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ELECTUS | CHINESE ONLY | 100 CAP, Online for 5 months +

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ELECTUS | CHINESE ONLY | 100 CAP, Online for 5 months +








Beta Phase 1 [18.05 - 23.05]

Start Level 100, Free Silk/Gold/SoX Items, Godsend Skills Enabled

Beta Phase 2 [24.05 - 25.05]

Start Level 1, Free Silk/Gold/SP/SoX Items, Very High XP Rate

Beta Phase 3 [25.05 - 31.05]

Start Level 100, Free Silk/Gold/SoX Items, Godsend Skills Enabled

Grand Opening Preparation [01.06 - 07.06]

Very limited access, server will be on and off most of the time.

Detailed Beta & Release Information

Exact time for the grand opening will be posted on our Facebook page, stay tuned for further information.


Electus is back with a brand new season offering tens of thousands of Silkroad fans an outstanding journey.
Let's sky-dive into the details.



It's a fact that 90% of the server releases in the past 2 years were 100 cap Chinese, which is BORING and majority would accept that.

Most would judge a server looking at it's cap only, which is partially understandable. When you name the CAP, you name which monsters and skills the players will be involved with. Some would definitely go against 80 cap, thinking it's way too oldschool for them, others would think Silkroad is all about 80 cap and higher caps are trash.

In Electus Season 4, our main target is 80, 90 and 100 cap lovers. Plus, those who thinks only Chinese servers are boring. For those, we simply added extended skill series which will satisfy them at the same time. By multitargeting, we will absolutely reach out to more Silkroad fans and that's gonna be a win / win.

We believe that this could only be possible with a really good skill balance along side extended skill series that will make you feel like you are playing your favourite cap while everything is kept basic and balanced.

In short; Electus Season 4 is going to be CAP 100 ONLY CHINESE (Mastery 330) and it's not a copy of another 100 CAP CH server. If you have ''cap'' related concerns, forget about them, download the client, try it out yourself. Satisfaction warranty is attached to the installer.

What is Electus? What did Electus achive in the past years? What do we understand from ''SEASON'' term?

Electus releases projects on yearly basis and is known as one of the biggest private SRO server in the scene with it's huge fan-base from all around the globe.

Electus stays online much longer compared to other private servers (The lifespan of the private servers are usually 1 to 5 weeks while Electus continues to apply weekly and monthly updates for more than half a year, until the last soldier decides to quit the server). We believe the dedication we have is the key to achive success.

What makes us the strongest along side the dedication is absolutely the strict rules we have against bug-abuse and cheating. Major part of the Electus haters usually hates Electus they probably got banned from the previous servers. Our number one goal is to base everything on FAIR-PLAY. That's the reason why we spent months on our new DLL-BYPASS detection system before we start to work on the server.

Season 1 07/08/2015 - 04/02/2016
Season 2 18/03/2016 - 10/01/2017
Season 3 08/09/2017 - 02/03/2018

Season 3 termination message

What's new? What changed? What makes Season 4 better than previous seasons?

Let's keep it short.

1. We focused on the fair-play thingy the most. We spent so much time on our new DLL in order to prevent any kind of limit abuse in the game.

2. We re-worked everything we have developed in the past years. We had rough time with the bugs in Electus Season 3 as we used Season 2 database. This time, we literally re-worked and re-designed everything from scratch, re-designed the dungeons and took our time to test everything out and most importantly we DID NOT rush. We made sure we have enough time for testing the things out.

3. New content. Flexibility. Better rewards.

4. Visuals. I don't mean sox glows or anything. What I mean is this;

Details later

Hardware / Capacity

Thanks to Electus players for giving us ability to buy the best hardware and software possible. It would be a shame to get budget server setup while thousands of donators filling our pockets.

Our main host has 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6140 processors ($4936 worth) along side 256 GB RAM and the best possible SSD's. We also have an additional SSD for automatic back up so we don't have to worry about data loss if SRO gods decides to nuke us.

That being said, we will have enough source to setup 7000 slots.. Yes, it's real.

CAP 100
XP 30x
START SP 2.000.000
FREE SILK Silk Scroll Drops + Auto Events


Everything remains original in Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan and Roc Mountain regions, therefore we are skipping them. Samarkand, Constantinople, Phantom Desert and Alexandria cave monsters have been replaced with 87-100 level monsters.






Re-worked, re-designed, extended. Result? Perfect.

Electus Points are one of the core parts of the whole in-game structure, collected through participating events, killing enemies, doing job activities, fusing items and more, which in return gives the players ability to access end game contents; Seal of Moon weapons, accessories and equipments.

And the best part about the Electus Point system is that you decide where to collect the points from. Example; You're not a big fan of Survival Arena? No problem, You skip it. You're not a fan of making alchemy either? That's okay too. You can totally skip it and collect your Electus Points from other events.

There are MUST-KNOW's about Electus Points so keep on reading, we'll go through them one by one.


You can click on this little fella ''E'' under minimap to activate the new Electus Menu. Choose ''Electus Points'' and a graph will pop up; this is your new friend. You will need to go there and press ''refresh'' button whenever you want to check your Electus Points out. Tell me this is not brilliant And of course, credits goes to our programmer LENOX as he spent months on the new user-interface, we are lucky to have him.

So, in this red box, you can see where you can obtain Electus Points from;

1. Jobbing:

? You can collect 250 Electus points through jobbing / week.
? Every point you collected through jobbing also counts as honor point.
? You can not collect more than 100 Electus Points from jobbing in 24 hours. (Electus Standard Time 00:00 - 23:59)
? You will get limited gold reward from jobbing after you hit the daily and weekly limits and it differs for each job alliance.


? You will receive your Electus Points upon relog. (Applies to jobbing only)
? You will not receive more than 50 Electus Points per relog.

2. Job Kills:

? Every kill you get in job status will grant 2 Electus Points on your account.
? You can collect 120 points through killing opponents in job status.


? You can not gain Electus Points by killing the same enemy in less than 8 hours.
? You can not gain Electus Points from the same enemy unless you kill 5 different opponent.

3. Survival Arena Kills:

? Every kill in Survival Arena (during the event) will grant 1 Electus Point.
? You can collect 135 points through killing opponents in Survival Arena.


? You can collect 2 Electus Points from a single opponent at an event.

4. Fortress War Kills:

?You can obtain 25 Electus Points from kills in Fortress War. 1 kill = 1 EP.


? You can not collect more than 1 Electus Point from a single opponent at a war.

5. Unique Kills & Godsend Scroll

You can collect Electus Points by hunting uniques, each unique will grant a certain number of Electus Points on your account (see below). You can choose to collect Electus Points from Godsend Dungeon quest if you are not an unique hunter guy. You can complete 2 Godsend Dungeon quests per day and earn 2 Electus Points scroll in total. Each Scroll grants 10 EP on your account. You can farm up to 140 EP per week from the quests.

? You can collect 150 Electus Points from Uniques or Godsend Dungeon quests in total.

6. Alchemy:

?You can obtain up to 40 Electus Points per week.
? You can collect 20 points through fusing 10 degree SOX items to plus 7 and above.
ach +7 success grants you 2 points.
Each +8 success grants you 10 points.
Each +9 success grants you 20 points.
Each +10 success grants you 30 points.
Each +11 success grants you 40 points.

We hear you saying; ''how the fuck am i supposed to fuse to +10/11'' well probably none will...

7.Battle Arena

Arrived! Now, winning Battle Arena grants Electus Points on your account as well. It's not re-inventing the wheel but that's something for those who do really like Battle Arena.

? You can collect maximum if 50 Electus Points from Battle Arena, per week.
? Every Battle Arena victory will grant 5 Electus Points on your account.

8. CTF:

Arrived! Now, winning CTF grants Electus Points on your account as well.

? You can collect maximum if 30 Electus Points from CTF, per week.
? Every CTF victory will grant 5 Electus Points on your account.


Weekly Electus Points Limit (650)

1. Jobbing : 250
2. Survival Arena Kills : 135
3. Job Kills : 120
4. Uniques / Godsend Dungeon : 150
5. FW Kills : 25
6. Alchemy : 40
7. Battle Arena : 50
8. CTF : 30

250+135+120+150+25+40+50+30 = 800 Electus Points. That's the total amount of Electus Points from the content given above. However, you can skip any of you want. You would only need to get 650 EP per week out of 800. YOU CHOOSE.

Why limiting?

The limit is meant to balance everything in between a SUPER-Active player and the ones who tries-to catch up but has limited time to play. The limit is perfectly made. It is not sky high, however it's not very easy to fill.


We have given the players ability to SKIP some of the content listed above. What does it mean? It simply means that; (for example) if you hate hunting uniques and also doing quests. You're totally welcomed to ignore these contents and you are still able to complete weekly Electus Points limit. It's the same if you skip any other content such as FW kills / BA / CTF or anything you see in the list.

Weekly Electus Point Limit Upgrade

Instead of a weekly EP reset, this time we choose to raise the limit on weekly basis. For example, the EP limit in the first week will be 650. The second week, it will be 1300. The third week, 1950 and so on.
Changing it from ''reset'' to ''upgrade'' does literally NOTHING at all, except, people who could not farm 650 EP in a certain week can catch up the next week, or, any other week. For example, you were busy as hell in the first week and you managed to collect only 500 EP. WORRY NOT, Electus crew got your back. You can farm 800 EP while others can farm only 650 and catch up with everyone.


- Raising the Weekly Electus Points Limit will occur on fridays at 17:00 [Servertime]. This way you can spend the weekend doing jobbing and fighting. In Electus Season 3, players usually filled the EP limit from jobbing between Monday - Friday and they didn't have any good reason to get involved with the jobbing that much.

It's a fact that ''special trade routes'' are overused and we are not feeling it anymore. We used town to town trade route back in Season 3 and we'll continue to use town to town routes in Season 4 as well. (Only JG<>DW<>HT)

On top of that, we will be adding a ''new'' trade route which will grant double amount of Electus Points/Gold on your character. The route is not ready yet so we'll skip that part and add add the guide on forum-electus during beta.


Information provided below might slightly differ depending on your contribution point log and the loot values (default sro feature). Therefore, you might not always get a certain number of Electus Points / Gold.

1. Electus Point Reward

A. Town 2 Town trade Route

Trader : 5 EP
Hunter : 1.5 EP [from Per Trader]
Thief : 4 EP [Per 5*]

B. Special Trade Route

Trader : 10 EP
Hunter : 3 EP [Per Trader]
Thief : no change

2. Gold Reward

It's important to acknowledge that gold reward will be added to your STORAGE upon relog. Below, you will find gold rewards from PER Electus Point you will obtain from jobbing x job types.

Trader, 1 EP = 16 M
Hunter, 1 EP = 13 M
Thief, 1 EP = 5 M

3. Gold Limit

Once the daily or weekly job limit is hit, you will receive a certain percentage of the gold reward only. Details;

Trader : 100% > 40%
Hunter : 100% > 75%
Thief : 100% > 50%

B. JOB RANKS [Job Levels x Buff]

The higher level you get, the better buff you get. And the best part about it is, players will stick to the job they choose in the beginning simply because if they decide to leave their job union, they will lose their job levels, buffs and 50 Electus Points. That means you'll be 50 EP behind whenever you switch your job. Now we can say that jobbing is gonna be more balanced & stable.

You'll get a certain icon on top of your name depending on your job level. There are 10 levels in total and each job level will grant a specific buff on your character (only in job mode). Also it will take quite a lot of time to reach to level 10. Each level will take around a week.

C. WANTED SYSTEM [Killstreak x Buff]

People do like this one, so we had to add it. You unlock WANTED buffs by killing 10 or more enemies without dying at all. Enjoy them as much as you can because you only have 8 hours until the buff expires.

10 kills = Wanted Lv. 1
20 kills = Wanted Lv. 2
30 kills = Wanted Lv. 3
40 kills = Wanted Lv. 4
50 kills = Wanted Lv. 5

We all love honor buffs, don't we? Since we have thousands of active players it'd totally worth giving150 players ability to have them. Each job type will have it's top 50 rank and the honor buffs will be distributed to them accordingly to the table will be attached below.

The thread is already too long and there are so many things to go trough so I will try to keep it shortest possible. In this window implemented for honor buffs, you can see where you can obtain the honor points from and the details will follow:


1. Jobbing

- You will obtain 1 honor point for every electus point obtained from jobbing.
- There is no honor point limit from jobbing.

2. Survival Arena

- Each kill in survival arena grants 1 honor point.
- Each death in survival arena will remove 1 honor point.


- There is no overall honor point limit in survival arena.
- 2 honor points can be obtained from a certain enemy per survival arena event]

3. Survival Arena Winnings

- Position #1 will grant 12 extra honor points
- Position #2 will grant 10 extra honor points
- Position #3 will grant 5 extra honor points

4. Job Kills

- Each job kill grants 2 honor point.
- Each death in job mode will remove 2 honor point.


- Killing the same opponent in job mode will not grant another honor point in the next 8 hours.

5. Unique Kills

- Each unique kill will grant honor point as it's given below.


- There is none.

6. Battle Arena winnings
- Each BA winning will grant 5 honor points


- There is none.

7. CTF winnings

- Each CTF winning will grant 5 honor points.


- There is none.

8. Fortress War kills

- Each kill in fortress war grants 1 honor point.
- There is no overall honor point limit in fortress war(s).


- 1 honor point can be obtained from a certain enemy at a fortress war.

Survival Event is Electus' signature event as it's highly competitive as players obtain valuable rewards and honor / Electus Points in there.

This time we're going to schedule it to take place 6 times a day instead of 4 so players from Asia/Latin America can also enjoy the event.

Here is the schedule :

Winners & Rewards :

Place #1 : Platinum Box, Diamond Box & 15 Arena Coins)
Place #2 : Diamond Box & 10 Arena Coins
Place #3 : Platinum Box & 10 Arena Coins
Place #4 : 10 Arena Coins
Place #5 : 10 Arena Coins

And of course, we had to implement this live kill counter window, it will update the rank every 5 seconds. GUCCI.

Battle Arena is main source the Arena Coins with no doubt, and is rewarding you with 4 (losing the match) to 14 coins (winning the match for random and party battle arena, while guild battle arena will grant 16 arena coins for winning and 8 arena coins for losing the match.

We have lowered the event time from 20 minutes to 15 minutes as it was originally way too long. Note that you will also obtain 5 Electus Points for winning Battle Arena. You will get kicked automatically if you stay afk regardless you just stand or move inside the spawn/safe zone. This way we'll make sure to keep those afk-coin farmers away and make it more competitive.

Here is the BA Schedule:

We can't say CTF is not fun. However, Battle Arena is absolutely much better compared to CTF. Therefore, CTF will take place only 4 times a day while Battle Arena will be taking place 14 times a day. You'll be rewarded with 1 Arena Coin for per kill in CTF along side 5 Electus Points if you win the match.

CTF Schedule:

So another thing Electus is doing for the first time in Silkroad history, we are introducing armor and protector items back.

We tried this back in Eectus Season 3 and it partially worked. This time, we are giving it another shot and this will one definitely do better.


So we have six (6) new brand new set types. In order to make Armor and Protector items valuable again, we added particular features/blues on them.

The best thing is that every SOX item is compatible with one another and all you need do is to wear 1 particular set type. (You can't mix armor and protector)


Gallery 1

Seal of Gemini (Armor)

It might not sound crazy but having extra 11 STR and 11 INT stats can actually do quite a lot. Nuker's choice versus STR's.

STR 11 , INT 11

Seal of Pegasus (Armor)

It's definitely for STR characters. Boost your critical hit ratio and your HP.

Critical 5 Increase , HP 2500

Seal of Alya (Protector)

Crazy stuff. Go protector to win every battle.

Attack rate 40 increase , Blocking rate 4 Increase , STR 4 , INT 4

Seal of Aquila (Protector)

It would not be ideal to have one single protector set. Seal of Aquila, equip the whole set to add extra 2 lucky increase for alchemy.

Lucky : 2 Increase

Seal of Vega (Garment)

There is no chance for Vega. As garment itself is already the best option for almost every build, we didnt push it to another level because its not even necessary. Instead, we added special blues that is very nice for certain builds. Seal of Vega and a INT build is a perfect match for unique hunting!

Ignore Monster Defence 2

Seal of Shaula (Garment)

This one will also stay as it was. . When equipped, it will reduce your opponent's critical hit chance on you.

Critical Resistance 15 Increase

Weapons, equipments, shields and accessories have their own customized stat values, therefore we will explain them seperately.

Higher tier SoX types will have higher level of Attack, Critical and Reinforce boosts. For example; +0 sos spear is slightly better than 98+1 spear.

Seal of Star 98 +1 (Atk. Rate, Crit, Reinforce Boost v1)
Seal of Alphard 98 +2 (Atk. Rate, Crit, Reinforce Boost v2)
Seal of Eden 98 +3 (Atk. Rate, Crit, Reinforce Boost v3)
Seal of Moon 98 +4.5 (Atk. Rate, Crit, Reinforce Boost v4)
Grand Electus Weapon 98 +4.5 (Atk. Rate, Crit, Reinforce Boost v4)

Seal of Star 98 +1 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v1)
Seal of Alphard 98 +2 (Parry,, Reinforce Boost v2)
Seal of Eden 98 +3 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v3)
Seal of Moon 98 +5 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v4)
Grand Electus 98 +5 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v4)

Seal of Star 98 +1
Seal of Alphard 98 +2
Seal of Eden 98 +3
Seal of Moon 98 +5
Grand Electus 98 +5

The shields have special conditions. First of all 9 and 10 degree non-sox shields are nerfed. There are significant differences between 10 degree non-sox and sox shields.

Seal of Star 98 +4
Seal of Alphard 98 +5
Seal of Eden 98 +7
Seal of Moon 98 +10
Grand Electus 98 +10

And before you think shields are OP, 98 level npc shields are now basically 9 degree so they're far from being overpowered.


We have 4 type of Electus Boxes. You will obtain them from monsters and uniques (drop list will be given below). Each one has a certain success rate. The first one is for special items, second one is for SoS/SoA, 3rd one is for SoE and the 4th one is for Grand Electus items which will NOT be dropping in the first 1-2 weeks. Now, the details. [BOX DROP LIST WILL BE GIVEN IN DROPS SECTION]

1. Platinum Box

Platinum Box will only grant special items in your STORAGE, there is the item list.

Success GDF (Male)
Success GDF (Female)
Success 1 DG Powder (Doubles Devil/Angel Spirit Alchemy Rate)
Success 10 DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase)
Success 10 DG Blessed Magic Powder (4% Probability Increase)
Success 2% Alchemy Rate Increase Scroll
Success 3% Alchemy Rate Increase Scroll
Success 5% Alchemy Rate Increase Scroll
Success Astral Stone Pack (3x)
Success Lottery Scroll (Doubles the Lottery Event Winning Chance)
Success Silverback Lizard (Unique transpet with 40% HP Increase)
Success Draco (Unique transpet with 20% Speed Increase)
Success Guild Penalty Remover
Success Job Penalty Remover
Success Circus Bear Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success Pikachu Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success Charmander Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success Charizard Attack Pet (Rare Item)
Success Ghost Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success Golden Pig Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success Ghostman Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success Fox (Rare Attack Pet)
Success Unicorn (Rare Vehicle Pet, 20% Speed Increased)
Success Battle Scroll (50% Attack Rate & 50% Parry Rate Increase, 1hour)
Success Critical Scroll (10 Crit Increase , 1hour)
Success Global Pack (3x)
Success Reverse Pack (3x)

2. Diamond Box

SOS/SOA items will come out of that box with 40% success rate. Of course, SOS success rate is much higher than SOA success rate. In order to make it clear, let's use a table again.

Success Seal of Star Weapons
Success Seal of Star Shield
Success Seal of Star Equipments (Armor/Protector/Garment)
Success Seal of Star Accessories
Success Seal of Alphard Weapons
Success Seal of Alphard Shield
Success Seal of Alphard Equipments (Armor/Protector/Garment)
Success Seal of Alphard Accessories

3. Elite Box

SOE items (shield included, weapons excluded) will come out of that box with 20% success rate. Note that, SOE Weapons can ONLY be obtained through Forgotten World [HALL OF WORSHIP] quest.

Success Seal of Eden Shield
Success Seal of Eden Equipments (Armor/Protector/Garment)
Success Seal of Eden Accessories

4. Peculiar Box

This is the box you will obtain time to time and wish to get Grand Electus items out of it. The success rate is very low since Grand Electus items are very powerful. Grand Electus items are basically a copy of SoM items, the only difference is they are REALLY rare and tradeable.

Success Grand Electus Weapons
Success Grand Electus Shield
Success Grand Electus Equipments (Armor/Protector/Garment)
Success Grand Electus Accessories

There are 5 currency types (coins) you should know of. You will need a certain amount of these coin types to buy Seal of Moon items from SOX NPC once they are added/enabled.

Arena Coin BA, Survival, CTF
Money All Uniques
Crystal FGW (Hall of Worship), Godsend Dungeon
Sapphire Job Cave Uniques
Gold Coin Electus Shop

SOX price information will be provided before grand opening. Make sure to join Electus Discord channel to stay up to date. For now, you only need to know that you will NOT need more than 15 Sapphire for SoM weapon.



Godsend Dungeon has been renovated, thanks to Simulation. For those, who did not play on Electus Season 3; Godsend Dungeon is Electus' signature dungeon where you complete daily quests and obtain Electus and Skill Point scrolls. Later, you will need those skill point scrolls to unlock your NEW/Godsend skills.

The dungeon consists of 1 main area/garden in where you'll find tens of mini uniques and 3 rooms connected to it with
glamorous bridges.

It's mandatory to hunt all the mini uniques in the garden to have access to the first room.
As soon as you hunt all the mobs and the iconic Electus Unique ''Light Spirit'', you will have access to the second room; after cleaning up the room, you will have access to the third room where ''Shadow Spirit'' unique will welcome you.
Those uniques designed and developed by Simulation. I'm sure you'll like them. Not very sure if they'll like you though. It's recommended to enter the dungeon with at least 5-6 party members, else, you will have hard time to complete the dungeon within 60 minutes. You'll be teleported back to town... which is not cool because you won't have access to Godsend Dungeon until the day after (23:59 servertime).


Godsend Dungeon Quests & Teleporter

A link for Godsend Dungeon Guide in details will be added here:


Someone had to stop it. How long will you fight in Shipwrecks for? Well, no more because we have designed Hall of Worship for you. It's the brand new Forgotten World Dungeon! Team up and eliminate monsters and uniques in the dungeon. Collect the boxes, FGW cards (to get SOE weapon) and special items. Dimension holes are available at Electus Shop, in Donwhang city next to the guild manager. Drop list from monsters and uniques will be given in ''UNIQUE DROPS'' section below.



The quest can be taken from the Quest Manager NPC in Donwhang, next to the hunter shop.
The reward for completing Hall of Warship collection is a choice of Seal of Eden Weapon. The shield does not count, it is only obtainable from Elite Boxes.


The purpose of completing the quest is to obtain ''Godsend SP Scroll'' that grants 12.500.000 skill points on your character.
You will be asked to hunt 100 Ruin Cutter and Light Spirit in Godsend Dungeon and you'll be rewarded with 2x scrolls when you deliver the quest.


As it is already mentioned previously, you can complete quests to earn Electus Points on daily basis.
You will be asked to hunt Shadow Spirit and Zielkiaxe in order to obtain 2x Godsend EP scrolls. Each scroll will grant 10 Electus Points on your character.

It's important to know that in order to have the unique kills counted, you must have a EXP-SHARED party.

Everything you need to know is in the image below. (There are STR versions of Isyutaru, Lord and Demon Shaitan as well, consider they'll also drop what the original versions will drop)

FGW Uniques does not drop Sapphire but fgw cards instead.


- Cold imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Last tier cold Imbue atk. pwr. is equal to last tier light imbue.
- Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds.
- Snow Shield INT requirement:
/ Snow Shield - Novice: 270 INT (Lv 1: 10%, Lv 2: 11%, Lv 3: 12%, Lv 4: 13%, lv 5: 14%, lv 6: 15%)
/ Snow Shield - Adebt: 300 INT
/ Snow Shield - Freeze: 400 INT
/ Snow Shield - Intense: 440 INT
/ Snow Shield - Swift : 450 INT


- Light imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Last tier cold meteor/nuke atk. pwr. is equal to last tier light nuke
- Force Piercing Force last tier 18% to 19%
- Last tier walk speed is 105%.


- Fire imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Phy DMG increase buff last tier 9% to 11%
- Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds.


- Heal series skill tree: Shared cooldown, 15 seconds cooldown
- Force cure series skill tree: Shared cooldown, 10 seconds cooldown
- Impotent:80% to 30
- Weaken: 80% to 55
- Decay: 80% to 55
- Division 80% to 45


- Summit & Depth Bicheon Force: Bonus 10% magical damage increase.
- Demon Blade Force: Knock Down Probability 50% to 45%
- Ocean Blade Force: Knock Down Probability 50% to 45%
- Flying Stone Smash and Twin Energy Smash cooldowns linked.


- Celestial Beast Arrow: Fear Debuff Lv 10 (20%)
- Anti Devil Bow Strike: Extra Critical 5 (40)
- Anti Devil Bow Annihilate: Extra Critical 5 (45)
- Mind Concentration 33 Increase to 65 Increase.
- Blue Hawk Summon: Attack rate increased 35>73


- Bloody Ghost Storm: Continious hours 15 seconds > 12 Seconds

Godsend Skill series are the extended version of default 100 CAP skills offering higher attack values and giving you ability to go for exclusive builds like ICE-FIRE-HEUKSAL Glavier instead of ''usual'' FIRE-FORCE-HEUKSAL Glavier build and it will give you unique capabilities that you'll forget about FORCE mastery entirely. It was just an example; I'll update this section during beta and actually you can test them out yourself during beta better.



Snow Storm - Godsend: Magical attack power > 2180 - 2470
Slayer - Godsend : Critical Increase 10 (STR Requirement 400)


Ghost Walk - Godsend: Moving Speed 118% Increase
Holy Spell - Godsend: Weakening, Restriction, Curse Series Probability Reduce 30%, Cooldown 180 seconds.
Lightning Storm - Godsend: Magical attack power 2180 - 2470 (300%)


Flame Wave - Godsend: Magical attack power 2406-3655 (265%)
Fire Wave - Godsend: Magical attack power 2251-2559 (315%)
Fire Wall - Godsend: HP 25920, Mag. Absorption 95
Fire Protection - Godsend: Magical defense power 338 Increase


Fear Spot - Godsend: Fear Probability 20%, 8 Seconds
Dull Spot - Godsend: Dull Probability 20%, 8 Seconds
Force Nuke - Godsend: Magical attack power 2180-2470 (450 INT Required)


Bicheon Scud - Godsend: Moving Speed 250% Increase, Continuous hours 12 Second.
Bicheon Force - Godsend: Physical damage 10% Increase, Magical damage 15% Increase, Phy def power of shield 105% Reduce, Phy attack power 235 Increase
Bicheon Active - Godsend: Chance of Obtaining Berserk Gage 40% Increase, Continuous hours 120 Second.
Cut Blade - Godsend: Phy attack Power 950-1129
Sword Dance - Godsend: Phy attack power 1398-1516
Blade Force - Godsend: Phy attack power 972-1115, Knock-down 50%


Ghost Spear - Godsend: Phy attack power 1289-1389
Flying Dragon - Godsend: Phy attack power 1360-1710, Critical 10 Increase
Soul Spear - Godsend: Phy attack power 1189-1435 (Stun 10Level Probability 10% 3Time/times)


Black Arrow - Godsend: Phy attack power 885-1145, Attack rate 40 Increase, Bleed 10Level (Probability 20%), Darkness 10Level (Probability 20%)
Resistance - Godsend: Phy def power 158 Increase (320 INT REQUIRED)
Anti Devil Bow - Godsend: Phy attack power 950-1150

Save time and money. Choose your style and buy one of the beginner packs to save silks.

It's a FACT that variety matters. Devil and Angel spirits are doing almost the same job so why not adding some characteristics to it? Devil Spirit will mainly focus on passive HP/MP increase, while Angel Spirit is focusing on your active angel spirit skill and ignore monster defence. See the differences yourself and do not forget to grab your 1 degree powders from Platinum Box to double your devil/angel spirit alchemy success rate.

Check them out:

Or check this one:

Maybe it's a good idea to post a sum of all the ''main'' events (Except auto events) so you guys can save it or something. Here you go.

Click on me:

Let me tell you there is almost no difference between Season 3 alchemy rates and Season 4 alch. rates. Our rates were perfect as it's way too hard to have a crazy plus such as +10/11 with our alchemy rates which is actually dope because hardcore donators will not open the gap between theirselves and the non-donators. That's the first part. We've SLIGHTLY increased +6 success rate to make it a little bit easier to fuse things to 6-7 without so much pain, yet again, our alchemy rates ''after'' plus 7 is NOT EASY AT ALL.

Now the devil alchemy; you will use Sabakun Jewels to fuse your devil/angel spirit. The limit is +5 and no fusing it till 5 is not extremely hard, it's ALL ABOUT not forgetting to use 1D lucky powders. Don't waste your source and yolo with sabakuns. Instead, collect 1D powders from Platinum Box and double your devil alchemy success rate.


Gallery 2


These are the currently default SoX glows and we will probably modify them during beta.

Gallery 3


In Electus, there are 2 alternative SoX glows you can apply to any of your ( SoX weapon(s). The scrolls can be purchased from Item Mall / SoX Glow Changer section. (Seal of Moon glow changer will be added to Item Mall once weapons are enabled)

Gallery 4

Electus Superb Models

Gallery 5

15 Degree Equipment Models

Gallery 6

We love the fact that we reached out to players from South America and Asia. Even though the majority of the server population is based in UTC+1/3 timezone, we have to respect those and adjust the fortress war time accordingly. That being said, fortress war will take place on sundays at 18:30 server time (UTC+3)

Guild limit is 24. Union limit 3.

And of course, the Donwhang (main town)'s tax will be splitted to Constantinople and (Hotan or Jangan) fortresses. On top of that, fortress owners will be able to produce Behemoth with extra loot slots and upgraded attack and defence flags.

A seal of moon weapon can make you feel ''powerful'' in SRO or a Bugatti can make you feel like you are ''the lord'' of the world. Having LENOX' filter perfectly optimized for Electus makes us feel like we have a Bugatti. Because our main priority is to provide fair-play environment / fair competition for players and this filter is what exactly we needed.

What it does? Well.. it'd take for ever to write down every filter feature so we'll only write down the ones you ''need to know''. Below you will find Electus filter, dll features and client edits.

Limit 2 Characters allowed to login per device
Limit 6 Characters allowed to login from a certain IP
Limit 1 Character allowed to equip job suit
Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Godsend Dungeon
Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Hall of Worship
Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Battle Arena
Limit 1 Character allowed to enter CTF
Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Survival Arena
Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Fortress War
Limit Maximum plus +11
Cooldown Global Cooldown, 30 Seconds
Cooldown Reverse Scroll Cooldown in job mode, 4 minutes
Bug Fixes Exchange bug fixed
Bug Fixes Stall bug fixed
Bug Fixes Mbot pill bug fixed
Bug Fixes Exit bug fixed
Bug Fixes Speed bug fixed
Server Notice Alchemy fuse +8 and above
Restriction PK Mode disabled
Restriction SoX items can't be fused to +6 w/o immortal (Player Protection)
Restriction Scrolls use is not allowed in Survival Arena
Restriction Guild Point donation disabled
Restriction Kicking party-members in Godsend Dungeon is not allowed
Restriction Kicking party-members in Hall of Worship is not allowed
Restriction Dropping gold on the floor is not allowed
Restriction Dropping SOX items on the floor is not allowed
Restriction Res is disabled in Battle Arena
Restriction Res is disabled in Capture the Flag
Restriction PHbot is disabled
Restriction Restarting the client is disabled
Guard AFK-Kicker in Battle Arena is activated (120 seconds)
Guard AFK-Kicker in Capture the Flag is activated (120 seconds)
Guard Pick-pet pages will have only 2 pages
Ability Colored globals and player notification texts enabled
Guard Disabled item drop feature upon death
Ability Ability to ban IP and HWID's
Ability Ability to detect dll bypassers

There are absolutely more features, restrictions and limitations yet I can't really come up with them right now. I'll update the thread in time. Also note that the filter optimizations will continue throughout the beta phase.

There are certain things that none ever care about. One of them is attack and fellow pets deal almost no damage at all. You invest silks on them and yes it's good to have a fella following you but isn't it supposed to HELP you as well. We increased both attack and fellow pet's attack values and they are gonna deal around 1/5th - 1/6th of your damage on the monsters and your enemies. We will continue to test it out during beta. (Right now its a bit stronger than it should be, just noting it down).

You already see a part of the login screen above but that's not all. Character creation section is my favourite. You'll figure out on the first login. (THANKS TO SIMULATION for his amazing work on this one.)

We gave away over $50.000 worth silks in Season 3 (Within 7 months) through Auto Events & Silk scroll drops from uniques. Again, we are happy to give away that many silks without any hesitation. Server owners usually use this section to make the thread look ''long & cool'' which is what I hate the most on epvp.. we aint doing this. I'll add a really brief information about auto-events & rewards during beta.

Those are the small edits we usually apply the first. I'll literally copy paste this part from Season 3 EPVP thread.

- Removed thunder sound completely.
- Made it always sunny.
- Added zoomhack.
- Added custom Electus intro.
- Guild Start level 5.
- Disabled European item drops
- Disabled SOX drops.
- Removed permanent/auto buff animations.
- to be continued... (It's literally 8:40 PM already so, I come back to here later)

We're planning to sell E-Pins via certain websites and re-sellers in order to fight versus PayPal chargebacks. We're definitely tracking every chargeback at the end of the day but that's a bit too much of work so we have decided to have an alternative option for those who wants to donate through PayPal. Details will be given on FB page before G.O

Do you mean Fortnite Battle Royale? Nope, Electus Battle Royale! Every event participant will be teleported in an area without potions, stats and masteries. You'll find potions, items, stat scrolls and bunch of other stuff to build up a char from zero and eliminate every opponent to be the last man standing. The most interesting thing in here is that you won't have your ''actual'' weapon/mastery or anything anymore. You'll be in an entirely different world in which you don't have access to your inventory anymore. As soon as you die, you'll be teleported out and you'll spawn in the real world. Rewards and the details will be added later when everything is ready.

There are already way too many ''hidden'' achievements in the server (such as job levels, ninja buffs etc) yet these are not all that we have. We actually wanted to add all the details of the ''actual achievement system'' to EPVP thread but since it's not 100% ready yet, we'll keep this for later. (Check back later, we'll keep updating the thread during beta).

This one is already known by Electus players. We used to host Madness Event's in Survival Arena manually. Why bothering when you have LENOX. He has been working on that one and he'll finish it soon. Another new event!

There is not much we can say about this one. Every damage you deal on an unique will be shown in a box next to the unique's name and it'll update the data every few seconds, tell me how satisfying is that gonna be?

Here comes my personal favorite thing. Do you remember the item linking thingy? You CTRL + left click on your item to insert your item into globa chatl and other players can see the item you are selling by only dragging their mice onto the link. I'm not sure how long we have been looking for someone to make this work on vsro files. It's not an issue anymore because we have LENOX. This feature will be coming up soon! I can't wait for this one tbh

It's a fact that the competition between players & guilds are the only reason Silkroad is still alive. We had to put our hands on this one and organise AUTOMATIC tournaments that will be started by the system NOT by the players in order to avoid problems and make it all fair for everyone. ON THE WAY!

Why entering Electus website or checking your bot logs EVERY TIME you want to know when a certain unique died last time? SAVE TIME, open up the new Electus Menu and choose EVENT / UNIQUE timer, that's it!!We always finished this one!! COMING VERY SOON.

This one became quite popular recently so we had to implement our own ''daily rewards'' window. However, this one is also not completed so we will just put it in here and explain later.

A new event! Self-explanatory? Is it not? Okay, so basically it's gonna be lottery alike event which will take place once or twice a day. We will add ''Jack Pot'' section to the new Electus Menu and you will be able to play the game whenever it's available. Everyone is going to add an amount of silks to the pool and the system will randomly choose an amount of silks and seperate the total amount of silks to certain number of players. For example, the pool will have around 35.000 silks and you're choosen as one of the winners out of 10, in this case you'll get 3500 silks regardless what ever amount you added to the poll (1 or 34.000). Stay tuned until we complete this one for you!

Save time! We are aware of the fact that our job is to entertain you, not to make you google every time there is a server update. We're currently working on a changelog box which will be used to post full changelog after server inspections.

Brilliant! Every poll you can possible post is abusable, except the one we are currently working on because WE will have the ability to see the IP's and HWID's not the 3rd party programs/website.
A window will pop up on your screen whenever we want you guys to vote for something or simply to make surveys to collect data.

We are giving away A LOT OF SILKS and starter packs, dont miss out.

Join the first share event from here (31.000 SILKS) :

Join the second share event from here (20.000 SILKS) :

Join the comment event from here (EXCLUSIVE PACK) :

Do you love Electus? Support us by adding this signature to your elitepvpers account:

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Let's go!

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1. I can not thank enough XEN and Server for their contributions to this thread.
2. The thread is definitely not complete yet, 15 degree equipment models and new weapon models will be added asap. In-game ranking window will be extended during beta and we'll provide further information & visuals as soon as they are ready.
3. There will be many changes during BETA phase, make sure to join Electus Discord to follow the news.




GRAND OPENING 8.6.2018 | 21:00

---------------------- ELECTUS CHANGELOGS -----------------------------

Electus Online Season 4 Server Maintenance & Update [#1][DAY 3] [11.6.2018]

1. Activated KillTheGM Event [Other Events & Medusa will be activated on Wednesday]
2. Transpet ''Donkey'' HP and speed fix
3. Slightly increased 6-7-8-9 degree npc item drop rate
4. Phantom Desert teleport requires 95 lv (100>95)
5. STR versions of Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan and Demon Shaitan have been activated
6. Slighly Increased mob spawn rate in Roc Mt. Samar, and Const. regions. (Too much boost is not ideal for the performance)
7. Fixed Phantom Desert monster re-spawn delay
8. Fixed website item point / ranking (Shield doesn't grant any item points)
10dg normal: 10
Star : 12
Alphard : 13
Eden : 14
Moon : 17
Grand Electus : 17

9. Increased Godsend Dungeon unique's Diamond box drop rate from 75% to 100%
10. Increased D. Shaitan's Diamond Box droprate to 25% (STR version as well)
11. Increased L. Yarkan's Diamond Box droprate to 20% (STR version as well)
12. Slightly Increased Platinum Box droprate from all the uniques.
13. Slightly increased attribute stone drop rates (10 degree)
14. Slight XP rate boost
15. Added ''Arrow'' to Const. and Samar. Blacksmith NPC's

Electus Online Season 4 Server Maintenance & Update [#2][DAY 6] [13.6.2018]

[POSTPONED]-1. Activated Job levels/buffs and wanted buffs (Find the details in gameguide )
2. Added more spawn points in Phantom Desert and reduced the monster re-spawn delay
3. Reduced NPC thief/hunter spawn rate by (6-7 to 2-3 per 5* loot)
4. Removed bicheon thief/hunters (only bowers/spears will appear now)
5. Activated Survival Arena
6. Activated Medusa Spawn (Once per day 21:00 spawn time) [2000 Electus Cash drops, 20 Money & Boxes)
7. Charmander, Charizard, Pikachu are now storeable
8. Haroeris & Jupiter (Might be only 3*) have so much PHY DEF. that str chars hit 1k only
9. Unicorn (Vehicle) is now tradeable
10. Donwhang NPC's tax will be collected by Hotan Fortress Tax NPC
11. HP/MP recovery grains are now stackable up to 1000
12. Reduced Godsend Dungeon entrance fee from 100m to 75m
13. Added Fire-Shield series buffs to permanent buffs list
14. Added spawn/death notice for Simulation unique
15. Santa dress now has 4 magic options
16. Nerfed Haroeris' hidden debuff level and the HP
17. Fixed Godsend Uniques' debuff levels (10dg now)
18. Both Karkadann and Khulood will now drop 1 Diamond Box and 3 Platinum Boxes each.
19. Each Godsend Unique will drop 1 Diamond Box and 2 Platinum Boxes now
20. Increased attribute stone drop rate from 10dg monsters
21. L. Yarkan and D. Shaitan will now drop 2 Platinum Boxes each (STR versions as well)
22. D. Shaitan will drop 1 Diamond Box now. (STR version as well)
23. Tigergirl, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Ivy (STR) and Uruchi now has 75% chance to drop Platinum Box.
24. Fixed STR Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan and Demon Shaitan's spawns.
25. Increased XP rate

The winner of Comment Event #2 is ''Meik Wojtanowski'' [Charname : 7Shots]. Congratulations!
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Broeki Best player

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I'm in !
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Love it
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waste of time.
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Good luck!
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classic electus waste time
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Amazing season
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let the hype begins again pr0x ^^
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Originally Posted by NiqhtShade View Post
classic electus waste time
classic useless post.
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its good but really u waste of your time for an old files most of players hated it

guys try to work on new Isro files or SroR its better

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