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23.09 - EON II | 100 Cap | CH | Longterm | Universal currency | Innovative systems

Discussion on 23.09 - EON II | 100 Cap | CH | Longterm | Universal currency | Innovative systems within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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23.09 - EON II | 100 Cap | CH | Longterm | Universal currency | Innovative systems

Regarding EON II.
Hello! Welcome to EON II topic. We have decided to launch a second server to offer even more options to players who trust and like our work. EON I started at June and is still up and running smoothly with continuous updates and support showing who we are and what we want to offer. Of course EON I will remain online at the same time with EON II and in general the launch of this second server won't have any influence to the effort we put on updates and to provide support to players.

We are here to offer a completely unique server where all of you will be able to experience an original, exciting & fun gameplay. EON II is a server with a brand new gameplay promising to excite you. Gameplay is not that far away from oldschool but we had to make some changes in order to offer a more interesting server. We can ensure you as oldschool lovers that we made everything we could to offer the most oldschool gameplay possible but without all negative parts Silkroad had at this cap/time. All our features are tested and made in a way that ensure you won't face any problems. We tried to be innovative on many parts as you will easily notice on our topic for example we tried to restrict coins in general as much as possible offering a new system based on web points which you convert via our website (You will read more about it on the topic). This systems is really smooth and you can't cheat in any way. We really hope you will like it and join us!

Regarding EON II crew.
We are a team of 7 members coming from all over the world. Our team consists of 2 game developers, 1 web developer, 3 game managers and 1 designer. Every member is really experienced and skilled on his section and therefore we can promise a real professional gameplay & management.

Regarding Beta Phase.
Our beta phase starts at 18.09.2016 with the main goal to test all new systems implemented on EON II. Since EON I has been running for more than 3 months we've managed to fix all bugs on its features and system. So you can't possibly find bugs/errors, not even on the recently added systems for EON II. We are pretty sure that there won't be any major problems as EON's database is really smooth and have been tested a lot. However we won't take any risk and that's exactly why we wanted beta phase to be 5 days. There won't be any reward for the beta testers. By participating in beta you simply help us offer a better server and you also get familiar with our new systems. We really hope most of you will honor us and participate in the beta test.

Grand Opening Time.

Basic Changes.
Cap 100
CHN Mastery 300
Fortress Hotan
CTF Enabled
BA Enabled
HWID Limit 2 Client
Max Plus +12
ADV Elixir Disabled
Silk/hour 1
Protection Hyperfilter

Small changes.
1.Increased stacks per item.
By doing this we will make sure there won't be any annoying space problems.

2.Oldschool PvP cape.
For an oldschool server it is pretty obvious that the PvP cape should be the oldschool one.

3.Name change, skill & stat reset scrolls available.
Implemented those scrolls with a silk cost for each to help you with its way.

4.HP/MP Grain Disabled.
We had to disable HP/MP grain to avoid endless PvPs and in general make farming, strong unique hunting and fortress war harder and more fun.

5.Academy enabled based on job kills.
By doing this we will ensure active players will get rewarded with some fancy buffs! Just to note, we have a completely unique anti-cheat system, there will be no more farming on own characters.

Exp 20x
PT Exp 25x
Gold Drop 3x
Item Drop 4x
Alchemy 1.5x

Starting Items.
Offering you a great starting package making your leveling easier & a lot more fun!

Reworked Devil Spirits.
We decided to change the stats of devil spirits. Now devil spirits A grade have 9% stats and devil spirits S grade 12% stats.

Auto Equipment.
On our auto equipment system you will receive normal items with 41% stats & full blue applied on each item. Just to make your life a bit easier on the start.

Auto Equipment works until level 88 (DG 9).

First players to reach level 100 system.
We have added new system that will reward the first 250 players
to reach level 100, to make the server more competitive on its first days.
  • First 100 players to reach 100 will receive 250 Silk.
  • Next 100 players to reach 100 will receive 150 Silk.
  • Next 50 players to reach 100 will receive 100 Silk.

Job based academy buffs.
We have made a new system to get honor buffs from trades and job killing. If a hunter or a trader kills 1 thief he will receive 2 honor points and same goes for thieves. If you died you will lose 1 honor point until 0. There is a limit of 4 points to gain from the same enemy every day and level 85+ is required.

Notice: You have to register at honor system through storage.

Top Jobbers.
We have made new system for top jobbers. Top player at each ranking (Trader,thief,hunter) will get a special title increasing his damage by 5% while zerking.

Job Type Title
Trader Trader Champion
Hunter Hunter Champion
Thief Thief Champion

Unique Rewards.
All normal uniques give unique points as reward for killing them, you can exchange unique points for silk. Job temple uniques give as reward unique points. After collecting 300 Unique points you will automatically receive 200 silk and your points will be erased .Jangan Cave Uniques from B1 area drop silk items and random gold lottery scroll. Jangan cave uniques are located at Donwhang cave.

Unique Point
Tiger Girl 1
Uruchi 2
Isyutaru 2
Lord Yarkan 3
Demon Shitan 4
Selket 5
Neith 5
Isis 6
Anubis 6
Haroeris 8
Seth 8

The top 1 player at ranking will receive a special title increasing his damage while zerking by 5%.

Guild & Union players limit.
Making sure fortress war and other activities will be competitive we've decreased guild & union limit to a fair value. A guild will now be able to have 32 members and a union 2 guilds. That means in a fortress war a guild will have 4 parties and a union 8 which is not a really huge amount. Normal Silkroad guild & union limit were made to fit a server with more than 2.5k players and could not fit a private server with less players aswell.

Guild limit - 32 Players.
Union limit - 2 Guilds.

Notice: Guild / Union emblem works fine.

New elixir glows.
We've designed elixirs to be more shiny and colorful helping you to distinguish them better. These glows will really make monster drops a lot more exciting!

Even more avatars.
EON had all avatars ever created on Silkroad. However we've managed to add even more custom designed avatars that you will discover in our item mall!

Union chat for all.
It is really annoying that you aren't able as master to give union chat to all members and therefore you can't make them all happy? We've decided to make you able to give union chat to all guild members!

Reverse disabled while job suit is on.
You can no longer us reverse return scrolls while wearing a job suit. We did this to offer a more fair jobbing gameplay where all players will have to walk instead of using reverse after dying.

Job PC Limit & Restrictions.
We've made a limit on how many characters you can be active with at jobbing. You can only trade with 1 character. This is to avoid trade bots.

Permanent CHN buffs.
All chinese buffs will last forever, even if you die. By doing this we make it easier for you to pvp and in-general to play as chinese (a sad part about playing chinese characters is that you have to use so many buffs all the time).

Regarding CTF & BA.
Capture the flag and battle arena will reward you with arena coins as usually. However now by using these you can buy web points scroll, random gold and random silk amount scroll, magic pop cards (which you can use to get GDF), and some new accessory stones!

New drops to classic uniques.
We've added some new drops on the classic Silkroad uniques such as (Tiger Girl,Uruchi, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan ) These drops are the following: globals,reverses, damage & defence scrolls, immortals & astrals.

Roc & Medusa.
We've added Roc as STR's strongest unique and Medusa as INT's strongest unique. Only STR characters can kill Roc & only INT can get Medusa. Roc is customized to fit 10D. Drops: 4x50 silk scrolls, 1 random fgw talisman. These uniques spawn 2 times per day use the teleporter located at Hotan near Hunter accosiation to find them.

Holy water temple.
Holy water temple works the same way it used to work on isro, you join with a party of 2 members or more anytime you want. There you can find holy water temple uniques which drop many silk items!

High level trans pet at stable.
Many of you have asked for stronger pets for gold to help you waste less silk and we've added them!

Web points system.
This system is our system to replace the coin system. It is a really smooth and stable system. You can't cheat or abuse it. Pretty much all activities in-game will reward you with an amount of web points. You can convert web points to game points (needed for moon equipment) and even silk!
You can check how much web points you have through 2 ways: you either send message (message not pm) to Webpoints and type "1" in the message box, then send it, or you simply visit our official website and check them after you log in.

You receive web points by doing the following activities:
  1. By doing alchemy (after reaching +8 on each item).
  2. By completing trades.
  3. From top 300 players system.
  4. From job kills.
  5. By taking job levels.
  6. From gambling event.
  7. From PvP War event.
  8. From lottery event.
  9. From all uniques.
  10. From quests (An npc is located near donwhang south gate for these quests).

No more coins.
Aren't you bored of having to collect huge amounts of different coins to get end-game equipment? We really feel like you are. Coin system is the most used system as the way to get sox equipment. It is a very vulnerable system, you can easily abuse it and ruin the server's economy. It is also mostly based on "no-lifing", jobbing all day, which is really stressful for some players.

Since we like to be innovative all coins have been deleted on EON II, instead there will be a brand new system allowing you to collect web points via many different activities. By implementing this system we can erase coins for ever and ensure you that there won't be any cheaters or any abusers. It is a fair & smooth system.

New job levels with rewards.
We've made 40 new job levels each giving you an amount of silk for reward and also enabling new job suits with better stats.
  1. From level 8 to level 10 you will receive [5] silks.
  2. From level 11 to level 20 you will receive [7] silks.
  3. From level 21 to level 30 you will receive [9] silks.
  4. From level 31 to level 36 you will receive [10] silks.
  5. From level 37 to level 40 you will receive [14] silks.

This means that you will receive [342] silks just by reaching the max job level.

Hero/Wanted system.
All you have to do is kill players from enemy job unions to receive buffs. Buffs give % Dmg & Def increase, Parry Rate , Str/Int , Phy & Mag attack increase for a certain period of time. Your char name will be wanted until someone kills you. The more kills you get the stronger your buff becomes.

There are 5 different buffs:
  1. 10 Kills in a row = 1%.
  2. 20 Kills in a row = 2%.
  3. 30 Kills in a row = 3%.
  4. 40 Kills in a row = 4%.
  5. 50 Kills in a row = 5%.

If you die you will lose your buff.

Brand new, innovative part-part system.
We are the first server to use this system/idea. It is actually easy to understand. Usually on most servers you could see all set parts,accessories,weapons on an NPC requiring an amount of coins to purchase them. As you already know on EON II there won't be coins (replaced by web points system). Additionally we have thought of this new system which restricts you from getting many end-game sox parts fast.

Actually with it we can control when you will get each seal of moon part promising a real longterm server. By doing this we will offer a more relaxing gameplay since all players will just focus on 1 part each time and won't have any pressure by thinking that others have already completed all their set. All players will have enough time to get each part until the next part becomes available (On the next update). Every additional part will become available after 2 weeks with an update, so you have 2 weeks to get each update's part.

This can promise a real longterm smooth and stable server since firstly there won't be any abusers or cheaters thanks to our new web point system, job pc limit and general restrictions. Even if there were cheaters with part-part system it is useless to cheat since you can only get 1 part each time and time given until the next part comes available is enough even for the most busy player.

Server starts with all weapons/shield available. Each part will become available as following:
  1. 07.10.2016 Update to add SoM Chests.
  2. 21.10.2016 Update to add SoM Heads.
  3. 11.11.2016 Update to add SoM Legs.
  4. 25.11.2016 Update to add SoM Shoulders.
  5. 09.12.2016 Update to add SoM Hands & Foots.
  6. 23.12.2016 Update to add SoM Rings.
  7. 06.01.2017 Update to add SoM Necklace.
  8. 20.01.2017 Update to add SoM Earing.
  9. 03.02.2017 Upgrade to add Sun weapons/shields with upgrade system.
  10. Same procedure for rest sun set parts & accessories.

Keep in mind that there might be chances on these dates depending on server's population/success and also depending on general feedback.

Trade route.
Custom trade routes have been added to make trading even more fun and give you new job experiences. You won't have to walk the old boring silkroad trade route that you've walked over for so many times again! A brand new trade route will be added on our first update.

Trade Route.

So many titles.
We've added over 100 different titles giving you so many choises that will make you feel really unique!

Job Temple.
Same as the isro system but we have customized monsters and uniques there to fit to our degree. Uniques drop 3x silk scrolls and 4 treasure boxes (1x haley treasure box, 1x scroll treasure box, 1x elixir treasure scroll & 1x stone treasure box).

Notice: You can find teleporter for job temple at hotan.

Most complete item mall features.
Our item mall contains pretty much everything a player will need. It contains all scrolls/items ever created. It is the most complete item mall you will find. You will find screens in the gallery below, of the new things & of those that have been changed.

Item Mall

New Monster Drops.
We really wanted monsters to have drops that can still excite you like waking up and being excited to open your pet! So we've created 4 different treasure boxes that drop from job temple and Samarkand & Constantinople monsters only. Also keep in mind that job temple uniques have 100% chances to drop all 4 treasure boxes x1.

1. Haley Treasure Box: Opening it gives you 1 random seal of haley item. Drops from new uniques, and high degree mobs.

2. Scroll Treasure Box: Opening it gives you 1 random scroll from magic pop scrolls parry rate etc.Drops from high degree mobs.

3. Elixir Treasure Box: Opening it gives you random amount of elixir kind from 5 to 40.

4. Stone Treasure Box: Opening it gives you random amount of stone kind from 3 to 15.

Regarding SoX items.
There are 3 available sox, seal of star, seal of haley and seal of moon. We've disabled seal of sun for the time being (you will know why if you've read the part-part system above).

How to get SoX.
1. Seal of Star items are available as monster drops (the common silkroad way).

2. Seal of Haley items are available from Haley treasure box which drops from all 10d monsters with a decent rate. Keep in mind that opening 1 treasure box will give you 1 random Seal of Haley item.

3. Seal of Moon items are available with game points.
-You may wonder what are game points, how do I get them? As you already know every in-game activity like jobbing rewards you with web points. You can check the amount of web points you own on the website and you can also convert web points to game points or even silk on the website. So the answer is simple you convert web points to game points to get seal of moon equipment.

4. Seal of Moon weapons have a 2nd way also which is forgotten world. 1st box have been removed and therefore now there are 2 last boxes. You can also take fgw talismans from roc and medusa as drops.

SoX balance.
Seal of Star equipment are equal to last tier normal equipment [+2].
Seal of Haley equipment are equal to last tier normal equipment [+2.5].
Seal of Moon equipment are equal to last tier normal equipment [+4].

New grinding area - Samarkand & Constantinople
Samarkand & Constantinople are enabled to give you a lot more possiblity on finding the proper farming spot. With these 2 enabled we will make sure every player will have his own spot where no other players will farm. Keep in mind that samarkand & constantinople monsters have chances of dropping the 4 treasures boxes mentioned above (Haley,coin,stone,elixir) except the normal monsters drops.

New grinding areas.

Improved model switchers & dyes system.
On EON I there were some problems regarding the model switcher. Most players couldn't understand how this system work resulting in losing their scrolls and wasting their silks. We've re-developed this system in a way that you can't lose your scroll if it didn't work correctly and you also now you don't need to bring your weapon's model back to normal in order to add a new model switcher!

We've also added dyes to help you own the weapon of your dream. Dyes are usable only on seal of moon weapons and will change their glow to your willing one. We've designed many different dyes as you can see bellow but not all of them will be available from start, most advanced ones will become available with future updates.

Available Dyes

New character effects.
On EON II you will find some brand new character effects giving your character an incredible look and making you feel really strong & different. Some players may dislike this feature but if you think about it its nothing big. Simply players that like it purchase it and use it, players that don't like it don't use it. Nothing changes.

Character Effects

Real play2win experience.
We are offering a real play2win server with many different ways of getting silk except donating.

1. You can get silk by converting web points (reward for all in-game activities) to silk.

2. By increasing your job levels you get silk reward for each level you've gained and keep in mind that there are 40 different job levels!

3. You can get silks from our events both manual and automatic.

4. You can get silk from random silk scrolls that you buy with arena coins.

5. You can get silk from silk per hour system, 1 silk per hour.

We have a brand new website with unique features offering a lot more, than before and will offer even more by the time.

Support tickets.
You can now write a support ticket if you need help and we will answer as soon as possible.

You can send us your suggestions using the suggestion tab on our website.

Starter rev6 system.
We've added a starter rev6 system showing items, plus value and item kind. For the time being we're not adding more features on it for safety reasons but we're planning on making it more advanced by the time.

Character panel.
There is a character panel showing ur character name, your guild, your level your stats, your skills points, your gold, your current status and ur latest log-out.

There are 8 different rankings (Character ranking, guild ranking, top jobber ranking, top thieves ranking, top hunters ranking, top traders ranking, honor buffs ranking & unique ranking).

Search character.
You can now search any character you want by typing his name on the search box after locating him you can visit his panel.

Change password.
You can change your password after logging in on the website, simply visit ur account panel.

Convert system.
You can convert web points to game points or silk using the convert section on the website.

Account panel.
You have your own account panel where you can view your silk, your game points, your web points, your total characters, your tickets & use the change pw, donate, convert buttons.

[Automatic] Lottery event.
Lottery is a new event on EON II where you can have a chance to win one of the following currencies: silk,gold or game points. All you have to do is register on the event you want to play (silk,gold or game points). Every 8 hours the winners for each event will be picked. There are 3 winners for each event type. The more tickets you register the more chances you have to win! You buy these tickets with gold!

[Automatic] Gambling event.
An event that you participate with 3 different tickets on it (bronze gambling ticket, silver gambling ticket, gold gambling ticket). Each ticket registers you on a different silk event with different silk rewards. Bronze ticket registers you on the event with low silk rewards, silver on the event with silver silk rewards and gold on the event with big silk rewards. There will be 2 winners per ticket event.

[Automatic] Alchemy event.
Starting every 4 hours the system will ask for a random item with a certain plus value and give automatically a silk reward to the first player to get the item needed. All he have to do is put it on 1st slot of his inventory and send message (message not pm) to "igotit" writing "1".

[Automatic] PvP war zone event.

Use the teleporter close to Hotan hunter npc, to teleport to our special pvp war event arena, where you can earn web points,silks & even arena coins while having fun! Every kill equals 1 web point, 1 arena coin & 1 silk as well. Be careful though! You can not kill the same person more than 3 times. We use the same unique anti-cheat system, which is applied for jobbing as well and is completely un-abusable.(No more farming on own chars) Event begins every 3 hours, make sure not to miss it!

[Manual] Events.
PvP events (1v1, 2v2), guild pvp event, hide & seek event, unique event, lucky party number event, lucky crit event. There won't be a description for these events since we are pretty sure you all know how these events work.

Signature Event.

We would really appreciate it if you could use our official signature as your signature to advertise our server. All players using our epvp signature will receive [50] silk points.

PHP Code:
Facebook Share Event.
EON II 1st share event! Participate in our first share event for a chance to win silk! All you have to do is follow the steps bellow.
1. Like EON FB page.
2. Share this post
3. Tag 4 of your friends who play silkroad on this post.
We will pick 5 winners and reward them with [650] Silk. Event duration: 1 week.

Beta Change-log.

Balance Changes.
- Bicheon combo debuffs probability increased to 30%.
- 2 Bow arrow combos now share cooldown.
- 2 Phantom Light now share cooldown.
- Snow shield requires INT.
- Force debuffs reduced to 55%.
- Removed the new passive skills.
- Bow passive skill remained but decreased to 8%.

Gameplay Changes.
- Added all jupiter uniques with some awesome skills to spawn all over the map with silk items + 2x silk scrolls & web points as reward for killing them.
- Added Salamander & Sylph to spawn all over the map aswell with silk item drops & web points reward for killing them.
- Increased roc & medusa silk scroll drops to 8x50 silk scrolls (1 for each member of the party).
- Added guild titles on title npc for silk.
- Removed vigors.
- Anti-cheat system got fixed.
- Web point limit from trading set to 1000 web points per week. For other activities there is no limit.
- Trade rates balaned.
- Roc and medusa are now dropping 1 forgotten world talisman.
- Added new trade routes.
- Avatar majstic female hat fixed.
- Only 3 dyes and char effects will be available on grand opening.
- Automatic PvP event fixed.
- New unique hp got fixed 1hit bug.
- Increased monster spawn rate on samarkand and constantinople.
- Max plus set to 12.
- Web point quests fully checked and working.
- Pill bug fixed.
- Union chatting for all 32 members enabled.
- Medusa will drop seal of haley with 30% chance.
- Exp rate set to 20x and party to 25x.
- Starting skill points set to 2m.
- Unique silk item drops are now tradeable.
- New job cave teleporter area to force fights outside.

Are you thinking about joing EON but afraid it is late? Now it is the best time to join!

1. Top 300 system re-activated!
First 100 players to reach 100 will receive 250 Silk.
Next 100 players to reach 100 will receive 150 Silk.
Next 50 players to reach 100 will receive 100 Silk.

2. Experience rates have been increased!

3. Many players leveling, you can find parties & plvl easily.

EON - Current state / Future plans.
So after almost closing 1 month we are still here still strong and motivated to keep working for EON. It has been a month with many changes many updates, many ups and downs. Finally we can say that the server is on a stable state and most bugs have been fixed.

What's next?
So to keep you excited we will share some of our ideas for EON II's feature. First of all there will be an update at Friday to add Seal Of Moon heads. However this time we are thinking about a new way. A way that will bring activity on jobbing back. So what we are thinking is add rings the normal way (for gold and gamepoints) and also adding som heads but with a brand new system.

This system will be called Contribution. How it works? Every week the top 50 players (top in contribution) of every job union will receive the seal of moon head they desire. By doing this we will make jobbing really active since everyone will want to belong on this 50 players.

Also on this update we are planning to add some new silk per hour tickets which will increase your silk gained every hour by activating them (we will share more info once we've finished developing them).

Additionally on this Friday we will start a new silk/h event. Every Friday from now on all players will receive 3 silk per hour instead of 1!

To sum up with we are really happy and proud of all players still trusting & following us and we promise you that we won't stop working to provide a better gameplay.

Regarding EON I, it is our first server (online for 5 months) and we are really happy to see it being still active, this month we didn't really work much on it since EON II drained all our time. Currently EON II is on a state where we can have the time we want to work on both servers. So get ready for some great updates coming this month!

Update 21.10.2016

First of all we want to thank everyone for sticking with us for 1 month now. As you can see we are still very active and we keep working to offer a better server. EON II will last for ever, with you on our side we can create our own community, become friends and keep enjoying our server all together on a friendly environment. We are now a family, EON family!

Gameplay Changes.
-Added Seal Of Moon heads for 2b gold + 1300 game points.
-Redused Mesusa and Roc HP.
-Sereness now drop web point and silk scrolls.
-Gamrnet chest and legs repair fixed.
-Balanced SOH-SOS parts.
-Add scorpion avatar.
-Added a brand new system Flags Of Battle. It will bring some heavy job activity.
-Fixed Light and cold imbue damage.

New items - Flags Of Battle.
This is some brand new items we have added in order to bring some great activity on jobbing. This items are flags replacing the slot of golden dragon flag and in-general flags on your character. We really thought of something that if we add you would love to get and job for it. So let me explain you how you will be getting this flags and what stats they offer.

How to get Flags Of Battle?
There is only 1 way to get them and this is by jobbing. Everyday top 10 players (top 10 for every job union) in contribution will receive a Flag Treasure Box. This way we will make sure everyone will be active as a jobber and there will be big caravans and fights going on. Also you may complain I can't job all day I got others things to do blabla, but this works everyday so at ur free day you can be active and get your treasure box. By opening this treasure box you will get one random Flag. Which you can either keep or sell (tradeable).

How do I see if I am on top 10 and how I get my treasure box when day ends?
You can see your ranking by sending message to JobRanking and writing 1 on it, then our system will pm you. When the day ends top 10 players for every job union will automatically receive their treasure box (a notice will be made when this happens).

How many Flags Of Battle exist and with what rarities?
There are 3 different Flags with 3 different rarities. Flag Of Magician, Flag Of Warrior, Flag Of Assorted. Each flag have 3 rarities [Common, Rare & Ultra Rare].

[C]Flag Of Magician: Gives 2 INT & 250 HP.
[R]Flag Of Magician: Gives 4 INT & 400 HP.
[UR]Flag Of Magician: Gives 6 INT & 700 HP.

[C]Flag Of Warrior: Gives 2 STR & 250 HP.
[R]Flag Of Warrior: Gives 4 STR & 400 HP.
[UR]Flag Of Warrior: Gives 6 STR & 700 HP.

[C]Flag Of Assorted: Gives 1 INT, 1 STR & 250 HP.
[R]Flag Of Assorted: Gives 2 INT, 2 STR & 400 HP.
[UR]Flag Of Assorted: Gives 3 INT, 3 STR & 700 HP.

Opening 1x Flag Treasure Box will give you 1 random flag from this 9 Flags.

Regarding some parts we didn't have time to add.
We wanted to add a lot more features but since it is Friday we really didn't want to keep the server down for a long time. So we will make another update on the next week to add this parts. Some of this parts are the following:

1. Fix remaining job temple uniques.
2. Changes on HWT (Will be easier and require less time).
3. New dyes & effects.
4. All kind of return scrolls disabled on jobbing.

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WHAT THE HELL *__________________* !!!
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EternalGlory joining Eon Online

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Enjoy with our Teaser for Eon-II

#Rezzz the expected day has came.
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#Signature & Facebook events will be added later, when they are activated. Thread title will not refresh itself, in progress.
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Model Switcher Destroys all -.- Please Delete it. 10d have an amazing Style
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[Phobia] incoming.

I will be twitching a live stream from Beta once it is open.
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Originally Posted by parry36 View Post
[Phobia] incoming
Hi , Donator
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[FreeSoul] guild is in.

1. What about adding all fellow pets available?!
2. No skill changes at all?
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**** YEAH!
btw, its definitely the best system out there in the last 2 years but dont miss euro race in that otherwise people will get bored easily.
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#reserverd DiosBendito
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Looks great.Good luck and I hope it lasts more than a month ^^.

-PurePower looking for some fresh additions.MSG me.
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