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Araxion Online - Sky's the limit | CH | CAP100 PVE | Endless Entertainment | GO 01.04

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Araxion Online - Sky's the limit | CH | CAP100 PVE | Endless Entertainment | GO 01.04

Wazzup Silkroad community! The server that you have been waiting for is almost here! Araxion online is a new output of both tremendous thinking and effort by a group of experienced people who have been working in the Silkroad scene for years. We had our eyes on the servers that have been released from 2k16 until now, noticed their mistakes and will not repeat them in our server. Unfortunately, we have to follow the norm and make this announcement that most servers do nowadays; however, most of these servers are a scam since they end up failing after the first month -and reopen again shortly.- *cough* *cough*

About Araxion: It was originally founded in 2016, had both races back then and the team consisted of three people; two of them are no longer with us. We started working at Araxion II in June 2017 till now. We are simply adding years of experience into one project to see our dreams come true. Araxion might be a breakpoint to many of us -team members- as many of us have stable jobs and personal issues; so, this server is probably our goodbye to the community.

If you are wondering about the team, why we are working and our vision for the server, please read this carefully. (it will mean a lot to us)
The Team:If you are active enough on most of the gaming forums, you may have already heard the names of a few of our teammates along with some of which you don't know; they are freelance developers from outside SRO.

Our Abilities: Well, we really do not want to talk about our abilities because we believe that our achievements speak volumes of them. However, in case you still want to know what our abilities are, let me sum this up. We can make whole new dungeons just like Joymax ones, a new windows like ISRO ones -which is really hard and needs a very experienced graphic designer to design it , as well as a splendid team to code and edit it to the client.- PS: We have added more than 10 new windows to our client. We can also make new towns, models, uniques and much more that if we kept talking about, we might as well write a book so this is as short as it can be.

Our Mission: To achieve what most of other servers failed to by creating a long term server where it wont take a shitload of years to get capped and then find nothing to do. To create a fun and enjoyable environment to entertain our players in their free time. We already prepared our incoming updates schedule so the server will not ever be boring. Moreover, we are not a money-hungry team which is what distinguishes us from others. We do this out of pure passion to Silkroad and to offer what we deserve as players! Plus, we are challenging ourselves in some stuff to make it as original as possible (Yes, we do not own the source code, but we made everything look as legit as the original.)

Website, Forum & Social Media

Open Beta Information (21 March)

What does 'BETA' means? The beta phase is typically initiated when a developer opens up a project to those who have not been involved in the development to test all the functions implemented. Recently, developers used BETA phase to gave themselves more time to finish up their project.
In Araxion, BETA phase is just for testing and fixing bugs -if existing-, meaning we will be online in game testing stuff with you.

Grand Opening Information (April 1st 16:00 UTC)

Is it April fool? *cough* *cough* It is not, we have already prepared a wery nice April fool which you will notice it after our launch within few hours^^ (Don't be mad if you didn't realize it!) So, our official grand opening is going to be on April 1st 18:00 UTC. Prepare your guild-mates, team-up with your friends for unimaginable journey in Araxion! I don't want to mention that you will enjoy the most stable launch you have ever seen but, that's already proven by Muhab on the lately few projects that got released by his friends & his support for them!

Official Teasers


Official Trailer


Technical Stuff
Machine, hosting provider and more

  • Server Provider
    Our host provider is one of the most known companies and they are talented in hosting-dedicated servers. They provide the highest network stability, insane support 24/7 and even their upgrades and host modifications get done pretty smoothly at anytime u wish.

  • Server Specification

    • Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5606 @ 2.13GHz 2.13GHz (2 processors)
      One of the top high-end processors in the industry; we picked it out to have the most stable running modules ever.

    • Installed Memory (RAM): 96 GB (96 GB usable)
      Why not? That's enough to handle 8k players on the same machine. If any more performance is needed later, it won't take us an hour to upgrade our host!

    • System Type: 64-bit Operating system, x64-based processor

  • Hypired Emulator (HE)
    Basically, It's a server-sided project that contains 7 separated modules which took over 5 months of coding (Download, Gateway, Global Manager, Workers, Agent Emulator, Shard). It gave us the ability to fully control the client and to provide a better game by creating new systems, dungeons, events...etc. The global manager is the head which all the others are connected to and it can handle the needed communication between the agents. The agent is working as a proxy between the server and the client. We can also run our multi-agents to an unlimited number to handle any amount of players. Agents are connected to the shard which handles the communications between players and actions that interact together, like events, unique(s) and so on.

  • Client Extension (CE)
    Although everything at our incredible Hybrid Emulator is awesome, you cannot see it; so we worked quite a lot on the visual stuff to bring more fun to the game. We started using our awesome skills in building a new client extension to communicate with our lovely emulator. You might be wondering this means. Our client extension which runs at your end (client) offers everything from new notifications, new game user interfaces (windows), automatically updates your inventory and titles without having to teleport, handles events, security and much more! This is only a brief explanation on what we are using our client extension for, with a lot more to come in the near feature.

  • Exploit Protection
    This is one of the most important shiz in p-sro scene. In Araxion, we have coded our own anti-exploit feature which took us a long time to get done. Basically, we can find out any new exploit used on our server and fix it immediately. Not to mention that our team has managed the worst seen exploits by the scene on their old projects.

    A well-known project provided by MeGaMax for improving server modules to an endless point. He truly is a very talented guy who gets whatever he wants (source code - shhh). He is also capable of hacking NASA's satellites -if he ever wishes to, that is. Finally, I would really like to thank this guy for his cooperation with us, installing and configuring his amazing project that helped us reach another unlimited point which runs an unlimited number of modules on the same machine. Not to mention his project features which provide a more stability & bug-free game!

  • Server and Website Protection
    We are using HyperFilter-dedicated servers to host our files to minimize the delay and to stop the malicious attacks (DoS, DDoS, RDDoS) and server exploits. Although we communicate with you in forums, our website is what we update with the latest news and our supporting platform, so we use double protection for it; HWP (HyperFilter Web Proxy) and Cloudflare protect us from such attacks.

  • Safety Backup
    Our automated system will make sure to take a daily backup of the databases and upload it to our cloud to ensure getting the server back on the same day in case the host provider company got burned!

Offline Silk Events
Don't miss any of them, they are free to participate!

  • Facebook (UP TO 100k SILKS):

    There are plenty of facebook events to participate in that will make you an aristocrat in Araxion forever.
    • Free Avatar set (20x):
    • Free Fellow pet (20x):
    • Feedback (10k):
    • Free Grab pet (20x): will be available soon.
    • 1st Share Event (20k):
    • 2nd Share Event (20k): will be available soon.
    • 3rd Share Event (30k): will be available soon.

  • Discord:

    Nowdays, discord is the most popular chat application for gamers; thus, we gave it all of our support for a better communication between players & team members. It would also be the best option for you to get supported instantly!

    • New Comers (100 silks each): Join us on our discord server now for a chance to get 100 silks; you will be randomly picked by Admins. This event is endless, so best of luck!

    • Invitation Event (unlimited reward): You can start farming silks from now by inviting your mates into our discord. You will be rewarded for each person you invite, but don't ever try to cheat as our discord logs are developed enough to catch cheaters! For more information, check out our discord channel #events

  • Elitepvpers:

    • Signature Event (60 silks each): Support us by using our signature on elitepvpers forum and earn a free 60 silks!

Worldwide Tournaments
Paying back the community

  • Monthly Equalized Guild War Tournament (Up to 2500$ rewards!)
    An amazing tournament hosted by Araxion team. Do you think your team is capable of betting with any other guild on their skills? Do you think your guild is too strong to be defeated? Then take the chance given by Araxion to prove yourself. This tournament will be hosted monthly on our live server inside of our Equalized Arena (yes, we can do that on our LIVE server). The rewards (2.5k$) will be distributed for the top 3 guilds; they will be $$, in-game silks and more! This tournament is going to start a month from our launch, on May 1st, and it will last for a week or two. Your guild should be at least 1 month old to be able to participate. More information will be announced later so stay updated!

  • Monthly Equalized PVP Tournament
    This monthly tournament is not automated; it is controlled and managed by us to ensure that everything goes as smooth as planned. Why the fuzz? This monthly competition will be the biggest, loudest and most rewarding in the private SRO history! Why? Because the tournament is for our beloved players. In our equalized battle arenas, where only skill matters and not your equipment, the tournament will be broadcasted every month across our social media channels LIVE for everyone to see. Keep an eye on this part for more information about the rewards, the requirements to join, rules and most importantly, the rewards! (only the top 3 players will be rewarded)

Main Specifications
Basic Silkroad Online features and simple modifications

Main Gallery

  • Slots
    8000 *Up to infinity*. It is true, our files can handle this amount of players in a single SHARD. However, in case of ever exceeding this number, we can always enable our shard system. *cough* *cough*

  • Cap 100
    Nothing really to say here, CAP 100 was proven to be people's favorite, and ours too!

  • Race
    The server is Chinese and Europe. Why only Chinese? Balancing skills is not impossible but it is way harder than you think; we have to balance the skill cast-time, duration, damage and speed. It is simply way too time-consuming. We were more focused on the game content rather than the balance, that is our mini version of the story.

  • Mastery
    330. We wanted to give you extra options and to allow variety. Instead of only playing with your main masteries, now you have extra 30 to spend however you like.

  • EXP
    The experience rate is neither high nor low. Leveling up is also in between. To reach the cap, it will take more than just a day but less a year. Bottom line is, you need less than 3 days.

  • SP
    You don't have to gap. It is not the official SRO; you came here to have fun and not spend your days at a Penon taxi with a full A.F.K bot farming for days only to get barely enough skill points. Skill points are higher than the experience rate, cheers!

  • Starter Kit
    You spawn with the following items to make your leveling journey on Araxion's more pleasant, we didn't want to be any less than Joymax.

    • 3 Pages Inventory.
    • 500.000 Gold.
    • 500.000 Skill Points.
    • 5000 HP Potion.
    • 5000 MP Potion.
    • 20 Beginner Return Scroll.
    • 3 Days Random Grab Pet.
    • 3 Days Premium.
    • 3 Days Movement Speed Increase 120% Skill.
    • Full Equipped Set.

  • Alchemy
    Alchemy fusing time was adjusted to 1 seconds instead of 3. A quick maths to prove that this will save you a lot of time; 3 second x 10000 elixir = 30000 second, 500 minutes, 8 hours! We saved you 6 hours of your life, thank us later!

  • Alchemy Rate
    To maintain a smooth and long-term server, we increased the alchemy ratio slightly in order not to screw up the game balance. We do not want everyone to run around the server with +12 items on the first week after all.

  • Maximum Plus
    The maximum plus is 12. We cannot make it higher than +12 because if we do, the server will be totally unbalanced. So +12 is the perfect choice for a cap 100 server.

  • Max Stack
    We know how much you suffer from going back to town to either free up some space in your inventory or get potions and arrows. So to make your life easier, we changed the item stack to 10k.

  • PC limit 2
    I can't say that we achieved an unbreakable HWID system, but we made it way harder than before to exceed it. We learned from our -as well as others'- mistakes and achieved a decent security.

  • IP limit
    Although we have our awesome HWID protection, we set the IP limit to 4 connections per IP address. If you play in an internet cafe and want to have more freedom, you will have to contact us at discord or via email address.

  • Anti-Cheat
    Araxion Online now has its own logging system! Apart from the normal SRO logging, our emulator does our custom logging and saves it somewhere safe. To be exact, it has been saved in the most secured prison in the world! We know everything you did or even tried to do and failed to. Do not think for a moment that you can cheat the system; because if you did, we will know who you are and where you live. Just kidding, you will only get banned according to our ToS

Client Modifications
user interface modifications, designs and even more

  • Help Window
    Silkroad is an MMORPG, but for some reason we ignore the help window. None of us have probably ever checked the guide window, so we decided to make a little update. We added our newest features, quests and much more to save your time from going back and forth to the thread and our website.

  • Designing
    However, we know that you grew so bored of the old-fashioned psro servers. Thus, almost everything in-game has been redesigned for a fresh & better-looking game.

  • New Launcher
    We have also changed our launcher design & buttons now. It is simpler & more functional as it redirects you to our FB page, YT channel & Discord server.

  • Thunder Audio
    The thunder and rain sound that pops up randomly out of nowhere to scare you while you're peacefully watching over your bot and listening to sad songs was removed.

Features, Modifications and even more

Character Gallery

  • Top 300 Players to reach the CAP Event
    Your support to us is priceless! To reward your long wait and hard work for being one of the first people to reach the maximum level, we decided to do the following: First, your name will be written across the server with our lovely green notice, informing everyone that you got capped! However, that does not really count as a reward; hence, the team is rewarding you the following if you are included in the first 300 players to reach it.

    • Top 1~100: is getting 350 Silks.
    • Top 101~200: is getting 225 Silks.
    • Top 201~300: is getting 125 Silks.

  • Achievements (UI)
    Everyone on our team has their own preference, so do you. We planned this ahead of time because we know that you will ask for it later if you like unique hunting, dungeon raids, alchemy, jobbing and trading. We already mentioned over and over how our emulator helps us in creating logs for everything. With his help and our awesome client extension, we created real time achievements; you don't have to relog, teleport or do anything. Once the conditions for an achievement is met, you automatically gain it!
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Titles
    Titles are important. They show who you are in-game, what you have achieved, what you worked hard for and what you really love. Your title explains everything about you, hence we wanted to give you a variety of options. How to obtain them? Through quests, achievements, unique hunting, NPC and automated events. You will never lose your titles again. Every title you gain will be saved and you can switch between them through our title window. Plus, you do not have to teleport to see your new title; it will automatically update, so you can switch your title whenever you want.

  • LIVE Title switching/update (UI)
    Every server has been flourishing with this feature; unfortunately, they were lying to you. Although the title was updated for your own client view only, other players were able to see your old title until you teleported. Here, in Araxion, by using our HE power, we gave you a REAL LIVE title updating for you & everyone around you either by killing a unique, completing an achievement or switching your title using our incredibly new WINDOW! Do you not believe us? Try it yourself in Araxion and any other server. Thank us later for not lying too!
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Daily Activity (UI)
    Whoaaa! This is an extremely advanced feature that is only available in Araxion. Have fun logging in daily and doing a few in-game activities to get a right mark for your day. Each five days you claim the rewards, you get better chances and more valuable rewards!
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Marriage
    Araxion is not the only server that made the marriage system, but we are the best to execute it with the help of our emulator and client extension! You need to acquire a marriage contract and deliver it to Matchmaker Tia in order to get married. We know that marriage is a big deal and we shall reward you for taking such a huge step; once you are officially married, you unlock an achievement with a special title for you and your spouse. If you like to level up together in the same party, you get our marriage blessing skill. If you cannot get away from each other and want to level in the same area, you get another marriage blessing skill. The buffs/skills will not work inside events and fortress war.

  • All Avatars
    Every single avatar you have seen in Silkroad scene ever since 2014 was added into our game This means you will have a hard time picking which avatar describes your personalty most. Although if you are looking for your favorite avatar, we guarantee you that you will find it in our custom NPC. Have fun & better looks in Araxion!

  • NEW Avatars
    There will be plenty of completely new Avatars in Araxion. Since we are capable of doing pretty much everything, we created completely new avatars for a NEW Looking game to satisfy the modern players who always wanted to get rid of the 2004's avatars and be up-to-date!
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Old PVP Caps
    To feel the old school and see your opponent's equipment, we brought them back! We were able to bring them back, not just the visual effect with the free PvP mode. You can find them at the grocery store in all the towns! {The free PvP system on the action window is no longer working!}
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Main Lock
    This feature disables all the main functions on your character. You can use it if you're taking a break, scared that someone in your family might steal your items or for extra security. Whatever the reason is, we coded this with love for your use. How does it work?

  • Stall, Exchange and Exit bugs
    You can no longer use these kind of bugs. Why? Simply because we are awesome. You can no longer exchange, stall or exit during combat. These kind of bugs got fixed server side.
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Restart Function Disabled
    You no longer have to close and reopen the game whenever you need to restart! It's disabled on all the servers due to the old HWID theory which almost everyone on the section knows how it works and how to bypass it. Why is it different here? Because we are using newer and more advanced methods to obtain your HWID. It is for your own security and to also keep the game balanced.

  • Permanent Buffs
    It is boring to recast your buffs when you teleport or die, especially if you're playing PvP. Permanent buffs purpose is to make your daily journey smoother and more fun. Buffs duration is extended to 3 days, because why not?

  • Character Ranking
    Show off your statistics to everyone with your gold, pvp kills, item points and more. The ranking is getting updated automatically, so always stay active and gather as many kills/gold as you can to stay on the top 50 list so that everyone can see your name. Don't you want to be the center of attention?

  • Uniques Ranking
    Show off your unique hunting addiction to everyone. The ranking gets updated automatically, so do not miss a unique and you will always under the spotlight... Certainly, not every unique is equal. Each one has its own number of points that get saved into our system, and the ranking arranges them from the highest to the lowest; the harder the unique is, the higher the points will get.

  • Skill Balance(not final)
    Even the Chinese race isn't well-balanced. Cold & bow masteries are the most useless in joymax's cap 100 servers; thus, we had to do our own balalnce for a better gameplay and competition between builds. We also offer you the ability to get in-to duel builds^^
    Current skill balance is not final and might be changed during beta phase.

SOX, currencies, NPCs and even more

Gallery 6

  • SOX Types

    • Seal of Star (Tradeable)
      The starting point in your finial journey and the easiest SoX to gain in the last tire items is the Seal of Star. We made it easy because it is nothing compared to its older brothers. Since it is the weakest in the series, it will be the easiest to obtain! But easy does not mean a high drop from monsters, as it will turn the server into a lifeless botting challenge to get the most items. Rather than that, we lowered the drop from the monsters and increased it slightly inside dungeons and job caves.

      • Balance: equals last tier items + 1
      • How to obtain: Droppable from normal monsters and uniques with a low-mid rate.

    • Seal of Rigel (Tradeable)
      The intermediate SoX; the one in between the strongest and the weakest. It is not hard nor easy to obtain. With that said, it will take you longer to obtain as it is a bit harder than the beginner SoX. Why would you work harder for this if you already have Seal of Star? The slight increase in your item stats can really make a difference in PvP and dungeons..

      • Balance: equals last tier items + 1.7
      • How to obtain: By using Rigel Crate, which will give you a SOR item with different chances of weapons, set or accessories. (You will find how to obtain Rigel Crate below)

    • Seal of Moon (Weapons only)(Untradeable)
      The most advanced SoX in Araxion by far! There is no stronger equipment in Araxion. Being the strongest renders it extremely hard to obtain in order to keep it as valuable. You cannot obtain it from monsters, as that will definitely make the server lifeless and everyone will bot in hope of SoX. Instead, you gain it from activities and dungeons to make sure it is fair and square for everyone. You have to take care tho, the mission you will face will not be easy; you should gear up for this mission.

      • Balance: equals last tier items + 2.5
      • How to obtain: By collecting talismans from various in-game activities. It is more like a hard drop rate but the talisman will be set directly in your inventory. Basically, before continuing, it is more like an in-game achievement; once you reach xx kills or finish xx* trades, you will have the chance to get the talisman randomly by killing more players or finishing more trades. There will be a specified global notice written once someone gets a talisman with his talisman name and finished activity.

        Here is a proper list of in-game activities that can reward you with a talisman:

        • Fire Flower: Obtainable by doing jobs (Kills & selling goods).
        • Horned Cattle: Obtainable through various events, such as Survival Arena, CTF, BA, LMS, FFA and others
        • Flame of Oblivion: Only obtainable by defeating our [Chibis] that exist all around the map.
        • Flame Paper: Can be bought from our [Grappy Silvertooth] NPC for a specified amount of your [Cosmic Points].
        • Hearthstone Flame: Can only be obtained from our dungeons bosses. Check [Instances and Dungeons] section for more information.
        • Enchantress Necklace: Obtainable by killing difficult capped uniques only.
        • Fire Dragon Sword: Can only be bought by an amount of gold from [Gappy Silvertooth].
        • Honghaeah Armor: Can only be obtained by destroying a Rigel +7 weapon.

  • Currencies

    • Cosmic Points (CP)(Untradeable)
      The universal currency of Araxion; this coin is responsible in-game purchases. It is based on the all of the in-game activities, such as jobbing, killing uniques, farming monsters, dungeons, achievements, quests...etc. Whatever you do in-game will bring you CB with different values. They can be used to buy your SOX items, fellow pets, avatars, globals, reverse scrolls, GDF, special job flag and suits. Whatever comes to your mind is purchasable by using this currency in game. Finally, a free to play server!

    • Goods Fragment (GF)(Untradeable)
      Obtainable by trading, thieving or even protecting running caravans. They are massively needed to increase your power while doing job activities as they play a main role in gaining more valuable job items, such as suits with higher blues, job flags, carts and more!

    • Guild Points (GP)(Untradeable)
      The known GP in your guild window; it is more useful now to use GPs as they play a major role on FWs. They are valuable, so do not waste them on useless stuff! What can you buy using GPs? Heavy war equipments, such as rams/catapults, mines, flags, defending uniques and more (WTF are we taling about? No worries, everything is described in FW section). You can also use them to upgrade your fortress war towers for a higher level & stronger defence! Note: GP donation is disabled.

    • Crystal Fragment (CF)(Tradeable)
      To all the unique lovers out there, we knew you would not care for you uniques if not for their rewards. Thus, we answered your call! Crystal fragments is droppable from all the uniques! YES! ALL OF THEM! Although some drop more than the others; it all depends on the unique difficulty. These fragments will be tradable since not everyone is fond of unique hunting, and it will be a necessity to obtain as it is required for lots of in-game items!

    • Arena Coin (AC)(Untradeable)
      At Araxion, the arena coins are not linked to the Battle Arena only. We added more ways to obtain it since it is required for many of the important in-game items; for example, item mall items and last tire weapons/sets. It will be quite boring if we made it through Battle Arena only. It would not even make any sense to do it and it will bore you hell. Hence, we added many ways to obtain them. By ways I mean fun automated events, giving you a variety of options to choose from while playing.

    • Gold Coin (GC)(Tradeable)
      As the name implies, it can only be purchased by gold and it plays a big role on tiering up your SOX gears to an advanced level. Thus, gold currency is a necessity for the in-game economy; it can ruin a long-term server or keep it safe. That is why gold is being used even more than silks in our shops.

  • Custom NPCs
    Below are our custom NPCs who offer you various in-game stuff as marriage proposals, events registers, ranks, special items sale (premium, job, titles, sox and more), quests, dungeons participation! Do not hesitate to check them out because you will find even more stuff than mentioned here.

    • Norita
      If free to play is what you are looking for, Norita is your way to go! She sells most of the premium items for a decent price with in-game currencies. She offers whatever you are looking for, such as fellow pets, grab pets, avatars, globals, reveres, balloons, custom scrolls and even more.

    • MatchMaker Tia
      Tia is the npc you seek if you want to get married or divorced. You can find her at Jangan in a peaceful place in which she takes care of your love life. To know more about our marriage system, go to [Marriage].

    • Arena BattleMaster
      Known as the Entertainment NPC; he is your way to participate in any special event available in Araxion. He also shows you the incoming events & weekly schedule through his exclusive schedule windows. You will not have a hard time finding him since he is placed next to the main teleporter in every town.

    • Ranking Official (Job)
      Specialists NPC for jobbers who are always looking for competition! He will show you the top 50 jobbers on each league with their rank, name, kills, deaths & ratio which gets updated instantly in-game.

    • Mumbai
      That guy owns the best and most exclusive job items. such as flags, suits, pets, power-ups and even a few premium items for reasonable prices. Make sure to visit him for the price list and his powerful items! He is located next to Trader NPC in each town.

    • Aristocracy Man
      If you are trying to be an Aristocrat in Araxion, do not hesitate to buy special titles that fit your personality from him. Are you a normal player who does not donate at all? No worries, we added plenty of free special items that can be obtained through our achievements system.

    • Quest Manager
      All the custom quests are assigned to this NPC. We have all kinds of quests you can think of: Titles, unique hunting, achievements and way more!

    • Rissa Shadeleaf [DUNGEONS]
      Rissa here is the dungeon master; you need to talk to him to enter any dungeon. There are plenty of Solo and party dungeons where you can join in by yourself or with your guild or friends to obtain powerful items!

    • Gappy Silvertooth
      The most powerful NPC in Araxion. looking for better gears to get stronger and be able join any existing competition in Araxion? Gappy Silvertooth sells all the needed crates/items for our customized SOX equipment with detailed price lists. He is placed in Donwhang only. Make sure to buy his stuff, otherwise you will not be able to survive!

    • Craggle Wobbletop
      Basically, our item mall expansion since GayMax could not code the item mall very well. It is another bugged feature which crashes the client if too many items are added into it (they couldn't even succeed with their P2W logic!). Thus, anything missing from our item mall will be available in Craggle Wobbletop shops.

  • Rigel Crate
    The only possible way to get your Seal of Rigel equipment is the intermediate SOX type of Araxion. They are neither hard nor easy to get. They are also available in our Gappy Silvertooth shop for different price sets which are [Gold, Cosmic Points & (Crystal Fragment OR Arena Coin OR Goods Fragment.)] You are free to choose which way you want to obtain your crate through jobbing, events or uniques. Their chances differ from each equipment type; weapons are the hardest while accessories & armors have almost the same chance. it also has a 100% success rate which means that you will get a random Rigel item once used.
    Detailed prices will be posted later.

  • SOX Effects
    We did not want to over-edit such feature; we created simple and amazing effects for our different SOX types that will suit your needs without causing you eye cancer!
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Plus Glows
    It is simple as possible and fits exactly with our custom-made effects to offer you a better-looking game and satisfy your gaming passion.
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Automatic Plus Notice
    You do not have to tell everyone once you enhance your weapon. Plus, we will do this for you. An automatic notice will appear to the whole server, stating your equipment name and its plus. It is also better to avoid the "team is corrupted" kind of messages, as everyone knows that you are responsible for them and that they are not sent by us to the players.
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Item Lock
    You only have a few valuable items on your character and want to secure them? Item locking offers this kind of security for your safety. We do not want to see what you worked hard for go to waste, so make sure to use the item lock to keep them safe. How does it work?
    **Details will be posted here**

  • Automatic Equipment
    We believe that the automatic equipment system is one of the most helpful systems ever. However, in Araxion, we gave it some advantages with professionalism and time saving. Our automatic equipment is based on a gift box that you will find in your inventory; once used, it will self-teleport you in the same position you are and give you the new DG items & another box for the next degree. So have a nice grinding without getting back to town to update your equipments!
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

Fortress, Union, Guild & Wars

Gallery 7

Aren't you bored of playing the same fortress war for years? We added more strategies into our Fortress War. Keep reading to know what's exciting there!
  • Guild start level
    It is 5 to be able to gather your guild mates once you start the HYPE.

  • Guild limit
    We have discussed this with a lot of players and guild masters. Finally, we decided to set it to 32 players per guild to ensure a better game-play.

  • Union limit
    We have discussed this with guild masters and decided to set it 3 guilds per union.

  • Union chat limit
    In Araxion, you can provide the union chat for all your guild members.

  • GP Donation Disabled
    We have completely disabled the GP donation with your skill points. Why? Simply because GP is more valuable now to buy your FW heavy equipment and items!

  • Leave Penalty
    Tired of waiting for 3 days to be able to join another guild? Guild leave penalty is now decreased to only 1 day!

  • Competitive "Guild Job lock" (UI)
    You may have already heard about it. We added a special feature for you that allows guild masters to set a common JOB league for their members; thus, players will not be able to join the opposite league anymore!
    **Check out the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Union & Guild Chat Members Mute
    This feature is only available for Guild & Union masters; it gives them the ability to mute any spamming member from writing into union/guild chat. Thus, there will be no more spammers in your chats! They can also unmute them later. To use this command just type "?mute NAME" or "?unmute NAME" into your chat. easy ha?

  • Available Fortress Wars

    • Jangan Fortress War
    • Bandit Fortress War
    • Hotan Fortress War
    • Constantinople Fortress War (comming soon)

  • Fortress War PC Limit
    You can not join the Fortress War with more than one character per PC.

  • Fortress War Register Limit
    You can only register in the Fortress War with 16 members at least.

  • Fortress War Enter Limit
    Only level 90+ characters are allowed to use the fortress war teleports.

  • Fortress War Structures
    Fortress in Araxion HYPE is customized to fit our server capacity. We modified structures HP, defense & attack rates.

  • Defending Uniques
    They are not useless; we improved them so that they can kick some butts. We revived the fortress war defending uniques to be more of value. Now their damage increased, their skills and debuffs where they can be worthy of your command. Be careful! As powerful as they are, they became more fragile, meaning we improved their damage and increased the debuffs but decreased their HP and defence.

  • Flags
    We have added new fortress war flags as Panic, Blunting and more to provide better competition in the fortress war. More will be added later!

  • Live Fortress War Kills counter and ranking (UI)
    This feature is pretty awesome. We have managed to parse fortress war kills automatically within the war duration.
    There will be a live title ranking update in-game for top players kills during the fortress war.
    **Check out the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Fortress War Mines/Traps
    Bomb your enemies now by trapping them into your mines; they can be set in front of your gates, near towers or in your heart entries. An incredible feature by Araxion team!
    **Check out the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Fortress War Rams & Catapults
    Seriously? Yup, innovation is our Silkroad passion. We added BRAND NEW Rams and Catapults into our fortress war which will help you FW attackers make more strategies with heavy, powerful war equipment!
    **Check out the gallery above for screenshots.


Gallery 8

  • Job level
    Lowered the exp rates and increased the job levels to 20 to stop job switching. The higher you get, the more fun it gets with new job suits and flags!

  • Leave Penalty
    7 days is the default penalty for leaving your job league. As not being able to job for a week gets boring af, we decreased the penalty to 3 days only. Do not be greedy, you still have to get punished for switching your league after all.

  • Ranking & Titles
    New levels equal new ranking and more achievements. Compete with other players to see who can get the highest rank and the most gained achievements & titles!

  • Job Mercenaries
    They are back! It was fun running around with mercenaries like bodyguards, killing everyone standing in your way. You can enjoy them at Araxion now!!

  • Tracing
    Thanks to our lovely emulator, we added a little check on the trace function which will not allow you to trace non-job players. Let's play fair!

  • Rates
    Below, you will find all the needed details about traders, hunters and thieves rates and their goods costs, gaining fragments and cosmic points.

    • Traders: The ones risking their money to buy goods and deliver them to other towns! They receive the highest amount of gold per trade, which is 100% more for each one! The 5* trade costs around 20m and you gain 100% more, which makes it 40m for each town! This means you gain 40m from Hotan to Jangan and vice versa. Along with the gaining cosmic coins for finishing the trade, you get 0.6 Goods Fragment (GF) for each 5*
    • Thieves: Your time to shine, show us your true face from the very beginning and join the Thief league to satisfy your bloodlust. You do not have to switch jobs later, the rewards are as close as those of the traders and hunters. You almost gain more gold and Goods Fragments without risking your money! Each 5* trade delivery gives you 80% of the trade without spending a penny on anything! PLUS 0.9 Goods Fragment.
    • Hunters: Being a hunter makes you a peacemaker; you are doing your duties by protecting the traders for a little profit! You take 50% out of every 5* trade without spending anything! However, we know that you are risking quite a lot. Thos is why you gain the highest amount of Goods Fragments; you gain 1.2GF for every 5* trade.

    The more, the merrier! The following changes were made to encourage trade parties, caravans and to have less solo trading. It is never fun to go back and forth alone while trading, unless you are botting. Hence, this here ensures that you trade in parties

    • Trader/Hunter Party Balance: The trader:hunter parties ratio is 2:1, but having 7 traders and 1 hunter in the same party may reduce the percentage of your income rate.
    • Thieves Party Balance: Their income percentage may increase by having 4 -or more- members in the party and may decrease by having 4 -or less-.

  • Donwhang Cave
    Also known as the job cave. It is more challenging to grind there as it gives you a higher drop rate to farm your SOX set/weapons, elixirs, stones and gold. But be aware, you might get killed without a warning! P.S We kept the old Donwhang Cave as it is, the job cave is on another instance.

  • Donwhang Cave Uniques
    The most powerful uniques in the game spawn inside our job cave for more competition and challenges during the hunt. There will be 4 uniques and their BOSS, so team up with your mates for survival!

  • Ranking Office
    A BRAND NEW ranking office which is available only in Araxion. Visit our job ranking office to check your rank out or know who is among the TOP 50 jobbers in each league!
    **Check out the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Additional Job Suits
    5x job suits for each job type; thus, 15 job suits in total for a better looking game and job wars. These job suits will give you additional blues depending on their levels & your job level!

  • Wanted Jobbing (UI)
    The old Silkroad Online feature is back! Although it is not completely new since almost server has it right now. But we execute it differently with our new WINDOW, which gets updated instantly with your kills & deaths. It even updates your power-up skill without getting teleported. Not excited yet? Ok, we have added a list there which shows you the opponent league's wanted players name, kills, wanted level, LOCATION & reward, so let the hunt begin!
    **Check out the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Job Flags
    Brilliant Araxion! 5 different BRAND NEW flags are available for jobbers to offer more complex job wars & competition. Try not to use them unless you really have to though. These flags power-up your statistics for a short period of time and their cooldown lasts for a long period of time.
    **Check out the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Thief Town
    We placed the thief town NPC in every town to ease your struggle.

  • Job Ban
    Players always try to find a way or another to cheat the system, thus, if you try and get busted, you will be forbidden to JOB. Your punishment depends on what you did.

Towns, Grinding Areas & Uniques

Gallery 9

  • Donwhang (Main Town)
    We have chosen donwhang to be Araxion's main town as we believe it provides that old school feeling when we all had fun & memories playing this game. You can find all needed teleports & NPCs there!

  • Available Towns
    Regarding the towns, we have decided to stick with the old-school feeling with less Chinese towns only and more popularity!

    • Jangan
    • Downhang
    • Hotan
    • Constantinople (will be added later for FW case)

  • Arabian Coast
    • Level Range: 89 ~ 96
    • Uniques: Kidemonas & Venefica

  • Arabian Desert
    • Level Range: 97 ~ 100
    • Uniques: Abshad Force High General & Karkadann

  • Spawn ratio
    The game server limit of 50k monsters is increased and we have multiple game servers; you will never run out of mobs. In fact, you will be running from them.

  • Chibis
    Definiation: Chibi (ちび or チビ) is a Japanese slang word describing something short (a thing, an animal or a person) source: Wikipedia
    Basically, it is just a smaller version of the monsters running around the map. They show up only around their big brothers. They are rare to spawn and very rewarding, but also hard to kill.

Instance & Dungeons

  • Guild Dungeon (comming soon)
    Basically, each guild will have its own instance with strong monsters to defeat during the week. At a specified weekly time, all guilds that manage to defeate their instance will be taken into a competitive war against each other and uniques; you won't be able to hide at all! Whoever wins the competition will be named as the Dungeon Master in-game and all guilds will see their name upon entering the dungeon! An unimaginable competition. ha?

  • Tower of Infinity
    A single-player dungeon consists of 20 stages, each stage is harder than the previous one. The higher you reach, the better the rewards will get. You will be facing various enemies that will kill you if you are unprepared! The monsters look like the normal players, using normal skill too. BUT, their strength gradually increase by each stage. Those who can defeat all of them shall be rewarded! To enter, you need to be at least level 90+ and you need a tower of infinity ticket from our Dungeon Manager.

  • Battlefield of Infinity (coming soon)
    Let me explain to you how it works since most of the players are not familiar with the latest SRO and SRO-R updates. Battlefield of Infinity is a solo and party dungeon where you have to protect a tower from being destroyed by the monsters. Each wave is much harder than its previous one and you have to keep them away from the tower! A very fun and yet another brand new exclusive feature in Araxion Online. You get rewards if you succeed in protecting the tower from being destroyed by the monster waves. To enter, you need a battlefield of infinity ticket from our Dungeon manager. You can enter the dungeon starting from level 70!

  • Dungeon of Vicious Shadows
    Another features from SRO/R that is really challenging, is the dungeon of vicious shadows where you have to unfreeze the uniques and kill them in under 30 minutes! The dungeon is awesome if you have just started the game or are helping friends and guild mates to level up! To enter you, have have to be over level 50 and get a Chamber of Vicious Shadows Enterance ticket from our dungeon manager.

  • Kicking Party Members Disabled
    You will not be able to kick your party members inside dungeons anymore to ensure better teamwork and a fair game-play! However, you are free to leave only if you wish to.

Features, Scrolls, Functions and more

  • Real safezones
    No more thieves going into safezones! This was a brilliant feature introduced by Elamidas back in 2012~2013. But since things are completely different here, we remade it from scratch with proper functionalism. Thus, no thieves will be able to spawn their pets inside or outside towns within 300m distance. The same applies to the bandit return scroll.

  • Equalized BattleGround
    Will be the most beloved feature in Araxion. Basically, it will be hosted in Samarkand Remains (yes, we have completely remodeled Samarkand, closed the gates & destroyed the buildings). Whoever participates in the event will get teleported there with a completely clean character with a few level 1 monsters that rarely drop weapons, equipments, potions, arrows and accessories. Pick whatever you find there as it will be more than useful to survive. Even your hands are useful to defeat other players at this point.
    **More details & information will be announced later about this.

  • Global item linking (coming soon)
    Instead of going all the way to the buyer just to show him his item, we brought the global item linking from the newest files to Araxion! We know how other servers made it, and it is just not good enough for us. We work hard to make everything as original as possible, this is why you will notice the differences between us and the other servers.

  • PK Disabled near Uniques
    Our lovely emulator successfully managed to disable PK attacks when you are near any kind of uniques! Big Thanks to our emulator, there will be no more people running to uniques and ruining the time you spend hunting it.

  • Medusa & Roc
    Joymax updated Legend IV: Tomb of the Qin-Shi Emperor in 2009 where it introduced the Jangan cave and the roc, with two powerful uniques BeakYung The White Viper inside the Jangan cave (Tomb of the Qin-Shi) and Roc inside the Gate of Ruler (Mt. Roc). Whey were modified a bit to ensure that they fit perfectly with our modifications and the chinese race.
    (drops will be posted later)

  • Welcome Message
    Every time you log into our game, you will be welcomed with our automatic welcome message. Why? Simply because we love you. *heart*

  • Global Message Limits
    Globals are limited; you can use globals only after reaching level 40 and with a 30 seconds cooldown.

  • Item Mall
    We have removed the items below as they were added by GayMax for their P2W servers.
    • Damage increase & absorption scrolls [REMOVED].
    • Resurrection scrolls [REMOVED].
    • HP & MP increase [REMOVED].
    • Astral stones [REMOVED].

    There are also a couple of more modifications
    • Premium [Decreased to 10%].
    • Added cool-down to Reverse Return scrolls.

  • Fellow Pets
    The new branded fellow pets from JoyMax are added to Araxion, but with strict restrictions as they have probably failed to implement it without abusal
    • Cannot ride while in zerk mode.
    • Cannot spawn them while in zerk mode.
    • Cannot ride while in job mode.

  • Grab Pet (2 pages)
    As we are familiar with vsro bugs/exploits and you will be playing the most stable server you have ever played, we have decided to reduce grab pet pages to two pages only to avoid the known grab pet bug which causes a crash for the gameserver we won't describe how the bug works here but it exists and was being used on many servers to get them down.

  • Custom Scrolls
    Below are our custom scroll that we created thinking of you. Instead of either waiting for the penalties to be over, or getting stuck with a low grade premium while you want to use a higher one, need a new nickname, forgot to add steady stones and you are stuck with maximum durability, or you want to change your whole build. We just wanted to let you know that we got your back!

    • Name change
      Change is good. We all like change. Just do not forget to inform your friends and guild mates of your new nickname. We do not want them to miss you.
    • Model Switchers
      A well known feature that has been around for quite a while. I think it is pretty lovely because not everyone is fond of the D10 models. We modified it to allow variety. Be unique and choose your own gear!
    • Type Switchers
      Since the moon wont be tradeable, such scroll must exist. After all, we do not want you to work hard for your moon and get stuck with it if you decided to switch classes.
    • Gender Switchers
      As we all know, joymax always has to fuck something up. We figured out a bug with the old gender switcher, so we had to create our own one. Hence, it is secured and watched by our beloved emulator.
    • Silk Scrolls
      Silk scrolls became a necessity in every server nowadays. We can't just simply not add it our server, hence, you will find plenty of Silk Scroll inside the item mall.
    • State Recall
      Reset all your INT and STR points. We couldn't just leave you with only skill recalls, we had to create state recalls as well in order to fully convert your build.
    • Skill Recall
      It's not the same as the Skill Edit Potion; our custom scroll recalls all the skills at once so you wont have to remove one at a time!
    • Durability Remover
      Maximum durability is an issue whenever we forget to add Steady stones. We feel like its the end of world and we can no longer use our weapon; this is scroll removes it.
    • Job penalty Remover
      We didn't remove the job penalty from the game, so in order to skip the penalty, you have to pay for this scroll to remove your job penalty.
    • Guild penalty Remover
      Wait no more! If you got kicked or left your guild, you can simply use the scroll to reset the penalty.
    • Premium Remover
      If you want to replace your premium with an advanced one, just use this scroll to completely remove all of your premium buffs.

  • Competitive Ranking System
    Usually, we have nothing but the Academy (honor) Ranking in game and everyone is replacing it to be their job ranking; BUT, we are not everyone. at Araxion, we are different; we do things 100x times better even if it costs us more time and resources. The goal is to please you and not to gain extra money. What did we do? We created a new ingame ranking for you to show off your hard work. You no longer have to go back and forth to the website, you can check it LIVE at our ranking NPC's where you or your guild get to be under the spotlight. So, if you're good at killing uniques, PvP, Jobbing, kicking asses in tournaments or automed events, your guild is dominating others in guild wars, ...etc, everything has a ranking for you to excel your talent at what you really like.

  • Uniques Balance
    Tired of seeing Uruchi(STR) or Uruchi(INT) has appeared, blablabla, and the whole community is divided into two while hunting uniques? A totally boring and useless feature getting fame nowadays. However, we differ from others, so you won't see that anymore because our uniques are properly balanced for both types. So let's unite the community again into a single unique hunting road!

  • Astrals
    A pretty obvious pay-to-win feature by GayMax was removed. We are not GayMax nor are we planning a short-term server for easy money. Keeping them means we will be selling plus items, as players who spend money will buy lots of them to achieve the highest plus possible. This is exactly how greedy GayMax is.

  • Captcha Removed
    We made your life easier in our game login screen by removing the captcha completely. Thank us later for saving some time for you!

Automated Events
Your destination for an endless entertainment

Gallery 10

  • Schedule (UI)
    Oh, you probably thought that we were going to post events schedule here in a spoiler or something. Sadly, not at all. Because we have added a new exclusive feature in-game which can be accessed through our Battle Master NPC which views our in-game events schedule with two different types (incoming 10 events and the weekly schedule). You don't have to switch to our thread/webstie anymore to know what are the upcoming events. Cool. eh?
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Battle Arena
    A popular event, made by Joymax tbh, in which they succeeded to implement this event into Silkroad *cough* *cough*. Anyway, Battle Arena will be available in Araxion with all its types as it's the most enjoyable event in Silkroad (not Araxion). Enjoy your time playing BA!
    Note: Being A.F.K for a few minutes in BA will disconnect you (sorry but we don't allow cheaters anywhere!). Also, only level 100 players are allowed to participate and only a single character per PC.
    Rewards will be detailed later.

  • Capture The Flag
    One of the known 8 versus 8 event. It is popular for its massive war between the two parties which lasts for about 20 minutes. Get ready since CTF is going to play a big role in Araxion!
    Note: Only level 100 players are allowed to participate and only a single character per PC.
    Rewards will be detailed later.

  • Trivia (1800 Silks/Day)
    You might have heard of trivia event from our previous servers. But this time, trivia is completely different. It's getting done automatically by our emulator; every 20 minutes there will be a global notice about the event. The first one to answer it successfully will be rewarded.
    You have to know that there is a 20-second-delay between each answer. Also, your reward of 25 silks will be given automatically without teleporting.
    There are different types of this event, such as Question & Answer, Scramble & Quiz.

  • Lucky Party Number (1440 Silks/Day)
    You have already read about the emulator inspiration in every feature/event we have done since it helped us a lot to code our features in a better and more competitive way. So, about lucky party number, the emulator will give a notice of the lucky party number required to win the event when it's about begin. To win this event, you have to keep creating a party on the matching window till you reach the given number. If you're lucky enough, try it out to win 60 Silks. LPN will be running every one hour.

  • The Last Man Standing (2000 Silks/Day)
    This is a spectacular event from Araxion. You might have heard of it or even played it before. But, as you know, things are different here. The idea is that a group of players enter a small pvp area. If you die, you lose. The last man standing will be the winner to receive 250 Silks as a reward!
    Wondering why we are calling it an incredible event? Check the gallery above and have a look yourself!

  • Survival Arena (4vs4) (UI)
    It's as the title says, Survival Arena (4vs4) will be available in Araxion. You will be able to register through our Battle Master in any town with your 4 party members and the emulator will be randomly picking two parties to start a match between them. It's a single round event; whoever lasts will win! It's an incredible event made by ISRO, thank us later for making it available in vsro.
    Exclusive: Your team score will be updated instantly in the sruvival arena score window.
    Rewards will be detailed later.

  • Consignment Trading
    Are you bored of tracing a poor trade leader who always fails the trade? Araxion offers you the Consignment Trading which runs twice per day. Our ghost will pick its starting point and destination randomly and announce it. Once you hear it, buy your goods and trace him as quick as possible -he is unstoppable! No matter how hard thieves try, they will be wasting their time. You should still team-up with your guild hunters though, since thieves will be targeting you as well. *cough* *cough*

  • Bounty PVP (UI)
    Bet with your partner on who will win the fight! Basically, it's an automated system managed by a new WINDOW where you can set a bet with your partner and decide how the number of rounds you are going to fight. The gold amount will be taken automatically from your inventory upon teleporting to a specific area in which you are going to fight with partner. If you get disconnected, you will lose the bet. You can also call your friends to watch the bet, using your given instance unique ID!
    **Check the gallery above for screenshots.

  • Alchemy (2400 Silks/Day)
    A pretty known event that got famous thanks to Muhab's eBot (Events Bot). In the scene, basically, the emulator will announce the event starting somewhere at Donwhang, then it will drop free degree 1~6 +7 weapons/equipment. Your mission is to be the first one to reach +10 to win 300 Silks as a reward! Have fun fusing & unlocking more achievements!

  • Lottery
    Lottery event is added to Araxion. It gives everyone the chance to win shitloads of Silks, depending on your luck! All you have to do is to buy the lottery tickets from our gold miner. There will be 3 types of tickets with different chances and prices. Keep in mind that there will be a limit of 1-billion-price tickets to use for each event! There will be 3 winners only and the total silk amount gets calculated dynamically, depending on how many tickets were used. So you might win 1000, 15000 or even 100k Silks weekly! Winners will be announced weekly on Saturday 20:00 UTC.

  • Free For All (PVP) (UI)
    A brilliant event from Araxion. You can participate through our Battle Master NPC in any town. Once the event starts, you will be teleported to the Survival Desert area where all players will be able to attack each others. Your mission is to get as many kills as u can and the top 5 players will be announced and rewarded. The event will last for 10 minutes only, plus one minute for preparation, so 11 minutes in total. You should be skilled enough to win!
    Exclusive: Top 5 players score will gets updated instantly while the event is running in our new window.
    Rewards will be detailed later.
    **Video will be available soon in the gallery above.

  • Free For All (Job) (UI)
    A brilliant event from Araxion, you can participate through our Battle Master NPC in any town. Once the event starts, you will be teleported to the Survival Dessert area with your job suit. your mission is to gather as many kills as u can and the top 5 players will be announced and rewarded, the event will last for a 10 minutes only plus one minute for preparation so in total 11 minutes. You should be a skilled person to win this event!
    Exclusive: Top 5 players score will gets updated instantly while the event is running in our new window.
    Rewards will be detailed later.
    **Video will be available soon in the gallery above.

  • Marathon Race (UI)
    This is a really special event in which you will be able to participate through our Battle Master NPC in any town. Once the event starts, you will be teleported to a specific area where you will be itemless without even any speed increase skills. Basically, a clean level 1 character. you will not be able to move for a minute to ensure that everyone got teleported successfully. After the announcement, you will be free to move. Your mission is to reach the end of the map as fast as you can. You will find level 1 statues in your way which dies from a single hit; by killing these monsters, you will get a skin (either a turtle or a rabbit). You probably know what those skins are used for now Best luck! Marathon race will take a place weekly with a 10k reward for the first 10 players. Our streamers will also make sure to stream it on our FB page^^
    Exclusive: Once you reach the ending point, a window will appear with the top arrived players and their rank/rewards.

  • Masks VS Uniques
    A funny idea came to our mind, so why not to apply it? Basically, a single unique will spawn inside a specific area. This unique is only vulnerable to masks which means all players will be turned into weird monsters to attack the unique. We know it's different and weird, but it's FUN!

  • Hide & Seek (1920 Silks/Day)
    A well-known event; however, it differs in Araxion as well. Our emulator will announce the event's duration every 1.5 hours with the statue's hidden location as the first hint. Thus, you have to be the first to reach it before anyone else One hit is all it takes to defeat the statue and bring you 120 Silks as a reward. We forgot to mention that the emulator will do a second notice with a stronger hint after 5 minutes. If you failed to find the statue before 10 minutes, the event will be canceled automatically. Best luck from us!

Features, Functions, Abilities & Designing.

  • Brief Explanation
    We couldn't miss that part as well, we have coded the website ourselves to ensure providing new & innovated website that fitting our game. You will just visit it daily!

  • Design
    has been picked carefully out of 5 hundreds designs to ensure that you will have that game feeling on our website.

  • 2FA
    It's easier than you think for someone to steal your password. Any of these common actions could put you at risk of having your password stolen:
    • Using the same password on more than one site/game, which have been hacked.
    • Downloading malicious software (Bot or Tool) from the Internet.
    • Clicking on phishing links that grabbed your password.
    2-Step Verification can help keep bad guys out, even if they have your website password.

  • Security
    As we believe in securing our players from getting hacked, there are a few provided functions to ensure your account would stay safe. Such as requiring bigger and more complex password, geographic location checks, etc...

  • Ticket System
    If you can't access the game and/or our discord server you can still write us a ticket with your problem and we will make sure to respond asap! We have a dedicated team for that.

  • Portfolio
    A place where you can post your captured pictures in-game. Enjoy sharing your pictures with other members and getting likes & comments on it!

  • eSports
    An awesome event that has been done by us. Basically, It consists of three milestones/goals of Araxion project. On each achieved milestone there will be a huge tournaments with $$ reward for our players through an in-game event, or other activities.

  • Ranking
    A special and proper ranking that has been done for Araxion's content only.

    • Top Player - based on their item points
    • Top Job - based on job kills
    • Top Achievers - based on achievements
    • Top Guild - based on guild wars and activity
    • Top Alliance - based on wars and activity
    • Top Hunter - based on uniques score
    • Top PVP-JOB KD - based on your kills/deaths on PVP and Job

  • Character Preview
    Statistics, equipments, PVP history, job history and unique history.

  • Guild Preview
    Statistics, members, fortress war history and guild war history.

  • Holiday Mode
    You can use this to lock down your account if you know you will be gone for an extended period of time and want extra protection.

  • Forum
    Feel free to write your opinions/suggestions here. Come here instead of posting your opinions on the
    spam-filled epvp thread.

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#reserved for updates and news!

So basically this thread was delayed so was the beta due to us writing the thread from scratch, we gave the main headers to someone and it wasn't really how we expected it to be. Hence we dumbed the thread and recreated it from scratch in this past two days. We would like to thank you all for your massive support and love that you've shown in the past couple of days!

Please note the the thread is still going through proofreading and being updated, so you may find grammar and spelling mistakes, it will be fixed ASAP!

Edit: The thread translation is ongoing

Edit2: thread proofreading is done, although some stuff are still missing will be added/updated later.

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I could either watch it happen or be a part of it. Yes i choose Araxion. Good luck.
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Good luck my friends!

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Incredible! Great team they've got over there, i assume this server is going to rock soon enough!
Good luck!!
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At first look, the server looks really great. There are few things I don't like much but whatever, the server has many new things and it's a big improvement for psro scene. I'm surprised to were able to implement a lot of SRO-R features, I wish you could even totally implement Survival Arena (not just the 4v4 but also 8v8 and solo and 2v2), server looks totally great!
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Good luck
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Cool thread give it a try

First 8K slots server
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Best of luck buddies.
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Cant wait
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i'm gay.
i mean, goodluck

#Reserved for future gay posts
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This is gonna be really amazing, looking forward to it! And well done guys, for real. Im impressed and excited.

IGN will be: MrEren
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Wishing you a lot of luck! Might also give it a try if I had a chance.

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Closed Thread

araxion, cap 100, chinese, sro, vsro

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