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Genesis Online | Cap 90 | Real Old School | CH Only | Job Based | 01.10.2018

Closed Thread
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Genesis Online | Cap 90 | Real Old School | CH Only | Job Based | 01.11.2018

Welcome to the Genesis Online. This is a brand new, and very much unique Silkroad Online private server tailored in detail to suit majority of the players out there. We are talking here about a well known old school experience, that many other server promise, except that we aim to deliver. This server is not coin based and as a matter of fact there are many ways for players to earn silks without paying for them, you can also earn real money on our server, rewarded by us. You can read more about this throughout this thread. We’ve put in more than 6 months of intense day to day work on this server, about which you will find out in this thread all there is to know, for you to get ready, hyped and to join us on our common adventure. We dare to say that our staff is very experienced, and we took the best from everywhere we looked and put it all together on this server. We realize it’s a struggle to find a stable and populated server, and we’ve worked hard to make sure to deliver exactly that. If you are looking for a server in which you don't get lost between the features, and you aim to play the original gameplay this is absolutely the server for you.

Promises and targets:
Genesis staff are bringing you the perfect server suited for players of all kind. We will provide the best support system around, a long lasting and enjoyable server, which will be updated on a regular basis and we generally aim to give you the best experience we can.

Beta Phase:
Our experience is teaching us the importance of the beta phase, this time we are going to give it a special attention with 1 week of beta phase. Although it's just a tests period, a successful beta phase is a recipe for a long-term, bugfree and professional server, that's why we will motivate players to participate as much as we can by giving a reward of 400 silk, title and even more to special and active people reporting bugs and providing feedback. In the end of the phase all of the characters will be deleted but the account will be saved, any account ( on each PC ) that was online out of AFK state for more than 72 hours will be rewarded. The beta will start on the 01.02.18 (m/d/y) and will end at the 01.08.18.

Official Trailer

Level cap at 90:
After some research we’ve come to a conclusion that not only cap 90 gets to be most balanced, and arguably most entertaining, it is also a time where SRO was at its peak and so were all the players, until many of them left the official servers after the following expansions. Therefore it’s safe to say there are many knowledgeable players who are familiar with this cap, and always look back to it, wishing they could play it again someday with all its glory.
It was important to stick as much to original SRO gameplay as possible, and very importantly, to avoid unbalanced European race. Since it’s out of the question to completely re-work the classes and skill-set for the European expansion, this is the solution we bring. It’s also vital to point out that at this cap, many areas and especially Roc Mountain are large enough to farm at and be comfortable for all the players. Where with the higher cap we’d all just get stuck in Jangan Cave, and nobody wants to get stuck in Jangan Cave, you can believe us on that.

Server rates:
Rates will be, most likely by some considered a harder ones. And it is important that they truly are a bit like that. For the server to live long-term we can’t have rates too high and easy, but we’d also like to avoid having a boring grinding server. Everything needs to be balanced in a proper way, gold and items need to have true value throughout the leveling and player progression, and we want to bring the old SRO feeling to everybody as well.
You’ll be leveling at a moderate speed, with a steady character progression, but also there’s no need to worry about missing out on all the fun if you join in a few weeks or even months later, server is designed for everybody to catch up if needed, there’s no need for stressful grinding marathons, after all we just want to play and enjoy the game.
Personally we have tested and simulated the progression multiple times, and experienced exactly what will it be like for players to go through it all, and we can honestly say we had plenty of fun on our way and hope for you to experience the same thing.

InformationValueExtra Information
Level Cap90Mastery Limit 300.
Races Chinese OnlyNone
EXP Rate10xParty EXP Rate: 15x
SP Rate10xNone
Drop Rate10xNone
Gold Rate2xNone
Sox Rate3xStar/Moon/Sun.
FGWEnabledFor sun weapons
Battle ArenaEnabledNone

Start Features

We’ve prepared lots of automated events for our players, to make sure there’s always something to do on the server, and something to look forward to, a chance for players to shine and achieve something outside of the ordinary.
Some of these work completely on their own, and some need staff supervision which will be always provided.
It’s important for players to know that they will need to register for some of these events upfront.
Server time at which the events are happening can be checked on our server website
Uniques Event
  • Happens 2 times a day at 14:30 and 21:00.
  • In this event there are uniques spawned gradually in order to help lower level players, and some skilled enough to take on the uniques on their own, to progress a bit quicker.

Lucky Crit Event
  • Happens 2 times a week only, every Sunday and Tuesday at 16:00.
  • Prize is 200 silk.
  • In this event participating players will stand in a row, and will be hit by a strike (blue) arrow from bower bot, whichever player receives critical hit, will be eliminated, rest progresses to the next round.

H&S Event
  • Happens 3 times a week only, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 17:00.
  • Prize is 200 silk.
  • In this event players are going to seek a hidden character somewhere in the world, randomized each time.

Weekly PvP Event
  • Happens only once in a week, every Thursday at 16:00.
  • Prize is special title matching the players standing after the competition.
  • In this event players are going to seek a hidden character somewhere in the world, randomized each time.
    o 1st place receives 750 silk,
    o 2nd place receives 500 silk and
    o 3rd place receives immortality stone.
  • In this event players duel each other until the strongest ones are made clear. With large amount of participants we will divide them into groups matching their skill level.

Random Event Every Hour

Every hour a random event from the list below will be chosen, each event on this list is completely automated and will give you 30 silk for winning. These random events will only happen between 12:00 to 00:00 ( PM hours ).
  • Lucky Party Matching Number Event
  • Trivia Event
  • Lucky Staller Event
  • Alchemy Event
  • First Type Event
  • Longest Online Player Event
  • Math Event
  • Lottery Event

We’ve updated and changed prices for items in item mall. There are new avatars added, and some of the useless items were removed. There are going to be new items and avatars added with each major server update.
It’s important to know that avatars available to buy will be changed after the update, meaning that it wont be possible to buy some avatars later on through item mall, only by buying directly from players who bought these before the update. This makes it more unique and refreshing with each update for everybody.
The gallery below shows some of the changes we've made there.

Item Mall Changes

Fortress Time:
Fortress War will be happening once a week, on Saturday at 20:00 server time for half and hour until 21:30.

Special Reward:
We’ve prepared something very special for the players and guilds here. From now on, no just time wasting on sro but actually making money from it. For any guild that will manage to hold control of the main town ( Hotan ) for 6 weeks, therefore winning 5 times in a row, we will reward the guild master with a $100 credit to his account. This $100 credit can either be withdrawn to their personal PayPal account, or alternatively it can be used to buy double amount of silk for half the original price (15 000 silks), these can be separated among the guild members in the web panel.

  • Europe race has been removed with all it’s features.
  • HWID Limit: 2
  • Max stall limit was increased to 100B
  • 1K Max HP/MP potions per stack
  • 500 Arrows per stack
  • All the items in the game are tradeable (including avatars and silk items)
  • Event areas will be possible to enter through Jangan/Hotan teleport diamond.
  • Minimum level for job temple is 75
  • Maximum Mastery level is 300
  • Item Mall is updated with DG9 or bellow & necessary items only.
  • Premium Plus was improved, it’s price has changed respectively.
  • Minimum level to post in global chat is 15.
  • No minimum level for using reverse scroll.
  • Reverse scrolls are disabled on job state.
  • Account can vote on server only if it contains at least one character lv60 or higher.
  • Account can use signature system only if it contains at least one character lv60 or higher.
  • Active players will get silk every hour when the system is active, but only if the player is lv80 or higher.
  • Job HWID Limit is 1
  • FW HWID Limit is 1
  • CTF/BA HWID Limit is 1

Restrictions and improvements

Pandora's Box:
  • Old school SRO players probably remember this feature in the game, for all the others though here’s a little explanation. Pandora’s box is a special item that summons strong ELITE mobs if used.
    After you open the box it’d be wise to have a party of players with you to kill whatever is waiting inside. There’s a time limit in which you have to kill the mobs. Summoning sequence starts with mobs ten levels lower than you being spawned and gradually spawning stronger and higher level mobs all the way until the level of your own character. We’ve edited these mobs significantly, and made them much stronger, to offer a proper challenge to people. These mobs have special item drops, such as Immortal & Astral stones and also yellow title scrolls.
    If you manage to perfectly kill all the mobs from the Pandora box, you will receive these special drops.
    The box itself can be dropped from Uniques, higher level the Unique boss, higher chance to drop Pandora’s Box.

Pandora's Box

Job Temple:
  • We have replaced all the old mobs from the job temple, with Jangan Cave mobs which also have increased rates for sox items drop. That being said, this would be a best place to bot at. However there’s a catch to this. Traders and thieves are able to enter together, which means there will also be PvP happening in the temple. If you lose your spot because of this, there’s nothing to do about it except to go and take it back yourself, this is part of the game now. We have also edited Uniques there to lv90, they will also drop Pandora’s box and special yellow titles.
    You can reach the Job Temple by teleporting through Hotan Diamond.

Job Temple

Infinite Arrow:
  • If you asked yourself why we changed the arrows max stack to 500 and not to a higher number like 10K, here is the reason, infinite arrow! We wanted to raise the need for it and to make it more rare. You can get it as a reward from the job reward system or from the mobs in the job temple as a drop. No more carrying a bunch of arrows for bowers, just one special item.

Yellow Titles:
  • We have added lots of new yellow titles that players can achieve in multiple ways.
    One way being of course from the Pandora’s Box, which drops up to 40 different titles. And there’s also lots of titles reserved for special events and positions the players achieve in those such as “ Strongest Player “ or “PvP Master” to weekly PvP event winners.

Yellow Titles

Forgotten world:
  • We enabled the forgotten world where you can get talismans and completing the collection for getting sun weapon.

Job Reward System:
  • In order to promote the job on our server and actually making the server a job based one, we've built this job reward system. With every 5* trade you finish/steal when you are level 80 or higher, you get a special prize to your character inventory in real-time coming with a notice to tell you about that. We found the job reward system to be the best idea for keeping the job alive since we can always update the rewards according to the needs of the server, not like coins which can become worthless one day. Of course some of the prizes will be harder to get and some easier, it all depends the value of the item. Not much left to say, just take a look on the rewards list and you will see how critical is this system.
  • Random Talisman
  • Pandora's Box
  • Magic Pop Card
  • Title Scroll
  • Infinite Arrow
Gallery 8

Gamble System:
  • We are offering a way to bet on competitors attending scheduled events, this will be done through our website and it’s made very easy for everybody to use. Once you register on event, you are automatically put in the list of competitors for that event, and other players will be able to bet on you to win. Same way you will be able to bet on other players. If you placed your money on a player that won, you will share earnings of the prize pool with the rest of the people who bet on the same player according to your bet amount.
  • Gambling currencies are gold or silk.

Sun Items got removed from the Magic Pop:
  • Magic pop is the main reason for pay2play in many Silkroad private servers, on Genesis we edited it and removed all the sun items, this way players won't be able to be overpowered because of their donations.

Gallery 9

Unique Kill Rewarding:
  • Besides of the Pandora's Box you can get from normal uniques ( not titan ) you also get silk! For every unique the silk reward is different. The list below shows the silk reward for each unique.

UniqueSilk Reward
Tiger Girl20
Captain Ivy20
Lord Yarkan30
Demon Shaitan30
AFK Bubbles:
  • If you don't move for about 2 minutes, bubbles will appear above your character to mark that you are AFK. Once you do any action ( sending a guild request for example or even moving ), bubbles will disappear and you will get out of AFK state.
Wolf at Stable NPC for 1M like in the good old days:
Gallery 10

Old PvP Cape:
  • Unlike servers, we've succeeded to restore the cape item as it was in the old iSro and not visually only, you can find it in the Grocery NPC at any town for 500 gold as it used to be. Not only old school reason for standing behind this decision, but also the fact that when you wear the old pvp cape your avatar is visually removed so other players can see the set you wear and act accordingly to it. It's true, spy window on sBot could do this job for you but not everyone using sBot, and there's no need for external tool when we have such a system.
    Furthermore, we removed the pvp icon from the menu since there is no need for that anymore. Open the gallery, get that nostalgic vision, you will like it

Old PvP Capes

Plus Notice:
  • We suppose that most of you know this system, but for those who don't:
    The plus notice system, is system which sends a notice to all players on the server for every plus enhancement that any player made starting from +8. This system fuels the competition between the players on the server, and makes it more interesting, there is an option to hide the notifications about your character successes at the website under user panel >> privacy section.
Gallery 12

Seal of Star:
As in iSro, seal of star items are able to get from mob drops and magic pop.
Seal of Moon:
Seal of moon items are also able to get from mobs and magic pop.
Seal of Sun:
You can obtain any sun item which is not weapon regularly from mobs.
The only way to obtain seal of sun weapon is to complete the talismans series, you can collect the talismans from the job reward system or normally from the forgotten world.

What kind of an old school server would it be without having the old interface to get you to remember the good old times. Here they are, the same features in the old look.
Old school interface

  • Our automatic system will give silk reward to every player getting the max level ( 90 ), in addition to the silk reward, notice will appear to the whole server with the name and the place of the character. The table below shows exactly how much silk they get.

First X charactersSilk Reward

  • Register with email validation
  • Password resetting
  • Rankings
  • Online Players
  • Support Tickets
  • Account panel
  • Events Registering
  • Events Gamble System
  • Vote System
  • Much More

PHP Code:
Join our discord channel on

It’s important for us to provide stable support for our players, and that is why we’ve developed advanced tools for our admins to take care of any issues through the admin panel.
During most of the day you will find a character named “[Support]” online, you can simply send him a message and he will be able to answer to you through the admin panel.
In addition to this live support character, there’s also support tickets system implemented on our website which you can use to get a fast answer for your issue from our panel.
We have the ability to use the panel from our mobile devices and therefore provide help and guidance from anywhere, anytime.

Please be respectful to each other, help each other and enjoy playing on the server. We will try to have support and staff online as much as possible and we hope to see you on the server soon.

Thank you for reading, we are looking forward to you joining our server soon.

Beta changeslogs:

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GREAT features good luck

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OH Yeah! Good luck
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Goodluck might try it. Do i see it right no coin system ? Thank *** that fcking overrated coin system works on my nervz

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Awesome features so i guess it's time to give one last try to sro section.
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Originally Posted by JekaBlue View Post
Awesome features so i guess it's time to give one last try to sro section.
You won't regret it!
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looks nice, no coin system is very good! hate it so much! Good luck ill try it for sure
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Originally Posted by RedWoman View Post
You won't regret it!
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seems good , good luck
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Originally Posted by JekaBlue View Post
what u mean !
You said that this is the last chance you give for a sro server, so thank you, you won't regret it. We will do our best.
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Interesting features, Good luck
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This is exactly the server I was looking for - ָָOLD SCHOOLָָ <3
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u know what would be cool , attacking Fortress when ever u want to .

Also Char inventory pages should be 3 not 1 , its 2017 ...
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Finally normal server like old times,
Good luck guys��
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You remind me of first private server i played, ECSRO & Sjsro it's really good project, everything is old except Jop Temple and Afk System

Good luck mate, but you have to make more information about the events and events rewards as well, people always asking for free silk and **** :'D so i guess just a little update in ur thread and u will be ready.

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Closed Thread

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