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Amaethon Online | Cap 110 | CHN/EU | x60 | Play2win | DDoS Protected

Discussion on Amaethon Online | Cap 110 | CHN/EU | x60 | Play2win | DDoS Protected within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Amaethon Online | Cap 110 | CHN/EU | x60 | Play2win | DDoS Protected

Are you bored of nearly all the servers being cap 100? Well, search no longer. We of Amaethon Online came to the conclusion that players wanted something else, we spoke with different players of what cap they're currently in need of, and why. In the end we came to an easy conclusion of making the cap 110, the cap which was used originally with the first release of the vsro files.
Do you miss the old days when the vsro files were just released, and the few servers that were out were cap 110 mostly and were a lot of fun? We of Amaethon Online will do our best to give you this great experience once again, not only do we offer a server with features to keep you playing, we also offer great player communication. You ask 'that's what everyone says, and the communication is bad in the end' well, that's what we noticed as well when we were players of the game. Many servers out there don't pay attention to their players and their opinions, or players are not informed enough about the situation of the server, we will do our best to make this experience worthwhile!

__________________________________________________ __________


Small introduction of each member of the team in the spoiler.


__________________________________________________ __________

Grand Opening
Our grand opening will be held at 23 december at 19:00 GMT +1

__________________________________________________ __________

Beta information
First of all, the beta might not happen, this is only if it's really needed it might even be a closed beta, but if in the end we decide for an open beta here is some information:

We will be using the rates we will have at the official launch, why? Because we want to be 100% sure there will be no unbalanced things.
We will be setting some players lvl 110, but we will need players to try grinding/botting the way you want to level up.

People who are playing in the beta will be compensated with a special title once the server officially launches!

__________________________________________________ __________

Server information:

Info Value
Cap 110
Skills Cap 110
Mastery LevelsCH 330 & EU 220
RaceChinese & Euro
Solo EXP/SP Ratesx60
Party EXP/SP Ratesx65
Drop Ratex5
Drop Goldx15
Trade Rate x15
Items NPC Sell Price: 1 Gold (To avoid goldbotting)
Uptime 99,9%
Bots All vsro file compatible bots work/it's allowed
IP-Limit & HWID-Limit 4 & 2

__________________________________________________ __________

Gameplay features:

Starting Items

European characters now spawn in Jangan

Auto Equipment
Our auto equipment will be sos +3 with 3 str & 3 int from d1-d9 then d10 will be non-sos.

Constantinople & Samarkand

Replaced the low level mobs with 90+ to ensure a better leveling experience

Skill Balancing

  • Bless spell cooldown --> 5 minutes
  • Black ress --> Removed
  • Offering --> Received a 15% lowering in damage
  • Warrior fences --> 20% shielding reduction on every level of the skill
  • Warrior screens --> Removed
  • Warrior skill (DareDevil) -> DMG lowered by 10%
  • Rogue skill (Prick) -> DMG lowered by 10%
  • Bard skill (Magic dance) -> 46% mag dmg increase -> 36% mag dmg increase
  • Bard skill (Guard Tambour) -> Damage absorption decreased from 47% to 37%
  • Bard skill (Mana Tambour) -> Damage absorption decreased from 47% to 37%
  • Bard skill (Booming wave) -> Given a knock back w/ 50% probability
  • Bard skill (Weird Chord) -> Given a 60% chance to give impotent (the debuff)

  • Overall damage increase of 10%
  • Overall resistances increased by 5% absorption
  • Snow Shield has no cooldown | Removed the last snowshield series skill
  • Snow Storm Multishot -> same damage as the last light nuke
  • Str chars can NOT use Snowshield -> we've added a requierments for int on snowshield

Guild & Union
  • Guild automatically starts level 5
  • Guild members limited to 40 members
  • Union limit is 2 (might increase as the server gets populated)
  • Union chat is for everyone (you don't have to switch between players anymore)

STR Unique
  • We've added str uniques to the spots of normal uniques so str character can have the fun of hunting uniques as well without worrying about int chars KS'ing them.

Cerberus & Captain Ivy
  • Considering Samarkand & Constantinople are not low level towns anymore, we've changed the spawn point of Cerberus and Captain Ivy each got 12 different spawn spots.
  • Cerberus spawns around Jangan town/area
  • Captain ivy will spawn around the area of Donwhang town/area

Boss Unique
  • We have a unique in our server that can spawn anywhere on the map, with amazing drops. It has a set respawn time of 12 hours.

Capture The Flag
  • Capture the flag will occur once per 3 hours, the reason for this is the same as for Battle Arena to prevent hardcore players having a too big of an advantage over casual players.
  • 1 kill in CTF equals 1 Battle Arena coin
  • resurrects skills disabled inside the CTF

Global CD & lvl restriction
  • Everyone has seen it before, someone is hacked or there is someone that has won the fortress war, and the global chat is spammed so hard that you can't even read anything anymore.
  • We've added a 30 second delay to the use of global chats to keep this from happening to a certain degree.
  • We don't want players to spam globals on low level characters, in order to prevent this we've also added a level restriction to globals. The level you can start using globals is at level 80.

Reverse Cooldown
  • People always use as many reverses as they can if they do not find the uniques on the spot they go for first. To keep this from happening we've added a delay to the reverse scrolls as well, it wil also be 30 seconds.

Yellow Tittle Quest Captain
  • You probably all know the first yellow tittle quest that you had to do at lvl95, well since we closed JG cave it means that this quest cannot be completed since you had to kill some certain mobs at B2 cave
  • Therefore so that players can complete this quest on our server we have replaced some mobs infront of the JG cave with the ones that you have to kill to complete it

Alchemy Rate
  • We did a lot of thinking regarding the alchemy of Silkroad. In the end we came to the conclusion nobody wants to see everyone running around with +12 or higer, it just makes you feel so much weaker when you're a new player. That's why we've decided to stick with the good old Silkroad system of alchemy. +8/9 will be a great achievement and it'll have a rewarding feel when you succeed to that awesome +9!

Battle Arena
  • Battle arena is one of the bigger things you should focus on in our game, why did we choose for battle arena? It's simple, it is a lot of fun to play- and who doesn't like teamwork?
  • To start things of the reward for BA is simple you get 15 BA coins for winning and you get 5 coins for losing.
    Battle arena will be held every 3 hours, the reason for it being every 3 hours is because otherwise the players that can't play 24/7 will fall behind real quick in terms of coins which makes the fun for non-hardcore players go away.

Battle Arena Coins
  • Ofcourse the rewards of the BA will not be for nothing, with the battle coins you will be able to buy various items. For example elixirs, or stones.
    The stones might be deleted as a purchasable reward and changed to tablets if the community loves the old alchemy system of using elements

Job items (Egy A)
  • We decided to have Egy B gear removed for now, the reason for this is rather simple. We will have Egy B gear as a feature update so once people start getting bored we will introduce the Egy B's.
    For now we will stick with only Egy A and it being the endgear you shall aim for.
    The only egy B that's in the game currently is for the weapon! Keep this in mind this is because of the upgrade stone.
  • Egy A = +7,5~
  • For the accesoiries we didn't change anything, this means you will have to play Battle arena & CTF in order to obtain your coins and buy your own egy A accesoiry!

Seal of Nova
  • There are different ways of obtaining the normal nova items, the first one is by botting your ass off and pray you get your desired nova item.
    The second way is by buying it in our custom made NPC with copper coins (How to get copper coins explained in another spoiler)

Copper Coins

Holy water temple
  • Every unique in this instance will be dropping 20 copper coins, this means there will be a total of 100 copper coins that drop every run.
    Don't think you will get all 100 that easily! The uniques in holy water temple are buffed a bit, why? Because once players got proper sets it is fairly easy to duo kill the uniques or even solo with some builds. Hence us buffing the uniques and forcing teamplay to come at hand.
  • Holy water temple is limited to 2 times per day.

Job Temple
  • There are 2 kinds of quests possible to take in the job temple.
    1. Kill 10 player thieves/hunter/traders -> reward 20 copper coins(1x/day)
    2. Kill 500 NPC thieves/hunters -> reward 8 copper coins (repeatable)
  • This is to force players to grind in the job temple, and fight for their grindspot to obtain copper coins, this will make the server a lot fun.

Job Temple
  • Besides the quests we have made the haroeris room a special room, rather than what it used to be we made it THE ROOM to contest a unique in.
    If you think you're strong enough to fight the opposite job in order to get the kill on haroeris you will be rewarded with an Egy A drop (40% droprate by haroeris)
  • The haroeris room has an entrance limit of 0/32, for each jobside (Traders&hunters) & (Thieves)
    Haroeris respawns every 6 hours.
    In order to enter the job temple, you have to be in an 4/8 party to enter.

Fortress War
  • The big war that everyone loves!
    In our server we want to have people defend their fortress rather than waiting for the last 30 minutes to take the fort, this is an old strategy used in nearly every server which completely destroyed the concept of a fun fortress war.
    So we buffed the structures with 400% more hp (This can be changed during the beta if tests shows it requieres a buff/nerf)
  • Fortress time: Sundays at 19:00 GMT +1 (Server time)
    It lasts for 1,5h.

Honor ranking
  • Our honor ranking goes for jobbing, this means the more kills you have the more chance you have on having honor buffs. You can only kill the same guys 2 times per 24 hours, so spawn killing bots, might be fun but it's not really getting you anything.

Upgrade Stones
  • Our server will some kind of 'crafting' system, this means you can make your Egy A weapon to an Egy B weapon yourself.
    The way of obtaining this scroll is something you guys have to find out for yourselves.
    Anyway, to get to the point of how to use this stone, it's basically that you will need an Egy A weapon +8 & an upgrade stone. You put the weapon as first slot in your inventory, and use the scroll. Keep in mind you will have to have an Egy A +8 weapon or it won't work.

Forgotten world
  • The experience you gain in forgotten world has always been a bit low in our opinions, you can now actually use the FGW portals to level up as well. We've increased the exp rates obtained inside FGW by 400%.
    The quest in isro (the 8 talisman quest) who doesn't remember this right? We've kept this feature as it is because it encourage players to stay active and do something rather than afk bot.
Auto Events
  • Trivia
    Simple as it is, just answer the question!
  • Kill the GM
    Just kill the Event Bot and get rewarded. It doesn't matter how much damage you did to it. The last hits count!
  • Alchemy event
    There can only be 1 winner at the alchemy event. Make sure if you got the highest plus and keep the item with the plus in your inventory. Your plusses will only show from +6 or higher in notice. Example if you got the item +6 and no one will make +7 you'll be the winner, but as soon he made +7 you know he is step higher than you. This way we force you to keep plussing on more than 1 item.

__________________________________________________ __________

Future updates:

Egy B, with a fun way of obtaining this.
An Achievement system
Arabian maps will be added with unique monsters, and level 100-110 mobs.

If you have an amazing idea, feel free to share this with our team.

__________________________________________________ __________

Server signature
We'd love to get your support, and help with advertisements hence us dropping a link to our signature, we appreciate it if you guys would use it on the forums you're using!

__________________________________________________ __________

Special thanks goes out to Khaled | Exo for helping us out a lot with our problems, thanks again buddy <3
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#Reserved for future updates.


Changelog v1.0

Changelog v1.1

Changelog v1.2

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Welcome everyone!

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finally thread B O Y Z
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Tomas im def in i would say! ^^
heared of it some months ago great to see ya
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But why degree 1

GL <3
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You're welcome bruh, good luck :3
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Originally Posted by germandrugz View Post
Tomas im def in i would say! ^^
heared of it some months ago great to see ya
Great to hear buddy! Looking forward seeing you in our server.
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Looks interesting. Looking forward to the opening.
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Originally Posted by 21Tiong View Post
Looks interesting. Looking forward to the opening.
Great to hear mate, looking forward seeing you walk around in Amaethon Online as well.
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Good luck Tomass <3 beta pls
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"The quest in isro (the 8 talisman quest) of forgotten world usually gave you an Egy B weapon. We have changed this to an Egy A weapon as reward because of the disabled Egy B items for now."
I dont get it, from talismans quest u got always egy A not B, so u didnt change it cos it was oryginaly set to give egy A ;p Players was able to drop egy B weapon from sereness (last fgw boss) with very low rates, so maybe check if you dissabled that drop option from her
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le go
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I'm sure the server will succeed Wishing you good luck with it!
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