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Electus Online | 10D | CH | Job Based | New Events | Grand Opening 07.08.2015

Discussion on Electus Online | 10D | CH | Job Based | New Events | Grand Opening 07.08.2015 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Electus Online | 10D | CH | Job Based | New Events | Grand Opening 07.08.2015

The adventure will continue with Electus and there it is!

Are you bored of all those boring servers out there ? Do they really bore you ? Do you have nothing to do anymore on those servers if so then we invite you to try out Electus online -ya we innovate the innovation duh*- so before you start falling in love with the server -Because I created it obviously ya ya I know I'm very humble*- What about giving you little introduction about our server ? First of all Electus is heavily job based server, meaning to achieve the end-game content you'll be actively jobbing. But jobbing alone is seriously boring I can tell so what about jobbing / auto events / grinding in new areas ? Exciting I could tell so let's have an overview of the server..


Facebook Page:

Open Beta:

1st of August, 2015, Saturday

Grand Opening:

Download Electus:

Direct Download Links:

Beta Info :

(1st – 5th of August)

We are going to have a beta phase, But unlike all beta phases that other servers apply which is basically giving you all equipment, level 100, all items and skills we are going to have a beta phase in which we'll make sure that everything is going alright before the grand opening to ensure there are no bugs at all. Joining the beta is choice more or less you do not really have to join us but if you do you will have an advantage over other players since you will have the chance to find out what kind of features are waiting for you beforehand. You will not be keeping anything from the beta phase it's all going to be wiped out. Also no need to rage if the server goes down out of sudden or even your character gets wiped, it's beta!
Especially, underlining that we may switch to closed beta ANYTIME if it is needed.

Forum Signature

You can add this signature if you want to support us.

Official Electus Trailer:
(The new one is one the way)

Electus Gallery #1

Electus Gallery #2

Electus Intro

Cap 100


Exp Rate


SP Rate

Additional 2m SP

Auto Equipment

1 to 9 Degree, sos +4 FB

PC Limit: 1

You will be able to login only 1 character per pc, and nope no random HWID dlls can bypass our re-written protection system because it's not using just "elamidas" dll it's modified.

Free Silk:

There are no hourly/daily free silk in Electus, however we are giving away a lot of free silks through events hosted by automatic event bots. Details are given below.

PS: Total amount of silks given away per day through events are not less than the free silks given per day based on hourly-free-silk system, for your information.

Start Items:

Here is the start pack.

Slots available:

We will have 4 gameservers ready for the grand opening, therefore, we will have 4000 slots ready for the grand opening. In case of need, we are able to increase slots to whatever necessary.

Electus Website Features

Oh well, Did I mention the superb website that we have ? Let me describe it, You will be amazed I guarentee. Forums, yay ! we got one (duh) this isn't amazing at all. Well well we also have got ranking system with all different kind of rankings, Character-Guild-Job you know some people really like to stay in the top so watch your position in the ranking! Now the previous stuff was really "ordinary" stuff that any normal website would have but what about talking about our super features?

Holiday Mode:

We have got holiday mode ! -(duh) jean, c'mon wtf is holiday mode ?- It's basically the mode of going on holiday you don't say ? Ugh, well let's suppose that you are going to stay away from your pc for like two weeks for example going on a vacation with your family -Which I really doubt because our server is addictive (chuckle)- and you want to lockdown your character in order not to get hacked. That's exactly what Holiday mode does, lockingdown your character until you decide to disable holiday mode so that guarentees maximum security !
Passwords Use:
Different passwords one for in-game and one for the website, In short you will be able to assign two different passwords in order to ensure more security !

Ticket System :

Do you need help from a gm ? But no one is online ? Do not worry we have got ticket system in which the supporters will be interacting with you directly and let us know about that shortly. No need to spam GM PLS PM in the globals anymore.

Facebook Login :

How many times you were going to register in a server and the website was like "username is already taken"..Duh that''s the frustrating thing I've ever faced in my life. But do not worry though, your facebook will do the job for you.

Auction house :

Alla una, Alla due, Alla tre ! it's time for people to bid on your item in order to buy it, they will be doing that online. Can your life be more easier already ? I don't think so. Our website will contain feauter where you will be able to put your item on sale and people can bid over the item to win the chance of buying it.

Web storage :

Are you a rich guy ? Is your storage full of items ? You don't have any place for items anymore ? Do not worry you don't have to NPC them just use the web storage in order to store more items.

Player Statistics :

You will be able to search for any player using the Search tab on the website. This feature allows you to see the items the involved character is wearing. Perfect? Yup.
And that's not everything, you are going to discover the website yourself to find tons and tons of useful features never seen on any websites!

Electus Gallery #3

Electus Game Content

Grinding Areas

90-95 level monsters are located around Samarkand. Whole map is used, you wont suffer finding a free grinding spot.

95:99 level monsters are located here, its big enough to provide grinding spots for everyone in the server.

SOX System

Seal Of Star: Equal to last tier +1 with all it’s values. This sox can be dropped from;

92-99 / Samarkand area – Low rate
DW Job Cave – Mid rate

Seal Of Archid: New type of SOX, equal to last tier +2 with all it’s values. This SOX can be dropped from;

DW Job Cave – Low rate
Achird Boxes – Low/Mid rate (Details are given below)

Seal of Moon: Equal to last tier +4 with all it’s values. This SOX can only be gained through jobbing and collecting rewards from Electus’ events.

Seal of Sun: Equal to last tier +5 with all it's values. This SOX can only be obtained from Treasure event.

Job System

Electus is mainly job based server we have got special trade routes that are way more profitable than the normal routes which are btw completely new and re-designed -Did I mention they are three ? Also there are new job suits and temporary titles for top jobbers. But everyone is going to be like "WERY OVERPOWERED COIN SYSTEM SUCK PLS REMOVE". Ya will you are right coin system seriously suck but if we limit this per week ? yes per week not per day you know some people just game at their weekends and would like to enjoy the whole day jobbing to grind for better gear why should I be limited with stupid daily limit ? so ya that's solved.(Details are given below)

Also when you are going through Samarkand you are not going to face op European NPC thieves such as wizards or warriors they are replaced with Chinese ones WHICH WILL RIP YOUR FLESH IN PIECES..Nope just kidding you are going to have fun with them.

Are you the top jobber in our server ? You deserve a title then. There's going to be a title for the top jobbers in our server so keep an eye on your website rank in order not to lose your title!


Jangan Trade Route (18 minutes / 20% tax included)

Starts from ‘’Jangan’’ town, heading to ‘’Tomb’’, then teleporting to ‘’Lost Town’’, heading to ‘’Aircraft Dock’’ and then moving to the Dock called ‘’Droa Dock’’ at the end of the Jangan Trade Route.
(Jangan trade route will be tax affected due to the fortress war tax management. However, the route is a little be shorter compared to Donwhang route which is not affected by the tax. According to that logic, each Electus trade routes will be giving you the similar amount of profit).

Electus Gallery #4

Donwhang Trade Route (22 minutes / No tax affected)

Starts from ‘’Donwhang’’ town, heading to ‘’Earth Ghost Canyon’’, then teleporting to ‘’Togui Village’’, heading to the end of the road, teleporting to ‘’Roc Mt. Area’’, following the way to the end, the trader NPC is located in there.
(Donwhang trade route is affected by the tax, however, it is a little bit longer than other trade routes. That means, you will get a litle more profit from this one but it will take you some more time to get to the end. Basically, it is fairly protitable just as the other trade routes. Now that each trade route isthe same, you select.

Electus Gallery #5

Hotan Trade Route (18 minutes / 20% Tax included)

Starts from ‘’Hotan’’ town, heading to ‘’White Jade River’’, then teleporting to ‘’Taklamakan’’ area, heading to the ‘’Tunnel of Abyss’’, teleporting to the Samarkand side of the Tunnel and moving through Central Asia. Use the teleportation to be teleported to the new area, at the end of the route you will find the Trade NPC. You will fall in love with that route, wars will be real in that one!

Electus Gallery #7


Job suits are not boring anymore they are re-designed to look more kawaii than before.

Gallery 7
Gallery 8


Top one trader will have the title Merchant,
Top one hunter will have the title Guardian,
Top one thief will have the title Thief ? -Thank you captain obvious-

You will be having those titles until the rank list is reset.


As I mentioned above the job coin limit is weekly not daily and it's 420 coin per week. This ensures that people who game only on the weekend can enjoy 24 hours of jobbing without any kind of stupid limits, -trust me we have tested it !- also it ensures that the game won't get boring when you have collected everything and only going through jangan punching mangyangs -Ya don't deny it we all have already done that at some point the reset is going to be every Monday 00:00 at servertime


Donwhang cave


Electus is job based server in other words jobbing is the main source of gold income, Here is the gold and job coin contribution for each job alliances.

Traders: Due to the Silkroad logic, traders are getting the most gold (100%), there for they will be getting a little bit less job coins. (Around 10% less per run compared to hunters, however, 40% more gold than hunters)

Thieves: It requires more effort to grab loots, they will be receiving most coins and least gold.(50% less gold compared to hunters.

Hunters: In order to balance job distribution, hunters will be getting only a little bit more coins than traders, around 1 more coin every 7-9 trade run, getting 40% less gold than traders.

Please note that there is NOT much profit difference between each job types. (in terms of JOB COIN profit).


It has never been really that fun to loot 50x goods from the ground. You know you start picking up and the thief just starts ruining your life with his attacks -Though I encourage it, get it ? thief, LastThief ? nevermind...- We are going to make your goods stack up to 500 in order not to waste time picking up goods from the ground.


Our honor buffs are based on your job activity, Top 1 jobber will get full honor buffs, Top 2 and 3 will both get king and silver buffs and finally the Top 4 and 5 will both get Bronze buff.


Are you sick of people running around wih +12 as I am ? Well that's the server you are looking for you will not find random people running around with +12 suns showing how glorious their glows are.. Therefore you will be making it to +5 but after +5 you'd better start praying to god in order to have the enchament success. People might be asking why? The reason is simple because this is Silkroad..Do you want it ? Work for it. Easy and simple.


+I'm a bower can I come ?
-No, only need nuker 100+

I've seen the dialogue above hundered of times myself, I'd just find that party and go murder everyone and then die in peace. But hey hey that's not going to happen in Electus you are not going to murder anyone beacause we have balanced the uniques. -ya sure jean you added str uniques like all severs out there, seriously where is the competetion ?- Well nope we did NOT add STR Uniques at all but we reduced the phy defence of the uniques so you as a bower or glavier or whatever STR build you are, you will be able to KS nukers -yaaay !- as you will be able to deal more criticals so there can be always competetion between STR’s and INT’s. This way, you, as an STR character will be able to get invited to Unique parties. C'mon why did not you fall in love with Electus already ?

P.S : Tiger Girl / Cerberus / Uruchi are NOT affected by that nerf.

Also we have custom uniques :

1-Karkadann which spawns as shown in the picture below

2-Khulood which spawns as shown in the picture below

3-Launatune which spawns all over the map (Yep that's our special unique)

Also there are three job uniques which will be spawning at job cave(Giant Demon , Kidemonas , Mad General)

Our special uniques drop around 35-40 Money, and the boss uniques drops about 50 money.

Job uniques and arabian uniques spawn every 3-5 hours while our boss unique spawns every 6-8 hours. oh did I mention they also drop SOS ?e

Auto Events:

Automatic Last Man Standing Event

Pretty simple event. You will be signing up as always, by sending a message to 'RegisterLMS'.
If you've signed up successfully, you'll be receiving private messages with a few simple rules.
Afterwards, you get teleported to the fighting arena and you have to equip a yellow cape.
The goal is kill as many people as possible while staying alive. Once you die, you get teleported out of the arena.
Of course you can just NOT equip a pvp cape and stand around in some corner, however you will receive X silk for every kill.
The last person who is still standing will come and kill you, therefore, I'd advise you to participate in it. In addition everybody who gets killed is teleported back to the town immediatly and is unable to return. Reverses are disabled
for the arena region.

Reward: X Silks.

Automatic Kill The GM Event

This time you won't need to sign up anywhere. The event is held at Donwhang east and you'll be able to simply go there and participate. There is no time restriction either, however since a lot of people will be joining, the time to
go there is very limited.
In total there are five (5) rounds, the goal is to kill the GM character which is standing there.
How it works:
A notice gets written informing you about the Event.
It will be starting around five to ten minutes after the first notificaton.
Once you are in donwhang east, you have to equip a red pvp cape in order to win. This is done to ensure that players don't damage each other while trying to kill the GM. However, it is allowed to attack other players but then you
cannot win in the event. Thus either you can kill the people you hate or win in the event. After each round the winners name is globalled and shortly afterwards the GM character automatically respawns and gets ready to be slaughtered.
Keep in mind that the first round is the most difficult. The other ones are 50% faster, due to the fact that the HP is 50% lower after the first round. Why? No reason, just simplicity from a technical perspective.

Reward: X Silks

Automatic Alchemy Event

Our Alchemy event is one of those events which are either hated or loved. If you don't like it, you are not forced to participate. However, there are quite a few players that will love this event.
It's based on luck and partially on skill, as some of you would say. However, I'll stay with the 'luck' factor.
How it works:
A notice is written that the event starts 'after 10 minutes in donwhang east'.
You simply go there and pick some of the 7.5k items which are dropped by the event bot.
The goal is to fuse a +10 item. The dropped items are already +7 so it will be quite easy. You have to be very fast in picking and fusing simultaneously.
Keep in mind that the first player who reaches +10 wins, not everyone. The items are unusable too, since they are EU items. (incompatible with chinese character)

Reward: 250 Silks.

Automatic Lottery Event

How it works:
A notice is written that the Lottery event starts. You can then go to the Electus NPC located in Donwhang and buy lottery tickets.
The starting winner silk pot (referred to as 'the pot' from now on) has 250 silk. The pot will increase depending on the amount of tickets bought and amount of different people that buy tickets and of course the type of ticket which
is bought.
There are three different types of lottery tickets: Small, Medium, Large. The Small one costs 100 mil gold. The Medium costs 500 mil gold and the large ticket costs 1 Bil gold. The pot will be increasing for a linear amount of silk
each time one of the tickets is bought. The small ticket increases the winning pot by 5 silk, the medium ticket increases the winning pot by 25 silk and the large ticket increases the pot by 50 silk. The winning chances are also
increasing similarly. A large ticket has a 10 times higher winning chance than the small ticket. The medium ticket has half the winning chance of the large ticket. You get the idea
Another silk increase are the different characters that buy the tickets. Therefore, if you have friends that can buy the small ticket, tell them to do so, the silk pot increases by one silk for every person who is participating.
The whole idea of this event is to decrease the ingame inflation which always occurs. We will be trying to get rid of the gold overdose.
The winner receives the full amount of the silk pot. He/She will be chosen randomly based on the tickets the person has bought.

Automatic Trivia Event

This event doesn't require any signing up and it will be held every 15 minutes. The reward is 25 silk.
Our eventbot will be asking you different quiz questions and you have to answer these correctly. There are over 1500 questions.
The questions will be chosen randomly and will be globaled. You have to answer via globals as well.

Automatic Hide & Seek Event

This event is very similar to the trivia event. You don't have to sign up and the event is held every two hours. The eventbot will be teleporting to some random place and will write a notice including a hint where he is.
You have to find him and then exchange him. The first person who exchanges the bot will receive 50 silks. The area where the bot is located will say something like 'Donwhang canyon outside town'. However, he can spawn in a very wide
area. We haven't made any spawnpoints for him... the bot actually chooses a random place on the map and goes there.

Treasure Event (BRAND NEW)

Tiger Girl has spawned at tiger mountain
-Ugh..Not those boring events again, Please we need new ones.

And we hear you thus we have created this completely new event, At a certain time you will be able to teleport to a certain area with your job suits, during the event period there is going to be boxes and uniques spawning, the whole idea mainly focuses on bringing the whole server in a certain time for a MASSIVE job war but it's not focused only on job wars its main purpose is to collect the treasure coins that you need in order to acquire sun weapons.
You will have great fun I promise.

Event Schedules

CTF / BA will be running starting from those times mentioned below continuously (1 hour period between each of them)

00:00 - CTF
01:00 - Battle Arena (Party Collection)
02:00 - Battle Arena (Random)

Fortress War

Fortress war has been the most exciting part of silkroad gameplay even more exciting then jobbing, ya basically everyone likes fortresswars but what about making it even more exciting ? Every played call of duty game ? where you'd get 720-noscoped by a kid, we want to make it more competitve than call of duty ! the fortress will be harder to capture and eaiser to defend (96 players vs 204 ? -ya in theory-).

The new fortress flags will have 15% more dmg increase / absorb and surrounding ratio from 24 players to 32 players. (Only available in fortress NPC's). Oh did I also mention you won't be able to login more than one character during fortress war time ? Thanks to our fantastic HWID Limit system we'll be able to limit the logins (But this will require a server restart every sunday and it will be done beforehand so you will have enough time to prepare yourself.

Electus NPCs:

Electus Shop:

A npc where you can buy selected silk and special items for gold and rewards.

Electus SOX NPC:

SOM & SUN items can be obtained from this npc.

Electus Title NPC:

You can purchase custom titles up to 200

Job Suit Shop:

You can purchase new job suits – requires a certain job level (5 suits for each job)

Electus Custom

Guild & Union Limit

After a long discussion, we have decided to set the union limit to 3. 32 guild limit is the most liked one by the majority yet union limit was always the issue so there you go with 3.

Automatic Title Granting (Temporary)

One of the most popular features,a title will automatically be granted on your character once you get an unique kill. For example, you killed Tiger Girl, you will receive a ‘’Tiger Girl Slayer’’ title in front of your character name. That title will exist until the next Tiger Girl is killed.

Custom Titles

Not only you can get titles by doing quests or killing uniques you can also "purchase" titles from Electus Title NPC there are over 200 cusom titles in that NPC. Also you will be able to switch between the titles pretty easy..Read the below paragraph for more information about title switching.

Title Switching

There are quite alot of titles that you can get by killing uniques, doing quest or buying custom ones. Whenever you grab a title, for example you got a ‘’General’’ title, and you killed an unique and acquired ‘’Demon Shaitan Slayer’’ title yet you want you keep your ‘’General’’ title instead. All you have to do is to pm the BOT (?) with ‘’General’’ so you will get your desired title back once you are teleported. That will also work the same was as you get a custom title, for example ‘’Angel’’ then you killed an unique and acquired ‘’Uruchi Slayer’’, you simply do the same thing and message the bot with ‘’Angel’’ and you will get it back once you are teleported. That way, you can keep any title you like between those you acquired. You can also ask him fort he titles you are currently holding, he will let you know, you only need to pm him with ‘’Titles’’. Good enough?

SOX Changer Scroll:

One can barely deny that this scenario never happened for him, C'mon it has atleast happened once in your entire sro gameplay..But do not worry Electus is not going to let you commit suicide, -ya we care for your mone..I mean we care for you !-

Thus we introduce the sox changer scroll, It's basically a scroll which changes sox type. Let's suppose that you have a sun item which is garment and you are wearing armor. In few seconds you will be able to switch it to armor via our scroll available on Electus shop. Buy it, Put the item in slot 1, Use the scroll and you are done its type will be switched and you won't commit suicide -yay !- (Keep in mind that the PLUS , BLUES and STATS will remain on the item after it is changed)

Model Switchers

Degree switching for SOX weapons. (Will be available later on)

Permanent Buffs

Unlike European chars, you need some time to get your character buffed normally. In Electus, you save your time each time you get teleported, you dont even need to get buffed, you automatically have your buffs working 24/7.

Guild and Job Penalty

Once you leave your guild, you are not allowed to join another guild/create one for the next 6 hours. However, you can always buy & use the guild penalty remover scroll, can be obtained from the Special NPC in Donwhang, in order to remove your penalty.

Once you leave your job alliance, you are not allowed to join one other job alliance for the next 12 hours. However, you can always buy & use job the penalty remover scroll, can be obtained from the Special NPC in Donwhang, in order to remove your penalty.

Anti Bot System:

Everybody knows, a server full of bots are nothing more than numbers. Silkroad is all about the activity so your goal shouldn’t be setting your bot to reach your goals in the server. At some point you will have to, it’s the nature of Silkroad though it won’t give you a big advantage towards other players.

Guild Start Level:

Another thing that we just had to have. Once you create a guild, you won’t be in need of leveling it up since it will automatically start from level 5.

Global Cooldown:

It has never been fun to see the chat box is going crazy 24/7 that you can’t even read guild chat or personal messages. Therefore, we had to set a cooldown for Global use which is 20 seconds.

Reverse Scroll Cooldown:

Once upon time there were a great pack of five thieves, They were going everywhere to hunt traders down and when they found out the biggest trade run ever and decided to attack it..It happened, Nope nevermind that's way too dramatic ugh..Let's cut it straight to the chase, Thieves try to kill hunter, hunter uses reverse scroll and thieves start raging. And because I'm LastThief -Haha, funny me ! get it ?- I actually raged as much as all people did when a hunter escaped in a matter of seconds when I was just about to kill him thus in electus we are introducing reverse scroll cooldown of one minute (60 seconds), Hunters won't be able to flee anymore you will have the chance to slaughter them. Also on a side note it's good when uniques spawn because some op player won't kill Tiger Girl then insta tp to taklamakan and kill lord yarkan as well, it's seriously boring so ya win-win situation !

Silk Scrolls:

This item will save your time. You can simply buy a silk scroll from Item Mall and exchange it with somebody else. You bought a silk scroll and you want it to be added to your account again? Easy! Right click on the scroll and hold on until you are teleported to your hometown and yeah you got these silks added on your account again.

Different Measures of Inflation Control:

In order to control the amount of the gold in the server we had to reduce the job profit abit (Gold wise) and decrease the amount of gold dropped from monsters also dcereased the amount of gold in the server by selling lottery tickets for gold which works kidna like "gold laundry" so we assure that it'll be inflation free.

Stall, Exit- Bug fixes

We've made proper cooldowns.

Near/In town cooldown: 10 seconds
Outside and far away from town cooldown: 20 seconds

Premium Remover Scroll

Is your premium done ? Do you want to remove the remaining ticket to activate new premium ? We have faciliated that via our Premium Remover scroll just use it and voila you can use your new premium.


Dyes are external glows that is added on achird, som and sun weapons/shields. We will later on enable other color of dyes that you can purchase and use on your weapon.

Electus Changelogs

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1) Experts
2) just_HORNY
3) GameWarriorS
5) Unity
6) EternalGlory
7) BlackList
8) BarbarianS
9) TheEmpire
10) NewOrder
11) Calle7
12) GraveYard
13) WarCrew
14) Callejeros
15) Inmortales
16) NoThing2Lose
17) Opposition
18) EternalTurks
19) VaTaN_SeVeR
20) LangNedDuath
21) GameClub
22) Paragon
23) Elemental
24) SoftPorn
25) EternalTurks
26) Destiny
27) SweetRevenge
28) Phobia
29) Holyhunterz
30) GodsArmy
31) Opposition
32) AvengerS
33) GameOfTron
34) Alpha

If you want join this list pm me on Steam/Skype or EPvP
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Futuristic is Joining Electus! Pac <3
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eLAGtus online
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Take care , Haters
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"This is Silkroad" you Said it,, this is the point
that we missed it last 2 or 3 years in PrivateServers

GL with the Last Hope for Sro Scene by LastThief is Sro


I wrote this word and refresh then found 6 pages on comments
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Closed Thread

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Xavius Online - Nemesis / Job Based / Grand Opening 01.04.2015
04/30/2015 - SRO PServer Advertising - 680 Replies Welcome to Xavius Online! Nemesis 90 Cap Europe & Chinese Private Server Play2Win / Job Based / Coin System / Alternative System's Opening Date: 01 / 04 / 2015 & 18:00 (GMT +2)

All times are GMT +2. The time now is 01:26.

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