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Black Pearl Moonlight | Black Rogue Files | 100 CAP CH | Drop & Job Based |23.02.2018

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Black Pearl Moonlight | Black Rogue Files | 100 CAP CH | Drop & Job Based |23.02.2018




Grand Opening23.02.2018 20.00 (GMT+3)
Level Cap100
RacesChinese Only
Mastery Lvl300
Exp & Sp Rate15x
Drop Rate2x
Gold Rate2x
Job Rate4x
Alchemy Rate2x (Detailed)
Mob Spawn3x
Exhange BugFixed
Guild Limit24
Union Limit3
Union Chat Limit24
PC Limit2
1. Fortress War Date18.03.2018
Available FortressHotan & Jangan
SilkBy donation, SuperRewards
Pill BugFixed
Guild Penalty 3 days
Job Penalty7 days
Plus LimitNone
Vigor Grain5%
Snow Shield for STRsNot allowed
Stall NetworkActive
Battle Arena/CTF/FGWDisabled
Party MobsDisabled for 90+ Mobs Only


Physical Damage Abp/Inc10%
Magical Damage Abp/Inc10%
Attack Rate10%
Parry Rate10%
Alchemy prob5%


250.000Skill Point
5000 Unit HP XLarge
5000 Unit MP XLarge
3 DaysGrab Pet
20 Unit100% Move Speed Scroll
50 UnitInstant Return Scroll
50 UnitRepair Hammer
50 UnitReverse Return Scroll

Items at NPC

1~7dgSeal of Sun
8dgSeal of Moon
9dgSeal of Star

They all cost 1 gold!

Multi Language Support & Event Notification Service

Black Pearl team realized the lack of language support in Silkroad Servers. In action page (A), you can chose your language of your desire. (This will only change the system messages and GM notices. The game itself is in English.)
When we say we're an international server, we really mean it. We're working for it. Our advertisement options are much wider in Turkish scene, therefore usually there are lots of Turkish Players playing in our servers. However we always post everything in english/multilang. We give english support as well.

Upon using "Check Event Times/Unique Times";

- Information about general Uniques (TG/URU/ISU/LY/DEMON). Their last time of death and killer.
- Remaining Time for current Events on Servers

The information will be printed to your log box in the bottom-right corner.

Cape PVP System

You can buy them from Grocery Shops from every Town. These are not just visual, you need them to PVP. It's the real oldschool cape system.


Stall Network works fully functional in Black Rogue files.

Auto LTP Service

If you enable this function, your character forms LTP automatically and accepts anyone joining.
It will reform the party upon dismissal of the party. The system will remain active until you disable it, even if you relog.
Too bad cracked bots dont have this function, right? (Buying bots and supporting the coders is still advised though.)

Global Chat Block

Want to mute some specific player's Globals? Block him and you will not see his globals.

Or are you being disturbed with the Global Chatting usage in the server? Just mute all globals and chill.


You can buy stones from Alchemy Shops located in every town.



90+ mobs are located all over the Samarkand Map. To be able to enter Samarkand, you must be atleast level 75.
There are no party mobs in Samarkand.

Premium Starter

Covers every need you might have when you start playing.


White Elephant: 5m speed
Black Elephant: 6m speed

Obtainable from Item Mall or Medusa's Pouch.

Trading System &
Togui Trading Route & Job Point System


You can buy Trade Goods only from Donwhang. Other towns don't have Trader NPCs.


The Teleport Portal located at the end of Earth Ghost Canyon will take you to Togui Trade Route.


You're spawned here when you enter Togui Route. No one can attack in this area.


There are 2 more teleport points in Togui Map. Players from both jobs must go to these selling rooms. This system made for thieves is preventing a possible cheating method.


This region contains Selling Npcs for both Jobs. Each side is visible to each other. Attacking is not allowed in this region.

& Thief Return to Town

After selling your goods, you can return back to Donwhang city without having to dismount your trading pets.

Job Point
& Trade Rewards

1 Round of Trading7 Job Point
Daily Limit56 Job Point
Buying Goods90m
Selling Goods210m
Selling Goods70m


UniqueRespawn Period
Tiger Girl120 Minutes
Uruchi120 Minutes
Isyutaru120 Minutes
Lord Yarkan120 Minutes
Demon Shaitan120 Minutes
Medusa4 AM, 10 AM, 4 PM, 10 PM


Drops 2 units from Medusa.

BeakYung The White Viper

BeakYung The White Viper4x, 1 of each
SoSo The Black Viper2x Random
ShinMoo The man of Flames2x Random
JeonUk The Black Tortoise1x Random
YumJae The Blue Hawk1x Random
TaeHo The Blue Dragon1x Random
SoHaow The White Tiger1x Random

How to get
Seal of Moon items?

Seal of Moon items can only be obtained from Item Shop NPCs located at every town, in exchange of Job Point & Gold.
These items are Account Bound.

Account Bound

Moon Unlock
Scroll (Removes Account Bound feature)

Allows Weapons to be tradable.
Allows Armors to be tradable.
Allows Accessories to be tradable.

These items are sold at Alchemy Shop NPC, in exchange of Job Point & Gold.

How to get
Seal of Sun items?

You can Seal of Sun items by 2 ways, but both these ways are dependant on mob drops.

1. Method: Upgrading from Seal of Moon with a Scroll.
2. Method: Dropping SUN from mobs. (extremely rare)

& Flowers System

Drops Rarely
Drops Mediocre
Drops Easily

Flowers drop from mobs located all around Samarkand.


Upgrades SOM Weapons to SUN.
Upgrades SOM Clothes to SUN.
Upgrades SOM Accessories to SUN.

These items are being sold at Alchemy Shops, in exchange of Gold & Flowers.

Your item must be atleast +7 to be eligible to SUN upgrade.
After upgrading process, your item will be wiped clean of blues, stats and pluses.

Job Suit &
Effect & Job Skills


You must be atleast Job Level 7 & wear a Level 7 Job suit.

Job Suits

7 Level Job Suits grant STR/INT +5 and allows you to use special skills.


40meters3 minutes


30 Seconds, Fear Lvl 105 minutes


40meters3 minutes


120% Move Speed (active 10min)20 minutes



Bot &
BR Files

MBOTNot usable due to BR Files
SBOTWorking (cracked ver. works too)
PHBOTWorking (Except auto-trade)

Font Changer

We distribute our clients with "Tahoma" font to prevent scamming as the original Silkroad font has few characters looking exactly the same.
However, some players are not happy with "Tahoma" font so we provide you this simple tool.
You may choose any font you have installed in your PC. Original system fonts will look better ingame.

Server Developed by long time Black Rogue folks,
Creddy Online developers.

Black Pearl Online Game Rules:

Rules of our servers are as follows, in case of violation of the rules, we will perform temporary or permenant account or chat ban depending on the situation.

Any kind of profanity and discourse regarding family, religious, political, racist, spiritual and sacred values is strictly prohibited on global chat.

All actions regarding provocation and spreading false rumors about the server or server team members is strictly prohibited.

It is forbidden for players who have decided on leaving the server to make item distribution events on the global chat and to make false rumors towards Black Pearl Team or server.

It is forbidden to advertise other servers in the game and to encourage players to leave the server.

It is forbidden gain unfair advantage or superiority by using exploits in the game. When you encountered any kind of issue, you are responsible to report this to Game Masters or any Management staff.

Proxy usage is strictly prohibited. Players, who are determined to be using proxy, will be blocked permanently including their main accounts. Denunciations about proxies are not accepted, we will track and ban them by ourselves.

All players are responsible for safety of their own accounts. Black Pearl Team does not take any responsibility in this matter and will not interfere in any way with such a situation..

In case of forgetting any information about the game account (secret question, mail, password ...), game management will definitely not be interfered in any way, please do not have any requests in this direction.

Cancellation or exchange of any product accidental or mistakenly received from item mall or npc will not be possible as long as the problem does not originate from us.

We will definitely not provide any support regarding to the installation bot usage and bot problems, and the requests on this side will be ignored.

Black Pearl Online reserves the right to change rules, add rules and remove rules when necessary.

P.S.: In an important or urgent case please kindly contact us through our forum page or website by ticket system. The communication requests requested via the global chats in the game will be ignored.

Game Support:

If you need any support regarding the server, you may contact us via these channels:

Facebook Page:


Forum Page:

Download Links:

If you encounter any errors during the unpacking process, it's a faulty download, you need to re-download.

Link 1 (Google Drive):

Link 2 (

Link 3 (

Link 4 (Mediafire):

We hope you'll enjoy Black Pearl Moonlight.

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Trade Restricted

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Looks Awesome!

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Wow! Beautiful thread! Good luck with your project,i hope it will turn out a great sucess.
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iam in

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ümit abim başarılar <3
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ip hwid limit ?
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Originally Posted by idhisham View Post
ip hwid limit ?
Hwid limit 2
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The best #PayToWin server.

Don't trust black pearl team.
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Good Luck.
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any informations about flower system ? what can I do with it ?

and maxicard for Turkish ppl is cheaper then superrewards ... as always
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Originally Posted by flacky View Post
any informations about flower system ? what can I do with it ?

and maxicard for Turkish ppl is cheaper then superrewards ... as always
You can buy Moon->Sun Upgrade Scrolls with Flowers.

That is how it should be. Let's assume you live in Europe. 1€ is roughly equal to 4.7 TRY. If prices were adjusted according to this, it would be very expensive for a country and very cheap for a country. Which wouldn't be fair.
This way, it tries to balance and make it affordable for everyone.

This is how it is now in pretty much every game... even most popular ones like League of Legends... even Steam...
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interesting. I hope it lasts a long time than the last time.
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Just like the old Black Pearl server there will be 99% turks who cant speak english, also the Gm dont give a **** about non turkish players.

Waste of time to even try this money grab garbage, will be dead again in less than 2 weeks.
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Originally Posted by WannaSun View Post
Just like the old Black Pearl server there will be 99% turks who cant speak english, also the Gm dont give a **** about non turkish players.

Waste of time to even try this money grab garbage, will be dead again in less than 2 weeks.
I am not sure you're talking about which server. We always care and pay attention to our international players. We've sent out notices in both languages English and Turkish. (Just in some rare cases that i not concern of int players we just sent them in Turkish.)

And me personally though i am strictly against to contact players in game, i made exceptions and i've done that for some our international players, because i assumed them as our guests and i thought they need more attention and care.

Show me a game that not grabbing your money? Until when you're going to repeat same useless ***** over and over again and lie to yourself about that there are some servers really Play2Win? There is no such a thing, all servers targeting to get some money in one or the other way.

If players could be a little loyal, stay stable for a while and support the game they are playing then there is no any reason for a server to be dead in 2 weeks. This is not our fault and no one has right to blame us for this. Our first 2 servers (Sunshine and Stardust) still open we didnt closed them though there is only 1 player left to playing. But if players keep changin servers every week and think this is fun then there is no solution for this. This is not something that we can stop or change, this is up to you players!
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No activity after 3 week GG.

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