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Rebellion Online | 100 CH/EU | High Competition | Insane Activity | G.O. 30 August

Discussion on Rebellion Online | 100 CH/EU | High Competition | Insane Activity | G.O. 30 August within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Cool Rebellion Online | 100 CH/EU | High Competition | Insane Activity | G.O. 30 August

Greetings, thou who have come from a far land. The arousal of thy curiosity is something we're delighted by. Welcome to the home of rebels, o how long we've waited for thy arrival, our Rebellion is not something we can allow those folk to take lightly, once thou decide to join us, thee must be prepared for a competition never seen before on other lands, do thou hast the sufficient valor? If so, let me introduce thou to ye comrades through this journey.

• The Mission
The mission we worked so hard to accomplish in Rebellion is divided into different sectors, every sector will be talked about individually in order to give you a better understanding of how well-planned Rebellion is, this is not just a Silk-Road private server, this is a project built to give you an euphoric taste of how administratively perfect a video game can be, stick to us for a chance to get that taste, or regret it forever!
• Stability
Of course, this sector had to come first. If there’s no stability, then it’s all in vain, and useless. In Rebellion, stability is more than guaranteed, stability is Rebellion, and Rebellion is stability. We’ve made sure to fill in all the small holes the so called little ants aka hackers can get through, anybody can block the biggest of holes, it’s all about the small ones!
• Fair-play
The second thing people look for after stability. Let’s say stability is guaranteed in all servers, cool, but what about fairness? In Rebellion, we don’t differentiate between people or worse, guilds, we’ll always treat everyone equally according to our rules, so make sure to read them thoroughly, or be at risk of being banned. Enjoy one of the fewest fair servers in this scene, Rebellion!
• Support
I only need to say one thing to describe it all, which is “24/7.” Nevertheless, details are important, Rebellion’s team is going to assist you any time of the day, in all languages, without a harsh attitude, you’re one of us, and we’re one of you, we’re all human after all. Our support team was picked with caution, awesome, isn’t it?
• Technical Information
To sum everything else up, let’s talk about technical-related stuff. Our Dedicated Server is one of the best options available, hosted in Central Europe for everyone to have a good ping, not to mention that it’s pretty pricy, our DDoS Protection is provided by HyperFilter, and it’s the most expensive package, Rebellion has unlimited resources, so expect 0 hardware-related issues!
• The Team
Rebellion's team was picked selectively, everyone with a role truly deserves it, and will definitely work to their fullest to maintain that role, make sure to treat them with respect, because they're always going to be there for your aid and assist!

After the Closed Beta, every single bug will not be left unscathed in the Open Beta, since it’s going to be divided into various phases to ensure everything is well tested and is ready to go!

  • Rewards
    Rebellion’s beta can’t be tedious, since after every beta phase has ended, most tables will be wiped in the database, and you’ll be getting a fresh start, giving you a fair, clean start in exchange is not enough, you’ll be rewarded for every critical bug discovery, aside from the various events that will be held during the beta.

  • Beta Events
    Beta is usually boring, as it really focuses on bugs and the flaws of a game, hence we decided to spice it up a little bit by adding few events to the beta phase as well as giving a chance for more on grand opening rewards. Every event winner will be rewarded on Grand opening day!
    Here is a our schedule for the events and a brief explanation

Finally, the time has come! Muster up the sufficient courage, prepare your lineup, arrange your army, square up to a series of abnormal events, this is it, your time to shine, the time for your skills to unfold, the time to show everyone what you’re really made of, our time to show you that giving us a chance was definitely not in vain, our time to give you a legendary experience!

  • Elite Epvpers Signature
    The easiest of events, all you have to do is use our signature here, thanks the main post, then giving us your feedback on the thread, whether it be positive or negative for a certain chance of winning a free [100] Silk out of 100 different winners!
    [CENTER][URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][/CENTER]
    [URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0, float: left][/IMG] 
    [B]Join our community discord server now![/B][/URL]
    Chat with Rebellion players and developers and give your suggestions.
    [URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0, float: left][/IMG]
    [B]Follow our Facebook page![/B][/URL]
    Stay updated and informed by our exclusive features and latest announcements.
  • Facebook Events
    A cataclysm of free silk given on a daily and weekly basis, but the certainty of winning depends solely on your luck. All you have to do is to like our , mark us as “See First” to ensure you don’t miss out on any events, and follow the steps of each event for a chance to win!

  • Discord Events
    Discord is a good environment for a healthy community, that’s why to encourage you to join our server, we’ve decided to randomly host rewarding events there, what are you waiting for?

  • Top 300 reaching the CAP
    Rebellion likes to reward its most active players, hence; the top [300] players to reach Lv100 will be rewarded with Silk depending on the following order:
    • 1~10: 400 Silks.
    • 11~100: 250 Silks.
    • 101~200: 150 Silks.
    • 201~300: 100 Silks.

  • First Unique Hunts
    The title speaks for itself, the first players to kill any of our unique monsters are going to be rewarded with [500] Silk.

  • [Last Man Standing] First Win
    Reach Lv100, participate in the first Last Man Standing event, get a taste of our madness, win, and earn [1,000] Silk.

  • [Survival Arena - Free For All] First Win
    Execute as many people as you can, stand at the top of the counter to earn [1,000] Silk alongside the original reward.

  • [The Maddness/War of Leagues] Unique
    Hunting normal unique monsters grant you [500] Silks, but hunting the unique monsters inside will grant you [1,000] Silk as they are designed for wars and endless fights!

Available Slots6000
EXP Solo30x
EXP Party30x
PC Limit2
IP Limit4
Job PC Limit1
Event PC Limit1
Permanent BuffsAvailable
Guild Limit24
Union Limit4
FortressJangan, Bandit & Hotan
Max Plus12
Devil Max Plus3

  • Starter Kit
    This kit will erase the boringness and unnecessary parts of Silkroad, have fun!
    • 2.000.000 Skill points
    • 1.000.000 Gold
    • 10k HP pots
    • 10k MP pots
    • 20x Beginner Reverse Return scroll
    • 20x High Speed Return scroll
    • 3 Days 110% Movement speed scroll
    • 3 Days Pick pet summon scroll

  • Auto-Equipment
    Auto Equipment has been a renowned feature for a very long time, and because of that, in Rebellion; we’ve developed an extra feature that will give you more ease of access, which is the refresh button, upon pressing that button, your character will be automatically teleported in the same place, giving you the higher degree equipment, instead of having to use scrolls of any type, or worse, re-logging.

  • Exchange, Stall, Exit & Restart
    Forget limitations in Rebellion, you won’t face any delays concerning Exchange, Exit, and Restart, but you won’t be able to use them in combat to ensure a fair gameplay experience

  • Anti-Cheat System
    Cheating is impossible in Rebellion, since it has a first-time to be seen system that was very hard to create, we advise you not to try any sorts of cheating, because you’ll inevitably be banned before succeeding in doing so, and we don’t plan on lifting bans from people who have attempted to cheat, so stay safe!

We are doing our last testing on it. This section will get updated before the open beta starts.

On the previous Rebellion, our menu was imbedded in the character information window, this time it has more flexibility, wonder how? Rebellion’s menu is now drag-able, meaning that you can drag it anywhere just like the mini-space bar, awesome, isn’t it?

One of the menu’s functions, upon obtaining or earning a new title, it will be displayed in the Title List, through that list, you’ll be able to switch titles instantly, without the need of teleporting.

Just like i-Sro, but even allowing bots to re-login safely. You won’t be able to login without the Secondary Passcode, there’s an option to stop requesting it on the same PC, it gets reset when your IP changes, though.

Tired of asking your Guild Master to change your grant name? well, why not change it yourself?
Note: Guild Master has to be online.

A challenger? Interesting in betting money on a fight? This is for you! Battle matching in Rebellion provides the ability to bid GOLD or SILK on your own fight with other players, guilds can bet on their dignity and honor too! Every bet is logged and shown to everyone, so make sure not to lose, or you will be laughed at!


Rebellion's lottery is quite different than other servers' lotteries. Here, it's an existing window in our menu, you can get participate in it with any amount of silk, every 1 silk you invest will be counted as an enhancement to your chance of winning. After the bidding period is over, the system is going to deduct 20~30% of the total silk as fees, which is a very realistic thing to do, then 3 winners are going to be announced, the first place is going to get 50% of the deducted silk, second place gets 30% of the deducted silk, and third place gets 20% of the deducted silk.

  • Main Town
    Our Main is going to be Donwhang, since it’s the most beloved town, and the one we’re all used to, in Rebellion, we want you to feel at home, that’s why we felt this was the best option to go with.

  • Available Towns and Areas
    We have got all towns ready and functioning, however with some tweaking! Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Constantinople, Mt. Roc., Kings Valley, Storm & Cloud Desert and Phantom Desert.

  • Spawn Ratio
    Rebellion's spawn ratio is fairly high along with large scale grinding areas. There is always a spot for everyone!

  • Samarkand and Constantinople
    Both towns have gotten customized with monsters of different levels to ensure a tidy, and smooth grinding, without the deficiency of any mobs.
    • Samarkand: 84~94
    • Constantinople: 92~99

  • Phanton Desert, Storm & Cloud desert and Kings Valley
    Three different deserts, all of them contain Lv100 monsters, and the last tier unique monsters. Everyone will have a spot to farm elixirs, stones, or even get lucky and drop a Malachite Box (SoS)!

Job Temple was obviously designed for jobbing activities, we've come to the recognition of how absurd transferring it to another map is. Want to know what's better? The entrances are in front of the main town, Donwhang, which will easily trigger Job Wars!

Understanding SoX rates, and the way to obtain them is really important for you to read, as Silk-Road is all about SoX. Read everything in this section carefully if you want to be at the top of the hierarchy!

TypeAtk/Def BoostReinforce Boost
Seal of Star+1.5%4
Seal of Hydra+2.5%8
Seal of Moon+3.5%14
Seal of Rebel+5%18

Below you can find all the information needed to learn how to get all sox tiers. some of them may not be available for a specified period to keep the server balanced, and alive for the longest time possible.

Seal of Star Weapon/set/accAvailableMalachite CrateDropable from all uniques.
Seal of Hydra Weapon/set/accAvailableSapphire CrateDropable from all uniques.
Seal of Star/Hydra ShieldAvailableUniquesDropable from last tier uniques & dungeons boss.
Seal of Moon weapon4 WeeksShipwreck FGWBy delivering the cards, only uniques drop cards.
Seal of Moon set/acc6 WeeksSoX NPCBuyable with collective amount of coins.
Seal of Rebel weapon8 WeeksSoX NPCBuyable with collective amount of coins.

This time, Rebellion is going to have moderate glows and effects, not too simple, and not too flashy.
SOX Effects

Alchemy is the one of the most beloved features in the Silk-Road despite the risk! Probably that's why it's one of the most loved features i suppose. Rates are not high, not too low either to ensure fun while fusing your items without the need to pull out a gun!
Plus Glows

We are not like those who have made the crate system bad or annoying, we only have 3 crates available, and they are pretty easy to understand their functionality. The crates only add items on success. If the crate’s result is a success, you will get teleported automtically on the same position of your character. Check out the screenshot below to learn about Rebellion Crates.

Below you can find all you need to learn about our crates. Specific rates are given in other sections meant for them.

Golden beryl CrateObtainable from all uniques.
Malachite CrateObtainable from all uniques, dungeons & specific events.
Sapphire CrateObtainable from specific uniques & dungeons.

Crate boost scroll: Special item that is being sold by our special NPC for 50 million gold. It has the ability to boost your crate success rate by 5% for a fixed amount of time, which is 5 minutes.

An interface that’ll let you overview your statistics as a jobber, and it’s definitely going to make you a better soldier!

Trader: pays almost 30 millions for each 5* run but well rewarded with 65 millions as total earrnings and 4 jobbing money.
Hunter: 4 millions profit on each trader delievered successfully to town and 1 jobbing money.
Thief Solo: 16 millions for stealing 5* and 2 jobbing money.
Thief Party: 22 millions will be distributed equally on all party members and 1 jobbing money for each member.

A mixture of your beloved wanted feature, with the jobbing statistics interface, you’ll be able to view your K/D Ratio, and seek better dominance! Read the following list to know what each Wanted level rewards you with:

Level 1: 11~22 kills, 2% Physical/Magical damage increase and 2% movement speed increase.
Level 2: 23~36 kills, 3% Physical/Magical damage increase and 4% movement speed increase.
Level 3: 37~52 kills, 4% Physical/Magical damage increase and 5% movement speed increase.
Level 4: 53~70 kills, 5% Physical/Magical damage increase and 6% movement speed increase.
Level 5: 71~ kills, 6% Physical/Magical damage increase and 7% movement speed increase.

Fame, competition is only desired when the reward is fame, for each kill you make while in Wanted mode, your name will be written globally in Rebellion!
Note, your wanted buff will be available only under job mode.

Effects: We thought that the wanted icon above your character is not enough to symbolize your ruthlessness, therefore; we've added various visual effects that are shown on the character itself! The effects are dependent on your level. Dominate, slaughter, and enjoy the bloodshed!

Wanted Effects

  • Leave Penalty
    Leave penalty has got reduced to 3 days instead of 7.

  • Pet Termination [Traders]
    Any kind of pet termination inside or near safe zones while holding goods has got disabled to ensure a bugless game-play.

  • Pet Spawn [Thieves]
    Pets cannot be spawned inside or near safe zones to ensure a bugless game-play.

  • Trace
    For a proper job system and un-cheatable jobbing experience, we have disabled the ability to trace normal characters, because when you do so; the possibility of breaking down the caravan’s formation lessens drastically.

Hunting unique monsters is an interesting feature of Silkroad, but they’re much more interesting in Rebellion Online. They are the reason why we’ve innovated our SoX system, and they drop a variety of special crates, as well as boosting your rank in the hierarchy. Yet, some of them aren’t that powerful, so you have to be the first to find them, the others are tough enough to hunt you instead! Below, you will find all you need to know about their drops, power-level, spawn time, and more.

Unique NameLevelLocationDurationGolden beryl CrateMalachite CrateSapphire CrateIron Coin
Tiger Girl 20 Tiger Mountain 60~120 minutes 20% 5% - 1
Cerberus 24 near Jangan town 60~120 minutes 20% 5% - 1
Captain Ivy 30 near Donwhang town 60~120 minutes 20% 5% - 2
Uruchi 40 Tarim Basin 60~120 minutes 20% 5% - 2
Rage Cloud 50 near Hotan town 60~120 minutes 30% 8% - 3
Isyutaru STR/INT 60 Karakoram 60~120 minutes 40% 10% - 3
Taishan Monster STR/INT 70 around the Dark Cave 90~150 minutes 50% 10% - 4
Lord Yarkan STR/INT 80 Taklamakan 90~150 minutes 60% 20% - 4
Demon Shaitain STR/INT 90 MT. Roc 90~150 minutes 80% 40% - 5
Apis 100 Kings Valley 4~5 hours 1x 1x 60% 8
Thief Boss Kalia STR 100 Storm and Cloud Desert 4~5 hours 2x 1x 60% 8
Karkadan 100 Phantom Desert 4~5 hours 2x 2x 80% 10

Custom Uniques

Poleaxe Gladiator is a newly designed global unique, he’s strong, and ruthless enough to slay you with a single attack! Poleaxe Gladiator has the best drops compared to any other unique in Rebellion, feeling excited to challenge him?

Specifications and drops
Spawn LocationAll over the map
Spawn DurationTwice a day
Golden beryl Crate4
Malachite Crate4
Sapphire Crate2
100 Silk Scroll4
Iron Coin16

The unique monsters in Job Temple are very important, aside from their good drops, they have the ability to trigger Job Wars between Traders-Hunters, and Thieves!

Unique NameLocationDurationGolden beryl CrateMalachite CrateSapphire Crate100 Silk ScrollIron Coin
AnubisSanctum of PunishmentTwice a day231412
IsisSanctum of AtonementTwice a day231412
SelketSanctum of RestrictionTwice a day231412
NeithSanctum of Blue EyeTwice a day231412

One word, Shipwreck, the best instance for Forgotten World, its atmosphere is enough to send chills down your spine, not to mention that you’ll be rewarded with crates when you kill the unique(s) roaming inside, aside from it being the only source to obtain Moon Weapon cards!

Unique NameGolden beryl CrateMalachite CrateSapphire CrateCopper Coin
Ghost Beast/Gultton 1* 25% 18% - 50%
Ghost Beast/Gultton 2* 40% 30% 10% 1
Ghost Beast/Gultton 3* 60% 60% 30% 2
Ghost Beast/Gultton 4* 80% 80% 60% 4
Ghost Sereness 1* 80% 80% 20% 2
Ghost Sereness 2* 1 1 60% 4
Ghost Sereness 3* 2 3 1 8
Ghost Sereness 4* 4 6 2 16

In other words, the ancient Egyptian temple, the temple where most Egyptian legends were buried, and their souls are also roaming inside, if you’re brave enough to get in there, you’ll be rewarded with crates, aside from it being the only source to obtain the Seal of Star/Hydra Shield.

All uniques on each level has the following drop rates.
LevelStar ShieldHydra ShieldGolden beryl CrateMalachite CrateSapphire CrateCopper Coin
Beginner 5% 3% 40% 30% 20% 80%
Intermediate 5% 3% 80% 75% 40% 2
Advance 5% 3% 1 1 80% 3

A dungeon experience you'll get addicted to, once you get inside; you're going to find Elite monsters scattered through the map on different points, once you've slain them all; the boss unique is going to appear, this dungeon will be one of your methods of obtaining various crates, and a tempting amount of elixirs, and stones!

All elite monsters drop a high amount of elixirs and stones. Below you can find the boss unique drops.
Golden beryl Crate2
Malachite Crate4
Sapphire Crate2
Iron Coin8

This NPC will be your guide to Rebellion's events, meaning that you’ll head to it whenever you need to check the event schedule, through this schedule; you'll be notified with the timing of events, to prevent missing any of them, this is a new & cool interface. After memorizing the schedule, you can register through the same NPC to our events, instead of the [BOT] method, which is now very old fashioned. Apart from all the mentioned points, this NPC is going to contain a shop for the Arena Coins you earn from the events. Awesome, right?

Whoever participates joins in an area, and the fight starts, those 5 with the highest score win various rewards! There’s going to be a player counter inside, and Survival Arena has its own Ranking.

1st Place: 12x Arena Coin, Malachite crate and 140 Silk.
2nd Place: 8x Arena Coin and 80 Silk.
3rd Place: 5x Arena Coin and 60 Silk.
Anti-Cheat: You can farm multiple kills from the same opponent but if our anticheat system caught you, instant ban from survival arena will be given for 3 days.
Duration: 11 minutes, the first minute will be a stalemate, meaning that no one will be able to attack each other.
Functionality: Hidden Player and Guild names.

Two randomly matched teams are going to face each other (8vs8 Event), the purpose of this event is killing your opponents, and hunting the Pandora Boxes which takes 30~60 seconds. The team with the highest points by the end of the event’s duration is going to win. Pandora Boxes are limited on spawn. Styria Clash has its own Ranking.

Opponent Kill: 10 points.
Pandora Box Hunt: 100 points.
Reward: 6x Arena Coins for each member in the winning team. 2x Arena Coins for each member in lose team.


An unlimited amount of players will be matched against each other in an area, and the one who survives, wins! Despite the high mass, the ping will remain low! There’s going to be a player counter inside. Last Man Standing has its own Ranking.

Reward: 16 Arena coins, 180 Silk and Malachite Crate.
Duration: 11 minutes, the first minute will be a stalemate, meaning that no one will be able to attack each other.
Functionality: Hidden Player and Guild names.

Battle Royale is a hard event to code, you’ll rarely find it in other servers, but rest assured, we have succeeded in coding it! Rebellion’s Battle Royale is going to be different and unique, a one of a kind event, and we’ve chosen the best area to hold this event, and like we’ve accustomed you to, there’s no limit to the amount of participants that can take part in the event. Battle Royale has its own Ranking!

Area: Jupiter Mirror
Server: Live Server, we don’t need an alternative server to hold the event.
Registration: Through Battle Master NPC

Start: Lv100, naked with a custom hammer, and you get to choose whether to start with an European or a Chinese character while registering.

Snow Slave: Random spawn rate, but when they’re all killed, they won’t respawn until the next storm, and will spawn in the safe zone.
Copper Chest: You’ll find this box scattered in the Jupiter Area, and it drops low-tier items.
Jewel Chest: You’ll find this box scattered in the Jupiter Area, and it drops high-tier items.
Statistics: You’ll find a brand new interface when you’re inside the event area containing the amount of players alive, and how many kills you’ve gained.
Functionality: Player and guild names hidden. In-game and website ranking.

Reward: 800 Silks for the winner!

An NPC that’s developed to give you access to job, and PvP free fight areas, Rebellion wants to give you a heads up, if you don’t have the guts for this insanity, stay away!

Get inside an enclosed area through the War Senator NPC, PVP capes will automatically be equipped, the war starts, and the unique killer gets special rewards! You’ll register into this event through the NPC War Senator.*

Drops: 4x 100 silks and 4x Malachite Crate.

Get inside an enclosed area through the War Senator NPC, you have to be wearing a Job Suit in order to get inside, once the event starts, a Unique is going to spawn, and whoever kills it will win.

Drops: 4x 100 silks and 4x Malachite Crate.

  • Capture The Flag
    The renowned Capture The Flag event, Joymax has really invented their whole brain to do it, yet they failed on rewarding the players with worthy items. In Rebellion, CTF will reward you with 1 Ice Trophy per kill, and 4 Arena Coins per win. You can then trade Ice Trophies for Arena Coins with the ratio of 10:1 CTF has its own Ranking.

  • Battle Arena
    Best of the best, Battle Arena and its various types is the most enjoyable event in the history of the Silk-Road. It's available with Random/Party points matching type in Rebellion! BA has its own Ranking!

  • Trivia
    A nice trivia from time to time is always nice to alleviate the heat of the grind. Especially when it's rewarding, Answer the question and you will be rewarded. Be the efirst to answer and earn 25 Silks.

  • Kill The GM
    A GM character will be spawned at an announced location, The killer will be rewarded with 75 silks, 3 rounds.

  • Hide & Seek
    A GM character will be spawned globally on the land of Rebellion with various hints given out over a specific span of time, whoever finds him first, wins 60 silks!

  • Lucky Party Number
    Feeling lucky? Well, create a party number and you might be win 40 Silks.

  • Search & Destroy
    A global monster that appears globally on the land of Rebellion, Search for it, and destroy it for the reward. A single hint is given on spawn with the meant area! 60 Silks.

  • Alchemy
    Feeling lucky? Participate and be the first to reach the required plus, and get 120 Silks!

  • Player Points
    As the title states, the better your gear, the higher your rank will be, pimp your equipment if you want to remain at the top, and if you’re high-ranked, you’re going to earn a special title!

  • Guild Points
    This is what most guilds show off, your union better be high-ranked, or you’ll be laughed at by the rest of the guilds!

  • Unique Hunting
    Based on Unique hunting, you’ll earn points depending on the unique’s strength and level. Show us who’s the best hunter!

  • Jobbing
    One of the most interesting ranks in Rebellion, it’s based on how active you are at jobbing, if you’re good enough; you’ll earn a special title and a unique buff!

  • Alchemy
    Of course, we couldn’t forget our beloved Alchemy Freaks! Show them who’s the craziest Alchemist!

  • Events
    This ranking will be dependent on Event wins, if you want to be ranked; win as many events as you can, this will need a lot of dedication, though, for further information, head to the events section.

In order to make use of every single feature Silkroad has to offer, an implementation was made to anything you can think of, an implementation that’ll reward you with Honor Points for your activities, meaning that the more active you are, the higher in the Honor ladder you’ll climb, Honor Points are earned by participating in all kind of activities such as unique hunting, event kills, pimping various equipment, jobbing, job kills, guild wars, fortress war, and even dungeons. There’s going to be an explanation below to how to earn Honor Points in Rebellion.

Having Honor Buffs puts you at the top, they're the embodiment of strength, that's why they are now distributed among the Top 20 players of each job only, meaning that there's going to be 60 players with honor buffs!
  • Unique Hunting
    • Tiger Girl/Cerberus: 1 point.
    • Captain Ivy/Uruchi: 2 points.
    • Rage Cloud: 3 points.
    • Isyutaru: 4 points.
    • Taishan Monster: 5 points.
    • Lord Yarkan: 6 points.
    • Demon Shaitain: 8 points.
    • Apis: 10 points.
    • Thief Boss Kalia: 15 points.
    • Karkadan: 15 points.
    • Anubis: 15 points.
    • Isis: 15 points.
    • Neith: 15 points.
    • Selket: 15 points.
    • Black Tortoise: 20 points.
    • Togui Elder: 20 points.
    • Poleaxe Gladiator: 30 points.

  • Job Kills
    For every last hit you land, you’ll receive [1] Point from the opponent you've slain, and for every death, your slayer will earn [1] Point from you, and before you even think about it, there’s a very enhanced Anti-Cheat System implemented that made the idea of cheating impossible, when you’re caught cheating; all of your Job Points are going to be removed, set to [0], and you won’t be able to earn Job Points for the rest of the day! Any information regarding the mechanism of this Anti-Cheat System is very classified, and is unknown to everyone except for Muhab, so don’t bother asking!

  • Job Goods
    By delivering 5* goods, you will get a specific amount of points as listed below:
    • Trader: 2 points
    • Thief: 0.4 points
    • Hunter: 0.5 points

  • Event Wins
    • Madness Unique: 20 points
    • War of Leagues Unique: 20 points

  • Alchemy
    Only applied to our SoX.
    • +7: 2 points
    • +8: 4 points
    • +9: 8 points
    • +10: 12 points
    • +11: 16 points
    • +12: 20 points

  • Dungeons
    • Shipwreck: 8-20 points for killing the boss unique.
    • Holy Water Temple: 1~4 points for killing each unique.
    • Shambhala Unique: 6 points.

    Note: The amount of points you receive from each activity is subject to change with a prior notice to our dear players.

  • Guild Start Level
    To make it easy to regroup your mates, start level has been set to 5 which is the max level as well!

  • Leave Penalty
    Penalty has been reduced to 1 day instead of 3.

  • Limits
    Guild limit is 24 members per guild, union limit is 4 guilds per union.

  • Guild Point Donations
    For security reasons, we have disabled G.P. donations.

  • Union Chat Limit
    It's not limited anymore, you can grant all your guild members the access to use union chat!

  • PC Limit
    As stated above our limit is 2 characters per session, however when while in fortress war just one account can enter. In short, fortress war is limited to one character per session, yet you can sill have your alt outside there.

  • Kill Counter
    We’ve tweaked this interface to show both top player kills, and top guild kills, this feature is dedicated to those who like to show off their superiority, and it’s definitely going to be a good thing to mention in an individual or guild montage!

  • Available Fortresses
    Jangan, Hotan and Bandit.

  • Structures
    Their defense and HP has got empowered to ensure better Fortress War game-play with proper competition and mass fights!

*to be updated*

  • Fellow Pets
    Yup, they are available to take the fight by your side and increase your abilities! Not yet, you will find a bunch of new looking pets that will encourage you for battling!

  • Pick Pets
    Available in two pages and new looks! They are just here to make sure you are picking your valuable drops.

  • Custom Scrolls
    • Silk scrolls [50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000]
    • Character name changer
    • Skills Reset
    • Stats Reset
    • Skills & Stats Reset
    • Job penalty remover
    • Guild penalty remover
    • Model Switcher
    Annoying CAPTCHA, it has got disabled. It wouldn't be time-saving to keep CAPTCHA enabled, would it?

  • Launcher, Loading Screens, Start Screens
    New designed interfaces makes us feel much better and seeking for a new journey. That's why we have redesigned them to keep you happy!

  • Thunder Audio
    The scary thunder and rain audio that comes out from nowhere has got removed.

  • Astrals
    Astrals has got removed from Rebellion.

***Some values might not be the final, we will be doing our best to suit the economy during Beta phase!
***Some content or features may have not added, we will be reviewing and updating the thread on a daily base for now!

Rebellion Team

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#Reserved for future updates.

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We love a spicy project.
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Old 03/20/2019, 17:34   #4
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thats hot

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at last , and ofc am in
IGN :MidNight
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Let's get some Fun.
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Good luck my dear friend @
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What a ugly textures in that new town.
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Let's get some Fun !
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Great team, i love this game
name in game: _BackFlip_
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Originally Posted by yasin0841 View Post
Let's get some Fun !

Chat with Rebellion players and developers and give your suggestions.

Stay updated and informed by our exclusive features and latest announcements.
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Omg, am I dreaming? This is exactly what should be done with a server.

I hope you the best, it looks like an amazing team to be honest.
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Good luck friends!
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I see you fam, best of luck!

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rebellion, rebellion online, silkroad, sro, the era of triumph

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