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Cryolite - Redeem your Soul l Cap 140 l Long Term l Job Based l New Features

Discussion on Cryolite - Redeem your Soul l Cap 140 l Long Term l Job Based l New Features within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

Closed Thread
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Cryolite - Redeem your Soul l Cap 140 l Long Term l Job Based l New Features

Grand opening 6:30 GMT+1

♦ Cryolite introducing.
Cryolite is a Job Points, Coin, FGW and Job Temple Instance based server as you will need to do a combination of all 3 to get your Seal of Sun item.
We'll work daily to keep the balance on the server, which is one of the most important parts of the game. We care about the players and try to fulfill every need without events and over complicated edits.
Silk is the only thing that can be obtained via donation, which allows you to buy special items such as customized pick/attack pets, VIP Premium, and other cosmetic items.

♦ Communication.
Supporting the players is the highest priority. If a player needs help, we'll try our best to solve his/her issue and as soon as possible. The same goes for any questions player asks.

♦ Why Cap 140?
We are here to offer the best possible gameplay. no one can make a playable 140 cap server at the moment so we are going to open a real professional server where you will be able to experience the real Silkroad gameplay. Cryolite Online server is where you can finally have the fun.

♦ Our Aim.

To increase the job activity by making New Trade Routes. The final tier is Seal of Sun items which are not much stronger compared to SOM. This allows for a much more fun and balanced PvP environment across the server.

Cryolite | Official Trailer

Cap 140
Gear Cap 14D
Races CH & EU
Exp Rate 300x
Party Exp Rate 320x
Gold Rate 15x
Job Rate High
Alchemy Rate Semi-Hard
Stall Limit 500b
Free Silks
Client vSRO - 1.87
Event Activity High
HWID Limit 2
Long Term
New Npc's
Oldschool Features

♦ Cap | 140
So far no one was able to Create a balanced D14 game as they tried to avoid it and kept spamming with Cap 100&110. We have decided to open the best 140.

♦ Race Ch&Eu
We have been able to balance Euros and Chin characters.

♦ Mastery | 480
We've set it to 480 because to make it balanced between Ch and Eu.

♦ Available Fortress
Hotan in order to make strong competition between guilds. But we have other fortresses ready to go whenever they are needed.

♦ Max Stack
We've increased stacks for the core items.

♦ Play2Win
Yes! A real game where you don't have to spend any cent in it: you can get silk from our daily events & 1 silk per hour so you are getting silk just for being active.

♦ Job Based
Our system is totally job-based.

♦ Main Town | Samarkand.

♦ Top 3 Rewards

- The top 3 who will reach Lvl 140 will get a premium

♦ Auto Equipment
Auto equipment is definitely a must-have feature so we want you to have it since the start of your journey, so we made it simple as you will be able to get +11 STR&INT items during the level up process until DG11

•Forgotten World •

♦ Obtaining Dimension Holes
Forgotten World dungeons can be accessed by any player, you have to collect a Dimension Hole. These can be found when killing envies which spawn after killing a Dimension Pillar. Note that Dimension Holes have different levels and can only be used if you have the corresponding level.

♦ Using them yourself
After obtaining a Dimension Hole, you need to visit any town in order to spawn it. This can be done by right-clicking the item in your inventory and then confirming the dialog. A clickable teleporter which only you can see will spawn near you. By talking to it, you can teleport into the dungeon.

Shipwreck is enabled. To obtain SOM weapons, you must collect 8 talismans dropped from the treasure chests and bosses inside the forgotten world.

♦ Time limits
After spawning a Dimension Hole, you can not spawn another Dimension Hole within 30 minutes. A timer of two hours will be started upon creation of the dungeon. Within this time, the boss monster must be killed or else the dungeon will vanish resulting in you getting teleported back into your resurrection place. When entering any dungeon, the re-entry time will begin which lasts for three hours and prevents you from entering other dungeons. The waiting time can be bypassed by using a Forgotten World re-entry ticket purchasable at the special NPC. Dimension pillars will not despawn if you teleport into town, they will, however, despawn after 15 minutes if you don't teleport back into the dungeon.

♦ Treasure Box room
This room contains monsters and a treasure box. The treasure box doesn't need to be defeated in order to get to the next areas.
Clearing out some camps will make a 'Gap of Dimensions' spawn. This is useful if players have to re-enter the dungeon and want to move to distant camps without moving.

• Job Based Academy Buffs •
We've made a new system to get honor buffs from trades and job killing. If a hunter or a trader kills 1 Thief, he will receive honor points and same goes for thieves. If you die you will lose honor points until you reach 0. There is a limit of points to gain at the same enemy for every day.

• Job Temple
One of the beloved features. We enabled it since it has to exist in a server which mostly depends on jobbing. There will also be a constant competition since you can be killed at any time and you will need to revenge. We have modified the mobs inside the job temple to fit a cap 140 server All mobs drop Awaken elements with a decent rate Also the power of the mobs has increased so be careful down there.

Job temple teleport
We have moved the teleportation of the job temple toDonwhang to make it much easier to reach
(This idea was inspired by reality Online)

• Trade System •
An innovative idea has come into the game! We've created a totally new trade route which makes the trading funnier. This route starts near Donwhang. You must use some portals to reach the finish line. The distance of this path equals to a 3/4 JG-DW road-long, however, the benefit equals to the JG-SK road so players will definitely use this route.

Cryolite Point
What is new about this Trade Route?
you get the opportunity to be at , one of the best job's which is a trader (or merchant). It's not possible To use this route if you less then lv 130, though it is probably better to wait until you get stronger (so you can handle Everything). Trading is a good job to have, and if you're successful you can make huge profits. Make sure you can handle going by yourself by trading and for low thief activity. the lower star trade you go, the easier it will be to finish. Also, note that in a one-star trade you cannot get Cryolite point.

BOT[System] will send a notification saying that The trade system is online
it will stay that way for specific time for ex: 2hours
After you sell the goods Make sure you send a message To [BOT]System with Trade Reward. If you didn't you won't get your reward!!!

There is a timer at site will tell you how much time left for the next Trade
This route is explained in the world map (M).
There is a limit For point you can get per week.
Also A limit for Times Err... be careful during that road - just saying!

• Craft System•

What is crafting?
Crafting is a method in which you gather materials that can be found in-game in various places and then change them to something more valuable
This system is what makes sense. It is based on a pyramidal crafting system, there are 4 Tiers of Elements, every
Elements drop from a specific monster. You will have to collect Them all your goal is to collect the materials needed to craft the item recipe.
like Job Tokens and PVP Tokens, as you can imagine, those tokens can only be obtained by doing Quest or hunting monsters so we will
ensure a high player activity on CryoliteOnline.

•Materials, Tokens
In order to craft a Recipe, you will need materials, tokens. The materials can be dropped at Baghdad or job Temple
Tokens can only be obtained by Killing Uniques & CTF
Awaken Scrolls that you can buy at Baghdad. Those scrolls will deliver a Random amount of tokens activity, the more active you are the more tokens you get Well, let's go to the details!
(Awakening Red Crystal - Awakening Glass of Tear - Awakening Elixir Powder - Awakening Stone Of [Weap/Prot/ACC/Shield]) + 1 Tablet (Soulless [Weapon/Armor/Accessory])

How can I get those different Elements?

• The soulless item from Armory NPC's in Bagdad.
• These elements from mobs 140 Job Cave or Bagdad.
• Cryolite Coins from Uniques & CTF.

• NPC Area •
This is the best part: We have made special custom Area which contains All important NPCs. We have made this area to make it easy for the players to find all core NPCs. There is a Teleport for the NPC at every town so it's easy to reach it.

NPC-Elements & Alchemy
You won't have to be miss guided anymore Boting for Tablets And staff. We have decided to add the Tablets to a custom NPC with a decent price which is 5 Cryolite Coin each And 10 Cryolite coin for the Cryolite powder.

What is Cryolite powder ..?
It's simply a magic a powder give you more luck during the Alchemy Fusing.

NPC-GoldTrader & Avatars
- We have added all old avatars and hats to this NPC.
- To avoid scammers we have made a Gold coin with 500m Sell and buy price with a max stack (4)

Cryolite Currencies
  • Money Coin | Can be bought from gold trader each 500m
  • Cryolite Coin | Obtainable via Uniques & CTF
  • Dark Star Token | Can be obtain from Job temples mobs
  • Gem | Job war & events
  • Cryolite point | You will get Job point via trading

How to obtain SOX Items
  • Seal Of Nova:
    It’ll be droppable at mobs 120+ Baghdad.

  • Seal Of GalaxySet Parts:
    In order to have SOG weapon, you will have to collect Awaken OF Armor, Awaken Elements & Cryolite Coins (check Currency section).

  • Seal Of Galaxy Accessories:
    In order to have SOG Accessories, you will have to collect Awaken OF Accessories, Awaken Elements & Cryolite Coins (check Currency section).

  • Seal Of Galaxy Weapon
    Available from Forgotten World's Card Collection.

  • Seal Of Sun Weapons:
    Obtainable Via Trader Weapon NPC at The NPC area. Seal of Sun is untradable for too many reasons.

    SOX Balance
    We made all SoX equipment worth to get:
  • SOS = Normal [+2];
  • SOM = Seal Of Star [+2];
  • SUN = Seal Of Moon [+2].

♦Survival Arena System♦

What is Survival Arena?
Survival Arena is a new Job system in Cryolite. It can accommodate a wide scale battle, including individual and party battles. Only character wearing job suits may participate.
Survival Arena features a daily system, and the rankings will be reset on each Time.

♦Signing up
BOT[System] will send a notification - registration starts for 15 minutes
after he sends that notification and players will enter the arena following the order or queue of registrants Battle will commence after the 15-minute sign up period. you can't sign up while the game is in progress
all you have to do is send a message with (Register) to the BOT[System]

Survival Arena server rankings will be based on the wins/point/losses history of players.
Rankings will be according to each Round. Only up to the top 3 rankings can be checked through the notification after the event end.
If you killed an enemy you will get 3 point
if you died -1 point
if you died you can send an msg to BOT[System] (Again)
You have 2 chances to only to go back into the Survival Arena so use them carefully.

♦Common Rules
Once Arena Matching is complete, players will have 5 seconds to prepare for battle, If the last survivor dies or If round time end what ever come first, the game will end
All characters that will leave the Arena during the battle will lose

Top 3 will receive coins after the matches, rewards will be based if they win or lose in the battle. Coins can be used to purchase Item at the special NPC

♦Match Schedule
Matches will be held every day Check the timer at the Website to make sure you won't miss it
wear the Job Suit.

A character cannot enter the Arena on the following conditions:
if a player loses his/her connection before entering the arena, if the character is dead, if the character is not wearing a job outfit, if character if the character is participating in a store or trade, or if character is engaged in a guild war or in a PvP (activated PvP status).
Entrance to the party survival will be canceled if one or more party members lose connection after signing up. However, the player may enter if they sign up once again while the arena is in progress.
If an abusive behavior is discovered during Survival Arena, players may suffer consequences. Please play fairly.
You can’t learn how to fiercely battle and compete with just words, right?!!
So watch out for the details in-game and go towards rank no. 1
so make sure that you will participate!

Thank you!

• New Item Mall items •
Our Item Mall provides you with several new items, that makes you and the gameplay more enjoyable!
New Item Mall Items

• Spirit of Chaos •
This is a new type of Devil Spirit: It provides you with more HP/MP/Phy. + Mag. DMG & Moving speed [M/F]

• Premium & Scrolls •
There are two types of Premiums:

There also is a Lucky Buff Skill which gives u 7% Luck for one hour. Delaytime for usage is twelve hours.

This lucky scroll increases your luck for 15 minutes for 15%. There are scrolls that can give you lower % of luck.

• Ride/Fellow Pets •
Ride pets will save you time and help you out. Which is why we enabled Fellow Pets. [M/F]

♦ Skill Balance

Some players say that no one will be able to balance between CH and EU, so some servers went only CH but they lose euro players. That is why we are offering a different solution to Fix that gap. We are going to edit some skills to make sure we win both sides EU and CH, not only one!!!
We couldn’t touch the skills so far because we definitely need your help and experience as a player because we do not know what to increase/nerf and if it’ll be touched how far should we increase/nerf. That’s one of the main points of having a beta (Beta Phase I). We are very open to suggestions during this phase.

We only edited Some of the skills so far We are very open to suggestions

European - Warrior.
Iron Skin - Phy.Def.Pwr increased to 2972 / Continuous Sec increased to 45 seconds.

Mana Skin - Mag.Def.Pwr increased to 4755 / Continuous Sec reduced to 45 seconds.

Pain Quota - Damage Disperse Ratio increased to 75% / Continuous Sec increased to 300 seconds.

Physical Fence - Physical Damage Absorption increased to 75 / Continuous Secincreased to 1800 seconds.

Magical Fence - Magical Damage Absorption reduced to 75 / Continuous Sec reduced to 1800 seconds.

Physical Screen - Phy.Def.Pwr increased to 2811 / Continuous Sec increased to 60 seconds.

Morale Screen - Mag.Def.Pwr increased to 4497 / Continuous hours reduced to 60 seconds.

Ultimate Screen - Phy.Def.Pwr increased to 2811 & Mag.Def.Pwr increased to 4497 / Continuous hours reduced to 60 seconds.

European - Rogue.
Add New Skills

European - Warlock.
All debuffs probability increased to 80%.

Wrath Daze - Stun probability increased to 80%.

European - Bard.
Guard Tambour - Physical Damage Absorption increased to 40%.

Mana Tambour - Magical Damage Absorption increased to 50%.

Dancing Of Wizardry - Magical Damage increased to 50%.

Dancing Of Fight - Physical Damage increased to 50%.

European - Cleric.
Bless Spell - Phy.Def.Pwr increased to 2243 & Mag.Def.Pwr reduced to 3589 / Continuous Hours reduced to 45 seconds.

European - Wizard.
1-Earth assimilation (Mag.atk.increase 130%)
2-Ice assimilation (Mag.atk.increase 130%)
3-Fire assimilation (Mag.atk.increase 130%)
4-Ray assimilation (Mag.atk.increase 130%)

Chinese - Force
All debuffs probability increased to80%.

1-Vital Spot-Vulnerable
Decay 14Level
Weaken 13 Level

2-Vital Spot-Blind
Parry rate 100 Reduce
Attack rate 100 Reduce

Chinese - Heuksal

1-High Load - Dragon
phy. atk. pwr. 2310~2891 (280%)
Stun 14Level (Probability 30%, 5.0 Sec)

• Server Infractions •
The following infractions are considered a level 3 infraction and will lead to your permanent ban to all your accounts with no regards what so ever to whatever the case was.

01: Attempting to farm/farming at Battle Arena or CTF.
02: Attempting to cheat/cheating our HWID system.
03: Farming job ranks.
04: Scamming
05: Impersonating a supporter or the GM or anyone of higher authority than a normal player
06: Attempting to exploit the server whether intended or not, known exploits will get you automatically permanently banned.
07: Attempting to farm/farming at starter’s area
08: Botting on unique spawn spots.
09: Spamming in globals
10: Sexual harassment (Other players).
11: Insulting (Other players)
12: Abusing a bug.
13: Insulting a GM or a supporter
14: Spreading wild and unsubstantiated acclaims with no proof what so ever whether it’s regarding a player / the game or the GMs

• Regarding Racism •
As we are an international game, we will not tolerate racism at all. So be aware of what you say, people might take it seriously and report you.

• Rights & Responsibilities •
1: We will not hack/scam your account
2: WE WILL NEVER CLOSE THE GAME (as in permanently shut down, as trash mano did)
3: We will NEVER sell items or other obtainable or non-obtainable items or advantages to any player.
5: YOUR SILKS (unless it was removed due to us by rollback or other unexpected circumstances)
9: You are more than free to sell anything you want in the game (BUT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SCAM PEOPLE!

• Beginner Explanation •
-If you have no idea what to do:
- Level up (You will have time to level up)
- Trade (Gold is something you will always need)
- Alchemy (Obvious part of the game, fun)
- Stall, trade
- Quests (To obtain titles and blue zerk)

• Server Properties •
-About the properties of the server:
- Usual bugs are fixed
- Stable
- Exploits are prevented (for example no exchange bug in PVP)
- Anti-DDoS system (Hyperfilter)

- Job system
- Alchemy - The Rate is low
- Helper System
- Auto Event

We hope to bring you joy and fun on Cryolite and we look forward to your visit on our server!
Thanks for reading and there is much more to find out in game, login and join the party! Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to ask.
Yours sincerely,

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so many coins type so many kind of currency it get the gameplay bored. I will give a try cuz i like 130-140 cap but seems to be bored with all those coins system there are too many things to get many coins and have to kill uniques to can obtain moon items or higher tier always wizzards get the uniques so its get boring for chinese to obtain coins.

Will be beta client same as opening?

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Originally Posted by vzlagfortune View Post
so many coins type so many kind of currency it get the gameplay bored. I will give a try cuz i like 130-140 cap but seems to be bored with all those coins system there are too many things to get many coins and have to kill uniques to can obtain moon items or higher tier always wizzards get the uniques so its get boring for chinese to obtain coins.

Will be beta client same as opening?
Yes the same client but the gameplay isn't boring at all you only need 2 type of coins
Dark star token from CTF & Battle arena
CryoliteCoin you can get it from HWT OR Normal unique TG bone lord etc
so you don't need to be a wizard you will get a lot of fun you only need to give it a try
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Looking good but HWID Limit 5?^_^ no thanks..

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Originally Posted by XerK.. View Post
Yes the same client but the gameplay isn't boring at all you only need 2 type of coins
Dark star token from CTF & Battle arena
CryoliteCoin you can get it from HWT OR Normal unique TG bone lord etc
so you don't need to be a wizard you will get a lot of fun you only need to give it a try
well i will give a try even when i dont like coins system cuz its too boring to me but let see what can do with it? server will be hosted in what machine, connection type and location?
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GL looks nice
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Originally Posted by dunstable96 View Post
Looking good but HWID Limit 5?^_^ no thanks..
HWID limit is 2

Originally Posted by theghost2057 View Post
GL looks nice
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looks good, count me in ...
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good jop iam wait for open server
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looking greate ,
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looks good, i'll give it a try for sure
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Old 05/03/2017, 14:16   #12
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sounds great iam in tomorrow
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Looking great good luck
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Looks great.

When does the server open? Is there a count down clock?
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Congratz for this From another sever

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