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Reality Reborn | Cap 100 | CH ONLY | CH/EU | x25 Rates | Innovative and Professional

Discussion on Reality Reborn | Cap 100 | CH ONLY | CH/EU | x25 Rates | Innovative and Professional within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Reality Reborn | Cap 100 | CH ONLY | CH/EU | x25 Rates | Innovative and Professional

Official Website:

Facbook Page:

Discord Server:

Pre-Beta client download link :

Official teaser

Wouldn’t you want to to get away from the same routine and the same concept of all servers?
Well, we got what you want and you been looking for! We have given this system so much thoughts and we have put in so much work to make it happen!
We will present to you something very special that you never seen before! You will soon live through and love it!
Yea, we feel you and we know that you are bored of not playing something totally NEW, Right bud?

Totally new features
We know there're many servers talking big but yet didn't present something different and make everyone enjoy the server, but we are here to provide you REAL new features that you can check them out by yourself by scrolling to " Brand New " Section and read every word carefully.

The 1st server working on real Guild Activities!
By reading the topic you going to figure out that we're doing something really different for the guilds and make the guild activities Important, valuable, and enjoyable to get what you want so make sure you join a guild!

Reality Team
Xutan | Administration | Development | Game Master
Xutan is one of the best developers in the private server scene. He is behind most of the features you will enjoy playing!
Crayon | Administration | Development | Game Master
Crayon is also very skilled developer. He is also very well trained and knowledgeable with web-development. He is behind all of the unique features you will see and be able to use on the web.
Fury | Support Administration | Game Master
Fury is our unique Support Administrator. He will be in charge of many things including the staff of Reality, Community Manager, Event manager and many other things with the help of the other Admins as well.
Ash | Investor | Graphic Designer | Game Master
Ash is the one behind the gameplay ideas and graphic designer. He is Reality’s Investor as well.

We would like to make a big connected community. We want to make one server which almost everybody loves and comes back to it, but we all know that you can never satisfy everybody. Reality makes the impossible possible and will be the first server ever which everybody will fall in love with truly! Through our innovative and brand new features, we will be able to make everybody fall in love with Reality! We really look forward to making something different, something which lasts for the longest period possible, something innovative and TRULY creative. A real long term game! We are pretty sure you don't feel satisfied with jumping from server A to server B to server Z and so on and thus, we decided to design a gameplay which is truly designed to be a long term gameplay. However, this doesn't change the fact that long term doesn't only depend on the developers/owners but also the players. Developers only do what their players desire - which most likely shortens the lifespan of the game - and eventually end up with having the server dead and having the players blaming the developers for any reason. We ask you to believe in our abilities which qualify us to create a real Long-term gameplay and try to collaborate with us to reach the goal of having a real long-term server. Think well before complaining of anything which you don't like and before blaming us for a feature you don't like, think well before you suggest a suggestion which you may like but may also shorten the server's lifespan. If you get what we mean and get the point of everything written above, you will start supporting us and supporting our ideas. Help us be the first server which will improve the mindsets of SRO players. Thanks to all of the support we have gotten already and we look forward to satisfy every single one of you and build something great you can trust in.

Reality Reborn consist of experienced and professional team with history of successful work in creating servers and helping other servers. We would like assure you that every one of us taking care of the suitable work for his skills so he could benefit the server in the best way possible and present a good content in terms of development, management, marketing and support. We really care about having the best suitable man for each part because we have ambitions to present a professional and good server. We would like to assure and guarantee that you're in safe hands.
We’re proud of Reality as it was fun and stable. It was one of the biggest servers in the p-server scene as it reached more than 4500 players and to complete the success, we're providing Reality Reborn in much more fun and teamwork in the best professional way.

Problem Solving
We mentioned in our vision that we work together to meet the needs of our players and to help the server win so we will make sure 100% solve any problems that might come up. We have enough people in our team to ensure perfection!
Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution. The easiest way to escape from the problem is to solve it.

Server & Security
When it comes to server setup and security, we are experts! Yes, we were able to run 4x Gameservers 4x Agent-servers back in Reality without any problems, and we are going to setup any needed additional gameservers. Our basic(Start) configuration will be able to handle 4500 players.
DDOS protected? Of course! We are using the highest available option out there which is Hyperfilter. You won't need to worry about a thing when it comes to security.

Community Management
Community management and support is a very important thing we care for, because how many times did you suffer from lack of support? On Reality Reborn we made sure that if you have a message for us. You'll deliver it easily. Here are the positions that we have inside/outside the server in order to fulfill our responsibilities.
Game Masters a.k.a Administrators are responsible for the server development, security, and management.
Community Specialist are responsible for answering players in tickets/in-game and other things.
Supporter Team is responsible for reporting players' issues/abuses. As well as, answer players in tickets/in-game.

Huge competitions and wars
Are you tired of the normal competition you see in every server? Well, You will see something totally different in Reality Reborn. We have made sure this server is all about fun and enjoyment whether you are a solo player or you are playing with your guild. So be ready for the biggest competition you will ever see this far.

Best Economy
We have created Economy specialist role to better help us maintain a balanced economy in the server. They will be normal players but they will pay close attention to the server economy. You will not see any unbalanced economy in Reality Reborn 100%.

Anti corruption
Everything is logged. There is no such thing corruption and there is no room for it. None will have enough access to even be able to corrupt without being detected.
Community specialist stuff are logged and daily reviewed by xutan.

Anti cheat
We've taken care of every single part of the gameplay and did our best to make it cheating proof. However, if you abuse a bug or find out a way to cheat without reporting it, you'll get banned once you're detected and end up with nothing at the end. It's better for you to report it and earn some silk.
There will be no mercy no matter who you are and you better be sure us as admins will be making sure there are no cheaters and we will go around looking for them ourselves too.
Permanent HWID ban from Reality and next servers will occure so just don’t do it.

Policy of dealing with real money sellers
When it comes to dealing with real money sellers in game, you don’t have to break the rules to make money. In Reality Reborn you will have every chance to make money through our events and that’s the beauty of our new systems. Not only you have fun but, you can make money as well. That being said, selling anything for real money will lead into permanent ban whether it’s your IP or HWID. There is no sorry or an apology you can come up with that will prevent us from banning you from breaking our rules because ruining the game economy is the worst you can do. We can careless about our earnings but we do care about Reality a lot.

Rules are rules
When it comes to rules, this can be a touchy area because some players think those rules don’t apply them. Well, guess what? NO ONE is above our rules. Rules are rules and they are there for a reason. Rules will apply on everyone no matter who you and no matter how close you are to a team member.

Early Open Beta (01.09.2018)
All of the new features will be disabled and it will mainly focus on testing basics only. We will have a list of few things to test. We will mainly focus on detecting any kind of crashing in general, whether it is an NPC, certain item, avatars, item mall, and more. During this phase, there will be a lot shut downs to fix issues right away.

Open Beta
You report bugs because you want to make a better gameplay. don't ask for silk however, If you find something critical that the admins see it is critical, we may give rewards.

Phase 1 (07.09.2018) : Focused on testing Alchemy rates.
Phase 2 (10.09.2018) : Focused on testing what Xutan and Crayon ask for mainly. You can keep testing alchemy rates aswell.
Phase 3 (14.09.2018) : Focused on testing the new trade route and job rates.
Phase 4 (18.09.2018) : Focused on testing Skill Balance and PVP.
Phase 5 (22.09.2018) : Focused on testing the challenge system and automatic tournament.
Phase 6 (26.09.2018) : Focused on testing the new events.
Phase 7 : This phase will start whenever we feel like everything in phase 6 has been tested and good to go. Phase 7 is for fun to enjoy anything in game with unlimited silks and gold

Grand Opening
Reality CH Only: 05.10.2018 (6:00 UTC)
Reality CH/EU: Nov 2018, the day to be decided.

Reality Gallery

♞Cap | 100.
Yes we noticed that it's the most beloved, entertainment & adventured cap.

♞ Race | Chinese Only.
Why? No one has been able to balance Euros and Chin characters ever.

♞ Exp | x25

♞ Party Exp | x30

♞ Mastery | 300.
We've set it to 300 because this is the basic mastery limit of any cap 100 server, we don't think 30 extra levels will really matter.
*This feature is changeable, we'll maybe raise it later to 330 if many players requested that.

♞ Reality Main Town | Donwhang.
Donwhang is the favorite town for all of us, isn't it? It's gonna be the main town in Reality. Most of the important teleports/npcs will be located in there.

♞ Max Plus | +12.
In Reality, the max plus is real! We changed the max plus properly so you can't try alchemy on a +12 item unlike what happens in other servers. Your item won't get to +13 and go back to +12 after teleportation nor the alchemy process will be filtered by a third party software.

♞ Alchemy fuse time | 2 seconds.
Alchemy fuse time has been reduced to 2 seconds only. It's for sure less annoying now!

♞ Guild Start Level | 5.
Who doesn't get annoyed because of the guid leveling system? Literary everyone hates it. We have solved this issue and did instant level 5 guild creation system. You don't have to waste your SP and donate GP any more!

♞ Available Fortress.
Hotan,Constantinople fortress are available .

♞ Max Stack.
We've increased stacks for each item in Reality game.

♞ Silk Per Event.
We're glad to inform you that you don't have to spend any cent here. It's all about being active and a real player. By attending in our auto events, you may earn up to 1000 silk a day.

♚ Start Items.
We've added for you some good start items and some gold and enough skill point that will help you in your grinding journey in Reality.

♚ Top 300 players.
There is special reward for the very first 300 players to reach level 100 on
Reality Online.
-Top 3 players to reach level 100 will receive a title, 300 silk, and 11 reverse scrolls. That's for sure in addition to the first 100 players reward.
-First 100 players to reach level 100 will receive 200 silks.
-Second 100 players to reach level 100 will receive 100 silks.
-Third 100 players to reach level 100 will receive 50 silks.

♚ Auto Equipment.
Auto equipment is definitely a must-have feature nowadays since it's important for everybody and it makes your level up process more comfortable and easier, we've definitely not forgotten adding an awesome feature like this one in Reality. Our [BOT]System will pm you once you unlock new items. PM him back with "reload" and he'll refresh your inventory by teleporting you to the same position.

NOTE: Auto equipment system is working until DG9 only. In other words, you'll not receive any higher items than DG9.

♚ Permanent buffs.
It's annoying to keep buffing yourself over and over, no matter after dying or when logging in or whenever, in Reality, you won't have to keep buffing yourself over and over until you get bored because we've added the real permanent buffs system!
Pretty much every buff you need in Chinese race will be permanent.

♚ Global delay.
We've added 60 seconds cool down on globals to prevent the endless spam. Also, level 80 is required for the global usage.

♚ Reverse delay.
To prevent some bugs from happening and for the gameplay security, we decided to add 3 minutes cool down on the reverse only when you have a job suit on.

♚ Resurrection Scrolls.
We decided to disable them. It is annoying to see someone you keep killing come back to you and try to take down your trade pet, isn't it? Therefore, we have decided to put a cooldown on the reverses.

♚ Arabia Extension.
We have implemented the whole Arabia Update in our server. Including (Triggered Instances, Whole region, and new monsters)

♚ Sky Temple Extention.
We have implemented the Sky Temple Update in our server. Yes! That one temple people thought it's impossible to add to vsro!

♚ Grinding areas.
We have added a lot of grinding areas so you will not worry about someone stealing your "favorite spot"
-Alexandria monsters level 90~99
-Arabian Coast monsters level 100
-Phantom Desert monsters level 100
-Baghdad monsters level 100

♚ Skill Balance.
We will be doing our best to come up with the best balance available. This will take place and get finalized during our phase 4 of open beta.

♚ Fortress war counter.
We have invented this ranking back in emerald and everyone copied us! But here we are with an improved in-game counter which is real-time updated. You can find Fortress war kills ranking in our website ranking page aswell. We will show the kill / death counter of each guild attended the fortress war on our website, and obviously it'll reset every week just after the fortress war ends. Arguing about who wipes whom is much easier now.

♚ Uniques.
We have added a lot of uniques ingame, because we know uniques are fun.
Default uniques (Tiger Girl, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan) STR / INT
Special Uniques (Roc, Medusa, Mad General, Mad General STR)
Job Temple Uniques (Neith, Selket, Isis, Anubis)
Job Uniques (Unique Area) (Karkadann)
General's Hideout (Abshad Force High General) STR / INT
Dungeon Uniques (Shaba the Gennie from the Lamp, Harrison, Launatune, Khulood, Giant Overlord)
Each unique on Reality will drop special items as well as giving silks to killers.

Unique NameAreaTypeDrop
Tiger GirlJanganNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Tiger Girl STRJanganNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
CerberusConstantinopleNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Cerberus STRConstantinopleNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Captain IvySamarkandNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Captain Ivy STRSamarkandNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
UruchiDonwhangNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Uruchi STRDonwhangNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
IsyutaruKarakoramNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Isyutaru STRKarakoramNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Lord YarkanTaklamakanNormal2x Magic Pop Cards
Lord Yarkan STRTaklamakanNormal2x Magic Pop Cards
Demon ShaitanRoc MountainNormal2x Magic Pop Cards
Demon Shaitan STRRoc MountainNormal2x Magic Pop Cards
Mad GeneralBaghdadNormal4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x reverse, 15% chance of dropping 1 Silver Lamp
Mad General STRBaghdadNormal4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x reverse, 15% chance of dropping 1 Silver Lamp
Abshad Force High GeneralGeneral's HideoutNomral4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 15% chance of dropping 1 Silver Lamp
KarkadannJob uniq AreaJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 15% chance of dropping 1 Silver Lamp
NeithJob TempleJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 15% chance of dropping 1 Silver Lamp, 400 silk
SelketJob TempleJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 15% chance of dropping 1 Silver Lamp, 400 silk
IsisJob TempleJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 15% chance of dropping 1 Silver Lamp, 400 silk
AnubisJob TempleJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 15% chance of dropping 1 Silver Lamp, 400 silk
MedusaB6Normal8x Globals, 8x reverses, 8x Magic pop Cards, 35% chance of dropping 1 Silver Lamp
RocGate of RulerNormal4x 10Dg Immortal, 16x Globals, 16x reverses, 16x Magic pop Cards, 100% chance of dropping 2 Silver Lamp
Baghdad Dungeon BossBaghdad DungeonDungeon2x Magic Pop Cards, 2x 10Dg Immortal, 2x reverse, 2x globals, 10% chance of dropping Silver Lamp. (Bagdad dungeon is for talismans as well)

♚ Titles system.
Normal titles
You will be able to buy normal titles in an NPC located in DW.
Colorful titles
No damage or defense boost, just colorful. When you buy it, a notice will be sent with your name and the title you bought. Available colors will be Blue, Red, Green and Black.
Title switch
You will be able to switch between the titles you own with this window :

♚ Reality NPCs.
We have added brand new NPCs to our server, and there you will find a lot of cool stuff to buy. Also, we have added brand new effects to them.

Titles Shop
There you can find 220+ permanent titles.
Aphrodite Trader
There you can find Aphrodite gear.
Avatars Trader
There you will find pretty much every avatar vSRO ever known, and even new ones.
Reality Special NPC
There you will find every custom scroll we had. As well as, new stuff.
Dungeon Manager
There you can teleport to baghdad dungeon and drop a lot of special items in there. As well as, you will find a lot of quests to finish in the dungeons for special items as well.

♚ Item Mall.
We have added a lot of fellow pets in the itemmall, and we are very open to suggestions. If you have a favorite fellow pet and want to have it on Reality Reborn. Please don't hesitate to ask us.

We have also re-colored the immortal DG10 icon so scammers will not have a chance to trick you.

Do you want to have a new color for your character name? We have added brand new scrolls to change your character name color.

Once you open the item mall you will see new items we added, hot items, and top-rated items.

♚ Plus Notice.
We spoke about it in emerald but we never implemented it. This time, It will be implemented!

If you love fame and you would like to be a famous player, you will be able to be famous through this system. Our System bot will announce that you succeeded in making +7 or higher whenever you do so. But be careful, alchemy is pretty hard in Reality and it needs a brave heart, so don't get mad if you failed and keep trying and be optimistic

♚ Automatic Inventory Update.
A new feature we have in Reality Reborn is that you don’t have to teleport to receive an item from a box. You simply right click the box and you will automatically have it in your inventory.

♚ Discord Notifications.
Plus notice: any player that success on plusing an item from +7 and up, it will show in discord to all players.
Rare item pick up: If you pick up a rare item in-game, a notice will appear in discord.
Unique spawn & killers announce: You will be able to track unique spawns and who killed it within discord. This will be a lot easier if you are not using any kind of bot

♚ Lock system.
Character will be locked with a 6-digits pin-code to prevent any kind of hacks. You won’t be able to drop, exchange, stall, buy / sell from NPCs or alchemy fuse items if your char is locked. type "/lock pincode" in allchat to activate it.
Lock system improvements are coming
I'm trying to find a better way to implement the lock system. I've been thinking about locking/unlocking your character by SMS sent to a phone number that you will lock your account to. If you have any better idea, Feel free to send it to Xutan in Beta phase 6 or 7. We're working on an in-game gui for it aswell.

♚ Reality Currencies.
On Reality we have added more than one currency in order to balance the economy.
RP (NOT trade-able) :
obtainable from uniques, dungeons, killing job enemies, killing players during Survival Arena and trading/thieving.
Cup (NOT trade-able):
It’s one of the most important currency on Reality you will be able to Battle Arena, CTF, Challenge system and Automatic PVP Tournament. It’s main purpose to purchase Aphrodite Item(s)
Diamond (trade-able):
It’s obtainable from completing quests and/or hunting uniques.

Gold Coins (150M Gold):
Reality Special Shop sells them for gold.

Silk will be obtainable from:
  • Automatic events.
  • Silk / Hour
    once you reach your player score target. Check Silk/Hour section for more details.
  • Critical bugs report
    If you report a bug that the admin see critical, You will get rewarded with silk based on how critical it is.
  • Donation

Real money ($):
  • Daily Silk lottery
    Check the lottery section for more information
  • Automatic PVP Tournament
    Check the automatic pvp tournament section for more information.

Note : You need to take a look at Crystal/Elements System and Player/Guild Score System

RP in-game GUI
Since the /Limit bot command is boring, We have added this new window to make it easy for you to check your limits. You can't spam the refresh button tho, it's only clickable once every 10 seconds.

♚ Magic POP.
We know Magic POP was one of the most hated features back in the day we played Silkroad Online, because it was simply “Pay to win” but we have changed the way it works, it’s not possible to purchase Magic POP cards for silks, not from the Item mall nor any NPC ingame.
We didn’t have proper use for Magic POP unfortunately, that’s why we decided to add it in a way that won’t damage the gameplay balance. We have added Magic POP cards as a drop from uniques at dungeons.
Rewards you may win from the Magic POP:
  • Title Scroll
  • Alchemy Boosters
  • Gold Dragon Flag
  • Seal Of Star items.

♚ Filter restrictions.
We will be doing our best to come up with the best balance available. This will take place and get finalized during our phase 4 of open beta.

♚ SIlk/HOUR.

Silk per hour? SAY WHAT!!!
Yup, you read it right! Reality Reborn will have silk per hour system but it will be different than any system you have seen! I will be called “Silk per Target” and since we are trying to provide you a motivated system that is based on how good you are then we are proud to present you a new way to gain free silks! It will be based on your monthly player score. Depening on your monthly player score, Once you reach 2500 score+, You will start getting 1 Silk/Hour. Once you reach 4000 score+, You will start getting 1 more silk / hour so it will be 2 Silk/Hour in total. To make it simple, the harder you work and enjoy our system, the better silks you will get. Why is this best for everyone?

1- Because this system is based on your effort and dedication and we honestly can't help lazy players as well as donators.
2- Un-cheatable system, you can open 2 chars but guess what? You can’t gain free silks on them until you work!

Seal of Star (+1): This sox will be available from a box that gets dropped from level 100 mobs only! Job temple mobs has better drop rate. It will have a 45% chance of success rate.

Seal of Lyra (+2): This sox will be also available from a box that gets dropped from certain uniques. It will also drop from 100 mobs at a very low rate. Job temple mobs will drop it at better rate but it's stil very low. It will have 35% chance of success rate.

Seal of Aphrodite (+4): This sox will be the sox you get from jobbing as well as normal activates in the server. You will have to have certain number of RP as well as different kinds of Coins. Numbers of RP and coins will be decided later.

Seal of Moon (+6): The moon in Reality Reborn will be based on a unique system that you never played before that you will need a plan for it. You will be able to upgrade Seal of Aphrodite to Moon with a scroll you purchase from NPC as well as different kinds of elements that you need to work for. This system will be different than anything else you have seen previously because it all depends on your activity in the game whether it is player score or guild score in the game (take a look at the brand new section).

REMEMBER, when you upgrade, your weapon’s plus and stats stays the same! Nothing will change so there is no room for such thing as pay2win or start from zero! More details will come out soon!

♚ Job Temple.
One of the beloved features in Silkroad and nothing can replace it. We definitely enabled it since it has to exist in a server such as Reality which mostly depends on jobbing. There will also be a constant competition since you can be killed at any time and you will need to revenge. We have modified the mobs inside the job temple to fit a cap 100 server.
The existence of such a feature in Reality is important as you will have a big chance of obtaining SOS items through it and yo u can also make quests which will give you Crystals. Detailed explanation about these quests will be explained later on this thread.
Job temple has also it's own uniques which will be dropping SOS items with a high rate and much more important items, you will discover them yourself in game.

Job temple teleport
We have moved the teleportation of the job temple to our main city, Donwhang, but it will not be in the safe zone, it will be outside the safe zone so you will have to struggle to reach it. The exact location of the teleporter can be found on the map (M).

♚ Daily Job Quest.
Most of the servers nowadays unfortunately don't care about quests, they don't really realize how important they are. The daily quests refreshes the server even if you keep repeating it over and over. Players should also put some efforts to do these quests and get the reward as it wont mostly depend on botting. Some of them will depend on killing strong mobs and some of them will depend on killing opposite jobbers, more information on the quests are written below.

Let's start training quest
-There are 2 types of this quest and they depend on killing mobs not a real player. One of them can be done twice a day and the other one is unlimited but it has a lower reward though.
What you have to do: Kill 500 mobs inside job temple
Reward: 15 Diamonds
Repeatable: Yes, twice a day

Let's start training 2
-This is the second type of the "Let's start training quest" and it also depends on killing a certain mob inside the job temple.
What you have to do:
-Kill 1000 mobs inside the temple
Reward: 5 Diamonds
Repeatable: Yes

Feel the power quest
There are also 2 types of this quest, but they depend on killing real players unlike Let's start training quest and you will also get a reward for it.

-Feel the power 1:
This is the first type of this quest and it will depends on killing real players inside the job temple and you will get a reward for that.
What you have to do: Kill 30 opposite jobbers inside the job temple
Reward: 15 Diamonds
Repeatable: Yes, once per day.
Note: You will not be able to kill the same person more than 5 times to prevent cheating.

-Feel the power 2
This is the second type of "Feel the power quest" and you will also get a reward for it.

What you have to do: Kill 50 opposite jobbers inside the job temple
Reward: 5 Diamonds
Repeatable: Yes, it's unlimited.


♚ New Trade Routes.
Do you feel bored of the old trade routes? Do you want new trade routes that will make trading more comfortable?
Our new trade routes are the solution that will not make you feel bored any more of the old trade routes. They will be kinda special and more players will use them. We have only added 1 new trade route for the beginning so that all the jobbers will use it and therefore there'll always be a running challenge between traders and hunters against thieves!

Brand new route.
We're proud to announce our Brand NEW trade route. We have spent so much effort into it and we wish you enjoy it! We're working on one more route. More information about it will be available soon once it's ready.

♚ New Job Suits
Since everybody loves the new job suits, we have added them in Reality along with the old school job suits. They will be available in the npcs of each job, in order to let you be able to start jobbing at the beginning, we've made the first suit only for gold, unlike the rest which will require you to reach a certain level at jobbing and some points to be able to equip them. These job suits will have STR & INT increase and therefore they should have a price which fits their value.
In Reality, you will find five types of job suits

Job suits -BUFF WON-
The first type of job suit gives you 1 str and 1 int
The second type of job suit gives you 2 str and 2 int
The third type of job suit gives you 3 str and 3 int
The fourth type of job suit gives you 4 str and 4 int
The fifth type of job suit gives you 5 str and 5 int

♚ Wanted System.
Wanted system is one of the funniest features that have been done in SRO and since Reality is job based, we added this feature, it will be the usual wanted system as in any server else just to prevent confusing you and so on. In order to be wanted, you have to kill a certain count of opposite jobbers without dying. The more you kill, the better buff you get, the more wanted you become. Our system bot will announce that you have become wanted so that the players will target you. ? When you become wanted, try as much as you can to keep the wanted status with you because you will also get a special buff with special stats.
Here are some detailed you might need to know about our Wanted system.

Kill 10 opposite jobbers 1% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
]Kill 20 opposite jobbers 2% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 2
Kill 30 opposite jobbers 3% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 3
Kill 40 opposite jobbers 4% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 4
Kill 50 opposite jobbers 5% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 5

You will not be able to cheat in the wanted system so do not try since we added a strong anti cheat system, we are not going to announce how it works to make it even safer and better. PS: If you tried to cheat many times, our anti cheat system will ban you!

You are asking yourself if there is any server thats worth playing and that I won't have to leave after few weeks of playing because you will get bored easily from the same features that every server has.
You are asking yourself if there is any server that will make new features and systems that were never done before that will make you feel like playing silkroad for the first time.
Well my friend, in Reality we will present you more than all of that!
Under this amazing title we will show you as the RealityCrew why would you want to try our server and think its special than any other server with proofs of course.
What you will find in Reality won't be in any other server and that we promise, in our thread you will find in each and every part of it our true devotion in changing the old looking sro which we are used to see in every server, not just by adding small details and small systems/features, no, but great features that will have a great effect on the game itself and on you as well, our purpose isn't just creating a game-play that will pass and close later on, but an amazing game-play that will affect you through its new systems and will stick to your minds as a good memory, that, as RealityCrew, we promise!

Crystal/Elements System

As you know, we are trying to provide you something new and enjoyable. This system is actually helping us to provide you something interesting and will keep you excited. These Elements/Crystals you can get them from Guild score/Player score, Chest/Box, or some quests like New job temple or daily dungeon quests.

What is the purpose of these Elements/Crystals?

- Crystals will help you to upgrade your SOA item to Moon item with the same plus and same stats.
  • Blue Crystal (trade-able)
  • Orange Crystal (NOT trade-able)
  • Green Crystal (trade-able)
  • Purple Crystal (NOT trade-able)
- Elements will help you to get new skills or buffs in Powers Mastery.
  • Earth Element (trade-able)
  • Wind Element (NOT trade-able)
  • Water Element (trade-able)
  • Fire Element (NOT trade-able)
The chest that you will get and obtain Elements/Crystals will help you to upgrade your SOA to MOON.

Player/Guild Score System

After a long time of deep, organized thinking of a new system that breaks all the common traditions of the silkroad private servers in getting the last tier SoX items in-game, this is a brand new system in the silkroad world which will be taken by other servers.
We are proud to present you our brand new Player/Guild Score system which has not been added in any other silkroad private server, even in SRO itself.
Through this new in-game system which will be in a long competitive mode, this epic system will give you a route for the greatest enthusiastic journey ever, which you think you wouldn't need but unfortunately, you will figure out later that you will need something like this! From the best things of this system is that it depends on the score and luck at the same time, what I exactly mean is that it is a combo of getting SoX [which drops *luck*] and buying the SoX from the NPC [Point System], which you will know more about it whilst reading the upcoming details.

Player Score System
Obviously from its name, you will certainly know that it depends on your own player efforts, the purpose from this one is honoring the player who dedicates his time, mind in-game, as well as increasing the competitive spirit between the players, there will be two kinds of player score in-game:
Weekly player score, which gets reset each week.
Monthly player score, which gets reset at the end of each month.

There will also be three kinds of rewards which you will receive which allows you for a chance of getting ( CRYSTAL/ELEMENTS ) which through it you can upgrade your SOA item to a MOON sox, or you can get buff rank, we will talk more about it in its own part.

First Reward; Weekly Player Chest:

it gives valuable gifts that you would need which allows you to get a chance for receiving a ( CRYSTAL/ELEMENTS ) as we said before through these you can upgrade your SOA to MOON.
There are 5 kinds of weekly chest which you could take at the end of each week, and every higher level chest you get, your chances of getting more valuable gifts will increase as well, also you can get from this chest (Elements/Crystals)will help you to upgrade your SOA to MOON, READ Elements/Crystals and SOX system Sections to know what those are.

Chest Lv.Score.
Weekly player chest (Lv1) 200
Weekly player chest (Lv2) 400
Weekly player chest (Lv3) 600
Weekly player chest (Lv4) 800
Weekly player chest (Lv5) 1000

Second Reward; Monthly Player Chest:

It has the same idea of the weekly player score, 5 chests, same rewards, but it will be at the end of each month, higher chances, and every higher level your chances of getting valuable gifts will increase, as well CRYSTAL / ELEMENTS ) chances.

Chest Lv.Score.
Monthly player chest (Lv1) 1200
Monthly player chest (Lv2) 2000
Monthly player chest (Lv3) 2800
Monthly player chest (Lv4) 3600
Monthly player chest (Lv5) 4400

Third Reward; Monthly Player Score rank:
The purpose of this rank is appreciating every active in-game person and adding a competitive spirit between the players. Its a good thing to have your own ranking in the game between the players and be a special player according to your dedication.

As for the rank rewards, there will be 5 monthly player score ranks:

Bronze Rank
Which gives you 1% premium buff as soon as you get 600 Scores.

Silver Rank
Which gives you 2% premium buff as soon as you get 1200 Scores.

Gold Rank
Which gives you 3% premium buff as soon as you get 1800 Scores.

Platinum Rank
Which gives you 4% premium buff as soon as you get 2400 Scores.

Diamond Rank
Which gives you 5% premium buff as soon as you get 3000 Scores.

How to get player score:
As we said, there are two different kinds of player score [Monthly & Weekly]
But the way to get them remains the same for both of them, which are as follows:
Killing Uniques [Job Uniques - Death Bone aren't included] and of course, each unique has its own score.
Killing in Survival arena
Killing in Job
Killing in Fortress War
Through out alchemy;
-Getting +10 for an item grants you 50 score
-Failing at pimping up from +10 to +11 grants you 100 score
-Getting +11 for an item grants you 100 score
-Failed at pimping up from +11 to +11 grants you 150 score
-Getting +12 for an item grants you 150 score

How to know your Weekly/Monthly player score :
There is a small score board that gets updated once you teleport.

Guild Score System
We usually find most of the servers dependent on solo work and solo efforts to achieve SoX items, in Realitywe focused more about team-work because we know the most fun game-play is always the team-play, bonds grow stronger between the guild members by the team-work.
Guild Score is just but a part of the journey to getting the MOON SoX, its a complementary process that needs to be done which also fastens getting the MOON SoX, the most fun part in this is that through the Guild Score there will be new activities which has certain purposes which are valuable.

We thought too much to create this system, we did our best to be thoughtful about the small and big guilds, there will be two kinds of Guild Score and they are as follows:
Weekly Guild Score: It gets reset each week
Monthly Guild Score: It gets reset each month

And of course for each kind of the Guild Score there will be different valuable rewards that is given at the reset-time of each guild score kind, the rewards are as follows:

First Reward; Weekly Guild Chest:

It gives valuable gifts that you would need which allows you to get a chance for receiving a ( CRYSTAL/ELEMENTS ) as we said before through these you can upgrade your moon.
There are 5 kinds of weekly chest which you could take at the end of each week, and every higher level chest you get, your chances of getting more valuable gifts will increase as well, also you can get from this chest ( Elements/Crystals )will help you to upgrade your SOA to MOON, READ Elements/Crystals and SOX system Sections to know what those are.

Chest Lv.Score.
Weekly guild chest (Lv1) 2650
Weekly guild chest (Lv2) 3950
Weekly guild chest (Lv3) 5250
Weekly guild chest (Lv4) 6550
Weekly guild chest (Lv5) 8000

Second Reward; Monthly Guild Chest:

It has the same idea of the weekly Guild score, 5 chests, same rewards, but it will be at the end of each month, higher chances, and every higher level your chances of getting valuable gifts will increase, as well the ( CRYSTAL/ELEMENTS ) chances.

Chest Lv.Score.
Monthly guild chest (Lv1) 10600
Monthly guild chest (Lv2) 15800
Monthly guild chest (Lv3) 21000
Monthly guild chest (Lv4) 26200
Monthly guild chest (Lv5) 36000

How to get Guild Score:
As we said, there are two different kinds of guid score [Monthly & Weekly]
But the way to get them remains the same for both of them, which are as follows:

♞ Jobbing
♞ Job Uniques & Death Bone
♞ Guild War (More information will be given in its own part)
♞ Guild Mission (More information will be given in its own part)
♞ FW Kills

How to know your Weekly/Monthly Guild score :
There is a small score board that gets updated once you teleport.

How to know your GUILD Member Weekly/Monthly Guild score :
You will be able to check that on the website in Guild Management panel.

Guild Mission / Guild War:
To us, the concept of guilds isn't just about the weekly event, "Fortress War" as the other silkroad servers are.
We decided to change this concept that has gotten old and to increase your loyality to your guild as well as the enthusiasm and co-operation between each other and that is why we present you Guild Mission & Guild War System.

First kind of the guild mission
each guild is allowed to register only once a day, this is about an activity or a mission that is available daily, the only one who can register is the guild master.

You will be teleported to another place without being interrupted from the other players so that you enjoy your mission in a more fun way, and because we think about the idea of the players team-working, we increased the HP and DMG of the Uniques so that your only chance of winning is team-working.

All you need to do is to collect 30 Guild Mission Item which is the unique souls that drops from them as soon as they die, once you collect all the 30 souls, a strong unique appears which you will need to kill as soon as possible as the time limit for the guild mission is just 15 minutes (Including the collection of the 30 souls and the last unique), otherwise you will lose the mission. We also added an alarm that rings each 5 minutes so that you would be reminded that the time is passing.
The reward on the last minute is 100 Guild Score.

How to start your daily guild mission as a Guild Master:
♞ There is a teleport in donwhang where you can teleport the guild mission instanced dungeon. The guild master has to teleport first in order that members be able to teleport there.

Second kind of the guild mission
Literally, this mission is going to be madness mission. It’s like a small daily FW. Imagine that your guild has a mission to kill uniques as much as Possible and there're many enemies trying to do same mission in the same area and you both are allowed to kill each other in this area with your Epic powers skills! Sounds fun, right?!

♞ Mission details:
Your guild has to be number 1 of killing uniques.

♞ Mission reward:
There will be one guild daily can get this reward and it will be 200 points.
PS: You can't do this mission more than 3 times per week, why? Don’t be selfish let your enemies complete their mission at least once in the week.

Guild War System:
Of course all of us misses the guild war in silkroad generally and we wish we could go back and compete again and challenge each other like the old times.
In Reality there will be a tempting reason to go back and challenge the other guilds and create big guild wars like old times.
By participating in Guild wars and challenging other guilds, your guild can receive guild score, and every guild war win you receive 400 guild scores which will encourage the guild wars, as they will be valuable, fun, and worth it.

How to start a guild war: (Only the guild master can do it)
Click on "U" on your keyboard.
♞1)Go to "Guild Rel"
♞2)Then "Hostility"
♞3)Then "Request to start war"
♞4)Type in the name of the guild you want to have war with, the time of the guild war.

Required score to start a war: 400 Guild Score
Winner guild shall receive 400 Guild Score
Losing guild shall lose 400 Guild Score

Are you bored of the normal Job temple? Well, get ready for something new in Reality Reborn with a new goal and different mission. It is not 100% different but at least gives silkroad a different taste. The new job temple has a new concept which you can experience something powerful there! It consists of quests but just imagine how much powerful you will feel with the new Power Master. WAIT, did I say Power Master? I sure did! We can a dedicated Mastery for this temple BUT it is not for free and you will have to work for them beside your original mission which is killing strong mobs to obtain very good rewards like Chests (boxes) and each one of them give elements, Crystals, and other precious rewards! So, get ready to experience the power!

Challenge System
In most of the servers we spend our free-time enjoying the PvP system, so we know and we are sure its one of the things that makes you enjoy your game-play and to increase enthusiasm and the competition we created the Challenge System which through it you can win challenge chests by challenging other players. If the player you challenged agreed to the challenge you will be automatically teleported to a special area which will have only you and the player whom you challenged, there will be 3 rounds, to win the challenge you will need to win 2 rounds, there will also be a time limit if the 3 rounds haven't ended and the winner will be the one with the most won rounds.


Every round won you will receive 1 cup which helps you to get the challenge chest
(which we will talk more about in its own section).
Every round loss you will lose 20 Player Score.

How to register in the challenge system?
You will need to have minimum 20 player score points to be able to have the privilege of using this system.
To register in the Challenge System you'll have to press on the Challenge icon in action window (A); You will be added to the queue that the system has collected. Keep in mind, the system will declare the matches depends on the Item points. Therefore, you will be matched with a reasonable player according to your item points so you wil never challenge an Overpowered player unless there are only you two left.

Watch Challenges
If your friend is challenging someone and you would love to cheer on him, you can go into the arena as a spectator without being able to touch any of the challengers. You will find the teleport in the custom teleport gate at Donwhang south.

Challenger Chests
These chests help you in getting valuable rewards and gives you a chance of getting ( CRYSTAL/ELEMENTS ) which helps you promote your SOA weapon to a MOON weapon, there will be 3 different kinds of Challenger chests which are as follows:

Challenger Chest Lv1

It will have a 3 day cool-down which gives you valuable rewards and a chance of getting a ( CRYSTAL/ELEMENTS ).
You can receive it through the Challenge Manager NPC in Donwhang with 25 cups.

Challenger Chest Lv2

It will have a 7 days cool-down which gives you valuable rewards and
a higher chance (more than the Lv1 chance) of getting a ( CRYSTALS / ELEMENTS ).
You can receive it through the Challenge Manager NPC in Donwhang with 50 cups.

Challenger Chest Lv3

It will have a 7 days cool-down which gives you valuable rewards and
a higher chance (more than the Lv2 chance) of getting a ( CRYSTALS / ELEMENTS ).
You can receive it through the Challenge Manager NPC in Donwhang with 75 cups.

Job Clash Event

JOB CLASH EVENT is a brand new event and one of the amusing events inside Realitywhich you will deeply love to join with your friends which you will also benefit you.
We made this event because we know the real value of jobbing to the players and how much they love it, so we added special areas where you can have fun and enjoy your time.
You must be well prepared for this event so that you could help your team because this event is based on team-play, you can not win without the support of your team, nor can you win without having the support of a single person, every player in your team must support each other to be able to win.

Job Clash video

What is Job Clash Event?

JOB CLASH EVENT is an Event that occurs twice a day, which is an epic war between hunters/traders against thieves, the number of players is balanced and if you win you receive RealityPoints.

The event will consist of 200 players, 100 in each team, participating is not random but by registering first, so be sure to register before the other players so that you can enter the event. The event time-limit is 30 minutes

For every team there are 9 special uniques for them, you are requested to protect those 9 uniques and attack the other 9 Uniques who are protected by your enemy team.

If you could kill all the 9 uniques of the enemy team, your team would win the match, or if 30 minutes has passed and no team could kill the opposite team's 9 uniques, the more kills a team got will win.

During the match, a global announcement appears showing the results between the teams which makes it more exciting, as well as the best fighters who kill more than they die.


You could enhance your powers during the event through destroying boxes which gives you coins that only drop from these boxes in this event, through these coins you could buy scrolls that can enhance your powers for a limited amount of time from the NPC that is located at the event area.

You can also buy a shadow from the power ups npc. A shadow can attack your enemy with some bothering skills such as knock down, knock back and freeze. All you have to do is choosing the enemy which you want the shadow to attack, then right click on the shadow scroll.

These methods can only be used in this event, it can not be used in any other place, after the event is finished.


Winner team gets 7 RP
Losing team gets 2 RP
In case of draw, both teams get 3 RP

The best three players in the event will be announced publicly, and they shall have other rewards.

First player: 3 Cups
Second player: 2 Cups
Third player: 1 Cup
*Killing the same person more than three times won't be calculated*

Did you get bored of the normal and usual unique events you see at every server?
In Reality, we have completely changed the way this event works to be much funnier than before. It will not depend on the strongest party, but on the strongest team (a team consists of 48 participants, teams are distributed automatically and are not revealed to the participants upon registration). It's completely different at Realityand we are sure everybody, including STR chars, will be waiting for the moment when this event starts.

What is Unique Crew event?

It is basically a unique event which was greatly improved to be better and depend on team work, not only party work.

There will be 4 teams in the event. A team can have a maximum of 48 participant and the number of participants will be balanced in each team.

After the event starts, each team will have its own cape color and suit which differs from the the other team. For example, the first team will have the red cape color and the red suit. The second team will have the blue cape color and the blue suit and so on. Please note that participants from the same team will not be able to kill each other, they will only be able to kill the opponent teams.

Your mission is to kill the highest amount of uniques inside the event area, uniques will spawn at random spots of the area so you will also have to find them first. You will also have pvp cape equipped, so if the damage you deal to the unique is weak, you can still help your team by killing your opponents. Please note that you can't kill your team members.

For each unique you kill, your team gets some virtual points(Teams are not able to see how many points they have). You will find the amount of points each unique gives written beside the unique name, for example; Tiger Girl(Event-3P); 3P is the amount of points Tiger Girl gives to the killer team when it dies. The more points you get during the event, the higher place your team gets to. Eventually, the team in the first place (most points collected) will win.

The event ends when you kill the 2 boss uniques, Jupiter and Yuno. They will appear once you kill all the other uniques.


The team with most points collected will be announced and each member of this team will get 7 RealityPoints.

Top 3 PVP Killers at the event will also be announced and will get cups.

You want to feel powerful? We present to you a new balanced mastery which will make everyone feel the real power, and you better be sure we made it balanced.
Powers mastery has 2 kinds of skills or 2 types:

Crew Powers:
Since we are trying to focus on team-work game-play, we added this mastery. Its hard to get btw but it will make you feel slightly powerful but not over power. Please keep this in mind, we need to make something enjoyable and not dominate the server. It’s just additional skills but with another way to gain it and it’s very balanced. Just Imagine how the game will be when you finally can make your team special.

What is the purpose of crew powers buffs?
They are buffs that you can give it to your party members like ( 5 STR or 5 INT or 5% phy def or 5% magical def or 5% attack rate or 5% parry rate ) so it’s not too much but will be useful in a lot of situations.

PS: You can only buff 2 players maximum in your party.

Epic Powers:
This mastery is unique because it is actually not working in the whole game. It is only available in the New Job temple and Guild mission area. Maybe if you liked it we can allow it in Survival arena and some other areas but it will not be allowed in the main areas. This mastery will be giving you time to have some fun and feeling powerful with your enemies especially in the new job temple. those skills are an additional skills to your weapon whether you are STR player or INT player and we giving you also additional buffs which make everything more balanced there and also its not easily to get those skills or buffs so you need to be hard worker and prove that you worth these.

Baghdad Dungeon
You will basically teleport to a virtual baghdad town => hunt monsters => unlock doors => defeat the boss => earn a lot!
There are three uniques in there:
Note: these uniques drop the books you need for Aphrodite shield.

Solution for the ban issue
Only in Reality Reborn, we have created a vote system in dungeons that will allow you to vote on certain player should be banned or not. This way we will prevent any issues between players from kicking members inside the dungeon to take the drop alone. We initially thought about disabling ban inside but that will cause issues if a player is afk or ruining the party.

You want to look cool while jobbing? You want to look sexy while eliminating your opponents? Panda suit is your answer! This is a brand new job suit in Reality Reborn! You will be able to purchase it from the normal Job NPC and it will have the normal blues like the normal job suits do. You better make sure to job in Style

Panda suit video

♚ Survival Arena System.
Surely most of you know what Survival arena event is. But what you don't know is our Professional Survival Arena is completely different. Before we speak about what is new about it, We'll explain the idea of the event and how you'll be rewarded if you participate in it.

The Survival Arena event is one of the most enjoyable events in SRO especially in Reality. It aims to break the boredom. Everything is allowed in this event as far as you don't cheat. or wait, it doesn't matter because none can cheat anyway. You can use whatever scrolls you want to use there because you'll face a crowd of fighters. You'll be alone and you need to prove you're strongest.

You'll get rewarded with 1 General Point / kill. Additionally, you'll get rewarded with more general points when the event finishes if you're one of the top 3 players who made most kills.

Event Time : To be added soon.
Requirements :
- You have to be level 100.
- You have to teleport to the event area.
- You have to wear the yellow cap.

R . A . S
Now, let's speak about what is new and what makes our Survival event special. Because we always care about the Silkroad Community needs and want to make a solution for whatever annoys and the community, We decided to create RAS. Which is short for Reality Anti-Cheat System. And here is what is special about it:
- You MUST wear the yellow cap within 60 seconds after the event starts. or you'll get kicked out of the area
- You'll get kicked out in case of you wear any other pvp cap.
- You will get rewarded only once if you kill the same opponent more than once in 60 seconds time.
- You can kill the same opponent only 5 times during the event.
- You can't create or join a party during the event.

♚ Battle Arena.
Minimum Level: 100
Pc limit: 1
Anti AFK system : Enabled.
Rest is self explained.

♚ CTF.
Minimum Level: 100
Pc limit: 1
Anti AFK system : Enabled.
It's not selfish shit anymore. it's based on team work. Each player in the winning team gets the worthy reward. You take good stuff for killing people but not as good as the reward you get when your team wins.

♚ Automatic Trivia.
Trivia is a question and answers, puzzle game , there will be a random question and you will need to
PM the Trivia bot with the right answer.

Silk reward : 10 Silk each round.

♚ Automatic Hide & Seek.
H&S is a very well known event and people know most hiding spots. But don't worry, we put over 200 point on each town , so it wont be that easier any more.

Silk reward : 20 Silk each round

♚ Automatic Search & Destroy.
A white knight level 40 Unique will spawn somewhere and if you should be the first kill it you will be
rewarded with silk.

Silk reward : 20 Silk each round

♚ Automatic Last Man Standing Event.
One of the beloved events for the players on SRO Private servers. How does it work?
It will be announced that the event will start in 10 minuets. You will have 5 minuets to register. Then
pm LMS : "Reg" , you will get a message with successful registration.
You cannot reg if you are in job mode.
Once you have been teleported to the event area, you will be in PK mode and last man to live will win the event.

LMS winner reward : 100 Silk

♚ Automatic Defeat Mr_Eliminator .
Mr_Eliminator will spawn at Jangan south gate and you have to kill him.
Be noted that last hit counts as the winning blow so anyone can join and win!
Also every consecutive round will be higher than the previous one since players will be stronger as

Killer reward : 50 Silk

♚ Automatic Alchemy Event.
Bot will announce the event and start to drop D1 items. To win the event you'll need to achieve +10
within 15 min.
If none one gets +10 within the 15 minutes , the bot will check the highest plus to win the event , if
more than one got the highest plus , the first one to achieve the highest plus will be the winner.

♚ The most advanced website created in Silkroad history.
Did you guys think we would stop working after we are done with the game itself? Well, guess what? Nope! Our Web developer which is Crayon worked hard on the website and added brand new features besides the normal features we normally have that will be very useful for all players. Some of these features will be:

Hot offers:
Every day we will have different items from the item mall with discounted price. These items will change every day.

Web stall:
Now you can actually post your items that you would like to sell on the website so other players can actually visit you stall while not even being in the game! Cool, right?

Guild Management Panel:
This will be very useful to guild masters. Keep in mind, it is not ready yet but it will be implemented to the website soon so no worries. This feature will let the guild master see his guild members’ sets/weapons/item points/guild contribution. This will be available in a table so it can be easily understood and to follow. Guild masters will easily detected any slacking players in his guild without keep asking,

Title management:
You can change your title from the web. So you can be lying in bed and change your title if you are that lazy :P

Website color switcher:
You will have the option to change the website color to your comfort.

New Reality Reborn Ranking System:
we have updated our web to better suit the new ranking system we have with the new events you will be participating in.

Reality Website

We are glad to be part of the community. Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. Family isn’t always blood. TOGETHER we make a FAMILY! Unity is strength…. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. There will be Obstacles. There will be doubters. But with hard work and Support, There are no limit. We would like to thank YOU for being supportive in advance. We KNOW and BELIEVE we will have much support and we can guarantee everyone that Reality team will be working hard to satisfy everyone

If you feel like supporting the server, Use one of our signatures. As sign of appreciation, you'll receive 50 silks as a reward in the grand opening. We will also pick up 5 random players to win 1000 silk at the day of the grand opening and 5 more random players to win 1000 silks at the 10th day after the grand opening. The Operation of choosing the players will be streamed to ensure randomness. You'll have to write your character name in a statement reply in this thread and ask for the reward after you put the signature. we have people who will be collecting character names for us to add the reward on the grand opening.

HTML Code:
[B]When Innovation meets Professionalism - Reality Reborn Hype 2k18[/B]
[URL=""]Website[/URL]| [URL=""]Facebook[/URL] | [URL=""]Discord Server[/URL] | [URL=""]Epvp Thread[/URL][/B][/CENTER][B][/B]

This thread is not the final work for Reality Reborn. It is subject to any changes anytime. There will be things that will be added later as well as few changes to this thread in a later date. So, keep your eyes open when we update the thread with any changes and we will make sure we announce it on discord so make sure to join our official discord channel for updates and news.

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Reality Reborn Hype 2k18

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When Innovation meets Professionalism - Reality Reborn Hype 2k18
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Good luck , im in .
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Finally here .
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Looks gut

PS: Added the signature also for the Silk Event

IGN: Anto_1337
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CheeseBurger !!

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Closed Beta (01.09.2018)
All of the new features will be disabled and it will mainly focus on testing basics only. We will have a list of few things to test. We will mainly focus on detecting any kind of crashing in general, whether it is an NPC, certain item, avatars, item mall, and more. During this phase, there will be a lot shut downs to fix issues right away.
Your server should be online and ready in public after 3 days, not in closed beta.

#Closed (if you can change it you may contact me)

#Reopen (it should be available to everyone as I've been informed in open beta)

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Closed Thread

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