after selecting Survival Arena in the Event Register interface which exist in the Menu (under minimap).
System will take you to the Survival Arena end of the 10 minutes and will wear all players Yellow Cape. ( Cannot be removed during the event! )
Party, Berserk mod and Character/Guild names are removed in the Survival Arena event and all players will fight alone!
You can get [ 2 ] Honor point per a kill. ( Cannot get honor point from same player twice! )

Top 5 players in the Kill Counter rank will get rewards as follows end of the match.
[15] Arena Coin, [1] Special Item BoX, [50] Silk
[10] Arena Coin, [1] Special Item BoX, [25] Silk
[7] Arena Coin,
[5] Arena Coin,
[3] Arena Coin,

  • Our event bot will ask a question via Global Chatting and the first player who pm our bot with the right answer will win the event and get [20] silks. But be careful, think right and answer later because the other answers from the same player will not be checked. The bot will saw your only first message.
    • Example: [BOT]Event: Who is kral? -> Right answer will be "ZSZC". ��
  • [KillTheGM] Event will notice to all game before [10], [5] and [1] left to the event.
  • Event area is Samarkand South-Gate and you have to use Blue Cape! If you don't use Blue one you cannot get your reward even if you win.
  • In this event which will take [3] round, player who make the last attack to the character named "GameMaster" will won [40] Silks.
  • One of our bots will hide and write a global giving some hints as to its location. You will simply search for our bot around the given area, you are required to send an exchange request to our bot once you find it. 20 Silks will be added to your account.

  • Basically, you need to open a specific party number that will be announced by one of our bots. The party number will be chosen randomly based on the currently last party in the party matching. The reward for this event is 50 silks.
    • Example: [BOT]Event: Form party number 1337! -> Form this party to win the event.

  • This is the Last Man Standing event we think is the most fun! Let's see who is the strongest! Here's how to sign up for the Last Man Standing event, along with the game rules.
  • Last Man Standing Event is noticed to the all game when [10] and [5] minutes left by the system.
  • To register, you have to click Register button after selecting Last Man Standing in the Event Register interface which exist in the Menu (under minimap).
  • System will take you to the Last Man Standing end of the 10 minutes and will wear all players Yellow Cape. ( Cannot be removed during the event! )
  • Party, Berserk mod and Character/Guild names are removed in the Last Man Standing event and all players will fight alone!
  • In the Last Man Standing event the last player who alive will be won the event.
  • [B]The player who won the Last Man Standing event will get a reward as follows:
    • [1] Special Item BoX and [30] silk

  • The system noticed that Alchemy Event will start after [10] minutes at Samarkand South-Gate. Alchemy Event is very easy, You will try to upgrade the dropped items from the event bot to +[10] from [+7]. Who collect the fastest and first upgraded to [+10], will receive the Alchemy Booster prize.
    • Event Bot don't drop elixir!
    • Event duration: 30 minutes.

  • The system will spawn a [1 lv.] Battle Golem in a random area and will share some clue about the place. Battle Golem is a easy unique, so the problem is to find it. When you kill the Battle Golem you will get [25] Silks after you teleport.

Missing Topic content will be added in the future.

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looks promising, good luck kanka <3

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Good luck!
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good job BraveTigers in.

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good luck !
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Good luck buddy.
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Welcome Back
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ah memories dude Q.Q

this image from 2010 zszc fire lol
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phbot have plugin for it, it can be bypassed ... so make better option to block auto trade.
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looks good
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good luck kanka
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Welcome Back
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Amazing ... iam In
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full pay2win

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