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New Revenge Cap 120 - D13 - EU/CH PVE - Job & Coin system- Triggered Instance

Discussion on New Revenge Cap 120 - D13 - EU/CH PVE - Job & Coin system- Triggered Instance within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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New Revenge Cap 120 - D13 - EU/CH PVE - Job & Coin system- Triggered Instance


Hello and Welcome to new Revenge Silkroad, This is a new Server Started by some Friend whitout any real objective except having fun! Of course we have donation system and so on but it's more to keep the server active than making anything else! We have hosted one server for several year and Closed it after all ppl found a new one. This one is not Over Edited and Could stay a bit more basic whit just the necessary Stuff to having fun! We are all playing and we want you to play whit us also!
We hope you will join us to having some fun.

This private server opened Beta on September 26th, 2018

This private Server Will Open Official Day on march 4th 2019 Be ready to Get reward

for those who don't read lmao

Exp / SP60x
Exp/ SP Party80x
Job rates5x
Max Plus+14 Whit ADV +2
Vote for SilksAvailable
Mini Game WebAvailable
Capture The FlagAvailable
Battle ArenaAvailable
Survival ArenaUnder Dev
Crazy EventUnder Dev
Roc GateAvailable Whitout Key
Fortress warBD/HT/JG Available
Reward per Hours PC limit 2
Fortress PC Limit 1
Job PC Limit1
Guild Limit 25
Union Limit 2
PVP PC Limit1
Academy Disable(Abusable)
Botting allowedYes

• Cap
Revenge was running form 110 to 140 and will found best always be 120 cap whit most of Fun. We do NOT have the intention to change that at any time.

• Available Races
Both European and Chinese races will be available. We will do our utmost to achieve a perfect balance between both races.

• Degree
All gears will be available until the 13th Degree.

• Experience Rates
The experience rate is not going to be low but not Going to be High too. Leveling up is fun but not when it takes you ages to reach the max level and thus, the solo EXP rate is going to be 60x while the party EXP rate is going to be 80x.

• Available Regions
We will have all the regions of 120 Cap available. Jangan,Donwhang, Hotan, Roc Mountain, Samarkand, Constantinople, Jupiter Temple, Alexandria and your lovely Job Temple!

• Max Plus
The max plus is going to be 12. Attempting to fuse a +12 item to +13 will just result in nothing and the item will not get fused. ADV will push it up to +14 and it's enougth

• HardwareID Limit (PC Limit)
The HardwareID Limit is going to be 8. You will not be able to login more than 8 characters. Most of The system are By the way Limited to 1. We don't want to Get full of Bot for anything

• IP Limit
The IP Limit is not realy Set, Since we are working whit a HWID ip lmit is useless

• Guild Limit
Guilds masters will be able to add a maximum of 25 members in their guilds.

• Union Limit

Unions will have a limit of 2 guilds, meaning that a union may not be able to have more than 2 guilds including the master guild.

• Guild Starting Level
All created guilds will start at level 5. You will not have to donate GP to your guild to level it up anymore.

• Main City
The main City of Revenge where you will find our NPCs, our custom teleporters and everything you need is Alex as our players used.

• Capture The Flag
Paticipate to Capture the Flag will reward you with Seal of Treasure Box.

• Alchemy Rate
The alchemy rate is customized so it would be fair enough for everybody, but of course, reaching the maximum plus ain't gonna be an easy task.

• Union Chat
Guild Master will be able to authorize all their members to use the Union Chat. It's no more limited to 25 members!

• Max Stacks
The max stacks for most of the items you use on daily basis have been increased, making your life much easier and saving you a lot of inventory slots.

Starter Pack
Starter Pack will Give you a Good Point to Start.
*Noob Helper Buff Specialy made for Helping Low player to levelup
*10K Skill Point to Prevent instantly farm
*1M Gold who is enougth to Start
*Some Special item To help you to Grind again

Coin System

The coin system is a huge part of this server. There are three main currencies -- Revenge Coin, Token Of Heroism and Classic Silk. The revenge coin would be used like any other coin, to be collected to purchase the best gear and accessories available also some Special Silk item are available on Coin shop. Token of Heroism Allow you to bougth some special Buff like Honor buff.

The Coin allow You to Buy different Item but Basicaly used for Sun D13 Item

Wanted Buff

The wanted buff contributes a few helpful buffs, stats, and percentages such as the basic str/int, speed, and alchemy success %. Wanted buff can ONLY be obtained through jobbing of either Thief, Hunter, and Trade associations. There is a maximum of level 10 Wanted Buff, you start from level 1. To even get level 1, you must kill 10 of the opposite job. So in reality you must kill 100 of opposite job WITHOUT dying once (from mob or player) to get the level 10 Wanted Buff. The wanted buff expires every 3 days and CANNOT be exploited because of IP/HWID restriction, time prevention between last player killed, and you're only able to kill the same player 5 times a day.

------Wanted Buff Stat Exemple------

Auto Equipment

Auto-equipment has been validated for degrees of 3 to 10. Using an auto-equipment system. This system updates all of your current gear to Seal of Sun +7 FB with 100% attributes. A Message while Leveling provides information of what the appropriate levels are for updating your gear to the most current.
Our char start whit a D1 Sun Stuff already to Help anyone to Start Grinding fast

Seal Of Moon Box

Get a Seal of Moon Boxe inside CTF as Reward For participant
This seal of moon boxe will give you some Moon D13 Item (Higth Chance)

Char Protection and Item Locking

We have also implemented Item protection and anti hack mesure
This mesure Lock your Entire account whit a password and a HWID
To login back again You need to use Same pc. No more hack

Achievement Mastery

The bonus mastery gives a variety of additional buffs and stats that can be earned through the gameplay.

Achievement Mastery

------Spoiler Show entire mastery------

------Hidden buff Stat Exemple------

You can Collect 8 Different buff by participing on game

Automated Title

We have Arround 100 Automated Title To win During Game
Could Be unique Kill, pvp , job, Rank and so on

We also have Daily Title Based on Best ranking of The Game

And to finish We having Permanent Title we Can obtain form quest and Activity

Revenge Coins

Revenge coins drop from a variety of things, but the most popular option is from Uniques;

*Mirror Dimension
- The Earth drops 20 Revenge coins
- Yuno drops 20 Revenge coins
- Jupiter drops 20 Revenge coins
- Baal drops 20 Revenge coins
- BabilionEarth drops 20 Revenge coins

*Normal known uniques on the entire Silkroad map
- Tiger Girl drops 7 Revenge Coins
- Demon Shaitan drops 10 Revenge coins
- Captain Ivy drops 7 Revenge coins
- Uruchi drops 8 Revenge coins
- Isyutaru drops 9 Revenge coins
- Lord Yarkan drops 10 Revenge coins
- Cerberus drops 7 Revenge coins
- Kidemonas drops 33 Revenge coins
- Apis drops 20 Revenge coins

Revenge coins can also be gained by PvP'ing (Player V.S. Player). Ofcourse, this cannot be exploited nor farmed upon but was added for a side boost of getting Revenge coins (meaning there is a 5 minute time prevention between the last player you killed, you also can't get Revenge coins of either party if it's on same IP). Example, a level 119 character kills another player of the same level -- the killer obtains 1 Revenge coin. A level 119 character kills a player with the level of 120 -- the killer obtains 2 Revenge coin(s). There is a variety of ways to get Revenge coins such as Guild Wars, Job War, PT Arena, CTF Arena, and much more.

- Revenge Coin Npc ~

The Revenge Coin npc has been made to Allow PPL To buy Silk Item form Npc
This npc is currently under devellopement and We will add Some More item inside it

- Forgotten World ~

FGW is the only way to obtain a degree 13 Seal of Sun weapon without having to purchase it from other players. You must collect the letters of the word, "B E S T R O N G".

Entrance Ticket

Job System & Honor Buff System

Under Reworks

The new Job Cave 110-120 has been completely modified to fit the cap and degree of the server, mobs from the cave have a possibility of droping Seal of Nova D13 Item

Jobing Will Be used to Win some Token of Heroism and whit this Token you will get ability to Buy Some Silk Item

The Token NPC

This NPC allow you to Buy Item form Job Structure
Doing trade, hunt or Thiefing open you a new market where you could buy some item
Exemple Honor buff

GM/GA Event

H&S Event - On other servers, it would be just as simple as the subject name 'H&S'. Revenge is not other servers, so if you do find the GM you must answer his/her question to win the round.

PvP Event - PvP Events are scheduled by the Staff team every now an then, to register you must make a post on the thread on Revenge Forums. There's a special area where this event is held so you don't need to worry about other players pestering you or the others.

Find the Object - In this event you must search for a specific item or object that matches the GM's description. As soon as you find it, you must report back to the GM who hosted the event and claim your reward.

Trivia - Simple. We ask a question, you must reply in a PM with the correct answer.

Find and Kill - The staff team will spawn one unique (random) in a spot of the hosters choice and you will have to find an slay it! The slayer gets a reward.

Clash of the Titan - This event is more risky than the others. Here, you'll to register like any ordinary PvP event. This mode allows 15 player max per round. NO Parties, nor external buffs are allowed. You are ALONE and must slay all of the enemies in PK mode. Take care, you may loose an item or two.. the last one standing gets to claim a reward afterwards. You know what they say, No Risk, No Fun!

Sale Event - This one doesn't happen very often. Random Sale events with rare weapons and/or Revenge Point sales an savings.

Unique Event - This occurs in the event area, this area can be reached by teleporting from any TP.

Kill the GM - The GM spawns in the event area, everyone attending must cape in the BLUE cape otherwise they wont be registered for the event. The killer is rewarded with some Revenge Points.

Lucky Party Number - This event is simple, the GM notices a reward will be given out for the one who achieves the desired party number that the GM requested.

Automated Event system

1-. Trivia Event (Pm and Global)
Bot will grap an question and when a player pop up with right answer, bot will reward him

2-. Gm Killer Event
Bot Will Appear in Event Area Place with a cap and waiting for other players to attack and kill him , killer will get reward

3-. Higher Alchemy Plus Event
Bot will Appear in Event Area Place and Drop an amount of items , the player who achive the higher plus on those items will win.

4-. Hide And Seek Event
Bot will Start The Event Going To X place, waiting to be discovered by any player.

5-. Job Suit Uniques War Event
A Match time between all players who register event under job suits.. the event will depends on fights between players and uniques kills.

6-. Lucky Party number Event
Lucky Reform Number is an event starts record what last current party number .. adding a challange number ex. if the current number is 1 and challange number is 50 .. target winner reform will be 51.. the player who achive that target reform will win

7-. Search And Destroy Event
bot will move to x place and spawn a x unique.. waiting for a player to find & kill that unique.

8-. Known Uniques Spawn Event
Normal Uniques Spawn Event

9-. Lucky Global Event ( Lottery Event )
its a lottery event started by listen to all globals and record it in special time , winner will be random 1 player from all global writers.

10-. Lottery Gold Event
It's a lottery based on Gold! each registered player Add 1M to Bank and Only one Win it

11-. Lottery Silk Event
It's same as Gold Loettery but you Use 100 silk

12-.Lucky Number
Bot Pick a Random number Between 0 and 100
You have 1mn to Found it By pm Most fast player is rewarded

13-.Lucky Staller Event
Every Stall Form X location Will be registered. After 3 Mn The bot pickup a winner and Reward it

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where cup 140

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server on ?
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Originally Posted by yehya2010 View Post
server on ?
Yes, the server is currently online. Do keep in mind it is in early stages of BETA testing though. There's no official E.T.A. on a launch date.


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so server on beta phase now ?
what did u mean [ official E.T.A ? ]
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When the grand opening?
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Grand opening will be probably occured after New year
No Data reset will be Occured to Beta player and Some Bonus shoudl be added after beta end

Thanks you
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How many player in beta test now?
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no revenge silk drop from any unqiues fix it asap
solo exp rate is about 5x party exp same fix it
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Rate is Already X40 and not 5x
Mangyang base exp = 24
24x40 = 960
Check ingame that should be Similar
Exp Party = X50
it's For a complete party of course

Ill check about the Unique rank and coin thx
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Content de te revoir mon ami.
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Originally Posted by alvindu91 View Post
Content de te revoir mon ami.
Salut alvin sa fait plaisir de revoir des noms que je connais
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im lvl 46 lvling in penon 54lvl and i get 0,09% 1mob and 2skill point with gap 0 this is far away from 40x rate~
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Bibi_fr est de retour !!!
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Originally Posted by alin20099 View Post
im lvl 46 lvling in penon 54lvl and i get 0,09% 1mob and 2skill point with gap 0 this is far away from 40x rate~
Because this not a overedited server.... Last server Revenge Stay online for 7 year and that was x200 - x400 Depend of the month.
Most of server Say X40 but they are x400

That realy simple to calculate the rate! Just need to be realist lol
I guess maybe ill be increase it a bit but not much. Take time to up that a base of mmorgp i guess.

Originally Posted by WelcomeMaze View Post
Bibi_fr est de retour !!!
Et oui je suis de nouveau la :P

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