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Arcadia Online | 100 CAP CH | Skill Balance | Job Based | Drop / Coin | 11/05/2018 |

Discussion on Arcadia Online | 100 CAP CH | Skill Balance | Job Based | Drop / Coin | 11/05/2018 | within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO PServer - Discussions / Questions category.

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Arrow Arcadia Online | 100 CAP CH | Skill Balance | Job Based | Play2Win | 11/05/2018 |

Offical Trailer :

The lower partitions are features of Arcadia Online that we have mentioned.
You can use our addresses below to reach more.
THEREAD (Turkish) :

Elysium (Originator) 27'
Heaven (Developer) 28'
Crabien (Technical Support) 33'


Opening Date: 11/05/2018 | Time: 20:00 (GMT + 3 / UTC +3).

Silkroad adventure, which lasted for 13 years, was about 3-4 years with private servers and saw the ridiculousness of the bullshit, are we all witnesses to it? We have been in this camian for exactly 13 years.
In the case of any MMORPG video game against the vehicle, we saw the character field, the game will not make a five-cent breakthrough in the genius of theft. We know what we mean by what we mean and we are aware of it. We have been working on the developer for exactly 4 years, and we have developed enough of ourselves. We made every effort we made in Arcadia Online one by one and ready to present it to you professionally. Prior to building Arcadia Online, we were able to equalize the work of our valued players who are interested in the game in Active / Deactivate / Soft / High / Donator / Non-Donator shapes and we believe that we have succeeded. We do not refrain from the Maddiyat'tan for all Silkroad fans. INTEL® 2x XEON e5620 CPU Processor / 64GB DDR3 ECC RAM / 1TB SSD Disk / 5000 We have installed the player on a server that can smoothly remove it.We are here to make the Guided wars of Guild Wars live from the beginning if we are getting used to the unique excitement! We consider this difference, no one will want to miss this quality, and we invite all silkroad lovers to Arcadia Online, which we promise to be long lasting.


Total 10 people 10.000 Silk gift Share / Win Get a look at our Facebook page for our event.
The video is shared via facebook

CAP 100
Mastery 330
FW CASTLE Jangan - Hotan
FW Registration Friday to Sunday till 19:00
FW Sunday at 20:00 GMT/UTC+3
Guild Limit 32
Union Limit 2
Union Chat Limit Limitless
Exit Delay Active
Restart Delay Active
Exchange Delay Active
Stall Delay Active
Global Delay Active
Inventory 3 Page Active
SBOT Active
MBOT Active
PHBOT Forbidden
Pill Bug Fix
Exp Rate 15x
Sp Rate 15x
Drop Rate 3x
Alchemy Rate 2x (HARD)
Alchemy Plus +10



1-81 levels of sun +5 items to arrive You have to reach a level that can take your weapon, teleport or relog.

Constantinople; There are 91 - 97 Level Mobs.
Samarkand; Totally 99 Level Tomb Snake Added to Samarkand Surround.
The spawn rates of the slots are carefully arranged.


Premium PLUS% 5
Vigor Recovery Grain (Small) at NPC at 7%.
Damage / Absort Scrolls reduced to 7%.
Zerk Tubes removed
Destroyer Rondo removed
Magic Pop has been removed.
The parts that we call garbage are removed from the server.
Unique Elites have been removed.
Global Delay: 30 seconds
Reverse Delay: 45 Seconds
Exchange Delay: 30 Seconds
Stall Delay: 15 Seconds
Restart Delay: 30 Seconds
Exit Delay: 30 Seconds
Jangan Ferry - Donwhang Ferry - Hotan Ferry / Taklamakan Tunnel Teleport away from the spawn zones

Valuable Arcadia players;
With the aim of equating people who are constantly active actors or people who can not spend all their time with the game ...
Our server is built on a single Sox (Seal Of SUN).
We have all the sun items set to drop. The Star Seal and the Seal Moon have been removed.
NOTE: There is +3 difference between the last Tiar pen and Sun.


For the snow buff, 250 INT required.

Passive Ski Line 2% Critically Attached.
(The passive skill will pass through the line from 1Lv investor.)

Walking Gras - Speed ​​was 105% when it was Max.
Ghost Walk -Shadow Max 25.5m / Your character will move 2m further.

Lightning Chain / Thousand Army Chain Poisoning rates have been increased to 40%.

Vital Spot Attack Series Poisoning rates have been reduced to 60%.

We have two different coins in our present.

Arcadium Coin
What can you do with Arcadium Coin? How do I get Arcadium Coin?
From the NPC, we chose the Arcadium Coin Shop behind the Donwhang storoge.
Work Penalty Remover, Guild Penalty Cleaner
+500 HP / +500 MP, Damage / Absort Shift, Last Gender / TransPet and more.
Flag, Battle Arena, Work Temple Unique and Roc Capture Arcadium Coin.

Elyisum Coin
What can you do with Elysium Coin? How can you get / Elysium Coin?
Donwhang, named Elysium Coin Shop, comes from the NPC behind Donwhang storoge.
Enhanced Elixir B and Golden Dragon Flag and God "Remover" protect.
Elysium Coin, you will only get it when you are at Job.

Only the gold logic in the Job system is a change and we added it to Elysium Coini.
We see the caravan systems on many servers, the game is completely dependent on the caravan to get a higher level item or to change the sister, and the server is out of balance. which means that the active player is able to get in front of the deactivated players and we are breaking this game.
Firstly since 2005 trans pets have always been on the same qu ...
We are looking for a difference and we have increased the speed of Trans pets by 1m.
If they are influenced too much by their speed, they will be faster than their old ones.
The speed of Trans pets in our server is 6m (Original only 5m)

Caravan: 20m gold to Purchased 5*
If you sell first degree in a short distance, you will make a profit of 50/60 m.
When you sell second degree slowly, you will get 140 / 150m profit.
When you sell a third degree, you earn 300 / 310m.

Hunter: Each 5 * Trader in the Party gains 10% of winnings.
Thief: 5 * Each caravan delivers 15M when delivered. (Why Thieves might think he is earning so little)
We think that the players who like to do thief job at the job are doing it arbitrarily.
Also Exp rates are the same as the hunter, which we have set up for this competition, considering that the healthy thief group will lead the server's gold balance.

Trader: must sell gods worth about 100/125 * in order to be 7 Lvl [20/25 Tour]
Hunter: In order to be able to be 7Lv, it is necessary to have an average of 160/170 * gods sold.
Thief: In order to be 7Lv, it is necessary to sell or sell the gods sold at an average of 160/170 *.

What do we earn when we do our job level 7?
When your job level is 7, you have to relog out.
You will get 1 Day God Bless and 500 Elysium Coin with 3% HP / MP, +3 STR / INT, 110% Speed.
With God bles you will be one step ahead in 24 hours. You can get ADV (B) / GDF with your guests.


Capture The Flag (CTF)
Time: 07:50 / 11:50 / 17:50 / 20:50 / 23:50 / 01:50 (Last 10Min)
Reward: Each kill is worth 1 Arcadium Coin, and the team that finishes on the flag side wins +1 coin.

Battle Arena (Random)
Time: 09:50: 15:50 / 19:50 / 22:50 / 03:50 (Last 10Min)
Reward: Every kill is worth 1 Arcadium Coin.

Battle Arena (Party)
Time: 14:50 / 16:50 / 21:50 / 00:50 / 05:00 (Last 10Min)
Reward: Winning Takima 8, Lost Wager 3 Arcadium Coin.
JOB CAVE (Trader - Hunter / Thief)
Job Cave Uniques are 2/2 Spawns every 3 hours.
We are in the vicinity of the Donwhang South Gate for the job cave entrance, we are teleported.
Job Cave has replaced original moblari instead of Uneg.
[Uneg: 100Lv] Moblardan 1x with more chance.

Anubis / Isis / Selkhet / Neith
Drop: 1-2x immortal, 1 piece of Deggre Luck Powder, 1 piece Sabakun Jewel, 3-5 Arcadium coin.


Normal Uniques:
They are spawned in their original territory, R-spawn after 1 hour of dead.
Drop: 1x Immortal

Boss Kalia (STR)
HP: 10,000.00
100 Lvl adjusted Boss Kalia (STR)
Unique Jangan Tomb will be R-Spawn after 3 hours of Death.
Drop: 50 Silk / 1 X Immortal / 1x Reverse Return Scrool / 1x Global / 1x Immortal Stone

Karkadann (STR) HP: 10,000,00
100 Lvl Adjustable Frame (STR)
R-Spawn will take place around Donwhang 3 hours after each death.
Drop: 50 Silk / 1 X Immortal / 1x Reverse Return Scrool / 1x Global / 1x Immortal Stone

White Knight (INT) HP: 15,000,00
100 Lvl White Knight (INT)
R-Spawn will take place around Karakoram 3 hours after each death.
Drop: 50 Silk / 1 X Immortal / 1x Reverse Return Scrool / 1x Global / 1x Immortal Stone

Khulood (INT) HP: 15,000,00
100 Lvl adjusted Khulood (INT)
R-Spawn will take place in Taklamakan Area 3 hours after death.
Drop: 50 Silk / 1 X Immortal / 1x Reverse Return Scrool / 1x Global / 1x Immortal Stone

ROC! HP: 500,000.00
Adjusted to 100 Lvl Roc!
Constantinople Jupiter will be R-Spawn in the Temple Area after 12 hours of Death.
Drop: 150-200M GOLD / 150 Silk
3x Immortal / 3x Reverse Return Scrool / 3x Global / 3x Immortal Stone / 1-2x Sun Drop / 4x Sabakun Jewel / 4x 1st Lucky Powder.


+3 %100
+4 %50
+5 %25
+6 %10
+7 %3
+8 %1
+9 %1
+10 %1
Set the Alchemy rate to a fairly proportional value
In the meantime, we forced most of max plus to reach


Devil S is set to 10%.
Each plus 1% improves.
Sabakun Jewel, and 1st Lucky Powder from Job Temple Unique and Roc!
Arcadia Gold Shopta 1st Powder and Sabakun Jewel are satista.
Devil Max Plus +5.
+1 100%
+2 50%
+3 15%
+4 3%
+1 5%


Arcadia Gold Shop
From this NPC you can buy Sabakun Jewel and Lucky 1st, your stones and Gold Bars.
Arcadium Coin Shop
Arcadium sells a lot of useful items and scrolls that you can get with your Coins. Like Job Reset / Guild Reset / Dmg Absort Scroll.
Elysium Coin Shop
Advanced Elixir B and Gold Dragon Flag and God Bless "Remover".
Arcadia Tittle Shop
There is differently minumum 40 Titless You can buy only english titles from this npc , which you like.

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Başarılar dilerim

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so is botting as general forbidden or only PHbot ?

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Originally Posted by Tomb94 View Post
so is botting as general forbidden or only PHbot ?

Originally Posted by derbioyun View Post
Başarılar dilerim
Teşekkür ederiz
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Originally Posted by Mighty Brank View Post
Good luck.
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The website is too laggy, my friend.
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Nice Server <3
#LunaTeD :*

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chinese only, coin system, drop rate, silkroad 100 cap

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