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Taurus Online Reopen ֎ SRO becomes a reality ͏─ Cap 100 ● 09.04 ● Old School ● CH⁄EU

Discussion on Taurus Online Reopen ֎ SRO becomes a reality ͏─ Cap 100 ● 09.04 ● Old School ● CH⁄EU within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO PServer - Discussions / Questions category.

Closed Thread
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Taurus Online Reopen ֎ SRO becomes a reality ͏─ Cap 100 ● 09.04 ● Old School ● CH⁄EU

We are proud to introduce you all to Taurus Online, the most anticipated & sophisticated server around. After a tremendous amount of time spent working on the server, balancing, fixing and optimizing, Taurus Online aims to bring you the most enjoyable player experience and gameplay that you all deserve. Taurus Online team, which consists of some very talented and experienced owners of previous servers, are doing the best to our abilities, in order to give you the vanilla feel of Silkroad Online, you have always wished for. This server will not be coin based, however, we took inspiration from various official SRO servers, and took the best of them. This gives players a balanced and fair game, while keeping them both rewarded for their efforts as much as possible. Enough talking, time to play!

Videos gallery

We have 2 dedicated servers in Europe, with 1gbps. Our Server is fully DDoS protected, we're using one of the best filters which built by our team.
All the tools that we're using were built by us and only by us, we don't trust anyone else, therefore we can promise you, there shall be no embarrassments.

Intel i7-6700K OC
8 Cores / 8 Threads
4.4 GHz / 4.7 GHz
64 GB DDR4 2400 MHz
2 x 480 GB SSD

As you can tell, we've made the rates a bit harder compared to other servers. That's because we are aiming to return to the old school feeling as was mentioned before. In addition to that, lower rates are also a crucial ingredient in the recipe for a long-term healthy server.

InformationValueExtra Information
Level Cap100Mastery Limit 330.
Races Europe and ChinaNone
Fortress PC LIMIT1None
EXP Rate20xParty EXP Rate: 25x
SP Rate25xNone
Item Rate3xNone
Gold Rate1.3xNone
Sox Rate3xStar/Moon/Sun.
Alchemy RateHard+2 success for sure.
MapsJG/DW/HT/SM/CSBasic maps Only.
Fortress WarJangan OnlyMay change if needed.
FGWEnabledFor sun weapons
Battle ArenaDisabledNone

As we said before, we want to keep the value of the gold in the game and for that reason, you will start with no gold.
Note: Selling seal of star set will give you nothing, you can't earn any gold for it.

In our server, for every degrees you will get auto equipment which help you to pass your degree faster.
The equipment will be seal of star + 5 full blue, and you will stop getting new equipment at 8 degrees.

On taurus online we made samarkand mobs levels 99-100 so players will have good botting areas.

Even though we make and add new features, we focus hard on preventing anything that interrupt core old school experiences, all of our systems and features have been checked in the beta phase, and made sure they dont intervene with the old school feeling. If you have any suggestions for new systems, feel free to tell us about it using the live-chat at the website. We have no features that made any critical change in the game, meaning the game is still the way it was - there are no coins, or new weapons that would change this experience and force you to aim for them.

We didn't want to leave the server empty without anything new,
on the other hand, we didn't want too add too many systems since we want to keep the old school experience for our players.
Therefore after many thoughts and ideas, we came up with fixing the mercenaries.
You might be asking now, what are those mercenaries?
It's understandable that not many people know about them, because they are bugged and unused on the majority of the servers.
Mercenaries are an original feature from Silkroad Online cap 80, that for unknown reasons are bugged in vsro 1.188 files.
They are basically soldiers, or "NPCs" of the game that help you in your battles.
There's a lot of advantages to having mercenaries now, such as:
  • They help to make the game more balanced, from now on even weaker players will be able to win against stronger ones, thanks to the help of mercenaries, for example in trades, a weak thief with help of the mercenaries will be able to win more fights against traders/hunters.
  • They make the game look more alive, more filled. Once you spawn the mercenaries, it's basically like having a private guards, or a small army, it makes fights look better and also motivates you to engage in them.
  • They are loyal! Mercenaries will follow you anywhere, they also follow when you're riding on a pet, and they teleport with you as well. This way you won't waste them so fast.
  • Mercenary idea is still old-school based, original and very unique considering they mostly don't work on other servers.
So these are the advantages, and much more to come with mercenaries. Now let's tell you a bit more about them and about what we did with them.

The mercenaries were usually active in fortress wars, while only guild manager could use them, until today!
In our server, we have removed this limit, and everyone can use them from now on.
In order to make the server gold-based, you will be able to get the mercenaries for 15 million gold ( 6 mercenaries ), regardless of your status.
Mercenaries will be sold at Gold Dealer NPC at Jangan under the tab "Job".
You can use the mercenaries once in 15 minutes.

We suppose that most of you know this system, but for those who don't:
The plus notice system, is system which sends a notice to all players on the server for every plus enhancement that any player made starting from +8. This system fuels the competition between the players on the server, and makes it more interesting, there is an option to hide the notifications about your character successes at the website under user panel >> privacy section.

We have chosen to enable the fgw system and to let you the players get seal of sun weapons from it.
This way is one of 2 ways to get a seal of a sun in our servers ( the other way is to drop ). For those who doesn't know what forgotten world is, or for those who need a fresh remind.

We've put a lot of work into adding new silk items to the server, new items that you never had the chance to see before.
Majority of the silk items will be sold for a low silk price, however avatars will be sold for a bit higher price, because we want to make avatars rare on the server. Reasons for this decision is simply because of how easily people can get avatars on other servers purely just from voting or simple things like that, and it completely destroys the value of avatars.

We have added lots of title scrolls into the game, but we didn't choose yet how will players receive them. Most likely NPC thieves/hunters will be dropping them, however we aren't absolutely sure about it yet. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them with us, we will be happy to hear any suggestions, and we will put good ideas to use.

It's true, cap 100 is the most balanced server but unfortunately it's not enough. Europe players will always have an advantage on the china race if nothing changes, in our server we have doubled the passive skills.
The passive skills are the last skills on every mastery, the most popular passive skill is the passive skill of the Heuksal which adds HP, so for example if you got level 10 and you're Heuksal and you've upgraded the passive skills, you're should've gotten 102 HP, instead of that you will get 204 HP.

For every unique you kill you earn silk reward, for every unique the reward is different. Here is the full list:

UniqueSilk Reward
Tiger Girl20
Captain Ivy20
Lord Yarkan30
Demon Shaitan30

From now on, CTF event isn't useless anymore.
We've changed the selling price of gold tickets from the CTF event, and now you can make considerably a lot of gold from selling them.
And since we've made sure the gold has a real value, gold tickets are a very good reward.

There's no point in giving you reverse scrolls and instant return scrolls when you start, you can just transfer them between 1 char to another.
From now on, the scrolls will be sold for silk ( as usual ) or for gold, we have putted them in the accessory npcs and you can get them for gold only.
Note: 850K/500K are the prices for 1 scroll only, you must remember that before you buy stack of 50.

Seal of star items are able to get from monsters and magic pop, magic pop is one of the rewards in the job reward system!

Seal of moon items are able to get from mobs and magic pop, magic pop is one of the rewards in the job reward system!

All of the seal of sun items but weapons, are able to get from mobs.
The only way to get seal of sun weapons is finishing the talismans collection, talisman is able to get only from job reward system or FGW.

Job reward system is a new type of mechanism that helps promote the jobs on the server, and results in more action while doing them. When you finish a full 5* trade, you will be rewarded with various prizes, which get better and more valuable the higher level you are. Currently we will be keeping majority of these prizes a secret from you, so you will be warmly surprised on rewards you get and have a sort of mystery feeling around it. However we will tell you about one type of reward, which is talismans. You sometimes can receive a talisman reward which is a collection item, if you collect all pieces you get a certain degree sun weapon. Degree talisman part you receive depends on your level, so as an example if you're level 70 you receive 8 degree talisman part, and after you finish collecting all parts, you get 8 degree sun weapon. After every trade you finish, you get a notice that tell you if you got the prize or not, if you do, you will have to teleport in order to see it.
As much as your level is higher, the prizes will be more expensive.

In addition to that system, we have disabled the reverse scroll while wearing a job suit, you will have to walk.

For preventing a case in which traders drop goods close to town, coming with thief char and take them, we developed a fair system which lets thieves get rewards as well.
Our system calculates the distance between the place in which the goods were taken by thieves and between the trade's start town, as much as the distance will be grown, reward getting rates will be grown as well. Which means that if you're a thief, and you stole a trade with a distance of 100 meters from the town which the trader started from, the reward-getting-rates will be lower than case in which you stole a trade with 600m distance.
TIP For Thieves: Let the traders get a big distance from the town they started from and in that way the reward-getting-rates will be higher!

We were working a lot of time on special automatic events system which is going to be working 24/7 with daily events.
The table below shows you the event names, their times and the reward. We might switch the working events with the disabled events everyday, we might also turn them all on depends on the online player's amount we will have.

Event NameEvent TimeEvent Reward
Uniques EventOnce in a day, 18:00 Server TimePlvl Only.
Party Matching NumberEvery 3 hours.50 Silk
H&SEvery 6 Hours50 Silk.
Lucky CritEvery 2 Days, 17:00 Server Time100 Silk
TriviaEvery 6 Hours15 Silk
MathCurrently Disabled15 Silk
First TypeCurrently Disabled15 Silk
AlchemyCurrently Disabled30 Silk

As you can see, the website is still under construction and we're adding features and fixing problems fast as we can.
  • Register with email validation
  • Password resetting
  • Information Features such as Rankings, Online players, General info about the server and more.
  • Server/Client Time.
  • Support tickets ( currently disabled for some reasons )
  • Guide reward system ( *new ) [Currently Disabled]
  • User notification
  • User Profile

Earn 15 silk easily by doing a few simple clicks every 12 hours.
By voting for us, you help to promote and advertise the server, which is a great way to bring new players to the game, and therefore you benefit from it in the long run as well, apart from the silk reward.
Currently, there are 5 voting sites, for every vote site you're voting, you receive 3 sil ( 3x5 = 15 ).
All you have to do is click on the vote sites, make a simple button click on the website that opens afterwards, and when you finish the vote process on all the sites in the list, press the "Get Silk" button to get rewarded.

We have live-chat support on our website which we will try to maintain and keep available 24/7, with our team members replacing each other whenever someone is offline. The chat is really comfortable to use, quick and helpful.

We have built a mini crb reader which knows to read crb files and to make them available to display. On the guild ranking page and on the guild profile page you will be able to see the guild emblem of the guild from the game.

You've probably seen before a lot of new servers doing this kind of promo where they ask you to put a logo image on your signature and you will get rewards for it.
This helps advertise and raise popularity of the server, that's the exact reason why you get rewarded for it. However most servers don't tend to really double check if people really put the logo in the signature or they just claim they did. For that reason we have programmed a system that will help us do that, system automatically checks your profile and validates if you've really put the logo in your signature or not.
This system also isn't going to reward people equally, it gives different amount of silk to different users based on their statistics. After All, the system was made to promote the server, users with low amount of threads or comments, and low activity in general, won't help with promoting that much, and that is why they won't receive the same amount of silk as some more active user who has more than 10k posts for example.
So how does this system work? Check a brief simple video below which explains everything easily:

HOLD ON! It's a reopen and you give silk back?? is everyone going to start with thousands of silk?
The answer is no, for preventing a situation in which players will start with more than 30k silk at relaunch, we have developed a special system which makes everyone happy. The first server opening was on February 25, a bit more than a month from now. Our system calculates the delay between your donations and the first server opening time. This delay will be added to the re-open time and you will be able to get the silk at this date. Let's say for example you bought silk on the 28th February and reopen was at the 25th of march.
28th Feb - 25th Feb = 3 Days.
3 Days + 25th March = 28th March.
28th March will be the new date in which you will receive the silk that you bought before.

I could keep talking about the features of the server all day, but It's time to finish now and let you play.
Taurus Online has been online for couple of months but it had some game breaking bugs that people didn't enjoy while playing the server had over 600 online all the time and was stable all the time not a single downtime. The server wasn't really advertised and a lot of people didn't know about it so we decided to make a vote within the team and the players voted for re-open. The vote was 60/40 for re-opening so we decided to re-open but this time with all the bugs fixed and all the advertising done. So lets hope we can get more players. In Taurus online, the server stability is the number one priority fo us that's why we have a good protection and everything we lack was advertising but that won't happen any more. The gameplay is fair and balanced at the same time you are experiencing smooth gameplay without lag. There are a lot of servers out there but you won't feel the same here as you would on another server. Taurus online is a free 2 play server where you can get everything by playing.

Thank Djitex for the thread design!
The server is going to be launched on 09.04 3PM ( Sunday ) GMT+3. Download links are available now, just download and wait for the official opening. On the website you can find the server time and also the countdown to server opening. In the meantime you can register & download the client to get ready.
We hope you will join us, and thank you for taking the time to read this thread.
Good luck and have fun everyone ! Looking forward seeing you on the server.

From now on, you can earn silk from supporting us by adding the next picture into your account signature!
[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]
System explanation video:

The first 50 players to reach level 100 getting silk.
The table below shows exactly how much silk they get.

First 10 Players100 Silk
10-25 Players75 Silk
25-50 Players50 Silk

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Good luck

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**** finaly a cap 100 EU/CHN server >.<
Seems to be a good one!
me and my partner are in!
Don't dissappoint ppl and get all players posible in this server to keep it alive!
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What an interesting advertisement, good luck!


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Very interesting! Hope this one won't close that fast again! I'll give it a try, although i prefer China Only! :P
The fact having no Coins and **** like that is a very good one imo!
Also FGW is very fun, especially with friends.
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nice system mate eu/chn is good idea
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Originally Posted by slaintrax200 View Post
Good luck
Thanks, Hope to see you in game.
Originally Posted by Iris ♥ | XENijX View Post
What an interesting advertisement, good luck!

How come is interesting ? and thank you

Originally Posted by xScrew View Post
Very interesting! Hope this one won't close that fast again! I'll give it a try, although i prefer China Only! :P
The fact having no Coins and crap like that is a very good one imo!
Also FGW is very fun, especially with friends.
You don't have to worry about that, thanks for giving us a chance.
Originally Posted by OoODarKMaNOoO View Post
nice system mate eu/chn is good idea
Ye chn only servers kind of boring but hey that's what most people like hope to see you in game.
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Originally Posted by WickedNite. View Post
Another server where dizzy asslicked to join, what a surprise.
Nope. You wrong again. Instead of spreading false rumors everytime you talk about me feel free to pm me. I'm just advertising the server nothing more.
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Make taurus great again. Good luck!
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The Post on your Facebook Page is wrong.

"Hello folks [GM]Aces here,
We've added a countdown for the server opening at .
Important: It will be Sunday 3pm (delayed)"

Like you said, you are gonna open this server at Monday.

One Question: Why did you pick Monday? So many People are working at this time or being at school. Why you didn't choose Sunday?

IGN: xXiDie4YouXx
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Looks amazing, I am definitely in
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Originally Posted by Nukerkiddie View Post
The Post on your Facebook Page is wrong.

"Hello folks [GM]Aces here,
We've added a countdown for the server opening at .
Important: It will be Sunday 3pm (delayed)"

Like you said, you are gonna open this server at Monday.

One Question: Why did you pick Monday? So many People are working at this time or being at school. Why you didn't choose Sunday?

IGN: xXiDie4YouXx
Server will be opened at sunday, 09.04. Sorry for the mistake.
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Good job bro
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Originally Posted by RedWoman View Post
Server will be opened at sunday, 09.04. Sorry for the mistake.
No problem. I just wanted to address it, so that there is no confusion.

I will be there again
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i wait alot of to this server
Make taurus great again

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Closed Thread

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