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Bitcoin Dice Game

Unix Sro Cap 100 | Old school game | Silk System | New job system | Balance Rates

Discussion on Unix Sro Cap 100 | Old school game | Silk System | New job system | Balance Rates within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Unix Sro Cap 100 | Old school game | Silk System | New job system | Balance Rates

Silkroad Online Game of the most famous and oldest international games that were presented on the Internet in 2005 competing against some other games. It has surpassed a lot of games in terms of quality, system, play mode and usage policy, but today Unix Sro game is the best game to all players in terms of format and mode of play as well as the usage policy and the game from the inside, events, competitions and management style provided by the game Masters at the highest level to satisfy all players. Unix Sro game introduced to you for the first time in 2018 but we aim to make the game operates permanently and stable without any problem. We offer the game on distinct servers and receive all the ideas for development and access to the highest degrees of upgrade and success. It's also a simple game, not a complex one. At the same time, it is not very easy, but it is at a moderate stage that satisfies all parties after testing it.
Unix Sro game does not rely solely on paying money to become a skilled or professional person, you can be a professional in many ways. We don't aim for a slogan; pay to be strong and fit, but the main goal is to join the game and identify the different system that competes with all the games available now on the Internet and then you will notice that you have chosen the game best suited to you and your computer, we provide some interesting positive updates that you should recognize, Unix Sro game is like old school games which known as the Old School Game, as it is only the last level 100 (level 100 – Cap), there is a prize for "the first 300 players to download the game" and enter and try to reach the last level 100, which is a great deal of the Silk by 200 to each player. You can create more than one account with no problem but you have to rely on yourself to increase your level within the game

Game Management:
Game management provides direct technical support service through the site or through the Facebook page, but there is no internal connection (in the game) to maintain your account and at the same time to keep the names of the administration and officials from the imitation of names and theft of members, the game is also keen to provide the best offers when charging more Silk to all members in all countries and provide the necessary updates to the game from time to time so that the game is actually accessible to everyone and to suit everyone who sees it as high as possible, so let's talk about some of the internal features of the game to learn about Unix Sro deeper and better before completing the registration and download process.

In case you wish to recharge, you can do so through the site directly by the automatic payment and you can communicate with officials to facilitate the process of identifying the method of payment in your country's currency, there are many players who want to pay different payment methods completely away from Paypal, there are also certain conditions and regulations, i.e., laws that do not offer your account for the embargo, and you can also identify it directly after requesting a service or speaking with technical support on-site, A vote is made from time to time via the Facebook page with players to talk about the next update of the game and what is required and based on this it is recognized and implemented in a privileged manner.

Official Links:
Website :
Facebook :
Discord: SOON
Trailer/Teaser: SOON

Technical support available permanently and continuously, through the Facebook page or through the site, for inquiries, problems solving and more ,And please feel free to contact our supporters directly about game issues and bugs.

Grand Opening:
The game was opened once you saw this topic on this day ,The demo version has been released and now here is the full version without any errors or problems ,But everyone knows that there should be a time dedicated only to test the beta version of the game and here we have done so for more than two weeks, and now here is the great opening.

Rate Amount
Party Exp20x
Skill Point10x

Basic Modifications.
Information Input
Stat resetAvailable
Skill reset Available
Max plus+12
Adv elixirsEnabled
HP/MP grain Disabled
Auto EventsEnabled
purf-pills bugDisabled
Fortress WarHotan
Game FilesOriginal

Cap:. 100, 10th Degree.
Cap:. 100, 10th Degree.
We made this cap because we all want to remember this old days where the fun begins but there is no another reason except that.

Races:. Chinese & European
We know it is hard to balance between this 2 races, but at Unix! We did it..

Starter Items:
  • 5x HP Potion
  • 5x MP Potion
  • Return Scroll 999x
  • Grab Pet 7days
  • 1000.000 Gold
  • 500000 Skill Point

Inventory and limited character:
Three bags are unlimited in [Inventory] You don't need to make a quest to able it ,And about limited characters you can open more accounts from the same IP and PC ,Also you can create in one account only three characters not four like the original game as you know.

Maxed Pluses:
There are different colors to each plus for weapons like Staffs and Bow's, One&Two hands, ETC and about maxed pluses ,We're making a final limit to the addition of the game inside the game but its not prevent the development in the future.We'll update and develop that according to the desire of players, currently Max Plus inside the game is plus +12.

Auto Equipment System:
The game offers from DG1 to DG10 weapons and accessories and also the clothes or the whole outfit for free Seal Of Star. As for Seal Of Moon you can get weapons through Forgotten World and we facilitate it for you by Quest easy and simple from NPC in [Hotan] Name [Unix Market], the rest of the items from through falling from the monsters by an acceptable rate ,Also you can get it from NPC In [Jangan And Hotan] Name of it Unix Moon Items By Global Coin.

Towns Available:
  • Jangan
  • Donwhang
  • Hotan
  • Samarkand
  • Constantinople

Title Names:
Title Names for players are not for free but there are plenty of names and nicknames that are offered free of charge in some events and contests ,There are many names in our game you can recognize through [Unix Market] More than thirty names such as Professional and Creative, Master of the server, ETC ,And There is a free title name to new players and it's will be [Unix Player].

New Zerk Style:
Great new effects around zerk in terms of appearance and appearance ,May give you the power of attack and at the same time the power of self-defense and do not differ from the title of any other ,The titles are also very important to some players in terms of difference, strength, discrimination and more.

We provide all the (Pets) to players like attack pet with effects and skills also and grab pet too,As you see in the pictures At the bottom of the topic, and we provide all Avatars and we also try as much as possible to provide everything that is old or new for all.

There is a new store (NPC) called Unix NPC that is actually available to you in Jangan and also in Hotan to be able to recognize the Avatars and title names ,And there also new NPC in jangan and also in hotan called Unix Moon Items to able to recognize moon items and a special quest to get [Global Coin] able in hotan only ,And about other game NPC'S it's works fine.

Max Stacks:
It's limited to 1000 pieces like stones and vigor and elixirs, HP And MP And Universal bell ,ETC

Upcoming Updates:
Look forward to more wonderful updates coming, you can learn all this through the official page of the game on Facebook.

How to collect gold?
You can collect gold in the game easily through the process of trade or theft (Job System) that needs no introduction and is already available in most games ,Also you can collect gold easily by striking monsters from the beginning of the first level up to the last in all cities.

There are new quests (tasks) in the game to get everything you want and about the 1st Quest to get Moon weapon DG10 you must need to go to [Hotan] to take a quest from [Unix Market] but your character must to be +90 in level ,And about 2nd Quest it's also in [Hotan] but other NPC Name it's [Unix Moon Items] and you must to be +90 in character level to take this quest also and about this quest you can take it easily to hunting 500 monsters in [Hunter and Thief and Trader] Temple take 20 Global Coin And you can through these coins buy the moon items, You must to return your account or travel to any country after completed the quest every time.

How to get Seal Of Star inside the game?
Its available free for all players no matter if the characters are Chinese or European from the beginning of level one until 100 or as it called from the beginning of DG1 until DG10 in a free way and its available in weapons and accessories and set in a full way.

How to get Seal Of Moon inside the game?
Seal of moon is available through falling down from monsters but in a small percentage but the best is to do a quest in order to get a weapon and regarding accessories and set you can have it though Unix moon items and buying will be through global coin and we have cleared up for you the way you can get it above.
Gallery 1

How to get Seal Of Sun inside the game?
But for Seal Of Sun it is not available yet in the game but in the coming updates will be available to you in new forms as this required of players who update them with the desire of the players.

How to collect and get [Global Coins] inside the game also?
You can have the global coin easily through hunting in the thief and hunter temple but you have to be higher than level 90 in order to fight and enter in the same time and this coin is very important in order to buy seal of moon ,Also you must to know 500 thief or hunter [fight or attack all of them'] to collect 20 global coin so 250 for 10.

Job titles:
So many nicknames are available for job in order to encourage players to play and get a lot of different rewards when they level up and upgrade the character from level to another like trader , hunter, thief therefore u can find that those nicknames which have 10 levels only and those with new nicknames for trader like: Standard Merchant , Extreme , Creative Merchant , Super Merchant , Trader Master , VIP Trader , The General , The richest Merchant , Unix Professional , Master of the server.
And About hunter job titles Junior Hunter , The Originator , The Fighter , Extend of war , Team leader , Charmed by hell , Imperfect Attack , Premium Tag , Unix Professional , Master of the server.
And about thief titles: [Beginner Thief , Disruptive , No_Mercy , Blowing Fronts , Deep Freeze , Strike Plus , Objection , Born_To_Kill , Unix Professional , Master of the server].

How to get Silk inside the game?
  • You can get this first by direct shipping through the official website or speaking with technical support.
  • You can also get this through events and competitions that reside within the game and Facebook page occasionally.
  • You can get this free of charge upon direct access to the last level, which is the number 100.
  • In Jobbing system you can get silk after leveling up your job character level and silk rates will be:
    - Level one to two: 25 silk
    - Level two to three: 50 silk
    - Level three to four: 100 silk
    - Level four to five: 300 silk
    - Level five to six: 600 silk
    - Level six to seven: 800 silk
    - Level seven to eight: 1000 silk
    - Level eight to nine: 2000 silk
    - Level nine to ten (Max Level): 3000 silk
  • You can get silk easily in [Hunter&Thief] Temple after killing Uniques ,There are 6 uniques and silk reward will be 50 silk and 100 silk for the strongest like Seth.

Main currencies:
We have two main currencies in our game firstly silk as you know and [Global Coin] ,And about gold you need it to buy main items and personal needs.

Report Card:
It's a system in order to report buggers and hackers including abusers in order to talk with a General manager directly. if you have reported a bug that means you got rewarded with some silk if you are the first thought. In order to access the report system it will be located at the system menu after pressing ESC.

Auto Event:
There are a lot of events that happen daily within the game to satisfy the players ,And also those new and exclusive events with some old ideas like Pvp events and level up also there available hide and seek and the rewards will be Silk or Global coin and many gifts waiting you!.

Game System:
  • Auto Equipment From DG1 To DG10 seal of star, You will find seal of moon in dropping normally and about the weapons you will find it easily in Forgotten world by the quest ,Or you can buy it easily like you know from Unix Moon Items.

Game Features:
New Buff Skills Effect:That includes European players as well as China when doing some buffs for himself.
New Zerk Style as you know we already did it ,Get great effects and new shapes when beating and fighting
New pluses color and effects That's are able to weapons only you can check it directly after joining the game with other players or in your character.
Silk Per Sharing: When you share the game to your friends you will get a free silk in the game so try to contact simply the live chat for the help about that.

Gallery 2

Learn about the game system more transparently and more clearly
What is the role of Forgotten World inside a Unix Sro game specifically?
The game is different, you will be able to enter the Lost World after breaking the level 90 barrier to try to kill some of the distinctive monsters from inside and to be able to bring the weapon in a surely way 100% this weapon is a Seal Of Moon, it may be searched for by many players in the Unix Sro game, but most important of all is that we may make it a little easier , after reaching the level 90 in the game you may be able to go to Unix NPC to take the Quest faster and to facilitate all tasks that you may meet.

Unique Title Names:
There are many free names and titles that are given to players when you participate and when you kill the greatest number of Unique Mobs inside the game, so you can also identify those names by participating in the game and will these names will be given free after the participation.

Silk per activity:
From time to time, game management will measure the presence of players within the server in terms of activity, interaction and proof of attendance at all times to be able to get many different gifts within the game and also you can get Silk in different quantities and it will be estimated according to reliable statistics from within the server.

Alchemy System:
There is a percentage of luck varies from one player to another and We offer you in the game the Premium purchase property to be able to reach the highest percentage of the ability to try to reach all the successes you need to upgrade your weapons, accessories and Also change the crew you wear, so in this game we don't want to set a certain percentage of what you have to be able to succeed, but to facilitate. There is a great difference between trying to upgrade those things normally and who tries to upgrade after trying to get the premium, we provide two types, the first by 5% and the second by 10%.

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oh vsro files are now working on linux ;D
I think in 1 year every player have its own sro server, its like in ARK where are more servers than actually players, cuz every one thinks nah i dont like this or that setting.
Good look with your server in a divided community.

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what is the chinese balance?
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Yes, Finally Realy much expectations.
im in

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Amazing I'm in
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Great Server But Need To Edit Thing's In DB
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u need to increase mobs spawn rate for sure
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1. are these quest 1x per day?
2. whats the chin balance?
3. silk per hour or vote4silk?
4. ip/pc limit?
5. alchemy success % rate for each plus?
6. where can i find lvl90-100mobs?
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Originally Posted by megaman4999 View Post
1. are these quest 1x per day?
2. whats the chin balance?
3. silk per hour or vote4silk?
4. ip/pc limit?
5. alchemy success % rate for each plus?
6. where can i find lvl90-100mobs?

1. quest is unlimited
2. ch is balanced with eu we'll update the topic later
3. no silk per day or vote4silk but you can get silk per day by killing uniques
4. no ip limit for now , we're working on pc limit
5. 1~4 100% , 5~7 75% , 8~9 30% , 10~12 20%
6. in Jangan Cave like silkroad online
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When seal of sun will available?
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Sun for coin,job,fgw is so suck lol
If u really mean classic, it shoulf be enable and drop as its classic way.
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Originally Posted by Rosalinda View Post
Sun for coin,job,fgw is so suck lol
If u really mean classic, it shoulf be enable and drop as its classic way.
Need to take your attention for one minute!
Sun for silks and there are many ways available in the game to get silks for free, Don't be noobie and put's comment's there and you didn't know any thing inside the game.

About all of that , We searching to get interesting game not all of items and silks*golds for free this games for noobs

I am normal player but i liked the game system and admins there
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The Best
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super long fairy tale descriptions on details everywhere and when you crack it up it just turns out to be the same copy/paste garbage over and over...
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That's facebook event!
Not copy and paste sir
Check last psot

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