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Silkcore Falcon | 125 CAP | EU/CH | Old Long Term | New Features

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Silkcore Falcon | 125 CAP | EU/CH | Old Long Term | New Features

Im not a part of the Falcon Team Members , Im just helping them designing and organizing their server advertising thread.

►Falcon Introduction:
Hello Silkroad Community!
Falcon-Silkcore is refreshing its blood with a new update that will provide the players with new experiences and new features to interact with.But before going into the server main features and talking about the new update we would like to give you some information about Falcon-Silkcore. Falcon been online since 2012 providing its players with a stable uninterrupted gameplay experience, and as Falcon is almost 5 years old we decided to come out with a new update that will increase the players count and let the old players enjoy their playing experience.

►Why should you chose Falcon? :
As previously said Falcon been online for almost 5 years now and we are not willing to close it anytime soon in the feature. We are going to be adding continuous updates so that we can keep our players base satisfied and make sure that they are enjoying our serve.

►New Players :
As the server is being online for a long time by now , New players will think its nearly impossible to achieve anything in the server and its going to be hard to compete with the old players. We have had this in consideration and made our new update so we can also give our new players a fair chance so they are able to join the different server activities and events and allow them to be able to catch up with our old players in an acceptable way. Read the thread carefully so you can know how we managed to make it easier for our new players to join us .

Download Links :
Contact Us :
Server Rules :

►Cap And Degree → CAP 125 -- D13
Falcon used to be on Cap 120 , but one of our new server updates is to be on Cap 125 including new features along side it , we hope that people will enjoy the new features coming with the 125 CAP .

►Races → EU / CH
European and Chinese builds with each other is always good as good as they are well balanced , We've made sure to work on the balance aspect specially for the Chinese race.

►Rates→ Exp:160x -- Party Exp: 170x
Leveling up is pretty boring right specially in a Cap 125 server So this is why our rates are kind of high , But so we still don't make your Plvling experience boring we have added a new way which will take you from level 1 to 120 with some fun.

►Mastery → EU: 250 -- CH: 250
We have implemented the new iSRO skills system in our update which helps us with the balance between the builds , Further information about the skill will be discussed later in this topic .

►Job Level → 20
20 ? Yes its 20 you saw it right . We have added new Job Systems and activities which will give you awesome rewards and Job suits unique

►Fortress War→ Jangan -- Bandit
Fortress War !! The most beloved activity for any SRO player. We've opened 2 fortresses [Jangan -- Banit] and this could change if needed.

►Max Plus→ +13
The max plus on any item in Falcon is going to be +13 No Adv [+15 with Advanced Elixirs] and You won't be able to go any further than that. A list with the alchemy rates will be included in the thread.

►Guild Limit→ 32

►Union Limit→ 3

►Magic Pop→ Disabled

As we mentioned above that Falcon is an old server which could be a problem for anyone who wants to join the server but thinks that he got no chance among the other old players who already got their sets and items. But just to make sure that everyone is getting a fair chance to try our game and enjoy it , we have focused on the New Players who will be joining our server by providing them with the needed Start Items , Auto Equipment System , Power-Level Quests.

►Start Items
We have added some basic start items bounded with the new characters that could help the new players with their grinding journey.

►Beginners Quests || Auto Equipment || Level Up
We as Silkroad players know how much it is annoying and boring to Plvl and to farm SP and look for new items as drops that could help you in your progress. So we've made our own mobs hunting quests that will reward you with good rewards.

►SoX in Falcon
We have 3 types of SoX items in Falcon regarding the set gears. Seal of Moon , Seal of Sun and Falcon Seal Of Sun. Falcon Seal of Sun is the last tier gear which we included into our game in this update.We will tell you the ways of getting each set down below.
  • Seal of Moon
    You can get the Seal Of Moon Items by grinding in the Mirror Dimension Area , Their drop rate is high so its easy to get.

  • Seal of Sun [Normal]
    Seal of Sun is obtainable by more than one way . Doing the Osiris Hunting quest (will be discussed later in the thread ) or with the Mysterious Card that gives you a random Normal Sun Item , or you can choose to buy it from our shop for C-coins.

  • Mysterious Card: Its a card that you can buy from the Arena Coins Shop which will grant you a random D13 Sun Item.

Mysterious Card

  • Falcon Seal of Sun
    As this is the last tier gear so it would require the most work so you can achieve it. We have related it to our new quests that we implemented lately to our server and its both Hunting and Job Based quests that we are also discussing in the Quests Part. You will need to get the Awakens for the Gears , Accessories , Shields and the Weapon so you can upgrade your Normal Sun parts to Falcon Seal of Sun, in addition to that you won't be able to upgrade your items unless they are at least +7.

    Falcon Armor AwakenFalcon Accessory AwakenFalcon Shield Awaken Falcon Weapon Awaken

    *Upon upgrading your Normal Sun items to Falcon Sun your +7 item is going to be +0. If you got higher + on your Normal gears it will be shifted to the Falcon Sun normally.

  • ►Title Names Shop

    We have added a new NPC full of new titles that you could get for Silk . You can always switch between the titles that you bought using a feature on our website. We hope that you can find the one that suits you the best.

    ►The Arabia Expansion
    We have implemented the whole Arabia Expansion including Baghdad , PetraMaze and Devils Garden with the monsters and uniques exactly as on iSRO.

    Arabia Expansion Screenshots

    We have reworked our alchemy system from what it used to be before , The max plus value on any item is +13 No Adv. The alchemy system is not easy and not really hard so its impossible to do any alchemy so we are having mid alchemy rates which will insure that not everyone get the max plus in a really short time.

    ◘→ We have also added new alchemy items and scrolls that will help you with your alchemy process.

    [*]Lucky Buff Scroll
    You can get this scroll with Job Points , It lasts 10 minutes but giving you a great boost in alchemy.

    [*]Plus Saver +9
    You can get this scroll with C-Coins or in events. It saves your weapon if you failed at alchemy to go back to +0 if you failed it in a more than +9 try , So it keeps it at +9.

    [*]Falcon Lucky Powder
    Its a new kind of powder that you can get from doing in game activities and quests which will give you more success rate than the normal powders.

    [*]Advanced Falcon Lucky Powder
    This powder will give you double the success chances of the Falcon Lucky Powder. So this poweder will give you the highest success rate you can ever get when you use it on any of your items.

    [*]Advanced Elixir Removal
    This item will allow you to remove the +2 Advanced Elixir effect from any of your items.

    Lucky Buff Scroll Plus Saver +9 Falcon Lucky Powder Advanced Falcon Lucky Powder Advanced Elixir Removal

    We have added alot of uniques as we know that hunting uniques is one of the favorite activities for SRO players. So we have added the new Arabian Uniques with their Original names from iSRO so you won't find random unique names like MUSTAFA MISTIK and such things. And we've also added various rewards to those uniques that would make it more challenging to go and kill those uniques.

    Unique Names
    Spawn Area
    Roc Gate of Ruler Roc Slayer title ,1x Falcon Premium VIP, 11x Job Point Boxes , 20x Silk Scroll
    Medusa Jangan Cave 3x Job Point Box, 10x Immortals D13 , 1x Berserk Regeneration Potion
    Abshad Force High General Arabian Coast 3x Silk Scroll , 5x Immortals D13
    Giant OverlordArabian Coast 3x Silk Scroll , 5x Immortals D13
    Karkadann Kirk 3x Silk Scrolls ,5x Immortals D13
    MerikhPhantom Desert 3x Silk Scrolls ,5x Immortals D13
    Thief Boss Kalia Thief Boss Dungeon 8x Job Point Boxes, 3x Silk Scrolls , 5x Immortals D13
    Alaaddin JobWar Arena 8x Job Point Boxes, 5x Silk Scroll , 10x Immortals D13
    Khulood JobWar Arena 8x Job Point Boxes, 5x Silk Scroll , 10x Immortals D13
    Kidemonas Mirror Dimension 8x Job Point Boxes, 5x Silk Scroll , 10x Immortals D13
    The Earth Mirror Dimension 2x Immortals D13
    Yuno Mirror Dimension 2x Immortals D13
    Babilion Mirror Dimension 2x Immortals D13
    Baal Mirror Dimension 2x Immortals D13
    Jupiter Mirror Dimension 2x Immortals D13
    Intellect Falcon INT Falcon INT Unique Area 8x Falcon Lucky Powders, 8x Job Points Boxes , 8x Silk Scrolls , 100x Arena Coins , 20x Immortals
    Strength Falcon STR Falcon STR Unique Area 8x Falcon Lucky Powders, 8x Job Points Boxes , 8x Silk Scrolls , 100x Arena Coins , 20x Immortals
    ShinMoo The Man Of Flame Jangan Cave 2x Falcon Lucky Poweders

    *Arabia Uniques have more than one spawning point so people won't stand at the same spot and start farming them. Jupitar Temple Uniques spawns are all over the Mirror Dimension at the Forest of Sorrow , Desperado Hill , Forest of Dusk and the Garden Gods .

    *STR and INT Falcon Uniques do spawn 1 time day and they have a lot of HP so you will need to gather your friends and try to kill it and get the awesome rewards it gives out.

    *Normal Uniques will appear at their normal spwaning points. The player who gets the most kills of the same unique for a week gets a title of a [Unique Name] Slayer. For example TigerGirl Slayer , Uruchi Slayer.

    *You can only go to Jangan Cave from the portal in Jangan Town , You can't enter from the main Cave entrance as there is no mobs there.

    We have focused a lot on making achieving things in Falcon Quest based as it will increase the activity and the communication between the players making things more fun. We have got 2 NPCs full of quests and a lot of rewards. We are going to tell you how every Quest works and what should you do to achieve your rewards.
    • Falcon Quests Manager [Jangan]

    • Baghdad Quest Manager [Baghdad]

    ►Job System
    We have focused on the Job part with our new update and came out with a new system from what we had before so it would be more active and more fun to do.

    [*]Job Levels:
    As we have mentioned above in the thread we have got 20 Job Levels you can go through. Leveling Up in job is done by buying special scrolls that we sell in the Job Points Shop that will give you 1 level each time you use it.

    [*]Job Points:
    Job Points is the main currency that you are going to get rewarded with when doing Job activities and you will also use it to buy your Awakens , Job suits and will also be included in buying trades and other activities.

    You can get Job Points by several ways:
    • Killing other Jobs players
      Killing players from another Job will give you 2 Job Points for each kill. But if you died or got killed then you lose 1 Job Point.

    • Trading
      Going for trades is a little different now. You wont just need gold only to start a trade but you are going to need Job Points too. You need to know that we updated the Trading Items Stack and pets so it would be only 7 slots for a 5 stars trade. Each one Trading goods costs you some gold and 2 Job Points to buy. And upon delivering and completing your trade you gets 4 Job points for each trading item, so 28 Job Points for each 5* trade.

    • Falcon Quests
      We have discussed the Falcon Quest above in the Quests part. It grants you 10 Job points upon completing it.

    • Falcon Letters
      You can collect the Falcon Letter by attacking mobs in the Mirror Dimension Area. More information about the event is going to be posted in the special features part of the thread.

    • Job Uniques
      Killing the Job Uniques rewards you with Job Point boxes which gives out a random amount of Job Points.

      Job Uniques

      Job Points Box Immortals D13 Silk Scrolls

    [*]Trade Routes :
    Custom Trade Routes ? uggh no . We have kept it easy and simple so you can enjoy the old trading/thieving experience but with a little bit of modifications. The only trade routes working in Falcon are from Jangan , Donwhang, Hotan. So this means you can only Trade around the Chinese towns / PetraMaze.

    [*]Job Suits :
    We have added new Job suits , you have probably saw some of them on other server but we have added some features to those suits so it would worth getting.So our Job suits are Job level based , you get 5 suits for each Job with different STR / INT MagOptions. You can but the new job suits from the Job Points NPC for Job Points.

    New Job Suits

    Job Suits LevelsSTR & INT Added Values
    Job Suit Level 1 STR & INT 2 Increase
    Job Suit Level 5 STR & INT 4 Increase
    Job Suit Level 10 STR & INT 6 Increase
    Job Suit Level 15 STR & INT 8 Increase
    Job Suit Level 20 STR & INT 10 Increase

    [*]Job Ranks , Honor Buffs , Job Special Titles:
    Yes you read it right , Honor Buffs are going to be related to your Job activities. The amount of JP you collect throughout the week will decide if you can get the Full Honor Buffs or just certain buffs of it. The top 40 jobbers are the ones who will be awarded with the Honor Buffs. And the First 3 Jobbers in each job are going to have special titles too. The ranks are resetted on weekly basis.Those 2 tables will show you who gets the Honor Buffs and the Special Titles :

    Honor Buffs
    Top 5 in the rank Full Honor Buffs
    6 to 10 in the rank Full Honor Buffs except King buff
    11 to 25 in the rank Silver and Bronze Buff
    25 to 40 in the rank Bronze Buff

    1st to 3rd Top Thieves Master Thief , Lord Thief , Guardian Thief
    1st to 3rd Top Hunters Master Hunter , Lord Hunter , Guardian Hunter
    1st to 3rd Top Traders Master Trader , Lord Trader , Guardian Trader

    ►In-Game Currencies

    ■ As you can relate by now we have 3 main currencies in the game . Silks which is not a donate currency in the game and you can obtain it by methods described briefly in the thread which is mainly by doing in-game activities .

    ■ The 2nd currency is the Job Points which you get by doing Jobbing activities like trading , thieving or being a hunter and the ways of getting it is described above.

    ■ Our donation currency by which you can get some special items like the Falcon VIP Premium , Flying Avatars and the Pets is called C-Coins. C-coins is not a fully donated currency as you still have a chance to get it from the game by going to WarEvent . Check our Weball on the website so you know more about it.

    ►Miscellaneous Features
    • Anti-Cheat System
      We have worked on our own Anti-Cheat System that helps us to manage abusers and cheating in different aspects of the game. We want to deliver a fair and equal gameplay experience to our players so that we have included our Anti-Cheat system in Quests , Events , Regions , Job related activities Battle Arena and CTF. Abusers and cheaters will be punished according to the server rules policies.

    • Union Chat Limit
      We know how much it is annoying not to be able to participate or join in the union chats specially during events or Fortress Wars. So now we are allowing the Guild Masters to give union authorities to their members as much as they can.

    • Capture The Flag
      For sure everyone around knows how CTF works in Silkroad and what is it all about but what is special in Falcon that we guarantee you special rewards upon collecting certain amounts of Ice Trophies. CTF is handled every 3 hours so you can play CTF 8 times through the day. You can exchange Ice Trophies for Devil Spirit(S) grade , Switchers quest parts and Silk Scrolls .

    • New Elixirs Colors
      As its added as a cool feature in many other pServer around , we decided to add the new Elixirs colors which make it easier to differentiate between the types of elixirs.

    ► Note To Our Old Players
    This is a note to our old players who have been with us throughout the years and who have been having some troubles with the game the latest days because of inflation that happened due to as we know that the server is old which wasn't fair for the new players and the old players themselves. We have decided to take some decisions that should set everything on its normal track again without anyone losing anything.

    1- Gold value is reduced to everyone in the server by 90%
    No gold is being removed from you its just the value so we can keep the numbers low and acceptable on the server . So if you are rich then you are still rich.

    2- Job Points and Ice Trophies are reduced by 50%
    As we have implemented new systems and quests mostly require Job Points to do , we decided to give a fair chance to everyone to test and have fun with those system instead of getting everything quickly. We have also removed 50% of the Ice Trophies from the players as we also added new Anti-cheat methods which will not allow any farming or abusing to occur.

    3- Silks are completely removed from all the characters
    Silks used to be a VoteToGet currency which has been removed from the server features and instead we have made the silk PlayToGet through in-game activities and events.

    There are alot of special features that we worked on in Falcon so we can give our players a unique experience and to have a lot of activities to go through. Starting from Special Jobbing Events and Group Job PvP SO-OK related events and other more things that will keep the server activity on its top.

    ►PetraMaze Jobbing Event [HOT]
    Friday ? Having a long week and finally having your weekend or you are on your weekend already then its time to join our amazing PetraMaze Weekly Jobbing Festival. This is one of our stunning events that we worked on for a long time that makes sure we can get as many players who wants to fill their Jobbing needs at the same time. This Jobbing festival is taking place in one of the complicated new places in the Arabia Expansion which is the PetaMaze and more specially is that accessing the PetraMaze is only allowed on Fridays. Simply so everyone can understand how this event works properly , I will post an image down below showing some simple information about the Maze.

    So this is the map with some small guides to let you know how things kind of work there , But we are going to tell you how this system works in detail.

    To get to the PetraMaze we have made a teleport in the end of the Phantom Desert where there are 2 teleport option , one for the Thieves and the other one is for the Hunters and Traders. And as we said Jobbing or entering the PetraMaze is only allowed on Fridays so if you tried to enter there at any other day you wont be able to do so and you will be getting a message informing you with that.

    You will then get teleported to the areas you are supposed to be in ( As shown on the map above ) depending on your Job . And then as a Trader you are going to find the needed NPC's to start your trade down there (Specialty Trader , Blacksmith , Herbalist and a Stable Keeper). Thieves wont be able to attack you on both ends of the Maze as they are considered as Safe zones. All what is just needed now is to take your trade and deliver it to the next end of the map to the other Specialty Trader there , and as a Thief you will need to steal the trade and go back to the thief town and sell it. Its not as easy as it seems because we expect that a lot of players are going to be inside fighting to finish their quest , so you should put in consideration to go in group and don't solo it.

    As this Event or Quest is one of the requirements to get your new Falcon Accessories which we discussion above in this thread we will let you know how to get your rewards after doing your PetraMaze job activities. The requirement to get the 1/2 Falcon Accessory Awaken is to finish 2 complete trades inside the PetaMaze ( 2 complete trades means means going from spot to the other and coming back which means 4 trade runs ) . After finishing your 2 trades or 2 thefts you will just need to write the command !petramaze in the chat. This command will let you know how far are you from getting your 1/2 Accessory Awaken Scroll , but if you did your trades successfully then it will reward you with the scroll and you can find it in your storage.

    ►WarEvent [NEW EVENT]
    This is our second amazing event that we enjoyed doing and introduce it to the players in its new form. The WarEvent. This event is simply all about being a team which will be chosen randomly and you have to fight to win. This is the basic idea of this event but lets get on how it works in detail.

    First, the event is held 3 times a week , How ?. Basically you will register when the registration to the WarEvent is opened by sending the command !warevent and you will be assigned to one of 3 teams [White , Blue , Red]. Registration should be done everytime you are going to join the event & You can't register if its not the WarEvent registration time.

    Once you are done with registering , you can teleport to the WarEvent Arena from the main portal in Jangan. As soon as you teleport you will be wearing the Cape of the team that you are assigned to . All the players of your team and the other teams will be teleported to that same area and all what you need to do is to kill the enemy team players. You will only get points for the first 2 kills on each player after that it won't count so its not abusable. The team with the most kills will be rewarded with 120 C-Coins for each player in the team , and the whole winning team gets also rewarded with a "WarEvent Champion!". But the most killer in the event from the 3 teams get the title "WarEvent Master!". The duration of The WarEvent is 25 minutes , So make sure to get in there to win the awesome rewards with your team.

    ►Roc Event
    We have made a weekly Automatic Roc Event which will be giving out a lot of rewards to the winner. The event is hosted weekly on Sunday at 19:30 Server Time. You will have to go the the Gate Of Ruler when its announced that it will be opened so then you can be able to participate in the event. The killer of Roc will get Roc Slayer Title ,1x Falcon Premium VIP and 20x Silk Scroll , 11x Job Point Box.

    ►Battle Arena
    We have enabled the Battle Arena events as its adding alot of activity to the server where players can join each other and have fun in a party vs party action in different events. We have enabled all of the Battle Arena types like Party Battle Arena , Guild Battle Arena , Job Battle Arena and Random Battle Arena. We have made changes to the rewards that Battle Arena gives that its should be worth playing. You can play Battle Arena every 4 hours everyday. We will provide you with tables with the Battle Arena Event Type days and their timings and what rewards do they give down below .

    Battle Arena Type Day
    Party Battle Arena Saturday & Monday
    Job Battle Arena Sunday & Wednesday
    Random Battle Arena Tuesday & Friday
    Guild Battle Arena Thursday

    ►Skills & Balance
    This could be one of the things that most of the players will be interested to know about. After our last update we've added the complete new 125 Skills.
    We have adjusted the necessary cooldowns and values on certain skills and tried to keep it as balanced as it should be.

    Regarding the Chinese Skills we have added the new mastery tree for the Chinese Race where you have all of the Force Types [ Cold , Fire , Elec ] in the same tab under the name Force.

    We have also added a new permanent buff for every Chinese character that will grant them some extra power and defense which we think will achieve balance in-game between the Chinese and Europe characters. And we will keep an eye on the balance if there are issues with it we will always listen to our players to fix it.

    ►Falcon Letters
    Remember the Christmas and the Happy Event that you had in iSRO where you need to collect the letters of a word then then exchange them from the SO-OK to get a small reward ?. We came back with the idea of the event where you need to collect the letters of the word FALCON and exchange it with really awesome rewards. You can only get those letter from attacking mobs in the Mirror Dimension Area. You can get Luck Stones D13 , Silk Scrolls , Job Point Boxes , Parry Trigger Speed MP HP Scrolls and much more.

    ►Silk Items & Item Mall F10
    As you should know by now, Silk is a play-to-get in-game currency . You can get Silk by doing quests or by joining events. So as its not the currency to be donated anymore , we decided to move all the silk item to a special NPC in our main town Jangan from where you can buy all the items you used to get usually from the Item Mall .

    But what about the F10 Item Mall ? Falcon have got its own Webshop on its website where you can buy stuff for C-Coins , So the items there are all moved so you can buy them instantly from the game without the need to go back to the website. The Item Mall contains a lot of special items like Falcon VIP Premium , Weapon Changer Scrolls , Flying Avatars , Sun Sets , Fellow Pets and Special Alchemy Items.

    As we mentioned above the Silk Items are moved to a special NPC , but so we don't make everything mixed and messy we have made a special NPC that will contain the newest avatars introduced to Silkroad. The last tab in the Avatars Silk Shop contains flags of 57 different countries by which you can support you nation and get extra 8 STR & INT Stats.

    There are some custom made Avatars that you can only get during events and weekly PvP and Unique Killing Competitions that we announce on our Facebook Page and Discord.

    Looking forward to look different that the others ?. We are having also Flying Avatars that you could buy from the Item Mall for C-Coins. Wearing it will give you the flying animation like the one with Devil Spirit.

    ►Server Events
    • In-Game Events
      We know that events are necessary to keep the server activity up and that we make sure that our players always got some entertainment beside the game features and quests. So we have a couple of Events that our team hosts which you can join and win awesome rewards. Some of those events are held on weekly basis and some of them are held randomly. We are leaving a schedule with all the server events so you can know their timings and rewards.

      EventType Time Reward
      STR + INT Unique Master Unique Killing Friday Evening [Server Time] & Once Every 2 Weeks UniqueMaster Title , Falcon VIP Premium
      PvP Master PvP 1 Time a month [Information will be given on Facebook And Discord] PvPMaster Title , Rare Avatar
      Best Europe & Chinese Character PvP Friday Evening [Server Time] & Once Every 2 Weeks Best[EU][CH] Title , Falcon VIP Premium

      Event Day Time
      Fortress War Saturday 18:00 Server Time
      WarEvent Monday , Wednesday , Friday 17:00 Server Time
      Roc Event Sunday 19:30 Server Time
      STR & INT Falcon Uniques Everyday 24 hours after the last kill [Check The Website ]
      Medusa Everyday 21:00 Server Time
      CTF Everyday 0:00 , 3:00 , 6:00, 9:00 , 12:00 , 15:00 , 18:00 , 21:00 Server Time
      Battle Arena Everyday 00:30 , 04:30 , 08:30 , 12:30 , 16:30 , 20:30 Server Time

    • Offline Events

      Facebook Share Event :
      As we are aiming to get more and more new players so we can increase our players base and also they can enjoy the awesome long term Falcon Server . Therefore , we will be hosting many Share events on our Facebook page by which we can get new players to the server and you can get good rewards in return.

      Video Making and Streaming:
      You are a good at making Videos ? or maybe you are interested in streaming ? Send us your video links about Falcon and your activities there and we will evaluate them and you should be rewarded on how good was your work. If you are a streamer you are going to be getting a special rank on our Discord Channel and a Special Title name too inside the game.

      Forum Signature:
      You can add our forum signature in your Epvp profile to support us and to let everyone know about Falcon and you win 50 silks in advance .





    Im not a part of the Falcon Team Members , Im just helping them designing and organizing their server advertising thread.

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    im getting this problem can you help me?

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    For updates and new patch notes
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    Good Work StaFFMEMBERS.

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    True Bullshit Server, dont join! Isn't a New Server, is the same old ****, the only thing new here ist he **** Thread!

    True Bullsh!t, they sell sun items on F10
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    Originally Posted by under69sex View Post
    Let's try out!

    When will be the grand opening?
    maybe i'm blind! XD
    its already opened but the login sever is having problems for us new players unable to login but they are fixing it as fast as they can

    Follow the team on for more information or support
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    Ummmm Took a long time but its ok
    welcome back again
    but i lost many +22 item then xD
    anyway i will in soon
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    Something wrong with login system...
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    Originally Posted by romlah5209 View Post
    Something wrong with login system...
    they already started to fix it because me and other players was getting the same problem as you
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    I congratulate you on a good job. Good luck!
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    login system problem
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    what is the autoequipment here and till which degree?
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    Good luck
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    server offline already? lol

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