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Aura Online - New generation Play2Win • Job based • 100 CAP EU/CH

Discussion on Aura Online - New generation Play2Win • Job based • 100 CAP EU/CH within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Aura Online - New generation Play2Win • Job based • 100 CAP EU/CH

We want only one payment from you - your time.

Majority of Silk Road private servers, that claim their server is so called "Play2Win" - lie. This is a marketing trick that still works for some people, unfortunately. Furthermore, Silk Road is the game which was built in a "freemium" model and to be quite honest most of games are, but the way other private servers claim your money is rude. I am not going to fool you - we make servers to profit, but in this case, you do not feel any pressure or even need to spend a penny. I want to introduce you our real Play to Win server - Aura Online.

Aura specs :

Level cap 100.
Gear cap10th degree.
Skill cap100
Monster cap110
MapsDefault + Custom ones.
Server filesVSRO.
RacesEuro / Chinese.
Gold dropx3
Item dropx3
Trader (Job)High
Server machines1x
DDoS ProtectedYes
BottingLight only.
IP Limit2.
Server public opening date18.10.2014

Let's begin with sight, which you encounter right after creating your first character at Aura - Start Items. These items will be in your inventory after creating a character :
• 20.000 Reverse Return Scrolls.
Looks like a life-time supply of them. Don't worry about reverse spammers, we have a delay for these scrolls.
• Premium ticket for 3 days.
Doesn't look like much, but trust me, in 3 days of active gameplay, you are going to get another premium for free.
• 50 Instant Return Scrolls.
Will help at start for sure.
• 20 Moving Speed Scrolls.
Who likes being slow?
• Ability pet for 3 days.
Doesn't look like much as well, but getting a clock of reincarnation is a peace of cake!
• Special Dress.
Looking nice at start is always convenient.

You will also receive :
• 1.000.000 Skill Points.
Who the hell likes farming?
• Beginner's Title. decided to remove.
Let others know that you are beginner!

Now let's continue with alchemy. It is very important feature in Silk Road, so it must be done well from the very beginning. As levels have cap, and so does the gear and the skills, we also think that alchemy should have a plus cap. So in Aura, maximum plus that can be done is +11. However, it will be a tough path for it, here are the rates for each plus individually :

Aura's features :

Light botting only.

Light botting means that we allow you to use any bot you want, but you must be right in front of your computer. Our staff members will check constantly whether you are botting lightly or not. If you do not respond to their messages within 15 minutes, you receive a warning, which means, that you will be checked more in the future. Second violation will lead you to 7-day ban, and a third one will ban your account permanently. This feature encourages more activity, and less gold-farming, which is very important for every server.

Heavy botting in certain areas.

We understand the frustration around light botting, especially when it comes to powerleveling. So in some areas, we allowed heavy (as known as hard) botting, where you can bot all the time without being caught by our staff members. You can see the allowed areas (marked in red) below.
Preview :

No need to travel long hours in the tomb.

You can reach any room of Qin-Shi Tomb right from Jangan Teleporter, which is easy and convenient.
Preview :

Unique Killing Quests.

Achieving Blue Zerk is annoying quest for most of us. We did it a lot, and it's always the same. So, we did two things. First, we have bunch of quests to kill uniques. After completing the quest, you will instantly receive a respective title. Second, the blue zerk, which you will receive, is stronger, than usual. Oh, and uniques are worth killing, more about it below.
Preview :

Uniques. They're just amazing.

In almost every Silk Road server, there is a problem with low level uniques. They are useless. Nobody wants to hunt them anymore. Well, we solved it. We made drops from all uniques, regardless of their level and the level of their killer. And all uniques, that server spawns, drop Astral and Immortal stones each. They also have an increased chance of SoX drop rate, which is encouraging to hunt them even more.

Aura's Defenders. Uniques, but better.

Defenders or Aura are with purpose. They all spawn simultaneously, and when they do, each type of unique has 5 spawns in each spawn point, so, to keep it short - there are a lot of them. What makes them special? Well, first of all - they drop more Immortals! Second of all, they drop these flying golden coins, called AC (Aura Coins), which basically stand for silk, free one. What can you do with them, I'll list below.
Preview :

Survival Arenas - diversity in your grinding path.

A lot of servers have survival arenas, but they stand for different purposes. We have not one, not two, but five different survival arenas. Each of them has different difficulties, monsters, their levels, drops, and ofcourse - each arena is different in terms of atmosphere. Definetely a challenging place to test out strength and skills of co-operation. One more thing - monsters in survival arena drop AC (Aura Coins), which, as I told already, stand for silk in Aura.
Preview :

Gold - Aura's #1 currency.

As you may already see, gold and item drop rates are really low, so people will need gold from somewhere. We have high rates for jobbing, which will prevent people from running out of gold. In fact, we think it will be #1 source of gold in Aura. That's how it should be in Silk Road, by the way. Also, Aura Coins are fully trade-able, so technically, you will be able to buy silk for gold. With our strict control of gold-botting or any other abuse, you can be sure that server's economy will remain ideal.

AC Trader - source of silk items, for free.

I previously told you about AC (Aura Coins), which you can achieve from Defenders and Survival Arena monsters. In Hotan, there is a NPC, where you can spend your AC and buy anything you need!
Preview :

Coins. The thing you will save for.

Aura has 3 types of Coins, which you will need for the best gear. Iron, Silver and Gold coins. Each of them costs Gold. Yes, that's a lot, but if you take some trading, the checkmark will come quicker on your To-Do list. With Iron Coins you will be able to buy accessories, with Silver - set parts and with Gold - weapons/shields. However, Holy Water Temple uniques may drop some coins, but I would suggest taking some assistance if you want to go there.
Preview :

Aura's items - best gear Aura has.

Aura's items are basically 10th degree "mega epic items", as most of us would name them. They are better than Seal of Sun, just a little bit. Also, 10th degree Seal of Sun drops are removed, so gearing up with Aura's goodies will make a notice-able difference in damage you make and damage you take. They also have a different glow and they are just amazing in every way.
Preview :

Alexandria - Where KS is reduced!
In Aura, we have Alexandria and it's surroundings with edited monsters to level 100. Most of you would ask - Why? Well, there is a great thing about Alexandria. The area around the town is called STR Area, where monsters have very high mag. defence, so INT chars can't grind there - it would take minutes for a wizard to kill a monster there. Salt Desert is the opposite field - INT Area. INT char is the way to go if you want to grind there, because STR char won't do a thing. And last, but not least, Echo Valley is the normal common area, where both INT and STR chars can grind without any difficulties. Also, we are planning to add STR and INT based uniques to their areas in the future.
Preview :

PushBullet - Every tiny thing, that matters - right in your pocket.

Aura is the first Silk Road server to feature this.
PushBullet is a great app for pushing almost everything to your iOS or Android device,
And we think that most of you have one.
To sum up - PushBullet is your instant-printed newspaper for Aura, right on your smartphone. You can subscribe without putting any time or effort just by following

Preview (sorry for an average picture quality):

Plug in for the greatest hits while playing Aura!
We know the frustration around Silk Road soundtracks. They are not bad, they are just boring, because we've been listening them for years. First, we thought to replace original soundtracks with epic music from our collection, but once again - at some point, it will become boring. So we thought to make pleasure for your ears with variety of selection - players will share their music on our channel. This is a great service for it, trust us. I don't want to bother explaining about it, you have still a lot to read. Just join our

Rewards every 10 levels. Nifty!

In Aura, you get bunch of Pandora Boxes and Global Chats every 10 levels you reach. It's a great addition to our variety of free rewards!

1 Jewel Box = 1 Reward.

If your inventory is not full of silk items yet, you can always exchange Jewel Boxes for them. Drop rate is pretty high, and the rewards are really generous, which will make your journey silky smooth!

Honor Rank - Removed.

It's not a secret that most of players, that strive to be on top of Honor Rank, simply make loads of multi-chars and level-up them to get Honor Points, so we removed the Honor Rank, we think it will be better that way.

And a lot more...

SOS+5 items in NPC, various attack pets & horses in stable, beautiful arenas like PVP Arena and Event Arena for everyday events, improved skills for better balance, CTF for Free AC, Guild Wars, Job Wars, Fortress Wars and many, many more, that we want YOU to discover in the world of Aura!

ScreenShots coming soon.

Our official facebook page :
, give us a like

Server's website :
You will be able to download our client & register there.

Please, give this post a "Thanks" if you are planning to join us!
Also, please give us a comment, describing your thoughts about Aura.

Aura Administrator Dimka.

Special thanks to :

flozz (flozz). For the database, which is the foundation of Aura Online.
Snow (SnowStorm1). For helping LSRO to develop further with his knowledge, effort and time-absorbing updates.
Akasch (blablaRoyal). For spending his time to provide me quick tips on server managing, writing me a lot of useful queries, which I still use on my daily basis. Also, thank you for providing me ideas for a thread design.
Last (LastThief*). For making my website stable, quick and protected. Also, thank you for spending time whilst I had trouble with website.
Mark (sladlejrhfpq). For spending his time to make perfect issue-less updates. Also, thank you for your game server addon.
Chernobyl (Many different nicknames). For a lot of codes, merged into your precious applications.

You guys above, are awesome. Thank you again.

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First post reserved for future updates. Please write us any suggestions you may have to improva Aura Online. Thank you.

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good luck dimka again
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Looks cool

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but dat website design doe
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Good luck menz ^^
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I'm in Light botting sounds GREAT!
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Originally Posted by sinxtra View Post
but dat website design doe
Long story. But we will get into the shape pretty soon. #NoSleepTeam
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wow nice o.O im ofc in
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Originally Posted by sinxtra View Post
but dat website design doe
This website design is yours menq.
ma best designer eva <3
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Good luck dimka hopefully no more favoritism and curroption in this server like in LSRO Hahaha
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Excellent and looking professional.
Here some suggestion

1) IP Limit 2 better bcuz ppl will make own goldbot EU party.
2) Add some photo Starting Items ( Wondering Dress btw )
3) CH vs EU balance changes ( If have )
4) Delete Fellow Pets or make a pool for them.
5) Original spawn points for uniques ?
6) How can we get best gears / weapons? I mean SOX's ?
7) Original trade routes?
8) What is the F10 Silk items? I mean there is a DevilSpirit / Magic Pop able to buy?
9) Rates is awesome BTW
10) Open this server at Sunday bcuz you no1 likes miss grandopening + You need time for advertise.

I'm in.
Good luck
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Originally Posted by supernatural01 View Post
Good luck dimka hopefully no more favoritism and curroption in this server like in LSRO Hahaha
I had none, at least in past 2 years.
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I'm in!

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