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Syntix Online 2.0 | D10 | CH | Reliving the Nostalgia on 14.06.2019

Discussion on Syntix Online 2.0 | D10 | CH | Reliving the Nostalgia on 14.06.2019 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Syntix Online | D10 | CH | Reliving the Nostalgia on 14.06.2019

This is where we're supposed to get you all hyped up and ready to scroll down or download. Well.. as much as we'd like to do that, even though we could, we'd rather leave your first few days be the introduction.
Yes, that's right. We're that confident of our team and features, which is why we're back. You are truly guaranteed to enjoy a classical and balanced experience.

Syntix online cinematic teaser!
Fortress War - fan made video by J00LAN


About Syntix
Syntix is a long term project destined to all the players who enjoyed the good times after LV100 update. We've integrated the notoriously beloved maps and patches to serve the purpose of an only Chinese D10 server. Unlike most service providers, we only tampered with the files in a way that we could absolutely control. In Syntix we constantly strive for innovation and improvement. However, our work is guided by the vision of upholding the traditional, therefore we've kept the core features as they were, and implemented only the most useful ones, and the result was a two-year long experience that our community could stand witness for.

Our goal, purpose and mission
We give you that nostalgia feeling, bringing back the fun, excitement and challenges of Silkroad that we used to love and play.
Our motto remains the same: Features are supposed to be practical and useful, not cool. With that and our motive to provide the environment for the Silkroad community to interact with, we help do our part to provide the lifeline to that culture we want to see live in. The vibrant pSRO culture.

Our team
Listening to and sharing knowledge, combining our expertise, creating lasting relationships, being part of the bigger picture and ultimately performing better together.
This is Syntix's concept of teamwork. Our server is administrated by two mature and professional fellow members of the society, each with certain expertise but both share the dedication.

Why Syntix again after a year?
We had a balanced process and an effective team, yielding a stable and worthwhile entertainment service. However, time is time and it holds its trial whenever it pleases. And just like any nostalgically satisfying product or franchise, staying dormant is not an option. Time held its trial and we held up our own. We moved on with our practical lives, did our daily jobs, satisfied the role of being grey citizens and got older, hence wiser. Meanwhile, we never forgot the passion, and now it is ready to blossom.

Our mission drives us. Even though there are plenty of servers out there, none of them was able to provide the long term, balance and the stability that Syntix did. None of the service providers were able to create features that meet the player's expectations and work with his time schedule. Syntix 2.0 is coming back, under new management, to deliver what we think is a much more promising experience than anything else on offer.

A message to our players & the community
We think it is fascinating that even a decade after the first prototype, private servers remain alive and improving, and this is the key to holding a micro culture. This is history taking shape, it will probably won't be remembered after decades, but it surely brings joy and nostalgia to thousands on a daily basis. Thank you for enabling us to be a part of this.

We would love to have back each and every one of you, those who once frequented Syntix, and those viewing this project with enthusiasm. Being able to call you our community would be both an honor and a pleasure.

An Experience that demonstrates our capabilities
Syntix V1.0

Rates Value
Cap 100
Mastery 300
PC Limit 5
Europe/Chinese Chinese only.
Server Files vFiles.
Skills All functional, minor tweaks to Force Mastery tree.
Pets All working.
Maps All regions enabled except for Alexandria.
Item Mall Fully working.
Guild/Union Emblem Working.
CTF Integrated with academy system. This is one of our trademarks!
Fortress war Hotan, more competitiveness and larger unions.
Auto Equipment Optimized to work from D1 to D9 (Full blue +3 Items)
FGW Enabled.
Server Syntix
Exp/Sp rate 60x
Party Exp/Sp rate 70x
Drop rate 10x
Gold Rate 25x
Job Gold Rate 50x
Berzerk Rate 2x
Sox Rate 2x and 6x inside the Job Temple.
Alchemy Success Rate A rather interesting algorithm.
Balanced Not only balanced, but also fair.

The first issue I want to address is: Why play Syntix?
Well it’s the same reason you are still reading through this thread; it’s because Syntix has the potential to be an awesome project!
Maybe it reminds you of the past, maybe you find the game-play to be outstanding, maybe it’s because you love the idea of gaining riches through hard work, epic battles and risk taking or maybe it’s a collection of these reasons altogether, who knows? The point is that we love this game and therefore we must preserve and enjoy it.

So if you want to relive all those sweet memories, then you're only lacking a competent team to provide the server of your dreams.
Well, we think that we're devoted to that purpose, so you're in good hands. And yes I do think you’ll stop reading threads for a while and actually play in the long awaited private server, tailored to your dreams, Syntix.

Now the next logical question would be: Why choose us?
When I first wrote this modest article, it was on a sheet of paper, but I knew fully well there must have been someone posting a thread at the same time trying to attract people with interesting, but unrealistic offers. This is where we draw the line and differentiate ourselves form the crowd.

We will offer you:
  • A stable, classical, long lasting and well managed server.
  • A balanced platform for those who seek fair play.
  • A devoted team willing to back up the project with time and finance.
  • A collection of experiences implemented carefully into the improved game-play and exploitation prevention.
  • Events that will satisfy the many, the new and the old.

What we don't offer:
  • No crazy events or “overreaching features” that make the game look and act broken.
  • No higher tier items from Magic Pop.
  • No crazy gold drop rates; I mean it is GOLD, a little of it is supposed to worth much!

Is the server job based?
Every proper server is job based and that's what Syntix is about!

PC limit?
Some may question the number of allowed characters per PC, but, come on... Let’s be realistic here, we are in 2019! None of us want to be stuck in front of a PC for hours to get a SoX part. You know this because of how many times you've had to change servers until now. We've limited the number of allowed characters per PC to 5, so you can run your own farming chars and have extra slots for other activities, such as, PvP wars, Arena, CTF, Stalls and of course trading. However, we made sure to take measures against the exploitation of the core features of the server.
All battling activities have 1 character per PC limit, such as, FW, BA and CTF.

  • Reinvented Academy system
    We can all agree that the original academy system was a complete shame, it happens to be one of the most exploitable aspects of the game.
    Our vision regarding this issue was quite clear; rewards are earned for efforts and victory, not the ability to multi-char and abuse the graduate system. To that end the solution was clear, but its application demanded much expertise and effort.
    CTF is now a challenging but rewarding experience. You will gain academy points (graduates) for each victory and loss, 3 points and 1 respectively. The academy list will be reset every month.

    Having figured out a way to provide more entertainment and fairness, we went further and optimized this feature. The academy system now has live updates: players no longer need to wait for the server to reflect their academy status (Graduates and Ranking), buffs will be added after having the scrolls (earned from CTF) activated; live and on the spot.

  • Trade routes and Trade NPC's
    Traveling through the Silkroad was a historically challenging feat, but it was also absolutely grand. The riches at the end of the trade always outweighed the danger. SRO was built around that concept. Contrary to other service providers, trading remains a core mechanic in our server. Jobbing should be a rewarding and worthwhile. Regardless of the job, there should always be enough activity to allow the participation of players at any given time. We've managed that through the following:
    • Hotan, Samarkand and Constantinople are designated as trading hubs: you may only purchase and sell special trade items from merchants in those cities.
    • A new special trade route has been added: players may now teleport to the Empty Quarter. In this realm the reward rates are doubled. The Empty Quarter can only be entered from 20:00 to 00:00 server time, this will create an activity bubble that players would look forward to on a daily basis.

  • Event So-Ok Rewards
    In addition to the Honor Buff Scrolls, tickets from the ctf will reward you with valuable items and scrolls.

  • Job Temple
    In addition to trading, hunting unique monsters is another core mechanic that is held dearly in our hearts.
    Killing unique monsters rewards you with silk and time gems, those are necessary to obtain your Seal of Sun weapons. Additionally the chances of a SoX drop are 3x inside the Job Temple in comparison to the outside. This will encourage heavier activity in that area, allowing job interactions to occur even outside of trading routes.
    Job Temple
  • Stormbreaker and Infinity Items
    A successful server needs to be stable, balanced and fair, but most importantly, it has to contain enough content for the players to enjoy.
    After having collected enough gold, time gems and gold/silver/arena coins, you may purchase your Seal of Sun and start doing alchemy. Once the player has seemingly perfected his set, he may choose to do an additional (and final) upgrade to his desired weapon or piece of armor by using the Stormbreaker/Infinity Scrolls. These scrolls are meant to be end game-items that are rather hard to obtain, but will make your character very powerful nonetheless. A full set of Inifinity armor will grant you a boost.
    Syntix 2.0 will not be dropping surprises (hidden updates or weapons) in your face, what you see is what you get. In other words absolute transparency is one of the values we uphold.
    Stormbreaker and Infinity Items

  • Weapons Skin Change scroll
    Playing a D10 server normally means you are limited to the looks of a D10 weapon and armor set. Not in Syntix 2.0: we offer a variety of weapon skin change scrolls, these are purely cosmetic but look awesome nonetheless. Players who prefer the look of weapons from D11 onwards will definitely enjoy this feature. You can find these scrolls in the Item mall in the Premium section.

  • Avatars in Item Mall
    New and exclusive avatars will now be offered on a weekly basis. Players will be able to purchase certain avatars during specific windows of time. We will ensure a variety of costumes are available throughout every season.

  • Permanent buffs
    This is a quality of life feature, it does not influence the core mechanics of the game, but makes game-play more comfortable for the player.
    You may now acquire auto-buff-casting by activating all of your buffs once and logging out, after which the buffs will be activated automatically on every login/teleport.
  • Free Silk
    For the sake of fairness and effective control, the free silk reward system works as follows:
    One character per HWID will receive 1 silk every 2 hours. The preferred character can be chosen by switching on the help sign from the action window. We are certain this system cannot be abused.

  • Optimization
    Core attributes were tailored for a D10 job heavy server, so the following changes have been administered:
    • Alexandria was removed from the map
    • Cave monsters are moved to Europe expansion map.
    • Forgotten World, Medusa and ROC will now reward you with fare silk items at a fare consistency.
    • Hunting Unique monsters e.g. Tiger Girl, Isy, Lord and so on.. will now reward you with fare silk items at fare consistency.
    • RE-Colored D10 Immortals to prevent scam attempts.
  • Auto Events
    Events are meant to briefly occur during the day for the sake of increasing the player's engagement. That being said, they also have to be hosted in a rationed consistency to maximize their charm, rewards and fun. Rewards vary from an event to another, but we will always notify players of the reward beforehand. The kind of events we offer at the moment:
    • Last Man Standing
    • Hide & Seek
    • Search & Destroy
    • Kill the GM
    • Trivia
    • Lucky Party Number

  • Rare Items Shop
    The title says it all; the items sold at that NPC are very rare as they are not obtainable anywhere else but for that NPC. Located in Samarkand near to the Storage. The kind of rare Items on offer at the moment:
    • Honor Buff Scrolls
    • Halloween Avatar
    • Duke Dress
    • Advanced Elixirs
    • Roc Gate Key
    • Syntix Devil Flag (A newly created flag that grants your char str6/int6)
    Rewards vary from an event to another, and you'll always be notified of the reward.

  • Character Lock
    We've finally come up with the solution against all scam attempts, the character lock feature. This may be used if when a player is going offline or on a leave, holiday or the such.

    Lock your character before logging out then unlock it once you’re back using the following messages:
    • $SYSTEM: !lock YOURPASSWORD -> Will lock your character completely (inventory, storage and guild storage)
    • $SYSTEM: !unlock YOURPASSWORD -> Will unlock your character completely

    Beware of the following restrictions:
    • The password cannot be reset from your end, only an admin may do so.
    • Do not share this password with anyone.


  • 60% Experience helper.
  • 100% Experience helper.
  • 5 Pegasus.
  • 10 Instant return scroll.
  • 1k HP Recovery potion. (X-Large)
  • 1k MP Recovery potion. (X-Large)
  • 1k Arrows.
  • 10 Drug of typoon.
  • 3 Days Monkey Summon Scroll.

  • Especially for old-school veterans, don't bother yourself and job freely! Special job suits could be found at trade, hunter and thief npc's. Available in a price of 10 gold coins and 23 Time Gems. Special job suits grants str3/int3.
  • Once having finished your Level 100 Zerk quest, you'll be able to obtain one of various title quests from the Hero Rank Manager NPC at Samarkand.
  • Players get the quest from Hero Rank Manager and they receive their title from Hero Rank Provider NPC.

  • Players now are able to take the quest from Guild Manager Musai NPC at Hotan and may acquire the Seal of Moon weapons through forgotten world as it rewards players with a very interesting talismans drop rate.

  • Gate of Ruler opens every Sunday and Thursday at 17:00 server time. Defeat the almighty Roc and it will reward you silk scrolls and rare stones!

  • Character name change scroll. (Lock)
  • Character name change scroll. (Free)
  • Stat reset scroll.
  • Growth fellow pets.
  • Angel's devil spirit.
  • D11 to D15 Weapon Skin Change Scrolls.
  • New and exclusive Avatars periodically.

Currency How to obtain
Arena coins Battle Arena
Gold coins Grocery Shops at Samarkand & Donwhang
Silver coins Grocery Shops at Samarkand & Donwhang
Time gems Unique Monsters at the Job Temple
Power Gems Magic Pop

Scrolls How to obtain
Magic pop cards Item Mall or Capture The Flag Event So-Ok.
Honor Buff Scroll Capture The Flag Event So-Ok.
Stormbreaker Weapon Upgrade Syntix Weapons Shop at Samarkand.
Infinity Item Upgrade Syntix Weapons Shop at Samarkand.
D11-D15 Weapon Skin Change Item Mall

  • 85-95 Jangan cave monsters have been relocated to be spawned at Constantinople.
  • 95-99 Jangan cave monsters have been relocated to be spawned at Samarkand.
  • Monsters spawn rate is now multiplied by 2 which will give the players the ability to grind freely in all regions.

  • Players may teleport to Medusa from Samarkand Dimensional Gate.
  • All force debuffs probability are now nerfed to 50% instead of 80%.
  • Added 30 seconds cool down on the cure series.
  • Added 1 minute cool down on the rebirth series.
  • Impotent debuff has been completely removed.

  • Fortress war is scheduled to start two times a week, Saturday and Wednesday at 20:00 Server time.
  • Battle Arena is scheduled to start every hour. (registration starts at xx:10 and it starts at xx:35 and it lasts for 15 minutes)
  • CTF is scheduled to start every hour starting from 00:00 to 24:00 Server time. (registration starts at xx:50 and it starts at xx:00 and it lasts for 10 minutes)
  • Syntix Trade Route is schedule to open every day from 20:00 to 00:00 server time.
  • Job Temple unique monsters are scheduled to spawn every day, an announcement is sent to all players 30 minutes prior to the actual spawn time)
  • In Syntix most frequently used items are stack-able up to 10000.

  • Alchemy notice.
  • Exit/Restart attack bug is fixed.
  • Fellow pets speed bug is fixed.
  • 10 Seconds Exchange/Stall delay.
  • 3 Minutes cool-down on Resurrection & Reverse scrolls.
  • 20 Seconds delay on Global chatting.
  • 225 Required Int points to upgrade novice snow shield buff.
  • CTF/BA/FW/Free silk HWID limit 1 per PC.
[B][I]Syntix online; where it all begins.[/I][/B]

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PC Limit 10 (8 for a full party, 2 for stalls or trade runs)

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@Stath Welcome Back
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@ Nothing from uniques? boring :P
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Originally Posted by Stath View Post
We give you that nostalgia feeling
Ye Syntix 1.0 bring true nostalgia of isro times aka. botroad, whatever u pm he won't respond cuz he was a bot, probly Syntix 2.0 will back that memories.
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no discord ;p?
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lets set up the vm's again😅 guess ill have the VHDX files somewhere stored 😂😂

The team is now srsly listening to their players? so that will say that you've learned from why syntix 1.0 failed that drasticly?
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Wait wha! Great to be back guys!

Good luck����
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Please set IP limite max 4 or 5 not 10 lol
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"All battling activities have 1 character per PC limit, such as, FW, BA and CTF."
I'll need to disconect all chars before entering a battle? or that dc works only when you enter with more than 1
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Please do a vote for iP limite because 10 it IS too hight
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Originally Posted by 0MAXOU0 View Post
Please do a vote for iP limite because 10 it IS too hight
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why limit 10 = bot server ?
what diffirent with ip limit 10 or 1 or .... when bot is allow ?
with ip limit 1 will you play without bot ?
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pc limit = 10 so high it will be bot server !
change it to 4 its fine

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mmorpg, pve, pvp, silkroad, sro

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