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Bitcoin Dice Game

ONYX | 90 Cap | CH | PVE | Upgrade System | Job Based | 10th of July

Discussion on ONYX | 90 Cap | CH | PVE | Upgrade System | Job Based | 10th of July within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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ONYX | 90 Cap | CH | PVE | Upgrade System | Job Based | 10th of July


Download links :

Onyx full client V1.204 - Google drive

Now the beta is ready to be tried you can get in and share with us the trial, registration isn't avaliable yet but you can enter the game with any account with id Onyx1 to Onyx50 and the password is ' onyx '.


Through our official Facebook page we will declare all our news and share with you the players videos and photos, through it also you can give us suggestions and report for bugs or problems.

Release Date:
Friday, 10th July | 10/07/2015 - 20:00 GMT+2
We`re going to open as Beta at 8th July and we will open Officially at 10th July.
We hope you all join us in beta to check our new server and the new systems.

Our Official Trailer:

The journey has just begun

We are pleased to announce that Onyx Online is ready to start the journey with you.

Onyx Online is the essence of a lot of thinking and action that took a great deal of time only to bring to you a real Old School server with plenty of features and exciting updates that suit players' needs.
We are giving to you a long lasting stable server without any problems, and to give you that, we had to have the best DDOS Protection "HyperFilter".
Everything you do in Onyx Online will be considered as a goal or purpose that you want to achieve. Because of that, an active community will be brought together which will make you even more excited and eager to play Onyx .
Onyx is not just a business like any other server,We always care about providing a real classy server with a real purpose and content that you all will love to try.
We respected and will always respect the experienced players because we were players before. That is why we know what you wanted. You wanted a server without Lag, Downtime, Corruption, and Lazy inactive admins, and that is what we are giving to you today.
We respect your time, for this reason we promise to give you the perfect service you will ever imagine to just let you have fun in your free time .

as we tried before and saw that one of the most important factor ,for a server to succeed and continue and for the players to feel safe and secure, is having a high protection.
That is why, we agreed to provide you with a high security system, which is HyperFilter. HyperFilter is a global security system that protects the website and the game itself. HyperFilter has been tested and a lot of the international companies have been using and trusting it in many other fields. Also, several servers have been using it lately which gave them the reputation of stable and highly secured servers.

Basic Information

In Game InfoValue
Level cap 90
Gear cap9th degree
Fortresses Hotan.
Guild limit 32
Union limit 2
CTF & Battle arena Enabled
Advanced Elixir Disabled
Damage & Absorb scrolls Disabled
Magic POP Disabled
Silk per hour1 silk per hour lvl 90 required
Sox Type9D Star & Moon
EXP Rate20x
Alchemy Rate1x
Job Rate20x
Gold Drop Rate5x
Auto EquipUntil 8th degree
PC Limit2
DDOS ProtectionHyper Filter
vSRO Exploit ProtectionTorque
Starter Items :

Regarding SoX Items:

To make the fair and stable game that we are offering, we enabled only two types of SoX Items/weapons; Seal of Star and Seal of Moon.
Seal of Star = Normal +1
Seal of Moon = Normal +2
And to get Seal of Moon Item/weapon you will have to use something called Upgrading System which will upgrade your SoS item/weapon to SoM, which means you will have to get the SoS item/weapon first.
There are several ways to gain SoS items/weapons.
  • First way:
By Coin system and Job Points:
You can buy SoS items/weapons from Onyx Shop which is located in Donwhang.
All what you will have to do is to get Job Points, Arena Coins, and Copper Coins.
Job Points: Trading / thieving.
Arena Coins: CTF or Battle Arena.
Copper Coins: Onyx Shop with gold.
  • Second way:
By attacking in Thief/hunter cave, which is located in DW cave. You can gain SoS items/weapons from there but the drop rate is low. But there are uniques that appear in the cave every 6h which may drop SoS items/weapons and these unqiues have higher drop rate.

Sox Items

Upgrading system:

This is one of the features that makes the server more fun and active. With that system you can upgrade your SoS items/weapons to SoM items/weapons. But you will have to make it +7 first to be able to upgrade your weapon (to be worthy enough to have SoM )
You can find these upgrading scrolls in Onyx Shop and you can buy them by Job Points and Arena Coins.

Job Cave

To get inside the cave you will have to wear your suit whether you are trader, hunter, or thief.
We made the cave more exciting to make you fight for you own uniqueness and to reach your goal.
Mobs inside the cave drop special items which you will need later. Items will be: Iron Coins, STR/INT Scrolls, HP/MP Scrolls, - SoS items – also the drop rate of the elixirs will be higher than the other areas , and there are uniques that appear in the
cave every 6h which may drop Seal Of Star 'items-weapons' - astrals -immortals - globals - reverses - iron coin - 50 silk - talent scrolls and these unqiues have higher drop rate more than the mobs which in cave

Job Cave

Wanted System

We have a new system and new type of Job systems : Hero/Wanted Mode.
In this system you have to kill your enemy players from an opposite job alias to receive some awesome Buffs.
Buffs are like 5 Dmg/Def , Parry Rate , Str/Int , Phy/Mag and Attack .. for a certain period of time.
This kind of Buffs you can use them in the normal areas and zones but treasure box buffs can only used in survival arena, so you can`t take them out,This system will make the game more enthusiastic because it makes you famous, your char name will be written as a wanted player and when you kill more players you will take more buffs and sure these buffs will dissappear when you die.

There are 5 kind of buffs:
10 Kills in row = 1%
20 Kills in row = 2%
30 Kills in row = 3%
40 Kills in row = 4%
50 Kills in row = 5%

Talent Mastery:

Talent mastery skill page is also one of the features that will make you enthusiastic to play in Onyx Online. This feature will give you the power you need to compete with others.
To make this mastery more balanced, we added the offenses and defenses of everything like in the premium;
Parry rate increase & Attack rate increase – DMG increase & DMG absorption and more stuff that you are going to find out when you experience the server.
These skills go 5 levels;
Lv1 = 1% increase
Lv2 = 2% Increase.
Lv3 = 3% Increase.
Lv4 = 4% Increase.
Lv5 "Max" = 5% Increase.


Lv1 = 1 (INT or STR) Increase.
Lv2 = 2 (INT or STR) Increase.
Lv3 = 3 (INT or STR) Increase.
Lv4 = 4 (INT or STR) Increase.
Lv5 "Max" = 5 (INT or STR) Increase.

These scrolls will be dropped from the mobs inside the Job Cave or you can get them from Talent Manager NPC in Donwhang

Once you added any Buff of the Talent skills, your character will has a special icon and that's mean you have Talent Buff.
You can know who has Talent Buffs by sending a message to Talent Check with his real character name or his job name which you wanna get info about and you will be told about his all Buffs that he has.

and about this new part we need you to vote for it if you want to have it in our server , but first you can try it at BETA then you can vote by Yes or No.

Talent mastery

Skill Changes

Uniques now can drop unique coins – Astrals – Immortals – Reverse – Globals – Luchy Stones – Steady Stones.
Also There are STR and INT uniques which are the same uniques but some for the STR chars and others for the INT chars. The point from this is to have a balanced server or unique hunting between STR and INT chars, as you all may notice that uniques are always for the INT, but here in Onyx we are seeking to balance between INT and STR chars as much as we can even in uniques.
P.S INT/STR uniques will appear in the same spots as the normal ones.

Events :

Weekly PVP EVENT :
We are going to make PVP event one per week (will be announced) ,you can join it by make party matching.
The Event Managers will recall you to the PVP event area and he will inform you about the PVP event rules , then the event will start.
The winner will get an awesome reward.

Save your GM EVENT 3 times per week :
In this event you will be the HERO!!! and you will protect your GM.
There will be 2 parties and each one will has 1 GM.
All you have to do is protect the GM in your party from the other party players and kill the other GM in the opposite party.
The party who can kill the other party`s GM and protect its GM will be the winner and they will get an awesome reward from us.
To join this party all you have to do is prepare a party of 7 players and sure the 8th place for the GM then make a party number and we will chose 2 parties randomly each time and then we will recall you to a special area for this event and inform you about our rules and finally we will start the event.

Lucky party number EVENT 5 times per day:
This kind of event is so funny and you`re gonna love it, It`s all about party numbers so for example, the last party number is 5 so we will say the lucky number is 15 and all you have to do is reforming your party number to get the lucky number which here is 15 and be the winner of that event.

Survival Arena PVP EVENT 2 times per day :
This event is SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE and you won`t find it at any other server.
It will be interesting and funny and you will be your own protector so it will be all VS all and there will be Treasure boxes, which can help you.
Once you kill it you will be more powerful to kill your enemies, and the winner of this event will be the most killer player and we`re gonna announce his name.

Survival Arena

Offline Events

  • Facebook Share Event
you have to do this
1- like our Facebook Page
2- Share this post
3- tag 3 of your friends that play silkroad
we'll choose 5 players randomly will get "200 silks" make sure you've completed all steps
that we've mentioned above don't miss it !
  • Signature
Support us and use our own signature.
You can choose one of these three choices according to your job and if you want to write your own name on a photo just write a comment and we`ll do it for you.
50 silk will be given to every active player who used our own signature.

Thief Job signature.

Hunter Job signature.

Trader Job signature.

Finally we would like to deliver a message for people out there who hate for no reason: nothing is easier than insulting and discrediting server's name but it's too hard for a server to be successful if the players didn't feel that this sever respects you as a person and your experience in the game. We would like also to thank team of sever Eryx & Morpheus for welcoming our sever because simply hate doesn't fix anything in fact it destroys everything.

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CheeseBurger !!

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Pretty nice trailer

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Nice server +1 play2win
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nice good job +1

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Originally Posted by Spidy. View Post
Pretty nice trailer
Thanks alot

Originally Posted by zebot View Post
nice good job +1
Originally Posted by pakas0000 View Post
Nice server +1 play2win

Thank you guys hope you join us
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Nice trailer. Goodluck
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waitiing for it, hope it has atleast 800 players
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awesome server good luck <3
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SoS should +2 power
SoM should +4 or +5 power you can make a pool for them i think
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Old 07/06/2015, 18:21   #10

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Looks pretty good for a 90 cap server. I like the Talent Mastery Idea. Good Luck
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Sounds cool , professional .
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Great work, good luck! <3
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Seems nice. Good luck
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Originally Posted by magicanoo View Post
Nice trailer. Goodluck
thanks alot

Originally Posted by deivydasz View Post
waitiing for it, hope it has atleast 800 players
Thanks for your waiting, hoping that everyone join the server

Originally Posted by elz3eemyugi View Post
awesome server good luck <3
thank you

Originally Posted by JinVarel View Post
SoS should +2 power
SoM should +4 or +5 power you can make a pool for them i think
yea we'll open a poll for it tonight

Originally Posted by XENijX* View Post
Looks pretty good for a 90 cap server. I like the Talent Mastery Idea. Good Luck
Thank you

Originally Posted by Justin1337* View Post
Great work, good luck! <3
Originally Posted by nitemare991 View Post
Seems nice. Good luck
Originally Posted by bikomaninham View Post
Sounds cool , professional .
Thank you guys
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Sounds good i'm in

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