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Escape Online | 110 Cap | CHN & EU | PVE Server | Old School

Discussion on Escape Online | 110 Cap | CHN & EU | PVE Server | Old School within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO PServer - Discussions / Questions category.

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Escape Online | 110 Cap | CHN & EU | PVE Server | Old School

Official Website:
Register Account:
Download Escape Client:
Official Facebook Page:
Official Discord Server:

Beta Phase
Be ready,Beta stage will open at the 23.12.18 on 23th of December

Grand Opening
Grand opening which will be 28.12.18 on 28th of December.
Basic informations:
Info Value
Cap 110
Races CHN & EU
EXP 30x
Party Exp 35x
CH-Mastery 360
EU-Mastery 220
Drop Item x5
Drop Gold x3
Magic Pop x5
Stone drops x1
Elixsir drops x1
Alchemy x3
Guild Limit 32
Union Limit 2
Max Plus +14 with adv2
Forgotten World
Battle Arena
ADV Elixirs
Seal of nova drop
Server Information
Uniques (INT) and (STR).
3 Pages Inventory, 2 Page Grab Pet.
Silk/Hour ( 1 Silk/hour ).
You can get free silk from uniques and silk per hour system
Honor Buffs are working and it will be resetted every two weeks !
Character speed increased by 50% more.
Stack-able Items like (Bolts,Arrows, HP/MP and stuff like that increased to(10k).
HWID Limited:
HWID Limited
IP Limit 6
Cafe IP Limit Limit 8
PC Limit 3
CTF PC Limit 1
Arena PC Limit 1
FGW PC Limit 2
FTW PC Limit 1
JOB PC Limit 1
PVP PC Limit 1
Uniques Reward:
Uniques Name Number of kill Silk Reward
Tiger Girl 15 20
Cerberus 15 20
Uruchi 15 20
Isyutaru 15 20
Lord Yarkan 15 20
Demon Shaitan 15 20
Captain Ivy 15 20
Roc 1 250
Medusa 5 120
Tiger Girl Int 10 25
Cerberus Int 10 25
Uruchi Int 10 25
Isyutaru Int 10 25
Lord Yarkan Int 10 25
Demon Shaitan Int 10 25
Tiger Girl Int 10 25
Cerberus Str 10 25
Uruchi Str 10 25
Isyutaru Str 10 25
Lord Yarkan Str 10 25
Demon Shaitan Str 10 25
Captain Ivy Int 10 25
Captain Ivy Str 10 25
Roc Int 5 30
Roc Str 5 30

Fortress War
Fortress War
Hotan Fortress
Jangan Fortress

  • Escape Main Town | Donwhang.

  • Start Items.

  • Auto Equipment till 10DG +5 FB.

  • Balanced chinese race(increased to 20%).

Honor Buff
  • -About Honor buff system.
    We have changed old honor system to aviod all kinds of cheats,so people don't need to cheat anymore by Plvling new accounts and graduate them in order to obtain the King honor buff.
    You can get honor points by only killing enemies while jobbing (thieves , hunters and traders) so all you have to do is trying hard to get this points
    PS:You get 1POint/CHAR every six hours

How I Can get Coin
  • -You can get arena coins from BA/CTF/JOB
    (Arena reward):
    1-Guild Battle Arena (Wins 10 AC - Lose 2 AC)
    2-Job Battle Arena (Wins 10 AC - Lose 2 AC)
    3-Random Battle Arena (Wins 5 Ac - Lose 2 AC)
    4-Party Battle Arena (Wins 5 AC - Lose 2 AC)

    (Capture the flag reward)

    (Trade reward):
    You received arena coins with trade reward.

    -You can get Gold , silver and copper coins only from Egy temple uniques & Holy water temple
    (Egy temple uniques drop):
    1-Selket/Neith 5 Silver coin - 5 Copper coin
    2-Anubis/Isis 3 Gold coin - 3 Copper coin
    3-Haroeris 6 Gold coin - 10 Silver coin - 10 Copper coin
    4-Seth 6 Gold coin - 10 Silver coin - 10 copper coin

Forgotten World Collection
  • As we promised to bring back the real Silkroad game-play, we added the significant FGW system with the regular reward { Egy A weapons } but not just that, we added also the shield to the collection, so you have all choices.

  • Skills and Stats Reset Scrolls

    Want to Change ur build ? want to reset ur (HP-MP) you can do it easily now with Resets Stats Scroll, Skills Reset Scroll after Using this you should teleport automatice and it will reset ur Skills.

  • Silk Scroll

    we have A (6) Scroll Silk (20) - (50) - (100) - (500) - (1000) - (2000)
    To Make the task easier, we made this scroll for you, when you used it you will recived the silk.

  • Dimension Hole Shipwreck

    I have added it to the npc for 1 silk, and you can get it from mobs drop too.

  • Devil's Spirit Magicstone , Sabakun's Jewel

    Magicstone for Devil's Spirit Only. it will grant extra damage on unique monsters ,Sabakun's Jewel. you can use it on Devil's Spirit to upgrade it.
    You can get this scroll from NPC at Donwhang for 5 silk.

  • Iron Coin

    You can buy Iron Coins from Special NPC at Donwhang for 250,000,000 Gold.
    PS:There is alot of special scrolls and new avatars for Iron coins

  • Weapons Upgrade Scroll

    This scroll used to upgrade your weapon or shield EGY [A] to EGY [B],Don't forget to put your weapon/shield that u want to upgrade at first inventory slot and then use this scroll by right click on it , you will teleport automatically to town to apply changes.
    Note:+7 EGY A Weapons/Shield only able to u upgrade to EGY B

  • Stone
    You can buy stones from NPC 1m/each

  • Magic Stone Of Astral/Immortal

    you can get it from npc For 500000000 Gold, and you can get it from item mall For 65 Silk.

  • Escape Avatars
    you can get it from npc For Silk and Iron Coin, and you can get the old avatars from item mall For Silk.

  • Escape Titles Scroll

    You Can buy it from npc for 2Billion Gold and 500 Silk.

  • Scroll Change Weapon

    NOTE:Change weapon scroll is workable only at all kinds of EGY WEAPON.
    How to useut your EGY weapon that you want to change at first inventory slot and use your scroll normally
    You Will Teleport Automatically to town to apply Changes
    PS:You can buy it from Special NPC at Donwhang for 3,000 Silk.

  • Premium GoldTime

    Premium price is 275 Silk.
  • Global Chatting

    Global package price is 100 Silk.
  • Devil's Price

  • [GA]System
    New tittle names
    You have to PM "[GA]System" And Follow the instructions.
    For Example
    $[GA]System Tittle system

  • Auto Equipments
    When you got PM from [GA]System Write To him Gear.

  • Lottery System
    Gold Required 30 Silks
    Stones Required 10 Silks.

  • PVP System
    Just Write to [GA]System /PVP Follow the instructions.

  • Reset System
    Note:You have to pm [GA]System and follow the instructions.
    Premium remover Required 50 Silk
    Change char name Required 500 Silk
    Reset forgetten world quest Required 150 Silk
    Reset forgetten world time Required 50 Silk
    Reset holy water time Required 500 Silk
    Pk Remover Required 100 Silk
    Job penalty reset Required 100 Silk
    Guild penalty reset Required 100 Silk
    Blue Remover Required 150 Silk
    ADV Remover Required 150 Silk
    Durabillity Remover Required 150 Silk
    Blue Devil Require 50 Silk

  • Trade System
    Trade System Now Its From Constantinople To Alexandria Only !.
    NOTE:We have added trade limit per day (12 trade)
    When you done your trade you Must pm [GA]System with trade To get your Reward
    PS:"Reward only for 110 lv players and only 5*"
    PS: You must write to [GA]System Trade after you sell it to npc !
    Trade Reward:
    5 Star ! 150000000 millions +5 Silk +10 Arena Coin

    Hunter Reward:
    5 Star ! 100000000 millions +3 Silk +5 Arena Coin

    Thieve Reward !
    5 Star ! 50000000 millions +5 Silk +10 Arena Coin

Drop Magic Stone of Immortal , Global Chatting , Reverse Scroll , Arena Coin
Arabian Uniques Place

  • available Auto Events
    Trivia Event
    Kill The GM Event
    Unique Event
    Lucky party Number Event
    Last Man Standing Event
    PVP Event
    Search&Destroy Event
    Hide&Seek Event
    Lottery [Gold,Silk] Event
    Alchemy Event

You can use one of our signatures to be rewarded with 400 silk! comment in the thread with your charname to claim your prize.
					 [CENTER]Escape | CAP 110 | CHN & EU[/CENTER]

Escape | CAP 110 | CHN & EU

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Looks good i would join but meeh ch only gets booring after little time, maybe add eu race and make chinese mastery 400.

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Old 10/04/2018, 06:27   #3
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Good Luck
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Old 10/04/2018, 10:44   #4
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and again china china china good luck

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Old 10/04/2018, 18:05   #5

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There are only 2 Rare unique places?
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Old 10/05/2018, 01:40   #6
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actually its a better system for gaming till now , keep it up
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Old 10/05/2018, 01:41   #7
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okay thats it what i searching i will join !
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Old 10/06/2018, 13:21   #8
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Good Luck
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Old 10/06/2018, 16:22   #9
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Good luck sir and thanks for everyting!

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Old 10/06/2018, 16:47   #10
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Bad Server why ? I will tell you
1. Pay2Win Server why ?
When you have Silk and coins you can buy scroll´s like 20 dmg& def also fb set .. Is that fair ? i dont think so
2. The skills are buggy -> blade combo only show you 1 move after that you will stay 3 sec. because the skill combo need some times to finish -> blade + force are op
3. Uniq drops 10 Dg Items which are boring so every one of the high level will hunt tg ..not rly cool for new Players ...

I dont like those Servers .. anyways good luck sry for my rly bad eng. skills
~_~ is offline  
Old 10/07/2018, 15:36   #11
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Great server
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Old 10/07/2018, 23:59   #12
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Good server
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Old 10/08/2018, 00:51   #13
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Great and fun server
danielzayger is offline  
Old 10/08/2018, 23:28   #14
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Looks very cool ! I stay here and w8 for open normal all works fine 0 bugs GM is very freindly . no need EU char .. Its lovley good old silk ! For now best for me
kosarox1 is offline  
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Old 10/09/2018, 20:12   #15
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Nice server, gonna check it out

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