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Blitz Online | Cap 80 | CH Only | Old School | Play2Win | Grand opening 19/4

Discussion on Blitz Online | Cap 80 | CH Only | Old School | Play2Win | Grand opening 19/4 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Blitz Online | Cap 80 | CH Only | Old School | Play2Win | Grand opening 19/4


Hello fighters , Since our first project Edson was stabled, smooth. Our loyal players asked for season two but we decided to create a brand new project which is called Blitz with more features and more activities to do. We promised on the first season that we will provide something you deserve and we did it. Here we are again to provide something bigger and better than before. FIRST of all if you searching for an over-edit server then you are in the wrong place. It's an old school boys ! This project has been created to get inside your head and bring back the best memories you had when you were a child. Also to create a new memories that you will never forget. We've been working on Blitz for more than 3 months to make sure that everything is working fine even before the beta phase , that's why we decided to launch our beta for 1 week only.. we don't need more time to fix our bugs if we have. Don't be surprised if you didn't find any bug at beta phase ?? Blitz has joined Sro community to destroy everyone around and to save the players from being exploited from money seekers. If you have seen this thread then you are lucky and don't miss your chance.


We are consists of a professional team that is fully integrated to meet all your needs in the best possible way and we promise to work to satisfy all your needs.
  • Alpha is the main developer, he is expert and knows how to handle any problem.

  • Doctor is the Owner, he will be always here to watch out what's going on and he won't stop until your problem solved.

  • Rover is our community manager , he is active most of the time and knows how to deal with the players.


We seek to create a massive fan-base who likes to stay on a server for a long time. Let's be clear , Players who are controls the projects. They decide to make the project success or fail by joining and staying ( am talking about smooth projects without issues ). We as a team doesn't like to close and re-open projects but believe me it's not our decision it's your decision. That's why we need a fan-base to stay with us for a long time and we will always be there for you guys whenever you need.


As we mentioned before , if you are searching for an over-edit server , Don't continue reading. Our Server has been created for the classic players, Who loves the real old school. We are here for you guys to bring back your childhood memories. Blitz Features won't be over edit it will be very simple. We believe that the less features you have the more stable server you get. So , We've decide that our Features will be simple but at the same time will give you all your needs.
All of the important Features you will find it here , you won't suffer. Also we added some Features belongs to Blitz Online.


Gather your team and get ready for the most incredible project you will ever see. We made something worth to spend your time on it. be prepared for the best competition.
  • Beta Phase 11th April
    As we mentioned before that we've been working on this project for a long time to make sure that everything is going to be smooth as possible as we can. To be more smooth and to take your suggestions we should launch a beta phase to listen to you guys if you need to change anything or add anything. We are here for you, for your enjoyment.

  • Grand Opening 19th April
    On this day , all you need to do is to Prepare your weapons and get ready to start your journey.

- -

Cap & Race

You guys 've been waiting for it , Yeah ! it's CAP 80 / Chinese Race. We decided to launch a cap 80 server for many reasons , First of all there's no cap 80 servers around these days. Second last few months all projects were focused on cap 90+. Third it's an amazing balanced cap where all builds can defeat each others. Why did we choose Chinese race and excluded Euros , Because you're searching for a fairness Game-play and we are here to satisfy your needs.


Usually mastery at Cap 80 is 300 and it's the most balanced mastery which makes everyone able to create his own build and gives everyone a chance to defeat the other build.

HWID Limit (2)

For fairness play , we cannot dispensing the HWID Limit. So, we settled it to 2 per PC. Also we have made some rules for HWID to avoid cheating, check below
  • Jobbing 1 / PC
  • Battle Arena 1 / PC
  • Capture the Flag 1 / PC
  • Fortress War 1 / PC

IP Limit (4)

We have settled the IP Limit into 4.

Main Town (Hotan)

Hotan ! Helyah Hotan is the main town it's the best choice for cap 80 because for leveling up , since it's the favorite town for all. Also we've added there our Special NPCs that will help you out with all your needs.

Available Towns
  • Jangan
  • Donwhang
  • Hotan

Available Fortress
  • Hotan, we may open Jangan too.

Guild & Union Limits

After discussing about the guild and union limit , we can finally say that 24 for Guilds and 2 for Unions is the best choice.

Union Chat (Unlimited)

No more limit , it's boring and annoying that you can't write in union. Now everyone can write at union chat.

Server Rates (Medium)

We settled custom rates which will satisfy all players. Because rates is one of the most important things in the SRO.
  • EXP / SP 15x
  • Trading 10x
  • Gold 5x
  • Item 1x
  • Alchemy 1x

Server Modification

we had to do some modification on some features to fit cap 80.
  • Vigor Grain after a lot of discussions we've decided to reduce the vigor grains into 7%. Why? because it's an old cap specially because it's Chinese only you don't need the vigor as much as the high caps. Also to avoid infinity PvP and Wars.

  • Devil / Angel Spirits has become a part of the game. But in the normal state it is slightly too overpowered. We've reworked them. There is one type of Devil Spirit (A) , Maximum plus is +6.

  • Premium plays an important part at the game but some people are using it by a wrong way. We cannot add a premium gives like 15% or more at Cap 80 project because it's overpower af. So we Decided to add just 2 types of Premium Silver & Gold. The Silver one gives you 5% and the Gold one gives you 10%.

  • Damage / Absorption Scroll We cannot disable them, it's useful sometimes specially at Fortress Wars.

  • HP / MP Increase Now it's fit cap 80, it will be very useful at wars

OLD School Feeling

We've added some features which fit to cap 80 , features will give you the real feeling of old school. Little details but it means something for everyone who really loves old school.
  • Old Character Select

  • Old Underbar

  • Old PvP Cap

Starter Pack

There are two types pack , Both packages will help you during your journey. The first one is FREE everyone will receive it once you create your character. The Second package VIP you will find it at item mall including some useful items.

FREE Package
  • 1000x HP / MP Recovery Potion
  • 20x Beginner Speed
  • 11x Instant Return
  • 11x Reverse Return
  • Grab Pet (3 Days)
  • 3 Pages of Inventory
  • 1 Million Gold
  • 1 Million Skill Point

VIP Package
  • Premium Gold
  • Devil's / Angel's Spirit
  • Attack Pet
  • Grab Pet
  • 11x Instant Return
  • 11x Reverse Return
  • 11x Global Chatting

Auto Equipment

Something can not be neglected , it helps the players to grow faster without needing to collect items to fight the monsters. It's very helpful feature. You will get your equipment once you teleport after leveling up.
It will be (SOS +5) Until Degree 7.

Silks Per Hour

Is the best thing for everyone, Why? because a lot of players have their real life they can't spend their free time of making quests etc . When you play Blitz , we are talking about fun ! Simply all you need to do is to keep your character online and reach level 80. You will receive 1 silk per hour.

Faster Fighters

We are giving silks to the faster fighters who will reach the maximum level in a short time.
  • 1 ~ 2 = 500 Silks
  • 3 ~ 5 = 400 Silks
  • 6 ~ 50 = 300 Silks
  • 51 ~ 100 = 200 Silks
  • 101 ~ 150 = 100 Silks

Permanent Buff

It's boring to keep buff your self when you die or teleport ! Now , You no longer need to buff your self again even when you start the game. you will automatically have your buffs activated on your character which makes your journey easier specially at Wars.

Secure Account

We can't build up a great project without protecting it with a good security system. So, We've created a system to protect your character from stealing.We care about our players we know how it hurts and how it bad to work hard for a long time day & night and all of that goes away. None can ever steal your items now just follow the steps to lock your items. You can control your Account Security by writing this commands to SYSTEM.
  • !lock Pin Code
    Once you use this command, you won't be able to do anything on the whole account.

  • !Unlock Pin Code
    This command to unlock it back.

Title Storage

Silks is not so easy to get you should using it wisely , We really care about you and we don't want you to waste your silks. That's why we've created this system. The purchased titles will be saved on your account you can use it whenever you want. For Example if you bought a title ( VIP ) then you decided to change it into ( Champion ) , you won't lose your first title (VIP) it will be saved.
You can control your Title Storage by writing this commands to BLITZ-BOT.
  • !TS
    This command to get your Title List.

  • !ST, Title Number
    This command to set the selected Title Number

Useful Items

We've implemented Serval Scrolls to help you out. Here is a short list with explanations for them.
  • Character Name Changer
  • Skill Restore
  • Stat Restore
  • Penalty Remover
  • Premium Remover
  • Magic Option Remover
  • Model Switchers
  • Switch Items

SOX System

Our system is not complicated but it's not easy. We are looking for a long term server, where's the competition if everyone can obtain last tiers from the first week or even after two weeks. People are leaving the servers because they get bored. Most of P-Servers makes it so easy that's why the servers die so fast. Read our system carefully you will like it , it's simple and enjoyable !

What is the Difference between SOX Tiers and How to Obtain it ?
  • Seal of Star = Last Tier +1
    You can obtain it from monsters and uniques Lv. 64 ~ 80

  • Seal of Moon = Last Tier +3
    You can obtain it from fusion system, read more about it in section below

  • Seal of Blitz = Last Tier +5
    You can obtain it from upgrade system, read more about it in section below

Framing Regions

Our main town is Hotan as we mentioned before , it's the place where all of warriors meets, it remind us of the real old school and gives us that feeling. So , Hotan is the best place to build your character. We may open new areas later if we needed to

Our Currencies
  • Blitz Points
  • Bronze Coin
  • Gold
  • Silk

Blitz Points
Is our main currency it can't be tradable and you can obtain it from many activities.
  • Jobbing
    Read more about it in section below.

  • Killing Uniques
    Once you killed the mentioned uniques, you will receive Blitz Points. That's all ?! No, it will drop useful silk items.

    Unique Blitz
    Tiger Girl 2
    Cerberus 2
    Captain Ivy 4
    Uruchi 6
    Isyutaru 8
    Lord Yarken 10
    White Knight 10
    Princess Miyene 10
    Togui Elder 10
    Hang-A 10
    Tai-Sui 10
    Taishan Monster 10
    Ganiazo Dow 10
    Black Cloud 10
    Manho 10
    Senior General 10
    Rage Cloud 10
    Cyclops 10
    Battle Golem 10
    Yuno 15
    The Earth 20
    Jupiter 20
    Baal 20
    Babilion 20
    Zielkiaxe 20

  • Missions
    There are many new quests will give you Blitz Points. You can take it from Supply Assistant Titi at Hotan.

  • Alchemy
    To obtain Blitz Points from Alchemy , the process must be +6 or above. If it succeeded or failed you will get points.

    + Success
    +6 2 Points
    +7 4 Points
    +8 6 Points
    +9 8 Points
    +10 10 Points

    Note: Working on degree 8 items only

  • FW Kills
    Each kill during fortress war you will gain 2 Blitz Points by maximum 3 kills per character.

Bronze Coin
It's a very useful coin you should save it to obtain Tier 2 and 3 SOX items. You can obtain it from the following ways.
  • FGW (Flame Mountain)
    Read more about it in section below.

  • Canyon Mountain (New Dungeon)
    Read more about it in section below.

Everybody knows the importance of the gold it's something we cannot get ride of it. You can obtain Gold from the following ways.
  • Trading
  • Canyon Mountain (New Dungeon)
  • New Missions
  • Collect and Selling Items

As we said before, Blitz Online is Play2Win. You can obtain Silk from the following ways.
  • Silk / Hour
  • Manual / Automatic / Social Media Events

Fusion System

Keep in your mind that's the only way to obtain Seal of Moon Items (Tier 2). Simply you have to get 2 items, they should be the same kind and it must be +7 or higher. Put them at the first 2 slots in your inventory then right click on the scroll. For example: if you want to obtain Seal of Moon Sword then you have to make 2 swords Seal of Star +7 or higher. Same thing for Protector and Accessory Items. The main point of this system to make Seal of Star is always needed.

Note: Be careful you should use it wisely because it might disappear if you used it in a wrong way for many times.

How you can get it ?

You can buy it from Smuggler Chungho at Hotan by (Gold, Blitz Points and Bronze Coin)

Upgrade System

When you complete the steps of Fusion System
Make sure that you are using it wisely. Put your weapon on the first slot of your inventory, it must be +7 or higher.

How you can get it ?

You can buy it from Smuggler Chungho at Hotan by (Gold, Blitz Points and Bronze Coin)

Forgotten World (Flame Mountain)

Everyone loves FGW but isn't it boring after a long journey you get nothing ? FGW doesn't depend on luck anymore, Work hard and you will reach the top. FGW doesn't drop talismans it drops Bronze coin instead of Talismans. FGW available every 6 hours.

Grade 1
  • Treasure Box drop 5x coins
  • Flame Cow King (Boss) drop 15x coins

Grade 2
  • Treasure Box drop 10x coins
  • Flame Cow King (Boss) drop 30x coins

Canyon Mountain (New Dungeon)

A historical battle you can gather your team or fight alone if you are brave and strong enough. Once you join the battle you will be surrounded by Strong Monsters and their Boss. You have to kill them, When you defeat the first Boss you will fight with a stronger one which is hard to defeat. If you killed them both you will find a Treasure Box you should destroy it to get your needs. The monsters appears once. When you defeat them, they won't appear again. This Dungeon available every 6 hours.

Treasure Box Drops
  • 50x Bronze Coin
  • Random Silk Items
  • Random Gold between 50 and 100 Million


No more new trade routes it's boring af, we decided to keep the old routes because as we said it's an old school we don't want to lose this feeling. Of course all taxes goes to Hotan Fortress.
  • Jangan
  • Donwhang
  • Hotan

The last thing there will be limit per day, 70 Trades maximum per week after that you won't gain any points but you will keep gaining gold.

Type Gold Blitz Honor
Trader High 5 5
Thief Medium 15 10
Hunter Low 10 15

Job Killing
You are allowed to gain points by killing the other side 15 times maximum per day. If you killed the same person more than 3 times you won't gain any points.

Type Blitz Honor
Trader 2 2
Thief 6 4
Hunter 4 6

Honor System
Now you can obtain Honor Buffs through Jobbing. Each kill or trade will be counted. it will reset every Friday to make sure that everyone can get the top on the list. Honor list refresh every 2 hours.

Job Suits
Old job suits is the best nothing more.

Jupiter Temple
It's the Jupiter uniques ! We've edited it to fit for cap 80 but doesn't mean that it will be easy , they are too strong you can't defeat them unless you got a strong team. You can find the teleportation at Hotan.
  • Yuno Room for Traders / Hunters
  • The Earth Room for Thieves
  • Jupiter , Baal , Babilion and Zielkiaxe Room for all


To fit your needs we've designed a few new NPCS. They'll provide everything you could possibly need

  • Avatar Seller
    First of all a avatar NPC, who does not love to give his character a unique look !

  • Title Seller
    Speaking of unique look. There is a title NPC where you can buy a fancy title to give your name a more fitting look.

  • Smuggler Chungh
    He's selling some useful items for Blitz Points, Bronze Coin & Gold

  • Supply Assistant Titi
    Here you will find all new quests, Take the quest and fight.

Skills fit Cap 80

Skill balance is the most important part at the game system , without balancing server will be destroyed. We will test the skill balance so well with our beta testers when beta starts and we will announce about any changes when we done.


Events is like an oxygen, it keeps the server alive we cannot miss it ! There will be a lot of Events manually and we are sure that manually events are more fun than the Automatic events, but it doesn't mean that we won't use the Auto Events.

Automatic Events
  • Trivia
  • Alchemy
  • Party Matching
  • Pvp & Job War

Manual Events
  • Uniques
  • Hide & Seek
  • Weekly Events (PvP / Uniques) for Special Titles

Social Media Events

  • Signature Event (Deadline 19th April)
    You want to earn a few silk to start of ? You want to help us grow ? Participate on our Signature Event. Just use our Signature and send us a message to Alpha with your Character name to win 50 Silks.

    Character Name : / Guild Name:


Patch v1.0

Patch v2.0

Patch v3.0

Patch v4.0

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Get ready for the infinity excitement

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Looks good guys, see you all there!

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Im in
Welcome back guys !
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Originally Posted by Wicked* View Post
This Edson lul open since months with 280 players and close in 2 week ,trash server rip he server will fail again
With all due respect, the server that you are supporting got off to a rocky start with the launch and you are now re-launching. Rather than flaming and trolling this post and server it might be a better idea to keep your opinions to yourself rather than trying to drag a project down before it starts. We are all part of the SRO community and should be supporting each other not trying to see others crash and burn.
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Looks good
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I'm in
but i don't play with Wicked ! He'S layer .
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Originally Posted by acorry52 View Post
Looks good guys, see you all there!
Waiting you
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Dear players , we promise that we will do our best to establish smooth and professional server for you
Don't miss the chance and join Blitz-Pve Online
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Nice System, Waiting for it.! GL
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Good system. Good Luck!
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1 minute in
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Originally Posted by Kenbirdo View Post
Few days left , stay tuned

Originally Posted by FulGorex View Post
Nice System, Waiting for it.! GL
Waiting for you

Originally Posted by tatox98 View Post
Good system. Good Luck!

Originally Posted by CoinĄ View Post
Looks good

Don't miss our Signature Event
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Two days until the beta opening, don't forget to join the Discord server for updates and any questions.

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Closed Thread

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