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Emerald Online | 100 Cap | CH/EU | Exclusive Features | GO 03.11.2017

Discussion on Emerald Online | 100 Cap | CH/EU | Exclusive Features | GO 03.11.2017 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Emerald Online | 100 Cap | CH/EU | Exclusive Features | GO 03.11.2017

Download links will be available at ( 7/10/2017 )

Official Website :
Official Facbook Page :
Official Discord Server :

♦ Our official teaser by wiNt.
Gallery 1

♦ Our official trailer by wiNt.
Gallery 2

♦ Our second official trailer by wiNt.
Gallery 3

♦ Emerald Introduction.
Greetings, Silkroad Community! It's the time to prepare for our newly created project. After working hard and putting a lot of effort, we're here to present to you Emerald Online. We developed a server that will make a positive impact to players’ experience in the p-server community. We will provide outstanding server and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our players. We always think as a player so that we can make a server that will attract your attention and a server that'll really be competitive and successful.

♦ Emerald Vision.
Teamwork, we work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our players and to help the server win.
Integrity, we uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.
Respect for People, We value our players and respect their opinions and suggestions.
Personal Accountability, We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

♦ Experience
Emerald consist of experienced and professional team with history of successful work in creating servers and helping other servers. We would like assure you that every one of us taking care of the suitable work for his skills so he could benefit the server in the best way possible and present a good content in terms of development, management, marketing, and support. We really care about having the best suitable man for each part because we have ambitions to present a professional and good server. We would like to assure and guarantee that you're in safe hands.

We’re proud of reality as it was fun and stable. It was one of the biggest servers in the p-server scene as it reached more than 4000 players and to complete the success, we're providing emerald in much more fun and teamwork in the best professional way.

We would like to deeply apologize about all the problems that had happened in Reality. We made mistakes just like any other human being. We do not want to get into details of what mistakes were made back in Reality but this time, we expanded our team to insure outstanding server and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our players. As human beings, we learn from our mistakes and that’s how people get better at what they do. We can assure every single player that we learned from our mistakes. We can guarantee that those mistakes will not happen again.
Second chances are not given to make things right, but are given to prove that we could be better even after we make mistakes.
“Life is fair, you know why? Because Life always offers you a second chance, it’s called tomorrow.”

♦ Problem solving
We mentioned in our vision that we work together to meet the needs of our players and to help the server win so we will make sure 100% solve any problems that might come up. We have enough people in our team to ensure perfection!
“Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution. The easiest way to escape from the problem is to solve it.”

♦ Server & Security
When it comes to server setup and security, we are experts! Yes, we were able to run 4x Gameservers 4x Agentservers back in Reality without any problems, and we are going to setup any needed additional gameservers. Our basic(Start) configuration will be able to handle 4500 players.
-Secured? Of course! We are using the highest available option out there which is Hyperfilter. You won't need to worry about a thing when it comes to security.

♦ Anti-Cheat
We've taken care of every single part of the gameplay and did our best to make it cheating proof. However, if you abuse a bug or find out a way to cheat without reporting it, you'll get banned once you're detected and end up with nothing at the end. It's better for you to report it and earn some silk.

We've gotten the most powerful and highly encrypted hardware id system which is hard to bypass. However, sooner or later a bypass will be found. We’ll be updating our HWID system once a bypass is out. This warning goes to EVERYONE, if there is a bypass and you use it, you'll get banned no matter what. NO EXCUSES for his crime.

♦ Community management
Community management and support is a very important thing we care for, because how many times did you suffer from lack of support? On Emerald we made sure that if you have a message for us. You'll deliever it easily. Here are the positions that we have inside/outside the server in order to fulfill our responsibilities.
Game Masters a.k.a Administrators are responsible for the server development, security, and management.
Community Managers are responsible for hosting high-quality events ingame as well as answering players in tickets/ingame.
Supporters are responsible for reporting players' issues/abuses. As well as, answer players in tickets/ingame.

♦ Closed Beta Phase.
Already before publishing this thread, we started testing features and other things but we will need more players to test other things. There will be rewards for all testers as well.

♦ Open Beta Phase.
Before starting the BETA phase, we wish everybody could know and realize how important this phase is and what is the point of making it. The main goal of making BETA phase is definitely to find bugs not to provide you with fun. During the beta period, you are requested to test every aspect of the server and everything written on this thread. A list of things to test for will be provided as well to insure everything is working to perfection.
- OPEN BETA DATE ( 9/10/2017 8:00 UTC+1)

♦ About The Grand Opening.
We prefer to not set a time for the grand opening so that we can insure everything is working to perfection during the open beta phase. We do this just for you. Remember, we can open it at any time if we want but we're just going to wait until all the bugs are fixed. We want your experience here to be unforgettable! Like we mentioned in our vision, we are all about quality. We will provide outstanding server that, together, deliver premium value to our players.
- GRAND OPENING DATE ( 27/10/2017 8:00 UTC+1) / ( 03/11/2017 8:00 UTC+1)
We'll pick up one of these dates based on how things will be going during the open beta phase.

♦ Cap | 100.
Cap 100 is the most balanced cap in our opinion. As well as, you guys requested and here it is.

♦ Races | CH / EU.
Why? We believe the European race adds much to the gameplay experience.

♦ Mastery | CH: 330 - EU: 200.
We're adding 30 extra mastery levels to CH characters because it's pretty much needed.

♦ Rates | Exp x30, Party Exp x35.
We believe plvling shouldn't be too easy or too hard. Therefore, we have set it to mid rates.

♦ Job Level Cap | 7
It's not gonna be hard nor easy to reach the maximum cap. But it's gonna be fun as you'll be able to get job suits with STR / INT blue depends on your job level.

♦ Emerald Main Town | Donwhang.
Donwhang is the favorite town for all of us, isn't it? It's gonna be the main town in Emerald. Most of the important teleports/npcs will be located in there.

♦ Max Plus | +12.
In Emerald, the max plus is real! We changed the max plus properly so you can't try alchemy on a +12 item unlike what happens in other servers. Your item won't get to +13 and go back to +12 after teleportation nor the alchemy process will be filtered by a third party software.

♦ Guild Start Level | 5.
Who doesn't get annoyed because of the guid leveling system? Literary everyone hates it. We have solved this issue and did instant level 5 guild creation system. You don't have to waste your SP and donate GP any more!

♦ Available Fortresses.
Hotan Fortress and Jangan Fortress are available .

♦ Guild Limit | To be decided in beta.

♦ Union Limit | To be decided in beta.

♦ Union chat limit | unlimited.
We have expanded the limit of union chatting to be unlimited.

♦ Old character selection area
Don't you miss the old login screen? We've implemented it in Emerald Online, because OLD is GOLD.

♦ Start Items
Start Items were picked carefully to boost players' grinding phase.

♦ Top 300 players
There is special reward for the very first 300 players to reach level 100 on Emerald Online.
-Top 3 players to reach level 100 will receive a title, 300 silk, and 11 reverse scrolls. That's for sure in addition to the first 100 players reward.
-First 100 players to reach level 100 will receive 200 silks.
-Second 100 players to reach level 100 will receive 100 silks.
-Third 100 players to reach level 100 will receive 50 silks.

♦ Auto Equipment
Auto equipment is definitely a must-have feature nowadays since it's important for everybody and it makes your level up process more comfortable and easier, we've definitely not forgotten adding an awesome feature like this one in Emerald. Our [BOT]System will pm you once you unlock new items. PM him back with "reload" and he'll refresh your inventory by teleporting you to the same position.

Auto equipment items information:
Normal gears + 5
3 STR/3 INT & 41% item stats.
NOTE: Auto equipment system is working until DG9 only. In other words, you'll not receive any higher items than DG9.

♦ Emerald Currencies
On Emerald we have added more than one currency in order to balance the economy.
Emerald Points (EP): obtainable from uniques, dungeons, killing job enemies, killing players during Survival Arena and trading/thieving.
Gems: It’s one of the most important currency on Emerlad you will be able to obtain it from Survival Arena, Battle arena and CTF. It’s main purpose to purchase Moon Item(s)
Diamonds: they're obtainable from completing quests and/or hunting uniques.
Gold Coins: Emerald Special Shop sells them for gold.

GemsDiamondsGold Coin

♦ Global delay
We've added 60 seconds cool down on globals to prevent the endless spam. Also, level 80 is required for the global usage.

♦ Reverse delay
To prevent some bugs from happening and for the gameplay security, we decided to add 3 minutes cool down on the reverse.

♦ Resurrection Scrolls
We decided to disable them. It is annoying to see someone you keep killing come back to you and try to take down your trade pet, isn't it? Therefore, we have decided to put a cooldown on the reverses.

♦ Regarding Sox
We have created 4 different types of SoX items and they are Seal of Star, Seal of Pavo, Seal of Moon, and lastly, Seal of Zeus, however that stats are edited. We have also created “Boxes” and called them Lamps. Those Lamps will be the #1 way to obtain SoS/SoP items. There will be 3 different types of Lamps: 1- Copper Lamps (SOS), 2- Silver Lamps (SOS), and 3- Golden Lamps (SOP). Now, let’s take a closer look and explain a little more about the different types of SoX and Lamps:

Seal of Star: (Last tier +1)
SoS will be obtainable by opening Copper Lamps as well as Silver Lamps. Copper Lamps will be dropping at 100 mobs at a low rate. On the other hand, Silver Lamps can also give SoS items. The only way to obtain a Silver Lamp is by going to the 3 different dungeons and defeat the boss at the end. Remember, Dungeons are hard and you will need help from your guild mates!

Seal of Pavo: (Last tier +2)
SoP will be obtainable by killing main uniques. The uniques will be dropping Golden Lamps. There is a table provided in the unique section that shows which unique drops what. Second way to obtain SoP is by opening Silver Lamps. Silver Lamps have the chance of dropping SoP items, but it will be at a very low rate.

Seal of Moon: (Last tier +3.5)
All SoM items wil be available in our Moon Trader, but not the shield. You will be able to buy the SoM items for (E)merald (P)oints, Gems, Gold, and Diamonds (You can read about how to obatin them in "Emerald Currencies" section)
SoM shield will be obtainable by collecting talismans from the boss of Baghdad Dungeon

Seal of Zeus: (Last tier +5)
SoZ will be obtainable by ugrading your moon item(s) +8 to Seal of Zeus +0.
How to get Upgrade Scroll?
We will activate quests to get upgrade scroll after players start to buy moon item(s) (Reason: keep the gameplay long-term)

We have created 3 different Lamps and each Lamp will be dropping different items, but mainly we will discuss the SoX items that you can get from Lamps. Now, let’s take a closer look:

Copper Lamps will be droppable from normal 100 mobs. You can obtain SoS from this Lamp.

Silver Lamps will be obtainable from the 3x dungeon’s bosses. Silver Lamps will give SoS items and a very low rate of SoP items.

Golden Lamps will be droppable from the main uniques (look at unique section) and it will give SoP items at 100% rate.

♦ Elixirs Effect
We have changed the default elixir drop effects, and we think you are gonna like the new ones.

♦ Quests
Quests are fun, isn't it? We have implemented ingame a lot of quests.
- Dungeons quests
- We're adding more quests during the beta.

♦ Title names system.
We have added new titles as a reward for a lot of systems. As well as, premium ones in NPC.
- The top alchemist of every week receives "Alchemy God" title.
- The top unique hunter of every week receives "Unique Hunter" title.
- The top jobbers of every week will receive special titles.
- The first 3 players to reach level 100 will receive "Emerald Addict" title.
- We appreciate the efforts you are gonna spend with us during the beta phase. Therefore, you will receive "Contributor" title on the grand opening. As well as silks.
- We have added 200+ titles available in our Titles Shop. Explore them, you'll definitely find a one you like.

♦ Arabia Extension
We have implemented the whole Arabia Update in our server. Including (Triggered Instances, Whole region, and new monsters)

♦ Grinding Areas
We have added a lot of grinding areas so you will not worry about someone stealing your "favorite spot"
-Alexandria monsters level 90~99
-Arabian Coast monsters level 100
-Phantom Desert monsters level 100
-Baghdad monsters level 100

♦ Skill Balance
We would like to run a balanced gameplay. Everyone should choose his favorite build, and not choosing the most “powerful” one. It’s always been bad to see only one build running everywhere in the server. We haven’t touched the skills so far, because we definitely need your help, yes we couldn’t touch anything regarding the skills because we do not know what do or what we have to increase/nerf, and if it’ll be touched how far should we decrease it? That’s one of the main points of having an open beta (Beta Phase II) We are very open to suggestions during this phase regarding “Skill balance” please make sure to test the builds, and give us a solid view of the situation.

♦ Uniques
We have added a lot of uniques ingame, because we know uniques are fun.
Default uniques (Tiger Girl, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan) STR / INT
Special Uniques (Roc, Medusa, Mad General, Mad General STR)
Job Temple Uniques (Neith, Selket, Haroeris, Isis, Anubis)
Job Uniques (Unique Area) (Arabian Kidemonas, Karkadann)
Kalia's Hideout (Thief Boss Kalia) STR / INT
Dungeon Uniques (Shaba the Gennie from the Lamp, Harrison, Launatune, Khulood, Giant Overlord)
Each unique on Emerald will drop special items as well as giving silks to killers.

Unique NameAreaTypeDrop
Tiger GirlJanganNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Tiger Girl STRJanganNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
CerberusConstantinopleNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Cerberus STRConstantinopleNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Captain IvySamarkandNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Captain Ivy STRSamarkandNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
UruchiDonwhangNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Uruchi STRDonwhangNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
IsyutaruKarakoramNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Isyutaru STRKarakoramNormal1x Magic Pop Card, 1x global
Lord YarkanTaklamakanNormal2x Magic Pop Cards, 1x 10Dg Immortal
Lord Yarkan STRTaklamakanNormal2x Magic Pop Cards, 1x 10Dg Immortal
Demon ShaitanRoc MountainNormal2x Magic Pop Cards, 1x 10Dg Immortal
Demon Shaitan STRRoc MountainNormal2x Magic Pop Cards, 1x 10Dg Immortal
Mad GeneralBaghdadNormal4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x 10Dg Immortal, 4x reverse, 1x Golden Lamp (Armor)
Mad General STRBaghdadNormal4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x 10Dg Immortal, 4x reverse, 1x Golden Lamp (Armor)
Thief Boss KaliaKalia's HideoutNomral4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x 10Dg Immortal, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 1x Golden Lamp (Armor)
Thief Boss Kalia STRKalia's HideoutNormal4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x 10Dg Immortal, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 1x Golden Lamp (Armor)
Arabian KidemonasJob uniq AreaJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x 10Dg Immortal, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 1x Golden Lamp (Armor)
KarkadannJob Uniq AreaJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x 10Dg Immortal, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 1x Golden Lamp (Armor)
NeithJob TempleJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x 10Dg Immortal, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 1x Golden Lamp (Acc)
Selket Job TempleJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x 10Dg Immortal, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 1x Golden Lamp (Acc)
IsisJob TempleJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x 10Dg Immortal, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 1x Golden Lamp (Acc)
AnubisJob TempleJob4x Magic Pop Cards, 4x 10Dg Immortal, 4x Globals, 4x reverses, 1x Golden Lamp (Acc)
MedusaB6Normal8x 10Dg Immortal, 8x Globals, 8x reverses, 8x Magic pop Cards, 1x Golden Lamp (Weapon/Shield)
RocGate of RulerNormal16x 10Dg Immortal, 16x Globals, 16x reverses, 16x Magic pop Cards, 2x Golden Lamp (Weapon/Shield)
HarrisonBaghdad DungeonDungeon1x Magic Pop Cards, 1x 10Dg Immortal, 2x reverse, 2x globals. (Bagdad dungeon is for talismans as well)
LaunatuneBaghdad DungeonDungeon1x Magic Pop Cards, 1x 10Dg Immortal, 2x reverse, 2x globals. (Bagdad dungeon is for talismans as well)
Khulood (Boss)Baghdad DungeonDungeon2x Magic Pop Cards, 2x 10Dg Immortal, 2x reverse, 2x globals, 1x Silver Lamp. (Bagdad dungeon is for talismans as well)
Tai-SuiGarden DungeonDungeon1x Magic Pop Cards, 1x 10Dg Immortal, 1x reverse, 1x globals.
Battle GolemGarden DungeonDungeon1x Magic Pop Cards, 1x 10Dg Immortal, 1x reverse, 1x globals.
Giant Overlord (Boss)Garden DungeonDungeon2x Magic Pop Cards, 2x 10Dg Immortal, 2x reverse, 2x globals, 1x Silver Lamp.
The Geenie (Boss)Petra DungeonDungeon2x Magic Pop Cards, 2x 10Dg Immortal, 2x reverse, 2x globals, 1x Silver Lamp.

♦ Job system
Job suits:
We have special 5 new job suits on Emerald for both races. Each one will give you different amount of STR/INT points.
-Level 1 suit gives you 1 STR/1 INT
-Level 3 suit gives you 2 STR/2 INT
-Level 4 suit gives you 3 STR/3 INT
-Level 6 suit gives you 4 STR/4 INT
-Level 7 suit gives you 5 STR/5 INT

Job Suits

Trade routes:
We have brought back the old trade routes (Town-to-Town), you know why? Because everyone should be bored by now from these over-rated new routes. We think it’s not fun if the thieves know 100% where you are and wait for you at a specific area. Therefore, we wanted to have the old-school trade routes.

Anti-Bot trade runs:
phBOT is disabled while trading. You will not be able to run the bot and go AFK.

Job Temple:
We have added Job Temple to Emerald Online. There you can find level 100 monsters along with special uniques. As well as, brand new quests you will have to finish to obtain new items.

Note: You cannot login more than one character while jobbing. It's HWID limited to 1.

♦ Wanted system
Wanted system is one of the funniest features that have been done in SRO and since Emerald is partly job based, we added this feature, it will be the usual wanted system as in any server else but we improved it with our smart anti cheat system. just to prevent confusing you and so on. In order to be wanted, you have to kill a certain count of opposite jobbers without dying. The more you kill, the better buff you get, the more wanted you become. Our system will announce that you have become wanted so that the players will target you. When you become wanted, try as much as you can to keep the wanted status with you because you will also get a special buff with special stats.
Here are some detailed you might need to know about our Wanted system.

Task Buff
Kill 10 opposite jobbers 1% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
Kill 20 opposite jobbers 2% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
Kill 30 opposite jobbers 3% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
Kill 40 opposite jobbers 4% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
Kill 50 opposite jobbers 5% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1

Note: You will not be able to cheat in the wanted system so do not try since we added a strong anti cheat system, we are not going to announce how it works to make it even safer and better. P.S: If you tried to cheat more than once, our anti-cheat system will automatically ban you!

♦ Honor Rank
Who doesn't like to run around with king buff? We believe all of you like to have that king buff, but the question is are you strong enough to obtain them? Because the Honor rank system on Emerald will be competitive.
Methods of obtaining honor rank:
- By killing your opponent jobber. 1 Kill = 1 Point
- By hunting down uniques. The harder the unique is, the more honor points it'll grant to you. The uniques of dungeons are included too. You'll receive the honor points once you deliver the quest.
- By killing enemies at Survival Event

♦ Magic POP
We know Magic POP was one of the most hated features back in the day we played Silkroad Online, because it was simply “Pay to win” but we have changed the way it works, it’s not possible to purchase Magic POP cards for silks, not from the Item mall nor any NPC ingame.
We didn’t have proper use for Magic POP unfortunately, that’s why we decided to add it in a way that won’t damage the gameplay balance. We have added Magic POP cards as a drop from uniques at dungeons.
Rewards you may win from the Magic POP:
-Title Scroll
-Alchemy Boosters
-Gold Dragon Flag

♦ Fortress war rank (kills / death counter)
A brand new ranking you will only see on Emerald Online. Fortress war kills ranking. We will show the kill / death counter of each guild attended the fortress war on our website, and obviously it'll reset every week just after the fortress war ends. Arguing about who wipes whom is much easier now.

♦ Permenant buffs
It's annoying to keep buffing yourself over and over, no matter after dying or when logging in or whenever, in Emerald, you won't have to keep buffing yourself over and over until you get bored because we've added the real permanent buffs system!
Pretty much every buff you need in Chinese race will be permanent.
In European race you will only have the following skills as permanent buffs:
-Holy Recovery Division
-Holy Spell
-Bard Speed skills
-Noise (Bard Skill)

♦ Emerald NPCs
We have added brand new NPCs to our server, and there you will find a lot of cool stuff to buy. Also, we have added brand new effects to them.

Titles Shop
There you can find 220+ permanent titles.
Moon Trader
There you can find Moon gear.
Avatars Trader
There you will find pretty much every avatar vSRO ever known, and even new ones.
Emerald Special NPC
There you will find every custom scroll we had. As well as, new stuff.
Dungeon Manager
The epic NPC which will take you to a profitable journey, but take care because it's dangerous. There you can teleport to special dungeons and drop a lot of special items in there. As well as, you will find a lot of quests to finish in the dungeons for special items as well.

♦ Item Mall
We have added a lot of fellow pets in the itemmall, and we are very open to suggestions. If you have a favorite fellow pet and want to have it on Emerald Online. Please don't hesitate to ask us.

We have also re-colored the immortal DG10 icon so scammers will not have a chance to trick you.

Do you want to have a new color for your character name? We have added brand new scrolls to change your character name color.

Once you open the item mall you will see new items we added, hot items, and top-rated items.

♦ Plus Notice
If you love fame and you would like to be a famous player, you will be able to be famous through this system. Our System bot will announce that you succeeded in making +7 or higher whenever you do so. But be careful, alchemy is pretty hard in Emerald and it needs a brave heart, so don't get mad if you failed and keep trying and be optimistic

♦ Filter Features
Exchange delay | 10 seconds
How often a user may send an exchange request.

Stall delay | 15 seconds
How often a user may create a stall.

Teleport delay | 10 seconds
How often a user may teleport.

Global Chatting delay | 60 seconds
How often a user may use global chat item.

Captcha remove
Removed the annoying captcha that you have to enter when you login your account.

Arena AFK disconnect | 3 minutes.
Disconnects the player who is in battle arena and he hasn't moved for 3 minutes.

Jobbing HWID Limit | 1
Number of clients that may have a job suit equipped (based on HWID).

Disable trace while jobbing.
Prevents players in a job suit from using in game trace.

Disable reverse while jobbing.
Prevents players in a job suit from using reverse return scrolls.

Battle Arena HWID Limit | 1
Number of clients that may register in battle arena (based on HWID).

CTF HWID Limit | 1
Number of clients that may register in CTF (based on HWID).

Fortress war HWID Limit | 1
Number of clients that may register enter the fortress war (based on HWID).

Disable Berserk potions in Fortress war
Disables the use of berserk potions and enegery of life potions in fortress war areas.

Berserk potions delay | 3 minutes.
Adds a delay on berserk potions and energy of life potions.

Battle Arena required level | 100
Sets the minimum required levle for a client to register for battle arena.

Skill Cancelation prevention. | 10 seconds
Delay (in seconds) between a skill being used and the ability to: create a stall, exchange, teleport, or exist/restart.

Disable party in some event areas
We disabled party for some of our event areas to prevent cheating.

♦ Bot commands

the bot will reply back with the list of your titles and how to change between them.

!settitle titleid
full explanation about it will be given when you use this command: !titles

the bot will reply back with Emerald points limit.

the bot will reply back with how many Emerald points you will have after you relogin.

♦ Survival Event.
Surely most of you know what Survival arena event is. But what you don't know is our Professional Survival Arena is completely different. Before we speak about what is new about it, We'll explain the idea of the event and how you'll be rewarded if you participate in it.

The Survival Arena event is one of the most enjoyable events in SRO especially in Emerald. It aims to break the boredom. Everything is allowed in this event as far as you don't cheat. or wait, it doesn't matter because none can cheat anyway. You can use whatever scrolls you want to use there because you'll face a crowd of fighters. You'll be alone and you need to prove you're strongest.

-Only bless spell, holy spell, holy recovery division are allowed
-Warriors will have a new mag. def. buff with 15 seconds duration and 2 minutes cooldown.

You'll get rewarded with 1 Emerald Point / kill. Additionally, you'll get rewarded with more Emerald points & Gems when the event finishes if you're one of the top 3 players who made most kills.

Requirements :
- You have to be level 100.
- You have to teleport to the event area.
- You have to wear the yellow cap.

Now, let's speak about what is new and what makes our Survival event special. Because we always care about the Silkroad Community needs and want to make a solution for whatever annoys and the community, We created a smart anti-cheat system. And here is what is special about it:
- You'll get forced to wear the yellow cape.
- You will get rewarded only once if you kill the same opponent more than once in 60 seconds time.
- You can kill the same opponent only 5 times during the event.
- You can't create or join a party during the event.

♦ Offline Events.
We believe all of you came here to find some fun. Therefore, we focused on adding plenty of events as long as they are fun.

Like, share and comment Event
We are not only aiming to keep our capacity, but also we would like to increase it. Therefore, we will be hosting a lot of Like, share, and comment event on our Facebook page in order to attract new-comers. As well as, keep our players hyped.

Promote the server
This event isn't quite famous. Not a lot of servers had such an event, but it is just another method to help us keep our capacity increasing for a special reward.
There is no time for this event. It is running always. All you have to do is record a video of your character playing PvP/Having fun at Fortress War/Hunting uniques/Finishing dungeons/Jobbing. Pretty much anything!
Once you have done your epic video upload it on youtube, but the title has to be "Emerald Online - [Your video type]" e.g: "Emerald Online - Fortress War Wipe #1" Then send the link to the team via ticketsystem.
The higher your video's quality is the more silks you will receive. Also, if you get a lot of views we will reward you more 'n more.

♦ General Events.
Unique Event
A special unique event will be hosted by one of Game Masters or the Community Managers.

Pvp tournament (STR / INT)
It will be hosted weekly by the GMs and the CMs

Battle Of Infinity
A brand new and very special event. More information about the event will be in the exclusive features.

Trade run event
Self explained event.

Race Event
Self explained event.

♦ Automatic Events.

Battle Arena
Minimum Level: 100
Pc limit: 1
Anti AFK system : Enabled.
Rest is self explained.

Minimum Level: 100
Pc limit: 1
Anti AFK system : Enabled.
It's not selfish shit anymore. it's based on team work. Each player in the winning team gets the worthy reward. You take good stuff for killing people but not as good as the reward you get when your team wins.

Trivia is a question and answers, puzzle game , there will be a random question and you will need to
PM the Trivia bot with the right answer.

Last Man Standing
One of the beloved events for the players on SRO Private servers. How does it work?
It will be announced that the event will start in 10 minuets. You will have 5 minuets to register. Then
pm LMS : "Reg" , you will get a message with successful registration.
You cannot reg if you are in job mode.
Once you have been teleported to the event area, you will be in PK mode and last man to live will win the event.

Hide & Seek.
H&S is a very well known event and people know most hiding spots. But don't worry, we put over 200 point on each town , so it wont be that easier any more..

Search & Destroy
A white knight level 40 Unique will spawn somewhere and if you should be the first kill it you will be
rewarded with silk.

Lucky party number
self explained.

Kill The GM
A GM will spawn at Donwhang north gate and you have to kill him.
Be noted that last hit counts as the winning blow so anyone can join and win!
Also every consecutive round will be higher than the previous one since players will be stronger as

Job War
once bot announce about the event you'll need to pm War: reg to apply for the event.

[Thieves = Hunters + Traders ]
That means if 10 Thieves applied then the bot will join only 5 hunters and 5 traders. Or it might be 8 trades and 2 hunters depending on the registered users count. Who registered first has the priority to join.
This way we ensure it's fair for every one.
Event reward : each kill inside will grant you 1 silk.

Alchemy Event
Bot will announce the event and start to drop D2 items. To win the event you'll need to achieve +8
within 15 min.
If none one gets +8 within the 15 minutes , the bot will check the highest plus to win the event , if more than one got the highest plus , the first one to achieved it will be the winner.

♦ Oldschool Windows.
We have added the old school looks because they are simply awesome.
They remind us about the good old times, don’t they?

Old Item Mall

Old Side window

Old Exchange window

Old Option window

Old Tooltip

Old Alchemy Window

Old Under Bar

Old Pvp cape

♦ Unique Target
We have brought back the red arrow Icon that appears on top of your character if the unique is focused on you. This will make it easier for other players to determine who is getting attacked by the unique.

♦ Afk Bubbles.
Bubbles will automatically appear on top of your character If you don’t move for more than 5 minutes. This is simple there to show other players around you that you are afk in case they are trying to pm you and you aren’t responding

Afk Bubbles video

♦ Customized Character/Title name color.
There will be scrolls for these in the item mall and they'll be obtainable from GM / CM events too.

♦ Dungeons
On Emerald dungeons are a great boost for you. There you will be able to drop a lot of special items as well as high gold drop rate.
One thing we would like to point out. The more harder the dungeon is the more profitable it gets. The dungeons completely triggered once you go in there you will have hunt monsters down to unlock the next phases until the boss appears. Defeat him and he'll make it worth your while. Finish the dungeon quests to get a lot of new special items on Emerald

We have three available Dungeons on Emerald. All of them are based on team-play. YES, they are dangerous if you go in there alone.

Baghdad Dungeon
This is the biggest dungeon we have on Emerald. You will basically teleport to a virtual baghdad town => hunt monsters => unlock doors => defeat the boss => earn a lot!
There are three uniques in there:
Note: these uniques drop the books you need for SOM shield.

Garden Dungeon
We think you will like this one, because it's just awesome. Once you get in there start hunting the monsters down => unlock doors => defeat the boss => earn a lot!
There are four uniques in there:
-Giant Overlord (Boss)
-White Knight
-Battle Golem

Petra Dungeon
The third dungeon on Emerald. Once you get in there start hunting the monsters down => unlock doors => defeat the boss => earn a lot!
There is only one unique in there:
Shaba the Gennie from the Lamp

♦ Battle of Infinity (Brand NEW).
You probably did not hear about that before. How this event works? 2 teams (consists of 24 players) will spawn in Petra dungeon. In Petra dungeon, there are 5 rooms in the middle of the map. Team 1 will spawn in area A and team 2 will spawn in area D. There will be a unique in areas A. B, C, D, and a boss will be in the boss area. Team 1 will have to defeat the unique in areas A and B before reaching the boss. Team 2 will have to defeat the Unique in areas C and D before reaching the boss as well. The two teams then will have to fight each others for the boss and the killer will get a special Item. This special item will be worth fighting for.

♦ Global Item Linking.
What would you do if you want to show an item you are selling to the whole server? It is impossible! Well, no. Not on Emerald Online. We have added a great system which will definitely help you to show the item you are selling easily.
All you have to do is put the desired item in the first slot, and use the Global Linking scroll which can be found in our Itemmall. Our [BOT]System will send a global to the whole server with your item-code and all they have to do is to PM him with "ShowItem Code" and they can see everything about it.

♦ Bounty Pvp

You can challenege everyone ingame with a new automatic system. All you have to do is PM [BOT]BountyPvP with the player name and gold/silk amount. Once the player confirms you both will be teleported somewhere to start your match. The match will consist of 3 PvP rounds to ensure fair-play once you killed the opponent twice you are obviously the winner. We have also queue system in order to handle a lot of players. So basically if someone else is playing you will be added to the BOT waiting list.

- If you disconnect while the match is running you've lost the match.
- If you use a return scroll you will be disconnected. Hence, you have lost the match.
- The match will be held for 15 min if the time over, the BOT check the kills if it was a draw the match will be canceled and Gold / Silk will be back, if it was 1 - 0 then we have a winner.
- [Cancel] command working only if your in the waiting list.

We are glad to be part of the community. Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. Family isn’t always blood. TOGETHER we make a FAMILY! Unity is strength…. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
There will be Obstacles. There will be doubters. But with hard work and Support, There are no limit. We would like to thank YOU for being supportive in advance. We KNOW and BELIEVE we will have much support and we can guarantee everyone that Emerald team will be working hard to satisfy everyone

If you feel like supporting the server, Use one of our signatures. As sign of appreciation, you'll receive 50 silks as a reward in the grand opening. You'll have to write your character name in a reply in this thread and ask for the reward after you put the signature. we have people who will be collecting character names for us to add the reward.

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For future updates 'n stuff
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It seems perfect, but i should re-read the topic again when i wake up.
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was sniping your topic since week, gonna join, seems cool =) greetz
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Good Luck
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Originally Posted by Xutan* View Post
-Warriors will be able to use Earth Fence during the event.
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Looks great buddy,good luck.
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Originally Posted by RoyalSpirit View Post
It is a new buff for warriors, and we will also disable all warrior buffs. Including fences and skins. Just to balance it. What do you think?
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I see many new features here, good luck brother <3
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It's showtime bois.
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Glad to be a part of this team, can't wait for you guys to see the final product. Get ready, Emerald is coming and is here to stay!
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Get Ready for The Best experience Emerald <3
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Let's make Reality great again <3
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i am coming again
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It looks good, i'm in
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