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Void Online | Cap 80 | CH Only | Old School | Job Based | FGW |12/11/2017

Closed Thread
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Void Online | Cap 80 | CH Only | Old School | Job Based | FGW |12/11/2017

  • introducing:
    Hello Silkroad Community, We have the honor of working with Server Void to provide you with this server, which we hope you will like. When we started working on this project, we decided to design something unique for you, as we noticed that all current servers are going to the Coin system, which some people do not like So we decided to work on the old system of SilkRod and we know that some players will say that we worked only for the botting Server, but this is not true and we will explain to you all the points you want to know in this subject, please follow our explanation.
  • Our Aim.
    Before anything, we hope that you will enjoy our work, but to clarify our goal in this work is not to collect some money and then close the server, but we would like to offer you something you never forget and we want to bring you back to the old days of SilkRoad, , we want to offer you a server a Long Term Server

  • Closed Beta Phase.
    Some of you are wondering if the server is flawless or not. Before we put this Topic here, we decided to try the server with some people in on our facebook page who would like to thank them very much, we have almost broken all the flaws they noticed, but this will not prevent us from trying it with you here either.
  • Open Beta Phase.
    Before we start the testing phase, we hope that everyone knows that this is more than a stage. It is possible to make the server free from all problems. This is what we would like to do. Please let us know that if any of the participants in this stage meet any problem, please inform us and also in this stage if they want to play. That some things are changed within the game and that by voting for change or not
    - Beta Online

  • About The Grand Opening.
    We prefer not to set the final opening date until after we have confirmed in the testing phase that everything works well and correctly
    - Grand Open Start at 12/11/2017 18:00 GMT+2

  • Cap | 80.
    We searched a lot before we decided on the Cap of the game and everyone was asked about this Cap 80, so we decided to work On it, especially because he the loved Cap for us also
  • Race | Chinese Only.
    Because, as we said before, we found everyone looking for the Chinese server only, because no one can strike a balance between the Chinese and the Europeans
  • Mastery | 300.
    Mastery limit will be 300 to give more options & variety offering a more interesting server with more builds.
  • Start SP
    When we started to design this project, our vision, if we add a lot of SP, no one will lend a helping hand to the other, so we decided to add 20K Sp In order to be a rival to the places of killing monsters
  • Exp: 15x
    I ’member 10x rate so we it will be just as is
  • Party Exp: 20x
    A little chinese party does nothing wrong, or it brings difficulties? Everyone should decide it her/himself, but it is surely an opportunity for faster progress.
  • Gold: 10x
    Why 10x? Because job wars were awesome and it would be great to watch these videos and communities again on the server.
  • Drop: 10x
    The drop rate isn’t high neither low, so we avoid the situation that you stuck on lvl 64 with a lvl 42 weapon, all the conditions are in place to search gold.
  • Alchemy Rate 1 x
    The most appropriate alchemy rate. We don't want everyone running around with +10. However, Don't worry, these rates will not drive you mad.

  • Purfication pill bugg has been fixed2
    We have fixed this really <<famous>> bugg to offer you
    an even better gameplay!
  • Start Items
    We provide you these starting items to make your journey slightly easier.

    1000x HP Potion
    1000x MP Potion
    1000x Pill
    1x Grab Pet 3days
    10x Speed
    11x Speed Scroll
    11x Revers Scroll
    1x Avatar
    1m Gold
    2m Skill Point
    We've added this system to make the gameplay more comfortable and level up faster. We all know that it is hard to play a server without a normal auto equipment as a player myself I have experienced that multiple times, So we decided to make the auto equipment so it helps you out to level up faster, Your items will change automatically when you teleport and it will be, +3 It works from D1 to D7.
  • Items Stacks
    • MP/HP pots [1.000]
    • Universal/Purfication Pills [1.000]
    • Arrow [1.000]
    • Speed Drugs [50]
    • Elixirs [5.000]
    • Attribute/Magic Stones [5.000]
    • Elements [30.000]
    • Recovery Kits [1.000]
    • Grass Of Life [50]
    • Abnormal Stare Recovery Potions [1.000]
    • Pet Hp [1.000]
    • Pet Pills [500]

  • Premium modification.
    We have added str/int as it is
    on iSro and we completely removed the resurrection scroll.
    We did this mostly so premium won't affect the server economy and make donaters op over non-donaters, this is how we can make it Play2win not Pay2win. Mostly everyone can be almost equal but slightly different not really strong.

  • Main Town | Donwhang.
    Donwhang is the favorite town for all of us, isn't it? It's gonna be the main town in Void. Most of the important teleports/npcs will be located in there.
  • PC Limit.
    The maximum allowed number of clients you are allowed to open per PC are 4.
  • Guild Start Level | 5.
    Who doesn't get annoyed because of the guid leveling system? Literary everyone hates it. We have solved this issue and did instant level 5 guild creation system. You don't have to waste your SP and donate GP any more!
  • Guild & Union Limits.
    We really had to customize those limits to ensure competition will be high. So the maximum amount of players allowed per guild is 32 and the maximum amount of guilds allowed per union will be 2 or 3 (depends on the playerbase).
  • Plus Limit: 10
    It's the most suitable limit for alchemy in our opinions as more or less than this would be boring and not balanced with our cap also it's desired by most of you, nobody hates 10 plus limit oqe?
  • Silk Per Event&Hour
    So that everyone does not think that our server for money only we Fdvna several ways on the way to be able to win the silk
  • Through the event which will be played in the game (detailed explanation about this system at the bottom followed us)
  • Every hour you spend with us online inside the game will get 1 silk and there is a way to prevent fraud at this point, but we will not explain it will leave you to see it in your eyes
  • Available Fortress
    We would like to give our gratitude for [Simulation] for this idea, We've been playing Silkroad for many years with the same boring routine which is fighting for the same fortresses in every single server we join so we've tried to do some unusual changes by opening Donwhang fortress.
    Each week there will be two days where all the trade unions, which consists of many glorious and powerful fighters compete against each other.
    Not only will the winner FTW rewarded with glory and honor, but also will be the reward all participants to win automatically in the form of 30 Silks for each player.
  • Devil Spirit.
  • Old School Capes.
    Old capes is something that we didn't forget to implement in Void. We've brought back the old pvp capes which everybody loves. But be careful, pvp capes are for strong people, if you will put it on, don't stay in the safe zone :P
    We have added the old experience bar to ensure Void Online gameplay will bring back some great memories to you!
  • Old Alchemy window.
    Most of us definitely like the old GUI of SRO since it reminds us of the old good days and it also looks so simple. We have applied the old GUI in Void but however, if many players wanted us to reset the new GUI, we will definitely do it since Void is mostly based on the players opinions & ideas.

  • Notic Plus:
    An auto server notices informing that an item has been enhanced to +7 and afterward.
  • Exchange Delay :
    On one hand, exchange delay is to prevent the annoying requests or pvp bug.
  • Stall Delay:
    On the other hand, stall delay is to avoid bugs connected to the stall system.
  • Reverse Scroll.
    To prevent some bugs from happening and for the gameplay security, we decided to add 2 minutes cool down on the reverse.
    We've added 50 seconds cool down on globals to prevent the endless spam. Also, level 80 is required for the global usage.
  • Top 200 Players
    The first 200 players will get to the level of 80, they will get 150 free silks
    Everyone knows that these points must be explained and why we put them We put them to increase the pleasure in the game no more and through the guidance that you will get from these events so that the game more balance between the Donate and Nun Donte This is an explanation of some of the items that can be obtained from these
    Some Avatar
    And More......
  • Model Switchers.
    Model Switchers:
    With the Model Switchers, you can change your weapon's look to a different one. We added the following degrees.
    From degree 1 to degree 13!
  • New Titles:
    We created tons of titles for you choose from and to also give you the ability to add that little extra sexiness for your character!
  • Silk Scrolls:
    We added Silk Scrolls to make buying and selling Silks a lot easier to deal with, and also to add a little balance to the system.
  • Char Effect Scroll:
    • Complementary and Split Complementary scroll that is mesmerizing, extravagant, astonishing palettes colored effect can be found in the item mall. They have the same price range of silk, but has different glowing effects.
  • Magic Pop.
    Disabled! We don't want a Pay2Win server!
  • Custom Glows.
    We have left this point as it is in Silkroad original because it is considered one of the most beautiful shapes, and we do not want to change the shape at the moment, but we will leave you the option when you see it
  • Immortal Stone..
    To avoid scam we applied only D8 immortal
    stones as well we change the icon.

  • Job System.
    If we want to talk at this point, I do not think that the speech I will write is enough, but to make it simple, this is the only way you can get the gold because if you want to work on the bot system only you will not get gold but a little but through the trade you will get More on,And also the best in this system will get TitelName free
  • New Trade Routes.
    I will speak at this point only to clarify that we have not and will not add this point definitively because we have lost the fun of the game because when there is such a possibility it will be easy to know where the caravans are and this is what we do not all love on what I think I do not want anyone to talk about at this point
  • Wanted System.
    This system is considered one of the rules of the old game, but we put it, but a small modification, and huh when he kills Thief /Hunter He will get 10% of the gold that is in the bag and vice versa and added a way to prevent fraud in it too.
  • Titels System:
    •Trader #1:You can gain this title by killing the highest amount of jobbers as a Trader.
    •Thief #1: You can gain this title by killing the highest amount of jobbers as a Thief.
    •Hunter #1:You can gain this title by killing the highest amount of jobbers as a Hunter.
  • Money Maker:
    he Richest player will automatically be granted a title called [Money Maker] and once someone gets a higher amount of gold you will get your old title back and he'll be the new hero.

  • Unique System :
    Here is another way to show our intentions and show that we are not interested in money, and are interested in the most fun is tha, when you kill any Unique will get a quantity of silk and there is a table at the bottom will be shown on the ratio
  • Silk Items:
    Random silk items added to uniq kills eg: Reverse, Global chat...
  • UniQuw Drops:
    Normal Uniques ranging from Tiger Girl to Demon Shaitan will drop the following drops!

    Tiger Girl
    Reverse | Global | Immortal | Astral | 3 Arena Coin

    Reverse | Global | Immortal | Astral | 3 Arena Coin

    Captain Ivy
    Reverse | Global | Immortal | Astral | 3 Arena Coin
    Reverse | Global | Immortal | Astral | 3 Arena Coin

    Reverse | Global | Immortal | Astral | 3 Arena Coin

    Lord Yarkan
    Reverse | Global | Immortal | Astral | 3 Arena Coin

    Void King
    Reverse | Global | Immortal | Astral | 20 Arena Coin | Item Moon

  • Unique Balance
    We know that we will have characters to play as Str player and this is what we decided to do until they get the free silk by killing the Unique and huh added Unique Str

  • Our NPCs.
    We have added a 5 NPC for help only and they are born in basic extraction [Donwhang.].
  • Arena Gift Manger
    In this NPC, you will find a lot of Item from the Arena Coin as we explained earlier
  • Elixirs effects.
    We've given elixirs new colors/effects to easily differentiate between them. Also,
    we give you a new feeling while seeing them
  • Fellow Pets.
    All of us like fellow pets, don't we? We've added some of them to item mall

  • Regarding Sox.
    We have thought more than once how should we optimize our SOX system, and actually we discussed about it with a lot of players. However, two types of SOX will mostly satisfy your needs because it’ll be more balanced and newcomers will always have the chance to catch up. There will be Seal of Moon, and Seal of SUN. Later on we might add newer SOX, but we decided to limit them to 2 in order to revive the gameplay later on.
    Available SoX Types.
    All available SoX types of equipment can be found bellow.

    Seal Of Moon.
    Seal Of SUN.

    SOX Balance:
    Seal of Moon (SOM) = last tier +2
    Seal of SUN (SUN) = last tier +3.5
  • How to get SOX item(s) on Void Online?

    Seal of Moon:

    Weapons: You can get all 1-8 dg sox weapons from mobs drops.
    Gears: You can get all 1-8 dg sox gears from mobs drops.
    Accessories: You can get all 1-8 dg sox accessories from mobs drops.

    Seal of SUN:
    • Weapons:
      Forgotten World:
      I think that this point does not need to explain, everyone knows what we are and put it to increase the chance of occurrence Sos, InvyKnowing that if all were compiled Collection Book you will get A SUN Weapon

      Gears:Can be bought from Downhang NPC for Arena Coin.

      Accessories:You can get From Last Unique Forgotten World.

      Arean Coin: Drop From All Unique , TRADE , you can get them from CTF (Per each kill), Battle arena.

    How to get Dimensions Holes?
    You can get Envy and Dimensions Biller that it in Mobs Or buy it From Arena NPC Cost
    Forgotten World Gallery.
    5*75m And Arean Coin

  • Our Item Mall.
    Everyone knows that it is one of the most important things in Silk Road. This is where the Donter can support him, but because we said that we will do the old school method, we did not add anything as important as the rest of the servers and this is what we put.

    Skill Reset Scroll: esets all of your masteries and skills back to and, you'll be given the skill point back! Upon use, you'll be teleported back to town!

    Stats Reset Scroll:Resets your Int/Str points to 0 and gives you the points back to add them to either Str or Int. Upon use, you'll be teleported back to town!

    Name Change Scroll:Gives you the ability to change your character name to a different one just by clicking this scroll! Upon use, you'll be disconnected and upon connecting you'll have to choose a new nickname to login!

    Pet Renamer Scroll:You'll be able to adjust your pet's name by using this scroll.

    Durability Remover :Suffering from having a durability on your item? no worries, you can remove it now by using this scroll.

    Blue Remover Scroll:You'll be able to clean your items out from the blues,that is pretty useful to clean equipment and avatars.

    Devil Gender Switcher Scroll:Same idea as (Avatar Gender Switcher Scroll) but this time you will be able to switch your devil's spirit gender.

    Avatar Gender Switcher Scroll:By using this scroll you will be able to switch your avatar gender from male to female and the other way around.

    Job Penalty Remover: Removes your job penalty just by clicking this scroll. Upon use, you'll be telelported back to town!

    Guild Penalty Remover:Removes your guild penalty just by clicking this scroll. Upon use, you'll be teleported back to town!

    and more......
    We hope you will understand why we put this into an Item Mall.

Iteam Mall Gallery.
  • Avatar Selle
    In this merchant, you will find a lot of Avatar that we hope you will like

Avatar Gallery.
    Battle Arena: Is every 1 hours.
    CTF: Is every 1 hours.
    Normal Uniques: Spawn every 2 hours from the time that they're killed.
    Fortresswar: Every Sunday at 18:00 Server Time.

  • Our Filter Restrictions.
    We know that if you use your filter it will be a good thing and this is what we have done and these are the services that our filter can do.
  • You can't trace characters without job suit while you are wearing job suit.
  • Battle Arena AFK Detector (Disconnects a player after warning him if detected that he is AFK).
  • You must be level 75 to participate on CTF or Battle Arena.
  • You cannot use any res skills while on CTF or Battle Arena.
  • You cannot ride fellow pet during zerk (to avoid speed bug).
  • You cannot terminate pet in town.
  • Exit / Exchange / Stall cool-down.
  • Reverse have 2 minutes cool-down while job suit is on.
  • You cannot spawn fellow pet while job suit is on.
  • You can only have 1 character wearing job suit at a time.
  • Maximum plus value [+10].
  • You can only join 1 character per HWID on CTF or Battle Arena.
  • PK disabled.
  • You can Look your item now to avoid the hack on the character.

  • AUTO Event.

    Automatic Trivia Event.
    Event-Bot is going to ask you a random question and you have to answer these correctly. It is going to be held every 2 hours There are over 500 questions.
    Reward: 10 silks

    Automatic Kill the GM Event.

    Automatic Hide & Seek Event.
    The most popular event nowadays, The eventbot will be teleporting to some random place and will write a notice including a hint where he is.
    You have to find him and then exchange him. This event is going to be held every 2 hours
    Reward: 15 silks

    Automatic Lucky Party Number Event.
    To win on this event all you need to do is to form the number of the party asked. After forming it you will be announced as the winner and get an amount of silk as reward. A good tip is to form and remove parties until the party number asked if formed!

    Automatic Alchemy Event.
    The bot will spawn at Donwhang (East-Gate), you simply will go there and pick the items then start fusing. You have to be very fast in picking & fusing if you want to win because there will be many players who are doing the same job, and the first player who reach the goal will be the winner. It is going to be held 2 times per day
    Reward: 20 silks

    Automatic Search & Destroy Event.
    Uniques will spawn all over the map, our notices will inform you when the event will start and where each unique will be spawned. All you need to do is find the uniques and kill them. Killing one will give you an amount of silk as reward!

    Automatic Job War Event.
    -It's an event which gives you the true feeling of wars! once the BOT announces that the registration has opened you'll rush to register by sending a private message to BOT with JWRegister and when it starts the bot will teleport the whole participants.
    Here how it works:
    The job type with the highest number of kills will win the event. For example, Thieves got 100 kills, hunters and traders got 70.
    Each thief with a kill count of 5 or more will get a reward. Caution! in case you died don't go town unless you want to quit the event,just wait for someone to resurrect you.

    Automatic PVP Event.
    -A notice will notify you before the event starts in order to register by typing a private message to BOT with PVPRegister thus the bot will teleport the whole participants to an area. The bot will tell you the rules before to begin the event.
    thus, the bot will teleport you to a larger area and you will be able to kill each other there you have to equip your pvp cape and respect the rules
    which the bot said or you will be kicked out from the event, the main purpose is to get the highest amount of kills in the room, there will be 3 winners in this event.
    We believe in the principle of equality we did 2 pvp events there will be one for the int characters and one for the str characters.

    Automatic Survival Arena Event.
    One of our best events. It will take place twice per day, after the notice appears all you need to do is move to survival arena (you can teleport there from Donwhang's town portal). Then you simply wear your PvP cape and start killing enemy players! All kills inside there count and for every one you will receive 1 Cronos Point. The top 3 players in kills will be announced and the top one will also receive a bonus silk reward. Keep in mind that there are rankings for this event and top players receive a special buff!

  • Our Fourm.
    We made this forum so that there is a constant connection between us and all the players in the game
    and about our web we add a lot of Rankings and here is it
  • Rankings.
    Top Unique Killers.
    Top Thieves.
    Top Job K/D
    Top Traders.
    Top PvP K/D.
    Top Hunters.
    Top Guild based on item points.
    Top Player based on item points.
    The Top Union based on item points.
  • Account Panel.
    At this point yes we added it and this is also to make access to us faster by opening a ticket to inform us of any problems within the game or any suggestions
    At the end of the subject, I hope to explain all the things in the game in a good way and to get your admiration and hope to be under your good and also hope that you support us until we succeed because without your support we can do nothing
  • Signature.

    At the end of the subject, I hope that you would like to be able to explain all the points in detail
    And there too Signature Event.
    Use our official signature as your own signature to get 150 Silk on grand opening.

    IGN :
    [CENTER][B]Void Online ! Old School | Opening 12th of Nov[/B]
    [URL="http://Void-Online.Com"][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][/CENTER]

    IGN : 
    [CENTER][B]Void Online ! Old School | Opening 12th of Nov[/B]
    [URL="http://Void-Online.Com"][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][/CENTER]

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I'm in

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Please edit your grand opening date to 12/11/2017

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4th reopen in the same year? You should "at least" change the name of your project, nobody will join a server that can't reach 3 weeks alive and reopens 1 month after their last failure. Before opening again at least improve your features.
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You will use your other thread


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Closed Thread

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