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Eternity | CHN/EU - 100 Cap | Simplistic Game-play | Grand Opening 18/03/2018

Discussion on Eternity | CHN/EU - 100 Cap | Simplistic Game-play | Grand Opening 18/03/2018 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Arrow Eternity | CHN/EU - 100 Cap | Simplistic Game-play | Grand Opening 18/03/2018

• Introduction.
For starters, I just wanted to say that this was the hardest part to write, since I had a lot of things going on my mind to the extent of not knowing where to start from. But here we go; Eternity, unlike the other servers that you keep giving second chances to, is a place that’s going to feel like a second home to you, and that much I’m certain of! You’ll feel that the team is like your second family as well, since we’ll always be there supporting you and we’re friendlier than you can imagine. You’re probably thinking; what is that guy saying? As you’re reading this, but trust me, we’ll always be there for you! Now, let’s get deeper into it.

• Simplistic Gameplay.
Don’t you all miss the old nostalgic days and how they were so cool? (Sheds a tear) Then this is certainly the right place for you. We’ve made Eternity in a simple way that anyone can understand, this doesn’t mean that the server is easy, but it’s easy to understand. Eternity is a place where you can chill and relax with your friends and guild-mates, come hop on our train and experience those old days again, make your own story, here in Eternity!

• Team.
Our team consists of experienced players and developers that care about fun more than the donations we’ll get,we enjoyed the old-school days, all of the leveling up and the grinding were certainly worth it! And that’s why we want to bring back those days again, however; with some advanced features. You’ll like the mixture we made for sure!

• Our ambition.
As I mentioned above, we want to bring back the old days, but better than ever with more features. We want to give you an experience you’ve never felt anywhere else before, and we’re certainly not one of those money-collecting teams. Our first priority is your fun, and the server will continue to live as long as we get enough donations to pay the fees!

• Open Beta | 11.3.18
A beta-phase is a must-do, starting a server without launching a beta-phase beforehand is absurd in my opinion. We care about you and we care about the stability of the server, so we’re launching an open beta-phase for you to try everything out, and we’ll make sure to reward you if you find bugs, so worry not as we value your efforts!

• Grand Opening | 18.3.18
As for our Grand Opening, the ideal day of the week for it is without a single ounce of doubt a Friday, and at the same time, we have to give you enough time to discover most of the bugs, that’s if you find any!

Eternity | Official trailers

Besides the main support which we offer the players, there's a new service that’s provided only for the guild masters which will join Eternity.
To be honest, this service will be provided for certain special guilds as a token of our appreciation to them.

There are many privileges that are going to be provided to those special guilds:
•Special technical support for them and their problems; by speaking directly only to the guild master who will tell us all the problems that his guild members encounter and they’ll be solved as soon as possible!
•There will be a boosted post on Facebook which is going to be about the special guild and its purpose will be creating ads about the guild and at the same time, the server.
•10% extra silks will be added on every amount of recharged silks for every member of the special guild; you will have to contact us to give you those extra 10% if you are a member of the special guild. P.S: This is only available for the first 10 days of the grand-opening.
•A 10,000 Silks reward will be given to winner of the Guild War Event which will be only amongst special guilds.

How can I participate in this Service?
•Announce that you're going to join us from the beginning of the Beta-phase.
•Minimum amount of members in a guild that will join must be 10, this guild must report all the in-game bugs, problems through our special Guild Care page.
•Becoming very supportive to our server and help us spreading out to every person.

How will this work between the guild master, his assistant and us in this service?
•We will check out the guild master, his assistant through our Guild Care page because we will not be answering anyone who isn't checked and approved.
•The guild master and his assistant will communicate with their guild and collect all the problems that faces them in-game or any suggestion that the guild wants to suggest and send it through our Guild

• Cap | 100.
We think that this particular cap is beloved and has global agreement on it between the players, also the skills are balanced and fair for every builds, and the opened areas in this cap will give us a greater chance of entertaining the players as well as adding new features for them.

• Race | Balanced Chinese/European .
We found that we cannot ignore the European race, that is why we took a step in balancing the two races and we're going to talk about the balance in its specified section, CH and EU, and because the EU race makes the game more fun, we added it!

• Mastery | 330(CH) / 200(EU).
The Mastery for the Chinese race is 330, it will have 30 mastery levels more which allows more balance with the European race, as for the European race, it will have 200 Mastery levels.

• Eternity Main Town | Donwhang.
We chose Donwhang as the mother city and the uniter of players as its the favorite city for most of the players, all the important NPCs are placed in Donwhang, also the players have good memories of Donwhang so we can not neglect it.

• Max Plus | +12.
Max plus in Eternity will be plus 12 only, this plus is the fittest plus for the game because if its more than 12 it will be unfair for most of the players and over powered, as well as there will be no competition between the players and it will create many differences between the one who has a high plus and a low plus.

• PC Limit | 2
Only 2 accounts can be opened on the same PC.

• Job Limit | 1
You're allowed to wear job suit on 1 character, you will get disconnected when you attempt to wear on multiple characters.

• Guild & Union Limits
Determining Guild members & Union limit depends on the competition between players and each others, that is why we decided to make the guild limit 24 and union limit 3, of course the limit will change depending on the number of players, ascendingly and descendingly.

• Union Chat Limit
Now everyone will be allowed to use the chat union and communicate with the other union members easily without any more restrictions for more fun between the players.

• Available Fortress.

Fortress War is one of the most entertainmental things that the players wait patiently each week, now, one fortress war isn't enough as the number of players has increased in the private silkroad servers so 2 Fortress wars will be available in Eternity, the main one where you can get the taxes from it will be Hotan, the second one will be a contest to increase the fun, also note that during the Fortress War time the PC limit will be 1 only.

• Max Stack.
We've increased stacks for each item in Eternity game.

• Rates.
We know that leveling up is one of the main factors that make a server fun and at the same time we wanted the rates to be suited for this long-term server, that’s why we thought deeply about which rates we should apply that aren’t extremely boring as well, and we came to this conclusion;

Exp Rate x20
Party Exp Rate x35
Monthly player chest (Lv3) 2800
Skill Point Rate x40
Gold Rate x10
Drop Rate x7
Alchemy Rate Around x1

•Start Items.
We wanted to make the start a little easy and smooth for you guys, that’s why we put a little starting gift in your newly made characters, you’ll find them in your inventory when you log into a new character! Keep in mind that they’re neither store-able nor trade-able, though.

• 3 Days Starter Buff (120% Movement Speed)
• 7 Days Pick Pet
• 10x Reverse Return Scrolls
• 20x Special Return Scrolls
• Tuxedo Avatar Dress (1 Unit)
• 1,000,000 Skill Points
• 100k Gold
• 250 Vigor
• 5,000 HP & MP

•PC Limit: 2
In order to avoid inconveniencing the players that own net-cafes and the players who play with their siblings/friends at home, we replaced the original idea we had which was IP Limit, to a nice PC Limit, and hence; it shouldn’t inconvenience anyone! However, it’s not going to be the same in Fortress War and the main events, keep reading to know further.

•Guild & Union Limit:
We had a hard time choosing between Guild Limit: 24 – Union Limit: 3 and Guild Limit: 32 – Union Limit 2, but in the end we chose Guild Limit: 32 and Union Limit: 2, we might run a Strawpoll later if you’d like us to.

•Union Authority:
You’ll now be able to grant all of your members the Union Chat authority, hooray!

•Job Limit:
What the heck is that? Job limit is the most ridiculous thing ever! I remember when I played servers which had Job limit and I’d finish my limit then I’d start getting bored and find literally nothing to do other than running around, plus; who’d hate seeing caravans running 24/7? Cool, right?!

•Job Level Limit: 20
We’re just adding more fun to the game! 7 levels only, how boring is that? (Read more to know further)

•Plus Limit: 12
By far, plus 12 and 13 have been the best and I’m saying this based on a huge experience. However; the alchemy is not going to be that easy, so plus 13 isn’t going to work in this case.

We’ve added cooldowns on stuff like Reverse Return Scroll, Global Chatting, Exchange Requests, Stall, Restart and Exit to avoid abusing them too much, so worry not about that too!

•Global Item Linking:
This feature was added to make it easier for you to sell your items, sometimes people might doubt you and ask you to show them the item first, but now you can show it to the whole game by linking it to your global!

•Guild Starting at Lv5:
It’s not fun spending Skill Points to level up your Guild, so we made it start automatically at Lv5!

•Fortress War:
Aren’t you tired of people entering Fortress War with 2 characters which makes it extremely unfair? Be at ease, because we’ve modified the PC Limit inside the areas of Fortress War to 1, you’ll still be able to log into another character though! If you’re interested in which maps will be available, then I’ll gladly answer that as well. We enabled Hotan only for the time being, if the server were to grab a lot of attention, we’ll gladly enable Jangan as well, though.

•Damage Increase/ Absorb Flags:
Since the Guild Limit is now 32, we’ve modified them to affect your whole guild, instead of only 24 players.

We’ve added a variety of titles that you’ll have a hard time choosing from, alongside some nice country titles (For example; United States, Turkey, Germany, Holland and Egypt) so play well as you represent your country!

•Old-School PvP Capes:
This was a must do, since it makes everyone feel nostalgic!

•Variety of Scrolls:
As I’ve mentioned a lot, we want you to be at ease while playing Eternity, that’s why we added all the scrolls we could think of.

•Guild Penalty Reset Scroll:
If you feel the urgency to switch your guild, then this scroll was made for you!

•Job Penalty Reset Scroll:
This scroll is similar to the Guild Penalty one, but this one works with Jobs not Guilds.

•Skills Reset Scroll:
Briefly, this scroll resets all of your skills and refunds your Skill Points.

•Stats Reset Scroll:
This one is the same as Skills Reset Scroll, but it refunds your stats (STR/INT points.)

•Silk Scrolls:
These scrolls will help you trade your silk for items or gold, the available Silk Scrolls are 10/50/100/500/5000.

•Premium Remover:
Having that annoying red hand is really bothersome, right? That’s why we added this scroll to help you get rid of it in order to use your new Premium!

•Durability (Red Stat) Remover:
Did your Auto Alchemy forget to put Steady? Then this scroll was certainly made for you! It’ll help you get rid of it.

We’ve added all the cool avatars, so you’ll definitely find the one you’re looking for!

• Silk per Hour: 1 Silk/H.
To ensure the server remains Play2Win, we’ve added this little boost to help you out, we know it’s not much but it’s better than nothing!

Job System
Jobbing is one of the main sources to earn Eternity Points, and it’s without a doubt the best and most enjoyable thing about Silkroad Online, who didn’t miss those cool Job-Wars? The fighting spirit you’d have when you want to defend your trade, or even if you’re the one trying to steal it is all we want, we want you to release your fighting spirit here, and as for us we did our part and added a new Trade Route in order to make it more fun for you!

•Trade Route:
Donwhang Trade-Route
Estimated time to complete: 25 Minutes

Job Temple :
This is a really nice feature that we couldn’t ignore, hence; we’ve modified the mobs inside to fit Cap 100, explore it with your friends to know more!

Baghdad, the only place alongside Job Temple you’re going to worry while you’re botting in, you’ll never know when an opposite-jobber will come to hunt you down, but you can’t resist the good drops, so you’ll have to be careful all the time! And of course the mobs have been modified to fit Cap 100. Here are some Uniques we’ve added there which will spawn in the middle of the area;
Thief Boss Kalia The toughest unique.
Kidemonas Spawns more often than Thief Boss Kalia.
Dhampir Spawns more often than Thief Boss Kalia.
Giant Demon Spawns more often than Thief Boss Kalia.
Geenie Spawns more often than Thief Boss Kalia.

•Job Suits:
As mentioned in the Limits section, the max Job Level is 20, that’s why we added 5 more Job Suits to fit that.
Job suit levelStats
The first type of job suit gives you 1 STR and 1 INT
The second type of job suit gives you 2 STR and 2 INT
The third type of job suit gives you 3 STR and 3 STR
The fourth type of job suit gives you 4 STR and 4 INT
The fifth type of job suit gives you 5 STR and 5 INT

•Wanted System:
This system basically defies reality, because the more opposite-jobbers you kill, the better buff you’re going to get rewarded with!
Skill LevelKillsStats
Wanted Lv 1 10 kills 1% buff to all stats, except for Lucky.
Wanted Lv 2 25 kills 2% buff to all stats, except for Lucky.
Wanted Lv 3 40 kills 3% buff to all stats, except for Lucky.
Wanted Lv 4 60 kills 4% buff to all stats, except for Lucky.

•SoX System:
There wasn’t much we could do about this, since it’s really hard to balance it. We added 3 SoX types, they’ll be fair to both new-comers and old players.
Seal Of StarEquals +1 Last Tier
Seal Of LustEquals +2 Last Tier
Seal Of MoonEquals +3 Last Tier

•Upgrade System:
To make the server more long-term, we’re going to add an Upgrade System in a future update, you’ll be able to upgrade your Seal of Moon+7 items to Seal of Sun, using a scroll that is going to be added, that’s everything I can talk about concerning this subject at the moment, stick with us and figure out the rest soon!

How to obtain SoX items

•Seal of Star:
Droppable from:
Lv90~100 Mobs and some Uniques (Low-Rate)
Arabian Coast (Mid-Rate)

Seal of Lust:
Droppable at:
Arabian Desert (Low-Rate)
Baghdad (Low-Rate)
Holy Water Temple (Low-Rate)

•Seal of Moon:
It can be bought with a certain amount of Tokens.
Token nameHow to obtain
Token of Prowess (Reward from Survival Arena, Glory Battle & CTF)
Token of Resolve (Obtainable through jobbing)
Token of Fortune (Can be bought for 150m each from the Moon selling NPC)
Token of Singularity (Obtainable from Uniques)

•Eternity Points:
Eternity Points are the thing you’re going to be earning while doing a lot of stuff, we thought that since this is an important segment in order to buy Treasure Boxes and Socket Stones, we can’t make it boring to earn, so we added not only one way to obtain them, but four. So don’t worry as you can earn them through the way that wins your liking!

•Method No.1:
Jobbing – Since this is an important things in almost all the servers, we’re adding this as the first method to earn Eternity Points, whether it’s the normal trade-routes or the special trade-routes you’re taking, you’ll still earn Eternity Points! (No limit as explained in the Limits section)

•Method No.2:
Uniques Hunting – This is my personal favorite method, I’ve never been the type of people to PvP, I was just a Uniques maniac, it’s so fun to compete with the other players and see who gets the kill! So yes, you can earn Eternity Points by killing Uniques as well, the amount of Eternity Points you’ll be getting depends on how strong the Unique is.

•Method No.3:
Job Kills – This is the best way to encourage Job Wars even if there are no trades involved, it’s going to be disabled in Job Temple to avoid farming botters, though. And don’t think about cheating since there’s a limit to how many points you can get from each player and that limit resets daily.

•Method No.4:
Survival Arena – This event is such a fun thing to attend, so we made sure not to miss it when we thought about the events we’re going to add. And of course, there’s a limit to this too!

•Method No.5:
Quests – We’ll fully explain this in the Quests section.

•Arabian Coast and Arabian Desert:
Come on, don’t look at me like that! I told you that we’re going to add a mixture between Old-School and cool features. We’re going to distribute the mobs carefully in order to make sure you’ll always find a spot to grind, no matter how crowded the place is! Arabian Coast will have Lv 90 ~ 95 Mobs and as for the Uniques, you’ll find Karkadann & Mad General, and yes, your chances to drop a Seal of Star item are higher in there! While in Arabian Desert, you’ll find Lv 96 ~ 100 Mobs and as for the Uniques, you’ll find Demon Venefica, Khulood and Togui Elder there.

To avoid confusion, we’re going to tell you the use of the NPCs we’ve added.

This NPC is going to sell Seal of Moon items and Tokens of Wealth.

This grumpy guy is going to sell you the newest Avatars and Fellow Pets, because come on, who cares about the old useless fellow pets? (I still love the fat bear tho lmao)

This beautiful middle-aged woman (No, I’m not flirting with 3D characters, I promise!) is going to have some special items that you can buy for Eternity Points alone. (How to obtain Eternity Points will be explained in a section alone)

Monk Fu:
This Buddhist guy is going to sell Fortune Chests for Eternity Points.

You’ll find all the titles you’re looking for with this old woman, treat her nicely though, her back can easily break!

We care about the economy of our server, hence; we’re going to give gold more importance by adding a lot of valuable items for gold that are going to be sold by this NPC.


Who doesn’t love Medusa and her annoying petrifies? Personally, we missed the days back when we used to make a lot of parties just to hunt her down, feels nostalgic yet? Let’s get back to the point, we’ve modified her to fit a D10 server, but you still need a lot of people in order to hunt her down!

Holy Water Temple:

This was a really cool addition to Silkroad Online and I salute Joymax for that, we’ve added it and of course modified it to fit a D10 server just to add more to the fun and make the server full of activities that you can do, you’ll know what you might get if you read further!

Jangan Cave:

This is one of our additions in regards of making the game Old-School, I feel old already just by looking at the name. Alright, back to the topic; it’s enabled here and you can level up there too!

We’re just adding more to the fun! I rarely see servers use Quests, and when they do, they make them as worthless as a pen with no ink. However; here, you’ll find a lot of cool quests that are definitely worth your time!

•Arabian Coast Quests
Kill 1000 Mobs from Arabian Coast & 1000 Mobs from Arabian Desert (Available once per Day)
Reward: 15 Eternity Points
Weekly Limit: 60 Eternity Points

Holy Water Temple Quest
Kill 10 Sphinx
Kill 10 Sekhmet
Kill 10 Nephtys
Kill 10 Horus
Kill 10 Osiris

Reward: 100 Eternity Points & Special Title
Weekly Limit: 100 Eternity Points (Once per Week and will be reset alongside Tokens of Resolve after each Fortress War)
(Pharaoh - Ra - Legend – Myth)
A friendly note: These titles are also temporary and will only last for a week, so you’ll have to keep re-doing the quest if you want to keep your title or if you want to change it to another one of the titles listed above.

Kill 1000 Mobs inside Baghdad
Reward: 15 Eternity Points
Weekly Limit: 60 Eternity Points

•Glory Battle:
The name sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? This is going to one of the main events in our server. The event will be about 2 teams, consists of 3 rounds and will last for 20 minutes, each team is supposed to have 8 players, once you’re teleported to the arena, you’re going to equip a PvP cape automatically, both teams will have different cape colors, of course! The event will be based on rounds, once you die; you will not be able to revive yourself until the round is over and as the new round is commencing. To make things even more intense, in the second round of the event, a variety of our special Uniques will spawn, the only benefit you’ll be gaining are the drops, since killing them won’t change your team’s score. The rewards you’ll be getting are going to be Tokens of Prowess, yes; the ones used to purchase Seal of Moon items!

Survival Arena:
You all certainly know that this event is well-known and is loved by everyone, and of course we had to add it because of that. We also added something cool to it that none of you would have ever expected just to make it more fun, it’s going to feel like it’s the first time you’ve ever played Survival Arena, here in Eternity!

Assistance Boxes
These boxes can turn the tables and make the weak strong and vice versa.

The Assistance Boxes is going to make the event more fun and more competitive, because by killing these Boxes, you’ll be able to earn a power-up which will allow you to fight more evenly to those who are stronger than you are and against groups. The reason for this addition is pure fun, because before anything was added to this event, it was greatly unfair to the newcomers, so why wouldn’t we add these little cute boxes?

The fun hasn’t even begun, yet! (The mad part)

To add more to the fun and the madness, the unique Jupiter is going to spawn before the event is over, it’s going to be hard to get the kill while having a lot of people on your throat, but it’s going to be worth killing!

The killer will be rewarded with 20 Eternity Points and 20 Player Score, the Unique will also drop special goods, maybe a SoX item too if you’re lucky!

Do you like fame?
Alright, if you wreak havoc and could survive during the fight, then you’ll certainly become one of the famous players in Eternity, and that’s going to be announced based on how well you’ve done in the event.

Starting from killing 3 different players without dying.

Killing 5 different players without dying will make your name get announced, differently than the previous one, though.
And so on, by killing 7 players and 9 players.

Event Time:
Survival Arena is going to commence twice a day, once every 12 hours.

Event Reward:
For every kill, you get 1 Eternity Point, that’s apart from the Top 3 rewards, which will be decided by the amount of kills you’ve attained.
  • 1st killer = 3 Tokens of Prowess
  • 2st killer = 2 Tokens of Prowess
  • 3rd killer = 1 Token of Prowess
Survival Arena Restrictions;
- You need to be Lv100 in order to enter the event area.
- When you’re teleported to the area, you’ll automatically wear a yellow PvP cape.
- You will only get 3 points from each player.
- You won’t be able to create/invite people to a party inside the area.

•Socket Stones:
We have added 18 different socket stones which can be applied on your gears. These stones are only purchase-able with Eternity Points through the NPC Hannah and will be able trade-able, you can sell them and make a profit out of your efforts! These stones can have different outcomes. To open a socket slot, you need to purchase a "Magic Stone of Sockets" from the NPC Hannah and open the slot on your item via Socket Alchemy. A removal scroll can be bought with gold from the NPC Lebua (Please put into consideration that it also removes the actual socket slot and you will need to reactivate it.)

Normal items don't have any socket slots available.
Seal of Star items will have 1 available Socket slot.
Seal of Lust items will have 2 slots on weapons, 1 slot on shields and 1 slot on every set part.
Seal of Moon items will have 2 slots on weapons, set parts and 1 slot on shields.

•Honor Buffs:
Due to the disability of Academy, we decided to use Jobbing and Job Kills when it comes to Honor Buffs, each Job will have its own ranking to make it fair for everyone and we’ll distribute the buffs like this;

Rank Reward
First 5 of each Job Copper Buff, Silver Buff, Gold Buff and King Buff
6~15 in the Ranking Copper Buff, Silver Buff, Gold Buff
16~30 in the Ranking Copper Buff and Silver Buff
31~45 in the Ranking Copper Buff

•Automatic Events:
These events will always keep the server lively, and it’s a pretty cool addition in my opinion, here are the events we’ll be adding;

Capture The Flag
Time: Every 2 hours.
How to sign up: Through Event So-Ok NPC.
Location: Capture The Flag event area.
Objective: Kill the opposing team members and steal the flag.
Restrictions: Level 100. You cannot go AFK for longer than 60 seconds, otherwise you will be teleported back to town!
Reward: 1 Token of Prowess per Kill & Win)

Battle Arena (Party, Job & Guild)
Time: Every 3 hours.
How to sign up: Through the Event Manager NPC.
Location: Battle Arena.
Objective: Win the match by killing more monsters than the other team.
Restrictions: Level 90. You cannot go AFK for longer than 60 seconds, otherwise you will be removed from the event.
Reward: 3 Tokens of Prowess for the winners, 1 for the losers.

Trivia Event
How it works: Our bot will write a question or a scrambled word via global and waits for your answers.
Time: Every 20 minutes.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: -
Objective: Be the fastest to answer correctly.
Restrictions: You can answer via Global Chat (10 seconds delay) or private chat (20 seconds delay.)
Reward: 30 silk

Lucky Party Number
How it works: Our bot will write a number which is selected randomly from a certain range depending on number of the last formed party.
Time: Once per hour during daytime.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: -
Objective: Create a party that matches the lucky party number.
Restrictions: -
Reward: 80 silk

Last Man Standing
How it works: Everyone will be recalled to the mentioned location with auto-equipped yellow cape.
Time: 2 times per day.
How to sign up: PM [Bot]LMS with "Register" to join. You will be informed if the registration was successful and teleported to the event location before it commences!
Location: An un-reachable area in Donwhang.
Objective: Stay alive and be the last man standing.
Restrictions: Parties are disabled and you cannot go AFK for longer than 60 seconds. Reverse Scrolls are disabled.
Reward: 8 Tokens of Prowess & 250 silk

Hide & Seek
How it works: A bot will hide in a random location within the whole map.
Time: Every 1,5 hours during day time.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: Anywhere.
Objective: Be the first one to send the Bot and exchange request to win.
Restrictions: -
Reward: 120 silk

Kill the GM
How it works: Our bot will spawn on the mentioned location with yellow cape equipped. There will be 3 rounds.
Time: 4 times per day.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: Donwhang, outside south gate.
Objective: Deal the killing blow in order to win.
Restrictions: Red cape needs to be equipped to able to win.
Reward: 150 silk

Alchemy Event
How it works: Our bot will spawn in the mentioned location and start dropping random low degree +6 items.
Time: 2 times per day.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: Donwhang, outside east gate.
Objective: Be the first one to fuse one of those items to +10 in order to win.
Restrictions: -
Reward: 250 silk

Search & Destroy
How it works: A unique will spawn in a random location around the whole map.
Time: 4 times per day.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: Anywhere.
Objective: Kill the unique.
Restrictions: -
Reward: Unique drops 10 Tokens of Singularity

Free For All
How it works: Everyone will be recalled to the mentioned location with auto-equipped yellow cape.
Time: 2 times per day.
How to sign up: PM [Bot]FFA with "Register" to join. You will be informed if the registration was successful and teleported to the event location
Location: Survival Desert.
Objective: Reach the highest K/D ratio to win.
Restrictions: Parties are disabled.
Reward: 8 Tokens of Prowess & 200 silk

Bounty PVP
How it works: Once the opponent accepts the deal, both of you will get teleported to an arena and the gold amount will be taken from you.
Time: -
How to sign up: You have to send a message to [Bot]BPVP1 ~ 4 with "OpposingName goldAmount".
Location: Fight Arena.
Objective: You have to win 2 rounds of 3.
Restrictions: Job suits must be taken off before the deal, outside buffing is disabled.
Reward: The total gold amount which been taken from both players.
Note: You can block any spammer by sending "block spammerName" to [Bot]BPVP1 ~ 4 or to unblock send "unblock name". Also, you can watch an event by sending "watch" to the correct Bot name.

Lottery Event
How it works: You have to buy lottery tickets during the period and the bot will randomly select the winner on the mentioned time.
Time: Once a day.
How to sign up: Buy ticket(s) from the Lebua NPC.
Objective: Get lucky!
Restrictions: -
Reward: Varies

•Skill Balance

Hybrid Power
Maxing out Flame Body on fire and taking 100 light will open up a new 33% magical damage increase skill. Especially useful for STR hybrids and also "chinese wizards" or just for a crazy max DPS INT build with no defence.

Chinese Dual Synergy and Bowers

Glaive/Blade has been the ultimate choice before. We have decided to improve the two other options. Bowers have access to KD via Autumn Wind
-Sweeping for better synergy with Bicheon. Bowers have also gained a boost to their passive, giving them more crit and attack rate, which will boost your effectiveness as a dual glaive/bow build, as well as the regular bow builds.

Other Chinese Power Ups and Changes

▪Bicheon Force series offer a lot more damage boost (sacrifices all physical defence on your shield).
▪Asura Cut Blade has received a critical increase and lower level version's damage has been upgraded to match 10D.-Lightning Chain has been dedicated to STR builds and it has aggro for mobs (Bladers can now tank successfully), debuffs have been reworked.
▪Thousand Army Chain has been dedicated to INT builds and has highly useful debuffs.
▪Heaven Chain deals a lot more damage.
▪Bladers have access to a chinese pain buff.
▪Anti Devil and Strong Bow have higher critical boosts.
▪Arrow Combos cannot be spammed for constant KB.
▪Celestial Beast Arrow has a chance to cause bleed.
▪Autumn Wind Devil has higher base power and can KB your targets.
▪Autumn Wind Sweeping has higher base power and can KD your targets.

▪Flame body series, Flame Devil Force and Piercing Force Series have higher values.
▪Fire and Ice walls have higher cooldown.
▪Snow shield requires certain amount of INT, hybrids can still get it though.
▪Cold nuke and imbue damages are higher.
▪Cold Wave will now freeze your opponent for a short moment if he lacks resistance (especially useful for thieving).
▪Cold has a new passive which boosts your physical damage absorption permanently and requires INT like the Snow Shield.
▪Lightning provides the same movement speed as the best purchasable potion.
▪Force has access to group resurrection with high cooldown.
▪Force Cure and Cure Therapy have shared cooldowns.
▪Force Curse heals 1 debuff.
▪Force has a chinese version of healing orbit which doesn't heal the caster.
▪Force has has access to weaker versions of STR and INT buffs.
▪Force debuffs have slightly lower ratios, impotent being lower than the other three.


▪Holy Spell will no longer fully protect you, not even against bleed or other debuffs from chain attacks.
▪Reverse Immolation is removed.
▪STR & INT buffs are weakened.
▪Cleric's physical and magical defence buffs match the chinese ones.
▪Glory Armor is only available for INT builds.
▪Healing Orbit max level is decreased and shares cooldown with Healing Cycle.
▪Healing Cycle has longer cooldown, lower recovery and shares cooldown with Healing Orbit.
▪Self heals cannot be spammed in the same way as before.
▪Bless Spell has shorter duration and longer cooldown.
▪Innocent and Integrity have shared cooldown and the cooldown is longer.
▪Innocent heals 1 debuff.

▪Physical and magical Fences are removed.
▪Physical and magical Screens are removed.
▪Ultimate Screen has shorter duration and longer cooldown.
▪Iron Skin & Mana Skin have shorther duration and longer cooldown.
▪Pain Quota's effective distance is reduced.
▪Sprint Assault has lower stun and KB probability.
▪Turn Rising has lower KD probability.
▪Daredevil has lower KB probability, longer cooldown and deals slightly less damage.
▪Shield Trash/Crush has lower KB probability.
▪Axe's defensive passives are weakened.

▪Earth Quake, Blizzard and Charged Squall all hit up to 4 targets.
▪Life Turnover is slightly weakened.

▪STR builds cannot get many of the important skills to max (build is basically disabled).
▪Reflect Skill's return ratio has been lowered drastically.
▪Debuffs have longer cooldown.
▪Bloody/Death Trap are connected with Slumber/Deep Slumber and the single target ones have the same cooldown (=cannot be stacked).

▪Crossbow Extreme's damage boost is lower.
▪Dagger Desperate's damage boost is lower.
▪Prick's damage is decreased and the stun duration is reduced from 10 to 5 seconds.
▪Scud's speed boost is lower and it's applied on existing buffs.

▪Bard's overall damage is increased.
▪Booming Wave can KB and has bigger radius in order to catch other players better. Don't forget to move away from others if you want to land the hardest hit on your opponent in 1v1.
▪Weird Chord can cause impotent and has lower cooldown.
▪Tuning Sound deals deals the same absolute damage as Cleric's skills and has high cooldown.
▪Tambours' and Dances' effective radiuses are decreased.
▪Dances' effects are lowered.
▪Guard and Mana tambour have greatly reduced casting time.

Offline Events:
By participating in these Events, you'll be able to earn silk 500 Silks on the grand opening.
- We're going to choose 20 winners!

Use our Signature:

1st signature

Eternity | CHN-EU | Grand Opening 18/03/2018!

2nd signature

Eternity | CHN-EU | Grand Opening 18/03/2018!
3rd signature

[CENTER]Eternity | CHN-EU | Grand Opening 18/03/2018!

2- Participate in our Share Event on Facebook
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�� Share this video [ Must be in public ]
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�� Like this post.
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�� Join our Discord :

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Let's go!

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Fianlly !!

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awesome , im in

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good job , iam in
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Originally Posted by kareemmike View Post
awesome , im in
Originally Posted by aly2000 View Post
good job , iam in
We'll gladly have you in Eternity!
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i think i'll give it a try ^^ , good luck
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great server I will test the beta
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grand opening is to much long,, I can't wait!!!^^ , xD
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amazing one
im in
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Fianlly Am IN <3

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Seems nice, so ima check it out. I got only one concern. I dont think warlock needed that much nerf, beside that str warlock nerf (which is good). Int warlock was already fun but pain to play on cap 100, even without this much nerfing... Good luck with opening, see yall in game...
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I just wanted to clear out from my side as well, that as the old owner, I have no connection to this Eternity. Everything except the DB was sold.. Other then that I hope for the team to succeed better then we did..

Good luck
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How we can register ?
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Originally Posted by .Xen View Post
I just wanted to clear out from my side as well, that as the old owner, I have no connection to this Eternity. Everything except the DB was sold.. Other then that I hope for the team to succeed better then we did..

Good luck
Thank you!

Originally Posted by beyho View Post
How we can register ?
You'll be able to register when the beta-phase is launched.

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Closed Thread

chn/ero, eternity, silk road, sro 100 cap

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