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Mistra | 100 Cap CH |The Best Of The Underworld|Global Competition| Opening 15 March

Discussion on Mistra | 100 Cap CH |The Best Of The Underworld|Global Competition| Opening 15 March within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Thumbs up Mistra | 100 Cap CH |The Best Of The Underworld|Global Competition| Opening 15 March

Mistra vision and mission

Mistra will be a much more dedicated server than any other project on the online market. We believe in equality, competition and simplicity and aim to make everything as easy as possible for every player to enjoy the game!We developed your project with our passion! Passion and ambition is the main factor that keeps this project going and leads the team to play2win, which is completely unique and completely unique for us.When the event comes to play2wine you will understand that this project is to make profits already because of this # PassionOverProfit . We could say Joba paid our attention. We know the job Silkroad is fun and contentious, but we also added PvE content for different purposes.We added a new driver, used and features that no one added to our game.

Mistra Balance & Security

The most important thing in Mistra is to keep the serveri open in the maximum way stable, free and lagless!For this reason, we chose our server location as Amsterdam, for the purpose of providing high quality connections for everyone.Our main machine is Intel Xeon Gold 5118 with 2x processor and NVMe M. 2 with storage features, we aim to deliver the most seamless game. The best option for Silkroad servers for protection is now Hyperfilter and our own developed filter for thousands of players will be used for a game without lagless, let's not forget the question mark in mind! We trust ourselves

Introduction about Mistra

⚫️ Mistra Team

Picking up the Mistra team was one of the biggest challenges we've ever faced. Because we believe that walking a project smoothly and smoothly is a business value that can be accomplished with one person.That's why I took care to make the team consist of people I've known and trusted for at least five or six years. We have recruited different officers in different roles with limited access and authority to offer you events and punish those who fail to comply with the rules. Detailed information below.

R Design

⚫️ Balanced server for all lifestyles. Mistra

Mistra online is designed to suit all types of life style players.These days we know that Silkroad players are grown up and that their people are working so they can't play all day. We have designed our system to be not enough for the best of the server, even without being active all day.We have added a variety of activities for those who like to play Silkroad all day,but we have added a variety of activities for those who like to play Silkroad all day, rank systems and much more! We guarantee Mistra is different from other non-existent servers!

Gallery 1

Mistra online has worked tirelessly to make everything fun,fair and contentious for you. We've coded it, tested it, and we've tried to make sure it's over and over again, but we've found it, and we've wanted to present it to you. you can be absolutely sure of being stable and lagless.

With your results, our opening date;

FRIDAY, MARCH 15 AT 20:00 GMT +3

⚫️ Cap & Mastery

Mistra online will be 100 cap and 330 mastery.


Only Chinese characters will be active in Mistra online.

⚫️ Main Town

The city of Mistra online will be Donwhang. Why?
Everyone likes Donwhangi, so we added some kind of special NPCs there, such as title, Sox dealer and Special Vendor npcsi, to the NPCs where you can buy different types of items for the game with different game play values!

⚫️Available Fortresses

The NPC taxis in Donwhang are connected to this castle because it is the main city of Mistra online. + a game balance of 400 TL is awarded to the winning Guild.

Jangan ' Ida we haven't forgotten. 200 TL is awarded to our guild who won the castle. + all other taxs belong to jangan Castle.

Castle war start time: Sunday 21:00 22: 30

The fortress war records: you can be in 6 days from Monday to Saturday. The records are closed on Sunday.

Tax system:the guild master of the Citadel can be taxed at 22: 31. We accept responsibility until 23:59 if the tax is forgotten or not.

⚫️PC & IP limits

PC limit 2
IP limit 4

The Internet can be upgraded to cafes and players with too many computers. Bear that in mind.. If you want to raise the limit, just write to us with our proof.

⚫️Guild Start Level

Guild will automatically start at Level 5! There is no need to spend GP because it is guildrank with itempoint.

⚫️ Guild & Union Limits

The guild Limit will be 24.
Union limit 3 will make the game more contentious.

⚫️Start Items

Our game is free silk.

SP 5m
Gold 5.000.000 M

⚫️ Permanent buffs

Mistra also did this to make online life easier. All the Buffs in the game are time-consuming! What do you mean, man?
That means it stays active until you cancel it yourself at a SHU opening in Mistra. Even if you exit the game or teleport the buff remains active until you have voluntarily closed or opened better!
Note: also a small mistake. Everyone knows that there's a bug in the vsro files weird, Buffy while trying to get through a level Foundation hungry we'll work to get you're DC in the game oh, watch this one!

⚫️Max Stacks

⚫️ Max Plus

The following column contains % of the chance in the range. In our game, don't ADV. Max +12.

⚫️ Rates

Solo EXP ratio 30x
Party EXP rate 35x
Material 4x
Caravan rate x13

⚫️ Auto-Equipment

In Mistra, you can get up to 9dg set + 5 sauce sets from NPCs. it's convenient for you to make your chest easier.

⚫️ Grinding Areas

We have added a version area for our server to be able to easily kasabiliyorum making it according to this by reducing the crowd oluğucağı

Constantinople[ North]: LV.81 ~ 85 monsters
Constantinople[ South]: LV.86 ~ 90 monsters
Samarkand[ Small Asia]: LV.90 ~ 95 monsters
Samarkand[ Central Asia]: LV.100 monsters
Alexandria[ All Areas]: LV.100 monsters

⚫️ Top 300 Players

Our 300 player system, which is the first 100 level in Mistra, will automatically award TL.

1-10 = 50 TL
11-30 = 40 TL
31-50 = 30 TL
51-100 = 20 TL
101-200 = 10 TL
201-300 = 5 TL

we can not do this way olucağınızın azimli reduce our friends hope

⚫️ Magic Pop

Items with a chance to quit magic pop ;

All Sos items
Dragon flag 3 STR 3 INT
20 TL
5 Different Titles

⚫️ Skill Balance


- All the skills in the force Cure and cure Therapy series are connected. The re-use time has been increased to 25 seconds and can erase one debuff.
- The skills in the Heal series are connected. Re-use times increased from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.
- Vital spot spirit and vital spot muscle reuse times increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.
- The re-use times of vital spot Body, vital spot mind and vital spot brain skills have been reduced from 20 seconds to 12 seconds.
The debuffs ' holding events have been reduced from 80% to 45%. It'il last 20 seconds. (Reuse time is 12 seconds.)
- Vital spot zero (Impotent) skill's retention rate has been reduced to 45% and will last 15 seconds. (Re-use Time is 20 seconds.)


- The amount of damage to ice-burning (imbue) and nukes has been increased and brought closer to those in the lighting group. ('Fire>Lightning > Cold' balance maintained)
- Cold Wall (wall)has reached 30 seconds of reuse time.
- Snow opens with 300 int.


- The fire-shield skills have been restored. (Increased resistance to poisons such as poisoning, ice cream burning))
- Fire wall skills are connected to each other and re-use times have been changed for 30 seconds.


- Arrow combo series in the skill of pushing 6 seconds time to use again.

⚫️ Filter Restrictions

You can't teleport to survival in a job suit.
You cannot use Zerk while in Job mode.
Wait 5 minutes for reverse replay.
It is possible to detect AFK users and disconnect them in certain areas.
Using restart & exit is off.
Devil maximum + limit: 6 +
Real-time counters: Survival, Fortress war and Job clash
When Zerk is used and you're on job, you can't ride fellow pets.
HOWAIDA bypass detection
PK off
PH-bot off
Speed bug fixlendi.

⚫️ HWID Limits

Condition Limit
Capture flag 1
Battle Arena 1
Jobday 1
Survival 1

⚫️ Maximizing the Competition

As mentioned above, Mistra was built. We are not here to make a project that only players have been playing for some time and will forget from now on. We're here to leave a trail on the P-server scene in the best possible way.. We have created a system that will maximise competition in every aspect of the game, and we have also focused on the direction of play2win. You will realize that we are doing something by our system to be play2win, and that you can't afford to be the best player.. As we said before, we are focusing too much on competition, so we have come together with a number of special tasks that will allow you to fight almost 24/7. We also made a ranking system to give you special ranks. Special awards that will make you want to be on top of that ranking and push you into it. We will be more proud of what we have done with this project and you will begin to understand and appreciate it here a second after you start reading the system.

Seal Of Sos;

90 + mobs fall compared to the middle.
Magic pop is available.

Seal of Mistra; Moon Glow is available in the gun.

90 + mobs fall compared to Middlehard

ACC and Shield uniques have been added. The details are downstairs.

Seal of moon; sun shining is available in the gun.
Definitely evaluated according to the course of the game and the score system to bring the game !!!

As you will see below, we have kept the balance very close to each other. You can't see anything like “overpower” in Mistra. A very important part to remember, we're trying to focus on the simple and direct topic, so we've decided to add only 3 different Sox types.:
Seal of Star: more than + 2 normal TRADABLE]
Seal of Mistra [set & accessory]: +3 more than normal value [TRADABLE]]

Seal of Moon: +4 more than normal [UNTRADEABLE]
Moon will definitely be evaluated according to the course of the game and brought to the game with the score system !!!

Our focus is to make the system as enjoyable as possible and to spend money so that it can't be the best. For this reason, we have added 2 different boxes are very useful! You will be able to obtain all uniques from the server. What you can get from the box is below

⚫️Bit box (Success rate 65%)

2x D10 Immortal Stone.
3x D10 Astral stone
2x Global
1x Random title scroll
5 TL
1 TL

⚫️MIT box (Success Rate 30%)

•SOS Armors
•SOS Shield
•SOS Weapon
•SOS Accessories

The first way to get Mistra score is to draw a caravan or play a caravan. We're not going to use special caravan routes in Mistra,which means you're going to take a caravan from the city to the city. We have removed the Constantinople, Samarkand & Alexandria caravan NPCs,and you can buy caravans over Jangan, Donwhang & Hotan.You will be able to get a maximum of 100 Mistra points and 250 weekly jobs in one day.

You'il need these points when you buy moon weapons,clothes.

Gains from the city to the city;

We want gold to be missing from the game. we want to make you happy with your eyes. more enjoyable job more enjoyable caravans to withdraw the thought and applied the following;

Buying caravan goods 5* net 300m'dir.

Jangan - Donwhang : 1.350 b

Donwhang - Hotan : 1,400 B

Jangan - Hotan : 2,100 B

Thief says;

5* net profit from goods 150m

We have set special caravan NPCs, but you do not share the consciousness kullanıcaksınız. in the coming days, we'll take them to pull when it is not inflated earnings, then you will learn.

Survival Arena 14.00 - 19.00 - 00.30 it offers a 15-minute stay between the hours.
The first 50 rank rankings were created in honor rank table on site and in-Game.

5-15 3 Gold buffu was set to 3%.

Note:Honor Rank is reset on Friday every week 1. ye 20 TL and Honor King title are awarded.


10.30 pm
11.30 pm
14.30 pm
15.30 pm
00:30 pm
01.30 pm



7 Mistra coin to the winning team
2 Mistra Coin To The Losers

These Mistra coins will help you get the seal of Moon ACC parties in the future.

detailed event calendar will be added.

As a preface, we can say this. Honor system Everybody likes.

Except for the Survival arena, you win Honor point in every kill in job. You get points more than twice a day than 1 man.

When you die, Your Honor point falls.

This is one of the most competitive systems available in Silkroad, so of course we had to add it to Mistra. How many kills do you need now? Let's let's take a look

•[10 killing] for - 1 STR & int.
- 1% physical & magical damage increase.
- 1% physical & magical defense increase.
- 1% movement speed increase .

* For killing •20]
- 2 STR & INT.
- 2% Physical & magical damage increase.
- 2% Physical & magical defense increase.
- 2% movement speed increase .

•For killing[30]
- 3% Physical & magical damage increase.
- 3% Physical & magical defense increase.
- 3% movement speed increase .

•For[40] killing
- 4 STR & INT.
- 4% physical & magical damage increase.
- 4% physical & magical defense increase.
- 4% movement speed increase .

•For[50] killing
- 5 STR & INT.
- 5% physical & magical damage increase.
- 5% physical & magical defense increase.
- 5% move speed increase .

Lottery (Every Day)]

This is the classic gold lottery event in which you purchased your ticket for gold and eventually awards it as TL. You'il find it in the Mistra special shop.

•Gold Lottery

• Now, after purchasing your ticket, the system will announce winners at a certain time (Notice). Make one of the 10 winners.


1 - 50 TL
2 - 45 TL
3- 40 TL
4 - 35 TL
5- 30 TL
6 - 25 TL
7 - 20 TL
8 - 15 TL
9 - 10 TL
10 - 5 TL

Last but not least, we've added a must-have job temple to our game.

Anubis/ISIS(str) : 13:45 - 20:15
Selket/Neith(str) : 15:45 - 22:15
(More claims details below))

+ as the job template visit frequently we added 3 different unique;

Salamander, Undine , Gnome(str) (Drop) information will be created below all uniques.)

Details will be added soon.

Alice Unique Other Drop & Items & Fixture

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we'il be together guild all. good luck

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turk server?
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CheeseBurger !!

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Your server MUST be ready after 3 days from the date you submit your thread officially or in open beta phase.
Once a date is picked please contact me.


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CheeseBurger !!

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I am done thx
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Nice edits, but you have to make the thread more interesting, try to add some photos.

From experience, the thread is the "magnet" for getting players
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which guilds will play this server?
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Originally Posted by clericakar View Post

I am done thx
:/ what kind of problem you have with the website

Originally Posted by alexrap2010 View Post
Nice edits, but you have to make the thread more interesting, try to add some photos.

From experience, the thread is the "magnet" for getting players
the editorial of our game is our thread. our name is our trust.

Originally Posted by spyros17 View Post
which guilds will play this server?
he doesn't want to give his name, but he's going to be the German and American guilds on the Turkish server.
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it's gonna be a different game. we're there
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there is enough server for all of u.
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Bullet to the regiment All guild is cominggg
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Thx bro, good luck
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Opening date:
8/3: suspended
15/3: suspended
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Originally Posted by lamkakahp View Post
Opening date:
8/3: suspended
15/3: suspended
What's so funny here ? Quality Priority tomorrow 20:00 GMT+3 Opening

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