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Spectre, The Innovative Era | Cap 90 - Diverse Worlds | NEW Features | December 2k18

Discussion on Spectre, The Innovative Era | Cap 90 - Diverse Worlds | NEW Features | December 2k18 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Spectre, The Innovative Era | Cap 90 - Diverse Worlds | NEW Features | December 2k18

Hello ePvPerZ community, We know you've been waiting for a good project very patiently but it is almost here! Are you ready for the biggest fight of the year? We're very excited to bring you this wonderful project! Are you and your friends ready to jump into the unique and beautiful world of Spectre Online? We know you're very eager to get started but everything must be absolutely perfect before we release so that you will have a amazing time on Spectre Online!
While I was listening to the Spectre song the inspiration came to me, about having a fantastic project and naming it "Spectre". Take a look for yourself and be sure to listen to it!

The Spectre

Spectre Teasers

Personally, I've been away from this scene in particular for a very long while. After a ton of brainstorming and miracle work, I've returned with a project I am incredibly excited to share with the community, Spectre! Our project consists of a lot of hard working folks whos only desire is to satisfy the wants and needs of the PSRO community, the things that you all ask for time and time again and WE hear you! Spectre is my personal product, of neverending simplicity and I just know that you all will love this project just as much as myself. Please, enjoy the read.

We hear you!! You want new features, visual products, gameplay, everything and anything! While participating in Spectre you'll notice newly designed or updated mounts, avatars, map textures, triggered instances, GUI, and many other modifications. This also isn't a one time thing.. we definitely plan to continue producing more newly custom/spectre-exclusive items and features over our existance. Overall, we wish to please the audience of the PSRO scene. Creating additional features, items, events, etc that have never been seen or used in the scene, or elevate others promoting them as NOW, fun and innovative. Afterall we're here for you.

Our Target:
Our primary focus is seeking out those who genuinely enjoy playing Silkroad Online, as you know many known and current servers released nowadays are exclusively Chinese only projects and with the SRO genre being such we're definitely attempting to elevate the expectations of a CH only project-- raising the bar, and implementing the EU race in a healthy and non-worrisome way. Check out the Diverse Worlds section for more information regarding the plans we have for the EU implementations.

Spectre Play2Win:
Why we are a PLAY2WIN -focused project: A ton of our provided gameplay promotes a variety of ways to obtain silk, top tier, and premium items. We've also got a lot of offline events, hourly earned silk for X amount of time that you're loggined, Spectre-exclusive questing, and of course our Diverse Worlds feature which provides a large event giving opportunities for an advantage left and right. That said it's unlikely that donators will get a large advantage when donating, these donations will primarily be used to fund the project and exercise our more immediate plan to remain long-term (not just to say it, but to express such).

Spectre Crew:
My team and I have tried to incorporate our 6 years of Private SRO experience, aswell as alot of background ISRO experience into this project of which the primary goal is to ensure a smooth, fair and very enjoyable gameplay for all of you who choose to come with us. Our team consists of (Woody-Kai-Paris-ZED), we are dedicated to our work and we aren't claiming to be professionals but we have a very skilled team.

Server Stability:
Spectre has been underworks for quite a long time and has only recently been intentionally exposed to the public. How so? Well.. let's just say we've got over 4 gameservers and nearly an impenetrable filter (good luck to those exploiters/DDoS folks)! Our current filter is by far one of the most moderate known in the PSRO community. We expect a completely lag-free CBT, OBT, and grand opening. However, despite the amount of time we've developed upon Spectre we cannot promise there won't be any bugs. Our coding is nearly flawless but it's always abnormal for a few things to pop up near the OBT and grand opening phases. We've got the best equipment for a valuable audience and we sincerely hope y'all enjoy it!

As we are determined to develop a bugless server and to completely avoid all of those extremely annoying issues such as server restarts, disconnects, many little updates and other faults within the system that i'm convinced all of you experienced on many other private servers, especially in their Grand Opening day, we have decided to first open a Beta version in which certain players and staff members will work together to ensure that everything is perfect in the slighest detail.
Rest assured, all of the players who will contribute to the server by playing the Beta version will be rewarded with a certain amount of Silk at the Grand Opening.
    We have been in closed beta for long time testing all functions in the server so we can be sure that everything is working smoothly and it's fine. So it's your turn to go ahead and test it for yourself in the open beta, enjoy!
    To be clear, a BETA is subject for anything to change, for the stability to be questionable literally all the time, random restarts/maintenances, everything! With that out of the way we're pretty eager for y'all to test what we've got under development and will accept any further suggestions anyone would like to recommend.
    Date : November 23rd, 2018
    • BETA PHASE .1 [23.11.2018] :- This beta is going to be focused on testing Skill balance & PVP.
    • BETA PHASE .2 [27.11.2018] :- This beta is going to be focused on testing Alchemy Rate.
    • BETA PHASE .3 [30.11.2018] :- This beta is going to be focused on testing New events.
    • BETA PHASE .4 [06.12.2018] :- This beta is going to be focused on testing Drop rates.
    • BETA PHASE .5 [08.12.2018] :- This beta is going to be focused on testing Jobbing rates.
    • BETA PHASE .6 [09.12.2018] :- This beta is going to be general tests everything is going to be enabled you can test everything until the release of grand opening date.

  • Grand Opening :
    Finally,I would like to thank everyone on the behalf of Spectre's faculty team to YOU ALL for taking the time out of your everyday lives to participate in something so significant to ourselves. We do hope the pariticipants enjoyed their short termed experience of Spectre and look forward to everyones feedback on said opening date!
    Date : December 14th, 2018.

Newly Released Content:
  • We know everyone is has gotten bored of the regular Silkroad repeating the same thing over and over so we decided to bring you alot of new content and stuff! such as avatars, pet, job pet and even new unique "Spectre Unique". are you ready to see all the new content for yourself? Be one of the first people who are going to obtain these and slay the unique!

Newly Released Content

Spectre Online is a Degree 9 server, we chose D9 because we enjoyed playing old school Silkroad the most.

The level cap is 90 because it is most common in D9 servers.

Spectre Online is a Chinese only server as are most D9 servers. But there are times that we will allow European during events only.

Total Mastery points you can use will be 300 so that you can Max 3 skills and be left with a free 30 mastery points to add to another skills tab.

EXP Rate
EXP Rates are set lower so that you may enjoy the Spectre Online experience more, we have found a balanced exp rate so that you will have more fun and not get bored of reaching max level super quick.
  • EXP Rate: 15x
  • EXP Party: 20x

Alchemy Rate
Alchemy rate is set to 1.5x

Plus Limit
The max plus limit is +12 so that you can have a better balanced experience in PVE and also PVP.

Auto Equipment
This feature is one of the most useful features in PSRO as we all know that players don't really like to spend all their time and efforts to make the low degree equipment so you will have from D1 until D8 free sos items. You won't get anymore after D8.

Main Town
We all know that we have a lot of good memories in Donwhang so we must remind you with those memories and good days so our main town is Donwhang since it has all of our special NPC teleports and all the activities on the server.

Start Items:
  • HP Recovery potion (X-large)
  • MP Recovery potion (X-large)
  • Instant Return Scroll
  • Reverse Return Scroll
  • Beginner scroll of movement (3 Days)
  • Ghost Monkey Summon Scroll
  • Devil's Spirit B grade

Max Stack:
We understand how difficult to play with low amount of stack on items, we don't want you to struggle in playing in our humble game, so we thought of increasing the main items to help you in playing.

Other Features:
Considering the vast amount of feedback regarding Private SRO Server mistakes of the past, we took the liberty of further implementing various other features that we regard as improvements:
  • Purification Pill Bug Fixed.
  • Immortal/Astral 9th icon modified to another colour.
  • Destroyer Rondo Disabled.
  • Advanced Elixir Disabled.
  • Resurrection Scrolls Disabled.
  • Damage Scrolls Disabled.
  • Vigor decreased to 10%.
  • Job Max Level modified from 7 to 12
  • Guild instantly promoted to Level 5 instead of Level 1.
  • Guild Emblem Fully Working.

Here are some available scrolls that will hopefully make you happy.
  • Guild Penalty Remover:
    We all know that feeling... Having to wait 3 days to join your favorite faction... it's miserable! Nobody likes this, not one single person! So, if you feel the need to switch your guild and don't feel like waiting three days, this scroll was implemented for you

  • Job Penalty Remover:
    The same as the guild penalty remover, just for your job. Since jobbing is a main part of Spectre, if you ever feel the urge to switch jobs, waiting 7 days would be quite the hassle! To avoid this, we have implemented job penalty removers. Simply leave your current profession, use the scroll, and choose your new one!

  • Skill and Stat Reset Scrolls
    For all of you indecisive people out there who can't stand to stay with one build, these scrolls are for you. Using a skill reset scroll will reset all of your masteries and skills, as well as refund 100% of your used Skillpoints. Using a Stat Reset scroll will reset all of your STR or INT points and allow you to reallocate them.
  • Silk Scrolls
    Since silk is widely used for in-game purchases, as well as a main currency of the game, it was only right that we would add scrolls for it! These scrolls are Tradable, meaning that you can also buy silk for other in-game currencies such as gold or trade it for materials (the Tradable ones of course). There will always be that person who comments "IT'S P2W WTF!!!!!!!!" (is it you?) so in response to this - we offer the following message; silk will drop from uniques, job temple uniques, in-game auto events, you can buy/trade it for other currencies, and MANY MORE ACTIVITY-BASED METHODS!
  • Red Stat Remover (Durabilty Reduce or 400% max durability)

    We all have had this issue; we forgot to put steady. Ouch! But fear not! In Spectre, you can use the durability remover scroll to remove these pesky stats. Simple, right?

  • Premium Remover
    After your premium expires, you may have a little "hand" symbol in your bufflist. This will prevent you from starting a new Premium PLUS. You can remove it by grinding/botting for 5 hours, but if you're impatient like the majority of us, this scroll will benefit you greatly.

  • Model Switchers:
    Do you dislike the look of D9 gear, or you have a favorite style in mind? Not a problem! In Spectre, we have model switcher scrolls, which changes the cosmetic appearance of any item you use it on to the degree on the switcher. Place the item you want to change styles on in the first slot of your inventory. Then, go to a safezone and use the scroll, and it's complete!
  • Pet Renamer:
    Have you just bought a pet and you don't like the name, or perhaps you're just sick of your pet's name and you would like to change it? In Spectre, we have done what no server has implemented before, and created a scroll that allows you to rename your pet! Follow the instructions in the description carefully!

  • Blue Remover Scroll:
    It happens to the best of us - we are adding stats on our items and we forgot that pesky limit of 9! Fear not, Spectre residents! For those hard moments, we've added Blue Remover Scrolls, which allow you to remove all the blues on your item. Place the item you would like to modify in the first slot of your inventory, and then use the scroll.
  • Character Name Changer:
    If/when you would like to change your character's name, use this scroll. You will be disconnected from the server. When you attempt to log back into your character, you will be prompted to enter a new name. You are unable to create the same character name as you had before, and you are unable to use a name that is already taken.
  • Divorce Scroll:

    For whatever reasons, if you are looking to divorce your marriage partner, use this scroll. After your divorce, if you have a marriage ring buff ongoing, it will be removed.

  • Advanced Gender Switch:
    Unlike a typical gender switcher, which changes your gear from male to female, and vice versa, an ADVANCED gender switch can switch ANY gender based items, for example, devil's spirits, avatars, GDFs, as well as items, and more. Cannot be used on items that do not have gender restrictions.

  • Skill Opening Scroll:
    If you switch your build when you are already max level, it can be quite pesky and annoying to re-add all of your skills from scratch. To avoid these difficulties, we have implemented a scroll that can open your skills, mastery by mastery as long as you have enough skillpoints. Read the instructions in the description carefully!
  • Academy Penalty Remover:
    Since academies are more important in Spectre's system than most servers, it's vital to be a part of one, and when you leave or get kicked from one, the penalty could cause you unwanted issues. Not to mention, the academy penalties are over 7 days! If something like this happens to you, just use our academy penalty remover.

  • +1 Enchantment Scroll:
    For those tough times when you're in a war, and you need just a little bit of extra defense, we implemented scrolls that allow you to add 1 plus on any item of your choosing that lasts for 15 minutes.

  • Dye Scrolls:
    You can use these scrolls to change the COLOR OF THE GLOW of your weapon/shield. It comes in blue, red, green, purple, cyan, and "fire." There is also a "Reset Dye" scroll, if you would like to revert your item back to its normal glow.


Alchemy Notice:
Upon succeeding to Plus any item to +8 or higher, a GM Notice with your char name and the item that you pimped will appear for everyone to see.

Guild & Union Limit:
We have set the Guild limit to 32 players and Union limit to 2 Guilds. This is to ensure that there is always competition in events such as Fortress Wars and that even the smaller teams will have a chance against the giant ones.

Note: We will make a vote during beta phase to either keep guild and union limit 32/2 or change it to 24/3.
Guild Leaving Penalty: is going to be only 1 day, If you don't want to wait 1 day you can purchase an item from the Item mall to remove this penalty

Old PVP Cape:
We've added the old PVP capes to bring about nostalgia of the good old days.

Battle Arena - Capture The Flag:
Everyone seems to love these two events so we've added some pretty nice rewards for both of them. We have also implemented some anti-cheating measures to ensure a smooth gameplay and avoid frustration among the players. These include a) Required minimum level to register to BA or CTF is lv 90) You can only join with one char in both, CTF & BA. This shall prevent cheaters from farming rewards with fake chars.

Silk per hour is Must Have feature for a project like ours, as it will give everyone the chance to have plenty of silk, even to those who don't have or don't want to spend $ for a game. This shall help at making the server Play2Win. To prevent abusement of this system, players need to Level 90 before they can get silk per hour. Also, AFK in town players will not get silk per hour.

Note: HWID 1 Per PC.

Fellow Pet System:
Fellow Pets will be available for purchase. All fellow pet bugs such as speed bug have been fixed. In order to be able to ride a Fellow Pet, it must be level 40 or higher.

Permanent Buffs:
We understand and empathize how long it takes to buff up so now, no need to worry! We hope you enjoy this life and time saving feature .

We've pretty much added all Avatars to our server so variety won't be an issue.

Rewards for our first 300 adverturers!
The first 300 participants to reach max level will receive the following rewards:
  • Players that are level 1 > 150 will be granted 300 silks,
  • Players that are level 151 > 250 will be granted 200 silks,
  • Players that are level 251 > 300 will be granted 150 silks.

SoX System:
Tired of getting stuck with classic servers with Star, moon, and sun tiers? Who didn't balance their systems and gave you a bad player experience? We took our time and crafted our custom system to be the fairest and most balanced system that it could be, in the least "Pay2Win" way possible. Our system will consist of 4 seals, Craft, Star, Nebula, and Moon, each adjusted accordingly, that you can obtain by farming coins and materials, crates, dungeons, etc! Without any further ado, the Seals of Spectre!

Seal of Craft (+1 last tier) (tradable)
  • You will be able to obtain SOC from mobs 85~90 (Low rate)
  • You will be able to obtain SOC from the Abyss Maze - B2 (Medium rate)
  • You will be able to obtain SOC from the Job temple uniques (Medium Rate)
  • You will be able to obtain SOC from chests/crates (Low-Medium rate, depending on the crate)

Seal of Star (+2 last tier) (tradable)
In Spectre, we have implemented an upgrade system to obtain SOS items. First of all, you will need an SOC item, which is +7 or above. Then you must buy an upgrade coin from our gold miner NPC, named Fei Hung - Spectre's Special Shop. for gold, or obtain it through Golden Chests. Once you have the upgrader, place the sealed item in the first slot of your inventory, and use the scroll. Your item will become an SOS +5 item, NO STATS OR BLUES.

Seal of Nebula (+3 last tier) (tradable)
  • You will be able to obtain SON from our custom unique, Spectre!
  • You will be able to obtain SON from chests.
  • You will be able to obtain SON from the Forgotten World.
NOTE: Abyss Maze & Job temple are going to drop Nebulian chests with low rates.
NOTE: Seal of Nebula (SON) gear and accessories will be enabled within the first 3 weeks.

Seal of Moon: (+4.5 last tier) (UNtradable)
To obtain SOM items, you will have to farm a variety of materials from uniques, jobbing, etc.
  • Gold coin
  • Arena coin
  • Job Points
  • Phantom Chips
NOTE: SOM items will NOT be enabled immediately after opening. In a future update, they will be released

Unique Balance:
We have also made STR & INT uniques to make everyone happy and satisifed, we hope everyone will enjoy their stay on Spectre Online.

Unique Ranking on our website and in-game custom window:
At the end of each week our system will find the player who has achieved the most unique points and will reward him with a better hourly salary from 1 silks an hour to 2 silks, he also will be granted the title of [Unique Slayer] bolded in green font for a week until someone else achieves a higher amount of unique points. Once someone else achieves better, the previous winner will have their title removed as well as the increased hourly silk. NOTE: Not all uniques grant the same amount of points, as you'll see in the schedule.

Titles Storage:
You won't lose any title you buy or obtain as reward.Each and every title you got on your character will be saved in your Title Storage and you will be able to switch from your titles whenever you want.

Money Maker
Our automated system will determine the richest player on server every hour. That person will be rewarded with the title "The Billionaire" and will be rewarded with slightly more silk/h than the average player, for as long as he remains the person with the biggest Gold amount on server.

Spectre's Special Shops
  • Qing Shan | The Clerk - Titles will be available from this NPC
  • Wang Shu | Dress Maker - Avatars will be available from this NPC
  • Nian Zhen | Arena-coin Merchant - Silk items for arena coins will be available from this NPC
  • Feng Mian | Quest Manager - You'll be able to retrieve daily quests from this NPC, after completing X task from this NPC then turn it in you'll be rewarded depending on the task.
  • Mo Chou | SoX Dealer - Moon items can be purchased from this NPC for a variety of currencies that'll be explained later in the thread.
  • Fei Hung | Gold for silk items, also some Chests available for purchase for gold and Spectre points.

Devil Spirit Enchanting
Our expectations concerning enchantment of any spirit isn't very high, we hope you enjoy it!
  • +0 = 15% HP - MP increase passive [20% Phy/Mag dmg increase active]
  • +1 = 16% HP - MP increase passive [20% Phy/Mag dmg increase active]
  • +2 = 17% HP - MP increase passive [20% Phy/Mag dmg increase active]
  • +3 = 18% HP - MP increase passive [25% Phy/Mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive]
  • +4 = 19% HP - MP increase passive [25% Phy/Mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive]
  • +5 = 20% HP - MP increase passive [30% Phy/Mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 2 passive, ignore monsters defence lv. 1]

Wanted System
Pretty basic, per 10 skill streak will get you a single level of wanted. A wanted level bestows you with +1 dmg increase/absorption. This will also give the wanted character a rather unique effect. There are 5 levels and regardless of which you have it will only last 8 hours!
  • Kill 10 opposite jobbers 1% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
  • Kill 20 opposite jobbers 2% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 2
  • Kill 30 opposite jobbers 3% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 3
  • Kill 40 opposite jobbers 4% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 4
  • Kill 50 opposite jobbers 5% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 5

  • An opposing player will only be validated for a point if you haven't killed them in the previous 8 hours.
  • A previously killed player will only validate for a point if you've killed another 3 players prior to it.

  • Gold coins purchasable from an NPC for 1b per unit
  • Arena coins obtainable in B.A. and C.T.F.
  • Phantom chips drop from uniques
  • Spectre points, check out the Spectre points section of the thread.

Magic pop
This iSRO system has a reputation for being one of the most Pay2Win features in the entire game, however, with Spectre's changes, your opinion will completely change. Magic POP will not be enabled through the item mall, therefore cards cannot be bought with silk. To obtain magic pop cards, you must kill uniques, participate in events, job frequently, etc! Magic POP will have very useful and beneficial items, such as special avatars, chests/crates, and exclusive titles!

Fortress War:
For the first week only Hotan and Jangan Fortresses will be available. Once there's enough European users, we'll also enable Constantinople's Fortress. Each fortress will also have their very own customized windows to see the total amount of kills each guild has. There will be a reward given to the FIRST victors of fortress war, silks will be given out to the players of the winning guild(s) (this is a one time reward for the very FIRST fortress war period).

Diverse worlds
Brace yourself, for this is new concept which will probably create some controversy between players and throw some players off-balance. We fully understand the risks, but as we are fans of innovation, we have decided to do it anyway.
Here's the brief explanation:

The idea is inspired from the famous DC Universe series, more precisely from the Flash series, which many of you are probably familiar with. I know that we've literally said earlier on the post that this server is CH only. Frankly, we kinda lied a bit. There will be some EU too, but there is a catch so make sure to read carefully. The server will be comprised of Two Worlds which cannot interfere with each other at all, except for some rare occassions under the form of organized events. The first world will belong to the Chinese race and will be located between Jangan and Hotan and will include everything in between, aswell as the Sky Temple regions that we mentioned earlier.
The second will belong to the European race and will be located in Constantinople & Samarkand. You will NOT however be able to simple go and create an European char. In order for anyone to make an EU char, they must first achieve a level 90 CH character. Once you have done that, you have to wait for the event period till the BOT announce it. This European character will be automatically promoted to Level 90 and a set equivalent to others. (You can only create one EU char per account, no matter how many Level 90 CH characters you have). As mentioned earlier, Chinese and European characters will not be able to interfere with each other. Chinese chars will be forbidden from teleporting to European territory vice versa. This is to avoid the usual unpleasant conflicts that occur when these two races meet. The idea is that there will be two worlds, two races, that for the first time in Silkroad history, will be at peace with each other (again, there will be some exceptions and we shall give you some hints about them in a moment). There are many reasons we decided to take this initiative but I will just mention the two most relevant ones for now:
  • To introduce variety to our server and give European lovers a chance to play their favourite build under certain circumstances.
  • Despite the class or build of your EU character, it'll still be completely play2win! Everyone will have items equivalent to SoS +5 from an NPC for 1 gold. Meaning in this scenario it's skill based!

Although Europeans are designed to be more like secondary chars, those choosing to work at them will have certain advantages over the others. These include:
-Ability to gain extra rewards by winning the Constantinople FW which will be available for EU chars only (This FW will be opened as soon as we have enough EU chars around to ensure there is decent competition for it)
-Ability to take advantage of the juicy drops of uniques such as the ones of Jupiter which will be spawning in Samarkand and many more...

Exclusive thief town for Europeans
We've created a town exclusive to European thieves to prevent any interaction between the two races for obvious reasons.

Bottom line is that both CH and EU will have pretty much the same opportunities and those players brave enough to take advantage of developing both races will be rewarded greatly and will have the tools necessary to become the best.

To participate in this event you must possess a level 90 Chinese character, then to use a scroll named "Enter Europe world". You cannot use this scroll anytime! It must be within the event duration. The moment you intiate this scroll you'll disconnect and relogin to find a EU character in your character selection. If your CH character was named for example "Spectre", the EU char would be named "@aSpectre"and you'll have to re-name that character right then and there. Once you login to your EU character, it'll have a free avatar, devil spirit, 100% speed, 200M gold, and skill max scroll. Regardless if you disconnect or anything you can relogin to the same thing, this event period lasts 6 hours. Once it ends everyone will disonnect and won't be able to use that EU character until the next Diverse Worlds event is hosted.

Academy System
We recognize that almost every project ever made has a similar system for academy so we took pleasure in doing a complete rehaul to it! We know that Silkroad is generally about TEAMWORK! Now, to even create an academy you have to be Level 90, you can invite fellow game mates to that academy as well. The entire academy will also share the same total academy points, meaning if one person has all honors up to kings the entire academy will also have them all.

Why did we do this?
We simply like to encourage competitive play and we believe implementing such a feature will do just that!

How to obtain points: To be added in the next thread update.

Academy Leaving Penalty: is going to be only 1 day, If you don't want to wait 2 days you can purchase an item from the item mall to remove this penalty.

Sky temples
As you know, Joymax have recently released new content and some of which were a few new map textures that originate from the same map, Sky temple!

Sky temple of Ice
We've made this area exclusively jobbing regions meaning you cannot enter the areas without having your job suit equipped. We also recommend you accept the daily quest for this area beforehand from Feng Mian, your objective will be to eliminate 1,000 Ice Spectre's! Once you complete the quest you'll be rewarded a key which will give you access to Spectre's unique area! We don't advise that you AFK bot these areas since if you're a hunter, an opposing thief can deny you that satisfaction vice versa.

Sky temple of Fire
The fire sky temple will include 3 different types of arabian mobs, these monsters will drop a variety of things such as
phantom chips, crates.

Sky Temples

The Infamous Forgotten World Instance
When we remember F.G.W. we focus on how sentimental it was to us and the memories we value years ago that relate to such, we wanted to preserve the originality of F.G.W. and impliment that same feeling in Spectre. Now, you may participate in the F.G.W. to attain the legendary cards of the shipwreck for a chance to get your hands on a +3 Nebulian weapon or shield of your choice.. choose carefully!

Spectre Jail:
We're aware of the fact that there are many players out there who will try to cheat and will break the rules in one way or another. We are also aware that permanently banning accounts can lead to a dead server, however, rule breakers and player that generally disrupt the gameplay and fun of other players in harmful ways cannot go unpunished. In response to this issue, we will be implementing the already known Jail feature.
In simple terms, any player breaking the rules and causing harm to the server and its other players will be likely to get an X amount of Jail time, in which the player's character will be teleported to a remote location that he cannot leave until his Jail time is over. Jail time will depend on how bad the result of the player's rule breaking is.
Example of things for which a player can go to Jail include, but are not limited to:
  • Insulting other Players or Spectre Staff Members
  • Racism
  • Hatespeech
  • Scamming
  • Disrupting GM-hosted events
  • Abusing newly found bugs, etc.

Spectre point's
Attainable from the following;

On a normal trade run, traders will receive 4 Spectre points, Thieves will gain 4 as well, and Hunter's will gain 1. A quick explaination, if there are 6 Trader's and 2 Hunter's that means Hunter's will still get a total of 6 Spectre points in the long-run.

Survival Area
A single kill during the event period will grant the slayer a total of 1 point.
Note: you cannot gain more than 4 Spectre points in a single event

Fortress War
You can gain up to a maximum of 30 Spectre points from Fortress War, 1 kill is equivalent to 1 Spectre point. You will not gain more than 1 point from 1 player, so you want to kill 30 different players!

Battle Arena and Capture the Flag
Winning either will grant the victorious team 5 Spectre points, with an exception to Guild B.A. which will give 7 Spectre points.

Job kills
Every kill you get with your job suit equiped will grant you a single Spectre point, you can keep track of your total Spectre point's via item mall.

• An opposing player will only be validated for a point if you haven't killed them in the previous 8 hours.
• A previously killed player will only validate for a point if you've killed another 3 players prior to it.

Weekly Limits:
  • Job kills are caped at 100 max weekly.
  • Survival kills are caped at 70 max weekly
  • Forthress War is caped at 30 per Fortress War occurence.
  • B.A. and C.T.F. are caped at 50 max weekly.
  • Jobbing is caped at 300 points max weekly.

The maximum amount of Spectre points attainable per week is 600, which will increase each week.
  • Note:- We will increase our weekly Spectre Point limit every week by 600, so that our new players can catch up with the old players if they did hard work to achieve the global limit for the server and buy the desired item that cost Spectre Points

Spectre's Unique Area

This area is available once a day from 09:00PM to 09:10PM! (Server time)
Due to the pretty difficult and time consuming requirements to even aquire a single key we've made it that for example, only one person from a party is required to have this key for you and your friends to enter, be sure that the person with the key is the party leader! To begin the party leader intiates the instance by entering with the key and his party mates may follow him once he has entered. You DO not need a job suit to enter this area, but you do need to be max level! This unique is incredibly strong but the drops are worthwhile, we promise! A good strategy, mindset, and leadership will get you through.. do be careful because elites do loiter around the unique.

Abyss maze
We've did a complete rehaul to Jangan cave, converting it exclusively to B2 and have removed stages B3 and B4 since we have no desire for 90+ monsters, Jangan cave is now home to vicious Abyss monsters and requires a sum of 100,000,000 gold to enter. These monsters do have significantly more damage than normal level 90 monsters so it would not be safe to enter these premises solo! We modified a number of varients to be sure that you'd only be viable in these areas with a party of 8. Sounds like a lot, right? The good news is that despite these monsters being so strong they do have amazing drop rates!

  • Level 90 character to enter
  • 100M gold in your inventory

It's also strongly suggested to enter with a party.. the monsters are very strong!

Styria Clash Event:
Basically, Styria Clash is a job exclusive event that pins a maximum of 64 hunters and traders against 64 thieves that runs for a maximum of 20 minutes, it's likely you'll find yourself wanting to kill the players the majority of the time BUT there's also an objective. As the war wages on, treasure boxes will spawn-- scattered. These boxes look alike a Pandora's box, you destroy the box and pick up what it drops which is a 50 point objective, giving your team an edge to your opponents. The more you win the more currencies you'll receive to purchase the high tier job suit which gives you and your team another advantage in future Styria Clash's!

Winners: 10 Arena coins
Losers: 3 Arena coins

Marriage System:
One of the features that so many servers claim to have, but never implement them! At Spectre, we have strenuously tested and perfected the marriage system so it is 100% optimal and functioning. The system is simple, and gives immense rewards that you won't regret!

Of course, you're asking, HOW DO I GET MARRIED?

To begin your journey, you will first have to obtain a Marriage Quest from Feng Mian - Quest Manager near the Donwhang Guild Manager. Enter with your partner in an auto-share party, and travel to the Marriage NPC, near the Donwhang Blacksmith. You will be required to slay three "marriage uniques" with your soon to be spouse. To find these uniques, you simply have to teleport into the instances, or Marriage Worlds, at the Marriage NPC. After you slay these 3 uniques, you will receive a Marriage Ring along with your partner. With the marriage rings, you can now marry your partner. Simply type $[BOT]System /marry (partner name here). Your wife/husband will get a PM from the Bot, asking yes/no to the marriage. If he/she accepted the request, congratulations to the lovers!

Marriage Level: Once you complete your marriage quests, and are married, you have the option to do the quests again, for a higher level marriage ring.

Depending on your marriage level, the rewards will differ.

Rewards for Marriage:
Notice for the entire server to see: [User] and [User] are now married! Congratulations!
  • Level 1 Marriage Ring (7 days) (Attack Rate 1% increase, Parry rate 1% increase, and STR / INT +1 increase)
    If you choose to advance your marriage level, the ring benefits change.
  • Level 2 Marriage Ring (7 days) (Attack rate 2% increase, Parry rate 2% increase and STR / INT +2 increase)
  • Level 3 Marriage Ring (7 days) (Attack rate 3% increase, parry rate 3% increase, and STR / INT +3 increase).
NOTE: Marriage level 3 is REPEATABLE. If your ring buff runs out, you can take the quest and complete the mission again.
NOTE: You can only marry somebody with the same ring level as you.

Marriage System

Spectre Chests:
Spectral Chest (65% Success Rate)

We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items:

Eligible Items:
  • Golden Dragon Flag.
  • 1DG Lucky Powder.
  • 9DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase).
  • Global Pack (1~3x).
  • Reverse Pack (1~3x).
  • Astral Stone.
  • Immortal Stone.
  • FGW Penalty Remover.
  • Guild Penalty Remover.
  • Clock of reincarnation.

  • Obtainable from Uniques

Lesser Craft Chest (50% Sucess rate)

We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items:

Eligible Items:
  • SOC WEAPON/SET/Accessories (NO SHIELD)
  • Global Pack (1~3x).
  • Reverse Pack (1~3x).
  • 1~2 Immortal/Astral
  • 1DG Lucky Powder.
  • 9DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase).

  • Gold : 125m
  • Spectre points : 75

Grand Craft Chest (70% Success rate)

We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items:

Eligible Items:
  • SOC WEAPON/SET/Accessories (NO SHIELD)
  • Global Pack (1~3x).
  • Reverse Pack (1~3x).
  • 1~2 Immortal/Astral
  • 1DG Lucky Powder.
  • 9DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase).

  • Gold : 250m
  • Spectre points : 150

Lesser Nebulian Chest (40% Success rate)

We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items:

Eligible Items:
  • SON Weapon (NO SHIELD) Rate 4%
  • Global Pack (1~3x).
  • Reverse Pack (1~3x).
  • 1~2 Immortal/Astral
  • 1DG Lucky Powder.
  • 9DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase).

  • Gold : 250m
  • Spectre points : 125

Grand Nebulian Chest (60% Success rate)

We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items:

Eligible Items:
  • SON Weapon (NO SHIELD)
  • Global Pack (1~3x).
  • Reverse Pack (1~3x).
  • 1~2 Immortal/Astral
  • 1DG Lucky Powder.
  • 9DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase).

  • Gold : 350m
  • Spectre points : 175

Grand Protection Chest (60 Success Rate)

We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items:

Eligible Items:
  • SOC Shield
  • Nebula shield
  • Global Pack (1~3x).
  • Reverse Pack (1~3x).
  • 1~2 Immortal/Astral
  • 1DG Lucky Powder.
  • 9DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase).

  • Obtainable from Magic PoP

Golden Chest (Success rate 100%)

We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items:

Eligible Items:
  • SOC WEAPON/SET/Accessories (NO SHIELD)
  • Global Pack (1~3x).
  • Reverse Pack (1~3x).
  • 1~2 Immortal/Astral
  • 1DG Lucky Powder.
  • 9DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase).
  • Random Avatar
  • FGW Penalty Remover.
  • Guild Penalty Remover.
  • Clock of reincarnation.
  • Devil Rest.

  • Gold : 300m

Immortal Package:

You will be able to buy a Immortal package via F10 and try your luck. You will be able to get from 10 to 25 immortal if you were super lucky and got 25 there will be a notice written with your name in the server for everyone to see.

Colored Titles
Now, we all know your thoughts on colored titles - OVEREDITED! But in Spectre, we have re-designed the purpose for colored titles in a way that makes them exclusive, limited, and special.

Specific players will receive the title according to their role in our staff, but there are opportunities for normal players to also get colored titles!
  • Streamers: Official streamers for Spectre will have a purple-colored title named "Streamer"
  • Supporters: Official supporters and the head supporter for Spectre will have a cyan-colored title named "Supporter."
  • Administrators: The Spectre Team, consisting of Kai, Paris, and Woody, will have a red-colored title named "Spectre Admin."
  • Spectre Addict: This title will be available from Magic POP, at a low success probability, not in the item mall. It may also be a reward for exclusive and limited events. The color will be brown.
  • Top Players: The top ranked character for survival arena, character rank, jobbing, and uniques, as well as the FIRST BILLIONAIRE (for a 1 week's period) will be rewarded with a green-colored title lasting for as long as they hold the throne of superiority in their categories!

Job System
  • How to obtain Spectre points by jobbing.
    you can obtain them through Contribution Points, they are automatically converted.

Job Level Expansion
We've increased the maximum job level from 7 to 12, also adjusting the experience rates which you'll notice once you hit level 7 onward to level 12. For example, once you hit level 7 you'll need a requirement of 50 kill points. One opposing player death will grant you a single point. If you die, you'll lose half of a point (0.5)! The higher the job level you obtain the better stats and overall appearance you'll get.

  • An opposing player will only be validated for a point if you haven't killed them in the previous 8 hours.
  • A previously killed player will only validate for a point if you've killed another 3 players prior to it.

IconJob TypeJob LevelJob NameIconJob TypeJob LevelJob NameIconJob TypeJob LevelJob Name
Merchant1Amateur Merchant
Hunter1Amateur Hunter
Thief1Amateur Thief
Merchant2Starter Merchant
Hunter2Starter Hunter
Thief2Starter Thief
Merchant3Experienced Merchant
Hunter3Experienced Hunter
Thief3Experienced Thief
Merchant5Skilled Merchant
Hunter5Skilled Hunter
Thief5Skilled Thief
Merchant6Super Merchant
Hunter6Super Hunter
Thief6Super Thief
Merchant7Semi Pro Merchant
Hunter7Semi Pro Hunter
Thief7Semi Pro Thief
Merchant8Superior Merchant
Hunter8Superior Hunter
Thief8Superior Thief
Merchant9Professional Merchant
Hunter9Professional Hunter
Thief9Professional Thief
Merchant10Master Merchant
Hunter10Master Hunter
Thief10Master Thief
Merchant11Expert Merchant
Hunter11Expert Hunter
Thief11Expert Thief
Merchant12Grand Master Merchant
Hunter12Grand Master Hunter
Thief12Grand Master Thief

Guild Jobbing
  • Increased profit rates with guild members
  • The profit you receive while jobbing has been increased by 20% if you have an 8/8 party of guild members

Job Suits
New Job Suits available at all the usual Job NPC's. Each of them come with different blues, the better ones have higher Job Level Restrictions and each of them look different.

Job SuitStats
1st 1 INT - 1 STR
2nd 2 INT - 2 STR
3rd 3 INT - 3 STR
4th 4 INT - 4 STR
5th 5 INT - 5 STR

Goods Stack
We know how frustrating it is to spend alot of time picking your good from the ground when your Buffalo has been killed, or waiting 2minutes for your Pet to finish buying 5* from NPC so we decided to increase the Goods Stack. This change will allow you to loot your goods in roughly 5 seconds or less.

Job Leaving Penalty: is going to be only 2 days, If you don't want to wait 2 days you can purchase an item from the Item mall to remove this penalty

Trade Routes
We've added some rather interesting new Trading Routes to bring the best out of all daring Thiefs, Hunters & Traders and simply break through the routine of the old ones for a bit. The New Routes include Petra ones and can all be found on the map (M)

Note: We will make a vote during beta phase to either keep trade routes or change it town to town.

Job Temple
All Job Temple mobs have been nerfed (changed level) and moved to Taklamakan.

Job Uniques
Job Uniques have also been nerfed and we added some special drops, including Crates and silk scrolls.

Job HWID 1
You won't be able to go jobbing with more than one character. This measure has been taken to counter those annoying cheaters that we find on each and every private server who ruin everyone's gameplay.

Unique Pet Vehicle
We know that jobbing is one of the most important parts in old school Silkroad, but grinding can get boring after some time, so we have developed custom and unique pet vehicles to help you enjoy your experience on Spectre Online!

Rewarding Job Titles
One of our more exciting additions, job titles! An automatic system of ours will be moderating the ranks weekly, with a better title reaps better rewards;

Slaughterer (#1 Thief by ranks)
Tenacious (#1 Hunter by ranks)
Globetrotter (#1 Trader by ranks)

If you carry any one of these three titles you'll also benefit from an improved silk salary by the hour, from 1 silks per hour to 3 silks per hour for as long as you have one of these titles

Skill Balance
Those skills aren't fixed, we are going to make changes during the beta phase if its needed.

ALL imbues now have the damage equivalent to the maxed fire imbue.
  • Lightning

    Piercing Force Lvl. 3 magic damage has been increased from 18% to 20%.
    Grass Walking speed Lvl. 12 has been increased from 77% to 105%.

  • Cold

    Snow Shield - Novice now has a [280] INT point(s) requirement to level up.
    Snow Storm - Multishot's damage has been increased from 300% to 350%.

  • Fire

    Flame Body - Trial's damage has been increased from 9% to 11%.
    Firewall's cooldown has been increased from 5 seconds to 15 seconds.

  • Force

    All debuff probabilities have been nerfed.
    Impotent's debuff probability has been decreased from 80% to 45%
    Decay's debuff probability has been decreased from 80% to 55%
    Weaken's debuff probability has been decreased from 80% to 55%
    Division's debuff probability has been decreased from 80% to 45%
    Cure Therapy's cooldown is now 20 seconds
    Force Cure's cooldown is now 20 seconds

  • Bicheon

    Ocean Blade Force - knock-down probability has been decreased from 50% to 45%.
    Asura Cut Blade - knock-down damage has been increased from 50% to 75%.
    Summit & Depth Bicheon Force - provides 5% phy/mag damage increase but also sacrifies 100% of your shields defense.

  • Pacheon

    Anti Devil Bow - Strike critical strike has been increased from 35 to 40.
    Anti Devil Bow - Annihilate critical strike has been increased from 40 to 45.
    5 Arrow Combo's cooldown is now shared with all other knock-back skills, the cooldown is also 5 seconds.

Diverse World - European Skill Balance:
As you've already read, the Diverse World Event will only contain European characters. Even without the chinese obstacle, the European characters are skill incredibly unbalanced. This event will be HWID 1, but we wanted to assure that there would be no advantaged or unfair groups, therefore, there are some certain skills that are disabled and/or edited.
  • Bard
    Dances are disabled.

  • Warrior
    Pain Quota is disabled.
    Physical Fence is disabled.
    Magical Fence is disabled.
    Iron and Mana Skins are nerfed.

  • Warlock
    Scream Mask is disabled.

  • Cleric
    STR & INT Buffs are disabled.
    Bless Spell is nerfed.

  • Rouge
    Prick is nerfed.
    In this manner, we will have great, fair, massive war with equal and individual skills.

Special Quests
  • Spectre Unique Area Key Quest
    Retrieve this quest from Feng Mian | Quest Manager - you'll be required to eliminate 1,000 Ice Spectre's which are located in the Sky Temple of Ice. Once collected, return to Feng Mian and she'll reward you will a key that will grant you access to the Unique area.
  • Marriage Quest
    Retireve this quest from Feng Mian | Quest manager- you'll be required to slay 3 marriage uniques with the partner you wish to marry. You can find the marriage uniques in an instance that the Marriage Manager can teleport you to. Once you've completed the objective you must return to Feng Mian and she'll reward you with a Marriage ring.

It is obvious that many servers struggled and continue to struggle when it comes to Grinding and Farming, where they do not give the players enough space to do it in peace. We want there to be enough space so that everyone can have their own spot without having to fight with other players, ksing each other and so on. Grinding should be a pleasant activity and should not bring about conflict between players, which is why we added more mobs in more places
  • Roc Mountain
    Monsters are level 85~87
  • Arabian Coast
    Monsters have been modified from previous levels to level 90 and require all characters who dare to enter to be level 85+

Gold-bot Prevention
We've dramatically reduced the total amount of gold you receive when NPC'ing dropped items. To more efficiently produce gold you'll be encouraged to job (i.e. trading, thieving)!

Spectre Filter
Limitations, features, bug-fixes, restrictions, and server protection! With our current filter it will literally be impossible to perform any type of cheat without being caught and punished for such, allowing our players to participate in the provided game-play without experiencing any inconveniences.
  • Limit 2 Characters allowed to login per device
  • Limit 6 Characters allowed to login from a certain IP
  • Limit 1 Character allowed to equip job suit
  • Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Marriage Dungeon
  • Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Stryia clash
  • Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Battle Arena
  • Limit 1 Character allowed to enter CTF
  • Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Survival Arena
  • Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Fortress War
  • Limit 1 Character allowed to enter all events
  • Limit Maximum plus +12
  • Cooldown Global Cooldown, reverse 30 Seconds
  • Cooldown Reverse Scroll Cooldown in job mode, 30 minutes
  • Ability to ban IP and HWID's
  • Ability to detect dll bypassers
  • Bug Fixes Exchange bug fixed
  • Bug Fixes Stall bug fixed
  • Bug Fixes Mbot pill bug fixed
  • Bug Fixes Exit bug fixed
  • Bug Fixes Speed bug fixed
  • Filter-Notice Alchemy fuse +8 and above
  • Restriction PK Mode disabled
  • Restriction Scrolls use is only allowed to use in town
  • Restriction Res is disabled in Battle Arena
  • Restriction Res is disabled in Stryia clash
  • Restriction Res is disabled in Capture the Flag
  • Restriction Restarting the client is disabled
  • Filter-Guard AFK-Kicker in Battle Arena is activated (180 seconds)
  • Filter-Guard AFK-Kicker in Capture the Flag is activated (180 seconds)
  • Filter-Guard AFK-Kicker in Stryia clash is activated (180 seconds)
  • Filter-Guard Pick-pet pages will have only 2 pages

Custom discord BOT :
We have made our discord bot that is going to help you to know everything about the game via discord and enjoy it.
  • You will be able to check ingame globals in the discord
  • You will be able to check the uniques that summoned and get mentioned in discord when the unique appeared.
  • You will be able to see if the unique has been killed and who killed it.
  • You will be able to see if someone made a fused item +8 or higher in discord.
  • More features to be added in later future during beta phase.

Character Locking System:
In an effort to prevent hacks and scams, as well as to provide extra security to our users, we have implemented a second security system. To start the process, you must first create a pin. Press the key "F5" on your keyboard then EPIN A dialouge box will appear asking you for a pin and a secret question. Enter whatever pin you desire, and confirm it. Next, select whatever secret question you would like, and answer the question in the box below. After that, press "Confirm." After you have created your pin and SQ, It will disappear forever. another dialouge box will open automatically. Enter your pin and press lock to lock your character. To unlock, press F5 then EPIN, enter your pin, and click lock again.

While your character is locked, you cannot:
-Place items in storage
-Sell/buy in NPCs
-Sell/buy for Silk
-Drop/pick items.


Automatic Events
In addition to a project we strive to attain succession, we've added a varying amount of automatic events which tend to be incredibly entertaining and quite rewarding. All victors are rewarded with silks. We've also created an entirely new customized window for event registration which we'll reveal shortly.

  • Trivia Event
    One of the more simple and known autoevents, our bot will global a question of which you must answer correctly. Answer wrong and you won't be able to answer again for the next 30 seconds. Reward will be a small amount of silk.
    Silk Reward : 10 Silks

  • Automatic Event: Kill the GM
    The BOT will appear at Donwhang South and challenge you for 3 rounds to kill him. The BOT's HP will increase each round as the amount of players will increase by time. He will then reward the one who gave the last hit which killed him.
    Silk Reward : 30 Silks

  • Automatic Search And Destroy
    A unique will be spawned by our dear BOT in a random location on the map and hints regarding the location will be provided to you. The person to find and kill the unique will be declared winner of the event.

    Silk Reward : 30 Silks

  • Automatic Hide And Seek
    One of the most popular Silkroad events, based on a very entertaining childhood game. Here, the BOT will hide on a location on the map and give you hints to find him. The first to find him and to buy the item from his stall will be the winner.

    Silk Reward : 30 Silks

  • Survival Arena
    Once the event has started, you will be teleport in a room with plenty of other players, all will be wearing Yellow PvP Cape. The goal is to kill as many as possible and to die as less as possible until the time is up. The top 5 players with the most kills and least deaths will be rewarded as winners.

    Winners Rewards
    • 1st: Lesser Nebulian Crate + 7 arena coins + 25 silks
    • 2nd: 7 Arena coins + 25 silks
    • 3rd: 25 silks
    • 4th: 20 silks
    • 5th: 15 silks

  • Automatic Last Man Standing
    A fun and thrilling event indeed, once the Last Man Standing event has started, you will automatically be teleported in a Room where you only have 1 life so hold on to it! If you die, you will be teleported and disqualified from the event and the last man to be alive is the one who takes it all!

    Silk Reward : 50 Silks

  • Automatic Racing Event
    There will be a notice appearing on your screen before the event starts, so as to allow you to register in time. Once the event has started, you will be automatically teleported to the Racing area, All players be unable to move UNTIL every registered user has been successfully teleported to the area to allow everyone a chance of victory (such as those with wooden computers and internet running on hamsters). After all registered users have arrived, you will automatically be given a random Riding pet and you won't be able to close it or use any scrolls such as Reverse until the race is finished. From that point on, may the most skilled runner win!

    Silk Reward : 50 Silks

  • Automatic Lottery Event
    Made for the lucky and the brave, Automatic Lottery can make you much richer or slightly poorer. All you have to do in order to participate, purchase either small Lottery tickets or medium Lottery tickets at Fei Hung (NPC), each ticket costs X and X gold. The more Lottery tickets you will buy the higher chance you will get! But do remember that you can also lose in this event and only play if you're happy to take that risk. There will be 10 winners daily which will be announced at 12AM.

    Winning place Reward amount
    1st place 1,000 silks
    2nd place 1,000 silks
    3rd place 750 silks
    4th place 600 silks
    5th place 500 silks
    6th place 400 silks
    7th place 300 silks
    8th place 200 silks
    9th place 100 silks
    10th place 50 silks

  • Automatic Job Profit Increase
    For a limited period of time you'll receive 50% more profit from jobbing from 9.00PM > 11.00PM server time.

  • Automatic Massive Guild War
    Our BOT will announce the event 20 minutes prior until it initiates, then an instance(s) will be created for a maximum of 4 guilds that will be ported into an area(s) that will then fight other guilds with opposing capes for 20 minutes. To win, your guild must achieve the highest amount of kills and the lowest amount of deaths as a group.
    How do I register for the [Guild War] Event?
    Dependent on guild masters, actually. The first 8 guild masters to register their guilds (all participating guilds must have a minimum of 20 members) will then get a guild-wide confirmation message from our BOT. All members MUST accept the confirmation and will only teleport the members who have accepted it, ALL members of the victorious guild will be rewarded.
    Silk Reward : 30 Silks to each member

  • Automatic Job War - Behemoth addition
    Our BOT will announce the preparation of the event 10 minutes prior to its initiation. By then, all players should assumably have their job suit on and must purchase a participation ticket that costs 50 million gold regardless of your job type. Once the BOT has started the event, a Behemoth trans. pet will spawn and announce what specific town it left on its journey. There are two objectives for this event, if you are a Trader or Hunter you must protect the Behemoth at all costs. As a Thief your primary goal is to slay the Behemoth as soon as possible. The victors of this event will receive a total of 150 million gold added to their characters. Keep in mind that you're only able to purchase [1] ticket per HWID to avoid job/event abusement.
    Silk Reward : TBA

  • Automatic Hunger Games
    You can register for this event via event registration window. Similar to the event name, you must remain as the last user alive to prove victorious. When the event starts you'll find weapons, a single speed drug, 100 health and mana potions, and two units of 20% attk/def scrolls that lasts 15 seconds. For every opponent you slay, your set will be enhanced by [+1], you'll also gain 20 units of health, mana, and vigor potions, 500 units of arrows, and 10 purification pills.
    Silk Reward : TBA

  • Objectives
    Once the event starts there will be a "Hunger Games Box" that will spawn right in the middle of the designated event area. This box consists of two [+2} set enhancements, 50 units of health potions, mana potions, both types of pills, 5 vigor grains, 500 units of arrows, and two units of 20% attk/def scrolls that lasts 15 seconds. Teams are forbidden and the punishment for such will be disqualification!
    After 2 minutes, two more "Hunger Game Boxes" will spawn at a random location in the area.
    After 10 minutes, two more "Hunger Game Boxes" will spawn at a random location in the area.
    After 20 minutes, two more "Hunger Game Boxes" will spawn at a random location in the area.
    After 30 minutes, if no one has won yet.. the Hunger Games BOSS will spawn in the center of the city. Whomever slays the evil being claims the victors title of the event.

  • Elimination
    This challenge consists of two teams, each team has a maximum of 8 players, and there will be 15 instances for this event so 240 players will be able to participate(the amount of instances can be increased depending on our playerbase) Once the registered users have been teleported to the designated event area they all will be equipped with either the silver or the black cape. The objective of this event is to either slay the unique or kill the opposing team -- users that are killed in this instance cannot ressurect until the next round. Each round lasts for 20 minutes and a winner will be chosen through the best of 3 rounds.
    In addition of the drops from the unique(s) that spawn in this area, each member of the victorious team will receive a total of [15] silks whereas the losing team will receive a total of [5] silks. In the instance that both teams should end in a DRAW both teams will receive a total of [10] silks.

We have done everything on our thread explaining the systems and it's now the time to reward you guys, we have had much of offline events that will help you to win a lot of silks, avatars, pets and even starter packages to enjoy your journey in Spectre Online! Make sure to check out our share events, comment event, discord events and also use our signature to support us and winning silk at the same time! We are very excited to say we are ready for the biggest and best degree 9 server in 2k18, Lets rock the community!
  • Signature Event: We will be picking 10 people randomly and will be rewarding them with 500 silk to each one! Make sure to support and use it to support us and you may be lucky enough to win, good luck everyone!

  • Discord Event: For this event all you have to do is simply create your own invitation link and invite your own friends, we will choose highest 5 people who have invited their friends and we will reward each one with 1000 silk at the grand opening! don't miss the chance to get a great jump start into Spectre online by telling as much friends as possible.

  • Social Media Events:
    • Share Event #1 - 20,000 Silks giveaway - 20x winners []
    • Share Event #2 - 10x Spectre Pet/Avatar give away - 10x winners []
    • Comment Event #1 - 10x PETS give away - 10x winners []

We'd like to inform you that we're going to announce events winners on 23/11/2018.

Please note that the thread is still being updated.

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Hype hype , finnaly a good server with awesome system ❤❤
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Great System Awesome Game Good Luck !!
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Can't wait to attend the beta phaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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IM FYLL supporting <3
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Nice work

It seems nice. Good Luck!
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Lets show some skills!
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Nice System
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Spectre Above, Kralll <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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good lucky Paris and Spectre team
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so is it only chinese? its so much better with only chinese and not that **** full of buffs of euros
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cap 90 server, cap 90 sro, silkroad 90 cap servers, silkroad online, sro

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