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Anubis Roto Sro (New Server)

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Lightbulb Anubis - Roto SRO - 110Cap/Reborn System/Play2Win/Automatic Events/

Hi everybody and welcome to our thread. Thank you for giving us a chance by clicking on this.
We are going to introduce you to our new server, created by Roto Team and tons of effort to bring you a new gameplay system with uniques features.

The system that we have created is a play to win system with active events and automatics events too, welcome and enjoy.
Links & Website

Game video trailer
Game Trailer

A small Guide
A small guide
Features & Rates
Equip CapD11
Reborn SystemYes
Max Reborn3
Max Plus+25
Reborn Stats+100 Per Reborn
Trade Rate10x
Battle ArenaEnabled
User Per IP5
Drop SilkYes
Arena BOTNot Allowed


BOT commands
We have created our advanced [BOT] system. PM [BOT] with #command to get all the available commands! Like:
#Sync -- Sync items/Coins/Points
#rb -- Reborn system [will be explained later]
#ref -- Refresh stats [STR-INT] (FREE)
#forge -- [will be explained later]
#dsk -- Delete buffs, like premium!
#ach -- Task System [will be explained later]
#tite -- Titles system [will be explained later]
#use -- Use special items
#rep -- Repeat last command

Explain Game Features
Forge/Alchemy System

The alchemy system has been changed to Forge system where you can upgrade, plus and enchant your items with commands at normal chat without fail. You will need to find stones and elixirs that will be changed to Forge points and those points will be necessary to use the forge system. Check it below.

1>You can upgrade Equipment plus using command in bot #forge p x
EX: Item slot:6 . item plus is 8 , $[BOT] #forge p 6 , item plus is 9!
2>Item Blue refresh according to the plus level and can refresh it using command in bot #forge pr x
3>Upgrade Rare level [SOX Level] using command in bot #forge r x
4>Check the next plus price using command in bot #forge cp x
NOTE:Max Rare level is Nova for D11 Items. [Egy B items]
IMPORTANT: [x] is the item place. Current item places are:
0=Hat [Max is 25]
1=Chest [Max is 25]
2=Shoulders [Max is 25]
3=Hands [Max is 25]
4=Legs [Max is 25]
5=Boots [Max is 25]
6=Left Weapon [Max is 25]
7=Right Weapon [Max is 25]
8=Earring [Max is 25]
9=Necklace [Max is 25]
10=Left Ring [Max is 25]
11=Right Ring [Max is 25]
12=Devil [Max is 12]
Reborn or Blessing Rebirth

A small guide
(1) You can make reborn since you get level 101.
(2) Every level after 101 will add you 10 stats bonus after rebirth.
(3) You can reborn using command #rb a by private chat [BOT] Example : $[BOT] #rb x
(4) After Reborn you will return level 1 and your SP will turn 0.
(5) You can reset your Skills using #rb b
(6) You can farm Level up times using #rb c
(7) You can fix your mistake when you did reborn under level 110 and gain the full states using #rb d
(8) You can up your stats (STR - INT) using #rb str or #rb int (#rb str 1 or #rb str 2 or #rb str 3) and the same for INT. check #rb str for more infos
Note : Making reborn under level 110 will give you lower states
(9) You can Plus forge more plus when your Reborn level is higher.
Reborn 0 can plus to 10 only
Reborn 1 can plus to 15 only
Reborn 2 can plus to 20 only
Reborn 3 can plus to 25 only
First reborn is for free, 2th and 3th will need Reborn exp that can be optained by pvp, killing uniques, sync items and playing events.
How to get silk

- Killing mobs and collecting iron coins
- Killing Uniques and collecting silk coins
- Buying silk coins from shopmall in website via web points(WP) that can be obtained from vote or topup/donate
- Converting other coins like Arena/Ctf cups into silk
- Redeeming tasks using #ach
- Online time redeem from #sync
- [HOT] Job Temple Quests [will be explained later]
How to Get Points

You can get points right here with almost all items that silkroad can give to you. Gold, Silk, Coins, Stones, Elixirs, Kills, Everything.
- Sync change your stuff into points (Points can be used to forge/alchemy, silk, gold, and other stuff)
- To start sync use command #sync x :
#sync gd -- will sync your stuff into gold points
#sync fg -- will sync your stuff into forge points
#sync sk -- will sync your stuff into Silks
#sync rb -- will sync your stuff into Reborn Exp
#sync g -- will sync your stuff into Inventory Gold
Remember: Sync coins will convert all coins in inventory but only stones will convert first [4] slots.
- When you start to use any command from this list, [BOT] will be giving you more info about what are you looking for.
How to make Egy Items

Egy items are made by upgrading "Rare level" of Degree 11 to Moon/Sun forge r x
Hold your D11 Nova item
PM [BOT] with #forge r 6 [Weapon slot]
Weapon now Set A [Egy A]
PM [BOT] with #forge r 6 [Weapon slot]
Weapon now Set B [Egy B]

SO: You need to update your items step by step with the forge system to get the lastier item
Job Temple

Job Temple Quest 1 Give 100 Silk Points (Repeatable)
Job Temple Quest 2 Give 100 Silk Points (Repeatable)
Job Temple Quest 3 Give 100 Gold Points (Repeatable)
Job Temple Quest 4 Give 1000 Forge Points (Repeatable)
Job Temple Quest 5 Give 25 CP (Repeatable 10 Times only)

Remember: Temple enter limited to 2 account per IP.

Titan Uniques

Titan Summon Times:
1 AM & 1 PM
6 AM & 6 PM
10 AM & 10 PM

Rewards:100M Gold coin + 2 CP [Each Unique]

Job Rank

1> You can setup Job Rank from the site
(Login > Control Panel > Settings > Setup Job Rank)
2> Choose your Job Type and click (Change Job).
3> You can check the Ranking at the site.
(Login > Control Panel > Rank > //)
How to get points: You can get points by Selling goods, Saving goods and Stealing goods.
Reset:Every 3 days
Rewards:Every 3 days
Rank 1 => 1000 Silk And 8 Bil
Rank 2 => 800 Silk And 6 Bil
Rank 3 => 600 Silk And 3 Bil
Rank 4 => 500 Silk And 1 Bil
Rank 5 => 400 Silk And 1 Bil
Rank 6 => 400 Silk And 1 Bil
Rank 7 => 400 Silk
Rank 8 => 400 Silk
Rank 9 => 400 Silk
Rank 10 => 400 Silk
NOTE:Reward for each job, EX:1st Thief, 1st Hunter and 1st Trader.

Task System
Start the Task System by #ach ($[BOT] #ach)
Task System (1), All time Tasks!
Task System (2), Daily Tasks!

Items Swap System
Now you can Swap your items using #forge sw ($[BOT] #forge sw)
1) Each swap cost 300 Silk
2) Only 100 Swap possible weekly
#forge sw w x--Swap Weapon!
#forge sw g x--Swap Gear!
#forge sw a x--Swap Accessory!
#forge sw sh x--Swap Shields!
NOTE:Each order will give you more infos about what will be done.
NOTE:No infos about (#forge sw sh x)!, it will be swapped directly [EU to CH and CH to EU]

Fortress War Information (FW)

FW Tax : Tuesday (All day)
FW Register : Thursday (All day)
FW War : Saturday (22:00 to 22:45)
FW Gift : 15K Silk + 15K GP [Guild setup (will be explained)]
FW Town: Jangan Only Available.
Setup Infos
From the site.
(Login > Control Panel > Settings > Setup Guild > [Select Character])
You should be the master to Setup the guild rewards.
NOTE:You can only add max amount of 15,000 Silk and 15,000 Gold Point to all
NOTE:Every member can have max 1,500 Silk or/and 1,500 Gold Points
1)Add the [Silk + Gold points] amount to any member you want.
2)Select [Save] to save the currently amounts for everybody
3)Select [Redeem] to add the silks for the members.

Astral Gems System
Astral System is a new system to improve your character power

A small guide

How to access Astral:You can access them from the website
(Login > Astral)
Astral Gems:2 Type with 3 Levels
Type 1:STR Gem
Type 2:INT Gem
Each type has 4 Levels:
Level 1: +1 Stat points [White color]
Level 2: +2 Stat points [Green color]
Level 3: +3 Stat points [Blue color]
Level 4: +4 Stat points [Red color]
Each level can be upgraded to +10
How to get Astral Gems? You can get them by capturing Astral
How to Capture? Press Capture button to get random 1 type with random level.
NOTE: You should have:
AP Points for Upgrading astral gems
CP Points for Capturing astral gems
How to get them?
1)Read the infos above for gaining CP
2)Buying Points from Astral Shop.
How to gain the power of Astral Gems? Right click the Gem, Press Insert Astral and write #ref ingame ( $[BOT] #ref )

Trade System (Gold System)

1)All trade routes available
2)How to get golds?
#1 After selling your goods you will obtain 1k to 1,7k Trade Points (by luck)
#2 You can #sync the Trade Points to Gold ( $[BOT] #sync g )
#sync g 1 -- 1x Bill Coin => 3k Trade points
#sync g 2 -- 3x Bill Coin => 9k Trade points
#sync g 3 -- 6x Bill Coin => 15k Trade points
#sync g 4 -- 1x Bill Coin => 120 Silks
#sync g 5 -- 6x Bill Coin => 30k Reborn EXP
#sync g 6 -- 10x Bill Coin => 1000 Silks

Automatic Events

Quiz Event

Its the classic(isnt classic at all but you know what i mean
Trivia event which you have to answer via "All" chat, the answer as this:
Where are you reading this ?
!q Epvp
Note: Your answer have to be written with "!q" first
[b]- You have got only 15 second to answer
- Faster answers gets better gift according to the rank as below :
[1] 1st => 4x
[2] 2nd => 3x
[3] 3rd to 10 => 2x
And so on till 15s has finished.

- Gifts are as following by random :
[1] 10-50 Silk coins Rank Bonus
[2] 10-20 Gold Points Rank Bonus
[3] 200-400 Gold Points Rank Bonus
- Event 2 hours time : 0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20-22 with a duration of 5 minutes (Every 1 Minute a question will be asked) according to server time
PVP Event

Its an special pvp event where you have to make most kills as you can in 10 minutes but you only have 8 life to play with!

- Must register before event start or during the first minute of event.
- TOP 10 only win in event kill list.
- Event duration: 10 minutes start time xx:00.
- Must join PVP room in jangan teleport.
- You will get only 8 life.
- Event rewards according to rank :
[1] 1st => 1000 Silk Coins
[2] 2nd => 800 Silk Coins
[3] 3rd => 400 Silk Coins
[4] 4th-10th => 200 Silk Coins
And so on till 10m has finished.

- Event time according to server clock is : 1-3-5-7-9-11-13-15-17-19-21-23 Hour with 10 minutes of duration
Legendary Unique Event

Times: 1-3-5-7-9-11-13-15-17-19-21-23 Hour and min 30-35
To join: go to Unique Room
A Legendary unique will appear [Roc or Medusa]
Rewards: 5000 Forge points + 200 Gold Points + 10 CP for everybody in the Unique Room
Note: All Events are according to Server Time

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It's good, but with higher cap and 13 or 14d items (eg. like in old roto) could be great.

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I remeber this system but wasn't it once a higher cap?
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Originally Posted by Maxxter06 View Post
I remeber this system but wasn't it once a higher cap?
it was 120cap and 14dg with much more reborn lvls, and with +50 or so items.
Now everything is much more limited - 3x reborns only and max +25, so much fair gameplay for everyone.
But anyway i would prefer this with higher cap like before

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very nice game very nice system
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How to get Egy Weapon on this Server?
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Originally Posted by rock1979 View Post
How to get Egy Weapon on this Server?
[4] How to make Egy Items?
Egy items are made by upgrading Rare level of Degree 11 to Moon/Sun #forge r x using bot command
$[BOT] #forge r x
type that in local chat
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its online ??
i dont understand this kind of systems

its offline ??
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iam in ,
downloading !
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How to earn Reborn Point?
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need media pk2
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Originally Posted by sexigam View Post
How to earn Reborn Point?
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Im wondering if you'll remember me when i arrive^^
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Originally Posted by sexigam View Post
How to earn Reborn Point?
You have enough Reborn points to make the first reborn for free, for the following 2 reborn you need to hunt uniques and other stuff to archive more points to make reborn
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Is it worth to start?

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cap 110, reborn system, roto games, roto sro, silkroad private server

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