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Ruby Reborn | 100 Cap | CH | Revolutionary | Huge Competition | No Limits | GO 20.1

Discussion on Ruby Reborn | 100 Cap | CH | Revolutionary | Huge Competition | No Limits | GO 20.1 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO PServer - Discussions / Questions category.

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Ruby Reborn | 100 Cap | CH | Revolutionary | Huge Competition | No Limits | GO 20.1

The new big meeting of Silkroad community, the next big competition has arrived. Will you stay out of history? Ruby Reborn is here!

The Team.
As you may already know Ruby Reborn main crew consists of 2 members (not counting our Supporters) me and @ (Ace). As a team, we have already offered 2 servers Ruby and Cronos. We both are very passionate in our section and this is exactly the reason why we are doing pretty good together. Ace is one of the most skilled and smooth developers on Silkroad Scene right now. So since a server is it's developer I can ensure you that you will have a very great experience playing Ruby Reborn.

About Ruby Reborn.
On our last project, we decided to change our brand name as the server would be a different cap and with a completely different structure. However, this time as we are going for 100 cap we prefer to use our first brand name which is Ruby. Of course, this doesn't mean we recycled our old project. Instead, we started from scratch and when I say from scratch I mean from scratch from designs to the database to advertising campaign all start from 0! Because that's the only way you will offer something new. Another way you will get lazy and be like that's already good no need to touch it. To deserve having you joining us and adding 1 bonus number to our player count we have to work for it and not offer recycled stuff. It would be a lot easier for us to keep the same database, use the same logos the same videos the same features all over again, but we want to create we want to offer new stuff, we want to earn our success not win it.

Something New.
We know you like Silkroad as it is and for what it is. However aren't you bored of repeating the same stuff all over again and again? It is time for someone to try something different. Yes, I know you are all used to playing with the same core system on every server, which is limits system and the server being mostly job based. This continues for some years and it is more than obvious that it is one of the most important reasons a server can't last. How can a server survive without new players joining? Name one game which managed to survive without refreshing its community, there isn't. Now you may wonder why new players never join a private server. The answer is simple because it's going really fast and they will never catch up having limits keeping them always behind. We thought every section very carefully, made important changes and I am really optimistic about our new core systems!

Change means hope.
Yes changing lots of stuff can sometimes confuse people and make them struggle more than playing the same servers all the time. However, we all know every private server ends, so opening another server that you know exactly how it will end is pointless. We can't promise anything but nothing will happen if we don't try and we have to try for Silkroad itself. All changes we made on Ruby Reborn are focused in one direction and this is re-designing the core system, improving the game economy and giving people a relaxing and at the same time interesting gameplay. There are no over-edited systems and stuff like this. We mostly focused on changing the most important parts of the game hoping Ruby Reborn will be a truly longterm server!

Feel the difference.
We don't say we are the best, we are not even close to this and would be wrong to say it even if we felt this way, the only one to judge this is you the players. However, we really feel like we have gathered enough experience from our previous projects allowing us to offer an extremely well-made and managed server. We did several mistakes in the past, we learned from them and we won't repeat them. Ruby Reborn can be a very high-quality server in all sections and I say this with confidence. So if it is a period of your life where you really miss Silkroad Ruby will be the best possible server to give you your Silkroad dose!

A server for all lifestyles.
Thinking about Ruby Reborn, we wanted to create a server where all kind of people with all kind of different lives could enjoy without any kind of problems. Silkroad community nowadays mostly consists of mature players, by mature I mean aged. This happens because Silkroad is an old game and it's only followers are the players who used to play it back in the years. Kids have a lot better and more improved games to play than Silkroad. However we the old players cannot find any better game, well we can but we will always miss Silkroad and ask for our dose. It is like the old good wine. The problem now is that we have grown a lot, means we have jobs, universities and stuff like that. Don't worry! We got you covered, Ruby Reborn will be a server created so it's gameplay won't be fast progressing nor pressuring. It will keep all players together in a really relaxed game progress!






This time we don't really want to have any kind of closed beta testing. We will start with a big Open Beta phase where every player will have access to it, this will help a lot more efficient as testing will be a lot more massive and it will help us progress faster. We already know long betas are annoying and making players tired. This time we will try to really shorten the amount of time our beta will take. However, keep in mind that our open beta will end only once we are 100% sure everything is working as planned and Ruby is more than ready to launch!

Ruby Reborn BETA.

During Beta Development.
This is mostly the core of Ruby Reborn that you read on this topic. We really focused on changing the core SoX system and bringing some features which could boost the competitiveness of the server. During beta Ace will be working a lot harder bringing new filter innovations & systems which we didn't have the time to focus on beta. Hopefully, all our creations will be finished and applied during beta to give the chance to all of our players to test them and make sure there are no bugs at all. Feel free to suggest anything you want in the comments bellow we are more than willing to add some more new features, not Silkroad feeling killer ones but not casual ones as well.

Grand Opening - 20 January.
After a well-organized beta and after being sure every single system is ready to go is it time for the grand opening. We picked this date as we think it is by far the most appropriate. We have asked many of you about what's the best date for you and most of you answered this date. So we have no other option but opening on 20th of January. Get ready!

♦Ruby Basics.

Ruby's max degree of items you can equip will be 10th.

Ruby's max level you can reach will be 100.

Only Chinese race will be available, europeans don't belong on the oldschool environment we want to build.

Total of mastery points you can use will be 330.

Guild & Job Penalty.
Guild penalty is 6 hours and job penalty is 24 hours. If you don't want to wait you can purchase penalty removers.

Vigor is something that all of you are used to play with so removing completely can cause big problems. We have decided to simply nerf it to 13% promising a more balanced gameplay.

Oldschool PvP Capes.
It is more than obvious nowadays that every server should have the oldschool PvP capes enable as they are by far better.

We really want to offer a great Silkroad environment and this can't happen with extremely easy rates, leveling won't be that boring on Ruby Reborn so taking few days to level with your friends/guilds enjoying some chilling gameplay would not hurt, yes you got it right rates will be harder than last Ruby.

EXP: 40X

Model Switchers.
We have added the well known model switchers so all players can have the weapon/shield shape of the degree they liked most. Model switchers will be available for silk in the item mall. We may introduce new ways to get them with in-game currencies later on so stay tuned.

Advanced Permanent Buffs.
A very useful feature that we all got used to and can't imagine playing a server without it. We made sure all skills are permanent and not just the last ones so you will have an enjoyable leveling experience. Keep in mind that the system we are using is the best one created yet and you won't have any troubles with it!

Starting on Ruby Reborn.
Even though we want your leveling experience to really feel Silkroadish making it extremely hard would discourage a big amount of players. Therefore along with decent rates you will also find some decent starting items and an auto equipment system making sure you won't struggle that much leveling!

1. Starting Items.
You will start with 750.000 Skill Points, 10 Reverse return scrolls, 1.000 HP Potions, 1.000 MP Potions, Permanent 100% moving speed buff, 1 Grab pet for 3 days & many Rudolph because it's winter!

2. Auto Equipment.
Our auto equipment system will give you normal +7 set/weapons on every single item level which you reach. All you need to do is teleporting and it will automatically update your equipment. Make sure to wear your main weapon once you do this or our system won't be able to update it for you.

Main City.
On almost every single server the main town is Donwhang or Hotan, yes they feel oldschool and yes you want to pvp outside Donwhang. This will mostly still happen as jobbing will always make these towns populated. Silkroad has many beautiful towns which have a lot better textures etc. So why not try making another town the main. We will start by having Alexandria South as the main Ruby city as we really feel it is the most well-made town in Silkroad with the highest quality environment and textures. It will also feel refreshing to finally see a different city being crowded! If we see that this is influencing our gameplay we can change back to another town.

Top 300 System.
The common top system you all know. Top 300 players to reach level 100 will receive certain rewards.
  1. First 50 [0-50] players to get level 100 will receive [300] silk.
  2. Next 100 [50-150] players to get to level 100 will receive [200] silk.
  3. Next 150 [150-300] players to get to level 100 will receive [100] silk.
Our system is protected by HWID limit means you will no longer be rewarded once one of your accounts reach level 100.

Grinding Areas.
We all know how annoying it is to have others stealing your spot. To make sure this won't happen on Ruby Reborn we have created many different grinding areas using all available space we had. Every player will have his own spot!
  • Jangan cave | 80 ~ 99 level monsters.
  • Constantinople | 95 ~ 99 level monsters.
  • Alexandria | 100 level monsters.
  • Samarkand | 85 ~ 95 level monsters.
  • Phantom Desert | 100 level monsters.
Holy Water Temple.
A very interesting activity, as you usually go there with friends to hunt uniques hoping you will get some good drops. We actually created a new dungeon named Purgatory for this reason. However Holy Water Temple is always nice to have and therefore it will be availble on Ruby Reborn. Drops you can get from Uniques inside will be posted here soon once decided.

Chance to drop: 1 Degree lucky powders (used for devil spirit), Seal of Star equipment, Magic PoP cards & other silk items!

Silk Items.
Yes, donations are needed for a server to survive and offer quality gameplay. However, there are some items that cannot be accepted on a private server and therefore have been removed or nerfed. Changes are as following:
  1. Damage increase & absorption scrolls [Decreased to 10%].
  2. Resurrection scrolls [REMOVED].
  3. HP & MP increase [REMOVED].
  4. Ruby premium [Decreased to 10%].
  5. Added cool-down to Reverse Return scrolls.
  6. Astral stones [REMOVED].
  7. Fellow pets available but with strict restrictions.
Ruby NPCs.
Some custom NPCs created in order to offer an easier and more organized gameplay to you. All of them are located in Alexandria South. It will be easy to recognize them as we have added an effect to them to make it easier for you.
  • Gold Miner Tu Wang.
    You can buy a big variety of very useful items from this NPC. All, of course, being sold for gold only!
  • Diamond Dealer Ling.
    An NPC which focuses completely on selling items for Diamond Tokens. This currency can be gained only from job temple. You can find many silk items there being sold for Diamond Tokens.
  • Titles Dealer Xuangi
    The NPC responsible for all titles which are available for just silk. Visit it to choose from lots of different titles!
  • Moon Dealer Chang.
    This NPC will be based only on Seal of Moon items. Whenever a new Seal of Moon item becomes available you will find it there being sold for Ruby Tokens & Gold Tokens (Read more about them on currencies section).
  • Avatar Mall Chen.
    As its name says this will be the NPC where you will be able to find a huge variety of different avatars all sold for Silk.
  • Ruby Special NPC.
    The most important NPC on Ruby Reborn. This NPC sells silk items and all other customs Ruby Reborn items for Ruby Points. Ruby Points is one of the most important currencies of the game, you will realize it as you keep reading the topic!
Character Lock System.
A brand new system protecting fully your account when you are not on it (Logged off or AFK). This system is our answer to all the wannabe hackers using leaked databases from other private Silkroad servers. It is a very useful system that we strongly suggest you use so you won't get hacked. I know most of you think it is really hard to get hacked since none know your password but trust me with all these leaked databases everyone knows your login information so if you are not willing to use new information on every private server simply use this system to be 100% safe!

To lock your character all you have to do is write in all chat: !lock Pin-Code [Note: Pin-Code must be 4 digits]. And the same goes for unlocking you simply write !lock Pin-Code again.

While your character is locked you:
  • Can not buy or sell.
  • Cannot drop item or gold.
  • Cannot plus items or use stones (alchemy)
  • Cannot accept, request, approve the exchange.
  • Cannot open stall.
  • Cannot add avatar blue.
  • Cannot use global.
  • Cannot use guild storage.

When you log-in your character will be automatically locked, in order to unlock it you will need to send in all chat: !lock yourpincode

To completely remove this system from your character after using it simply send /removelock pincode to [BOT]System for example: (TO)[BOT]System: /removelock 1411

Balance Changes.
Well as you know we want Ruby Reborn to be the most competitive server you've ever experienced. To achieve this one of the most important parts we have to focus on is the balance between all builds. It is pretty hard setting up the perfect balance but having first Ruby gave us enough experience and we have reached almost the perfect balance after few updates. Customizing it a bit by slightly nerfing bowers and doing some other small changes I am really optimistic about it working very good. This is the balance we will start of course changes can come especially during beta.

  • Snow shields Novice & Adept / Now require 270 INT.
  • Snow shields Freeze, Intensify & Freeze / Now require 338 INT.
  • Firewall & Icewall have a shared cool-down of 13 seconds.
  • Vital Spot - Body / Debuff probability reduced to 45% / Cool-down increased to 30 seconds.
  • Vital Spot - Mind / Debuff probability reduced to 45% / Cool-down increased to 30 seconds.
  • Vital Spot - Brain / Debuff probability reduced to 40% / Cool-down increased to 30 seconds.
  • Vital Spot - Zero / Debuff probability reduced to 30% / Cool-down increased to 30 seconds.
  • Force - Cure / Added cool-down of 18 seconds.
  • Cure Therapy / Added cool-down of 18 seconds.
  • Self Heal Series / Added cool-down of 8 seconds.
  • Heal Series / Added cool-down of 9 seconds.
  • Rebirth Art Series / Added cool-down of 13 seconds
  • Thousand Army Chain / Debuff probability increased to 25%.
  • Lightning Chain / Debuff probability increased to 25%.
  • Lightning Chain / Debuff probability increased to 25%.
  • Celestial Ground Bicheon Force / Def.pwr of shield reduce reduced to 60 & increased phy.atk.pwr increase to 160. It is now worth to use!
  • Blade Force / Knock-down probability reduced to 45%.
  • Mind Concentration / Added critical 3% increase & Attack Rate increased to 50.
Note: All imbues (cold, light, fire) now have the same damage.

♦Ruby About Guilds.

Guild & Union Limits.
Keeping the original guild & union limits is impossible as private servers tend to be more competitive. The only way to bring more competition to the game is by giving lower guild & union limits which means more guilds & unions will be created. However, compared to other servers you will notice that those are not that low but we're doing this to make sure different unions won't help each other. Therefore we have decided to adjust these limits as following:

Guild Limit: 32
Union Limit: 3

Guild & Union Modifications.
There have been certain modifications on guilds & unions to provide a better gameplay.

Guild Start Level.
Your guild will now start from level 5 instantly to help all of your group faster and have all guild functions available sooner.

Union Chat.
It is more than annoying to be a guild master having to decide which of your members will have union and which not. To make it easier for all of you union chat will be available for all guild members!

Automatic Grant Name.
One of the features we have developed for our last servers which worked pretty good was the automatic grant name granting. As the name says you can assign your grant name alone without your guild master.

How it works?
PM your guild master with: /grantname HERE
Replace 'HERE' with your grant name and done.

How to turn this system on or off? (For Guild Masters)
Send the following commands on all chat.
  1. !granton - to turn it on.
  2. !grantoff - to turn it off.
♦Ruby Alchemy.

Max Plus.
As always our max plus where all kind of equipment can reach will be [+12]. We don't want to have a very high or a very low plus value so we have chosen to go for the most used one in the middle. For those who have played our previous server know that our alchemy is pretty balanced not very hard but not easy as well, it is possible that some players with huge effort could reach +12 after some months. Additionally, we have also set a max plus value on Devil S which will be +5 to keep it possible for all kind of players!

Astrals Removed.
Astrals is a pretty big part of Silkroad and especially Alchemy. However, the only players who can really get an advantage of them are big donators as other players who value their silk would never spend silk to use them. We strongly believe astrals are very pay2win and should not be a part of Ruby Reborn. For this reason, we have completely removed them from the game.

Getting Immortal Stones.
Immortal Stones are the most important part of Alchemy. They are the most important item of the game as they are the only way you can reach a high plus value for your equipment. The common way to get these stones is Item Mall. However, we are not isro and we really want Ruby Reborn to give fair chances among all players. Therefore we have created many ways for you to get Immortal Stones.

Ways to get Immortal Stones:
  1. Crates.
  2. Lotteries.
  3. Ruby Points.
  4. Unique Drops.
  5. Item Mall.
Plus Glows.
We will keep the original plus glows. However, since +11 and +12 should look different from +10 we will edit them so players will be able to recognize them. Those plus values will give the following glows:

♦Ruby Jobbing.

Job Suits.
New job suits are available with increased STR-INT stats. You can get the new job suits for an amount of gold from any merchant but in order to wear them, you have to be a specific level written in the job suit.

Job Cave Uniques.
Our job cave will also offer 6 different uniques to hunt & kill. These are the all-known Egyptian uniques (Isis, Anubis, Neith, Selkis, Seth & Haroeris). We have also added 2 new stronger uniques on the job cave offering more fun with some incredible drops which you will read about in the uniques section.

Job Levels.
After reaching level 7 on your job union the normal silkroad way in order to level up you will need to kill other players from enemy job unions. Keep in mind that 100 kills equal to 1 job level. We have protected this system with enough restrictions so you won't be able to abuse it. Each kill counts for +1 point each death -0.5 point.

You can check your point by sending !joblevel on all chat.

Jobbing Security.
1. Jobbing HWID Limit.
This might be a small change but you can't imagine how HUGE influence it will have on our gameplay. All players won't be available to use more than 1 character while job suit is on, while they are doing trades, farming on job cave etc. What does this mean? It means that there won't be any bot characters ruining our gameplay by abusing our system. You won't see any bots doing trades only active players!

2. Scrolls Cool-down.
It is one of the most annoying parts of jobbing when you are about to kill a hunter and before he dies he uses reverse to escape or the opposite. How to solve this big issue? Simply by adding a big cool-down on reverse (10 minutes) & disabling any kind of instant return scrolls. You can now enjoy jobbing for real without getting pissed.

Job Cave.
A feature that is really needed on a job-based server and we definitely have to add. However simply adding a job cave won't be enough since it usually results in just having one more dead cave. We really wanted to think about something that will keep it active. So we have edited Egyptian uniques to fit 100 cap, these uniques will be impossible to kill solo, so prepare for some intense fights!

Additionally, job cave monsters will have improved drops compared to other monsters on the game making job cave really active!

Original Trade Routes.
On first Ruby, we had created some custom routes hoping they would bring more fun to the game. Truth is in our eyes it didn't make any difference at all except bringing many cheaters to the game. So this time we're definitely going for the original routes promising a more Silkroadish and clean gameplay! Keep in mind that we may create some completely new trade routes instead if we have the time during beta, one thing is for sure and that is that we won't use the trade routes used on last Ruby.

Job Rewards.
Jobbing will give 2 different currencies which are Ruby Points and Ruby Tokens. On first Ruby and on most servers only 1 currency is given which is also used to get your end-game equipment. However, we thought about it a lot and we decided to have 2 separate currencies. One will be used for Seal of Moon and the other one will allow you to buy many silk items! By doing this we are improving the game experience a lot since now you can buy many items for Ruby Points without having to worry about staying behind

♦Ruby Commands, Filter & Limits.

Filter Restrictions.
As always we are using our own filter. The good thing about being able to develop and use our own filter is that we can change or fix anything that we need instantly without needing to wait for someone else to do this for us. So it clearly ensures a better and more efficient server management.
  1. You can't trace characters without job suit while you are wearing job suit.
  2. Battle Arena AFK Detector (Disconnects a player after warning him if detected that he is AFK).
  3. You can only join 1 character per HWID on CTF or Battle Arena.
  4. You cannot use any res skills while on CTF or Battle Arena.
  5. Accademy creation disabled.
  6. You cannot ride fellow pet during zerk (to avoid speed bug).
  7. You cannot terminate pet in town.
  8. Exit / Exchange / Stall cool-down.
  9. Reverse have 30 minutes cool-down while job suit is on.
  10. You cannot use instant return scroll or any kind of instant return scroll items while job suit is on.
  11. You cannot spawn fellow pet while job suit is on.
  12. You can only have 1 character per HWID wearing job suit at a time.
  13. PK disabled.
  14. Maximum plus value [+12].
HWID Limits.
Created to provide a fair gameplay since one single player should not be able to have more than 2 characters online at the same time on the game. Yes, some players may have more than one PC but there is no possible way to restrict them from accessing the game with their 2nd PC. In general, it is all about building the proper gameplay with the proper systems, where having lots of characters won't favor you that much.
  • Normal HWID limit [2].
  • Jobbing HWID limit [1].
  • Fortress HWID limit [1].
  • Capture the flag / Battle Arena HWID limit [1].
[BOT]System Commands.
  1. /job - Will show the reward you will get after restarting. It shows what you've got from the trades you've made without restarting. So now you don't have to restart after every trade to receive your reward, you can simply check it with this chat command and then restart in the end to get all in one.
  2. /fgw - Determines whether you're under FGW cooldown or not (it's 5 hours)
  3. /jobkills - Current Job Kills (each 100 kill equals 1 job level)
  4. /removehelper - This will remove EXP Helpers
All-Chat Commands.
  • !lock pincode - Activates lock system on your character.
  • !removelock pincode - Removes the lock system from your account.
  • !granton - Enables automatic grant name granting (for guild masters).
  • !grantoff - Disabled automatic grant name granting (for guild masters).
  • !elo - Displays your current ELO points.
Classic Features.

General Management.
One server can be very good but with poor management, it can very easily get pretty much ruined. Our last projects gave us enough experience in this section so we can really hope we will be able to manage the server the way you all prefer. Some of the points we will try to follow mostly because they are the most important ones are the following:
  • Rates won't be changed with updates.
  • There won't be any new SoX coming with updates.
  • You will be noticed 1h earlier before any kind of update/downtime takes place.
  • Our system will automatically pm you to set your lock system, if you get hacked we won't be able to help so make sure you use it!
♦Ruby Special.

Titles Changing System.
A brand new title system allowing you to see all titles you own and choose the one you like most without losing all the other titles you have unlocked! It is a really smooth system. To see your available titles simply type /titles on all chat then a widnow will pop up. To set title you want simply press aply to the title you desire!

Titles & Names Modifications.
We really wanted to focus on this section making it a really good one. Some servers lately used the colorful titles, names or w/e but they used it in a very wrong way. They simply added them to item mall. Where is the fun with this! Since we can also have colorful titles & names we will use them but we will use them in a very nice and play2win way! Take a look bellow.

• General Titles.
You will be able to get a big variety of different titles for Silk from the Title Dealer NPC located at Alexandria South! Keep in mind that there are also plenty of in-game methods which can give you some of these titles such as opening crates.

• Colored Character Names.
Playing with such stuff we have to be really careful as making everything colorful and shit can result in a very bad looking in-game environment. Therefore colorful names will only be used for verified by Ruby Reborn players so people can recognize them and trust them.

Supporter Position(10).
You will recognize them from their Cyan character name. The common Supporter position all servers offer to some players in order to help them with supporting players and in general keeping the game clean. PM them for your questions & problems regarding Ruby they will be able to contact crew members instantly and provide some high-level support to you.

Special tag before character name: [?]

Middle-Man Position(2).
You will recognize them from their Green character name. I am pretty sure you have seen this position on some servers some years back. However, this position wasn't really used lately. We really think it is a very important role as Silkroad community is not recognized for their honest players. There are so many scam cases which our crew members can't really focus on due to the amount of work they will have to do on other sections. So because we really don't want any of our players to get scammed. We hired some trustable players to help you with all your trades! PM them whenever you want to make a trade with a player you don't trust.

Special tag before character name: [#]

Ruby Police(3).
You will recognize them from their blue character name. This a new position never seen before. Even if we strongly believe cheaters/abusers are not welcome on Ruby due to the power of our systems it is more than possible to see some of them especially on jobbing. Ruby Police will be responsible to ban them and kick them out of the game. PM them anytime you find any kind of cheating or abuse going on and they will take care!

Special tag before character name: [!]

You will recognize him from his orchid character name. Another new position which will be given to only 1 player. It is very important for every server to keep looking how it's economy is going. We really want to be careful with our economy keeping it balanced and fair for all kind of players. You can PM him anytime you want express your concerns about the current state of the economy and giving him your suggestions regarding it.

Don't worry server won't look colorful those positions will only be given to a total of 16 players!

Organized & Professional Noticing.
Most servers nowadays use the common red notice for every single notice they want to make. As Ruby Reborn we believe this obviously doesn't look professional at all! So we have focused on this section unlocking the green & blue notice as well which we will be using on much different stuff as following:

Red Notice.
Will be used for manual notices used by our crew to inform our players of stuff like upcoming updates and stuff like this.

Blue Notice.
Will be used mostly for announcing killing sprees on fortress war, on wanted mode, and on survival arena event. There will be blue notices which will be visible only to you and blue notices which will appear to all players.

Green Notice.
This color of notices has always been used to announce events so we will keep this use of it and make all our automatic events work with this notice so there won't be any confusion at all!

Re-worked Magic PoP.
A feature misunderstood by the majority of Silkroad players, well not really misunderstood, it was a really pay2win back on isro as simply by donating and getting magic pop cards you could get the end game equipment with some luck. While actually being a pretty fun and well-made features most people hate it for this reason. We really wanted to implement it, of course, cards won't be sold for silk at all. That's the only way to make this feature likable by all players if magic pop cards are not sold for silk but instead, they are given only with in-game methods.

How to get cards.
  • With Ruby Jewels from Ruby Special NPC.
  • From HWT Uniques.
  • From Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi & Isyaturu.
What I can get from Magic PoP?
  • Seal of Star Weapons.
  • Seal of Diamond Weapons.
Keep in mind that magic pop cards are untradeable.

Live Counter Window.
One of the sexiest new features Ruby Reborn is bringing is a live counter window. Actually, this window can be used anywhere. At the moment we are gonna use it to offer a live count of the top killers on survival arena and fortress war. This is more than useful as you can check anytime who is on top and how far you're from the top in kills players. This system can also be used on much other stuff. An example could be a live counter of the top levels for the first days of the server so every server will know which players are on top. In general, it is a very very useful system which we can find many uses for it!

The window will auto-open once you join Survival Arena and Fortress and will auto-close once you leave these areas.

The name & idea belong to Elamidas. However we have completely re-created it. You will be able to teleport there from big towns teleporter. You can only join Purgatory with a party of 2 members or more however due to the difficulty it is recommended to attend it with a full party! So purgatory is actually a dungeon with really strong monsters.

Why would I go there?
Monsters inside there got some crazy drop rates and also drop others items that normal monsters don't drop as:
  1. Very high gold drops.
  2. Chance to drop Crates.
  3. Chance to drop Diamond Tokens & Ruby Jewels.
  4. Increased chance to drop Seal of Star.
  5. Chance to drop HP/MP Increase scrolls & other scrolls.
You can play purgatory only twice per day so use your attempt wisely.

We love lotteries we do! So we have created many of them! The lottery is something that can give all kind of players chances to win. It also gives more chances to players who deserve more chances making it completely fair. There will be 2 kinds of lotteries those who will need tickets to participate to them (Gold & SoX Lottery) and one lottery who needs nothing to participate to it which is named Contribution Lottery.

[Daily]Gold Lottery.
The common gold lottery event where you purchase tickets to participate in it with gold. There will be 3 tickets being sold at the Gold Miner at Alexandria South. Price of this ticket will be 150 Million gold. You can buy as many as you want, the more you get the more chances you have to win the daily lottery!

  1. 1.000 Silk
  2. 750 Silk
  3. 750 Silk
  4. 400 Silk
  5. 400 Silk
  6. 400 Silk
  7. 200 Silk
  8. 200 Silk
  9. 200 Silk
  10. 200 Silk
  11. 100 Silk
  12. 100 Silk
  13. 100 Silk
  14. 100 Silk
  15. 100 Silk
[Weekly]Contribution Lottery.
A real play2win lottery which we wanted to create in order to encourage activity. So actually to participate in this lottery you need to have a job contribution. The higher your contribution is the more chances you will have on the weekly contribution lottery. You don't need to buy anything at all, just play and your chances of the lottery will go higher!

  1. 10 Immortal Stones & 25 Magic PoP Cards.
  2. 8 Immortal Stones & 20 Magic PoP Cards.
  3. 6 Immortal Stones & 15 Magic PoP Cards.
  4. 4 Immortal Stones & 10 Magic PoP Cards.
  5. 2 Immortal Stones & 5 Magic PoP Cards.
[Weekly]SoX Lottery.
You will find detailed information about this lottery & how it works as you keep reading the topic. To participate in it you need to purchase SoX Lottery Tickets for 45 Ruby Points each from Ruby Special NPC. The more you purchase the more chances you will have on the lottery.

Gold Value Increasing.
Making gold important in the game is something really really important. If gold becomes worthless whole server economy will be fucked. We know this and this is exactly why we have made many changes which makes us very optimistic about its value being pretty high! Take a look bellow:
  1. Lucky Powders price has been increased to 300.000 gold each.
  2. All new items such as crates etc have a big gold cost.
  3. New currency named Gold Token allow us to add SOM on NPC with a high gold cost of 8 Billion gold.
  4. Silk Lottery event which you can participate only by purchasing tickets with gold.
  5. Teleports require increased gold.
♦Ruby Currencies.

Ruby Points.
On Ruby Reborn there will be 3 different ways to gain Ruby Points:
  1. Trading/Thieving.
    Each successful trade of 5* will give you an amount of Ruby Points from 8 to 10. Each successful robbery will give you an amount of Ruby Points from 6 to 8.
  2. Job Kills.
    Each job kill will give you 1 Ruby Point Keep in mind that you won't gain points from killing the same characters in less than 3 hours.
  3. Automatic Events.
  4. Uniques.
    • Tiger Girl will give 5 ruby points as reward.
    • Cerberus will give 5 ruby points as reward.
    • Captain Ivy will give 6 ruby points as reward.
    • Uruchi will give 7 ruby points as reward.
    • Isyaturu will give 8 ruby points as reward
    • Lord Yarkan will give 9 ruby points as reward.
    • Demon Shaitan will give 10 ruby points as reward.
    • Roc will give 35 ruby points as reward.
    • Medusa will give 35 ruby points as reward.
    • Job Temple Uniques will give 15 ruby points as reward.
Where can I spend my Ruby Points?
Now you may wonder where you will be able to spend your Ruby Points at. Well, that's the big change we have made, you can't buy your Seal of Moon weapon with them it is completely different this time. With Ruby Points, you can purchase a big variety of items including weekly roll tickets used to participate in the weekly sox roll event (read more about this on how to get Seal of Moon weapon paragraph).

Unlimited Ruby Points Gain - Play2Win.
On most servers, you would see the currency needed for Seal of Moon also be needed in order to purchase silk items and stuff and they would also advertise this as something play2win. But how are you supposed to buy other stuff while u want to keep this currency for your Seal of Moon? WE CHANGED THIS! You now have 1 different currency which you can spend to buy crates and other stuff without having to worry about your Seal of Moon!

Note: For the first week there is an RP limit added of 350 until we make sure BOT traders using phbot are blocked and won't abuse our economy.

[Untradeable]Ruby Jewels.
The currency which we also used on first Ruby as a reward from Capture the Flag & Battle Arena. However, this time won't be required to purchase Seal of Moon instead it will be used on purchasing a big variety of items and most importantly magic pop cards!

Earned from CTF & BA as following:
  • Battle Arena win: 20
  • Battle Arena defeat: 9
  • Capture the Flag kill: 1
You can use your Ruby Jewels at Ruby Special NPC to buy:
  • Magic PoP cards for 30 RJ.
  • Star C crate for 50 RJ.
  • Diamond B crate for 75 RJ.
  • Ruby Token for 1 RJ.
  • Diamond Token for 1 RJ.
Note: You can also get Ruby Jewels from purgatory monsters as drop.

[Untradeable]Ruby Tokens.
The currency which will be used to purchase Seal of Moon equipment. Remember there will be no limits on gaining them! There are 2 different ways to get them and this is Jobbing & CTF/BA.

  • Trading(5*): 10 Ruby Tokens.
  • Thieving(5*): 8 Ruby Tokens.
Ruby Special NPC.
  • Each Ruby Token will cost you 1 Ruby Jewel.

Keep in mind that once you reach the Seal of Moon token price which is 1.500 you will no longer gain Tokens.

[Tradeable]Diamond Tokens.
This currency is connected with our job temple. You can only get this currency as job temple monsters drop and as job temple uniques drop. You can use this currency to buy silk items and other useful items from the Diamond Dealer.

Job Temple.
  • Dropping from monsters.
  • Dropping from uniques.
[Tradeable]Gold Tokens.
A currency created so we can sell some items that we need at high gold prices on NPCs. The maximum price you're allowed to sell an item on NPC is 2B gold. We need to set a lot higher values than this especially on Seal of Moon equipment as we really want to make gold really important on the game.

Ruby Special NPC
  • 1 Gold Token for 1B gold.
♦Ruby SoX System.

Available SoX & Balance.
On Ruby Reborn we really wanted to make it easier for people to understand our SoX system. To achieve this we added only 3 different SoX. Those are the following:
  • Seal of Star: Normal last tier +1
  • Seal of Diamond: Normal last tier +2
  • Seal of Moon: Normal last tier +3.5
As you can see balance is pretty close to all SoX, there is not any over-powered one. We really want to give chances to all players to enjoy playing competitively!

SoX Glows are coming very soon!

Getting your [Seal of Star] Equipment!
Of course, Seal of Star should be the easiest to SoX to get since it is the first one and of course all Seal of Star equipment will be obtainable from monsters drops. However, we also wanted to create other ways to get them except botting which will also be a bit easier. Encouraging botting would be a mistake. Keep in mind that there will be an additional way for weapons in comparison with set & accessories and that's from Magic PoP which as we have already explained will be completely play2win since cards won't be sold for silk!

You can get Seal of Star weapons with the following ways:
  1. From monsters with a very hard drop rate.
  2. From job cave monsters with a hard drop rate.
  3. From job uniques with a hard drop rate.
  4. From Star Crate A with a medium rate.
  5. From Star Crate B with a hard rate.
  6. From Star Crate C with a very hard rate.
  7. From Holy Water Temple.
  8. Purgatory.
  9. From SoX Lottery.
  10. Magic PoP with a hard rate.
You can get Seal of Star set & accessories with the following ways:
  1. From monsters with a very hard drop rate.
  2. From job cave monsters with a hard drop rate.
  3. From job uniques with a hard drop rate.
  4. From Star Crate A with a medium rate.
  5. From Holy Water Temple.
  6. Purgatory.
  7. From Star Crate B with a hard rate.
  8. From Star Crate C with a very hard rate.
Getting your [Seal of Diamond] Weapon!
A middle currency between Seal of Star and Seal of Moon is more than needed to offer some variety to the game and help the economy. However, we want to start with weapons only and keep adding the rest as the game progress.

You can get Seal of Diamond weapons with the following ways:
  1. From Magic PoP with a very hard rate.
  2. From SoX Lottery.
  3. Diamond Crates.
Completely Removed Limits.
Note: In order to keep the gameplay under our control we have added a limit of 500 RT for the first week which will increase to 1000 on the second week and from 3rd week and after it will become limitless as intended.

All the servers for the last years are following the same limits system. We wanted to finally make a big change. Getting rid of the old systems which completely failed in the past and every server is using for no reason except that it is the most used ones. We are ready to take a big step ahead and change the core system, a core system which has failed mischievously. People started to lose hope with Silkroad as it is a big repeat. You may wonder what do we achieve by completely removing limits system, take a look bellow:
  1. Jobbing activity all days of the week.
    With previous limit systems, jobbing activity would die once people have reached their weekly/daily limits resulting on some people not being able to fill their limits as there were no caravans the days they had free time to play. Our new systems make sure all days of the week will be full of job activity as there are no limits!
  2. No pressure reaching your limit weekly.
    Limits system was more than annoying as people had to fill their limit weekly/daily even if they didn't have much time if they wanted to be from the first ones to pick their Seal of Moon weapon. We are here to have fun not to have another reason to be pressured! Our new system will give you a BIG relief as there is no pressure on reaching your limits. You will understand what I mean once you read about or SOM system.
  3. New players can easily catch up.
    Limit system was the reason most servers would die in few months. New players would never join as they knew they would never reach the players who started the first week (they would always be weeks behind on their way to Seal of Moon). With our brand new system it is obvious that this won't happen as it is very easy for new players to catch up, there are no limits or anything to keep them behind they can be very active weekly and have big chances on getting Seal of Moon weapons once the time comes. New players can even get ahead if they are lucky and they win the roll (it is all about how active they will be weekly to have more chances on the roll). Yes, you don't want new players to reach you if you play from the first week but trust me you don't want to change server every 2 months either and a server with no new players joining is a hopeless server. Our system doesn't favor anyone it is fair for all players!
Getting your [Seal of Moon] Weapon!
There will be 2 completely different ways to get your Seal of Moon weapon, both giving fair chances to all kind of players new or old. It took us very long to finally decide this system as we had to be really careful with it. There was no other option than trying a completely new system as the most used limits system has come to an end, there is no server using it to last more than few months!

1. Weekly Roll Event.
All you need to do to participate is buy Weekly Roll Tickets (sold for 45 Ruby Points each). The more Weapon Roll Tickets you buy the higher chances you will have on the weekly roll! Remember there is no limit on your Ruby Points gain you can get as much as you want to have more chances to win on the roll. Once you purchase the Ticket it automatically gives you a participation in the weekly roll event there is no action you need to do in order to activate it.

A full roll week starts from Friday 20:00 and ends next Friday at 16:00.

This event will start from the second week of the server. However, for the first 3 weeks, it will give different rewards. The first roll event to give Seal of Moon equipment will start after week number 4. In general, the schedule with rewards will be as following:

Roll Weeks.
  1. Weekly Roll Event: First week tickets will count for the 2nd week there is no roll on the first week.
  2. Weekly Roll Event: 2 SOS Weapon Winners.
  3. Weekly Roll Event: 2 SOS Weapon Winners.
  4. Weekly Roll Event: 2 SOD Weapon Winners & 2 SOS Weapon Winners.
  5. Weekly Roll Event: 2 SOM Weapon Exchangers, 2 SOD Weapon Winners & 2 SOS Weapon Winners.
  6. Weekly Roll Event: 2 SOM Weapon Exchangers, 2 SOD Weapon Winners & 2 SOS Weapon Winners.
  7. Weekly Roll Event: 2 SOM Weapon Exchangers, 2 SOD Weapon Winners & 2 SOS Weapon Winners.
  8. Weekly Roll Event: 3 SOM Weapon Exchangers, 1 SOD Weapon Winners & 2 SOS Weapon Winners.
  9. Weekly Roll Event: 3 SOM Weapon Exchangers, 1 SOD Weapon Winners & 2 SOS Weapon Winners.
  10. Weekly Roll Event: 3 SOM Weapon Exchangers, 1 SOD Weapon Winners & 2 SOS Weapon Winners.
  11. Weekly Roll Event (Final change): 4 SOM Weapon Exchangers, 1 SOD Weapon Winner & 1 SOS Weapon Winners.
The first lottery will start on the second week till then it will be disabled, all tickets you purchase will count on the first lottery of the server.

System Protection.
Some very basic restrictions we had to make in order to protect this system from any kind of abuse.
  • If you win 1 SOM weapon roll you can't win again (HWID & IP based).
  • If you win 4 SOM accessory rolls you can't win again (HWID & IP based).
  • Each HWID & IP can only win one weekly prize.
2. Collecting Ruby Tokens.
Weekly roll is maybe good but it can't be 100% fair as some players may have high participation and end up without wins at all. Of course, we don't want this to happen so we had to think of a second way which will be completely fair for this players but at the same time would not keep the new players always behind as the old limits system would do.

So we want to keep every "main" activity of the game active all 7 days of the week. By main activities, I mostly mean Jobbing, CTF/BA & Automatic Events. Jobbing already gives Ruby Points but those should be for people to keep and spend on the weekly lottery or on other silk items they want to buy, if we would give SOM for these points players would not spend them at all. We don't want this to happen. We want players to have an in-game earned currency which they can use to buy silk items and of course the weekly roll tickets. For this reason, we have developed a second currency called Ruby Tokens which focuses completely on getting your SOM items.

How to get Ruby Tokens?
You can get Ruby Tokens with 2 different ways. There are no limits at all on getting those points, you can get as many as you can daily/weekly. Keep in mind that once you reach 1.500 tokens which are the price of the SOM weapon you won't be getting more points as you have reached your goal. However even if you have reached at the desired amount at the first week you will be getting your SOM weapon at week number 4 so no reason to go no-life you have 4 weeks of time to reach this amount which is not even that big, take it easy!
  1. Jobbing.
    Except for the Ruby Points you will be getting by completing trades or stealing, you will also be getting Ruby Tokens!
  2. Capture the Flag & Battle Arena.
    The second way to earn Ruby Tokens will be from Capture the Flag & Battle Arena!
I got all my tokens on the first week why I have to wait?
This is maybe the question that you will all be wondering. It is possible to reach the Ruby Tokens price earlier than in 4 weeks if you are really active. However, you won't be able to get your SOM until 4 weeks have passed. We are doing this for many reasons. All focusing on giving the server more life:
  • It always harms the server if people get their end-game equipment fast as the game starts to lose its interest and people start to get bored and leave.
  • Also by doing this we give people the freedom to decide how they want to collect these points in 4 weeks, building their own strategy. For example, let's say you are more than busy 1 week and you won't be able to collect enough points. On the old system, you would just be screwed or searching for people to pay to reach your limit. On our brand new system you are not! You can simply be more active the next weeks and get back on track!
  • The last and most important reason is to give competitiveness to new players. Let's say I couldn't join the first 2 weeks and I want to join now, on the old system this would mean I would always be 2 weeks behind from the other players since the limits would keep me behind. On the new system if I really want to catch up I can do it by being really active! And this is why the new systems are really new-players friendly!
How I will get my SOM weapon?
On the 4th week, we will be having a big updated called moon update. On this update, we will actually bring SOM on Ruby Reborn. In order to get your SOM weapon you will need to purchase an item called SOM Weapon Exchanger from the SOM Dealer for 1.500 Ruby tokens, 10 Gold tokens & 500 Ruby Jewels as you already know. Also, SoX Lottery will also start giving SOM Weapon Exchangers as a reward to some lucky winners. Until this update, SOM Weapon Exchanger won't be available in this shop! So what will the update actually do is bring this item to the game and this item will bring SOM Weapons!

Getting your [Seal of Moon] Shield!
Almost every single player really need to have a good shield for his build so we had to think of a different way for people to get their Seal of Moon shield as the current weapon way is pretty hard and doesn't give any space for shields. So our idea is that since Forgotten World is pretty nice and we didn't give that much value to it yet it would be really cool to give Seal of Moon shields from it! So in order to get your shield, you will need to complete all talismans collection. That's how you get can each talisman:
  • Silver pendant: Forgotten World (Tradeable).
  • Cobalt emerald: Forgotten World (Tradeable).
  • Logbook: Forgotten World (Tradeable).
  • Love letter: Forgotten World (Tradeable).
  • Portrait of a woman: Forgotten World (Tradeable).
  • Jewelry box: Forgotten World (Tradeable).
  • Diamond watch: Forgotten World (Untradeable).
  • Mermaid's tears: Forgotten World (Untradeable).
Forgotten World Portals.
  • 1* 50m
  • 2* 75m
  • 3* 100m
  • 4* 150m
Find them at Gold Miner NPC.

Getting your [Seal of Moon] Set!
Even though we still are not 100% sure about the way Seal of Moon set will be offered we believe it will be something very similar with the weapon but starting after most people picked their Seal of Moon weapon. Once you have picked your weapon your SOM Points will start to become useless, not if we keep adding SOM Parts! However we are not planning on adding it all at one time reasons for this are the following: We will keep adding parts to keep all player close on itemization to achieve an insanely competitive server and keep the server easy to catch up for the new players!

1. Easy to stay competitive.
It would be a lot different if we would add the complete SOM set all by 1, there would be players who would have it complete very soon by being insanely active. This would make them dominate on all activities keeping other servers even more behind. SOM Parts won't be available when the server launches, we will keep adding them to updates as the game progresses. We want a fair server for all kind of players. So we believe the perfect balance is somewhere in the middle. Of course activity should be rewarded but not to a level where the server loses it's balance completely. I am sure you all want to play a game where players will be close on itemization and fights will be two-sided!

2. Another idea that will help new players.
We really don't want to let all SOM Parts be available once the server is launched. We want to control this and keep adding parts with updates making sure none will get over-geared which will completely discourage new players from joining. None would join a server if he sees people wearing lots of SOM Parts already, he will just feel like he is too late.

3. Increasing life of the server.
There are many reasons a private server can die, a common reason is people being bored as there is no more end-game equipment for them to acquire. We really want to try our best to increase Ruby Reborn life and we will try all possible ways in order to achieve this!

Getting your [Seal of Moon] Accessories!
To be decided, as soon as we have decided the way to get SOM Accessories this text will be updated.

♦Ruby Uniques.

STR & INT Uniques.
Uniques are a big part of the game. However, it is not really fair having only nukers killing them on a private server, especially when unique drops are boosted a lot. Therefore, there will be 2 versions of uniques for STR and INT players to hunt. This will make sure all players will have same chances of killing uniques and get favored from them.

Available Uniques.
There will be many different uniques available on Ruby Reborn bringing more competition and fun to the game!

Classic Uniques.
  • Tigerl Girl: 2x Global Chatting, 2 Reverse Return Scrolls & 5 Diamond Tokens.
  • Cerberus: 2x Global Chatting, 2 Reverse Return Scrolls & 5 Diamond Tokens.
  • Captain Ivy: 2x Global Chatting, 1 Magic PoP card 2 Reverse Return Scrolls & 5 Diamond Tokens.
  • Uruchi: 2x Global Chatting, 1 Magic PoP card 2 Reverse Return Scrolls & 5 Diamond Tokens.
  • Isyaturu: 1x Immortal Stone, 1 Magic PoP card 2x Global Chatting, 2 Reverse Return Scrolls & 10 Diamond Tokens.
  • Lord Yarkan: 2x Immortal Stone, 2x Magic PoP Cards, 2x Global Chatting, 2 Reverse Return Scrolls & 10 Diamond Tokens.
  • Demon Shaitan: 2x Immortal Stone, 2x Magic PoP Cards, 2x Global Chatting, 2 Reverse Return Scrolls & 15 Diamond Tokens.
  • BeakYung The White Wiper: 8x 50 Silk Scrolls, 3x Immortal Stone, 5x Magic PoP Cards, 4x Global Chatting, 50% chance to drop Diamond Crate, 4 Reverse Return Scrolls & 20 Diamond Tokens.
Job Uniques.
All job uniques (Selket,Neith,Anubis,Isis,Haroeis) will give the following drops: 8x 50 Silk Scrolls, 3x Immortal Stone, 5x Magic PoP Cards & 20 Diamond Tokens. 3x Global Chatting 3x Reverse Return Scrolls.

Ruby Prince & Quest..
Kill Ruby Prince to complete this quest. You don't need to kill the unique to complete it. All you need is to be on the party of the killer! This unique can be found everywhere on map on random locations.

Quest Reward: 100 Silk.

Devil Garden Uniques & Quests.
Devils garden is a very nice place to be especially when you have to fight with the most powerful uniques of the game. There will be 3 different uniques. The party to kill the unique will finish the quest (all of them).

Quest Rewards.
  • Kidemonas Quest Rewards: 1x Star Crate B & 3x Magic PoP Cards & 50 silks.
  • Venefica Quest Rewards: 1x Star Crate B & 3x Magic PoP Cards & 50 silks.
  • Giant Overlord Quest Rewards: 1x Star Crate B & 3x Magic PoP Cards & 50 silks.
Devil Garden Uniques.
  • Kidemonas : 3x Immortal 15x Diamond Tokens.
  • Venefica: 3x Immortal 15x Diamond Tokens.
  • Giant Overlord: 3x Immortal 15x Diamond Tokens.
♦Ruby Crates.

Ruby Points Crates.
Having crates in a game is always great fun. Being able to try your luck anytime by opening some crates can always feel good! We always had crates on all the server we have created which means we will also have crates on Ruby Reborn. However this time we feel like offering more variety making the whole section a bit more interesting. Here you will find listed all crates that you can purchase with Ruby Points & Gold.

Ruby Crate.
  • 1 Extension Gear.
  • 1~6 Sabakun Jewels.
  • 1~5 Immortal Stone.
  • 1 Avatar Dress.
  • 1 Avatar Hat.
  • 1 Ruby Premium.
  • 1 Devil S.
  • 1 Pet Clock.
  • Nothing!
Cost: 100 Ruby Points & 200M Gold.

Star Crate C.
  • Low chances to give a random Seal of Star equipment.
  • Nothing!
Cost: 50 Ruby Points & 150M Gold.

Star Crate B.
  • Medium chances to give a random Seal of Star equipment.
  • 1~3 Reverse Return Scrolls.
  • 1~3 Global Chatting.
  • Nothing!
Cost: 75 Ruby Points & 250M Gold.

Star Crate A.
  • High chances to give a random Seal of Star equipment.
  • 1 Sabakun Jewel.
  • 1 Extension Gear.
  • Nothing!
Cost: 100 Ruby Points & 350M Gold.

Diamond Crate A.
  • Low-medium chances to give one random Seal of Diamond Weapon.
  • Nothing!
Cost: 125 Ruby Points & 250M Gold.

Ruby Jewels Crates.

Diamond Crate B.
  • Low chances to give one random Seal of Diamond Weapon.
  • Nothing!
Cost: 75 Ruby Jewels & 125M Gold.

Gold Crates.
We really want to see gold having great value in Ruby Reborn, therefore, we will be adding much interesting stuff being sold for gold on Gold Miner NPC.

Crystal Crate.
  • 1~4 Global Chatting.
  • 1~2 Immortal Stones.
  • 1~4 Reverse Return Scrolls.
  • 1 Extension Gear.
  • 1 Pet Ressurection.
  • 1 Job Penalty Remover.
  • 1 Guild Penalty Remover.
  • Nothing!
Cost: 300M Gold.

Silk Crates.

Immortal Stones Crate.
This crate will give you from 10 to 30 Immortal Stones randomly.
Cost: 1.250 Silk.

Starter Package.
  • 1x Random Avatar Hat.
  • 1x Random Avatar Dress.
  • 1x Random Avatar Attachment.
  • 1x Ruby Premium.
  • 1x Devil S.
  • 1x 30 days pet.
  • 11x Reverse Return Scrolls.
  • 11x Global Chatting.
Luxury Crate.
Opening will give you 1 random color of Ruby Wings. Keep in mind that wings give nothing at all. They are just a visual upgrade!

Keep in mind that all crates will give 1 of the listed items and not all except the starter package of course!

♦Ruby Going Competitive.

Top Jobbers Effect.
As always it is really important to give players more reasons to be top on their job union. Trust me this time it will be more than worth it as top 3 jobbers of every job union will be receiving a new awesome effect above their character name letting their enemies know that they shouldn't mess with them! Also you will receive a special title based on your job union.

  • 1st: Vanquisher
  • 2nd: The Death Stalker
  • 3rd: Loremaster
  • 1st: Guardian
  • 2nd: Warlord
  • 3rd: Gladiator
  • 1st: Peacekeeper
  • 2nd: Traveler
  • 3rd: Explorer
Honor System.
Honor system is a very important system which really needs to be well-made in order to be fair to all players and ensure it won't be abusable. All players love these buffs and would love to have them on their character. On the first Ruby our Honor points system was pretty poor as honor points would only be given from trading & job kills. However, as you have maybe already realized we don't want Ruby Reborn to be completely job based therefore we've added plenty of other methods to earn honor points from!

Activities to earn Honor Points from:
  • Each Job kill equals 2 Honor Points.
  • Each Survival Kill equals 2 Honor Points.
  • Each Trade will give you 1 Honor Point (Only for traders since they cannot gain from kills as thieves and hunters while trading).
  • Each Unique kill will give you Honor Points depending on the unique you have killed.
Getting Honor buffs.
  • The top 5 will get all 4 honor buffs.
  • From top 5 to top 10 will receive all except the crown.
  • From top 10 to top 25 will receive the silver and the copper buff.
  • From top 25 to top 40 will receive the copper buff.
You can check your place on our honor point system on our official website.

Wanted System.
A very common system which players loved by the years and we have no other option than adding it even more improved!

For each wanted level you will have a certain bounty. This means that the player who will end your wanted-killing spree will get an amount of gold! No no don't worry not from you.

Wanted buffs.
For (20 & 40 Kills) killing sprees the wanted buff will give the following:
  • 1% Physical & Magical damage increase.
  • 1% Physical & Magical defense increase.
  • 1 STR & INT.
  • 1% Movement speed increase.
For (60 Kills & Above) killing sprees the wanted buff will give the following:
  • 2% Physical & Magical damage increase.
  • 2% Physical & Magical defense increase.
  • 2 STR & INT.
  • 2% Movement speed increase.
Killing Spree Announcer.
To make it even more interesting we have added a killing spree announcer to work as a blue notice. We thought that globals are not the proper place of this as it is causing some kind of spam on a place where the spam is already big. Our announcer is updated with some sexy killing sprees as following:
  1. 20 Kills: [JobName] is on a killing spree, he is seeking for blood!
  2. 40 Kills: [JobName] is on a rampage, what a maniac killer!
  3. 60 Kills: [JobName] is dominating, get out of his way!
  4. 80 Kills: [JobName] is unstoppable, who will stop him?
  5. 100 Kills: [JobName] is godlike, not even gods can stop him!
  6. 120 Kills: [JobName] is LEGENDARY, what a power show off!
Competitive Ranked System.
As we said, we really want Ruby Reborn to be a competitive server. To achieve this we need many systems which players have to fight over earning ranks etc. Like most games we wanted Silkroad to also have a ranking system. Last time we tried this system it wasn't that good as except the ranking icons it would give it would also unlock some over-powered skills making the server pretty unbalanced. This won't happen this time. Our ranking system will only give some great ranking icons which will appear next to your name for your enemies to recognize your skills!

  • PvP Matching: +4 Elo Points.
  • Fortress War Kills: +2 Elo Points.
  • Capture the Flag Kills: +2 Elo Points.
  • Battle Arena Kills: +2 Elo Points.
  • Survival Arena Kills: +1 Elo Point.
  • Last Man Standing: +1 Elo Point.
  • Job Kills: +1 Elo Point.
  • PvP Matching: -2 Elo Points.
  • Last Man Standing: -1 Elo Point.
  • Survival Arena Deaths: -1 Elo Point.
  • Job Deaths: -1 Elo Point.
  • Fortress War Deaths: -1 Elo Point.
  • Capture the Flag Kills: -1 Elo Point.
  • Battle Arena Kills: -1 Elo Point.
System Protection.
Even if this system doesn't really give any kind of reward except some lovely icons next to your name it is more than important for us to keep it safe. Therefore we

How is this system fair?
You may think this system is not fair as INT characters will be getting a lot more kills than you means a lot more points than you. Well, that's obvious but did you think that INT chars will also die a lot more often than you means they will be losing points a lot more often than you? The system is completely fair for both INT and STR characters!

Ranking System.
  • Top 20 players [1-20] will get in Ruby Rank and unlock the Ruby Rank icon & Ruby Master title colored red!
  • Top 60 players [21-60] will get in Amethyst Rank and unlock the Amethyst Rank icon & Amethyst Master title colored purple!
  • Top 100 players [61-100] will get in Topaz Rank and unlock the Topaz Division icon & Topaz Master title.
  • Top 150 players [101-150] will get in Emerald Rank and unlock the Emerald Rank icon & Emerald Master title.
Such systems always need a well-made announcer to make it more fun playing with them. Everyone wants to see his name appearing on a notice so here is your chance!
  • Global Blue notice will appear whenever a player reaches a new rank. Example: [Foberious] has reached Ruby Rank, kicking [Ace] back to Amethyst Rank!
  • Personal Blue notice will appear whenever you pass one player on your Rank ranking, other players won't see this notice. Only you and the player to loss his ranking position will be informed.
Rankings will reset every 2 weeks giving new players fair chances!

PVP Matching System.
Having this awesome Ranked system gives us many options which could make Ruby Reborn way more competitive than it already is and also bring huge fun to the game. So since we will be able to organize players based on their ranking it is easier for us to make a fair PVP Matching system as we will be able to match players with players who are on the same ranking or very close.

When I will be able to play it?
Since the matching progress will be pretty slow you will be able to match all day long, whenever you want. Be patient about being matched it may take some time. We are willing to improve this on the future.

What do I win from playing PVP Matching.
Well of course this system will have a huge influence on player's ranking but except this, it will also give silk rewards.
  • Win: +4 Elo Points & 20 Silk.
  • Defeat: -2 Elo Points.
System Protection.
Protection is more than important for systems like that so what we did is the following:
  1. You can only play 5 matches per day.
  2. You can't play more than 1 time with the same player.
  3. You can only register for the PVP Matching if your ranked mode is enabled.
  4. You can only register for the PVP Matching if you're level 100.
  5. You can't use zerk, devil or damage/absorb increase scrolls.
♦Ruby Fortress War.

Keep in mind that we're still working on making Fortress War more fair among all guilds, an official post regarding this matter will be made in the following days.

Available Fortresses.
There will be only 2 fortresses available to ensure competition on both will be extremely high. The fortresses which will be available for guilds to attend will be Constantinople and Hotan. We don't really want to choose a "main" fortress that's up to guilds to decide.
  • Constantinople Tax: Alexandria & Constantinople.
  • Hotan Tax: Hotan, Jangan, Samarkand & Donwhang.
For security measures, pvp will be disabled inside FW regions.

Guild Kills Counter.
We really want to give a new touch on Fortress war, trying to make it even more interesting, fun & fair. So whenever you enter any fortress a live counter will appear on the right of your screen showing the top 5 guilds in term of kills! The counter is live means whenever a kill is made it will automatically be added to the counter. By doing this everyone will know which guilds are being the deadliest. You may wonder ok we can see which guilds are killing the most but what about it, nothing changes still the one to get the heart wins everything. Well take a look bellow and you may change opinion.

More Winners.
So actually what we want to achieve here is make more guilds happy from the outcome of fortress war. Giving the fortress to the guild who kills the heart is not that fair and pretty much ruins the gameplay inside. So by doing this it is like we're rewarding more guilds for their performance on fortress war despite who killed the heart. This means each guild/union can build it's own strategy, do you prefer to fully wipe your enemies and have fun of them after fortress by taking first spot on kills and getting the very precious silk reward? Or you simply want to take heart and the fortress instead? Up to you to decide! Both got their advantages and disadvantages. Kills winners get silk for all their members while fortress winners tax of towns and the common fortress icon rewards.

Top 3 guilds will have its members receiving an amount of silk as a reward. As we have already mentioned we really want fortress war to focus on huge fights between guilds participating and not that much on afk-tracing till last few minutes.
  • Rank 1: 150 Silk & Special Title per member.
  • Rank 2: 75 Silk per member.
  • Rank 3: 40 Silk per member.
There will also be notices for the top 3 winners in terms of kills!

Killing Spree Announcer.
Having a killing spree announcer available for fortress war would make it way cooler! So we have developed it and it is not available. All announcements will be made in blue notices and will be public means every player in the game will see them. Check the killing sprees which are gonna be announced bellow:

Insta Kills.
  • Triple Kill: Killing 3 players in a row (all kills should happen 30 seconds max after the first one).
    Notice: [Player] from guild [Guild] has made a triple kill inside [FortressName] Fortress!
  • Quadra Kill: Killing 4 players in a row (all kills should happen 38 seconds max after the first one).
    Notice: [Player] from guild [Guild] has made a quadra kill inside [FortressName] Fortress!
  • Penta Kill: Killing 5 players in a row (all kills should happen 46 seconds max after the first one).
    Notice: [Player] from guild [Guild] has made a penta kill inside [FortressName] Fortress!
  • Hexa Kill: Killing 6 players in a row (all kills should happen 54 seconds max after the first one).
    Notice: [Player] from guild [Guild] has made a hexa kill inside [FortressName] Fortress!
Killing Sprees.
  • 10 kills in a row without dying.
    Notice: [Player] from guild [Guild] is unstoppable inside [FortressName] Fortress!
  • 20 kills in a row without dying.
    Notice: [Player] from guild [Guild] is dominating inside [FortressName] Fortress!
  • 30 kills in a row without dying.
    Notice: [Player] from guild [Guild] is godlike inside [FortressName] Fortress!
  • 40 kills in a row without dying.
    Notice: [Player] from guild [Guild] is legendary inside [FortressName] Fortress!
Server Schedule.

Advanced Features.

Automatic Trivia Event.
A very famous event that we couldn't ignore. We have added it with lots of new questions to take place every 30 minutes with a reward of 25 silk for the winner, keep in mind that same HWID can't win more than once per day.

Automatic Kill The GM Event.
A very fun to participate event, all you need to do is go to Jangan South Gate and when it starts simply start attacking the [BOT]KTG. The player to last hit it will count as the winner. There will be 3 different rounds each giving 100 silk to the winner!

Automatic Hide & Seek Event.
One of the oldest events on Silkroad. When the notice appears informing you that the event has started all you need to do is start searching for our BOT on the location asked. Reward is 150 silk for the first player to find and exchange the BOT. Don't forget that you also need to exchange the BOT after finding it!

Automatic Lucky Party Number Event.
To win this event all you need to do is to form the number of the party asked. After forming it you will be announced as the winner and get an amount of silk as the reward. A good tip is to form and remove parties until the party number asked if formed!

Automatic Search & Destroy Event.
Uniques will spawn all over the map, our notices will inform you when the event will start and where each unique will be spawned. All you need to do is find the uniques and kill them. Killing one will give you an amount of silk as the reward!

Automatic Survival Arena Event.
One of our best events. It will take place four times per day, after the notice appears all you need to do is move to survival arena (you can teleport there from Donwhang's town portal). Then you simply wear your PvP cape and start killing enemy players! All kills inside there count and for every one you will receive 1 Ruby Point. The top 3 players in kills will be announced and the top one will also receive a bonus silk reward. Keep in mind that there are rankings for this event and top players receive a special buff!

[NEW]Automatic Last Man Standing Event.
By new, I don't mean that you have not seen this event again, but we didn't have it available on first Ruby. Having a Survival event where everything is about the kills is not fair for STR players, we wanted to bring the LMS event on Ruby to ensure STR characters will also have an event where they will have big advantages making it completely fair as both now have an event where they will have an advantage. There will be 5 winners on this event those who stay alive last, each one of them will receive a silk prize. If you die you will be ported out of the event area and you won't be able to join again.

  • 1st Player / 150 Silk & 45 Ruby Points.
  • 2nd Player / 100 Silk & 35 Ruby Points.
  • 3rd Player / 50 Silk & 25 Ruby Points.
  • 4th Player / 30 Silk & 15 Ruby Points.
  • 5th Player / 25 Silk & 10 Ruby Points.
[NEW]Automatic Jobbing Event.
Jobbing is always fun especially when lots of players are participating. What if we could force a big amount of players to job certain times per day by giving them increased rewards? Well it would be awesome! So from 19:00 until 21:00 server time jobbing event will start with a notice. All trades during this time will give increased rewards (+50% gain). Prepare for huge job wars at peak times!

[NEW]Automatic Lucky Box Event.
A new and very very entertaining event where you don't need to be strong to win giving fair chances among all players. So after the notice lots of boxes will spawn on job cave on random spots, all you need to do is get inside the job cave and search for them. After killing one box you may get nothing or win 50 Silk! There will be only 6 boxes containing 50 Silks each, it is all about luck! After all Silk boxes are found event will end and winners will be announced.

[NEW]Automatic Rage Cloud Event.
Coming soon, under development!

[NEW]Automatic Unique PvP Event.
Coming soon, under development!

[NEW]Top Killer Event.
Event duration is 5 Minutes and Zerk is available. Cape color is just yellow, when this event is started yellow cape will be automaticall equiped on your character. This event will be held 2 times per day as the name says the player with most kills will win, it will actually be a massive killing event.

As our core is completed the next part we want to focus during beta after completing some other small parts is developing new events. We don't want to change Silkroad gameplay that much and we prefer from now on to focus on brining new innovative events to make the game way more entertaining!

Facebook Events.
  • Participate in our first share event for a chance to win 1.000 silk, participating is free so try your luck
  • Participate in our second share event for a chance to win 1.000 silk, participating is free so try your luck
  • Participate in our comment event for a chance to win 1.000 silk, participating is free so try your luck
  • Participate in our tag event where 1 lucky big winner will win 2.500 silk, participating is free so try your luck

Signature Event.
Using our official signature on elitepvpers will grant you 30 Silk for free on Ruby Reborn grand opening, copy the code bellow to your signature and you're ready to go!

PHP Code:

[URL=""][COLOR="Blue"][img][/img] Facebook[/COLOR][/URL] | [URL=""][COLOR="Red"][img][/img] Discord[/COLOR][/URL][/CENTER] 
Good luck to all players & guilds who are joining Ruby Reborn, let the hype begin!

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The beginning of a new year with Ruby Online ��
Where legends are born ��
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More photos will be added by the time, uploading takes time since they are big. Enjoy!

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Starting 2k18 like stars, bless!
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Good luck mate, we are waiting.
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I'm in!
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good luck dude
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veeery greedy omg.

Top 500 System.
First 50 [0-50] players to get level 100 will receive [100] silk.
Next 100 [50-150] players to get to level 100 will receive [75] silk.
Next 150 [150-300] players to get to level 100 will receive [50] silk.
Next 200 [300-500] players to get to level 100 will receive [25] silk.

100 Silk ? LOL

Signature event 30 Silk ? LOL
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im ***** )
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GL Fob, great server inc ; )
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Pc limit at jopping only?what about Normal play?
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GL and wait for rape!
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No Limits ? on donations i bet ^^

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