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Keon Online | Cap 90 | CH Only | Old School | Play2Win

Discussion on Keon Online | Cap 90 | CH Only | Old School | Play2Win within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

Closed Thread
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Keon Online | Cap 90 | CH Only | Old School | Play2Win


Keon is our newest creation which is developed by professional team to bring you back to the real old school world. foremost we would like to give you some information about us , that's not our first project. Our first project was Edson server was stable and worked for along time with a very low amount of players but they enjoyed it ! That's why they joined Blitz and it was our second project! We gladly succeeded and reached more than 1000 players ! Also the server was stable, smooth and we were doing weekly updates. both projects was very simple without any features. But , what about if we mixed the old school with some features that doesn't effect the feeling of old school? Then , we are talking about Keon !


We want to collect the intelligent players in one project to stay as long as we can , We don't want a 1 month project. We will keep updating the server and going to work hard to satisfy your needs. but , it doesn't depend on us as we see on the last 2 projects. Players leave because they just want to start a new journey. what if we could give you all you need and stay in Keon ?!


Corruption and wrongly handle situations won't happen . Also we will take care of your excitement , You will like and enjoy playing Keon.


Our team 've been chosen carefully. We may face some problems but we ( will ) fix it in a short time no matter how big it is.

  • Alpha is our developer he like to work in silence and he don't talk too much
  • Doctor is the Owner he always here to cure the players and give them what they want.

Supporters 've been chosen wisely they will help you out if you have any question about the game play system.


Our best phase starts 14th of June , We will make sure that everything is going smooth without any issue or bug. we will test every system in our server.


Grand opening will be at 21 of June When the war begin.

- -


Why did we choose cap 90 ? Cap 90 is the most enjoyable cap , simply because the fairness of game play . at our previous project which was cap 80 , some builds aren't strong enough like bladers because it missing some skills at cap 90. But in Keon , you will play a fairness game play.


Europe destroys the server and no chance for Chinese to win any kind of activity , that's why we have chosen Chinese only.


Guild limit is set into 24 member and union limit is 2 . it makes the server more active and give the players the soul of competition.

Union chat for all , no more limit for guild members.


We settled custom rates which will satisfy all players. Because rates is one of the most important things in the SRO.

Info. Value
EXP/SP 10x
Party EXP/SP 12x
Gold Drop 5x
Item Drop 10x
Mob Spawn Rate High
Alchemy Rate 1x
IP Limit 6
PC Limit 2


So , you are looking for old school feeling! here you go.

  • Old Character Select

  • Old PvP CAP

  • Old Bar

  • Old Alchemy Window

Those things are not so important and doesn't effect on game play but it gives you the feeling of old school and we care about the small details.


To make sure that you will have a fairness game play we had to add some restriction rules.
  • Exit / Exchange / Stall cool-down for 10 seconds.
  • PK is disabled
  • Maximum +12 ( ADV is disabled )
  • Battle Arena AFK detector ( If the player joined the Battle Arena and went AFK for more than 2 minute he will get instant Disconnect to avoid cheating )

In order to provide a fair game play experience on Keon , We've settled a limit for connection !
  • IP Limit [4]
  • Normal HWID Limit [2]
  • Jobbing HWID Limit [1]
  • Fortress HWID Limit [1]
  • Battle Arena HWID limit [1]

We've Added New buttons , you can find them at Action Window Including
  • Instant Item
    You're receiving any item without even teleporting , Once you finish your activities you will find the item in your inventory.

  • Teleport Button
    A Very useful button , You don't need to go back to the town to get your auto equipment. (You can't use it while jobbing)

  • Daily Reward
    Check-in to receive your daily rewards

  • Your Points
    To know your points and daily limit

  • Title Storage
    Change your purchased titles whenever you need

  • Convert Window
    Change your points into Silks


To ensure that you will have a great start without get boring we've added some items will help you during your journey like a motivation for our warriors. About Starter pack we have Two kinds of them.

First one is VIP you can obtain it for silks in item mall
  • Premium Gold
  • Random Grap Pet (28) Days
  • Random Attack Pet
  • Random Devil A (Devil/Angel)
  • 11x Reverse
  • 11 Global
  • 11 Instant Return

Second one is Common everyone starts with it you don't need to buy it.
  • 1 million Gold
  • 1000x HP & MP
  • Grap Pet (3 Days)
  • 20x Reverse
  • 20x Return Instant Scroll
  • 20x Speed 100% Scroll


Wasting your time on farming low level equipment is totally annoying that's why we cannot dispensing auto equipment. It will help you to reach the maximum level faster to enjoy playing Keon. We've added a feature to make it easier for you , you don't need to get back to the town Just press on Teleport button then it will teleport you at the same spot

  • First 300 Achieve Level 90
    To ensure that you all have a competitive start, we've added rewards for the first 300 players to reach level 90. The rewards will be as following:

    • Player 1 to 100 who reaches 90 will earn 300 Silk
    • Player 101 to 200 who reaches 90 will earn 200 Silk
    • Player 201 to 300 who reaches 90 will earn 100 Silk

  • Silk Per Hour
    To keep the server active all of the time. You earn 1 silk per hour

  • Daily Jobbing Quest
    Read more about it at jobbing section.


As we mentioned before that we are providing a real old school system , do you remember your happiness when you find a SoX item in your grab pet after hard grinding of monsters ? and it's like woooot i've found a Sun item which is very rare to find. Here we go !

Sos & Sun items are dropping from the Monsters & Uniques with a very low rate Specially the Seal of Sun.
It's very hard to find but possible. Seal of Star rates is fine not so easy and not so hard.

What about the activities and Why should i do it ?
Simply the activities gives you a chance to obtain the Seal of Moon items.

What kind of activities ?
Forgotten World , Jobbing and Battle Arena.

What is the difference between SoX tires ?
  • Seal of Start = Last Tier +1
  • Seal of Moon = Last Tier +3
  • Seal of Sun = Last Tier +6


Forgotten World gives you a chance to obtain Seal of Moon - Weapons as usual by Talismans and Seal of Moon - Shield drop from Boss Unique. You will face some strong monsters which will lead you to the Boss.
During your adventure you will find 2 Boxes that drops Talismans , the amount depending on the Grades.
  • Grade 1 Drops 1 talisman per Treasure Box / Boss Unique.
  • Grade 2 Drops 2 Talismans per Treasure Box / Boss Unique.
  • Grade 3 Drops 3 Talismans Per Treasure Box / Boss Unique.
  • Grade 4 Drops 4 Talismans per Treasure Box / Boss Unique.

It's Rate kinda Hard. Depends on your LUCK !


Jobbing for Seal of Moon equipment by job points. Jobbing is the main source that makes you rise up , we cannot despite it. There are a few methods that will help you to earn Job and Honor points. Fight for your honor and get a special buffs that will make you even stronger , Ranking resets every Friday 00:00 GMT+2 to give everyone a chance to get those buffs.
  • First Method (Trading)
    After delivering your trade you will gain Job and Honor Points, the amount depending on your job !

    • Traders
      Obtain High amount of gold , Medium Job Points (4) , Low Amount of Honor points ( 2 )

    • Hunters
      Obtain Medium amount of gold , High Job Points (6) , Medium Amount of Honor Points ( 4 )

    • Thieves
      Obtain Low Amount of gold , Low Job Points (2) , High amount of Honor Points ( 6 ).

  • Second Method (Killing)
    You earn 1 Job points by killing the other side. You can kill the same character for 3 times only. on the 4th time you won't earn any points for 24 hours ( to avoid cheating )

  • Third Method (Job Temple)
    Gather your team and take your order , Warrior ! to fight the strongest uniques around. You have to take the job temple quest from the Exorcist Leebaek NPC , you can find it at Donwhang. Then go to the job temple and destroy the uniques ! Keep in mind that you may face some enemies from the other side (jobbers). If your party Killed the unique then the quest will be done for the whole party ( make sure that you have the quest before entering ). Once you deliver the quest you will receive some job points.

  • Fourth Method (Job Room)
    A New jobbing room you can acquire the quest once per day , You need to hunt a few monsters to finish the quest but take care you may face an enemies from the other side. Reward will be 25 silk.


Sparta is a warrior society that reached the height of its power after defeating the Athens.Spartan culture was centered on loyalty to the state and military service.
They were centered on a warrior culture. Male Spartan citizens were allowed only one occupation: Solider Their warriors are well trained and skilled that makes them very hard to defeat. Spartans is about to join Keon-Online soon ! Prepare yourselves and gather your team , you have got a War ! Can you defeat the Spartans ?!

Spartan Military is a place full of spartan warriors you've to reach level 90 to join in there. You've a quest to do , it gives you Mercenary Points Which helping you to be much stronger. We prefer to gather a team before joining because they are strong , very strong.

Mercenary Quest
You've to Hunt the Spartans in their Military to earn the Mercenary Points.

Mercenary Points
Can be used to get some useful Silk Items & Special Avatars which gives you 5% More DMG and 5% more DEF than any other avatar.


Battle Arena for Seal of Moon accessories by glory coins ( We may change it during the beta phase ). Most of our warriors love to fight at Battle Arena. However, most of them doesn't enter because none is registering. We're forcing the strong warriors to enter the battle for their Glory. You will receive Glory Coins after finishing the battle.


Fighting for something give you a motivation to fight even harder. That's why we've created this system. Top players will have a weekly Silks reward. Top Unique Slayer will earn 300 Silks same goes for Top Jobber. The Rewards will be added on Friday 00:00 GMT+2 and it will be reset by then , to give everyone a chance to reach the top.


We've added serval NPCs at Donwhang , Every NPC has its own stuff.
  • Title Seller
    Over 300 Titles which gives you a great appearance.

  • Avatar Seller
    A lot of Special Avatars.

  • Moon Seller
    You will find all of your Seal of Moon Equipment & Accessories.

  • Gold Merchant
    The one who is selling very useful silk items for Gold , we've created this to avoid pay2win.

  • Exorcist Leebaek
    Giving Orders to the warriors and give them a reward after finishing their missions.

  • Model Switchers
    Has been created to make you wear your favorite degree look. It doesn't effect on damage just visual look.

  • Switch Items
    Has been created to change any equipment into your needs. For example if you are playing Spear but you got a Bow weapon drop. you can change it into Spear using this scroll. But you can't change any part of sets into weapon or vise versa. (Weapons for Weapons , Set for Set)


A Global for real warriors , you can use it to attract more attention also gives you the feeling like that you are a God of Warriors.


What's better than giving the warriors a motivation to complete their journey? We've added a 30 days daily login giveaway some useful items everyday you login into the game. How can you use it ? Simply Open the window below and Check-In to claim your reward.


A very important feature we cannot despite it , It's not fair at all and really annoying to buy a title and lose it if you bought a new one. On our previous projects you had to write a command and PM BOT to use your previous titles but NOW , All you have to do is to open the window and choose your favorite Title and simply click on the button.


We've created this system to make the game more exciting , You can convert your VIP Points into Silks.

How can we get VIP Points ?
By donations you earn VIP points every time you donate depends on the amount , you can convert them into silks.

How can i convert the points ?
Through the item mall

My Limit

It's much easier now to check how many points you have , you don't need to write a command just click on the window and check your points and your daily limits.


Events gives a breathing to the server and makes it survive for a long time.
We have to kinds of events.

Automatic Events
Trivia / Party Matching / Job War / Hide and seek and alot more.

Manually Events
PvP & Uniques etc.. those event will be for special rewards and high amount of silks.

Social Media Events
  • Signature Event (Epvp)

    The easiest way to get free silks also to support us to attract more players , Use our signature code, copy it into you signature. When you done just send a massage to me with your character name and Win 50 Silks for FREE !

    Character Name : / Guild Name:

  • Facebook Event


Patch Note 5.0

Patch Note 4.0

Patch Note 3.0

Patch Note 2.0

Patch Note 1.0

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Good Job guys, i think it will be an awesome server
Could it be anything else then the best server? After this work you've done here?
I hope you will succeed with this server

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Character Name :Vette / Guild Name:

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IP 6 = bot server. thx bb

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Finallyyy what a great job you have done guys
Am excited
Waiting ��
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Originally Posted by Limitless_ View Post
IP 6 = bot server. thx bb
Ip limit is 6 because some players like to play with their friends or outside home. But Pc limit is 2 , which means that none can open more than 2 accounts per PC. there's a difference between IP and PC
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Seems great. would try it on beta. remind meeee
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i like your thread, seems simple .. i`am in

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Looks great!
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Interesting. Good luck!
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Old 06/12/2019, 02:21   #11

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Good luck mate
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another one again? thats like the third one in less than 2 months. just make it work for **** sake, thats how you build a community.

i guess i'll skip this one and join your sixth server within a month.
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Originally Posted by seymore View Post
another one again? thats like the third one in less than 2 months. just make it work for **** sake, thats how you build a community.

i guess i'll skip this one and join your sixth server within a month.
What a trash talk ? I think it's a very old style to come from another projects to ham other server reputation, third one in less than 2 months ? I won't reply this part because it's look like am talking to a body with no brain. Calm down our successes won't hurt you. Btw i won't waste my time replying any of your comments again. Because if made a price for something priceless then i would blame my self.
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Originally Posted by seymore View Post
another one again? thats like the third one in less than 2 months. just make it work for **** sake, thats how you build a community.

i guess i'll skip this one and join your sixth server within a month.
Yes plz skip this one

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Closed Thread

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