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[HuaweiSro] [Cap 100] [Exp rates 30x] [ Only Ch]

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Wink [HuaweiSro] [Cap 100] [Exp rates 30x] [ Only Ch]

Welcome to Huawei• International server • Unique Gameplay |

Server is opening at 01.04.2015, excact time unknown yet.

Abour our name Huawei : Nexus Huawei was a Mid Rim
planet located at the intersection of two hyperlanes. It was
considered a peaceful world.

•We gladly announce you the opening of Huawei , a private silkroad
server that will really change your daily life! As a team we can
comfortably tell you that each of us gave his best to make this
server the best silkroad experience you will ever have on
your silkroad trip. Providing an extremely fun to play server with
features you will never forget. We simply combined some
features from other silkroad servers that we have made on a
different way and we think is better. Also we have added a lot of
features that you will see for the first time on our server, just to
offer you the best possible gameplay!

Keep in mind : We're planning to do an update every week adding
a lot of new content & features. We strongly believe that a server
without updates is a pure server that you will get bored fast.
Another point is that by doing this we will be able to hear your
voice and change the server weekly on a way that will fit you more.

About beta test (important) : Before the server opens
there will be 1 day of beta test . After this day the server will
close and we will wipe it to give a fresh start to everyone without
any problems & buggs. We ask you to report all the bugs you find
on our forum or facebook/twitter page so we can fix them as
soon as possible.
Why do you make a beta test and you don't just open the server?

-Well i guess most of you already know the answer. Lately
many private servers were facing many problems on the start.
We really want to avoid this, by having 1 full day of beta test we
will be able to fix everything that ruins the gameplay of our game
and offer you a bugless & stable start.
Hope you understund!

Note : Significance level 0.5 = not important to check
Significance level 1 = important
Significance level 2 = very important
Significance level 3 = the most important

Huawei(s) | Links

Website : Huawei(s)
Facebook : Huawei(s)
Register :

Section 1 | Basic Information

Cap 100
Degree 10
Races Chinese
Towns Jangan/Donwhang/Hotan
Server files VSRO 1.188
Launch date 01/04/2015
Slots 500
Fortress Only Hotan enabled until we reach a satisfying amount of players
Protection HF ddos protection

Section 2 | Server Rates
Experience | Rate
Exp rate is not too high and not too low, it is the most
appropriate exp rate. It doesn't take ages to level up to the
maximum level. But in the other hand you can't reach the
maximum level in just 1-2 hours aswell.
Skill points experience | Rate
This sp experience rate is high enough to help you level
without any gap, we're also giving 50k sp on the start of
the game, so you will really not have to worry about being
Full Farmed when reaching 100.
Gold drop | Rate 5 x
A good gold drop rate to help you get enough gold to be
able to buy equipment from npc and other important things
such as pots/pills etc. We made gold drop rate pretty low
because trades are important.
Drop | Rate 7 x

Our drop rate promises to not let you down. Its not the
rate that will give you everything you were expecting to have
in just a day, but it won't dissapoint you aswell!
Trade | Rate 35 x

We've completely changed the trade rewards. Its like we're
forcing you to make trades.
Alchemy | Rate 1 x

he most appropriate alchemy rate. It is difficult enough to
keep you trying your equipment and not reach a satisfying
plus value in a small amount of tries. It won't drive you mad
aswell since its not being that terrible aswell.
Alchemy rates

Keep in mind that premium, lucky stones and lucky avatar
will give you more possibilities to success.
Section 3 | Features
Monster spawn ratio has been increased to 2x

-We have increased the monster spawn ratio so it will be easier
for you to farm without getting ksed. Also it will increase your
KPM (Kills Per Minute) by a high amount.

Item selling gold rate has been decreased by 30%

-Auto equipemt is a feature that is on fashion lately. It makes
sence since its a really useful feature. Additionally, on our
auto equipment system you will receive normal items with
41% stats applied on each item, you may say why normal
items and not sun or moon.Well its fun to kill monsters that
are 5 levels higher than you but its not fun when you're not
afraid of killing 10 levels higher monsters than you, we prefer
to make it bit more hard!

Seal of sun items has been disabled

-We have completely removed sun items because sadly
suns ruin the balance of the game we want to give fair
chances of winning a PvP match to everyone not just the
ones having a strong sun set.

Purfication pill bugg has been fixed

-We have fixed this really <<famous>> bugg to offer you
an even better gameplay!

Capture the flag will start every hour

-Who doesn't like CTF? We think everyone does, thats the
reason we have enabled it. From ctf you will receive arena
coins, will give further information later on.

Accademy & honor buffs are disabled

We do not support farming chars to get the honor buffs.
We are strongly against it, thats the main reason we
have disabled accademy!

Elixir & stone drop rate has been increased

-We increaded elixir and stone drop rate by a fair amount
to make it easier for you to work on your gear!

Huawei(s) stacks

1. HP-Potions: 500
2. MP-Potions: 500
3. Vigor-Grains: 1000
4. Uni-Pills: 1000
5. Puri-Pills: 500
6. Arrow/Bolt: 3000
7. Lucky Powder: 200
8. Speed Drugs: 30
9. Pet Potions: 650
10. Pet Uni Pills: 50
11. Grass of Life: 50
12. HGP Potion: 50
13. Elixirs: 200
14. Stone: 1000
15. Tablets: 3000
16. Destroyer Rondo: 5000
17. Elements: 25000

Starter items

1. 500k skill points
2. 1000 HP pots
3. 1000 MP pots
4. 9 Reverse return scrolls
5. 50 Instant return scrolls
6. 3 days grab pet
7.19 100% movement speed scrolls

Section 4 | Features we are proud of

Huawei(s) Samarkand monsters customization

We have completely changed samarkand's monsters.
Samarkand is now spawning 91 - 100 level monsters all
arround the map. We did this because we thought that
many of you may dislike the job cave. Also we thought
that some of you may wanted a safe place to farm because
you can't check your bot every hour or so since you're
working or have better things to do. Ofcourse Job Cave
( Section 4 ) offers more effective farming with higher sox
drop rates than samarkand. Another reason we did this was
that job cave would propably be full and we really want everyone
to find a spot to farm.

Huawei(s) first 200 character to level 100 system

To force you to be more active on the first days of
the server we have implemented a system that will
reward the first 200 players to reach level 100. By
reaching 100 level when top 200 event is active you
will receive [28Days Rabbit ,200Huawei Points,11Global ,11 Reverse]

Huawei(s) Facebook system (Likes & Dislikes + Comments)

Huawei(s) Facebook system (Likes & Dislikes + Comments)

Huawei(s) Donwhang's east promoting system & Silver Coins

-One of the oldschool features we're promoting
donwhang east so it will be filled with players
fighting all day long.We have also developed a
system that gives you 1 Silver coin for each kill!

Cheating ?

You wont get more than 3 Points from the same player.
- You wont get more than 50 kills per day.
- You Only get SC from 90 level players and above .

Note : Thats an option
to support the players that prefer to use jobbing more
than hunting uniques!

Keep in mind that : There will be a notice when
you reach your max kills of the day, 50/50 , with the character name.

Huawei(s) Hero mode
-Another awesome feature & idea.
We have made a Hero mode that will allow you to
receive some certain buffs for killing enemy players
from an opponent job union. The starts you will get
are % physical and magical damage, % Parry and
Attack rate and % lucky increase. Also you will get
str & int based on the hero mode level.

There are 5 kind of buffs:
10 Kills in row = 1%
20 Kills in row = 2%
30 Kills in row = 3%
40 Kills in row = 4%
50 Kills in row = 5%

Cheating ?
- You wont get any kills count from the same person
more than 3 times.
- You can only earn points by killing players at
Donwhang east
- You have to kill players 95+ in order to get points
- If you die while jobbing your hero mode skill will be
tacken away from you.

Huawei(s) Suits of Fame

We have edited a new item called Suit of fame. This
item is like an angel spirit plus 3 skills. The first skill is
offering you 123% movement speed. The second one
is giving you 5% attack and parry rate increase . And
at the end, the third one offers you 9% magical and
physical damage increase. You can't have all 3 skills
activated at the same time. Also every skill gives you a
different look that every player would love to have!

Note : Check our facebook page, we have a
video uploaded showing all you need to know about suits
of fame.

Huawei(s) Daily Reward system
-We have implemented a daily reward system to
force you to be online every day. Well we are sure
all of you have played games with daily rewards
on facebook for example. Every day you log in you
will receive a gift after every day the gift will increase
to something more valuable. However if you don't
logg in one day you will lose the gift increase, and
you will have to start all over it again.

Note : You have to be level 90+ to receive daily rewards

Huawei(s) New weaponary skills
-We have addes some incredible weapon skills. You
will be able to use them by buying weaponary scrolls
from Huawei shop for coins.

Huawei(s) Mercenary scrolls

-Yes its true we brought back one of best old school
features! Keep in mind that only guild masters are able
to use our chinese mercenary scrolls.

Huawei(s) Job war event
-We have made an event called Job war. A notice will
inform you that the job war has started after our game
manager activates it. You have to wear ur job union cape
and teleport to the arena that the event takes part. Keep
in mind that you have to buy a key from a grocery shop in
order to be able to participate. The key costs 2 million gold
and you can purchase it on every town's grocery shop. Job war
event finishes when the total kills count reach the amount of 300.

-You have to be level 90+ to take part on it
-You won't get any job points for killing the same player more than 6 times in a row

Huawei(s) Extreme PvP automatic event

-A notice will appear "The Player Versus Player has begun
Location: Dnowhang South"
You have to put the cap on and kill everyone with cape
at Dnowhang South , " Each kill will be saved " the
first one to reach 50kills will be rewarded. You will get
the reward Automatically by our system , without teleporting.

Cheating ?

- You won't get more than 3 Kill counts from the same player.
- You only get Points from 90 players and above.
the event ends and all records comes back to "0" when a player reaches "50" Kills.

Huawei(s) system to avoid cheating
We have made a really successful anticheating system.
We have customized the trade, now after sell all the
goods - complete the trade and re-log your trade pet
will be removed, the cost for buying a trade pet is 1
gold coin & some gold when you finish you receive 4
as a trader and 2 as a hunter/thief . Also if you pet has
goods, they will be deleted. That makes our jobbing-trade
system uncheatable.

Huawei(s) SoX item sets customization

-We‘ve added over 7 different sets with different bonuses.
These sets will benefit you with several stat increases . This will force players
to seek for them since this set bonuses really make a
difference. This sets also have different plussing glows.

- Our seal of star (SOS) sets are the following :
1. Theurgist
2. Savant
3. Virtuoso
4. Freelancer
5. Brigadier
6. Desolate
- Our seal of moon (SOM) set is the following :

1. Warlord
Note : Warlord is the best set you can have on our server.

God Bless Scroll

All you need to know about trades

We've completely changed the trade rewards. Its like
we're forcing you to make trades to get the high end gear
(Seal of Moon items). Read bellow about the reward for making trades!

Trader: receives 4 gold coin after completing a trade
(2 Star required / char level 90 or above).
Hunter : receives 2 gold coins for each trade he supports
(2 Star required / char level 90 or above).
Thief : receives 2 gold coins for each trade he steals
(2 Star required / char level 90 or above).

Premium modification

SoX System

We disliked the fact that to be the best you have to
bot - farm all day long to get sox thats why we have
implemented a brand new sox system! By that we have
focused on giving fair chances to everyone!

• 98+1 / +1.5 spear = Sos spear
• 98+3 spear = Som spear

What you need to have to buy som items :
Copper: for 1b/each at the Huawei(s) shop
• Silver: Dropped by uniques
• Gold: Gained by jobbing
• Arena: Gained by participating on "Capture The Flag"

Note : We thought of making the roc dropping
1 Seal of moon item daily for the player who kills him.[/I]

Job cave (Donwhang cave)
We have changed donwhang cave to our server's
job cave. You can farm your stuff such as elixir,
stones , tabs & sox items there. A lot of different
adventures are waiting for you to meet them inside
this cave, forgive us for not revealing them yet!

Stall limit

Kill the GM event

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seems cool ^^ i will try it

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CheeseBurger !!

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Please change these paragraphs, you're not allowed to copy/steal other threads contents.
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IP limit 8
Slots 500

Something wrong no ?

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Seal of sun items has been disabled

-We have completely removed sun items because sadly
suns ruin the balance of the game we want to give fair
chances of winning a PvP match to everyone not just the
ones having a strong sun set.

uwat? SoSuN items are a part of that ***** game also , you did it wrong again
look's like you played only on private servers, nvm gl hf ...
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GOOD Luck but you steal other threads contents ^_^
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so it looks like on server will be items +13+14+15++++++ Gj another fail SERVER !

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