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Sadic Sro Cap 100 Server D10 ^_^

Closed Thread
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Sadic Sro Cap 100 Server D10 ^_^

Server Now Online!!! All links on Website and facebook are working now also links in comment on page 5 and added under Links in Spoiler.

Welcome to Sadic-Sro Online Private Server

Hello Gamer's,
I was once a Sro gamer like you searching on web from one to another moving between them like eating food. All the private servers became the same. All the private servers living in SRO-Scene, died. Caused by DDoS, SQL Injection & Leak. Sometimes, You couldn't have the patience to wait anymore. Each of us can't wait anymore. We've reached the highest level. !

They couldn't solve, they couldn't support anymore. I knew many owners who made an awesome private server with many features to open to gain money and close it after some months and simply, open it again with different name with different host with more features to gain more money. To this high of levels they've reached. They can't even care for their lovely simply awesome players. They care for the benefits and the gained money. We've been tired, everyone who played. I was one of the most likely SRO Addicted. We've been up to 100+ private servers. Every server had the same features, with same db. They couldn't solve their problems.

We want, We really want a new legacy and a new legend of SilkRoad. We PROMISE every player we would have. I've been as a player, I knew everything they want. I will make your wishes for the best private SilkRoad server came true!
Of the advantages of the server that has the medium term, we are not just a new PvE server NOT a replica of the official Silkroad, but we try to combine the various advantages to the server doesn't become boring or difficult or even easy that leads to infinite boredom also after a short time.Our goal to provide server deserves lovely players, And pray to God to guide us in this work and be better admins and gain satisfaction, God willing. We wish to support all and be one family who love one another, respect each other, enjoy times without harm to our free no grudge. Let us build on our server and forgiveness of creation.

I'm proud to present our lovely simply New Sro ERA. Sadic Sro is really a big community. We are happy to present Castle Sro for every player and for everyone who have been tired of playing in useless private servers. Our community had all the resources for everything, We're multi-professional team members who have decided to open a new legend and a new history of SilkRoad. Our server is not like other servers 'Pay2Win', Our server is 'PlayWin&Win', We're making an easy game-play. Simply PvE/PvP System, We're giving to everyone the chance to have the real good time at our server. We want everyone of you. We trust in our lovely players. We're giving all the players the chance to play and enjoy and have fun with their friends in-game! Arena & CTF System were been adjusted and were enabled. Forgetten World was risen up and was adjusted and was enabled and various of rewards gained. We will present you the best game-play to ensure that every player is totally happy while enjoying our server.

Download Links
Links To Download game Full Client

Google Full client:
mega full client:

  • Server Capacity: 1000 Slots.
  • Server Traffic Stat: Easy.
  • Server Purpose: PvE(Official Purpose)/PvP/TRD/FW/FGW.
  • Server Cap: 100.
  • Server Degree: 10.
  • Server Race: Chinese.
  • Experience Rate: 25x.
  • Skill Points Experience Rate: 100x.
  • Experience Party Rate: 35x.
  • Skill Points Experience Party Rate: 45x.
  • Skill Mastery Cap: 100.
  • Skill CH Mastery Cap: 330.
  • Fortress: Hotan
  • Magic POP: Disabled.
  • Stall & Consignment: Enabled.
  • Battle Arena (Random): Enabled.
  • Battle Arena (Guild): Enabled.
  • Battle Arena (Job): Enabled.
  • Battle Arena (Party): Enabled.
  • Capture the Flag: Enabled.
  • Forgotten World (Togui Village): Enabled.
  • Forgotten World (Flame Mountain): Enabled.
  • Forgotten World (Shipwreck): Enabled.
  • Survival Arena B1: Enabled (Mobs lvl: 20~40).
  • Survival Arena B2: Enabled (Mobs lvl: 50~70).
  • Survival Arena B3: Enabled (Mobs lvl: 80~100).
  • Survival Arena B4: Enabled (Mobs lvl: 100).
  • Survival Arena B5: Enabled (Mobs lvl: 100).
  • PvP Arena: Enabled.
  • Event Arena: Enabled.
  • Roc Entrance: Enabled.
  • Roc Zones: Enabled.
  • Roc Mountain: Enabled.
  • Server Towns: Hotan, Don Hang, South and Jangan.
  • Server Zones: All Enabled.

Start Items & Resources
  • 5 M Skill Points.
  • 1 Premium SadicSro
  • 2000 Reverse Return Scrolls.
  • 20 Movement Speed Scrolls.
  • 20 Instant Return Scrolls.
  • 1 pick pet SadicSro.
  • 3 Inventory pages.
  • SadicSro Beginner title.


1. Anti-Cheat System

We always want to get you the best service in-game. We always want to keep you secure and your accounts well-protected. We've added the Anti-Cheat System to prevent hacking & scamming.

2. Forgotten World System

We've always respect every player we will have on our server. I would like to add and to present many more ways to entertainment, We've alot & Huge & Tons & Thousands & Millions & Billions & Trillions & Quadrillions. We want to present the most unknown and the most ignored by all the other private servers. We, we never pass. We've a protecty eye on everything in the server, We won't never let the FGW System passes without making many quests and many enjoyments to this system. We wanted to have a really new pure fresh system of FGW. We've enabled all the zones, we've tested it many times, mobs & uniques and the gates & the boxes & the boss are working well, Collection items drop rate is very good, not high and not low, well medium balance drop rate. Easy, you can have the quest at Alexandria then, you can run over the Forgotten World. You've to forget everything in the SilkRoad and dream per example you and a big party of your friends in a big forgotten world, just imagine how it was awesome to think about it. We wanted to you guys to show us your best skills, best abilities, best powers and to run fighting up the FGW to get the well weapon you want.
Prize : -Fresh Pure Sun D10 weapon from your choose.

3. Sadic Coins System

Since, Battle Arena are well ignored by other private servers. We wanted to rise up and use it on many different ways. You can buy the rare & silk items such as Immortals stones,Lucky stones, Astral stones, Globals, Reverse Scrolls, Pets, Avatars, many more...
You can get Castle Coins from the battle arenas:
-Job Battle Arena Enabled.
-Party Battle Arena Enabled.
-Guild Battle Arena Enabled.
-Random Battle Arena Enabled.

4. Castle World Trading & Thieving

Sadic had lots of professional traders and thieves who run up and fight up on the earth of its world. They fight to have the liberty, new generation of powerful traders and thieves, Job wars will be made every time. Many trades will go outside to earn money, Gladiators & Fighters were risen up to defend their trades and also to steal trades.
-We've increased the Job rate to 150x, We wanted to rise up with the trades & thiefs jobs.

5. Old Fortress War System

Since, We're having our Server Cap : 100. We decided to do a rollback with old SRO files. We wanted that Old School with Gladiators and Fighters, Emperors and KINGS all around the old SilkRoad. The powerful in their hand and the discussion to train hard to get the fortress in their hand. Old FW System works fine.
Fortress War : 1- The real tools of the FW that We've all forgot them.
2- Improved the Fortress War, We've fixed all the bugs at the heart. Jangan & Hotan & Bandit FWs are working fine.
3-Special amazing titles to the Guild Masters & Guild Members.

6. Alchemy System

Alchemy's system turn came out. Well, We've made our decision about the alchemy system. We've done the alchemy x1, Because We do not want to have corruption about the Alchemy system and OV (Overpowered) Alchemy pluses in other many private servers. We've no max in this Alchemy system, We've done it x1. Fight now for your fate, Show us your ability, show us your luck, show us your power on the alchemy system. Are you sure that your lucky power affects the Alchemy pluses, here we go. Show us your best.
We may have a little event about the Alchemy King of the month. He'll be well rewarded, since the other private servers ignored the Alchemy system. We've risen up this system to ensure the sensitivity while enchanting your weapons. We've made a little simply event to encourage everyone to plus and to get the best weapon plus in the server over one month.
Prize :-Gain fame, glory and being famous in the whole server.
-Gain a respected 'Alchemy King' title, that title will make you like TheChoosenOne since no one had this title and that only one title belongs to you.
-Gain such many various rewards like : Such rare & silk items.

7. Seal Of Sun System

Everykind of weapon, We're doing for them a special System. We present to our lovely players the most important system than the SOM one. Seal Of Moon was made into the NPCs to help the players begin their adventure. We're not a really easy game-play. We need the players to do many quests, many things, many parties, many adventures to search for the better weapons. Since SOM weapons are presented for 1 gold in the NPCs, We've made the SoSun for millions of gold, haha, not millions in the real life ofc. ^^
Yah, If I had millions pieces of gold now in the real, I may be quadrillionaire.
Anyway, You've many and lots of ways to get your Sun items.
-You've a very very high rate from the Survival arenas to drop SoSun items.
-10d lv100 Sun weapon costs 10 gold coins, which you can buy 1 gold coin from a specific NPC at Donhang which every 1 gold coin costs 100m. You've to trade all around the SilkRoad to get more gold so, you can afford buying the sun weapons.
-Completing the FGW collection quest at Alexandria which rewards you in the end with a fresh pure D10 Sun Item which your choice.

8. Seal Of Sadic Online System

We've worked very hard to make that System. I do not think so that System won't makes to write a novel, but it deserve that haha. Hard to explain, hard to describe this System. This system have been the best of other systems. We've totally passed the red lines, We've totally passed the limit, We've totally passed the over limits even. I'm very very proud to present one of the best succeed systems in our server, Seal Of Maximus System. Very powered weapons with ultra stats. We do not have really a big different within' the Seal Of Sun and the Seal Of Maximus. We've only little difference but we won't never ignore that Seal Of Maximus is more powered with ultra powered stats with very pure fresh weapons. Only those ones costs 400 silks, Since we wanted to inform the max reached silk per day 48 silks. So, you would have that easy very well to get after some little few days of collecting silks. But, we wanted to inform the players the both SoSun and SoMax is same as powering and not very much powered stats. So, You can play like a Boss with the both weapons, you want to collect for. It's your own choice^^.

9. Gold & Silver System

Since, Gold & Silver coins are well ignored by the other private servers. We want to rise up in our server. Actually, Gold & Silver are the important currency in-game which manages many things. You can buy SoSun and SoMax weapons and sets and many various stuffs. Ofcourse, Castle Coins and Gold&Silver coins are the most important coins in-game currency which you're able to buy pets, avatars, scrolls and the rare & silk weapons and sets.
-Gold & Silver coins are well dropped with a well high rate from the Survival arenas.
-We've a simply NPC at Don Hang which sells every gold coin for 100m, You''l make a trade with your friends or with well made party trade to get some gold to buy alot of gold coins which means that the gold coins are giving everyone the ability to buy the SoSun weapons and the SoMax weapons.

10. Server Economy

I know that this ain't a system but I wanted to talk abit about the Server Economy. I bet that no other private server have talked once about this one. I know that the Server Economy, it ain't a System or a Feature or a Design ofcourse haha. But the Server Economy is my best think about it. We knew very very well that without gold, you can't get anything you want. Gold is the most important side and the most important currency than the Castle Coins and the Gold&Silver Coins and the SoSun & SoMax weapons and everything. With the gold you can buy silks, weapons, sets and everything. We knew that we do not want to force the player to get gold from very hard ways. We're opening many folders, many files and many ways and many roads to every and each player to be even a millionaire in-game. It's not about being that, but about to have a well good amount of gold in his pocket. For that, I wanted to notice that we've increased the rates to:
-Job rate was increased to 150x, to get many more golds from the well simply trades.
-Gold rate was increased to 100x, to get many more golds from the well survival arenas mobs who drops a huge amount of gold.
-Even the Rok drops atleast 5 billion.
-Castle Defenders drop huge amount of golds.
-Uniques and rare uniques are dropping ultra amount of golds.
We wanted to do all that to increase the Server Economy and to give every player the chance to have a really good status and position as a normal respected player. We've always wanted the best to our lovely players.

11. Survival Arenas System

We always want to get you the best service in-game. I may write about this system a really big novel! Survival arenas are like Immortal places, Forgotten & Forgiven arenas which fight all the gladiators all around the game, which mobs try to kill you, the place where the glory and the fame is. Survival arenas are arranged into simply 5 locations, B1 & B2 & B3 & B4 & B5. B1 is well a big arena which had simply the mobs from lvl (20~40), Mobs there drop rare and silk and coins and many various items. B2 is totally the same within' B1 but had more powered mobs which exactly mobs are from lvl (50~70). B3 is the same like B1&B2, only over powered mobs which exactly mobs are from lvl (80~100), B1&B2&B3 are all the locations for getting plvl, dropping many various stuffs, many mobs and many things. B4 & B5 are from lvls (100), all the mobs there are very strong and very powered and they can attack with high damages, you must be in a well big party with your friends, to get buffs and to try to have many drops, you can easy get with really very high rate SoSun weapons dropped from the mobs. The whole Survival Arenas are all like Glory places, do not never forget about it, you've to visit various times to get many good scrolls, drops, suns. We've always worked hard to present the best game-play to our lovely players!
How to enter:

24. Auto-title quests System

I'm really proud to present one of our fantastic systems, We wanted the players in-game to play like the Boss. No one is different, no one is special! Were doing everything for rising up the players elegant. Titles are the most important thing in the Character which gives some impression and some interesting. We wanted to present the enjoyment outfits for our lovely players. This system accepts all the players suggestions, this system manages everything had a relation within' the Auto-title quests. You can get a simply quest from our simply NPC at Jangan for free, when you complete the specific quest, you will be rewarded with the title you've chosen to be quested. Let me guide you about everything.

12. NPCs System

Presenting a little system which had ability with many things in da server. NPC's System are well made in one town which it's Don Hang, we do not want to glitch around with many NPCs. So, we've made some important NPCs who manages everything in the server with payout oufits, rate & silk items, weapons & sets. Everything is in their heart.

Donate is Online on Website for silk now via Paymentwall also contact Sadic SRO Staff on Facebook or in game the gms and admin 24/7 online.

Staff of SadicSro-Online


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Why is ever1 (GM) Cebola xD?

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xDD All Auto we not Need GM
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OMG this psro is veryy nice, i am loving it! Good to see you back Curse and good luck towards the future cant wait to download and start playing ^_^

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I can not enter because i have error (C7)
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C7 fix plz
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Done Fix
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Online 4/1000 ))
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New Server Open 25/3/2015
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You have to change this on your website
"Successfully registered on Velestia."
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1 User
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from all sro servers i played on, the files of this one made my PC gone absolutely beserk by "virusses", cant even add the .exe / processses to exeptions in any way, seems like i wont be testing it anymore :P.
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You only have This problem
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never said anyone else had. Neither was i suggesting it was a virus to other people.
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GM you should make no mistakes.!
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your client got ramnit virus -.-
Fck so hard in people posting clean clients.

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