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Encore Network | Cap 90 | CH & EU | Play2Win | Innovative Systems

Discussion on Encore Network | Cap 90 | CH & EU | Play2Win | Innovative Systems within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO PServer - Discussions / Questions category.

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Arrow Encore Network | Cap 90 | CH & EU | Play2Win | Innovative Systems l GO 17.8

- - -

GRAND OPENING : 17.08.2018

Closed beta phase : 06.08.2018

Open beta phase : 10.08.2018

* Introduction *

Have you heard about Encore ? You didn't? So let me introduce Encore. First I would like to talk about the team, the idea behind this project and our goal. Encore has a professional team we own area of responsibility . As developer we have Menorhord in our team and we are proud that he accompanies us, as designers we are extremely proud to have Skimpy at our side and for the communication to you. our community, we are proud to have Rego, Takla and the king master of discord Roman McCartney here. All our owners have proven in the past that they are among the most competent people in their field. Apart from having a quality team that knows what to do, we have a feel for our project. We want to show that we're the best team out there. We are about to show that we can keep a large number of players for a long time, we are one of the few teams that know how to build a long-term server where seasons are not the key. Preparation is the key, this is our motto. which means that we have prepared our server for a long time, In this way we are aware of every situation, of every possible problem that can happen. Also we want to say that we are only human, we are not perfect, but we will do our best to make it perfect for you. Our communication, timing and planning are designed to give you a unique feeling. A feeling of home and structure, a feeling of happiness and fun. A feeling of summer vibes. An old feeling, the old days. Our goal is to make you happy. To prove that we can provide a nice accommodation.

* Purpose *

what is our purpouse? We're not a money hunt, we're going slow and steady. Step by step, we want to build up a huge community and a nice prominence. We're not going down too early and we never want to go down completely, we always want to come back and don't give u the feeling of being used. If we go down and come back up we'll reward our steady and old players.

* Target *

Leading from our purpose to our target. Our communication, timing and planning are designed to give you a unique feeling. A feeling of home and structure, a feeling of happiness and fun. A feeling of summer vibes. An old feeling, the old days. Our goal is to make you happy. To prove that we can provide a nice accommodation. Simply said a place to stay

* Our Crew *

We've moved up to the next level. Let me introduce our team.
  • Takla is our owner and our community manager. He is known to some of you because he has good contact with our community. His skills in speaking, writing and acting between people are crazy and they will give us a superior advantage.

  • Our main developer is Menorhord. Started years ago as a small developer and learned a lot during this time. He has invested hours,days and years in learning programming languages.
    This is one of the few times he's not actually the owner. But that won't stop him from doing great work and delivering consistent performance.

  • Behind every good team is a good manager. If we have Menorhord on the team, who else could it be but Rego? Rego has made his name look shiny in the past. From unknown to known in not too long time.
    Trust me when I say that he has not shown his last skill, and he will prove it here.

  • Yo yo! Roman here. I've been playing iSRO since 2009 when I knew nothing about it, then I started to be a PRO player in 2011. I have quitted playing iSRO in 2013 and started to play on Private Servers. I'm very interested in computer and SRO; I consider myself as who has a good vision and farsighted person.

  • Drafts? Fantastic-looking stuff? Skimpy's got us by the hand. He has made designs for large servers and has been doing so for years. It will give us fantastic looks in every perspective.

  • Rego and Menorhord are here, who fits better than Ahri? Ahri is a stable headsupporter. She knows what to do in certain situations and assesses each situation individually. She will not renounce hard decisions.

* Frequently asked questions (FAQ) *
  • What is Encore ?
    Encore is a brand new silkroad private server which focuses on community interaction.

  • What makes Encore different ?
    Like we said before. We're focusing on a long term, community interactive server. We want to listen to you and not to be like "this is it, deal with it.

  • Will EU be patched later ?
    This is not clear yet, if the community wants it and delivers good ideas for balancing we might try it.

  • Are there big guilds where i can join?
    Join our Discord on and look into the #guild-recruitment channel.

  • How can I get free silk ?
    There will be enough automatic and manual events to gather some free silk. Also certain quests bring free silk.

  • Why is the DLL displayed as a virus ?
    This is through the protection. It is kinda important for us, that our ddl with our features are highly secured. Simply make an exception on your antivirus if you faced this problem also If you need help contact us on Discord or Facebook Page.

  • I can't extract the client ?
    Update to the latest Winrar or ZIP version.

  • What if the client does not update ?
    Please download the newest client from our homepage. If the client still does not update contact us on Discord.

  • How can I report a bug or a player ?
    Contact one of our supporters at game or at discord channel.

  • What kind of bots are allowed ?
    Mbot and sBot will work perfectly fine and won't be punished.

  • Can I apply for a position in a team ?
    Sure, you might contact Rego or Ahri for this on Discord. But beware that you have to speak fluent english.

* Beta Phase *

Beta is one of the most important phases in the preparation for a new server. That means we can't do it all by ourselves. A team member could never find all possible bugs in a short time. That's where we need you. Every player in the beta increases the chance to fix all bugs to guarantee a good server start. To have a cleaner and better managed system behind the beta, we will have two beta phases. First, the closed beta. You can apply for the closed beta if you join our Discord and write your name , guild and build on the #closed-beta channel. This allows us to cover a variety of builds. Also this will give us more control over the clues, requests and reports, as we can see who it came from. After the Closed Beta, in which all major bugs and imbalances are fixed, we will run an Open Beta. This is the part where everyone can join in and leave their opinion, find more bugs and try things out for the official launch.
  • Long story short. Closed beta will last for 3 days on the 06.08.2018
  • While the open beta will last for one week starting at the 10.08.2018

* Grand Opening *

Grand Opening is the most important task at any server. It must be flawless, lagless and on point. After we had the beta we can ensure that it will be bugless and flawless. Since we're experienced team we knows how to handle it. Last but not least is lagless. We have a good filter, nicely coded procedures and a good Protection. This way there should be nothing that causes lag or other things that makes the play experience bad.
  • The official start is at 17.08.2018

* Server Rates *
  • Cap: 90
  • Race: CH & EU
  • EXP/SP: 20x
  • Party EXP/SP: 22x
  • Gold Dropv: 5x
  • Item Drop: 10x
  • Mob Spawn Rate: High
  • Alchemy Rate: 1x
  • Advanced Elixir: Disabled
  • Auto Events: Yes + [EM]'s Events
  • IP Limit: Unlimited
  • PC Limit: 2

* Cap (90) & Race (CH & EU) *

We have fantastic news for our players. We have decided to make a combination between Europe & the Chinese Race. After a really long time of absence we have came back to gather both race in one server, But why there wasn't CH & EU race Cap 90 server last few years ? What is the problem of EU ? Well, balancing is extremely difficult. The vSro files are unbalanced since they are designed for Cap 110. it's fine at cap 110 , but if you go down to cap 90 its completely weird. We took a deep look at what has changed over the years. What happened to the EU to become unbalanced? Well, we cannot list everything here, but trust us when we say that we have prepared a good balance right now. We wont't stop here either until we reach the point of equilibrium. Since we have known that most of players would be excited of the European Race being part of our new server. This development we created for your own pleasure to enjoy the new experience. You'll never know the meaning of entertainment unless you explore & join Encore.

* Chinese improvements *

Speaking of the European race. There is the Chinese race which isn't as good in Team play as the European race. We've uppered the mastery points to 360, means that you can go for 4 maxed Skill trees. Also we've added extra skills for each Build which will help you stay against the power of EU.

* Buffs in Custom Areas *

We took EU balance to another level. We've specially nerfed EU in certain areas like Fortress war. They won't be able to use for example: PAIN on Warriors, Life Control for Wizzards, Debuffs for Warlocks and so on. After careful consideration we believe that EU buffs are so powerful which make the characters very hard to get killed and that's the point why most of players asking for EU Characters only during the wars or events , so we decided to disable those buffs to make it fair as possible as we can.

* Available Areas *

Available Areas, We've opened up only a certain amount of Areas for you. Jangan, Donwhang and Hotan are pretty much self-explaining since its a cap 90 server. There is the Jupiter Temple. We've placed some 81-90 monsters there and the uniques appear every 2~4 hours. This is the place where you can get a red crystal for the SOM weapon or shield. Also we've opened the Job Temple for you, so there you can fight for your honor and glory as little special we've added the Job Garden. But wait? What is the Job Garden? Job Garden is a region from the Arabia update. You can teleport in a Jobstate and fight in the middle, basically a new battleground. Cool isn't it?

* Battle Arena *

Some players love fighting as a team , guild and jobbers so it's the best place to proof yourself, how strong is your team also it's useful to obtain some Glory Coins.

* Capture The Flag *

It's self-explaining bring back the best memories , the real competition and the smell of the victory, it gives Glory Coins also.

* Max Plus +12 *

To balance between players also to avoid over-powered damages we decided to make it max +12 without advanced elixir used. so that's mean if you tried to make it +13 or above , it won't work.

* Guild & Union Limit *

After careful consideration we decided to make the guild limit 24 and union limit 3 to be more competitive.

* Union Chat Limit *

Union is important, it gives the ability to speak to other members. This shouldn't be limited so removed the union limit. Unionchat for everyone.

* Old PvP Cap *

We're talking about feeling of an old server. We don't wanna miss it on pvp capes. Thats why we've added old pvp capes

* Old Alchemy Window *

Old alchemy window gives you the real feeling of the old school , the days we cannot forget and the best memories. So we have added it to Encore to bring back the best moments.

* Vigor Grain *

We've changed Vigor Pots from 25% to 15% to hold a bit against the European race. This will slightly lower the vigor spam at wars.

* SOX Balance *

Seal of Star (SOS)= last tier +1
Seal of Plasma (SOP) = last tier +1.5
Seal of Moon (SOM) = last tier +2.0

* How to obtain SOX ? *
  • SOS : Seal of Star is being dropped from the Jupiter field, that is containing Jangan cave monsters (level 80-90).

  • SOP : Seal of Plasma weapon can be obtained by Collecting talismans , Forgotten world Quest.
  • SOP : Seal of Plasma shield can be obtained as drop from the final boss at FGW , Set/Accs has been disabled.
  • SOP : Seal of Plasma Set/Accessory has been disabled.

  • SOM : Seal of Moon weapon and shields can be bought by gold, encore points and red crystals.
  • SOM : Seal of Moon Set and Accessory requires gold and glory coins.

* Start Items *

We've added a small starter pack to give you a good run also to help you to level up faster.
  • 1000 HP & MP Potion
  • 20 Beginner Speed 100%
  • 20 Instant Return
  • 20 Reverse
  • Grab Pet (3 Days)
  • Devil B (7 Days)

* Auto-Equipment *

Auto-Equipment is key on servers nowadays. Its boring to go into the town and buy new stuff,To waste money you have just farmed. That's why we've added Auto equipment system. to make it easier and faster to grow up.
We created new feature called [ Reload Button ] We've seen this feature before but it really helps specially while you are leveling up your character , you don't need to get back to the town or waste your reverse anymore , just click Reload button and you are ready for the next stage.

* Achieving Max Level *

For our active players we should give them something they deserve for their effort , so we decided to reward them with some silks depends on who will reach the maximum level faster. we didn't forget about the lazy players too xD.
  • The first 100 achieve the maximum level will get a 300 silks as a present. (that's for active players)
  • The next 100 achieve the maximum level will get a 200 silks as a present. (that's for semi-active players)
  • The last 100 achieve the maximum level will get a 100 silks as a present. (that's for lazy players :P )

* New Currencies *

We've added a short amount of new currencies. Let me shortly explain you which and how to gain them.
  • Encore point (can be found at Item Mall)
    can be earned through successful trades, hunts or thieving.

  • Red Crystals
    Can be obtained through quests in the Jupiter Field. Those will be hard and you need kind of nice beginner gear.

  • Glory coin
    Can be gathered by fighting. Meaning fighting in the Battle Arena, Capture the flag, Holy Water Temple or on the Job Garden field.

* New Custom NPC *

We have added new custom NPC located at donwhang
  • Title Shop
    Titles are funny and can represent a player or complete a name. We've added a NPC with a huge amount of titles.

  • Avatar Shop
    Avatars are also a greater way to customize your character. To fit all characters into the game we've added a NPC.

  • Supply Assistant (SOM Seller)
    Here you will found All SOM Gears that you will need.

  • Gold Miner Shop
    We've added a Gold Miner NPC. It basically does what it says, you can buy premium stuff like Dresses and so on for Gold.
    For Example you can buy 2 dresses for 600 Million, a hat for 300 Million or an accessory for 200 Million there. Global Chatting are priced at 50 Million and Reverses for 5 Million. Also we added a Pet Clock one week for 600 Million and a devil res for 1 week on a price for 800 Million.

  • Lost Investigator Almanu (Jobbers Mission)
    We have added many quest will help you to gain coins and points by easily way.

* Holy Water Temple *

Who doesn't like it? now you can jump inside and get some special rewards.
  • +1000 HP & MP Maximum
  • Immortal & Astral Stones
  • Random Silk
  • Glory Coin

* Uniques *

We've added some STR - INT uniques, while the INT uniques can get hit Hybrid players too, STR uniques can't get hit by hybrid or int players. This will create a fair system to hunt uniques for everyone. Unique killing has to be rewarded. Normal uniques drop some but not that much silk items. While Strong uniques will drop more special silk items.

  • Immortal Stones
  • Astral Stones
  • Global Chatting
  • Reverses
  • Phy & Mag abs/inc

* Top Ranking *

We've added some rewards to give you a reason to kill Uniques. Also we've put some rewards for the best Jobbers. Same as everything else, the 300 Silks for the players on the top lists will be added on Friday. Also the lists will get reset by then.

* Permanent buff *

Permanent buff has been activated and it works fine , it's boring to using CH buffs over and over every teleport , every relog. We've properly added a permanent buff system. You only rarely have to buff yourself again.

* Special Scrolls *

We are searching for the comforts to our players even if it's not so important but it may disturb some of you , we are trying to do something about it. You don't need to get back to the town anymore , all you need a right click into the scroll and you will teleport at the spot.
  • Character Name Change
  • Skill Restore
  • Stat Restore
  • Penalty Remover
  • Premium Remover
  • Magic Option Remover
  • Forgotten World Entrance Ticket

* Starter Pack *

We 've added a small starter pack to give you a good run also to help you to level up faster , Check below :
  • Premium
  • Devil
  • Random Avatar
  • Grab pet
  • Pack Global
  • 5 Dmg & Def Inc/Abs

it will be cheaper than if you bought all of them separated.

* Model Switcher & Item Switch *

Everyone knows the struggle, you bought a spear but need a glavie because you've switched your build. no problem, we're offering you Item Switch scrolls. Those can change armor from one type to another, but you can't change hands to shoulder for example. Even more customization for your character. We've added Model switcher so that you can have your favorite design for your weapon.

* Char Effect & Custom Glows *

Character customizing is important for us and for you. You should have the ability to customize you character as much as possible. We'll help you with it with a few Custom Glows and Character effects.

* Luxury Global *

You want to shine in globals and have a special color, more attention? We've added Luxury globals. Those have a different color and a 60 second cooldown.

* New Fellow Pets *

A little partner on your side to face the wars,That's why we've added fellow pets so you don't have to spend tons of silk for fast ride pets. Also they're stronger than normal so they'll help you a lot while you're botting specially when you upgrade and feed him into tier 3. you may seen this feature before but it's really attractive and innovative people liked it so we decided to do it at Encore Network to satisfy players needs.
  • When you summon your pet it starts at level 1, they're like a normal pet, you can't even ride it also they're a bit smaller than usually.

  • Tier 2 is bigger, about the normal size, and it has two new attack skills also it has the ability to ride it

  • Tier 3 is even bigger, it learns a Buff for itself, it gets slightly faster, about the speed of a 1 Silk pet and it gets a nice visual effect.
When you upgrade your pet into level 3 so you will be able to learn it a skill which gives debuffs to the enemies like Bleed, Dull , Decay or Weaken.
just one debuff if you want to use another debuff simply close it and get the other one.How do we upgrade them ? all you need to do is buying an upgrade scroll for Gold , you can find it at Stable.

* Alchemy Announce System *

Its nice to show that you've reached something. Only one way to do it, to have a good set or weapon. That's why we've added a notice system. If you reach +8 or higher everyone can see it and give you a little congrats. But be aware. Alchemy is hard so don't be mad if you fail.

* Trade Routes *

Trading is simple. Original routes only. Available Towns : Donwhang , Hotan , Jangan. Each combination will work. This will give you a little bit of old feeling since those are the original routes. You'll earn Encore Points for each trade or steal. But be aware ! There is a limit of 10 trades per day. After that you won't earn any encore points until the next day. We've decided to keep the old Job routes because it gives an old feeling. Most of the players know the good spots, where to go as a thieves, what to prevent as trader. This forces a strong mind game and only the best ones will be able to survive or steal the goods. Also new job routes are boring, mostly they're one way, there is not that much space to go outsite, take longer and have a save trade. Basically its for you. You should have fun and old job routes are the most fun. Also we did consider to keep the old Job system over the new one, meaning that you apply for example as a trader and have a trade suite.
  • Traders
    Are the main role, either you fight with them or against them. Logically, they get 100% gold, but a little less Encore Points. Why did we make that decision? Well. Traders are usually protected by hunters because thieves want these juicy goods. Your only job is to walk straight ahead and not die. This way they should win a little slower but have a little more gold, as they are important but don't have to be so active in trading.

  • Hunters
    Must protect traders and fight thieves. You have to be well equipped,ready and active in trade. This way you get about 1 extra Encore Point. You will also receive 40% less gold than traders. But why? Think about a big trade, 7 hunters on 7 traders. You'll will earn even more points and also more gold if you do it right. That will be absolutely fair, since the hunters have the main task.

  • Thieves
    Are there too. Thieves have a hard time grabbing these goods. You have to kill those stacked parties and then get to Thieve City without getting killed. This is the reason why Thieves get the most Encore Points. We hope that this system will give you back the atmosphere of jobbing, as you actually have to work as a guild or as a big party to succeed

Note: You don't have to restart your account or teleport to receive your reward, you will get it after complete trade

* Job Killing *

While you're killing other people in jobbing you'll get some rewards. You'll be able to get rewards from the same player two times per day. If you kill him more often, then you won't get anything at all. There is a limit of 30 kills per day. After that you've to wait till the rest on Friday

* Honor System *

We've reworked the honor system. We know that you like job activity. Because of that we've linked the honor points to job kills, trades and unique kills. To give everyone a chance of getting honor buffs we'll reset the ranking every Friday night. Also the update of the honor list will be done every 6 hours. So don't be worried if your recent kills aren't shown. Simply look back in a few hours.

* Job Temple *

We've removed all monsters from the Job Temple. It is a Unique place now, You can find strong uniques there and a quest for each one of it. This quest 'll give you Encore Points which is limited to one time per day. To know which one you should hunt we've added a small explanation.
  • Neith and Isis are more like Uniques for INT players
  • Selket and Anubis can only be damaged by STR players
  • Haroeris and Seth are getting damage from int and str.

* Job Garden*

Job Garden is a place where fight is the key. Every Job can participate and hunters / traders will be spawned on one side while thieves will be on the other side. The key is to kill the other side of jobbing and to archive the kill on a unique which is placed in the middle.

* Job Suit *

We've added a special job suite, it looks nice. Check it out since pictures says more than thousand words.

* Job Missions *

There will be some custom quests. This is done because most of the servers don't care about quests. But we are ! We want to give you another and extra way to gain some resources. This will prevent you a bit from botting and bring a bit more questing into it. Those quests are bound to strong monsters and will be in rooms where you can get killed by other jobbers. This way you can't basically just bot.

  • Exchange delay 20 seconds
    It's annoying that you get spam exchange requests also to avoid PVP bugs.

  • Stall delay 20 seconds
    You cannot just spam stall this feature helps a lot to avoid some bugs too.

  • Captcha Disabled
    Removed Captcha when you launch the client it's really annoying.

  • Reverse While Jobbing
    Normally Reverse don't have any cooldown. But to give it a bit of fairness we've added a one minute cooldown while you're wearing a job suit.

  • Global Cooldown 30 seconds
    Spamming Globals is lame. Best and simplest solution to fix this situation was to add a 30 second cooldown. Also we're watching you, don't offend anyone in globals.

  • Arena AFK
    Many players just participate at Battle Arena then go away which annoys their team and give the other side a higher chance of winning so we decided to add this feature to avoid cheating. if you didn't move for 3 minute then you will have a disconnect.

  • Jobbing HWID Limit
    HWID Limit 1, To avoid job cheating we just added this feature that we cannot neglect you can open just 1 character per PC if you are wearing job suit.

  • Battle Arena HWID Limit
    HWID Limit 1, You are able to enter the battle arena by 1 character only to avoid farming rewards and cheating.

  • CTF HWID Limit
    HWID Limit 1, You are able to enter the CTF by 1 character only to avoid farming rewards and cheating.

  • Fortress WAR HWID Limit
    HWID Limit 1, You can't enter more than 1 character per PC.

  • Battle Arena required level
    90, You've to be level 90 to participate at Battle Arena.

  • Disabled party in some event areas
    We disabled party for some of our event areas to prevent cheating.

Automatic Events are a basic feature for now which every server has. Here is a list of of auto events we've enabled.

* Trivia *

This means there is a question and you have to give the answer to the bot

* Alchemy *

There will be a Item and a desired plus. Reach it

* Lucky Party Number *

There will be a Party number and you have to try to get this number

* Job & PvP War (All vs All) *

This is pretty much Self explaining. Kill and don't get killed

* Lottery *

We've implemented a Lottery system. I'll try to explain it in easy way. There are three types of tickets. Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each Ticket has a higher chance of winning. Bronze the lowest, Gold the highest. Also the amount of the tickets plays a role, if you buy two Gold tickets you've a higher chance to win. e'll dray up to 15 Winners, which can receive up to 2k silks! You don't have to do anything else than buying those tickets and have them in your inventory.

* Facebook Share Event *

We're providing a new share event system. For each action you take you get guaranteed with silks. Meaning if you shared the post you get 100, also if you tagged 3 of you friends on a comment and liked the post , meaning that you've done all actions, you get 200 silks. Also we're giving away 1k silks to 10 LUCKY WINNERS. Which means you can get a guaranteed silk amount of 200 silk and if you're a bit lucky you get 1k silk.

To sum up what you have to do:

- Share this (100 silk guaranteed)
- Like and Mention 3 of your friends. (100 silk guaranteed)

* Signature Event *

Don't miss it , Signature event is the most simple event , all you need to do is : copy this code into your signature and gain 50 silks. Don't forget to write a message to ( Pex ) with the Title "Signature Event" and the Text "Character Name"

* Beta Balance Changes *

Warlock Balances

- Vampire Touch - has 9 level disease And % 50 probability now
- Vampire Kiss - has 9 level disease And % 50 probability now
- Daze and Wrath Daze has %60 probability now >> %80 to % 60
- Removed Reflect skill on event areas (Fortress War, Survival, Ba, CTF, Job)
- Nerfed Bloody Trap's probability to %60 and damage to 5600 (it had 9200 true damage)
- Nerfed Death Trap's probability to %70 and damage to 5600 (it had 9200 true damage)

Warior Balances

- Disabled Physical Fence, Magical Fence, Physical Screen, Magical Screen, Ultimate Screen, on event areas (Fortress War, Survival, Ba, CTF, Job)

Cleric Balances

- Disabled Group Reverse, Holy Group Reverse, Force Blessing, Mental Blessing, Force Deity, Mental Deity on event areas (Fortress War, Survival, Ba, CTF, Job)
- Nerfed holy spell to %25

Bard Balances

- Disabled all Dance skills, Guard Tambour, Mana Tambour, Hit March, Clout March on event areas (Fortress War, Survival, Ba, CTF, Job)

Wizard Balances

- Reduced Life Turnovers Magical Damage to %17 and decrease Maximum Hp Reduce to 35

Chinese Balances

- We have new a passive buff on chinese which gives you extra damage (%10)
- Fire Shield series have a debuff probability reduce now (%15)
- All imbues have same damage
- Imbues are now 20 sec
- Disabled Wall Skills on event areas (Fortress War, Survival, Ba, CTF, Job)
- All cure series linked to each other and cd decreased to 35 sec

Pacheon Balances

- Added %30 bleed probability to Devil Arrow
- Increased Critical of Strong bow - Craft to 15
- Increased Stun probability of Strong bow - craft to %35

Bicheon Balances

- Increased the probability of Flying stone smash to %35
- Increased the probability of Lighning Chain to %35

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Looks great, good luck to you guys!

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HellYeah !
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Originally Posted by Damitsu View Post
Looks great, good luck to you guys!
Thank you

Originally Posted by Gannicus* View Post
Good luck!
Thanks mate

Originally Posted by Edzell View Post
Good Luck !

Originally Posted by Yamakaza20 View Post
Originally Posted by foxeerr View Post
Good luck finaly old school system Iam in
Originally Posted by stallfederer View Post
Originally Posted by raghod2012 View Post
HellYeah !
See you there guys
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Good luck
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Originally Posted by foxeerr View Post
finaly old school system
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good luck

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