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ZSZC Online | 105 Cap | Chinese | Old School | New features | iSro System

Discussion on ZSZC Online | 105 Cap | Chinese | Old School | New features | iSro System within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

Closed Thread
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ZSZC Online | 25 January | 105 Cap | Survival Event | Desert Arena | Drop system

Welcome to ZSZC Online! We are pleased to announce our second server ZSZC- Water, which we have been working on for a long time, a 105-cap server. ZSZC Online promises its players a bug free and no delay game experience, we offer you the best 105 Cap Server. Do you want to go back to the old active times? If so, plunge into the adventure of ZSZC - Water!

[Beta Opening: 19.01.2019 | Saturday]
The beta is for you to get a first insight and to fix us on any bugs / errors that are noticeable, if you have any further suggestions for improving the server you can tell us that.

[Server opening: 25.01.2019 | Friday]
Finally, after the successful beta process, we are ready now! Here is the server you will probably fall in love with. ZSZC comes to write its name in gold letters and sees the power to meet your expectations. All problems identified during the beta process were resolved. See you in the game.




[ Server Rates ]
  • Exp & Sp Rate: [13x]
  • Party Exp. Rate: [15x]
  • Item Drop Rate: [5x]
  • SoX Drop Rate: [1x]
  • Gold Drop Rate: [2x]

Race: Since we know that it's hard to balance European and Chinese characters. Our server becomes an Only Chinese Server.

Server Cap.: Our server cap is 105, as we think this was one of the most nostalgic experiences you can associate with Silkroad.

Mastery Level: The mastery level is set to 300+ 45 so 345 to allow you all sorts of builds.

Alchemy Limit: The maximum plus you can achieve is +10 so there will not be too strong weapons and so the balance is maintained.

PC limit: You can log in 2 characters per PC and all activities like CTF, BA, FW and Job you can only participate with one character

Job changes: We made a few changes in the job during the Jobbers can no longer Reverse Scrolls be used and no Resurrection Scrolls.

Unique reSpawn: The standard uniques will reappear every 45min to 90min.

Guild & Union Limit: The Guild Member Limit is 32 people and in a Union only 2 guilds can be max.

※ Starter items are added as soon as a character is created that can be found in the inventory.

※ There are also 75,000 skill points (75k Sp) and 500,000 gold (500k gold).

[Note]: Starter items that are added are not exchangeable but account bound.

※ We have changed the number of stackable items see picture.

[ Start Equipment ] -------------------------------- [ Item Stackables ]

The last set parts (Power), Armor (Destruction), Accessary (Myth) and Seal of Nova how to get it are described further below.

[ Normal Items ]
※ 101 ~ 105 mobs drop 11dg items with high probability.

[ Class A Set Items ]
※ 101 ~ 105 mobs drop Egy A with low probability.

For the people who do not know what you get by a full Egy A set here an example Egy A set complete gives you [+2] more than a normal 11dg item.

-------[ +2 Normal Items ]-------------------------------------------[ Completed Set Items ]

[ Nova Items ]
※ 101 ~ 105 Mobs drop Seal of Nova with very low probability but you can hunt the 5% higher drop chance on Seal of Nova through the different Uniques listed.

Jangan Cave: Medusa
Battle Arena: Tyrael
Roc Mt.: Roc
Desert Arena: Devil Yarkan

※ You can acquire Myth Accessary through Arena Coins are obtained by registering at the Battle Arena. Other items like Power & Destruction are added in the same way as FGW and the Job Temple.

※ We've changed the Battle Arena a bit to be more fun. Battle Arena can only be entered through the npc BA - Valor.

[ Battle Arena - Valor ]
※ You can register as a single person at the Battle Arena and then be assigned to a team there are two teams once Blue Dragon and Red Lotus.

※ For every player you kill in the Battle Arena, there are [+6] points and there is no point limit.

※ At the Battle Arena spawn a Unique Tyrael he gives [+100] points to the team that kills him.

[ Tyreal Drop ]

※ CTF | At the end of the match and at the end of the match the winning team is awarded by the Ice Trophy. With Ice Trophy you can buy various items from the Special Shop Soboi 'NPC in the main town of Samarkand.

※Capture the Flag: The mobs in CTF give you more exp than before, because the normal lvling takes a bit longer, we giving u a boost with CTF.

[ Special Shop Soboi ]

※ ZSZC Online Last Man Standing revised and renewed! Let's see who is the strongest! You register for the Last Man Standing with the rules of the game.

※Last Man Standing is announced by Notice 10 minutes before it starts then 5 minutes before it starts.
※To register for the Last Man Standing event, you have to talk to the NPC (Event Manager) in Samarkand (you do not have to be in Job mode).

You will be automatically teleported to the event area. All participants will be automatically put on the Yellow Cape (you can not take off the Yellow Cape during the event!).
※ In the Survival Arena parties and the berserk are disabled you have to fight alone.
※ You will automatically be teleported out of the Event Arena after being killed. The winner gets 25 arena coin and Alchemy booster as a reward.

※ Everybody wants the Honor Buffs and if you have them you do not want to give them back, but the Academy system is not the best and some people abuse it so we thought about something new.

※ Once you create a character, you are automatically entered in the Honor Ranking. Honor Ranking is updated every 30 minutes and you can see the ranking on the storage npcs.

Through these activities, you earn Honor points:

[ Battle Arena - Valor ]
※ For every kill you make in the Battle Arena you get [+2] points.

[ Survival Arena ]
※ For every kill in the Survival Arena you get [+2] points.

[ Alchemy Plus (+) Upgrade ]
※ From 11DG Nova items you get after each plus which comes to +7 [+5] Honor points.

[ Unique Hunting ]
※ With every Unique Kill you get [+1] Honor point.

※ ZSZC Online shows you a revised Survival Arena. There will be a notice announcing when the event will take place exactly.

In order to register for the Survival Arena Event, you have to go samarkand to the NPC and register (you do not have to be in the job mode or similar).

※ You will automatically be teleported to the Survival Arena and the Yellow PvP Cape will automatically be put on (you can not take it off yourself during the whole event).

※ In the Survival Arena parties and the berserk are disabled you have to fight alone.

You can earn [+2] honor points with each kill.

Desert Arena is the biggest update for our server and is a special job system. In this arena you'll find Hunter, Trader and Thiefs it's a combination of job hunting and uniques hunting.

[Devil Yarkan Drops]

※ Most people love active employment and here is a listing of how much profit a trader gets from town to town.

Full pet ( 5* ) A full pet with goods costs 75.000.000 (75M)
Thiefs can make a maximum of 75.000.000 (75M) profit.

[ Standart Trade Ratio ]
Jangan ⇋ Downhang = 100. M
Jangan ⇋ Hotan = 250. M
Jangan ⇋ Samarkand = 400. M

[ Special Trade Ratio ]
Taklamakan ⇋ Jangan = 600. M
Taklamakan ⇋ Donwhang = 415. M
Taklamakan ⇋ Hotan = 225. M
Taklamakan ⇋ Samarkand = 225. M

[ Special Camel Trade Pet ]
※ This Trade Pet is obtained as a drop from the Uniques. This pet has a slot more than any other speed of 5.5m and he has a Hp value of 325.000 (325k).

[Extra Job Suit]

※These job suits for Trader Hunter Thief cost 2b, the difference is that this job suits gives STR & INT 5.

[ Job Suit Sockets ]
※ Each job suit has a special ability that you can activate by right-clicking on the suit after applying the Job Suit and this ability also has a cooldown.

In Samarkand the teleporter is to Medusa (The Snakehead near the Storages). You have to kill all 4 Uniques to get ShinMoo, after ShinMoo kills you can go to Medusa.

※ We have the mobs that were in JG Cave distributed in Samarkand and some parts of Alexandria.
※ JG Cave was completely closed.

Here the mobs are listed where they are now:

[ Central Asia | 90 - 100Lv. ]

[ Asia Minor | 95-100Lv. ]

[ Storm and Cloud Desert | 101 ~ 105 Lv. ]

[ Kings Valley| 101 ~ 105 Lv. ]

※ Our maximum plus achievable is [+10], and there is no adv elix to top it. Alchemy rates are not changed and remain exactly as they are +7 ~ +9 is not easy to reach.

[ Lucky Magic Powder ]
※ Lucky Magic Powder has a higher success rate than the normal Lucky Powder.

※ Medusa, Roc, Devil Yarkan, Togui Elder, Rage Cloud, Jaguar Girl, Salamander, Undine, Gnome and Slyph all have a chance to drop Lucky Magic Powder.

[ Sabakun's Jewel ]
※ Medusa, Roc, Tyrael, Devil Yarkan, Princess Miyene and White Knight will drop Sabakun's Jewel.

[ Plus Notice ]
※ 11DG Nova is displayed as a Notice on every improvement to +7 and you get [+5] Honor Points after each improvement.

[ Alchemy Security ]
※ We have developed a system that only SoX items without Immortal which are tried on +6 can not be pressed on +6 because our system automatically stops it until Immortal is present on the item you can press it higher than +5.

※Since there are many people who love and hunt Uniques we have made an extra ranking for the people who hunt the Uniques and for the first 3 places there is a reward.

※ Every week, the Unique Ranking is reset and the rewards are awarded in first, second and third place.
  1. 300 Silk
  2. 200 Silk
  3. 100 Silk

[ Winter Event ]
※ In the area of all standard Uniques, White Knight and Princess Miyene spawn at any place and at any time.

※ We've brought some extra Uniques into the game to give you more to hunt and search. These Uniques do not spawn at fixed times, so completely random at their known spawn points.

[ Rage Cloud 105 Lv. ]

[Togui Elder 105 Lv. ]

[ Jaguar Girl 105 Lv. ]

[ Undine, Salamander, Gnome, Sylph 105 Lv. ]

[ Snow - INT limit ]

※ We have set an extra limit to use the Snow Shield. STR characters can not use the Snow Shield.

[ Force - Debuffs ]
※ The debuffs were reduced from 80% probability to %60.

[ Lightning - Speed ]
※ The speed buff of Lightning has been increased to 110% (achievable only if you skillet Lightning to 105)

[ Shaitan Blessing ]
※ You only get this buff if you kill Demon Shaitan. The buff is only activated when you teleport after kill.

[ 1-9DG Npc Item's ]
※ 1 ~ 8DG items have been changed to SUN items in Npc and 9DG to SoS all items have 7 Str & Int.

[ Lucky Party Number ]

Everyday will be held at any time the party event. As example the first party that has the number 25 and was opened by XY gets 10 Silk this event will be 10 times a day

[ Siege Fortress ]
Registration: You can register every hour.
Start: Sunday 20 GMT +2
Tax: Sunday 00.00 Monday 00.00 / 24h

[ [ Title Quest Captain mob J.cave ] ]

The entrance to Jangan Cave is not available.
for this reason, mobs have been added outside the jangan cave.

[ ZSZC ONLINE android aplication application ]

-Signature Event-
do you want to win a silk by joining the signature event? We will pick 5 users randomly their epvp names.
reward:5x300 silk.

PHP Code:

[URL=""]Web[/URL]| [URL=""]Facebook Page[/URL] | [URL=""]Discord Channel[/URL] | [URL=""Thread[/URL][/CENTER

Facebook Links:

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GL i.ll try it today

exp rates beta?
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Originally Posted by Geezmo View Post
GL i.ll try it today

exp rates beta?
Yes, the rates for the beta.

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Discord server maybe?
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Originally Posted by primary1337 View Post
Yes, the rates for the beta.
rates for the beta are 2x?
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Originally Posted by choby01 View Post
Discord server maybe?
Yes, the discord network: - -

Originally Posted by Geezmo View Post
rates for the beta are 2x?

No, the higher rates in the beta phase are 500x, and the beta will end tonight.
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lets have fun

what about silk is there free silk or vote
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It looks good. I will join the game
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used to play in ZSZC when it first came out ...that was years ago!
i think i will give it a go this time aswell, hope it turns out good
See you all in
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The real meaning of old school, good luck.
Maybe joining in the grand opening.
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**** dude, sexy Thread. I gonna join this Server for sure and maybe some german Guild member too. Hopefully the same expierence as the old one
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welcome back Best Server
ZsZc <3

What about FGW
it's Available ?
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Originally Posted by masteriam View Post
welcome back Best Server
ZsZc <3

What about FGW
it's Available ?
Hi, @masteriam;

Later in the server you will be able to go into the Forgotten World and complete the card collection to acquire weapons.
The duration of the Forgotten World can vary depending on the game's flow.
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can u tell us any info about ingame silk free silk or vote ?

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Closed Thread

105cap, mmorpg, silkroad, sro, zszcsro

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