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NGE Silkroad | No donations since 2 years | 110 | Arena & Dungeons

Discussion on NGE Silkroad | No donations since 2 years | 110 | Arena & Dungeons within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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NGE Silkroad | No donations since 2 years | 110 | Arena & Dungeons

Note: I'm a normal player. I'm not the owner of this server. I just help promoting it.

Feel free to use the signature in order to promote NGE!

NGE Silkroad Online is a non-profit, free-to-play private server with a focus on team-play-activities.

The server is completely free because donations are not possible.

It offers a gaming environment for both casual and hardcore players. This server is promoting team-play and group activities in PvP and PvE.

NGE Silkroad Onlineは非営利であり、チームプレイアクティビティに重点を置いた、無料でプレイできるプライベート サーバーです。
このサーバーは、PvPおよびPvEでのチームプレイとグループアクティビティを促進していま す。

Please join the discord channel, so activites between players can be organized when there are not many online.


During the registration process, players have the choice to either start directly with a Lv 110 account or to begin as a Lv 1 character.
With being able to instantly have a Lv 110 character, players immediately can participate in PvP activities like Battle Arena. This concept makes you “reward-for-kill” and “catch up” problems forget.

ダウンロード後、プレイヤーはLv 110アカウントから直接開始するか、Lv 1キャラクターとして開始するかを選択できます。
すぐにLv 110キャラクターを持つことができるため、プレイヤーはバトルアリーナなどのPvPアクティビティにすぐ に参加できます。

FilesTWSRO files
Cap [レベル上限]Lv 110
Degree [等級]11th degree [11級]
Start Level [開始レベル]Lv 110 or Lv 1
Race [種族] European & Chinese [EUと中華]
Silk [お金] 10M Silk per character [10M各キャラクター]
Job [職]2-Job-System [2-職-システム]
Item Drop Rate [アイテムドロップ率]custom [カスタム]
Gold Drop Rate[ ゴールドドロップ率] x1
Giant spawn Rate [ジャイアント出現率] x10
Battle Arena [バトルアリーナは]
Party Survival Arena
Forgotten World [忘れられた世界のダンジョンは]
Jupiter Temple dungeons [鏡のダンジョンは]
Mirror area [鏡]
Job Temple [神殿]
Unicode symbols
Donations [シルクポイント購]
Immortal Stones [不滅の錬金石]
Luck Stones [幸運の錬金石]
Capture the Flag [フラッグ戦]
Academy [学院システム]
Holy Water Temple [ファラオの墓]
Job equipment [ハンター装備&盗賊装備]

TWSRO files:

The server is based on TWSRO files. This provides interesting features that are not available in common vSRO files.

サーバーはTWSROファイルに基づいています。 これにより、一般的なvSROファイルでは利用できない興味深い機能が提供されます。
  • 2nd skill bar [2つのスキルバー]
  • Transfer of Party Leader [パーティリーダーの移転]
  • Right-click on party matching entries to see the classes [クラスを表示するには、パーティーマッチングのエントリを右クリックします]
  • Item Linking [アイテムのリンク]

TWSRO files features

Players start with 11th degree Seal of Nova full blue +5 equipment and 11th degree Seal of Nova Weapons +9 from the respective NPCs.

プレイヤーは、それぞれのNPCから11級彗星の印章+5装備と11級彗星の印章+9が入手し ます。

Beginner equipment

Item Mall supply got heavily reduced. The most noticable adjustement is the removal of Immortal and Luck Stones. The reason is to make alchemy more risky and to balance the equipment. The only way to get items with Immortal is by drops.


Unfair scrolls such as damage & absorption scrolls and HP/MP increase scrolls are removed.

ダメ増加、ダメ吸収やHP / MP増加などの不公平なスクロールは削除されます。

Immortal Stone [不滅の錬金石]
Astral Stone [アストラルリキッド]
Luck Stone [幸運の錬金石]
Damage increase scroll [ダメージ増加巻物]
Damage absorption scroll [ダメージ吸収巻物]
HP increase scroll
MP increase scroll

Nevertheless, the grocery NPC in Jangan is offering some useful items for Gold. The avatars were moved to the Avatar NPC in the center of Jangan.


The gallery will give you an overview:


Scrolls & items from NPC [NPCから得られる巻物とNPC

Premium Options:

Instant Return Scrolls, Reverse Return Scroll and Resurrection Scrolls are exclusively limited to the Premium ticket. The usage is limited per day.

Premium Ticket [スペシャルチケット]Includes daily options to use following scrolls:
Instant Return Scroll [帰還書]x3 per day [毎日]
Resurrection Scrollx1 per day [毎日]
Reverse Return Scroll [逆帰還書]x3 per day [毎日]

Weapons & Shield [武器とシールド]11th degree Seal of Nova Power and Fight (they have the same strength, just visually different look) [11級彗星の印章武神or 闘神(両者は同じ強さを持ち、視覚的には外観が異なります)]
Equipment [防具]11th degree Seal of Nova [11級彗星の印章]
Accessories [アクセサリー]11th degree Seal of Nova [11級彗星の印章]

Seal of Nova Power and Fight items are limited to Weapons and Shields only.
Power and Fight weapons have the same strength; they only differ in the look.

How to get the items? [アイテムを入手するには?]

NGE offers its players multiple ways to get their equipment. Due to that it is very easy to catch up and to have a competitive set in a rather short amount of time.


Drop [ドロップ]Items can be gained as drop [アイテムは、モンスターLv 101-120からドロップとして獲得できます, 神殿のユニークから, 忘れられた世界から, ジュピター神殿から]
  • from monsters Lv 101-120
  • from Job Temple Uniques
  • from Forgotten World Sereness
  • from Jupiter Temple dungeons
Talisman Collection [タリスマンコレクション]The talisman collection rewards players with a 11th degree Seal of Nova Power or Fight weapon of their choice. [タリスマンコレクションから11級装備が得られます]
Magic Pop [アトラクションチケット]Players can gamble for items in the Magic Pop. Magic Pop cards can be bought for 10 Arena Coins each. [プレイヤーはマジックポップのアイテムでギャンブルをすることができます。 マジックポップカードは、それぞれ10個のアリーナコインで購入できます。]

How to get Arena Coins? [アリーナコインを入手するには?]

Arena Coins are the main currency in the server. The Arena Coins are account-bound to prevent abuse. Arena Coins can be gained from quests and from participating in Battle Arena.


Battle Arena [バトルアリーナは]:
Arena Result [バトルアリーナ結果]IconNumber of Coins [コイン]
Win 16 pieces [16 個]
Lose 2 pieces [2 個]
Draw 2 pieces [2 個]

Quests [クエスト]:

TypeLimitQuest nameNPCRequirementsIconNumber of Coins
DesertDaily [一日一回]Deity TrainingGrocery TraderHunt 500 monsters 10 pieces [10 個]
Forgotten World [難破船]Unlimited [無制限]★3Grocery TraderEliminate Ghost Sereness [センディネス] 15 pieces [15 個]
Forgotten World [難破船]Unlimited [無制限]★4Grocery TraderEliminate Ghost Sereness [センディネス] 30 pieces [30 個]
Forgotten World [土鬼村]Unlimited [無制限]★5Grocery TraderEliminate Togui Elder [土鬼長老] 30 pieces [30 個]
Forgotten World [火焔山]Unlimited [無制限]★6Grocery TraderEliminate Cow King [牛魔王] 60 pieces [60 個]
Hall of Worship intermediateUnlimited [無制限]Defeat the Earth Lost Soldier WillEliminate The Earth [ジ・アース] 20 pieces [20 個]
Hall of Worship advancedUnlimited [無制限]Defeat JupiterLost Soldier WillEliminate Jupiter [ユピテル] 50 pieces [50 個]
Mirror area quests [鏡の次元]Once [一度]many questsNPCs in Mirror area [鏡の次元 NPC]Kill monsters and/or collect quest drops 40-50 pieces per quest [40~50 個]
Hall of Worship & Jupiter Temple [敬拝の殿堂 & 狂信徒の隠遁所]Once [一度]several questsNPCs inside the dungeonsKill monsters and/or collect quest drops 5-20 pieces per quest [5~20 個]
Job Temple [神殿]Unlimited [無制限]War against the GodsNPC inside Job Temple [神殿NPC]Eliminate Job Temple uniques [神殿ユニ] 5-30 pieces per quest (1 quest for each Job Temple unique) [5~30 個]

Arena coins can be exchanged at Arena Item Manager for Magic Pop cards or several scrolls.
アリーナコインは、アリーナアイテムマネージャーでマジックポップカードまたはいくつかの巻物と交換できま す

IconItem namePrice [価格]
Magic Pop Card [アトラクションチケット]10 Arena Coins [アリーナコイン 10]
500 HP increase scroll [HP500アップ]2 Arena Coins [アリーナコイン 2]
500 MP increase scroll [MP500アップ]1 Arena Coin [アリーナコイン 1]
Trigger scroll [俊敏の巻物]4 Arena Coin [アリーナコイン 4]
Strength scroll [力の巻物]2 Arena Coin [アリーナコイン 2]
Intelligence scroll [知の巻物]2 Arena Coin [アリーナコイン 2]

Arena Item Manager & Magic Pop

Battle Arena is one of the main activities in the server to promote team-play and group activities. Battle Arena will regularly take place every 30 minutes with a duration of 20 minutes.
バトルアリーナは、チームプレイやグループアクティビティを促進するためのサーバーの主要なアクティビティ の1つです。 バトルアリーナは30分ごとに定期的に開催され、期間は20分です。

Important: You are not allowed to use multiple characters during BA or be AFK in a way that affects other players gaming experience!!! Abusers will be warned and get temporary login restrictions.
重要:BA中に複数のキャラクターを使用したり、他のプレイヤーのゲーム体験に影響を与えるようなAFKに なることはできません!!!

Schedule [スケジュール]:
TypeTime (UTC+1)Matching
Capture the Flag [ランダムフラッグ戦]every straight hour hh:00 [1時間ごとにhh:00]Random
Capture the Flag [パーティフラッグ戦]every straight hour hh:30 [1時間ごとにhh:30]Party
Point Battle [ランダムポイント戦]every odd hour hh:00 [1時間ごとにhh:00]Random
Point Battle [パーティポイント戦]every odd hour hh:30 [1時間ごとにhh:30]Party

The registration for Battle Arena is possible within 1 minute before the start of the match. Registration period will be 25 minutes.
• Random matching arena (8v8): Players apply individually and randomly are divided into 2 teams upon the start. The scale of the battle is by default 8v8 with a minimum of 1v1.
• Party arena: Players gather in an autoshare party with the party leader making the registration. The scale of the battle is minimum 2v2 with a maximum of 8v8.

バトルアリーナへの登録は、試合開始の1分以内に可能です。 登録期間は25分です。

Players are rewarded with Arena Coins according to their team’s result. There is a limit of 50 Arena coins per day. Arena coins and rewards are account-bound to prevent abuse.

プレイヤーには、チームの結果に応じてArena Coinsが与えられます。 1日あたり50アリーナコインの制限があります。 アリーナのコインと報酬は、悪用を防ぐためにアカウントにバインドされています。

Arena ResultIconNumber of Coins
WIN 16 pieces [16 個]
LOSE 2 pieces [2 個]
DRAW 2 pieces [2 個]

NGE is offering a Party Survival Arena clone that can be played up to 4v4 with a ELO-Rating system. Please note, that this pvp event is still under construction. Matches last up to 5 minutes guaranteeing quick pvp action. Resurrection is not possible during the match.

NGEは、1試合につき5分間、最大4v4までプレイできるPTSAクローンを提供しています。このpvp イベントはまだ準備中です。このイベントは、ベスト5としてプレイされます。プレイヤーは、ラウンドごとに バーサーカーでいっぱいになります。 バーサーカーポーションの使用は不可能です。

Survival Arena

Participation is possible once the GM is activating the registration via Survival Arena Manager NPC.
  • minimum participants: 2
  • maximum participants: 4

Survival Arena System:
① Game notice "Party Survival Arena event registration is open now."
② Party Master is registering his party at the Survival Arena Manager NPC.
③ When 2 teams are registered, they will be teleported to the event area.
④ A notice will appear "Survival Arena has started". Players will have 1 minute to prepare for the battle.
⑤ The battle will start (duration up to 5 minutes). The team gains one point either by killing all opponents or by having killed more enemies than the opponent's team after the Battle Phase (5 minutes) is over. If both teams have killed an equal number of enemies when the Battle Time is over, then both teams will get one point.
⑥ Both teams will get teleported back to the starting position for the next round. The event is played as a best of 5. Players start with filled berserker each round. The use of berserk potions is not possible.
⑦ The team which reaches 3 points first is winning the Survival Arena event.
⑧ Players will be teleported back to town and the event is over. Players can register for a new match anytime.

Survival Arena Ranking:

Players gain points for winning Survival Arena matches in an ELO-Ranking system. Player rankings can be viewed at Storage NPC in each town.

Participating in Survival Arena matches rewards players with "Arena Silk" similar to Battle Arena. The Arena Silk is shown under F10.

Survival Arena ResultNumber of Arena Silks
WIN10 Arena Silks
LOSE5 Arena Silks
DRAW5 Arena Silks

IconItem namePrice
Magic Pop Card10 Arena Silks
500 HP increase scroll2 Arena Silks
500 MP increase scroll1 Arena Silks
Trigger scroll4 Arena Silks
Strength scroll2 Arena Silks
Intelligence scroll2 Arena Silks

Forgotten World dungeon provides players with Seal of Nova equipment and encourages teamplay. With 6 different grades it offers players the possibility to either go alone, with a small group or a complete party. It provides flexibility and gives everyone the chance to gain his equipment without worrying about reward-for-kill.

6種類のグレードが用意されているため、プレーヤーは、単独で、少人数のグループまたは完全なパーティーの いずれかに参加できます。

Dimension Holes can be bought from NPC in town for free.

次元のホール は、町のNPCから無料で購入できます。

FGW Dimension Holes

Completing the talisman collection will be rewarded with a 11th degree Seal of Nova Power or Fight weapon of your choice. The quest itself got moved to Grocery Trader Jinjin in Jangan.
タリスマンコレクションを完了すると、11級装備が与えられます。 クエスト自体は長安にある食料品商人のジンジンに移動しました。

Talisman collection

Special feature: Speedrun ranking! [特殊機能:
スピードランランキング! (タイムアタック)]

In NGE, going to Forgotten World offers you a special feature: Forgotten World Speedrun ranking. The players that complete the Forgotten World dungeon with the fastest time will be shown on the .


The top ranked players are rewarded with a luxury title that provides access to berserker potion "Energy of Life 5th degree" giving increasing berserk gauge by 17 seconds.

トップランクのプレイヤーには、バーサーカーポーション「Energy of Life 5th grade」へのアクセスを提供する「豪華なタイトル」が授与され、17秒ずつベルセルクゲージが増加しま す。

Top Rank ☆1 Solo Ghost Curse Berserk gauge 17 sec. increase [蒼神維持時間17秒増加の効果]
Top Rank ☆2 Solo Ghost Beast Berserk gauge 17 sec. increase [蒼神維持時間17秒増加の効果]
Top Rank ☆3 Solo Ghost Commander Berserk gauge 17 sec. increase [蒼神維持時間17秒増加の効果]
Top Rank ☆4 Solo Ghost Sereness Berserk gauge 17 sec. increase [蒼神維持時間17秒増加の効果]
Top Rank ☆1 Party Ghost Specter Berserk gauge 17 sec. increase [蒼神維持時間17秒増加の効果]
Top Rank ☆2 Party Ghost Gultton Berserk gauge 17 sec. increase [蒼神維持時間17秒増加の効果]
Top Rank ☆3 Party Ghost Seiren Berserk gauge 17 sec. increase [蒼神維持時間17秒増加の効果]
Top Rank ☆4 Party Ghost Wreck Berserk gauge 17 sec. increase [蒼神維持時間17秒増加の効果]
Top Rank ☆5 Party Elder Berserk gauge 17 sec. increase [蒼神維持時間17秒増加の効果]
Top Rank ☆6 Party Flame Berserk gauge 17 sec. increase [蒼神維持時間17秒増加の効果]

Players can claim their title at the Title NPC in Jangan.

Daily Quests [毎日のクエスト]:
Players can get additional rewards (Arena coins) for completing a repeatable quest during Forgotten World dungeon.

プレイヤーは、忘れられた世界のダンジョンで繰り返し可能なクエストを完了すると、追加の報酬(アリーナコ イン)を獲得できます。

LimitQuest nameNPCRequirementsIconNumber of Coins
Unlimited [無制限]★3Grocery TraderEliminate Ghost Sereness [センディネス] 15 pieces [15 個]
Unlimited [無制限]★4Grocery TraderEliminate Ghost Sereness [センディネス] 30 pieces [30 個]
Unlimited [無制限]★5Grocery TraderEliminate Togui Elder [土鬼長老] 30 pieces [30 個]
Unlimited [無制限]★6Grocery TraderEliminate Cow King [牛魔王] 60 pieces [60 個]

The Mirror dimension offers a place for monster hunting with a higher difficulty. Monsters Lv 110-120 can be found in this area. Completing the quests is very rewarding.

鏡の世界は、モンスターハンティングの難易度が高い場所を提供します。 モンスターLv 110-120はこのエリアにあります。 クエストを完了することは非常にやりがいがあります。

The area can be accessed via the teleporter at Jangan.

このエリアには、長安のテレポーターからアクセスできます。プレイヤーはダンジョンに行くこと もできます。

Mirror Dimension [鏡の次元

There are several dungeons with different difficulties in the south.
敬拝の殿堂 & 狂信徒の隠遁所
Jupiter Temple Dungeons

This server is offering the 2-job-system. That means players either can be Hunter or Thief that can be selected from the character login screen.

Currently the Target and Consignment trading is disabled!

Job Temple [神殿]:

Job Temple is an PvE and PvP area that only can entered when wearing a job suit. Thieves and Hunters enter from different locations.

Job Temple location

Inside the temple players find different uniques that can drop equipment. Every unique has a quest that provides AP & Arena coins.

神殿は、ジョブスーツを着ている場合にのみ入力できるPvEおよびPvPエリアです。 賊とハンターは異なる場所から入ります。神殿の内部では、プレイヤーは装備を落とすことができるさまざまな ユニークなものを見つけます。 すべてのユニークには、AP&Arenaコインを提供するクエストがあります。

UniqueNameTimeRoomQuestQuest reward
Selket [セルキス]Sanctum of restriction [制限の聖域]everyday [毎日] 0:00, 6:00, 12:00, 18:00War against the Gods (Selket)5 Arena Coins & 500 AP [アリーナコイン 5個 & AP500]
Neith [ネイト]Sanctum of blue eye [青い目の聖域]everyday [毎日] 0:00, 6:00, 12:00, 18:00War against the Gods (Neith)5 Arena Coins & 500 AP [アリーナコイン 5個 & AP500]
Anubis [アヌビス]Sanctum of punishment [処罰の聖域]everyday [毎日] 20:00War against the Gods (Anubis)10 Arena Coins & 500 AP [アリーナコイン 10個 & AP500]
Isis [イシス]Sanctum of atonement [贖罪の聖所]everyday [毎日] 20:00War against the Gods (Isis)10 Arena Coins & 500 AP [アリーナコイン10個 & AP500]
Haroeris [ハロエリス]Sanctum of immortality [不死の聖域]Saturday [土曜日] 15:00War against the Gods (Haroeris)30 Arena Coins [アリーナコイン30個]
Seith [セト9Sanctum of dark [闇の聖域]Saturday [土曜日] 15:00War against the Gods (Seith)30 Arena Coins [アリーナコイン30個]


There are only some minor skill changes. The majority got adjusted to the Silkroad-R version. スキルの大部分は、Silkroad-Rバージョンに合わせて調整されました。

Chinese [中華種族]:
  • 20% physical damage increase (passive) [物理ダメージ20%増加 パッシブ]
  • Spear weapons magical damage increase [槍武器の魔法ダメージ増加]

Chinese Pain Quota [中華分散]added
Glacial Flame Bicheon Force
  • 20% damage increase [ダメージ20%増加]
  • 20% defence decrease [ダメージが20%減少]
  • Cooldown reduced to 1 minute [CT 1分]
Soul Spear Emperor Stun Lv 11
Flame Hell FireHits up to 5 targets.
Snow Shield [氷冠]3rd Snow Shield cooldown time lowered to 1 second [[CT 1秒]
Anti Devil Bow Series50% damage increase when target is under Dull, Sleep or Stun
Lightning NukesSilkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]

European [EU]:

Pain Quota [ペイン]Silkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]
Physical Screen [プロテクトスクリーン]Silkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]
Magical Screen [マジックスクリーン]Silkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]
Ultimate Screen [アルティメットスクリーン]Silkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]
Monster Mask [モンスターマスク]Cooldown time reduced to 10 seconds [CT 10秒]
Life Turnover [LTO]Silkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]
Over Healing [絶対ダメ(単体)]Silkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]
Glut Healing [絶対ダメ(範囲)]Silkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]
Healing Orbit [ラストヒーリング]Silkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]
Reverse Immolation [ベンド(蘇生)]Silkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]
Bless Spell [トラスト]Silkroad R version [Silkroad-Rバージョン]
Pure Offering [サクリ]New color for casting animation [新色]
Awesome World [アサーム]Enables solo dance ability for Bard.
Book 1 dance seriesSuitable for solo dance ability.
Book 2 dance seriesSuitable for dance ability with 2 bards.

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All fun and cool but is it based on vSRO files?
Also the no immortal part seems fun haha.
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i will try it

good server but need more players
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Originally Posted by Mai_1337 View Post
All fun and cool but is it based on vSRO files?
Yes, it is based on vsro files. I hope population will grow slowly but steady.
Remember, this server is completely donation-free. It is to have fun and balanced, fair gameplay.
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This server is comletely free. There are no donations at all. Not everyday such a server opens!

Also, there are FB items in NPC for free. You can think of it as a PVP server, you can just login, get items, and play PVP -- 1 vs 1, or a PTPVP activity.

But unlike from PVP servers, it also allows to enjoy full variety of Silkroad: PVP, dungeons, battle arena, trade, job temple, fortress war, etc.

If there are any questions or things that you want to be explained, feel free to ask.
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HWD Limit ?
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Boring server dont join this one
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Originally Posted by mich7777 View Post
Boring server dont join this one
Sorry, but using multiple characters during BA is not tolerated as it negatively affects the fair gameplay idea.

We did a trade run today:
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I like the concept, this server looks very promising!
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bad game
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very balanced server
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Server is fun - just could need some more players.

Doing ★3FGW

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need media link
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looks good to me, and top of that, it's free! i'll join. IGN: Shape
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I just dropped in and im looking forward some people to play with ^_^ love server concept

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