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PureETN - Cap100|EU/CH|Open 22/03/2019|Runesystem, Crafting, the Diablo II-Union

Discussion on PureETN - Cap100|EU/CH|Open 22/03/2019|Runesystem, Crafting, the Diablo II-Union within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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PureETN - Cap100|EU/CH|Open 22/03/2019|Runesystem, Crafting, the Diablo II-Union

Join us on a tour through this thread and get to know us and our server!

Important Notice, please read!!!

PureETN - Teaser by wiNt

Who we are.

PureETN is a whole new server. Our team consists of some experienced guys which where working for other (also big) servers since 2012. In reallife, we are software-developers and everyone is 25+ years old. This means, we are professionals in developing, communicating and troubleshooting.

Some words about PureETN.

PureETN is a fresh server based on vSRO .188 - Files. PureETN is a mixed CH-EU - Server with some really special and never-seen-before - Features. We bring two great games together - Silkroad and Diabolo. You are interested? Don't wait and read this thread

Our goal.

A great and simple gameplay and satiesfied players without overedited stuff. That's short, isn't it? There's nothing more to say

Our way.

Maybe you ask yourself, why should PureETN be something special? Within this thread, you will read about all our great features, but also something about our public bugtracker, the extended statistics and our roadmap. The roadmap is our way to tell you our futureplans for PureETN. There are fixed schedules for our content-updates. Everything is ready and tested, there won't be any delays in delivering our gamecontent. Except any unexpected security-patches, there won't be any serverinspections or downtimes until a new release goes live based on this roadmap.

One really important issue is this play2win / pay2win - thing. To avoid any pay2win - discussions, we provide a huuuuge amount of free stuff. Not every player is willing or able to pay any buck. But we need everyone of you, independent of your financial background. There are so many ways to get that paid content only by playing PureETN. Silk/h, Silkitems for gold, silkitems for arenacoins, Silkitems for jobbing,Silkitems @ ETN-Boxes, Silk for eventwinners. There are, even for donators, some ways to get cheaper silkitems. Just read this thread, especially the topic "PurePoints & Silktitems". Same chances for everyone! #makeitequaleagain


Mature people giving Credits for other peoples input, so we do This is also our way to say "thank you", not only doing copypastayolonaise.

Registration: [Already enabled!]

Beta phase: [15th March 2019]

Our open Beta starts on 15th March 2019 18:00 UTC and will last for 4 days. Within this stage, we ask you, the players, to test some features.
The first part will be regular leveling. Here you can test the rates and our autoequipment (the best out there)
The second part will be jobbing and pvp. You start with last-tier equipment and we ask you again to test our skillchanges and the jobsystem. The first 15 Level 100 players are honored with 250 free SilkPoints (from now on called PurePoints).
Every reported bug and suggestion will getting reviewed by the team. If any changes are neccessary, you can track the progress by our public bugtracker. This feature is also explained within this thread. Theres also a special ingame-title for our active Beta-Testers.

Client download. [14th March 2019]

The client will be available on 14th March 19:00 UTC. We will also announce it on all of our medias like Discord, Facebook, our homepage and here! This client will also be the one for the grand opening.

Grand opening: [22nd March at 19:00 UTC]

Our Grand Opening will be on 22nd March at 19:00 UTC. All Accounts from the Beta will stay, so there's no need for a re-register. If someone made a donation, the PurePoints will getting restored. Of course, characters and items will getting wiped.

Cap 100
Race Chinese and Europe
Slots 8000
Masteries Chinese 330, Europeens 200
Solo experience/Skill point rates 40x
Main town Donwhang
Fortresses war Jangan, Bandit, Hotan
Max plus +12
Battle arena Active
Capture the flag Active
Auto equipment Active
Permanent buffs Active
PC Limit 2
IP Limit 4

Skill changes:

As you all know, a mixed server is not easy to handle. We tried to add some minor changes to PureETN's skillsystem. Please follow this link to take a look at our GoogleDocs-Sheet.
If you have any suggestions, we are always open-minded for your opinions!

Special Grinding areas:
  • Kings Valley | 90+ level monsters.
  • Salt Desert | 98+ level monsters.
  • Flaming Tree | 90+ level monsters.
  • Kirk | 90+ level monsters.
  • Mirror Dimension | 90+ level monsters.
  • Arabia Coast | 90+ level monsters.
  • Phantom Desert | 90+ level monsters

  • Flag Manager | Donwhang.
  • ENT Special NPC | Donwhang.

Our protection consists of two parts: The DDOS-Protection by Hyperfilter and a really, really great exploitfilter running on Linux with great features.
The following section consists of only some important features, there are way more of them.

  • 2 in General
  • 1 while Jobbing
  • 1 at Battle Arena
  • 1 at Capture the flag
  • 1 while equipping PVP-Cape
  • 1 at Fortress War

Lock your char to prevent any kind of scamming! Simply type "$System !lock <password>", thats all. Same way for unlocking your character.

Union & Guild-Limits:
We decided to limit the maximum players per guild by 32. We also limited the maximum number of guilds within a union to 3.

A selection of some more filter restrictions:
  • Tracing method is disabled while jobbing.
  • Using reverse is disabled while jobbing.
  • Delays at exchange request.
  • Delays at stall creation.
  • Disconnect when > 120 seconds no movement at battle arena.
  • Minimum player level at battle arena > 95.

(Release on 1st contentupdate, check the Roadmap)

The most exciting feature from Diabolo II implemented in PureETN.
Are you bored from coins? So are we.
On your way to your endgame-weapon you have to meet the runesystem. It works really simple.
You will drop different Level 98 weapons. For example, there are 4 Level 98 Blades. The very basic one and 3 with two, three or four rune slots. The associated Runes are obtainable from ETN-Boxes, Holy-Water-Temple and jobbing (please refer to the topic "Jobsystem").

There are also 3 different runegrades: Common, Magic and Rare. A weapon with 2 runeslots requires 2 Common-Runes. A weapon with 3 runeslots requires 3 Magic-Runes and so on.

After you collected the weapon and the associated Runes, visit your Characterpanel at our homepage. Now you can use the "Runeexchanger".
Weapons with 2 and 3 Runeslots will gain three special Socketskills. They are nearly random and not predictable. All Stats and your plus will stay as it is. You can't retry fusing with this weapon. If you are not satisfied with your gained skills, take another weapon and runes.

To gain the endgear-weapon, which means the SoM "Purified"- Weapon, you need a weapon with 4 Runeslots and 4 Rare-Runes. This combination will reward you with a new item and 3 astonishing Socketskills. If you are not satisfied with your skills, collect more runes and fuse it again with your "Purified"-Weapon. Maybe you have more luck next time Please bear in mind, in case of getting a whole new weapon, your plus and blues will be gone. All the whitestats gonna be replaced by random ones. So even here is a chance to gain some incredible white-stats.

How to exchange Runes :)

Please consider, this system is 100% luckbased. You guys'n'gals won't be able to figure out the perfect combinations. There are 10x Common-, 20x Magic- and 20x Rare-Runes. And take care, it's possible the Skills won't match your build or weapon.

This whole system is based on your holy fortune...

A full list of possible Skills is here. [GoogleDocs Spreadsheet]

As you can see, there are all in all 27 skills with each 3 levels. Skillgroup means, you can get only one Skill per skillgroup. For example, Heavenly Light + Painfull Heart is not possible.
The most powerfull skills are the combinated skills like Flare of Lightning. These combinated skills are marked with "combination restricted". This restriction avoids getting more than 1 combinated skill on your weapon. We really love this system and we hope you love it, too!

(Release on 2nd contentupdate, check the Roadmap)

The craftingsystem follows the same path like the runesystem: No coins, no points!
To gain your endgame-equipment, you have to do some crafting. No worries, this feature is not luckbased. Just drop the tablet from monsters, the required elements and fuse your item.
There are 2 Sets for each geartype. If you own all 6 parts, you'll be granted with a cool new permanent buff which matches your equipment-set. The only thing you need to do is teleporting after wearing all 6 items. if you unequip them, you'll loose your buff.

As you can see, this system doesn't require any annoying coins aswell.

All the required items are available from drops, boxes, dungeons and quests. We really hope you like this new path. We try to avoid implementing a lot of boring stuff

Another great and never-seen-before - feature is waiting for you. This game without jobsystem? No way! We found some awesome innovations, we bet you love 'em! But at first, the really common part. There are 20 Joblevels. Nothing special But do you remember the old weekly jobreward from iSro? It's back on a daily basis with individual rates for traders, hunters and thiefs. You'll gain your daily goldreward at the webstorage each night at 00:05 UTC. With this way, we are able to close the reward-gap between all three jobs.

Now let's talk about the fancy part
Trading for coins is sooooo booooring, isn't it? Trading for only gold is boring, too. What about trading for items and scrolls, silkitems and especially runes? Oh yes, as mentioned in our introduction, you can gain silkitems while trading. Maybe you wondered yourself about this new progressbar at your characterpanel. This Progressbar shows your daily limit for the additional goldreward.
But what happens when this progressbar reaches 100%? Your character will jump into the "JobOverflow"! From now on, you won't gain additional gold anymore (until the reset at 00:05 UTC next day). In this phase, you will see the 2nd progressbar filling up in your characterpanel. With each job-exp, this progressbar will fill up. After reaching 100%, you'll be rewarded with a random item from an itempool. This itempool contains silkitems, scrolls, ETN-Boxes and runes.
Now the progressbar gets resetted and will fill up again while jobbing. All in all there are 20 stages to reach. These stages are also visible ingame by a buff (only for visual purposes). But hey, take care: as mentioned above, there is a daily progressbar. This progressbar
needs everytime to be filled up before your jump again into the "JobOverflow".
The JobOverflow resets to Stage 0 once a week (Monday 00:05 UTC Servertime), so every player (even there is way no time to play 24/7) gets the chance to reach all 20 Stages within 7 days.

We want to give everyone same chances. If you are not able to donate, no worries, just do some jobbing. Or a lot of jobbing... Simply do it

The jobtemple is important for you players to get some ETN-Boxes. Custom-Jobquests are one of our first updates. These quests gonna reward you with elements for the upcoming craftingsystem. The jobuniques are dropping several boxes, so don't miss the possibility to get a lot of runes and items (please read the topic "ETN-Boxes" for more information). And don't forget to do the regular jobquests. Without them your fraction won't be allowed to join the uniquerooms.
For your information: Anubis is only available as [STR]-Unique, so this kill will generally go to a STR-focused character.

To bring some life into the war between Traders, Hunters and Thiefs, our Honorranking runs with jobkills. But only jobkills within the jobtemple are counted. To avoid cheating, only 3 kills on the same enemy effecting the killcounter per day.

At PureETN, there are several jobdresses for each fraction. These jobdresses are available in 3 different types. The basic one can be worn with joblevel 1, the others with higher joblevels. After wearing one of our jobdresses, you'll gain some cool socketskills on these items. As higher the jobdress-level, the higher your socketskill-level.

Last but not least, there's again one absolutely new feature: don't lose your joblevel anymore! It's so annoying.... You played so much to reach your joblevel, but after switching to another fraction, doing some jobbing, you feel like you need to do your old job again. Maybe your whole guild wanna switch the job because of the general jobsituation. At PureETN, your old joblevel gonna be saved. Just pm our [BOT]Support with "!savejob" BEFORE leaving and your joblevel will be saved. After switching back to your saved job and relog, you'll regain your joblevel. It's possible to save all 3 jobs together. This means, your character is able to have 3 different levels (for example Trader Level 9, Hunter Level 12 and Thief Level 7). This could also be important for the achievementsystem. So cool, isn't it?

(Itemrelease on 3rd contentupdate, check the Roadmap)

Since there are already two great systems for your weapon and the endgear-equipment, we have decided to use an oldschool-way for your shield and the accessories. While spending some time at Forgotten World, you will find all in all 10 cards. With these cards you'll be able to gain different things. At first, you need to find the regular 10th degree cardset. These cards can be exchanged at your characterpanel on our homepage. For the regular 8 cards you can choose between chinese or european accessory-set. But what about the shield now? Just collect the two new cards and exchange all 10 cards for your desired chinese or european "Purified"-shield.

Within the first couple of weeks, you can go into the Holy Water Temple to gain your 3rd Zerktitle or just kill some uniques to collect ETN-Boxes. Within the 1st serverupdate (check the "Roadmap") we gonna implement some daily quest which will reward you with elixirs and additional ETN-Boxes.

That's a really simple system At first, there aren't any Seal of Sun - items activated. There are also no Seal of Moon - Drops. The best gear is the "Purified"-items which are basically Seal of Moon + 2.
Seal of Star, which is basically 10th degree last tier +1, is available through our special Diamond-Boxes (please refer to the topic "ETN-Boxes" for detailed information).

The rest of the SoX-System have already been explained on "Runesystem", "Craftingsystem" and "Forgotten-World / Holy Water Temple".

We tried to find some nice, but simple glows without any disco-bling-bling-stuff. We hope you like them
Weapon Glows

So many players, so many likings. Not everyone loves these "oldschool" - models from the regular 10th degree weapons.
That's the reason why we added all in all 7 different Models to the 10th degree.
You can choose between 10th, Egy A, Egy B, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th degree.
Our modelswitchers are only available for the "Purified"-weapon and -shield.

Later on, you will also be able to switch your weapon to another, for example a bow to a sword. We have also different versions of this switcher: You can choose to switch the style without taking stats, blues and plus. But you can also say: You only want to save your plus, or all stats for your new model. If you don't want to spend to much, simply use the smallest switcher. It's up to you

Let's try to make a long story short. We have added some boxes in different grades with different itempools. These boxes are dropable from uniques, rewards from quests and events.

The itempools are very large with different possiblities for each item. For example, there are Immortal Stones (with the possiblity to win an whole immo-stack), Runes, Premium Plus Tickets, Silkscrolls and really rare pets which are only obtainable from these boxes.

After opening a box, you'll get the reward added into your storage. Every box wins, theres no general "success"-rate at all. The difference between the grades are some special items and the stack-size of some rewards.

1. Ruby Treasure

2. Topaz Treasure

3. Zircon Treasure

4. Crystal Treausre

5. Diamond Treasure

In case of balancing, we are able to change items and rarities straight without any serverrestart/update.

We offer you a really long list of obtainable achievements. These achievements are rewarded with titles, PurePoints, and items. Just visit your characterpanel at our homepage and you will see a full summary of your achievements. But be carefull, some of these achievements are so-called "Onetime-" or "First-Achievements". They are only 1 time available for all of you players. Be fast. Be the first. Get the one and only title!

The achievementlist will get extended within the server's life. Currently there are around 400 achievements with more than 200 obtainable titles.

Before we talk about the important things, I'll explain the really common part.
At PureETN, you have the freedom to kill around 70 different uniques. Each unique got his pendant [STR]-Version. Even Medusa will spawn every 8h as an [STR]-Version. We have also activated autospawns for the Jupiter-uniques at Mirror Dimension.

All the uniques gonna drop ETN-Boxes in different possiblities and grades. And no, that's not all. There is a really huge amount of Achievements for uniques. Check out the section "Achievements".

We've got an awesome serverunique called "Ventura" with more than 800 different spawnpoints all over the map! This unique is big, strong and got a lot of great drops such as Zircon-, Crystal- and Diamond Treasures.

Ventura spawns every 8h, be sure to get him with a whole party, he is really strong!

The next cool unique is "Rishka". This unique is a new jobunique and will throw you into a huge jobwar! Rishka spawns at our "Job Arena" (check Donwhang teleport) and is free for all. This means: Traders, Hunters and Thiefs are able to join this arena together to kill Rishka.
We think you can imagine what's going on there... Get your mates prepared!

All important uniquetimers are available at our homepage. If you join our discordserver, you'll get notificated right after any uniquespawn and uniquekill.

As mentioned before, the one and only currencies at PureETN are PurePoints and Gold. I don't think we have to mention how you can gain gold. But why not... traditional jobbing, daily jobreward, selling items, grinding monsters and so on.

The way to gain PurePoints are waaaaay more diverse. You can gain silk and silkitems by jobbing, buying them with gold, getting silkitems from boxes, buying silkscrolls for gold, winning silk and silkitems on events.

We have added some nice daily and weekly lotteries. The daily lottery is available for PurePoints. Just buy the scroll at the Item-Mall and win up to 1000 silks daily.

The next available lottery was designed for Immortal Stones 10th Degree. Buy the ticket, use it and win directly between 1 and 10 Immo-Stones.

But thats not all
There are two big weekly lotteries for silk and gold. Buy the tickets at the Web-Mall and try to win the Jackpot! The jackpot's size is absolutely dynamic. The more people participate, the higher the jackpot!

We have added some Special Items like Monthly Packs with Premium, Clocks, Scrolls, Beginner Packs with Premium, Pet, Angel/Devil, Scrolls for discounted prices.

More Specials:
  • Modelswitchers
  • Custom Title
  • Dresspacks with discount
  • Devil/Angel Genderswitcher
  • Resetscrolls (SP, Guild, Job)
  • 7d 100% Speed
  • Godbless with Wings and 28d 100% Speed
  • Immopack with discount
  • Custom Fellowpets
  • Charname-Change
  • ...and much more...

Events are important, but only if they are made with passion! That's why we decided to add only two automatic events. These automatic events are the really common Hide & Seek and Search & Destroy.
All the other events, like servertrades, riddles, lucky party number, uniqueevents, kill the GM and so on are made by our EventManagers.

In our opinion, this is way more entertaining than playing with stupid eventbots only.

We have also integrated an eventcalendar on our homepage. Here you can see all the upcoming scheduled events made by our EventManagers.

PureETN... a special server with a special page! Nearly everything we wanted to get into the web have been implemented.
Auctionhouse. Webstorage. Webmall. Fully integrated custom Forum. Different Exchangers. Ticketsystem. Achievementsummary. Messagesystem. Detailled Rankings.

Holy moly... Too much to count, the best and most interactive pserver-page out there.

Just register (by E-Mail or Facebook) and explore all the features!

Everybody knows the common statistics like Level, Itempoints, Jobranking and so on. But what about things like:
  • average livetime from Tiger Girl at 3 am?
  • last 7 days drops from ETN-Boxes?
  • best time to search for traders (when are the most tradergoods sold?)
We visualized nearly every important action. Same procedure... we hope you guys love it! Some of this statistics gonna go online after our first contentupdate since we need a bunch of live-data for this visualisation.

As mentioned in our introduction, we decided to release our server-roadmap. This roadmap visualized our exact release dates for some features.
In our opinion, it's the best way to not release the whole gamecontent at once.
With this roadmap, you will see from today on the exact dates for our updates.

Next feature... Bugtracker:
  • We use the Teamsoftware JIRA for all of our todos. The same counts for Bugs. If we or you guys encounter and report any bug, we gonna confirm it. After that, this bug will be added at JIRA. This means, you, the players, are able to see what we are currently fixing and what have been fixed in the past. This feature is maybe not neccessarry, but still a part of our transparency-policy.

Discord channel:
  • We have developed some custom discord-bots. You'll be alerted for Uniques, Events and Bugtracker-Updates.


Our Infrastructure is not really important for you. It doesn't matter wether we have 16 or 72 Cores, the game have to run smooth. To provide this, we implemented a very huge live-monitoring. This means, we get several notifications (E-Mail, Telegram) if something goes wrong. Monitored scenarios are for example CPU-Load, RAM, Offline [BOT]-Chars, Network-Load, HDD-Temperature and much more.
Monitor it like a Pro!
Still monitoring like a Pro! (Protection)
Use our Signature and win up to 200 PurePoints. The 20 winners gonna be drawn on 21st March 2019 20:00 UTC!

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Diablo 2 Was my childhood game before sro, so i will try this <3
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Sounds really cool good luck mate!
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#im in mates <3
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Originally Posted by megaman4999 View Post
Diablo 2 Was my childhood game before sro, so i will try this <3
We hope you love our interpretation of this really awesome system

Originally Posted by eyeliner View Post
Sounds really cool good luck mate!
Thank you

Originally Posted by CoreNation25 View Post
#im in mates <3
sounds great, we hope you guys love it
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Rune system looks amazing tbh. good luck
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Wow, the runes system and socket stones looks promising.

8k slots omg. This is gonna be crazy if it's stable.

Good luck guys!
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that topic tho, pure ******* quality
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Originally Posted by DeAd- View Post
that topic tho, pure ******* quality
Sounds like a compliment, thank you
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Good luck, sounds good!
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#Thread updated:
- added some impressions from our servermonitoring
- added some more information
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goals btw
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Originally Posted by B1Q View Post

goals btw
we will edit in the next thread update, thanks.
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#Next Threadupdate:
- fixed a heading
- added more pictures
- changed signature-(event)code
- changed thread-footer

Originally Posted by B1Q View Post

goals btw
Thak you, it have been fixed
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