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Redic Online | Cap 100-CH | Savage Cave & Skills | Unique Features | LIVE NOW

Discussion on Redic Online | Cap 100-CH | Savage Cave & Skills | Unique Features | LIVE NOW within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Arrow Redic Online | Cap 100-CH | Savage Cave & Skills | Unique Features | LIVE NOW

Redic vision and mission
Redic Online will be a very unique project from all other projects out there. We truly believe in fairness, competition, simplicity, and making everything much easier for each players to enjoy the game even more! We developed a project from scratch with something called Passion! Passion is what’s driving this project and the team to make something truly unique and something that is truly play2win. When it comes to play2win aspect, you will understand that this project isn’t here for the profit and that’s why we have a slogan called #PassionOverProfit. We have focused our attention towards jobbing. Jobbing is what makes silkroad fun and competitive but yet we also added PVE content as well for different purposes. We have added many good features that everyone will find it very useful that no one else was able to add it.
Redic Stability & Security
On Redic our main focus is to run a smooth, bugless and lagless server. However, our servers will be located in Amasterdam which is just decent for everyone to have high quality connection to the servers. Redic's main machine is going to be 2x processors Intel Xeon Gold 5118 and NVMe M.2 storage which will ensure you a smooth-gamplay. As for protection we will be the best option available for SRO servers which is Hyperfilter in combination with our well-developed filter we are ready to handle countless players ingame with zero lag!

Introduction about Redic

⚫️ Redic Team
Building the team structure in Redic was one of the hardest things to get done, because I believe running a project is not one-man job. Therefore, I have focused to collect people I know for at least 2 years so I do trust all of them. There will be several roles with cnosole limited access in order to host events and deal with abusers. Read the spoiler below for more information.

Redic Administrators In charge of managing the server from different aspects.

Redic Files Developer In charge of improving/editing the server modules.

Redic Coordinators They do handle your queries in every platform we use, fix your client-issues *if you have any* and host super-fun events ingame

Redic Police Will be in charge of handle reports against abusers, search for them ingame and immediately take an action regarding them.

Redic Mentors Basically supporters that assist you ingame, Discord, and website tickets.

⚫️ Balanced server for all lifestyles.
Redic Online was created to fit with all kind of people with all kind of different life styles. Nowadays, silkroad consists of mature players so we do understand how people work and probably don’t have all day to play. We have created a system that you won’t be able to no life all day to be on top or collect / complete whatever you need to finish. When it comes to the core game-play and the activity you need to be doing daily, you will only need few hours to complete but we also added a lot more activities for those who enjoy no lifing silkroad with the ranking system and much much more! We guarantee everyone that Redic will be exceptional server and you will experience something you have never experienced before.

Redic Teasers

Redic Online has been under development for well over 4 months now. We have been working tirelessly to make something truly fun, fair and competitive. We have developed, tested and verified our testing to make sure but we still will have an open beta phase to finally make sure everything is working as it should with no bugs at all. During our beta, Crayon and the filter developer will focus on improving the game overall to ensure stability and zero lag!
As we mentioned earlier, Redic is very well prepared and ready to present its game-play as well as its amazing features to all players. We have given this date a lot of thoughts and it was already decided for months now so get ready!!

⚫️ Cap & Mastery

Redic Online will be Cap 100 with a 330 Mastery Limit.

⚫️ Race

In Redic Online, only the Chinese race will be available.

⚫️ Main Town

Redic Online's main town will be Donwhang. Why?
Everybody loves Donwhang, therefore, we have added alot of Custom NPCs such as Quest Managers, Title NPC, Dungeon Manager, SoX Seller as well as a special shop where you can buy various items for different currencies which can be obtained ingame.

⚫️ Available Fortress

Hotan (Main) Tax will be charged in Donwhang NPCs as it's the main town in Redic.

⚫️ PC & IP Limits

PC limit is 2
IP limit is 4. Possible to increase it for net-cafes and whoever has a lot of PCs. Keep in mind, if you want that to be increased. Please open up a ticket in our website and make sure u include a proof.

⚫️ Guild Start Level

Once you open a guild it will automatically leveled up to 5. No need to donate GPs for that anymore!

⚫️ Guild & Union limits

Guild you can join up to 24 members to your guild.
Union Limit is 3. This makes the game-play much more competitive.

⚫️ Start Items

We focus on helping players on having a smooth start with the necessary items you need to have a pleasant plvling experience and enjoy it. Here in Redic you will get the following items as a starter items to help you out at the G.O.:
HP Potions8000
MP Potions8000
Instant Return Scroll11
Reverse Scroll11
Starter Speed (3-Days)1
Pick-up Pet (3-Days)1
Devil Spirit (Grade-B)1
⚫️ Permanent buffs

Redic Online is all about making your life easier when it comes to buffing. All the in-game buffs are now permanent. What does that mean?
This means once you use a buff on Redic, it will be active until you cancel it. Even if you relog or teleport that skill will still be active unless you cancel it and use a better one.
NOTE: There is a well-known VSRO Bug where if you try leveling up a skill or a buff while it is being casted, you will DC. Make sure you stop attacking/casting buffs while leveling up Skills.

⚫️ Max Stacks

Here is a closer look at the maximum stacks on Redic Online:
HP 5000
MP 5000
Vigors 1000
Universal Pills 2000
Purification Pills 1000
Arrows Infinite
Return Scroll 250
Drug of Typhoon 50
Lucky Powder 1000
Elixirs 1000
Stones 1000
Trophy 500
Soul Stone 500
Power Stone 500
⚫️ Max Plus

The maximum plus on Redic Online is +12. If you attempt to fuse it any higher, the fuse process will cancel immediately.

⚫️ Alchemy
Maximum Plus 12
Advanced Elixir Disabled
Fuse Time 2 seconds
In order to try +6 on SoS / SoD & SoM Weapons & Shields, your item needs to have 1 Immortal (This is to avoid people destroying expensive items on accident).
NOTE: You do NOT need Immortal to try +6 on SoX Armors & Accessories **but your items may be destroyed, only Weapons & Shields have this secure feature**

⚫️ Rates

Here is a closer look at the rates on Redic.
Exp 30x
Exp (Party) 35x
Drop 1x
Gold Drop 1x
Alchemy Custom
⚫️ Auto-Equipment

On Redic, you will be able to get SoS +5 Full Blue, 41% Stats Item up to level 81 but there is a surprise! What is it? You get to choose when you want your new items. Simply open the (A)ction Window in-game and look for the Redic Icon. Right clicking the Redic icon will re-spawn you to your current position with your new items.

NOTE: This Action will NOT work if your level is 82 or higher.

⚫️ Grinding Areas

We have designed the server to handle a lot of players. Therefore, we added a lot of areas where you could use to grind. Keep in mind, the drop rates in Phantom Desert is slightly higher than the others.

Constantinople [North]: Lv.81~85 Monsters
Constantinople [South]: Lv.86~90 Monsters
Samarkand [Asia Minor]: Lv.90~95 Monsters
Samarkand [Central Asia]: Lv.96~99 Monsters
Alexandria [All Areas]: Lv.100 Monsters
Baghdad [Arabian Coast]: Lv.100 Monsters
Baghdad [Scout Outpost]: Lv.100 Monsters
Baghdad [Phantom Desert]: Lv.100 Elites
⚫️ Top 300 Players

Our system will automatically grant silks to the first 300 Players that reach level 100 on Redic. Here is the different amount of silks you can win for getting in our Top 300!
First 500 Silks
Second to 100 300 Silks
101 to 200 200 Silks
201 to 300100 Silks
⚫️ Daily Silk Giveaways

Redic Online is all about play2win game-play so we made sure to emphasis on that. Below you will be able to see how much silks are being given away throughout the day. Moreover, we didn’t event include the weekly PvP event that will take place with silks rewards, the events that will be held by our Coordinators during the week, and of course the share events that are taking place on our Facebook Page. Forgot to mention, few events will take place during our open beta phase that you can win silks through it as well. From the game system to all silks giveaways daily, you better believe Redic Online is all about play2win server.
Uniques Silk Scroll Drops 5000 Silks Daily.
Auto Events 3150 Silks Daily
NOTE: The silk scrolls drop can be optimized in a future update which means it can be increased.

⚫️ Magic Pop

Magic Pop Cards will be dropped from most of the level 100 Unique monsters on Redic. Team up with your friends to hunt these uniques down and have a chance at winning one of the following items!
Job Transport Easy (Not available in ItemMall)
Gold Dragon Flag [Normal]
Magic Lucky Powder D10 [Normal]
Avatar Attachment [Normal] [Exclusive to Magic PoP]
Avatar Hat [Rare] [Exclusive to Magic PoP]
Avatar Dress [Rare] [Exclusive to Magic PoP]
Ability Pets [Rare] [Exclusive to Magic PoP]
⚫️ Skill Balance

Skill balance is a very important topic so we want to take our time testing few different skill balances during our open beta. The final skill balance we decide on will be updated in here.

⚫️ Colored Globals

Global chatting is something everybody uses on daily basis in Redic. Therefore, we added noticable colors to staff members so you will not miss any notifications from our supporters. As there is VIP Global available in the Item mall

⚫️ Colored Titles

We do have various colors of titles in Redic, some of them you will be able to purchase from Title Shop the others will be used to staff members

⚫️ Titles Switcher

We have added a great feature which will make your life easier when it comes to switching a title. Open up (A)ction window press on the Titles window, select the title you want to switch. Press on Use and Voila your title will be switched immediately, yes no need to teleport for that anymore!

Note: Character locks definitely locks every harmful action to your item(s) such as exchanging, fusing, stalling and dropping etc.

⚫️ Filter Restrictions
You cannot teleport to survival with job suit on.
You cannot use instant return scroll while jobbing.
You cannot use berzerk while jobbing.
You need to wait at least 5 minutes to re-use reverse scroll.
Possible to detect AFK users & disconnect them in certain areas.
Possible to disable the use of an item under certain action.
Restart & Exit buttons are disabled while in combact.
Devil plus is limited to 3
Possible to lock certain teleporters.
You cannot fuse SOX weapons higher than +5 without immortal stone
Realtime counters in Survival, Fortress War and Job Clash
Fellow pets mount is disabled while jobbing & zerking
Ability to detect HWID bypassers
PK is disabled
PH-BOT is disabled
Speed bug fixed
⚫️ HWID Limits
HWID a.k.a PC 2
BA 1
Jobbing 1
Survival 1
Job Clash 1
⚫️ [BOT]System Commands

We don't have a big use of the [BOT]System commands as long as we provide everything to be easier through our custom windows. Keep reading to know more about Redic's GUIs
!checkprofit Possible to check your earned profit from trading before you relog

Custom Windows are something not new in 2019, but we actually developed a lot of them in order to make your life easier ingame. Accessible from (A)ction window. What we have available so far:
Points Window - Used to show points & limits.
Titles Window - Used to switch
Character Lock Window - We know how frustrating it could be if someone managed to gain access to your account. However, this feature is really useful for people that play in a net cafe or someone else could access their computers. Open up (A)ction window and press on Character Lock icon. Set your desired PIN code & answer the question you choose (Will be used to recover the PIN if you lost it).
Rankings Window - Used to show points ranking as same as website rankings.
Events Register/Deregister - Used to register in certain events such as LMS & Job Clash.

⚫️ Maximizing the Competition

As we mentioned above, Redic Online was built on passion. We aren’t here to just make a project that players play for some time and forget about it after. We are here to leave a mark in the p-server scene in the best way possible. We have created a system that will maximize the competition in every aspect of the game but also we focus on the play2win aspect as well. You will notice by our system that we truly made something that will be play2win and you won’t be able to pay your way up to be the top player. We focus a lot of our attention like we mentioned earlier on jobbing so made a system all around jobbing with a lot of custom quests that will let you fight almost 24/7. We also made a ranking system that will also grant you special ranks with special rewards that will push you to be the top ranking for that icon or that reward. We cannot be more proud of what we have done with this project, and you will understand and start appreciating here in a second once you start reading the system.

As you will see below, we have kept the balance very close to each other. You won’t see such thing as “over-powered” in Redic. Very important part to also remember, we are trying to keep it simple and straight to the point so we have decided on only adding 3x different SoX as follows:
Seal of Star [Anger]: Normal last tier +1 [TRADABLE]
Seal of Star [Devotion] [Weapon]: Normal last tier +2 [TRADABLE]
Seal of Star [Devotion] [Set & Accessory]: Normal last tier +2 [UNTRADEABLE]
Seal of Moon [Mighty Power]: Normal last tier +4 [UNTRADEABLE]
Now, how do you obtain these different SoX? We have created a fun and simple but yet very competitive to maximize the fun.

Seal of Star (Anger):
From level 100 monsters with a very low rate.
From Savage Cave mobs with a medium rate.
From Bravo Box which is obtainable from various ways within the server. More information about the Bravo Box will be down below.
Seal of Star (Devotion):
Devotion will have the weapon, Shield, Set and Accessory available BUT keep in mind, in order to keep the server play2win, we have made the set & the Accessory untradeable. Now, let’s start with the weapon, how do you obtain the Devotion weapon?
Devotion weapon & Shield can be obtained by completing the Heavenly Gods Hideout Dungeon talismans collection. There are 8x talismans and the quest/dungeon NPC is located near the storage NPC by south gate in DW.
Devotion Set and Accessory can obtained by completing the Garden Dungeon Talismans collection. The collection consists of only 4x talismans. 1x of the 4 talismans is untradeable. Now, how can you pick and choose which item you want?
Upon completing all 4 talismans, you will be able to choose one of the following boxes as the quest reward
SoD Garment Box= upon opening it, you will receive a random SoD Garment item.
SoD Protector Box= upon opening it, you will receive a random SoD Protector item.
SoD Armor Box= upon opening it, you will receive a random SoD Armor item.
SoD Accessory Box= upon opening it, you will receive a random SoD Accessory.
Now, you will ask this question “What if I get the same item again and I don’t want and it is untradeable?” EASY!! We have created different scrolls that will let you change your current item to whichever item you want. How do you obtain this Scroll?
•For gold in Redic Special NPC.
•Item Mall.
NOTE: 1x of Garden Dungeon talismans is untradeable, SoD Boxes are untradeable and SoD set and accessory are untradeable as well.
Seal of Moon (Mighty Power):
When It comes to Moon items, they are the strongest sox but yet not OP. We have created a system that will suit all kinds of players so you don’t have to no life 24/7 to get your moon. You will have to participate in various activities in the game in order to collect the requirement for the moon. Some of these activities as follows:
Savage Cave
Heavenly Gods Hideout Dungeon
Garden Dungeon
Battle Arena
Capture the Flag
Survival Arena
•Remember, each currency you need for the moon, you can receive them in two different ways so don’t think you need to be doing all of these activities.
Moon items will be available from day 1 in the NPC but the prices will not be added until later in a future update.

We do have good variety of effects and glows. Maybe we release a color switcher for the SOX effects later on. Take a look at the galleries below.

Plus Glows

SOX Effects

On Redic Online you will be able to use the following currencies:
•Redic Points: you will be able to farm and gain this currency from trading/thieving. More information about this will be below in the Farming Redic Points section.
•Soul Stones: You will be able to farm this currency from two areas so you don’t have to do only one thing in game to receive it. 1st option will be Job Temple and 2nd option will be Garden Dungeon. Each will have their own quests as well.
NOTE: You can use this currency to buy silk / rare items from the Redic Special NPC.
•Power Stones: You will be able to farm this currency from Savage Cave and Heavenly Gods Hideout Dungeon. Again, each area will have its own quests to complete to receive the currency.
•Trophies: You will be able to win the trophies from BAs and CTF. Remember, this is untradeable currency and you need it to purchase any moon item. Bonus: You will be able to get this currency from completing certain quests in Job Temple. It consists of killing different uniques around the Job Temple. It will be fun!
•Golden Keys: Golden Keys will be available in Redic Special Job for gold. Again, you need it to purchase any moon item. This will make gold valuable in the server
•Gold: we have focused to make gold valuable in Redic so we have made a “Gold” tap located inside “Redic Special NPC” and you will be able to buy few items there for gold that will be useful.

We have focus our attention to make a system that is fun and you can’t pay your way to #1 on the server so we only added 2x boxes only but they are very useful so go get them! They will be droppable from uniques all around the server. The boxes contain as follows:
Alpha (Success rate 65%)
•1x D10 Immortal Stone.
•5x Reverses
•3x Globals
•1x Gender Switch
•1x job Penalty Remover
•1x Guild Penalty Remover
•1x Special Buffalo
•1x 2% Alchemy Booster [30 minutes]
•1x 3% Alchemy Booster [30 minutes]
•1x 5% Alchemy Booster [30 minutes]
•1x D10 Lucky Magic Powder [2% Increase]
•1x STR Redic Gloves [30 Minutes]
•1x INT Redic Gloves [30 Minutes]
•1x Exclusive Grab Pet.
Bravo (Success Rate 30%)
•SOS Armors
•SOS Shield
•SOS Weapon
•SOS Accessories

⚫️ Jobbing

The first way to farm Redic Points while Jobbing is via Trading or Stealing Trades if you are a Thief. On Redic, we will NOT be using any Special Trade Routes. This means you will need to trade from Town to Town. The Specialty Goods NPCs from Constantinople, Samarkand & Alexandria have been removed therefore only Jangan, Donwhang & Hotan will have Goods NPC. You will be able to earn a maximum of 100 Redic Points per day and 250 Redic Points per week via Trading or Thieving. Once that limit is reached, you will only earn 50% of the Gold Profit below and no more Redic Points will be earned until the weekly reset.
Town to Town Profits:
Jangan <> Donwhang <> Hotan:

Trader 40 Millions + 8~10 Redic Points
Hunter 10~12 Redic Points
Thief 6 Redic Points

Jangan <> Hotan:

Trader 70 Millions + 10~12 Redic Points
Hunter 12~14 Redic Points
Thief 6 Redic Points

• Calculations are being done based on the party ratio. However, we will be testing this in our open beta to make sure it's accurate. Also, we recommend fullfilling your parties for maximum RPs.
Job Levels:
Level 1 to 20
⚫️ Dungeon & Uniques

Every week, you will also have a 150 Redic Points limit that can only be earned from Redic Point Scrolls & Unique Monster Hunting. But,
how to obtain these Redic Point Scrolls?
•In Redic, we have two different dungeons to keep you busy and give you chances at obtaining rare and special items. You can teleport inside the dungeons via the Dungeon Manager near Donwhang Guild Manager.
The Dungeon Manager will also offer you [6] daily Quests you will have to complete inside both Dungeons. These [6] Daily Quests will reward you with 1 Redic Point Scroll each.
•Is there any other way to get Dungeon & Uniques Redic Points?
•To help fill your Dungeon & Uniques weekly limit, you will also earn Redic Points if you or your party kill any unique on Redic.
•Redic Online will have over 30+ Uniques you will be able to hunt down for Redic Points. Normal Uniques such as Tiger Girl/Cerberus and so on will give lower amount of Redic Points as they are easily killed solo.
•Job Temple / Savage Cave & Special Uniques will give a fair amount of Redic Points as they are harder to kill and will have more competition around them.
⚫️ Survival Arena Kills
This part of the limit system is very simple, every week, you will be able to obtain 100 Redic Points via Survival Arena. How to farm Redic Points in Survival Arena?
• Each kill in Survival Arena = 1 Redic Point .
⚫️ Battle Arena
•In Redic, you will also have a 50 Redic Point limit for Battle Arena [Wins].
•Each Battle Arena Win = 5 Redic Points [Random, Party, Job & Guild Battle Arena will occur several times every day]
•Losing the Battle Arena will not grant any Redic Point
⚫️ Job Kills
•You will be able to obtain 100 Redic Points via Job Kills.
•Each Job Kill = 1 Redic Point [Anywhere on the map]
NOTE: You cannot kill the same player more than twice every hour to avoid abusing.
⚫️ Guild War (Extra)
This part of the limit system will be used to obtain Extra Redic Points. You will be able to obtain 25 Extra Redic Points but only if your guild wins a Guild War. If you are a member in a guild, ask your guild leader to challenge another guild to a Guild War. Both Guild Leaders can then agree on rules such as how many players they will be using and start a Guild War.
•Winning a Guild War = 25 Redic Points
•Losing Guild will not obtain any Extra Redic Point
⚫️ Alchemy (Extra)
This part of the limit system will also be used to obtain Extra Redic Points. You will be able to obtain 25 Extra Redic Points by fusing Degree 10 Items to +7 or higher.
• +7 = 5 Extra Redic Points
• +8 = 10 Extra Redic Points
• +9 = 15 Extra Redic Points
• +10 = 25 Extra Redic Points
⚫️ Weekly Limits
In Redic Online, we want players to have fun and participate in different events and activities throughout the week. We have lowered the weekly trading points from different projects out there so players don’t get bored of the 24/7 afk trading in a caravans BUT remember, you still must trade for the RP. Weekly limit will be 650 RP but remember, you can earn up to 50 EXTRA RP from Alchemy points as well as Guild War points so at the end of the week your limit can be 700/650 RP.

⚫️ Heavenly Gods Hideout
The Heavenly Gods Hideout is a similar, yet very different "Forgotten World". What does this mean? Everyone knows about Forgotten World. Therefore, we will not be using any typical Forgotten World map on Redic. We have instead added 3 Authority Crowns in the very last room of the Heavenly Gods Hideout where you will also find the Hideouts Boss. The Authority Crowns will drop [8] Talismans used to complete the Heavenly Gods Collection. The Reward for the full collection is [1] SoD Weapon of your choice. [Or Shield].
NOTE: These talismans have a low drop rate to ensure players do not farm them too easily as the reward is powerful.
•You can teleport inside the Heavenly Gods Hideout via the Dungeon Manager, beside the Donwhang Guild Manager. By talking with the Dungeon Manager, you will also find a few Daily Quests that can be completed inside the Heavenly Gods Hideout. You will need a party of 2 or more in order to teleport in but we suggest you do not enter without at least 7 Members.
•This dungeon will have its own custom quests of course and they will reward elixirs boxes, RP scrolls. The 3x uniques will drop alpha/bravo boxes as well. More information about the drops will be located in the uniques section.
•Max entry is once per day!

⚫️ Garden Dungeon
•We have added the Garden Dungeon since it is one of the classic looking dungeon out of the others. This dungeon will serve almost the same purpose as Heavenly Gods Hideout dungeon except that it will provide the 4x different talismans for the SoD Set/Acc.
•You will also need 6-8 members with since the mobs are stronger than normal and you will be able to farm RP & elixirs boxes from completing the custom quests that are made only for this dungeon.
•Each unique room will have its own Deva shield that will hold the talismans so make sure to kill it before moving on!
•Max entry is once per day!

⚫️ Savage cave
This is a brand new idea in Redic Online and it will only increase the job activity in the server. The main purpose of this cave is to farm the SP required for the new Savage Skills but also you will need to join this cave to farm Power Stones that you will need for the moon.
•The cave will have 3x different mobs and 3x different uniques. Each one of them will have their own quests to complete and each has its own rewards.
BOUNS: The cave will have 3x different statues that will give a special buff for 5 minutes but remember, you can only have this buff inside the cave. If you leave the cave, it will disappear.
⚫️ Savage Ranking
A brand new ranking that will make you feel legit like a savage and it will create insane job activity 24/7. There will be 5 ranks and each rank has its own icon. The points and the icons get refreshed every 6 hours and points get reset at the end of the week. We have made the points system a bit different in order to keep the job activity Inside Job Temple and Savage Cave more than the outside areas. The Ranks and points will be as follow:
•Savage Ranking - Bronze: 76 – 100
•Savage Ranking - Silver: 51 - 75
•Savage Ranking - Gold: 21 - 50
•Savage Ranking - Master: 11- 20
•Savage Ranking - Grand Master: 1 – 10
Now, how do you farm those Savage Points? Let's take a look:
•Job Kills: (+1 Savage Point if outside Job Temple & Savage Cave) (+2 if Inside Job Temple & Savage Cave)
•Fortress War Kills: +1 Savage Point.
•Each Savage uniques kill: +1 Savage Point
•Job Deaths: -1 Savage Point
•Fortress War Deaths: -1 Savage Point.
•We might add more ways to obtain the savage points in later updates in order to keep it fresh and fun for all.
•NOTE: There will be weekly rewards for the top 5x savage ranks points. More information about the weekly rewards will be updated later.
Savage Cave & Ranking teaser

⚫️ Job Temple
•We all know that Job Temple is the most fun area in the game and most players love to have competition inside. In Redic, we have focused a lot of our attention on all job activity weather inside or outside the temple. Job temple will have the normal 4x uniques that will spawn throughout the day as well as Seth and Haroeis. Those two uniques will add even more competition inside.
•Job Temple will provide the players with Power Stones. You will be able to obtain the Power stones by completing the Job Temple quests as well as it will be droppable from the uniques.
•We have added 3x smaller uniques that spawn inside at random spawn points. This will create an event like Hide and seek inside. Those 3x uniques will have their own quests and the main reward will be Trophies. Why trophies? Well, we though players might miss one or two BAs or CTFs so by hunting those uniques will make up for that.
NOTE: All Job Temple unqiues along with the small 3x uniques will drop Silk Scrolls

⚫️ Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag is one of silkroad classic automatic events we had to include. You will be able to farm Trophies from CTF so make sure to participate. Here are the rewards:
•Each kill= 1 Trophy
•Winners= 3 Trophies
•Losers= 1 Trophy
⚫️ Battle Arena
Again, Battle Arena is one of silkroad classic events and many enjoy it for the competition. Again, you will be able to farm trophies from Battle Arenas and the rewards as follows:
•Random: 8 trophies for win, 3 for loss.
•Party: 8 trophies for win, 3 for loss
•Guild: 12 trophies for win, 4 for loss
•Job: 12 Trophies for win, 4 for loss
⚫️ Survival Arena
This is one of the best events ever exist. This is the main event that you will be able to farm honor points from. Top 5 ranks will receive trophies as a reward:
•Rank 1:5 Trophies
•Rank 2: 4 Trophies
•Rank 3: 3 Trophies
•Rank 2: 2 Trophies
•Rank: 1 Trophy
⚫️ Honor system
Many players enjoy how competitive those honor buffs get so of course we included it in Redic but we had to make sure that it will be fair and ensure that it won’t be abused. Now, let’s discuss how you can farm those honor points:
Survival arena kills
-Each kill = +1 Honor point
-Each death = -1 Honor point loss
Job Kills
-Each kill = +1 Honor point
-Each death = -1 Honor point loss
BA wins
-5 honor points
Now you know how to farm the honor points. Let’s look at the honor buffs:
•The top 5 will get all 4 honor buffs.
•From top 5 to top 15 will receive all except the King.
•From top 15 to top 45 will receive the silver and the copper
•From top 45 to top 75 will receive the copper buff.
⚫️ Wanted System
This is one of the most competitive systems ever existed in Silkroad so of course we had to add it in Redic. Now, what kind of buff and how many kills is required? Let’s take a look:
•For [10 kills] killing sprees, the wanted buff you will receive is the following:
- 1 STR & INT.
- 1% Physical & Magical damage increase.
- 1% Physical & Magical defense increase.
- 1% Movement speed increase.
•For [20 kills] killing sprees, the wanted buff you will receive is the following:
- 2 STR & INT.
- 2% Physical & Magical damage increase.
- 2% Physical & Magical defense increase.
- 2% Movement speed increase.
•For [30 kills] killing sprees, the wanted buff you will receive is the following:
- 3 STR & INT.
- 3% Physical & Magical damage increase.
- 3% Physical & Magical defense increase.
- 3% Movement speed increase.
•For [40 kills] killing sprees, the wanted buff you will receive is the following:
- 4 STR & INT.
- 4% Physical & Magical damage increase.
- 4% Physical & Magical defense increase.
- 4% Movement speed increase.
•For [50 kills] killing sprees, the wanted buff you will receive is the following:
- 5 STR & INT.
- 5% Physical & Magical damage increase.
- 5% Physical & Magical defense increase.
- 5% Movement speed increase.
⚫️ Top Jobbers
As we mentioned, Redic is all about recognizing the players who are trying to be the best in the game. We decided on giving the following titles to the top player in every job. This is only the beginning. We will add much more in future updates and it will be increased to the top 3 in each job to make it even more competitive.
Trader: Top Trader
Hunter: Top Hunter
Thief: Top Thief
NOTE:Those titles are subject to change and top jobbers might be increased to top 3 in each job.
⚫️ Gold Lottery [Daily]
This is the classic gold lottery event where you purchase tickets for gold and can be rewarded silks at the end. There will be 3x different tickets available in Redic Special Shop as follows:
Bronze Ticket
Silver Ticket
Gold Ticket
Remember Gold Ticket has the highest chance in winning the event. Now, once you purchase and use the tickets, the system will choose the winners at a specific time [Look for the notice] and there will be 10 winners
1- 1250 Silks
2- 1000 Silks
3- 750 Silks
4- 500 Silks
5- 400 Silks
6- 400 Silks
7- 400 Silks
8- 300 Silks
9- 200 Silks
10- 100 Silks

⚫️ Daily Quests Manager
•Located Near Donwhang East Gate
•In this NPC you will find [3] Quests that you can do on a Daily Basis.
⚫️ Savage Cave Quests Manager
•Located Near Donwhang West Gate
•In this NPC you will find [6] Quests that can be completed inside the Savage Cave on a Daily Basis.
⚫️ Dungeon Manager
•Located Near Donwhang Guild Storage
•This NPC is used to enter our Dungeons [Heavenly Gods Hideout & Garden Dungeon] [Party of 2 or more to enter, you will need a full party to complete the Dungeons]
•In this NPC you will also find a total of [8] Quests that can be completed inside our Dungeons on a Daily Basis [Garden Dungeon & Heavenly Gods Hideout].
⚫️ Mighty Power Dealer
•Located Near Donwhang Guild Storage
•The SoM items will be available for Redic Points and a few Redic Currencies.
⚫️ Redic Title Shop
•Located Around Donwhang Teleporter
•The Redic Titles Shop offers you different Yellow Titles as well as Colored Titles. Browse through our Titles NPC & buy a title that fits you.
⚫️ Redic Special Shop
•Located Around Donwhang Teleporter
•This NPC has 4 different Tabs, each tab is used to sell a various kind of items for different in-game currencies. [Gold / Power Stone / Soul Stone]

We have given the item mall a speical attention in order to keep it play2win and added few good looking stuff. Now, what’s new?
•All the Avatars / Avatar Hats & Avatar Accessories are added to Item Mall. This means there is No Avatar NPC on Redic & you can try Avatars & Hats before buying them.
•All Growth & Fellow pets are added to Item Mall. We have also added a Brand New Fellow Pet so make sure you take a look at it.
•3 Attack Skills for Growth and Fellow Pets are also available in Item Mall [Fire / Ice & Lightning]
•Various types of Scrolls are also available in Item Mall [Character Name Reset / Skill Reset / Stat Reset / Invalid Durability Remover / 1 Week 110% Speed]
•2x Starter Packs are available in Item Mall. They are based on your characters gender upon usage.
•Model Switchers [Weapons & Shields]
•Model switchers will be available from 1st DG to 15th Degree
•Model Switcher [Armors]
Roc Set Switcher
EGY A Set Switcher
EGY B Set Switcher
•D10 Set Switcher [Back to Default]
•Character Effects [Special Effects]
•5 Different Colorful Body Mists are available in Item Mall
•7 Different Colors of the Old School Wings Effect are available in Item Mall
•7 Different Colors of Redic Wings Effect are available in Item Mall
•SoM Weapon Changer
•Astral Stone: Disabled
NOTE: You can only use 1 type of Wing Effect at the same time but you can use 1 Wing Effect & 1 Colorful Body Mist Effect
NOTE: Weapon Changers will only work on SoM Weapons. Please do not buy them for SoS or SoD, it will NOT work.

Character Set Skins
Character Visuals

⚫️ Global Item Linking
Redic is all about making your life easier, therefore, you will be able to "Link" your item via every type of in-game chat. [All-Chat, Party-Chat, Guild-Chat, Union-Chat & Globals]
Simply hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and left click the item you would like to "Link" in the chat [The Item has to be in your inventory].

⚫️ Stall Network
We are proud to present to you, a fully-working, bugless, Stall Network. How does it work?
1.Upon opening a stall, you will be asked if you want to register your items to the Stall Network, pretty self-explanatory, pressing Yes will register them, No will NOT register them. NOTE: Registering items and buying items via Stall Network will only work inside Towns.
2.On Redic, no more going through the whole town searching for a specific item in countless stalls. As our main town is Donwhang, most of the players will be using Stalls to sell their items inside Donwhang. Simply press [F] to open the Stall Network & search for ANY kind of item. NOTE: Using Stall Network in Donwhang will only show you the items stalled in Donwhang.

Stall Network

⚫️ New [U] Window
That's right, on Redic, the Union window will be slightly different but will also include a few new awesome features.
Guild Member Location Tab. Upon pressing [U], you will now see in which area of the game your guild mates are via a new Tab you cannot miss!
Guild Member Last Login Tab. Upon pressing [U], you will also notice another new Tab besides the Location one. This will show you each member logged in for the last time, making your life easier to keep an active guild!
Friends group & more. Upon pressing [U], in the friends Tab, you will now be able to add Groups to keep your friends list nice and organized.
Block. We all know Private Servers can get very hectic at times. This is why on Redic, you will now be able to Block any type of player annoying you in multiple ways.
1. Block PMs from certain player
2. Block All-Chat from certain player
3. Block Friend Request from certain player
4. Block Guild Invites from certain player
5. Block Exchange Request from certain player
6. Block certain player from joining your party via Party Matching

⚫️ New [P]arty Window
As we have mentioned a few times, our goal is to make your life easier. Upon being the leader of a party, you will now be able to appoint a new leader for your party.Simply press [P], click on the player you would like to transfer leader to and click "Appoint Master" at the bottom right of the Party Window.

⚫️ New PvP & Survival Arena Suits.
Aren't we all tired of seeing the same PvP Capes everywhere? On Redic, upon going into PvP mode or into Survival Arena, you will now have to choose between 5 different colored PvP Suits. This will bring a fresh look to various kind of in-game events!

⚫️ Redic Reload Button [Auto Equipment].
The Redic Reload Button can be found in the [A]ction window and will be used for Auto Equipment. How does it work?
1.Simply right clicking the Redic Reload button will automatically re-load you at the same exact position with the newest Auto Equipment available for your current level.
2.The Redic Reload button can only be used if you are between Level 1 to 81 included & will Auto Equip you with SoS +5 Full Blue, 41% Stats items in order to give our players a smooth leveling phase.

⚫️ Brand New Dungeon [Heavenly Gods Hideout]
The Heavenly Gods Hideout is no easy task. Once inside, you will have to fight your way through a series of room filled with monsters. Once a room has been cleared, you will be noticed to move to the next one. In some of the rooms, you will find Unique Monsters, kill them for a chance to drop rare items and complete your Daily Quests!
⚫️ New Visuals
Browse our Item Mall and take a look at our new pets! You will find a bunch of brand new Grab Pets as well as new Attack pets and Fellow pets!
•A few of our new Grab Pets will only be obtainable via Alpha Box and Magic Pop, not Item Mall.
•In the Item Malls Avatar section, you will find 2 Brand New, never seen before Avatars. Feel free to try any avatar on before buying it using the "Wear Item" option in Item Mall!
•Redic Online will also have a Brand New Unique Monster named Redic Warlord. Party up with your friends and hunt it down for a chance of obtaining special drops!
•In the Premium/Effects section of the Item Mall, you will find 5 different colors of Character Effect [Mist]. TIP: You can see them active at the end of our Login Intro, before you type in ID/PW. Hopefully this helps you pick your favorite one.
•You will also find the typical "Wing Effect" in 7 Different Colors as well as a Brand New Wing Effect available in the same 7 Colors. Total of 14 Different kind of "Wing Effect" are available in Item Mall" NOTE: You cannot use more than 1 type of "Wing Effect" at the same time but you can use 1 [Mist Effect] and 1 [Wing Effect] at the same time.
•We also have 1 Special Wing Effect that will be obtainable only via Main Events such as PvP Event & so on.

⚫️ Job Clash
A new automated event that will teleport up to 32 players of each Job into a special area for a big Job War. It will happen twice a day and there will be a server notice with a 10 Minutes registration window. DON'T MISS ON EPIC JOB WARS!
How does it work?
1.When the registration notice pops up, wear your Job suit. Once you are wearing your job suit, make sure you are in town. Open the [A]ction window where you will find our new Event Registration window.
2.Simply click on the Job Clash event and hit Register. You will be noticed upon successful registration. Once you are registered, make sure you stay in town to make sure you get teleported inside the Event. Once inside, each Job Union will spawn on opposite side of a map. Each side will have 9 NPC Unique Monsters that look just like Job NPC spawns but way bigger.
Your mission is to hunt down as many NPC Uniques, each unique death giving points to your Job Union. But remember, it's a Job War at the same time! Team-play should really come in handy in this kind of event. You can also kill Treasure Boxes which will drop Job Clash Coins. These Job Clash Coins can then be exchanged for Power-ups in an NPC you will find near the Spawn / Re-spawn Point of the Job Clash Event.
NOTE: The Job Clash Event will end upon:
1.All 9 NPC Uniques of a Job Union we're killed.
2.After 30 Minutes, if nobody killed all of the opposite jobs NPC Uniques, The Job Clash will end. Whichever Job Union with the most points will win!
NOTE: If The Job Clash Event ends and both Job Unions end up with the same amount of NPC Uniques killed, there will be no rewards so make sure to WIN!
What are the Rewards?
•Winning Job Union = 6x of each of the following items [Soul & Power Stones and trophies]
•Losing Job Union = 2x of the following items [Soul & Power Stones and trophies]

⚫️ Savage Skills
To keep the gameplay exciting, we have added new slightly stronger skills for every different mastery tree. These special attack skills will cost a lot of Skill Points which can be earned by completing Daily Quests inside the Savage Cave.
How to farm such a big amount of Skill Points?
1.Near the Donwhang West Gate, you will find the Savage Quests Manager. This NPC will offer you [6] Quests you can do on a daily basis for a high amount of Skill Points & other various rewards.
2.Those Quests can be completed inside the Savage Cave, which can be entered at any time, as long as you are wearing your Job Suit. Teleport inside using The Pillar near the Donwhang Cave Entrance.

Savage Skills Teaser

⚫️ Bounty PvP
You can now challenge anyone to a PvP Best of 3 for a set amount of Gold or Silks.
How does this work?
1. First off, find your opponent. Talk with your opponent and figure out if you guys want to PvP for Gold or Silk.
2. Once both agree to a bet, one of the player must pm [BOT]PvP with Char name, Currency, Amount.
Scenario#1: Let's say I would like to challenge another player named Test, for 1000 Silk, This is the message I need to send to our BOT:
$[BOT]PvP Test,Silk,1000
Scenario#2: Let's say I would like to challenge another player named Test, for 100,000,000 Gold, This is the message I need to send to our BOT:
$[BOT]PvP Test,Gold,100000000
3. Once this message sent, [BOT]PvP will then give me information about the match-up as well as send a PM to the opponent asking him if he agrees to the challenge.
4. The opponent then has 30 seconds to accept or refuse the challenge by replying to [BOT]PvP with Yes or No.
5. Upon the invite sent and accepted, both players will then get teleported to a special area where they will be given X time to buff up and wear their PvP Suit. Both players can then talk to each other and get ready for 3 rounds of Bounty PvP.
6. First player to kill his opponent twice will then win the amount of Gold or silk that was previously agreed on, automatically.
Few Notes:
Zerk is disabled to avoid people cheating as well as a few other restrictions to make sure the PvP rounds are fair.
Any Bounty PvP for over 300 Silk or 150,000,000 Gold will trigger a server notice. When the match starts, the notice will mention both char names and the bet they have agreed on.
•The players then fight until one of them has won [2] Rounds. Once a player wins [2] Rounds, the server notice will mention who won the Bounty PvP.
⚫️ Achievements
These achievements will give you decent & very useful kind of rewards upon completing them. More information about them will be found in-game.
⚫️ Real-Time Counters for Suvival, FW & Job Clash
Those are one of the most useful features nowadays in silkroad so of course we had to include them. Now you will be able to see the kills/deaths counter in Job Clash. You will be able to see the top guild kills during Fortress War. Lastly, You will be able to see the top kills during the survival to understand where you stand.

⚫️ Redic Custom Quests [Once per 24 Hours]

1. Hunt 1000 Akeru [Daily Akeru Massacre]
Reward: 300k SP + 3 Power Stones
2. Hunt 1000 Fire Ghost [Daily Fire Ghost Hunting]
Reward: 300k SP + 3 Power Stones
3. Hunt 1x Normal Unique [Battle of the Beasts]
Reward: 300k SP + 3 Power Stones

Savage Cave [Traders/Hunters/Thieves]
1. Kill 30 of your opponent [First, Let’s Try to Become Savage]
•Reward: 5x Power Stones + 1 million SP + 1x Immortal Stone.
2. Hunt 200 Savage Adjutant Honghaea [To the Savage World]
•Reward: 5x Power Stones + 15m gold + 1m SP
3. Hunt 200 Savage Masters [Mastering Being Savage]
•Reward: 5x Power Stones + 15m gold + 1m SP
4. Hunt 200 Savage Gigante [The Real Savage]
•Reward: 5x Power Stones + 15m gold + 1m SP
5. Hunt [1] Savage Babilion [Babilion’s Revenge]
•Reward: 1,250M SP + [1] 1-5 Random Redic Point Scroll.
6. Hunt [1] Savage Flame Cow King [The Lost Beast of Savage cave]
•Reward: 1,250M SP + [1] 1-5 Random Redic Point Scroll.
7. Hunt [1] Savage Zielkiaxe [The Cursed Dragon]
•Reward: 1,250M SP + [1] 1-5 Random Redic Point Scroll.
Job Temple [Thieves]
1. Kill 30 Hunter/Traders inside the Job Temple [Taking over the Job Temple]
•Reward: 5x Soul Stones + 1x Immortal Stone.
2. Hunt 250 Priest of Terror & 250 Priest of Vengeance & 250 Sand Scout [Combat Magic training]
•Reward: 10x Soul Stones.
3. Kill [1] Redic Glowl [The Fire Eagle]
•Reward: 5x Trophies
4. Kill [1] Redic Icky [The River Bird]
•Reward: 5x Trophies
5. Kill [1] Redic Oliver [The Earth King]
•Reward: 5x Trophies
Job Temple [Traders/Hunter]
1. Kill 30 of your opponent [Taking over the Job Temple]
•Reward: 5x Soul Stones + 1x Immortal Stone.
2. Hunt 250 Priest of Terror & 250 Priest of Vengeance & 250 Sand Scout [Combat Magic Training]
•Reward: 10x Soul Stones.
3. Kill [1] Redic Glowl [The Fire Eagle]
• Reward: 5x Trophies
4. Kill [1] Redic Icky [The River Bird]
• Reward: 5x Trophies
5. Kill [1] Redic Oliver [The Earth King]
•Reward: 5x Trophies
Heavenly Gods Hideout
1. Kill [1] Jupiter [Prove Your Worth]
•Reward: [1] Redic Elixirs Box + [1] 1-5 Random Redic Point Scroll
2. Kill [1] Yuno [Purge the Gods]
•Reward: [1] Redic Elixirs Box + [1] 1-5 Random Redic Point Scroll
3. Kill [1] Heavenly God [Raid the Heavenly God Vault]
•Reward: [1] Redic Elixirs Box + [1] 1-5 Random Redic Point Scroll
NOTE: Redic Elixirs Box gives 8x elixirs of each kind.

Garden Dungeon
1. Kill [1] Kidemonas [Stand Your Ground]
•Reward [1] Redic Elixirs Box + [1] 1-5 Random Redic Point Scroll
2. Kill [1] Mustafa [Strike Back]
•Reward [1] Redic Elixirs Box + [1] 1-5 Random Redic Point Scroll
3. Kill [1] Giant Overload [Steal the Dark Staff]
•Reward [1] Redic Elixirs Box + [1] 1-5 Random Redic Point Scroll

⚫️ Trivia
A very well knows event that we had to include in the server. We will try to keep it original and add new questions to keep it more interesting so people cannot abuse it. Event timers will have the exact times of the event. NOTE: You cannot win more than once for the same HWID.
• Reward: 25 Silks
⚫️ Hide & Seek
This is one of those events that players love participating in so we had to include it since it is fun. The bot will announce a location and you will have to find the bot.
• Reward: 100 Silks.
⚫️ Last Man Standing
This is a completely fair event that will balance things our not like survival arena where INTs can be a bit overpowered. It is basically trying to stay alive until you are the last man standing inside the area so play it smart since it can be all about strategy.
• Reward: 125 Silks.
⚫️ Kill The GM
This is a very fun event that will run for 3x rounds each time. A bot will appear in DW south and players will have to kill it. The player to last hi will count as the winner.
• Reward: 100 silks each round to the winner.
⚫️ Search and Destroy
Several uniques will spawn all over the map. The notices will inform the players when the event will start and where each unique is at. You will just have to find the unique and kill. Remember, these are easy uniques!
• Reward: 50 silks.
⚫️ Lucky Party Number
In order to win this event, all you have to do is form the party with the winning party number. Easiest way to do this is to keep forming and deleting the party match until you get lucky with the lucky party number the bot is asking for.
• Reward: 50 Silks.
⚫️ Alchemy Event
This is a fun event for alchemy lovers out there. This will take place in DW east. The BOT will announce when it will start and it will start dropping items that you will need to plus it to the specific plus it is asking for.
• Reward: 150 Silks.

Although it requires a lot of time and efforts to build the game-features you just read but we actually dedicated some time to come-up with something "NEW" in the website. Now let's take a look at the newly developed features in Redic's website.
1. Rankings
We do have a lot of rankings in the website you already know most of them as I do them for every server that uses my website, but here are the new ones.
Alchemy Ranking: Upon fusing an item you will receive +1 point, Instantly updated!
Savage Ranking: The savage ranking described above will be shown in our rankings page as well as in-game window. Instantly updated!
Alliance Ranking: In this ranking it will show the master guild of an alliance, count of guilds in and sum of guilds points. Instantly updated!
2. Performance
Re-wrote a lot of parts of the website so that the performance is much better. Load time is expected to be as low as possible.
Using the jQuery ajax method in certain parts of the website so that you don't need to reload the page to refresh data.
4. Titles Management
Yes, you are able to switch your title from the website. So you could switch your title from any device that has access to the internet.
5. Webstall Controller
Crayon coded this earlier so it's not that NEW, but actually it's really cool feature to have. It allows you to sell your item(s) for silks or gold. Good thing is you don't even have to be logged in to register an item. So yes if you are outside maybe you want to sell an item. Easy, login to our website and put it on SALE.
6. Inventory Controller
In the character panel you there is a button that shows your item(s) in inventory. Stats and plus will be shown as well. Also, you can register your item(s) to web stall.
7. E-PIN System
This will be used as another donation method in Redic. However, resellers will have access to generate several E-PINs and y'all may use that in the donation page.
8. Layout
Choosing the layout is always the most painful step for me, but I have looked into a lot of ideas and finally came up with my own which is stunning and also lightweight for better load time. However you will find some gear icon on the right with that you can switch the boxes transperancy.
9. Statistics
On the sidebar you are able to check the very latest 10 job, pvp, and unique kills. Not only that, but also the latest sent global chats.
10. Active Buffs
On the character information page you are able to see what buffs they have active.
11. Redic Dashboard
This is an administrative feature to manage certain parts of the website. As well as, handling the server & ticket-system.
12. News
The homepage will only show the first 300 characters of the news. However, if it exceeds the 300 chars there will be a button showing up once you press on that you will be redirected to the news page to read it. However, there will be "Share" button at the bottom in case you would like to support us by sharing the link on Facebook!

If you feel like we have done a decent job and would like to support the server, use our signature. As sign of appreciation, you'll receive 100 silks as a reward in the grand opening. We are so glad to provide you with something unqiue, fair and enjoyable that is built with passion. We are super excited for all of you to join us in the open beta to test and look at the amazing features and system we have created!
[CENTER][URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0, title: Redic Online][/IMG][/URL][INDENT][B]#PassionOverProfit[/B]
Join Redic's [B][URL=""]Discord[/URL][/B] server to stay updated[/INDENT][/CENTER]
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A little less than 3 months later, Redic is finally here. Hope everyone enjoys what we have been working on! Cheers!
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Make sure to join our discord channel to check latest news,updates and events! Stay tuned bois
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Ma *****, best of luck
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GoodLuck @
Wish you the best bud.
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good luck to you guys!
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Gratzzz !!! Bruh Goodluck
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looks greet cant wait to download it
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It was pleasure working with you Fury and Crayon. Wish you good luck in Redic
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ma bois wish you best of luck <3

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Originally Posted by HypeSquad View Post
Gratzzz !!! Bruh Goodluck
Appreciate it man!

Originally Posted by Damitsu View Post
good luck to you guys!
Thank you <3

Originally Posted by 'Xeno' View Post
GoodLuck @
Wish you the best bud.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by MeGaMaX. View Post
Ma nigga, best of luck
Appreciate it dude!

Originally Posted by gebeer2 View Post
Looks dope!, goodluck
Thanks for the good word!

Originally Posted by Ash* View Post
It was pleasure working with you Fury and Crayon. Wish you good luck in Redic
Work never ends

Thanks a lot for the kind words Ash!
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Good luck
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Looks perfect but only ch (
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