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ZSZC-Zone - Only Ch l Cap105 l Oldschool l 30x l Mastery 360 l Low rate l Rebuilt

Discussion on ZSZC-Zone - Only Ch l Cap105 l Oldschool l 30x l Mastery 360 l Low rate l Rebuilt within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Originally Posted by alexemre140 View Post
he he you i have So Ok look is not working and you kick my for discord why im toll your Server have bugggs go and make uninstall
Everything is okay with Sook winter event.

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Originally Posted by Morisz View Post
See ya at the 10th Electus server :3
i hated electus since first opening because its always about money and doesnt care about players more than money
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What about infos / rates job trade goods ?
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On server's thread, it states there is balance between euro and chinese. 25% buff DMG is nothing, we need 25% defense too because euro wizzard will still kill chinese easily. There are like 95% euro builds here.
To make balance between races, I suggest make:
1) 25% dmg 25% defense 60% parry passive for chinese.

2) Delete warrior screens and fences, make pain quota max 20%. Delete bard buffs.

3) Make delay Bless spell 10 minutes. Reduce defense of bless spell by 4x. Reduce dagger and xbow desperate. Also reduce life turnover (wizzard mag buff). Maybe then we can talk balance.

4) Also redice all warlock debuffs stuns from 80% to 20% especially sleep, blind.

In conclusion 25% dmg buff is useless for china. All know euro is 10 times stronger than chinese. if you cannot do anything from 1-4, at least add 25% defense for china and reduce defense of bless spell and warrior buffs.
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Hűű de rég sroztam azta mindenit nem gondoltam hogy még magyarok közül bárki is csinál valaha is szerót Sok sikert hozzá
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Originally Posted by sro_cyklon View Post
Hűű de rég sroztam azta mindenit nem gondoltam hogy még magyarok közül bárki is csinál valaha is szerót Sok sikert hozzá
Érdemes kipróbálni!
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Let's go!
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server still online ?
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Chat Killer In Duty

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I have changed the title of the thread
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Originally Posted by Casque View Post
reopens more as duckroad.
no thank you.
For real xD Fucken swear to ***, had with these fucken re-openings!
Duckroad, Electus, ZSZC. I played these three and all they ever do is re-open. Electus be opening stupid fucken server left and right. Just keep one server ffs. Duckroad was a legend back in the 2000's, but now it's a Deadroad.
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Originally Posted by Kaitou Kid View Post
For real xD Fucken swear to ***, had with these fucken re-openings!
Duckroad, Electus, ZSZC. I played these three and all they ever do is re-open. Electus be opening stupid fucken server left and right. Just keep one server ffs. Duckroad was a legend back in the 2000's, but now it's a Deadroad.
couldn't agree more, this server was really good, but its just relaunch upon relaunch like electus. its good if you like a short-term really active server. this won't be open for a year.
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Yes come back again

Originally Posted by manoo92 View Post

Do you remember the legendary ZSZC-SRO?
It was amongst the first Silkroad Online private servers. A server where everyone was happy to play. Where everyone was active. Where nobody asked for unique events.
Where nobody insulted the donators. Believe it or not, we were players once too. Nobody cared about players who had been playing for a longer time and had a better char.
Nobody cared about players who used their money to gain even more beautiful stuff.
We were busy playing, even alone, or together.
We had our own circle of friends, just like in real life. A lot of players from different countries who were dealing all the time.

Elixirs, stones, elements. This fun is over by now. What happened to Silkroad Online? Even more servers keep opening day by day with bigger rates, more free silk.
There are so many servers nowadays that every group of friends has one to play on.
Players are unsecure, servers open and close.

One offers more, but unsecure players don't know where to wander and finally settle down for a long time.

Players started wandering and they want more and more, because they know that the actual server is in a rush, it's running out of time, other servers are ready to steal players.
That's why we would like to do something and it would be an honor if we could introduce you to ZSZC-Zone, that we built with a lot of years of experience.

We would like you to feel the nostalgia that you felt years ago.
We don't intend to steal the original name, that's why we modified it a little, not much, but just enough for the old players to find it.

If you would like to give a chance to a Silkroad Online server, where you can finally have the fun that you used to have, then it's your place.

We are working every day to keep the balance on the server that is one of the most important parts of the game. We care about the players and try to fulfil every need without events and overcomplicated edits.

We stick to the Cap 105 including 315+45 masteries to help you experience what character fits you the most.
We stick to the oldschool feeling, forget the big stacks and fancy weapons, because these are the things that always ruin a server.

ZSZC-Zone is waiting for you, where you don't have to be afraid that one day you won't be able to start the game. We assure you that your character was made on the best server possible.
For further information, please scroll down.
Have fun on our server!

Zszc-Zone created in: Hungary

Removed ZSZC Zone page:

What happened to the previous ZSZC servers?
Well the first ZSZC server was a big success. Its opening was in the end of September of 2015.
In the first couple of days there were about 500 players playing. Fortunately, we got enough donations to keep going with what we have planned.
80% of donations were used for advertisements. Most of it was Facebook ads, which had its success. 70.000+ silkroad followers.
A year later unfortunately the players got bored which happens to most of the servers.
They were begging for Job temple which we put too late in the game unfortunately...
The reason why we did not do it is, because there were still 2000/2000 online, 100 players left 200 new players came.
So we have thought, we should wait a little more so that the new players could get closer to the top players.
Couple of months later the avalanche unleashed we feared of. We put job temple in the game, but it was too late.
After a few weeks the number of players started decreasing and we could not do anything about it. The main reason of it was, because the competition was too big.
First ZSZC zone was online for more than 1.5 years!
ZSZCsro2: Second server was a mutual agreement. When we were about to open, our team broke up and there was not enough support and administration. Joymax on the other hand did not help either. Our facebook page was shut down saying: Third party reported the page many times. All the money we put towards ads and all the 70.000 followers were gone without a trace. Of course our webpage was the next, our players slowly started leaving and in a couple of days the server got unpopulated.
Although we did not get our Facebook page back at least we could recover our webpage and domain, but we have found the solution for the Facebook issue and we would like to rebuild the community.

Why is not there extra gold/bigger change on the server?
Let's think it through.... Silkroad online is a really good game after all. On the original server(the very first one) leveling up was extremely slow and required a lot of money, patience and a lot of time and it was difficult to catch up with the higher level players that is what killed the joy. We would like to keep the same game joy just make it a little easier. It will not have anything extra in it and it is not because we could not put extras in it, we do not want to either. We think the foundations of the game should be changed instead of creating extra layers on it that covers the fact. We want to create a different perspective of the progression of the private server.
As all the new servers, they always want to create something new, something more. We on the other hand want to give you guys the old experience back. We would not even want to try, because the players are not lab rats. On the original server thousands of players were playing. All their screw ups were fixed by us.

There will be a 4 days long beta server. After every single change, we the creaters were testing them as much as we could, but you never know sometimes one system intervene another.
Apply as soon as possible!
If you find any bugs or problems please let us know immediately, you will get rewarded! We will not tell you what that would be. We are going to keep it as a surprise!
Capacity will depend on the number of applicants! Which means registration will be periodical and than it is going to be closed.
One player can only make one account!

Max cap 105
Race Ch
Mastery limit 360
Solo exp and skill point rate 30x
Party exp rate 34x
Item drop rate 5x
Gold drop rate 5x
Job rate 6x
Berserk rate 2x
Max plus +12
Pc limit 2
  • Max cap 105: We do not say that there are two groups, but the most searched servers are the cap 100 and cap 110. Why could not there be something in the middle that is good for everyone?

  • Chinese mastery: Obviously it has stayed the same old, because people have seen more opportunities in their characters with this system.
    There can be a lot more unique characters created and this system gives more options compared to the basic mastery, which is 315. 45 extra will be included on top of that which you can do whatever you want with. Either you develop another mastery until level 45 or you can divide it between 4.

  • Item & gold drop rate: You do not want people to have a lot of gold in the first week already either right? We get it, you want to get really rich, really fast and you are missing parts of your sett, but unfortunately we have to be cautious and be protective of the balance of gold.
    Let me try to explain this a little more: Most of the servers do not care about their gold balance and are not cautious at all. A server can only work properly if the gold can flow back and forth on the server, from NPCs to all the way to Events. It is never a good thing if the players exchange gold among themselves and everyone gets rich or all the players that joined later will be way too far behind.

  • Alchemy: As you guys do not, We do not want items to be plussed really easily either. Findig out how lucky you are is always good. We are going to try and create something that will be good for everybody, therefore Alchemy is going to be 1x. Another extra, Lucky powder will be available to purchase in NPC for a little more gold. The magic lucky powder will be 3x luckier!
    For those who will not be that lucky, they can buy it for gold and maybe they will get some luck for themselves!

  • Seal of Star/Seal of moon/Seal of sun: We have deleted Seal of Moon and Seal of sun from 10D. Which had to be done, because they were stronger than D11 Seal of Star.

  • Magic pop: Deleted! Magic card is temporary not available!
    We will create a poll of it and according to your guys needs we are going to put it in the game or not.

  • Forgotten world: Enabled! The place where the strongest items can be found. We do not like neither the coin system nor all the stuff that comes without hard work! Talismans will be just as hard to gather as on iSro. But do not be sad! You can find your missing talisman on the market too! D11 egypt type1 items were hid somewhere inside around Sereness! If you are lucky enough you can find it!

  • Dimension pillar disabled:
    Two stars dimension hole has been moved to Samarkand Grocery Trader.

  • Job penalty remover scroll:
    This scroll has been added to Samarkand Grocery Trader.

  • Job temple: Yes, we know, Job temple wasn't a part of the real ZSZC.
    Many more things weren't there either, but let's take advantage of the vsro files.
    Besides, players wanted new things so here it is, Job temple.
    You can buy T2 set parts from Holy grail coins that Job temple uniques drop.
    The Job temple npc can be found at Samarkand teleport, it gives you directions to the teleport of Job temple.
    Job temple unique spawn times:
    Selket & Neith (silver coins, holy grails) : every day at 3 PM and 9 PM
    Anubis & Isis (gold coins, holy grails) : every day at 5 PM and 11 PM (except sunday because of fortress war)
    Haroeris, Seth & Iris (holy grails - only Iris, ignore them) : 1 PM and 7 PM

  • Gate of Sarin tribe:
    White snake room

  • Fortress war: For the time being there will be Hotan Fortress war working only. It is going to depend on how many people play on the server at that moment. We think it is unnecessary to open the others as long as there is not enough player on the server.

  • Free silks: Yes, we will add free silk content, based on online uptime.
    We believe that this is not the server where you should be bathing in silks.
    Worse thing for the economy. So you will get free silk, under one temporary and one long-lasting condition:
    ! Be level 105.!
    Okay, you raged out. Why do we want this? For the second: the reason is obvious, I hope I don't have to explain it.
    As for the first, we have a solid reason: we don't want to unbalance the players' wallet - we have run into this error before, when the starters were stuffed with gold, while the not-even-so-late joiners were poor as hell. Also, we want you to advertise our server and call your friends to play with. Even I will join the players!

  • Last degree weapons and sets:There will be 3 kinds of last degree weapons, just like in ZSZC back then. 11D npc will be as strong as T1 and T2, they will just look differently. And of course 11D Seal of star editions which are stronger and better. Same goes to clothes and accessories.

  • Title system:That is right, you can wear titles according to your nationality in front of your char name! Check the new, camp fire looking NPC in the middle of Samarkand. If you buy this, you won't even have to worry about the zerk quests. Not to talk about the good looking. Read the NPC description for more information.

  • Delays:We decided to put some delays to avoid for example the pay2play style at Fortress war or global spamming.
    30 seconds on global chatting, 5 minutes on ressurection scroll.

  • Delays in force:We decided to modify some things in force because it was too overpowered.
    There is 1 minute cooldown on res to avoid the annoying behavior at fortress war, which is about who can resurrect more people faster. We hated it in isro with eu too, right?
    Debuff probability has been decreased to 60% from 80%.
    30 second cooldown on cure series to make PVP and fortress war more interesting.

  • Exchange and stall delay:
    On one hand, exchange delay is to prevent the annoying requests or pvp bug.
    On the other hand, stall delay is to avoid bugs connected to the stall system.

  • Special Job suits:Special Job suits have been created! There is STR and INT on them at once, on male and on female also.

  • Sql inject fixes inside the game:Every sql inject file is disabled inside the game for example Fortress war notice, this is the reason why a lot of server dies.

  • Level 90 horses and job pets:We will create polls for the higher level and stronger pets if there is gonna be any need of them. In the previous years there was not any complaints about them, but we would like opinions on that.

  • Snow shield required int 270:Str characters cannot add Snow Shield.

  • Top weapons, parts and accessories:
    1: Seal of Star - monster drop, grinding
    2: Egypt type one - Forgotten world, collection book
    3: Egypt type two - Job temple, Holy grails

  • European monsters disabled:The 90-105 mobs are located at Samarkand and Constantinople right?
    We wanted to keep the same old map which is small and oldschool and not expanding it. On the other hand it is better to have a lot players in a small area then to have a lot of players in a really big area everywhere, ergo we can find each other easier, quicker and we can chat and make new friends.

  • Monster spawns rebalanced:
    Some areas full of mobs, others empty - we worked on this one to ensure you less annoyance when you are grinding!
    ..And that's not all! You'll be able to meet the monsters from Jangan Cave in Constantinople (85-97) and Samarkand (98-105)!
    2 Gameservers [40.000 monsters]
    Monster spawn

Gate of Sarin tribe

Petrify status time has been decreased to 10 sec.
White viper Hp has been decreased to 0.3%.

Event name Time Reward
Gate of Sarin tribe Every week, Wednesday and Saturday 5:00pm Scroll
Trivia Every day, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 01:30pm, 02:30pm, 03:30pm, 04:30pm, 06:30pm, 07:30pm, 08:30pm, 09:30pm, 10:30pm 10 silk/round
Kill the gm Every day, 02:00pm, 05:00pm 25 silk/round
Alchemy Every day, 07:00pm 50 silk/round
Last man standing Every day, 04:00pm, 06:00pm, 09:00pm, 10:00pm 25 silk/round
Unique Every day, 08:00pm 150 silk/round

Schedule name Start End
Special goods sell Everydays, 01:00am 02:00am
Special goods sell Everydays, 04:00am 05:00am
Special goods sell Everydays, 08:00am 09:00am
Special goods sell Everydays, 01:00pm 02:00pm
Special goods sell Everydays, 04:00pm 05:00pm
Special goods sell Everydays, 08:00pm 09:00pm
Fortress war registration Every weeks, Sunday 03:30pm 06:00pm
Siege Fortress war Every weeks, Sunday 04:30pm 07:00pm
Fortress war tax Everydays, 08:00am 05:00pm
Capture the flag Everydays, 04:00pm 04:30pm
Capture the flag Everydays, 08:00pm 08:30pm

Server event schedules:
Event name Start End
Winter event Every year, Dec 15 Jan 03
Christmas event and decorations Every year, Dec 15 Jan 03
Halloween event Every year, Oct 28 Nov 03
Summer event Every year, Jun 22 July 22
Unique event Everyweek, Saturday 03:00pm 04:00pm
Double free silk event Everyweek, Saturday Sunday
Double exp event none none
Unique rank reset Every second week, Monday -
Honor reset Every month, on first day -
Server maintenance Everyweek, Monday -

As other servers, we also have rules. However, we expect our community to be grown-up, not to act childish and behave like adults. Do not whine over 'small' things. Life is never fair, nor will it ever be! If you have reports, submit them to us on facebook or in the game. Make sure to include screenshots so we can work better on each case.
IMPORTANT! If you once bought silk by donating, don't forget, that you agreed with the following rule. If you get caught with scamming or you don't feel like playing anymore or you don't like a new update for example, it doesn't authorize you to reverse the donation, because you had spent it already.

1.) Account + Item Sharing & Trading | Allowed
Be very careful, never give your character first to anyone, but if you scam anyone with it, expect a big punishment.

2.) Selling/Trading Items for $(etc.) | Allowed
As in the outside world, we will allow trading/selling items in the game. Actually we cannot do anything about it and it is also not our business. We only provide service. Ypu can do whatever you guys want to between each other. This is an in game business!
So be cautious and careful! For your guys responsibility only!

3.) Job Cheating
Job Cheating | Forbidden Job Cheating is also known as "Contribution Cheating" and is usually done by thieves. It also includes spawning a pet in town as thief as well as other exploits. Using these bugs/exploits might get you permanently banned.

4.) Advertising other Servers | Forbidden | Permanent ban

5.) Racism, religious insults | Forbidden
We are not in the kindergarten though, we won't block someone for insulting. Try to solve it without reporting each other.

6.) Exploiting
The use of any kind of exploit to abuse the system will get you permanently banned.

7.) Don't cry for events!
Nothing is more annoying than the idiots who is nothing else but "EVENT PLEZ GM" in global for hours. It is more powerfully annoying for the GMs. Why? Because events aren't part of the game envorinment. It's just some occasional candy from the staff to the players. If you want to play here because there will be event every hour, don't even think about joining! Crying people will get a DC if they are annoying most of the people or the GM.

8.) Don't insult the staff!
We are people who do A F**K*NG LOT OF WORK to maintain the server and entertain you. Is this the honor that you wanna f**k our mothers or worse? Temporary ban will be provided, be cautious.

9.) Exchange bug | Forbidden
You will be warned first by the admin, then blocked for 5, then 7 days every time you use it.

10.) In case you get hacked/scammed.
It's not our responsibility to give you anything when you get scammed. We usually help you with in-game scams if we can. But we don't always record logs. If you report a scam days later, don't wonder if we can't help. Don't enter fake websites that say you can get sos and silk for free.
Don't believe kids with fake characters who say they are a GM and ask for your account. How can you even be fooled by this? Don't give your ID and PW to anyone. We have at least 2 people every week that cry for their chars scammed by his friend. You can't force us to change the password on your char.

11.) If you or your bot sells something to the NPC.
Adding anything in the game is against our policy. We won't be able to help with that. Sorry.

12.) Trading in the game
If you want to trade something with someone in the game, make sure you always pick a reliable middleman. If the buyer/seller is lvl 1, be very suspicious. Always go to an open place where you can see the characters around, always pay attention who you give something to. There are lots of
scams with fake name characters. If real money is involved in the trade, we might not be able to help you.

13.) Fake name characters
There have always been kids who think it's easier to steal than work for something. They create characters named similar to your friends' characters. If he exchanges you from nowhere, don't accept it. Make sure it's your friend, sometimes small L and big i can't be noticed, that's why check his char look too. But you had better not trust anyone, not even your friend.

14.) Stall "scam"
If you put something for a low price and someone else buys it, it's your fault, we can't force anyone to give it back. Be careful next time.

15.) Write us only if you speak proper english, german, hungarian, french.
We offer support in these languages. If you don't speak any of them, don't even write us, because we don't have time to guess what you want. Happens at least once every day. These letters won't be answered. The user will be blocked in case of spam. Normally you get an answer within 12 hours.

1. How do I know if the GM is corrupt or not?
- Our team consists of 2 guys. We both want the server to be succesful, neither of us wants to ruin it.
We are from the same country, but it doesn't mean we treat anyone in a different way. Every player is equal in our eyes. Even if you donate 100$ or not. Don't let yourself be fooled by the numbers, we are a professional team. (Everyone can say that, right?) We aren't kids either to promote all of our friends to GMs. No, it's not GM road. We are perfectly enough for it. Our goal isn't ripping off our players then close the server like others do it. Anyway, don't believe me, believe your eyes.

2. What does the GM spend the donations on?
- My first plan is (apart from upgrading the server if it is necessary) to buy a well-written website with a decent design.

3. How do I know if the server will not close in a month?
- You cannot know. We all cannot know. It is all up to you people, if you populate the server, it will be long living! We are not the type of server owners who get some money from the server and close instantly. We have been working on this for weeks. We will do everything to keep it open. One word: quality!

4. Pay2win, right?
- Sure! Oh f**k, I mean, no, no. There's nothing in the server you can't get without donating.

5. 63412 zerk titles buyable for silk?
- Maybe later we'll add some zerk titles you can choose from.

5. Balanced?
- Everything is in the original state as developed by Joymax.

6. Active GMs?
- Yes, in the background. We are constantly processing the feedback about the server and developing the parts of the game where we feel it necessary.

7. So there will be no event GMs?
- Yup! No people whose daily job is to entertain people. People can entertain themselves and eachother perfectly well like in every other normal game. So don't ask for events! There will be occasional events by the admin, but not by people who have nothing else to do. We take this very seriously, so don't bother crying.

8. Can I have your contact, GM?
- No, sorry. You can write us on facebook, on our official page. That's what we use for support. You will get an answer within 12 hours unless you spam or insult us.

9. Won't it be late for me to start after months?
- No, because that's the most beautiful in these kinds of servers, being weeks or months late means never a disadvantage. Since the alchemy rates aren't high, you won't meet +10 and +20 weapons at your arrival that seem impossible to achieve.

ZSZC Zone map:

  • - Usual bugs are fixed.
    - Stability and speed is provided by the Xeon processor and the 64gb rams.
    - In game exploit and injects are fixed.
    - Exterior and Interious firewalls are active.
    - Auto database backup in every hour.
    - Vsro files v.188

Dear elitepvpers user,
in case we typed something wrong, please let us know!
We thank you if you are upping this post and if we see you are really active and helpful you will get rewarded!
For insults and scams we will not respond! This server has been made for you guys not for us, we put a lot of effort in it.
You do not have to play on the server or donate! Everybody has their own will.
You can ask questions, but calmly and nicely otherwise we will ignore you!
Thank you guys!!
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Love this game ❤, Char name SoulsOwner build spear nuker.
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im in bro
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Im in >> Fiasca ✌️
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cap105, oldschool, zczc

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