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ChaosReborn | D11 | Cap 110 | Pve | New CH Balanced Skills | G.O: 5-4-2019

Discussion on ChaosReborn | D11 | Cap 110 | Pve | New CH Balanced Skills | G.O: 5-4-2019 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Post ChaosReborn | D11 | Cap 110 | Pve | New CH Balanced Skills | G.O: 5-4-2019

Our thread has been refreshed with the latest update 6-7-2019

Hi guys, lately we noticed that our players count has been decreased (they left or waiting for a good update) or cus they have the last tier ofc.
So we decided to release EGY B and change the whole system to make it playable and enjoyable for all new and old players.
Now our system based on Arena Coins and its dropped from 106+ mobs.
👇👇Lets go to the details👇👇

Chaos-Reborn is completely free to play server with a good time which it's only job is making fun all time so u won't get bored. Our game have every thing u'll need, so everyone will find his own fun at anytime. Give it a try.

Read our thread carefully and you'll find your system you would love to join us for.



Well, we already tested the game and fixed all issues appeared. We have a good dedicated server to introduce lagless gameplay cus we know that everyone hate lag.

After we have changed our system, our system now depends on Arena Coins. Which can be obtained from mobs with high rate

🔥 How to get Arena Coin:-
> Drop from mobs 106~110

🔥 How to get EGY A items:-
> Wep: from FGW
> Set/Acc: by arena at NPC
> Shield: by arena at NPC

🔥 How to get EGY B items:-
> Upgrade EGY A +10 no adv to EGY B (scroll at item mall)
Edited towns:- We add mobs 105~110 at Samarkand and mobs 90~99 at Const.


Like we mentioned, we are trying to do balanced cap 110 with some edits. So we didn't do this (4x builds for chn..etc).. We just made our own skills for balancing between eu and ch builds
We will explain balancing later.
New CH Skills

Phy. Fence give 50% phy dmg absor. like EU Phy Fence (max 2 players)
Mag. Fence give 50% mag dmg absor. like EU Phy Fence (max 2 players)
Gives you a 40% probability to get Fear debuff for 10 sec
Gives you a 5% phy dmg
Increased your party member 10k HP for 10 mins
Life control buff for Spear only gives him 50% dmg buff
6% phy damage absor. passive buff
6% mag damage absor. passive buff
Spirit of Reflect give a change to reflect phy and mag damage
Increased 9 critical passive buff
New ress buff like EU black ress
New group ress it'll your nearby died pt members
New heal buff
New Phy. and Mag. buff for pt members
New 20% damage buff for all builds can be enabled at lvl 1

How to get Silks:-
1- Daily r.w silk (everyday you login you will get silks as a gift)
2- Reborn System
3- Reach MaxLvl event (finished)
4- Job Unique in Job Room
5- Job Points system. PM [BOT]System with JobPoints for more info
6- From Diamond Box dropped from Roc and Medusa
How to get Arena Coin:-
Drops from mobs at Samarkand and Alex (106~110)
How to get Immortal:-
1- At Item Mall by silk
2- At NPC by gold
3- Drop from unique:-
Job Unique drop 1~2 (100% rate) at Job Room
4- Weekly unique rank AutoReward (Check Special UniqueRank page)
How to get Silver/Gold coins:-
1- Drop at Job Temple unique
2- At NPC by gold
3- From Gold and Diamond Boxs
How to get Reverse Scroll:-
1- At Item Mall by silk
2- Drop from titan uniques:- 2~3
Tiger Girl
Captain Ivy
Lord Yarkan
Demon Shaitan

We decided to make the max plus is 12 no adv and +16 ADV(4), to avoid the high and over dmg.
And that is one of our filter features. So there is no way to cheat.

We have add new weapon styles for those who like any degree not just 11D.. Check this out
weapon style

There will be a great competition between those players who love killing uniques, all uniques have their own drop which will be useful for all
♦ Normal Uniques
All normal uniques dropping Golden Box, beside its useful for Weekly Unique Rank.
Each unique = 2 points
♦ Titan Uniques
All titan uniques dropping reverse scrolls, beside its useful for Weekly Unique Rank.
Each unique = 3 points
♦ Medusa Unique
Medusa unique is one of the biggest unique at sro. So we add a good drop at it and at its uniques
It drop 1x Diamond Box.
2 times per day

♦ Roc Unique
Medusa unique is one of the biggest unique at sro. So we add a good drop at it and at its uniques
It drop 3x Diamond Box.
Every Monday

Golden and Diamond Box drop rate is 50%

We took much time to think about a good way to secure ur account to play with us with a very high lvl of security. So, the best way to secure ur account is by securing ur char itself.
With securing ur char, no one can do anything with u. EVEN HE HAVE UR ID-PW

The usual system at most of server is to lock each item. That will take a huge time to lock every item. But we saw that this system will not lock everything, it'll lock weps and set only. Which will give the chance to get stolen with other items like silk/potion/gold/storage
Our new system here will lock your whole char with all item inside it. And yes everything like potions/storage..etc. Beside it'll lock your char with 1 order. The same this with unlock it, it'll be with 1 order

Lock System info
Q: What is the meaning of my item locked!!
A: When someone put his hand on ur ID-PW he can not do this things at ur locked items...
  • Can not plus
  • Can not drop
  • Can not exchange
  • Can not stall
  • Can not trade
  • Can not sell
  • Can not store at storage
  • Can not store at guild storage

  • Don't give ur secret word or PIN to anyone
  • Don't forget ur secret word
  • Save ur Secret words at any TEXT at ur PC/lap

- To lock ur char. : [!lock xxxxxx]
> xxxxxx: is your password which is numbers or letters
- To unlock ur char.: [!unlock xxxxxx]

Hint: you can change your pw everytime you unlock your char

Level Cap110
Mastery Cap330
RaceEU / CH
EXP / SP40x
EXP / SP PT80x
Item Drop10x
GOLD Drop2x
Union Limit2
Guild Limit30
Max Plus +12 no adv
Advanced ElixirEnabled
PC Limit8
Job PC Limit1
BA Limit2
FW LimitNo Limits
FW BuffsEnabled

Well, here is the important thing in any sro (+ing). So we tried our best to make it little easier to get a higher + (not hard and not that easy)

Server Rate:

1 ~ 5100%

We have enabled 2 GS and 2 Agent to avoid any lag issues in the game. Every GS can hold back over 50k mobs and every Agent can hold over 1k player, so don't worry about any lag can be found
You'll start with lvl 1
You'll create your new char with full set and wep +5 FB (61%) 1D Sun
And for fun, we add Emoji skills with every new char
With 28 day Gpet as a gift

We have changed zerk style to our own style. We hope u like it
We have add 5 kinds of GodBlessing, one is free for the beginners and four from F10
We have a new Devil skills with unlimited time. When you died you can do the buff again.
And it will not finish till you removed it or die
New Avatars 2016

Gallery 7

Gallery 8

To get the last gear (Egy A) you must go and join HWT. You'll find a lot of fun there. HWT 3 temples dropped Iron and Copper Coin

Soon we will add HWT scroll drop from those 3 temples. (We will explain them later)

You'll find them helpful and make much fun everytime u login
We already our Lock System.

Lets see what else we have too...
The Helper System help the new players to know everything they wanna know about the game at anytime where every u are. Just with a PM u'll know what u want to know.
To avoid cheating we add our own Team color to avoid to be scammed from anyone telling you he is one of us or a fake name.

Just PM him/her with Hi and choose your order and PM him/her again

[BOT]Helper orders:-

[BOT]System orders:-

We are doing our best to introduce unlimited fun with any cost. Another system will create much fun in the game. You can challenge vs ur friend for Gold or Silk or even items like 14d imos with this awesome new automatic system. You gonna love this
Fight with your enemy and take your reward

Challenge System
Our game based on jobbing , cus our last degree (EGY A) is at the shop by Gold and coins dropped from Job Temple.

Trade buy price : 273m[ 5 star ONLY]
Trade sell price : 950m [ 5 star ONLY]

Our trade system called JobPoints System, its a better way to get silks then 1 per/h shits. So if you wanna be strong and want some free silks every week, just TRADE
- JobPoints system works 24h per day to give all ppl chance to join
- JobPoints system route just from Jangan to DW
- JobPoints system limit is 20 trades per day
- Every trade gives you 3 points ( 3*20 = 60 perday)
- After each trade PM our [BOT]System with Trade to get your points

- PM [BOT]System with JobPoints to get the rewards list and how many points you have

- If you PM out BOT System without trading a 5* you'll get this msg
Rewards list:-
- Exchange 50 For 20 Globals
- Exchange 100 For 100 Silk
- Exchange 200 For 300 Silk
- Exchange 300 For 600 Silk
- Exchange 400 For 1000 Silk
HINT: Points will be reset every Friday to [0], so be sure you exchange your points before the reset.

So our point here is to make u busy with fun. Didn't add a quests will transfer our game to (bot bases). And in other way, give u more Silks as a reward.
Well we took our time to think about making honor from job or by Academy, but we find that Academy is better than any system.

Any system based on points/kills will be destroyed with FARM. So we disabled JobWar System for now and will add it in the future

* JobWar System [Coming Soon]

Job war system

We knew that many ppl love killing uniques. With this system we will make it much better than just a kill. Its an automatic system which record every single kill at our site
So its simple, first 3 killer at ranking will get automatic reward.
It'll be weekly refreshed. Rewards will be 11d Immortals and Silks.

A new system for those who love killing unique all time with a good reward.
In this system, when you kill a specific number or a unique in the list, you'll get a PM with how many points for Weekly unique rank and how many points for Unique Reward System rank.
When you reach the specific number like 50/50, a notice will be shown for all server that you got your reward and a Unique Slayer title.
And if someone else reach that number 50/50, he will took the title from you.

Unique Reward System list:-
- Tiger Girl (50 kill required)
- Captain Ivy (50 kill required)
- Cerberus (50 kill required)
- Isyutaru (45 kill required)
- Lord Yarkan (40 kill required)
- Uruchi (50 kill required)
Reward: 100 Silks + Unique Slayer title

We already know that FW is the most powerfull wars, and there will be spys inside every guild. But we saw that spys will kill the fun and his team mates efforts to win the war, so we made this system to avoid spys and for clean FW.
This system allow the Master guild to give a DC and permanent BAN for the SPY char, which allow you to save your FW and save the FUN
The system will work at the FW time only. When the Guild Master give a BAN for a char, it'll be auto unbanned after the FW

Hint: FW Bandit is twice per week. Tuesday + Friday

Our main town is Donwhang, lagless town with nice pvp area and no crashes for smoothless gameplay

We have add a daily r.w system for more free silks perday
Everyday you'll get a higher silks for 7 days then the r.w will be reset, and sure it have limit per PC (to avoid farming silks)

day1: 5 silks
day2: 10 silks
day3: 15 silks
day4: 20 silks
day5: 25 silks
day6: 30 silks
day7: 35 silks

Another way to get more free silks, its a Reborn System.
Some of you already heard about it before
So simple, plvl to 110 and PM our [BOT]System with Reborn and you'll back to lvl 1 and 300 silk as a gift
Hint: You'll do the reborn twice to get your r.w at everychar. That means you can get 300 silk every week at each char.

Enabled Soon
Well, this kinda for fun and reward. We made a zone called [Fight Room] with a PVP system. It'll open 1h per day. You'll see a notice that the system is started, go there and wear a cap and kill others.
Every kill will be noticed for all server that XX has killed XX in [Fight Room] and got a PM with your points
This will be useful for ppl who want to challenge each other and all will know who will win.
Kill each other and get VIP buffs

When the system started ..

When a player kill another player ..

When you win the round ..

When you lose the round ..

When the system ends ..

>> VIP System:-
- Its all about PVP, the fun always from pvping each other. So we make a system to make it fun and rewarded
- This system gives 3 ppl a VIP buff, and can be obtained at Fight Room at PVP time (1h per day)
- Just kill each other and a notice will appear with your points
1st 3 players will get VIP (VIP) buff
2nd 3 players will get VIP (Gold) buff
3rd 3 players will get VIP (Silver) buff
4th 3 players will get VIP (Bronze) buff

We have change 11d immortal icon to avoid to be scammed from noobs.
You'll find there everything free you need to start such as devils/prem

We have a latest version of a powerful filter exits atm. We have controlling everything happening ingame.

Enabled Soon
We have the original effect cus of many ppl don't like the over edit on it
But we have add a special effect scrolls and 2 Module Switch for those who like it

Dye Wep
We have add Reach Max Lvl system to reward those who reached 140 with Chaos Silks

1st 100 player will receive 300 Chaos Silk
2nd 100 player will receive 200 Chaos Silk
3rd 100 player will receive 150 Chaos Silk

- We have got a new idea for a new event just for CHAOS Reborn players.
- Simply, collect the letters and get your reward
- Unique spawn at all Samarkand areas
- Unique spawn every 2h random at Samarkand map
- There is a 17 Ghost unique will appear all over Samarkand
- V I P = 10% Premium
- G O D S = GodBlessing
- D E V I L = Advanced Devil
- C H A O S = Package Scroll

Package scroll items = 10% premium + GodBless..etc

We have many and stable filter for doing the job very well. But as a start we will not activate all events together to give ppl times to go plvl and jobbing and enjoy the other features we have.
We have over 15 event available at our filter. But we will explain the most desired events only.
LastMan Standing
We made a new system for this special event cus it made a special fun at the server. Check the video

>>New upgrade for LMS:-
- Disable invite a pt for ur friends for a fair fight.
- Disable matching a pt as well.
- Disable Opening cap to avoid any bug.
- Freezing inside event to avoid any cheat

Kill GM Event
The most beloved event for all. We have 2 versions from this event. And without delays like other server do with no bugs. That means when the BOT char dead and he make a global for the winner, the 2nd round wil start after a few sec.
1- Winner who's hit the last hit
2- Winner who's own higher total hit damages
Other auto events will be enabled as soon as we got more ppl for more fun
  • Auto Uniques Event
  • Hide & Seek Event
  • Kill GM [Last hit win]
  • Kill GM [Higher Total damage win]
  • LPN [Lucky Party Number]
  • LPC [Lucky Private Chat]
  • LGC [Lucky Global Chat]
  • Trivia Event
  • Arrange Event
  • Complete the Word Event
  • Choose the correct answer Event
  • Lucky Stall
  • Alchemy Event

Finally we hope that we introduce a good system for all
Please let me know if there is any issues/suggestions

Signature code :-

[CENTER][URL=""][CENTER][IMG=border: 2, expandable: 0][/IMG][/CENTER][/URL][/CENTER]

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am in

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Nice Work , Good Luck
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im in

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well done bro and all the best (Y)
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looks good. I will wait.
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Welcome Back ^^
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Balance between euro and ch ? Please add 4 mastery for ch and Can u add screenshots of the look last dégrée ?
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Originally Posted by 0MAXOU0 View Post
Balance between euro and ch ? Please add 4 mastery for ch and Can u add screenshots of the look last dégrée ?
We already made balance between EU and CH with our new skills. CH have gr8 chance vs EU.
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Awesome System İm in
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if u keep things like the original look for devil spirit zerk color and glows with out these over-edited stuff it would be more awesome.
G>L bro
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Originally Posted by Fame_xD View Post
if u keep things like the original look for devil spirit zerk color and glows with out these over-edited stuff it would be more awesome.
G>L bro
Devil spirit already have its original look, the 2nd buff have another look.
Glows already have the original look too, we just add some scrolls for who want to change. And ya we changed zerk color, we thought it have a nice look

Gallery 1
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I can't wait during 5 days. I wanna try at now.

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chaos sro, sro

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