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ChaosOnline|Cap 140|Free Silk|15D|New systems|Auto Events

Closed Thread
Old 04/13/2018, 02:25   #481
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** The server is ONLINE NOW **
- Senior General/Baron titles has been fixed
- HWT icons has been fixed
- All new skills has been deleted [over edited skills]
> So you'll use the original skills
- Add 100m SP to all players
- Reset all players skills
- Bards buffs has been enabled [disabled at FW zone]
- STR-INT buffs has been enabled [disabled at FW zone]
- New effects for weekly ranks has been add [info will be released later]

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Old 04/13/2018, 19:11   #482
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Serv is nice ,but hard for new players..

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Old 04/14/2018, 00:53   #483
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Originally Posted by Pero1992 View Post
Serv is nice ,but hard for new players..
What exactly is hard for the new players!! maybe u don't know how so i can explain how to get/
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Old 04/14/2018, 15:27   #484
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My First Impressions on this Server:

1. Comic Sans (Character Creation/Selection News Pop-up Font )
- Its rather minor that it has that font. The irritating part is that the pop-up has to show up every time.

2. I was taken aback popping out of nowhere in front of A LOT of NPCs with no idea where to start! There's this one guy with a quest scroll on top having the impression that we have to start there. But, NO. I started running around the place going to the other dock, underwater.. I dont know where to start. Until the teleport thingy showed an option that teleport to golems with lvl 23ish level. Easy to kill. Kinda wasted around 20mins+ just running around not knowing what to do. Hope you can fix that >_>

3. I lost my way to Jangan. Now I dont know how to go back to that noob spawn. But a lot of ppl with pimped gear showing up, but they dont say anything on how to get back there, let alone talk.

4. Lost at jangan with no Mobs in the usual PVP spot. Ended up killing Turtle-Tree mobs (Lv12) on JG.

5. Found the unique telepot at JG where there's it has tons of Options to where to teleport next. idk why i didnt notice that at first but Im sure hell know that It should be seen waaaay far. Like Dragon Statue JG noticably far.

- Getting up to level 32 by my own with just smacking a bunch of rock monster is a boring experience. Add a little challenge to it by setting up rooms that with like 1 or 2 high level Mobs that are beatable by the max level of that certain room. For E.g. Getting inside that Lv1~32 room. all mobs there are like Lv tiny HP Lv10. But there is that Lv32 STRONG mob that you need to not get aggro-ed. So you need to dodge them as much as possible. and when you get to like lvl 29 or sumthing, plus the ability to have auto equip you can easily take that mofo down. -Then have a portal inside that room to lead to another room that has like Lv32~45 or sumthing with the same situation as the last room where you have to not get aggro over that higher level mob as you level up. Then another portal leading to another room with another 2 or 5 high level mobs that you need to dodge and so on~
-Also, respawn back to that noob spawn place. Not JG. As of the time im writing this, i still dont know how to get back there.
-OnTopic: I appreciate that you have a helper for noobs to lvlup from 1~115 but that's just lazyyy. That just kills the whole point of grinding by hand. The point of having a Pserver is to remove restrictions on Original servers that makes the game MINDFUCKINGLY GRINDY!!! but adjusting the exp rates are what makes Pserver's the best. Removing the tiny grind part is just killing it.

That's what I can come up with your server for playing an hour of it. I Love that you have made soo many options for players to play around and stuff. But getting to lvl 115 with minimal to no effort leave no game at all.

P.S. I dont get why ppl from a few pages back are saying that its hard to noobs to start this. I just literally played 1 hour and im now lvl115. like What???

anyways IGN: SideChickLea (Brain derp while character creation, probably because of Comic Sans). Hope to play more tomorrow.

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Old 04/16/2018, 11:22   #485
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About the plvl rate, yes its hight cus its not the main task u'll do. We aren't 100-110 cap to make it hard. So i help u to get 130 to start collecting arena/donate from the game

And from where a new player can start? You have many ways to start for example. There a plvl area helps u to get up 130. Go to NPC Area to (12d suns items) its +5 FB by gold to help u handling our unique/mobs.

And thanks for your perfect report, i'll work on that
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Old 04/20/2018, 14:52   #486
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ive downloaded the new update and every 5 min i get dc
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Old 04/20/2018, 22:52   #487
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Originally Posted by golo1455 View Post
ive downloaded the new update and every 5 min i get dc
Extract the game again and back to the old update till w fully fix it.
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Old 04/22/2018, 01:42   #488
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How many real players play here?
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Old 04/23/2018, 01:37   #489
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Originally Posted by K0ksFl0w View Post
How many real players play here?
Check our website, its the real number.

** New Lock System has been enabled **

Hint: This new system works only with the new update

- Now you can lock all whole char with 1 order [all your items even HP-MP]
- Just say in all chat !Lock 123456
>> 123456= this is your pw, write whatever you want
- To unlock just say in all char !Unlock 123456


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Old 05/27/2018, 16:39   #490
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** New filter features **

1-New auto PM

Means you can say System or Help at all chat without writing the [BOTS] names
It more easier than before

================================================== =

2-New Lock System

You can lock your all char with one word including items,devils,avatars,donate silk, and storage
Every thing even HP-MP.
And the damage will not be decreased
To lock the char, write at all chat !lock 12345
hint: 12345 is ur pw
To unlock ur char, write at all chat !unlock 123456

You can change the lock pw every time u lock and unlock ur char. So ur char will be totaly save

================================================== =

3-New Order System

Means you can use all [BOT]System and [BOT]Helper orders without writing its names
So you can write the order at all chat directly

================================================== =

4-Fixed Switch Weapon lag

Now its so fast without any annoying delay at pvp

================================================== =

5-Fixed all DC`s issues

Fixed all DC`s issues appeared at our new filter, now you can use it safely

================================================== =

6-Increase Filter Speed

================================================== =

7-Add new plus notice

================================================== =

8-Remove annoying plus notice

Now you can order our filter to remove any plus notice from u. So u'll not see any plus notice from any player
Write at all chat Plus:0 ... means u'll not see any plus from any player
Write at all chat Plus:15 ... means u'll just see the plus notice starting from +15
To see again all notice plus write at all chat CancelPlus

================================================== =

9-Add BlockChat by ingame team

You our team members can deal with any insulting immediately ingame order. Just pm anyone of us and tell him ur problem.

================================================== =

And more is coming up
Regards from
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Old 06/27/2018, 04:22   #491
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** Hello guys **
As we know that is ChaosOnline is a cap 130 server for more than 8 years, so we decided to upgrade our server to cap 140 with a few edits to make it balanced.
We didn't forget about the new players so we have add some edits will help the new players.

>> For new players:-

- Add Special 15D weps with the new chars
>UnTradable weps
>Max+ is 5
>Sell price is 1 gold
- Add Full 13D Sun FB 61% +5 set with the new chars [Max+ is 10]

>> Update info:-

- Ramadan Style has been removed
- Cap 140 has been released
- Add new 140 skills for CH and EU [opened at lvl 130]
- Add new 133~140 mobs at Petra Desert [more places will be add later]
- Add new Coin [Fearless Coin]
>can be optained from Battle Arena ONLY [info will be released later]
- Boneroc unique has been removed for now
- Petra Desert teleport lvl starts from 130+
- Petra Desert reverse points lvl starts from 130+
- Increase Purification Pills lvl to lvl 14
- Add 15D Immortal at PVP System
>You can pvp each other for immortals
- Old char effect has been removed
- Add new char effect
- NPCs has been moved to jangan
- NPC area has been closed
- 13D weps/set has been removed from npc
- 13D stones has been removed from npc
- 15D weps has been removed from npc
- 15D stones has been moved to Stones Shop
- Unique event [auto event] has been disabled for now
- Ways to get 15d immortal will be posted later
- Add Reverse Scroll at Donate NPC
- 15D moon weps has been released with a style
- 15D nova set has been released

How to get:
>Upgrade ur 15Dnova weapon +17 or higher to 15D Moon weapon
>Upgrade ur 14D set +15 no adv or higher to 15D Nova set

- 2 upgrade scrolls will be add later
- Add 15d nova set/acc/weps drop at the new mobs at Petra Desert [hard]
- Add 15d moon weps drop at the new mobs at Petra Desert [harder]
- You can get global from a quest now at Town Of Darkness


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Old 07/01/2018, 13:30   #492
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New 140 Mastery Skills
2018-07-01 13:11
** Attentions plz **
- For adding the new lvl of Mastery Skill, download this link and follow the steps


1- Download this link
2- Extract inside the game folder
3- Accept the replacement
4- Open [Chaos Updater OLD filter] and w8
5- When its done, Open sro_connector
6- Start the game and enjoy

Hint: you must close the game and ur bot before that
The server will be restarted today to take the effect


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Old 07/21/2018, 13:32   #493
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Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 725
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> Update INFO 21-7-2018:-

1- Add 15D Weapons drop at the New mobs [Jangan - Petra Desert]
2- Add 14D Set drop at the New mobs
3- Fearless coin & Honor points has been removed from the Job System
4- Add New Style for the New Devil
5- Edit some Avatars to be Normal (remove devil effect from it) like Angel Wing...etc
6- Fix new skills name at Bot
7- Decrease Donate Silk prices at NPC
8- Add Fearless Coin as reward at KillGm event
9- Guild/Union emblem has been fixed
10- Now Battle arena give more Fearless Coin [7 for winner, 2 for lose] team
11- Fixing a few skills issues [like cleric ress delay..]
12- Exp rate from 125 to 130 has been increased
13- Add Fearless coin to HWT lvl.1, lvl.2 and lvl.3 scrolls
14- FW limit is [3 characters], means everyone can open 3 chars at FW time [under discussion]
15- HWT scrolls drop rate has been increased

Hint: make sure that your bot pick the new scrolls
15D Nova weapons scroll
14D sun set scroll

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Old 08/15/2018, 17:21   #494
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Professional, keep going
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Old 09/01/2018, 16:24   #495
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srobachu . com :v, devil skill

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Closed Thread

chaos sro

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