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Pyrite Online | Cap 80 | CH | Genuine Innovation | Competitive Game-Play | G.O 11.05

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Post Pyrite Online | Cap 80 | CH | Genuine Innovation | Competitive Game-Play | G.O 11.05

About Pyrite Online
Hello, community of ElitePvPers!
First of all, I’d like to say that we admittedly know there are a lot of CAP 100 servers out there, consequently; we thought about giving you something different, we’re also well aware that innovation is hard to bring forth nowadays, nevertheless; in Pyrite, we’ve innovated new features that were never seen before! Additionally, we want you to have confidence in the fact that we are not going to let you down! We’ll always be there supporting you, just like you’ve noticed in Eternity! And for sure, we’re always open to suggestions from you guys to help our system mature up. It’s worth investing your time in Pyrite, that’s a fact!

As you’re already aware, our team is composed of two experienced, friendly developers and several Supporters who speak different languages in order to provide the best possible support.
Be certain that there will be always someone available to handle all of your issues, questions and suggestions, we will basically help you and relieve your concerns in every way we can!

Our Aspiration
Our ambition is very simple; we want to create our own community, a community that makes you feel at home. Our first priority is providing a fun, lag-less, stable, long-term server in order to grant you an experience you’ve never had before. Generally speaking, we know that you guys are so fed up with the recent past servers that died without lasting a single month. We don’t want that to happen, because for this reason; the reputation of Silk-Road excessively drops which one day is going to lead to the death of this game, just the thought feels sad, R.I.P to our childhood memories.
Closed Beta | 29.04.2018
Our closed beta-phase is going to launch after a few days, we’ll pick a selective few to help us test everything before we move to the open beta-phase.

Open Beta | 04.05.2018
Since we care a lot about you and the stability of the server, a beta-phase is a must-do.
Playing in BETA will make you fully understand the system and make you extremely hyped! As players, you may encounter bugs or have the holy lord bless you with an idea (suggestion) that you’d like seeing in Pyrite. Correspondingly; we’ll make sure to reward you depending on the severity of the bug you had reported, since we estimate your efforts greatly! The open beta-phase is going to consist of two

Grand Opening | 11.05.2018
We’re going to work our rears off to grant you a smooth grand-opening, your participation in the beta-phase will play a great role in achieving that, so don’t be stingy and help us bring forth a legendary server!

Pyrite | Official Teaser

Pyrite | Official Trailer

CAP 80
Race CH
Mastery Limit 300
Alchemy Rate 1x
Max Plus 12 (No advanced)
PC Limit 2
Job Limit 1
Guild Limit 24
Union Limit 3
Union Chat Limit 24
Available Fortress Hotan (PC Limit 1)
Exp Rate 9x
Party Exp Rate 12x
Drop Rate 4x

To make the start a bit easier and smoother, we've decided to put a little starting gift in your newly made characters' inventory. You’ll find them in your inventory when you log into a new character! Keep in mind that they’re account bound, so don’t waste your time trying to act smart. The starter package contains the following items:
  • 10 Drug Typoon
  • 3-Days Pick Pet
  • 11x Reverse Return Scrolls
  • 11x Special Return Scrolls
  • Tuxedo Avatar Dress (0 Units)
  • 1,000,000 Skill Points
  • 500,000 Gold
  • 2,000 HP & MP
  • Devil Spirit (B)

This is an obvious feature, all you’re going to have to do is to level up faster than the other players, competition is always fun!

First 50 [0~50] [300] silk.
Next 100 [50~150] [200] silk.
Last 150 [150~300] [100] silk.

Adding Europe to a Cap 80 old-school server is but a jest, that’s why In Pyrite; we’ve only added the Chinese race. #AsianLivesMatter

It’s unanimous by everyone that having to re-buff upon death or teleportation is truly annoying, that’s why we’ve decided to make your buffs permanent, so you won’t have to worry about getting spawn-killed before getting the chance to even re-buff!

I believe this is the core of any server’s success, no GM intervention means that nobody will have console access in-game except for me and Aaron and that no matter how many accidents you go through, we won’t interfere; unless the accident was caused by us, which is unlikely to happen. This decision was triggered by the community’s change; a lot of people would call any team corrupted just because a player or a guild is performing better than them. Our team has a good reputation, but people that can’t play will always throw the blame of their failure on us. If after this decision someone dares to call the team corrupted, you’d only make yourself look like a joke and I’d advise you to visit a psychologist as soon as you can.

Plus Limit: 12
The max enhancement level in Pyrite is going to be 12, this is subsequent to a lot of deep thinking. The reason behind this is simple; Pyrite is a long-term server, we’re comparatively aware that Alchemy is your worst enemy, but that’s what makes it fun!
Custom SoX Effects & Glows
To avoid confusion, we’ve added our own custom-made SoX effects and glows, here’s a sneak peak!


Generally 2 Accounts per PC
While jobbing 1 Accounts per PC
Capture the Flag & Battle Arena 1 account per PC
Fortress War 1 account per PC

Defying the boring routine, we've decided to make the guild limit 24 and union limit 3. We don’t want to just go with the flow; we want to grant you a special server, just as promised! A poll might be made in the future if you want this to be changed.

We all know how annoying it can get to be capable of granting this authority to only a few members of your guild, that’s why on the contrary to Guild & Union, the union authority isn’t restricted in any way and you can grant it to all 24 members of your guild!

Since we’re going to provide a lot of awesome features, you won’t need to be jobbing 24/7. Nonetheless; we have put the fact that some of you dislike limits into consideration, we’re going to be providing a job system that was never seen before, to be fully honest; I was smoking a blunt when this idea suddenly popped into my mind. This is a system that's literally a common ground for both whom like limits since they have work or school to attend and those who are extremely active; since you can say it's limited and limitless at the same time. First of all, let's say that you traded at the beginning of the week and got 200 Gold Coins, a limit of 200 Gold Coins weekly would mean that you'll only get gold and Pyrite Points after you've fulfilled your limit, so we didn't go with that. What's going to happen is that after reaching your limit, you'll still be able to job freely and your coins will be stored in our system; meaning that you'll get them after the limit is reset. So basically, you can do trades worthy of 600 coins and do nothing, then after each limit reset, you’ll gain 200 coins until the system gives you all of the coins that it owes you!
We’ve added restrictions to the following scrolls and actions; Reverse Return Scroll while jobbing, Global Chatting, Exchange Requests, Stall, Restart and Exit to avoid inconveniences and abusing, we know you can’t restrict yourself, that’s why we’re going to take care of it!

We realized that wasting gold or GP is pointless. So when you create a guild it will start on level 5 automatically, save your gold for something of more importance!

We have modified the HWID limit inside the area of Fortress War to be 1 only in order to avoid game-play related unfairness. Nevertheless; you will still be able to log into another character for botting and stalling purposes! Moreover; Hotan is going to be the only Fortress we are going to enable, however; if the server were to grab a lot of attention and solicitude, we’ll gladly enable Jangan and even Bandit as well!
Damage Increase/ Absorb Flags
Flags were modified to involve your whole guild during Fortress War, which means they’re going to affect 24 members, instead of the usual effectiveness since the Guild Limit is now 24

We recognize that not all of you are into the same thing, that’s why we’ve added a variety of titles that you’ll have a hard time choosing from. You can find the Titles NPC in Donwhang.

Can you smell the nostalgia? Yes! Welcome to (̶̶N̶o̶s̶t̶a̶l̶i̶t̶e̶) Pyrite Online!
Variety of Scrolls
In order to ensure the smoothness of the server and the repose of our players, we’ve added a set of many scrolls that are going to help you in your long journey, use them wisely!

Guild Penalty Reset Scroll
Nobody likes penalties, that’s why we’ve decided to add this scroll. So, if you feel the urgency to switch your guild, then this scroll was made for you!

Job Penalty Reset Scroll
Likewise to the Guild Penalty Scroll, if you're feeling the itch to change your job, you can simply use this scroll after leaving the current job you’re registered in.

Skill Reset Scroll
This scroll resets all of your skills and refunds your Skill Points.

Stat Reset Scroll
Identically to the Skill Reset Scroll, this scroll resets all of your stats and refunds them (Strength & Intelligence points)

Silk Scrolls
For starters, many of you think that silk scrolls make the game Pay2Win, while that somehow makes sense, we view it in a completely different way. Briefly; we genuinely think that these scrolls are assuredly a double-edged sword, while some may donate to easily get items; these scrolls also help people who don’t or can’t donate. If you’re a good player, you can basically benefit from your experience to make good items for example and sell them for silk instead of having gold as your only choice. And at the end of the day, Seal of Pyrite items which embody the end-game gear aren’t going to be tradable, so earning them will be up to your efforts and no silk intervention is going to be made in the process! These scrolls will help you trade your silk for items or gold, the available Silk Scrolls are 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 2500.

Premium Remover
Having that annoying red hand that makes you feel like you’re being roasted in hell is really bothersome, right? That’s why we’ve added this scroll to help you get rid of it in order to use your new Premium!

Durability (Red Stat) Remover
We all had the same issue back when we still played, we forgot to put steady. Ouch! But no worries, in Pyrite you can simply use the Durability Remover and the durability reduce is gone, easy!

Again, we recognize that not all of you are into the same thing, that’s why we’ve added all the cool avatars. I am certain you will find something you like!

New Silk/H System
Silk per Hour. This is one of the features that are conversely to Pay2Win servers, it might be slight; but it’s definitely better than nothing! Our new Silk/H system is going to go as follows; in order to receive Silk/H, purchasing a scroll is going to be required, we’ve added 2 scrolls that are sold for gold and will grant you Silk/H.

Silver Ticketthis one will grant you 1 Silk/H for a week's duration.
Golden Ticketthis one will grant you 2 Silk/H for 1 week's duration.

The purpose of this feature was to ensure only the active players would earn Silk/H, not just side hoe-bot accounts, in addition to that; giving gold more value.

Unique monsters are the core of Pyrite alongside many other features; it was always annoying how you were forced to make an INT build, whereas your favorite build requires STR stats. That’s why in Pyrite, we’ve gotten rid of that unfairness by adding STR unique monsters, enjoy to your fullest!

Not many servers have put this feature into a good use in the recent days, and since we’re trying to bring forth a perfect server that is full of features, enabling this feature was a must-do. Through collecting talismans, you’re going to be able to obtain a Seal of Asura weapon, which is the second SoX type in Pyrite. Awesome, isn’t it?

Job System
Who doesn´t love jobbing? I personally think it´s the best part about Silk-Road. All those awesome job fights indeed make us feel nostalgic. The good thing about Pyrite is that jobbing plays a huge role and it´s the fountain of earning Pyrite Points. And to assure more fun, we've decided to add new Trade Routes
Top Jobbers Title
For the sole purpose of encouraging people to job more frequently; we’ve decided to add cool titles to the first 3 jobbers, alongside the King Buff they’ll be receiving!
JOB LEAGUE1st2nd3rd

Honor Buffs

We have decided not to use the old Honor Buff system. Instead of the Academy system, we have chosen to use Jobbing when it comes to Honor Buffs. A job ranking will make it fair for everyone, since it’s going to be activity based; both Job kills and Jobbing activity are going to be of avail when it comes to distributing the buffs. The distribution of the buffs is going to be like this:
First 5 of each Job Copper Buff, Silver Buff, Gold Buff and King Buff
6~15 in the Ranking Copper Buff, Silver Buff, Gold Buff
16~30 in the Ranking Copper Buff and Silver Buff
31~45 in the Ranking Copper Buff

Job Rebirth System
I haven't seen this feature in action before, maybe it had been done while I was out of the scene, but it certainly wasn't done before that. Anyhow; since Pyrite is designed to be a long-term server, this feature will play a huge role in its lifespan, more of a reason to continue jobbing, right? Now let's explain how this is going to work!
First of all, we've increased the job level cap to 10; we don't want this to be an easy task. When you've succeed in reaching level 10, you're going to be capable of doing a rebirth using a scroll that's sold for gold. You might be asking yourself now; why gold? The answer is simple! Since gold is earned through jobbing, it's perfectly fit for this task. We thought about making it cost Gold Coin(s) instead, but you'll be saving those for your Seal of Pyrite equipment, hence; nobody would really do it. So yeah, gold it is!
After you use the scroll, your job level is going to be reset to 1 and you'll notice a 1% buff similar to premium that's going to last for 15 days, this buff is only active while having a job suit on. If you manage to attain level 10 and use the scroll again, the buff is going to be increased to 2% and the 15-day duration is going to be renewed. The greatest buff you're going to be able to achieve and earn is 5%, quite cool, huh? Keep in mind that when the buff is gone, you'll have to start from the 1% buff again.
  • This buff only applies while having a job suit on.
  • This buff is going to disappear completely when you leave your job, you'll have to start from scratch in your new job.
  • This buff won't be overlapped with any other buffs or scrolls, so worry not!

Reincarnation Lv1 1% Buff
Reincarnation Lv2 2% Buff
Reincarnation Lv3 3% Buff
Reincarnation Lv4 4% Buff
Reincarnation Lv5 5% Buff

Also called the great battlefield, job temple has been modified; the mobs inside are now appropriate for CAP 80 and the drop rate inside is doubled. The entrances have been placed in Donwhang, right beneath the town in Earth Canyon! Take care if you’re planning to bot there, though. You never know when an opposite jobber is going to decide to come interrupt your carefree and leisure fun! Make sure to develop your self-awareness in order to avoid that nuisance from happening!

Outlaw System
The feature that promotes the Hit-and-run strategy. You’ll have fun chasing those damned outlaws! A brief about this feature; the more opposite-jobbers you kill, the better buff you’re going to get rewarded with!

SoX System
Based on our experience, 2 and 3 SoX types are no fun. In Pyrite, we’re going to grant you 4 different SoX types, have your sweet time earning and evolving them!
Seal of Star Equals +1 Last-tier
Seal of Asura Equals +1.5 Last-tier
Seal of Indura Equals +2.5 Last-tier
Seal of Pyrite Equals +4 Last-tier (Untradeable)

How to get SoX?

Seal of Star:
The first SoX type you’re going to obtain without any noticeable effort, the reason behind it being a bit easier to earn than the other SoX types and not extremely hard is because you’ll need to pass by it in order to move on to the next SoX types.
Seal of Star items are going to be droppable from: Lv70~80 Mobs with a mild rate.

Seal of Asura:
The second SoX type, it’s going to be comparatively hard to obtain, in contrast to Seal of Star.
Seal of Asura items are going to be obtainable through Magic POP and Forgotten World talismans, and there will be weapons only! Before you start complaining about Pay2Win, Magic POP cards are going to be droppable from all of our unique monsters and won't be in the item mall.

Seal of Indura:
The third SoX type, it’s going to be the hardest SoX to obtain, second to Seal of Pyrite only! Obtaining Seal of Indura is going to be all about competition, since it’s going to drop from Job Temple unique monsters with a difficult rate. Show your spirit of rivalry and be one the first people to obtain Seal of Indura!

Seal of Pyrite:
The final SoX type, you’re basically going to go through hell in order to obtain Seal of Pyrite, and that hell is represented in a set of activities, here’s the list of coins you’ll have to earn in order to obtain Seal of Pyrite;
  • Gold Coin; Obtainable through jobbing.
  • Silver Coin; Obtainable through Survival Arena, Battle Arena and Capture the Flag.
  • Copper Coin; Obtainable through an NPC that sells them for gold, which gives gold more value!
  • Unique Coin; Obtainable through unique monster drops.

Pyrite Crates
We’ve added plenty of crates to fit your taste, take a look at them!

Seal of Star (Armor) — This crate will either give you a Seal of Star armor item, a Seal of Star accessory item OR a random Seal of Star weapon.

Seal of Star (Protector) — This crate will either give you a Seal of Star protector item, a Seal of Star accessory item OR a random Seal of Star weapon.

Seal of Star (Garment) — This crate will either give you a Seal of Star garment item, a Seal of Star accessory item OR a random Seal of Star weapon.

Seal of Asura (Weapon) — This crate will give you a random Seal of Asura Weapon/Shield.

Pyrite Points
You can earn Pyrite Points by doing a certain set of activities; these points are very useful; since you can buy SoX crates, Golden Dragon Flags and Damage Scrolls using them. There are 6 ways to earn Pyrite points for the time being, I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible;

Jobbing — The main method of earning Pyrite Points, since jobbing is the essence of a server’s survival. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking the normal trade-routes or the special trade-route, you’ll still earn Pyrite Points!
Hunting unique monsters - The amount of Pyrite Points you’ll be getting depends on how strong the Unique is.

Job kills — Don't worry about cheating since there’s a limit to how many points you can get from each player and that limit resets daily. You won't be able to earn Pyrite Points inside the Job temple; it has been disabled in order to avoid farming botters.
Survival Arena – this is an event you don't want to miss. Fun is guaranteed, but be aware that there is a limit to the points you can get from each player, coupled with Job Kills.

Quests — For more information regarding this, give the Quests section a read.

Alchemy — The higher plus you make, the more points you get, starting from +9. Good luck!

This is a well-known event, an event you don't want to miss! Fun is guaranteed, but be aware that there is a limit to the Points you can get from each player. After the declaration notice appears, all you'll need to do is move to the Survival Arena using the teleport in Donwhang; you'll thereupon automatically wear a yellow PvP cape then proceed to start killing the enemy players! All kills inside count and for each last hit you land you will receive 1 Silver Coin. The top 3 players (kills-wise) are going to be announced and will also receive a bonus reward:
1st Hooligan 3 Silver Coins
2nd Hooligan 2 Silver Coins
3rd Hooligan 1 Silver Coins

Assistance Boxes
These boxes' role is to help the weaker players (or newcomers) because by killing them, you'll be able to get a power-up which will make you more even to the stronger players. So basically, these boxes can turn the tables and make the stronger players weaker. Pretty cool, isn't it?
Right before the event is over Jupiter is going to spawn in the middle of the arena and it isn’t easy to kill it since the event will still be on-going. But you should try, it's worth it! (Pyrite, where everything is worth it, LOL!) The one who kills Jupiter will receive 20 Pyrite Points and if you are lucky enough maybe even a SoX drop, so good luck!
Fame, oh fame!
If you like the fame, Survival Arena is the right event for you. Killing 8 different players without dying will make your name get announced, the same applies to killing 12, 15, 20 and 25 players, etc.
Yet, there are some restrictions:
  • Minimum level is 80 to attend the event.
  • When you’ve teleported to the area, you’ll automatically wear a yellow PvP cape.
  • You can get max 3 Coins from each player for a limited amount of time then you can get Coins again.
  • Parties cannot be created inside the Survival Arena.

  • You will need to send “Register” to [BOT]PRL in order to be counted as a participant in this event.
  • Upon registering and the start of the event, every participant is going to be teleported to a very small area
  • Inside; there are going to be immortal monsters that will kill you with only a single hit
  • The event consists of escaping from them, hide as much as you can and stay alive.
  • We have created a scroll for this event that will make you invisible for 3 seconds. This item will make the monsters ignore you; it's automatically going to be in your inventory once the event has started. To use it; you activate it with right-click, be wise and use it at the right time!

1st Place 50 silk + 20 Silver Coins
2nd Place 30 silk + 15 Silver Coins
3rd Place 20 silk + 10 Silver Coins
4th and 5th 5 Silver Coins

  • You will need to send “Register” to [BOT]WOB in order to be counted as a participant in this event.
  • Upon participating and the start of the event, every participant is going to be teleported to an enclosed area, the purpose of this event is going to be hunting unique monsters, sounds fun, yet? I haven't even started! Hunting those unique monsters is not an easy task, since you'll need to hunt at least one unique monster in order to advance to the subsequent rounds; you're going to be disqualified and teleported back to town if you fail to complete this task. And of course, the quantity of unique monsters' spawn is going to be reduced with the beginning of a new round.

1st Place 50 silk + 20 Silver Coins
2nd and 3rd Place 30 silk + 15 Silver coins
4th to 8th Place 10 silk + 10 Silver Coins

Tired of suspecting corruption? Then be at easy, in Pyrite; we're going to hold this renowned event automatically! Now, let me explain how it's going to work.
  • You'll need to send "Register" to [BOT]PvPT in order to be counted as a participant in this event.
  • The maximum number of participants is 128
  • Every opposite pair is going to be teleport to an isolated instance, where nobody else can interrupt or stress them, however; if you want, we can add a command to the bot that'll make you capable of spectating the match of any player. Ex: !spectate PlayerName
  • Every match is going to consist of 1 round that lasts for 10 minutes, if no one ends by the end of the round; both players are going to be disqualified and teleported back to town. We know that some people will try to play defensive if they think they can't win or to provoke their opponent, but let's get real, you don't deserve to advance if you can't finish off a guy that's not even doing damage to you. Another inconvenience that might happen is 2 bladers going up against each other, we'll do something about that and make sure bladers don't get paired with each other, yes we've thought it this far!
  • The final round is going to be held inside the arena of the zerk quest, grab your popcorn and wait for it!

Betting System
This feature is only available for the final round of the Automatic PvP Tournament that you're going to be able to spectate live! A notice is going to be made 10 minutes before the round begins containing the name of both players who have succeeded making it that far. Keep in mind that when the round begins, you won't be able to place your bet anymore! The rewards are going to be dependant on how many silks were bet on both players and of course, the champion of the event is going to win something out of those bets as well!
  • In order to place a bet; simply send "!bet PlayerName SilkAmount" to [BOT]PvPBet, if your bet was successfully placed, the bot is going to send you a confimation message.
  • If most of the bets were made on a single player, the bets are going to be refunded, we don't want a guy running around with 50,000 silk.

1st Place 600 Silk + 30 Silver Coins + 5% of all bets + PvP Champion title
2nd Place 300 Silk + 25 Silver Coins
3rd and 4th Place 225 silk + 20 Silver Coins
5th to 8th Place 125 Silk + 15 Silver Coins
9th to 16th Place 50 Silk + 5 Silver Coins

New Cryptic Might Scrolls
This is a brand new feature, these scrolls are going to be sold in the NPC Qiao Yifan for Pyrite Points and are going to drop from all of our unique monsters, correspondingly; you’re going to get a random boost, I won’t say what it might give you, I’d be spoiling the fun, test them out for yourselves!

Lucky Magic Powder
We’ve added Lucky Magic Powder in Pyrite, they’re to be sold for Pyrite Points from Qiao Yifan, these powders will give you 1.5x extra luck. This was implemented to promote all of our activities; Pyrite is activity-based after all!

LuoJi | Pyrite's SoX Shop:
This NPC is going to sell Seal of Pyrite items and Copper Coins.

Fang Rui | Pyrite's Avatar Shop:
This NPC is going to sell all of the avatars, if you notice that your favorite avatar is missing; don’t hesitate to suggest it!

Qiao Yifan | Pyrite Points Merchant:
This NPC is going to have some special items, Fortune Crates and the legendary Cryptic Might scrolls for Pyrite Points only!

Wei Chen | Pyrite's Special Shop:
This NPC is going to sell the following scrolls; Guild Penalty Reset Scroll, Job Penalty Reset Scroll, Skill Reset Scroll and Stat Reset Scroll.

Mo Fan | Pyrite's Quest Manager
You'll be able to take on quests from this NPC and hand them back when you're done, obviously (LOL!)

An Wenyi | Pyrite's Titles Shop:
This is the Title shop NPC (Captain obvious strikes again!). You can find a lot of titles here. I'm sure you'll find something that suits you. (Führer is my favorite)

Bao Rongxing | Rotational Gold Miner:
We care about the economy of our server. Subsequently; we’re going to give gold more importance by adding a lot of valuable items for gold that are going to be sold by this NPC.

Medusa is one of those unique monsters that make us smell the nostalgia in the air, isn't it? For me it does. Medusa's entrance will be open for a duration of 2 hours, instead of the usual entry time to give a chance for everyone to join. She has been modified to fit a CAP 80 server, but you still got to try hard, it isn't as easy as it sounds!

Nostalgia and nose bleeds. Nowadays, every server is ignoring quests as they think they have become old fashioned, but conversely; quests play a huge role in the satisfaction of players, you guys might have forgotten about them already, but we’re here to remind you of how old-school is done!

Kill 100 Opposite Jobbers
In order to bring back the old fun job wars, we’ve added this quest, nonetheless; you won’t be able to abuse it, due to our anti-cheat system, so save your time! This quest is automatically triggered, you won’t need to start it from Mo Fan, and the reward is automatically granted, as well!
Reward: 15 Pyrite Points
Weekly Limit: 60 Pyrite Points

Job Temple
While many would think this is a quest based on botting, it’s totally the opposite; are you sure you won’t get slain by an enemy jobber?
This quest can be taken and started through Mo Fan, once you’ve taken on the quest; you’ll need to kill 1,000 mobs inside Job Temple, you won’t need to pick any quest items, as our system counts kills. Once you’ve slain 1,000 mobs, go back to Mo Fan and finish the quest. Easy, isn’t it?

DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to answer the question, first person who answers correctly will be declared as the winner.

DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to try to reach the number that the BOT announced in-order to win the event.

DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to search for the BOT and exchange it in order to win the event.

DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to move to the GM character at Donwhang South and start killing it, the player who snatches the last hit will be the winner.

DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, move to the specified area which the bot will say, it will drop items and ask you to make a certain enhancement level (plus), first one whom reaches it will be the winner.

DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to find the unique and kill it in-order to win the event.
Reward: 10 Unique Coins

DESC: Everyone will be recalled to the mentioned location with an auto-equipped yellow cape.
How to sign up: PM [Bot]LMS with "Register" to join. You will be informed if the registration was successful and teleported to the event location before it commences!
Location: An un-reachable area in Donwhang.
Objective: Stay alive and be the last man standing.
Restrictions: Parties are disabled and you cannot go AFK for longer than 60 seconds. Reverse Scrolls are disabled.
Reward: 8 Silver Coins & 250 silk

DESC: Kill the opposing team members and steal the flag.
Restrictions: Level 80. You cannot go AFK for longer than 60 seconds; otherwise you will be teleported back to town!
Reward: 1 Silver Coin per Kill

(Party, Job & Guild)
Time: Every 3 hours.
How to sign up: Through the Event Manager NPC.
Location: Battle Arena.
Objective: Win the match by killing more monsters than the other team.
Restrictions: Level 80. You cannot go AFK for longer than 60 seconds; otherwise you will be removed from the event.
Reward: 3 Silver Coins for the winners, 1 for the losers

Bounty PVP
How it works: Once the opponent accepts the deal, both of you will get teleported to an arena and the gold amount will be taken from you.
How to sign up: You have to send a message to [Bot]BPVP1 ~ 4 with "OpposingName goldAmount".
Location: Fight Arena.
Objective: You have to win 2 rounds of 3.
Restrictions: Job suits must be taken off before the deal, outside buffing is disabled.
Reward: The total gold amount which been taken from both players.
Note: You can block any spammer by sending "block spammerName" to [Bot]BPVP1 ~ 4 or to unblock send "unblock name". Also, you can watch an event by sending "watch" to the correct BOT name.

How it works: You have to buy lottery tickets during the specified period and the BOT will randomly select the winner on the scheduled time.
How to sign up: Buy ticket(s) from the specified NPC.

This lottery is job related. The more active you are in job, the more tickets you will receive. An application is not needed. All you need to do is to be active in Job. More tickets – higher chance to win.
Offline Events
By participating in these Events, you'll be able to earn silk on the grand opening.
We're going to choose 20 winners!

1- Use our Signature:

Pyrite | Cap 80 | CHN | Grand Opening 11/05/2018!

2- Participate in our Share Event on Facebook
Share Event Link:

♦️ SHARE EVENT [1/2] ♦️ 20.000 silks FREE!
Make sure to make a good use of this chance and participate! Get hyped and share it to hype your friends as well!

Participate in this event and follow the following steps to have a chance to win [1000] silks:
Share this video [ Must have a Public privacy]
Mention 3 of your friends who play SilkRoad.
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Reserved for future updates.

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same, tbh tl;dr
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Seems interesting good luck

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This looks like it got potential. If you need Users for closed beta pm me.
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I'm in
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Originally Posted by qlimax__ View Post
This looks like it got potential. If you need Users for closed beta pm me.
Thanks! Join our Discord and wait for an announcement.
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Seems interesting , Im in ^_^
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Gj mate
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Originally Posted by james! View Post
Seems interesting good luck
Originally Posted by QAZD View Post
I'm in
Originally Posted by Tocxido12345 View Post
Seems interesting , Im in ^_^
Originally Posted by readlee View Post
Gj mate
We'll be waiting for you!
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Thats huge woof, good luck
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im hope you no lie us about Friendly gm like devias owner Leon owner dymer owner and alot of owners already lied us,, im in good luck mate
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Looks promising! Missed old 80 cap! Gonna be here for sure!
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Originally Posted by J3oyy View Post
Thats huge woof, good luck
Thanks mate, took quite a lot of time to make the thread look good indeed. Hahahahaha

Originally Posted by eslamthunder1 View Post
im hope you no lie us about Friendly gm like devias owner Leon owner dymer owner and alot of owners already lied us,, im in good luck mate
There are no lies here, you can ask around!

Originally Posted by xglspyxgl View Post
Looks promising! Missed old 80 cap! Gonna be here for sure!
We're going to put the nostalgia back in you, hopefully!
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I'm in <3

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